The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 25, 1946 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1946
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VOI,. X LIII—NO. 79 BtjUievilla Dally Ne*i Biytnevllle Courier BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS WT.7T THJ DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NQRTHKAOT ARKANSAS AND BOUTHEAflT MIBBOUR1 niythevllle Herald Mississippi Valley Lnd« Fierce Fire Rages On Harbor Front in New York City Still Seeking to Retain Controls on Meat Products. and spreml to Ihu Kaltinioi-c and 01) in KuiiromT t'ivi One per.son was known (o have been killed " ' others may have been trapped ••? the ferry house which collapsed 3li minutes niter the fire started. Five alarms were turned in an the flames burned through the two- fctory ferry house. All of Slalen Island's fire fj"hl- i»g equipment, apparatus irom New Jersey and some fj- om Manhattan sped to the scene. The harbor swarmed with lire boats. Tlie flames could be seen from the statue of Liberty on Bedloe's Island, about hall way ue- twccn Statcn Island and Manhattan. Ferryboat Was Unloading One ferryboat on the Manhallaii- to-SUtcn Island ferry n nc , had just arrived and thc passengers were disembarking when Ihe fire broke out. A witness said that within three minutes the entire ferry house was in flames. He said some persons began jumping into the water. "People were screaming pusWir nnd shoving to get away and some Jumped Into the water which wns covered by burning tlit," Lo lus Wnsscnnnn, 54. said. Wnsserman had been in the cot- lee shop O f tlie ferry terminal -, v i,e:i Ihe lire broke out. "He wns on fire," Wnssermnn snid. "I don't see how everybody could have gotten out of that ferry house in time." An hour alter the fi,- e starter, the flames stjli were out of control and police described it as n fire "equal to a seven-alarmer." The ferry station, known as the St. George Terminal, has six slips —docking areas for ferry boats. Three, arc used by ferries operating bctwAj- Manhattan and Staten Jslnnd. and two -others"nre used by ferries plying between 39th St., Brooklyn, ft nd the island. The sixth slip, about 200 yards from the others, serves ferries operating to 69th St., Brooklyn. All except the sixt-i slip nrc operated bv Ihe City ol Ne\v York. Whole Terminal OH Fire Sf.aten Islajid police imported lhat the whole terminal of the Municipal ferry was on lire. Fire I'ligines from Manhattan \ were being sent through the Hsl- ' land Tunnel to Jersey city, down the Jersey shoreline to Bayonne nnd then across the Bayonne Bridge to St. George. A fifth alarm of fire was turned In nt 2:24 p.m. as the flumes spread through rtie terminal where thousands of commuters pass through each day on their way to work in Manhattan. All ferry service to Stnten Island. New York's borough of Richmond, was suspended ns tlie fire spread from one slip to three others leading into the terminal. Five fire boa Is were speeding to the scene ns the other equipment raced through Ne-,v Jersey to get over the bridge to St. George. USES^irector Addresses Junior C. of C. Young men and groups su c h as the .Junior Chamber of Commerce can Assist greatly j n the unemployment problems among World War II veterans, members of the' local group were told in a meeting last night by Purifoy Gill of Little Rock, director of the Arkansas Employment security Division. Mr. Gill was Introduced by Jack Cross, employe of the locaV employment office. In discussing operations and problems of his division, the spC!C:?r outlined the part young men's groups, and individuals, needed to have in carrying out the GI aid. both for assistance to those employed by some one else and for those self-employed. The meeting was held at me Jaycces Club Room, Anthony Building. OPACompromise Officers