The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Thursday, August 27, 1936
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. XXXI11— NO. 139 niytheville Conifer Blythcvlllc Herald lil.vllievllle Daily News Mississippi Valley lead BLYTHBV'ILLB, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, AUGUST 27, 1936 SINGLE COPI1CS FIVE CENT'S 1 SECRETARY OF WAR DERN DIES TODAY pro- Appoints Stale Commission; Asks Co-operation Of Nine Governors LITTLE ROCK, Aug. 27 <U1>)— Gov. J. M, Futrcll today called u))on governors of nine cotton producing slates to join him In a southwldc conference to devhe means to nllevlntc tile Iroublesonio sharecropper sitiiution which at times has reached violent portions in Arkansas. Kutrell, criticized by some shave- cropper sympathizers for many months for failure to take acllon in behalf of tenants and laborers in Ills state, informed t!ie governors lie had appointed a commission to study the sharecropper problem in Arkansas and Indirectly suggested they do likewise. He told (he governors of Alabama, Georgia. Louisiana, Mississippi. North ami South Carolina. Oklahoma anil Texas, the Arkansas commission would try to work out problems of his state and that the findings would be nrc- 10,000 Hoar Laurlon ttlasl New Deal Tactics OBJECT. OF Key City Sought By Insurgents But, Resistance Is Stubborn Cabinet Member Succumbs ""' >n on a program involving federal co-operation. . l The Arkansas conference will fcc held the latter part of September at Hot Springs and the south- wide galhering would be some time in November at a place to' be selected. Purposes of the conferences are to .ameliorate sharecropper conditions and promote an.,opportunity for them to own 'their own farms. Fulrell said Ihe Arkansas group handkerchiefs in the fam.'d C'.iaiilaurma salute, tins audience, of plitlhcalrc where President Rocssvclt sjrakj recently, heard Gcv. Alf M. .lation fcr its '-propaganda 1 ' denounce the "teacher's oath." and declare Hiscuiblt'.rt is l/indon assail the that schools should .' he kept free frcm federal control. The familiar Lancltn yiin. which the Republican presidenMal nice is pictured fleshing in the closjuu at rUjht, greeted eccosIouM bursls of applause. flT BMllt was an honorary OIK. and that! na -. „- r> l' : *>" •*> ' ~ wn' "there is no fund available from/UtllCers DClieVC Men \VllO' Robbed ..Motorist': May Be Fugitives which any expense of-membcrs of <fV!: <wpim •£?!(>«, can. be .paid." ^'-^•-••2 Commissioners Na'mecT '•' Named to tile commission were: C. E. .Palmer, Tcxarkana, publisher, chairman. Dean Dan T, Gray of ths University of Arkansas College