Finally Efforts Rushed Learn of Robbery ^fill <;„„{,: .._ ' WASHINGTON', June 2f, (UI>> — Congress today rushed action on compromise price legislation which would extend OPA a full year and retain price controls of mciil, poultry and dairy products. Senate-House conferees completed writing the bill shortly before last, midnight. The House was cv- pcctcd lo vote on the/ contcrcn-e report today. Tlie Senate piannc'd to act immediately nflcrwnrth Congressional lenders expected quick passage to get the bill to (lie White House well before I no present price expires nt midnight Hun- day. Stabilization officials found the compromise plan unsatisfactory but the chances of n presidcl!li/:f Veto were uncertain. Senate D.-nioer-itic Leader Alben W. Barkley Ky"-vlll recommend Senate approval o( the The conferees, in a fast-moving J .-_• hour night session, compromised ina'or. differences intheSen- ntc and House versions of th- i n u when they: 1. Removed from the Seiiat"- passed bill provisions for Ijfti:^ pi-ice controls on meat, livestock" dairy and poultry products, pelro- teimi and lobaccf-; rejected tlie i«aur.a-pass<!cl prov'_s:.m for removal of controls on commodities when production reaches the 1941 rale 2. Accepted Senate amendments establishing a three-man board ol decontrol lo direct the liftiiv- of war-time restrictions on all non- ngrtcnllural products. The bon-1 also has authority to restore price controls if prices rise too hi»h 3 Extender! the life of OPA for one full year to June 30 1947 turning down thc House provision !or only a nine-month extension. Second Cotton Bfoom Of Season De/rrered By Lost Cane Farmer Second honors for the first 19 \li cotton bloom in this section go to E. H. McClnln. of Lost Cniie community, who brought a white bloom lo Ihe Courier News office today, less than 24 hours after BC. Benclicld. of Half Moon community, had brought in two pink blooms. Today's bloom was from Stoneville E-4. planted Anril 17, in a 30-acrc plot on the farm of J M. Stevens of Dell. Crops in that section are very good, according to Mr. McCtniu who said crops in the sand hell, were faring satisfactorily. Negro is Jailed After Shooting on West Ash An attempted Negro shootm!' yesterday afternoon, on West Ash -street in the 400 block, resulted in Earl Bynum, 17-year-old Negro, be- hii; held In llic county j a ii O ' n a charge of assault witii intent to Jimmie Lewis. Negro, alleged "target" of the would-be assaTlani escaped injury ns ,],;. rire Irom lh ^ -A) automatic iiistoi missed Lewis and struck th c door of St. Francis Drug store. Arrested by c ily police, siiortly niter the .( o'clock'shoolin K , Bynuin today was Inrned over to tlu- county officers when the felony charge followed an investigation Police Chief William Bcrryman raid an investigation revealed that Ihe iwo Negroes engaged in ' an argument yesterday afternoon ni another Negro's house and I hat Byiuim left shortly afterwards Arriving on west Asli street. with a gun. h e j s alleged to have fired at Lewis as thc two stood mi the walk. 'Ilicrr wns bill o;!o cartridge in the gun, chief Iierrym;i'i said. Funeral Thursday For Drowning Victim Funeral services will be hel Thursday afternoon, 3 o'clock, to Pfc. Jesse Ray. 18. drowned Kat urdny at Randolph Piled, Texas where sLiliouctj with (he Armv Ai forces. The Rev. L. o. Miller, pastor 'Aill conduct .services at the Ne Liberty church with buria at. Ellin wood Cemetery. Body of Ihe Ray youth Ij ex pected to arrive tomorrow moriim his parents. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Kn of New Liberty been notified. community, have Livestock 3T. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. June 25. (UP)— Livestock: Hogs 2,000: salable 1.800- f.ahible receipts 1.100 including nbonl 20U Pigs. Market active and slron-' on clafscs. Slaughter bar -laughter rows and gilts S14.80; sows, slags SH.Oj; feeders 139 )ijs mosllv SIG.SOr some held higher; breeder ^ilis 210-lbs down, mostly $16.00. Cattle: 2.100; salable 2.000; calves 1.400 all salable; about 25 loads f>i steers offered; market very slo'v. Pew sales of steers, heifers mid cows, about steady, but bulk unsold. Bulls and vcalcrs unchanged. Load mostly choice steers $17.00; few lots medium to good 814,50 fo $17.25; load good and choice mixed yearlings 517.3.-); few medium to 'oorirt SM.Ofl lo *IR.fiO; G ncd cows lo $13.50. ' ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST HI.VTIIKVll.LK, AUKANSAS, TUKHDAY; JUNK !>r>, I'.IXi Army's Largest Land-Based Bomber ils first published vieiv of the XlKlfl .shows th, Army's newest and world's largest Ihe ramp at Consolidated Vultee Aircraft Corpora I ion's Xll-M has been completed and the plane Is piKher-type nlrt-raft powered by .six 1'rntt ing spread of 230 feet nnd a fuselage length of h.nd-ljaseil bomljcr i-'ori Worth: Texas, division. Construction ,,i ig gi'ound I (s(s, AAP ofliclnls announced in k WliHney 3.XM h.p. engines, the bimiber has n ni,",T»- <N,:A i heavy bombers ordered by Ihe AAF, undo today from n. Hawthorne. Cal., (>3 feel. Design and con.slriietion of Ihe plane, 1 i supervised In- llu- Air Malerini Coinmnnd. 1. The plane left tl ( . nmwuy with 1,000 feet- lo ol Saturday Night Haul Of $80,000 Gets Attention Tuesday. LITTLE ROCK, Ark. .June 25. I U.P.I— Arkansas stale police were ordered today to keep n sharp lookout for three men wllh nin- chiiiegims who robbed exclusive Blacklist) Club in St. Francis county of 580,000 during the weekend. This belated action followed the robbery bv GO hours, and it. happens (lint the clime was committed in Iho home county cf Jack Porter head of the state's police department. No official report of the liokl stickup was made by owners ol the swank gambling establishment bill reliable confirmation of the raid put on the alert. Chief Porter said he _,.„,. to he called In on Ihe case soon Adding that he had instructed his force to "look for anyone cni- tying machincguns." St . Francis County Sheriff Hodgcr West said he had no official confirmation of tlie- bold the stale patrol expected Arkansas Law '\ Enforcement ; Laxity Rapped ! MEMPHIS, June 'S>. <Ul v J.-iu!v Gen. Will Cicrbcr today s:ili the "roi'criip - of tlic armed rolilx. y of lilnckllsli Lake Club In St. FI uicls county. Ark., could be brnki i by Clov. Den Limey of Arknnsns. Cicrber urged St. Francis c nnlv Sheriff Roger west to slnii lowii "Bumbling Joints at I)lack(ish'f lust yrar. At Hint time. Cicrbcr said "open nnd notorious gnmbUiii! bints such as arc being operated at lllnek- fish cnn only survive by n nvlnk from tlie law-enforelng oflhtils." Cerbev said today he woul make another appeal to Wei. cause "it won't do imy good <>averiior Hurls Cliallcngi' LITI'LE ROCK, Ark., Jm (UP)—Ciov. Hen Lancy today lengi'd Tennessee ofncials to (luce Ihelr "phantom witnesses allegedly were robbed of $80.0X0 at orn- . hal- Dlnckitsh bake Club Sunday i ing. Linncy defended thc stand aken by Director of Police Jack gorier in refusing lo investigate thci robbery until he receives an "official" notice Hint .such n rubbery Imd taken plncc. "Tim state of Arkansas with nil ~ """M"" ui lm; . uorjiUs law enforcement bodies'" the ii|.< nnd therefore wns not. invcstl- governor said, "slnnds ready" it, ren- gatlng. cinb attendants refused to der any service possible lo cmiti'irc Phrtflo C Imallcr - 1A rtlsitl « 11 "f "" <! »™>e t" J»st trial anv robbef. tlackfish Lake turned aside or law violator. But Ibis c-innot Tri™"-"^ 1 *,.."*! 1 !^ U.«l ?f r ^no_l»«u only on nWricf betler 'not to know much. 11 Tlie holdup men, who spoke politely with a foreign accent entered the club when things were in full swing a t 'i a. m. .Sunday. Estimates of the loot, taken mostly from t| lc safe and dice lables, ranged from $80,003 to Eyewitnesses snid the trio who were masked, were very courteous. There appeared to be n argument will) the manager, however One witness said he hea- 1 screams and blows in an office that adjoins the main room and wns told the stidkup men were persuading Operator Jessie shoemaker to open tlie safe by beflllii" him Rnngstcr fashion with n pistof He said h c saw Shoemaker later and that he had received n "horrible" healing (hat ] c ft i,i nl "bleeding like a stuck pig." It was pointed out that the Arkansas holdup was strictly familiar to recent armed robberies ol night, spots at Denver. Colo and U>s Angeles, calif., and there wa-, -speculation that the same uanc »iel>t have staged all thiec roijberies. In each case, thc bandits wore red masks, were armed will) ma- chincguns nnd shotguns were courteous to Ihcir victims and talked with foreign ncccnls. Election Case Appeal F Held In Little Rock LITTLE ROCK, Ark.. June 23 (U.P.)—H. K. (Bud) Fisher. Biy- Ihevillc sailor, today appealed to Ihe Arkansas Supreme Court to have his name placed on the primary election ballot as a candidate for state Representative. Thc Mississippi Counly Democratic Committee earlier refused lo place Fisher's name on tlie ballot, alleging that his party loyalty I'let'ee was siened bv his mother and not by the sailor. Tlic committee's action was up- neid l,y judge Walter Killoiij!h ol the Mississippi County circuit Court. Chickasawba District Fisher snid in his appeal lhat his mother, Mrs. Hattic K. Fisher signed his pledge at his request on the strength of Ills power of attorney. At the time of the deadline for filing, the sailor wns on . to South America. His pc- lition to the high court said he would b e discharged within 30 day.s. Litigants h, thc case—Fisher and committee officials Jesse Tny lor and Jioi Bunn—Indicated court officials today that brlcls would be filed Monday The court will be nskod to advance the case ns a matter ot public interest so action mav be taken before its July 8. . too Information. Meanwhile, Porter snld here llinl he has not yet been notified Hint llic robbery look place. Byrnes Seefcs With Mohtov PARIS, June 25. fj.I')—Pro- gross toward « 21-nation pence conference hailed todny while V M. Mololov and James P. Il-rnes Tr'Iest '° S ' rlk ° a irart ' ilill ~ »" Until (he Jnlc oi tlie Adriatic port Is sellted. possibly by n compromise internalioiinli/.in,.'it for 10 years, the Big Foil,- Foreign Ministers Council will accomplish little. Molotov has .shown cl'.'arlv hr- won't do business on other big issues while Trieste wait:;. llyrnes «as plnying the key role for the Western Powers in 'negotiating with (lie Soviet Foreign Minister. Mololov, at his own suggestion, called on Byrnes m his hotel for nrnrly an hour yesterday afternoon. Al. night Hyrnes was host to Krncst Hevin, prc- stimnbiy they discussed the IJyrivs- Molot/iv Inlk. Growing Crops Get Needed Rain Weather Observer Reports Precipitation Of Nearly Half Inch. limners nnd business men were all smile.s today ns rain (ell slowly through Ihe morning and was still falling gently at i o'Hoci; from cloudy skies, which j.nve in advance notice thai the sin'i would shine ngnln before nightfall. It rained .40 of one Inch before noon today, it was announced bv Wenlhcr Observer U. K. Hlnyiuek Tlie rain will |;o u loii i: w ny (o- wnrd nssiirlni! farmers n good IMC season ns the precipitation was fnlrly general Ihroujihoiit ihls .section, a check revealed. With the normal Summer showers. Ibis morning's rnln pi-ovldo! much cf (lie moisture needed to make the cotton bloom nud to help late corn. Agricultural Agi'nl Keith j. Hilbrey snld. While the rain wns desired by all fanners, because of tlie unusually hot weather recently cuus- Infi a lienvy on the .soli (i <-'-s|)eclnlly benefited farmers In the Gosnell and •'Calumet sections, Bccnuse of tho gumlio soil found In numerous parts of tills .section thc wet Spring had picvcnlcd planting of this heavy soil. Today's rnln will mnke It possible fpr farmers to plant, |ai r corn, up until July 1, Ayeiil Bilbrcy pointed out. Today's rnln followed another hot dny yesterday wllh a maximum temperature of 33 degrees reported. L,, w duriin; th u liiylil was 1:1 degrees. Balanced Budget To U.S. for 1947 Former Arkansas Man Takes Onth to Qutilify As Cabinet Member. WAsiiiNcrroSj, June as. mi'i-- John W. Kiiydei today bccnnv ,-,Jril Secretary of Ihe Treasury -nid called for n balanced hndgel or bi-it"r~ In the llscnl yen- that .stnrh Mon- Iny. j Wllh President Tinman Uutkliu- MI, Hnydev look Sin- oniii Irom fhlei Justice 1'Ved M. Vlnsiin. h| s pivde- •essor as Hmvlnry of Ihe Treasury A lame crowd ivllnr.s.s<>d u u . ,.,,,,,J inony on Hie soldi porllc,, i,| dio Bank Messengers Robbed of $44.000 POUGHKEKI'SIE, N. Y., June 25. lUI'i-Two bandits held up two bank messengers today and escaped with SH.noo. The messcnscrs were employed by the Mcrchanl.s National Hank and Trust Company. The money s in two bigs carried by ths bank employes Air Field Sales Policy Changed By Army Order Tlic Blythcvillc Army Air Field, In jdie process of .selling most of Its 1 equipment because of Its "slnndby status," hns received Instruction.-) from higher headquarters cojitidn- ln« numerous limitations on sale of government properly which means Hint the "small lot" sale planned for this week must Ir: canceled, it w ns announced today by Cnpl. Robert H. Duke, sulmfc oftieer. These Items, lo l )c teiiipiirari'.y withdrawn from sale, will be .sold In (he near future bv means of an "Invitation to Bid," oldest, imUh- otl or selling government properties. Invitations will contain Inlor- mntion ns to description nnd <Jntc of Inspection, with those to lie mailed lo nil bidders whose naiivs nrc tiled with the office of Caplain Duke. Persons names are not. r>n file may have them placed' (Here by rallliiK the office i>r by m.-iltii),? in their name, it was announced. N. Y. Cotton NEW Cotton M;ir. . May . July . Oct. . Dec. . Y01JK. June : closed firm. 2B7II MM 2B77 2!)71 300!) 2!)71 2n-IS 2308 2!)4B 2C02 3004 2052 2971 3012 2970 (UP) .TOM 3009 anns 3001 3012 National Cotton Picking Event To Be publicized in Eastern City Blytheviilc's National Cotton Picking v.-il be publicized at the Cotton staCs Jubilee In Philadelphia next month by the local Lions Club, it i-as decided at the luncheon meeting here today at Hotel Noble the club al:o decided to pay expenses of Miss Carolyn pctersVa, Arkansas' representative, (o the competition. The club also installed officers. Because it is n "golden opportunity' 1 to further acquaint the wortii peeled lo be a member of the club, and will have a round of festivities ' while in Philadelphia, going there several days prior to thc fashion show and beati.ty contest. A committee was appointed select the representative and uj\,.u ouiiuJr ^niitjiucr 01 uommcrce, — sponsors of the cotton picking con- | stc;l11 "K n CO ™"' l N. O. Cotton Mar. . May Oct. iDcc 2D8-! 2D7B 2n. r ir> 2072 3021 3015 soon 3014 2984 2976 anss 2972 ll\» top-ranking ngi iciil' event o f tii c niiiion, stnggcd here each Pali, i.ioiis Club members to voted to send a representative nloiiR with Miss Peterson, after deciding to sponsor her trip. A photograph of Miss Peterson. thc iocnl Lions club's representative ---:-. ..... -• •"- In the stnte contest, won lor her adjournment, the state honors and .so inane her eligible for the Cotton Stales >'es- I'val finals, for an outstanding honor. The Blvlhcvillc club and district 7A of Arkansas will divide expen- res O f the trip. RI, O , vi ]| nrPO n)|).ujy the Collon Picking Contest iepi-esciHa!!ve, ex- 3021 3014 300fl 3013 local junior the of Commerce, SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTO Modified Draft Bill Passed By House as Army Calls Holiday Toiiiiry irlrf "11 br •Siiydor, In tin- tmltdlnn. siieech, snld Is llu< rc^onslblllly imenl lo ndure Ils ,-, %l ,,,,„,. Hires In every piwlbli- way to ninlii- In adi-qunle tax vnte.s during Ibis > nehle\'e n heller- for li'Hiislilim period, a, ul budget- test, will be asked to cooperate In preparing publicity to be used in The East. Dlythcville, nlso will be publicized as capital of Ihe largest cotton- producing county in the world, tlie members decided. Officer; installed, who will take office next Tuesday, were: James Terry, president: W. I,. Korncr, first vice president; J. l>. F-ien second vice president: Murray Smart, secretary and treasurer; J. Farris McCalla. lion lamer; Samuel P. Norris and Robert Grimes, new. directors with the Ecv. S. n. \Vil- ford and c. F- Toinpktns as liold- ovcr.'i, alo)ig with Pnul Pryor, retiring president. O. P. Elliot I nt JraifSlMrn "'.is a visitor. balanced 1!)I7." tSnyder, HI. i.oiilr bnnlier and (<ir- ner Keeniiveislon liheclor. mid for- IKT A|-ki|ii.sati, Mild tin- (ask of enu- verllni; the niitloirj industrial machine to pence. In virtually p>m- pletc. Woman Causes Youlh's Arresf Married Man Hold In Jail on Two Serious Charges. A 111-year-old married num. William Inane "Iliiddy" Wheat, w,is held today In the county jail mi a chain- of rape and when arrealcd Was sought on another sex charge of iLssniilC. |t uns niininmccd !iy Uepiily Klii'lilf Itulph itm c . Wllh inloiinatlon filed directly In Clrcnll. court. Wheat Is slated lo remain In Jail until the October (mil of Criminal Division, fjlratit Courl. Is arrest followed nn Invesllun • Hun after „ lf)-ycni--<)|<| K i r j hnd Koiiglu H i,i ,,f other motorists pai'H- cd lit -trm; Mississippi Klvcr '.-inn nt llarllfltl. Motorlsls said she ran to Ulelt cnr for aid niter saying she hud licen eriinlnnlly iiK.snnlti>d byWIient bruiiKlit. her in police head- <|linrter.s. followed bj, Hi,, ,,ar in width whenl and two companion'.! rode, according to officers, win: snld Wheat, fled when the em slopped at- pollne headquarters. Telling her story to police. l'ie wns turned ami' lo couti'.y offlcci-R hccau.Mi It iilleccdlv Iwik plncc outside llic CILy of Ulvlhe- vllle. The tlnle was lasl Tuesday nlchl. he young woman riling the complaint recently name lo DlyMicvlIK; from n nerirby rural r.iu:tlon to make her home with a relative, for whom she was employed, nc- ccrdlni! to officers who snld .sir; bad a good reputation. A wnivnnL, charging Wheat wllli nssanlt wns Issued nflcr a young WDiiinii nl T.ii.vorn had Informed -herlff IJepnty Herman Splcer thai Hie Miythevlllc man on June 1 allegedly n.vsn idled her. Whral, who resides nt .'tan North Second, is a conrfruction crew worker, lie denies the charge, officer Rase snld. Officers Probe Cattle Thefts At Jonesboro .fONKSUORO, Ail:.. June 2S. (UPI —Three ;nen wire being held Sicre day in connection v .ith Illc allied operation.-; O f n cattle theft All hough n r> charces were tiled I>olice .said the rii.sllers reecnllv -stole cattle from Pnrngonld, joncs- boro. Newport. Wynne. Crawlord-,- vl!ln nnd Marked Trca. Officers added lhat tbe men had butchered cattle in a pasture near Clayburn and Bold the meat at West Memphis. No Thefts in miss. m. No caltlc thefts have been rc- portcil in Mississippi County with officers on a lookout, for thlever, reported operating in other Parts of Northeast Arkansas. The otilv llKft reported here In main- months wns that of a Nesr-> cow. luiei- relnriied. ,->c- conllng to Deputy Sheriff Enlpn Rose who said all officers planned lo continue a watch for such culprits. Firemen Make a Run After Youth Tosses Cigarette on Shingle Roof A ctarette. thrown on the root of a hon.-.e at 52J Park St., last nlebt ciiiiscd n fire nlarm. Fiieincn quickly cxIliiRiiished Ihe small blaze started by the burning cigarette left on the wood shingle roof shortly before 0:30 o'clock. Fire Chief Hoy Head satil a Ir.d threw the cigarette while playing IIIR the yard of the house, ownwl liy Mrs. Hrynnl Stewart, and rented by the Anderson faintly. exccp- puiv,,,,,, frnm m-r-ed Canning Center Begins Operation Two-Day-a-Wcck Schedule Arranged For Food Preservers. Canning nun In will be nvntlnbl" lo women of (his section with the lilylhevllle IIir;h School Oannhuj C.enler to be open every Tucsd'iv and Tliuradny, starliiiK today, a has been announced In 1 W. I). Nli-h- ol.'io)i, siiiJerlnloiidenl nf schoiils The plan is very simple People. brlni! produrU they wish to cnn, with nil other necessary emiin ment furnished free with Iluu of llic mm, sold (u for n nominal sum, With liii.. ccniei- ID li e O \K f! lo fi p.m., people m-n lo can all food possible lids year and Invited to use tlie center-; facilities. II was nnnemnccd. This will be the third Summer for the renter lo be open wllh ap- )u-oxl 111111 ely 41,000 eiin.% of friiltj, veiielables and uiciils canned in ihc' past. Vlsllnni me Invlled to will eh tin! enter opRmlo, Mr. mcholwin said The kitchen Is under Kii|i»rvl-' Ion of Prcemnii Unblnsoii, v.jcn- l.'nnnl nitrlenlture Instruulor, assist- ctl by Mrs. I.ove IS. Adnnw. Miners Promised More Fresh Meat i Government Acts In Face of Closing Of Many Markets. liy United Press More pncklns plants .were closed today as the Department of Air.-|- cullurc predicted Unit the unlum's ment supply would lilt nn nll-ilmc low tills week nnd next. Thousands of retail bntchors across the country reported that Ihelr counters were bare. Many hud closed. Meanwhile, tlie government moved lo tlio ment slmrtdK-i In mlnlni! areas after coal miners Ihrcalened to strike because of the senrclly of meal. Spokesmen for Ihe Auvlculliiic Department believed Mint thc sliort- iine would continue for two or three weeks. They believed, however. (Iwt once tlic fale of price control is decided the meat supply will return to near normal. 'Kvcn If price ceilings are maintained, they believed, fnnner.s who have been withholding their cit- tle from market In hopes of ,-. price Increase will resume shipments. The American Mrnl Institute, which represents Ihc meat packers <iis!i(jrccd. The Meal InsUtut; believed lhat If I lie pi-Ice ceilings are kepi the meat shortage will continue. A survey showed lhat hundred.! ._,. of mining towns were short of bread I p I tl and fresh meat. At Pittsburgh, of- ' ,- un , s ,'^ flcials of Ihc United Mine Work- crs (Al'u. said tlial tiic shovt- ages might soon result In work stoppages. "The miners need meat," ihty said. However, John artsy, PHUbnrgh representative of Ihe Agriculture Department, announced thst Ihc Koverninenl would supply fresh meat directly to mining town stores. The meat, he said, would come from supplies scl aside for packers. The Army decision not to ask for draftees hi July and August mean* nn almost total draft "holiday" In those monlhs as Navy calls have been Inconsequential. t'ntterson's letter was read to the House Just before it approved thc compromise draft .extension bt!l Ihln will permit induction of 19- yoar-olds, but exempts 18-ycar-olds. nil fathers nnd most cx-servlcemen <1 lew minutes previously, the'.'' Hiiuse lw<i parsed and Kn t to Ihe .Senate Ircfslndon providing nay InnrviiKa for all member* of ihe armed fprce». The, r»U« r.\nfc I mm 50 per cent ror back prl- ynlrs anrt apprentice Kamcn »o 10 iwr cent for Ave-stu- admiral* and general*. The drnft extension was approve* after the House rejected, 182 to 74 n motion by Hep. Dcwcy Short R' Mo., to send thc measure back to n Semite-House conferonce commit- cu with liwti-iicllojw to eliminate' the ID-ycnr-old group. The compromise extension, worked out in conference, permits ih- ductlmi of drnft registrants ia through 44. It was doubtful, however, whether anyone over 29 would- be drafted. Patterson t"W Thomason that,, with thc pay increase bill, he hoped Ihe Army could meet Its requirements with volunteers. "The War Department." Patterson wrole. "docs not desire lo hnv'c' a slniilc man drafted unless lie is needed lo fill an existing or- anticipated shortage." Mint Combat CommanUm ' '. Hut he urged extension of ihe draft law. enyliig: "We. liave a sick, chaotic warlrt Comjnuiildm is oh thc march-In Eu- ropfi mid,parts, of Asia. U is the absolutely cold truth that RusM» has an iirmy of 6.000,000 men. Great Britain has extended her draft and will rely on tecn-ngers. France nnd YiiKO.sliivIa also have continued conscription." , , Tlie conference report, which nho must bo approved by th= Senate, would: Typographical Error Sends Butter Price Far Above the Coiling RICHMOND. Vn. June 25. (UPi —The price of butler skyrocketed to n pound as result of a ty- pographtcal error in n newspaper, hut OPA oftirials corrected the holier today and said it was a goort example of what would happen if the price lid were removed. In announcing the price decontrol on hitlers, which might effect Ihe price of a martini, n newspaper typographer hit the wrong key yesterday and it cnmc out butter. Hardly had the pnper hit the slrcel than Iho price of butter soared from 55 cents to SI.50 par pound. John J. Howard, chairmen of the Richmond area Price Control Board, corrected the item but snld the mistake should show which side Ihe 2. Prohibit rclnducllon of jwi-- sons who served any period over- sens or hart six months service In the United States after Sept. 6. 3. Prohibit Inductions of fathers 4. Set thc strength of tha Army lit 1,500,000 on July 1, IMS and 1070,000 on July 1, 1947. Clinic Planned To Combat Tuberculosis liesldcnls of Mississippi County will have an opportunity for free Icsls for tuberculosis, here July 9 when tlio mobile'X-ray unit of the Slate Hoard of Health Is to visit Ulythevljle for n screenjn'g clinic. The lost, of great, importance because of Ihe need for treatment i-i curly stages, is being made possible through the County Hcaltii Unit and the Mississippi County Tuberculosis Association. Dr. .1. E. IJcasley, now serving as part-time director of the health unit until a full time director Is secured today urged thc public to tnfcv tlVe lest. ,. out that all busines.; ivlng employes handling food would have this opportunity to test them without cost, he also urged tlie general public to eo- opcnitc. Because tuberculosis, with its ari- nual death toll In the United Stales of almost 60,000, and Us disablement of at least 500,000 more, remains In thc vanguard of the attacking force of enemy disease, its prevention and control will continue to be one of the chief objectives of health groups. Early diagnosis is stressed DE in Rndiiig tuberculosis early, there Is the best chance of being cured. It lias.been pointed out. To know In lime Hint tuberculosis germs are in your body gives you an advantage over thc germ. Dr. Beasley said today lu explaining that people who die of tuberculosis have lost out because they waited uiitil stricken ill before going to a physician. An estimate has been that at least 400 persons will take the screening program. Persons wishing to oe tested should contact the Blythcvllle office of Ihe Mississippi Counly Health Unit. Weather consumer's bread was buUcir'l o->. tlnns Wednesday, ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy to cloudy today, tonight and Wednesday. Scattered thundershowers today and in northwest portion laniylit, nnd in east and south por-

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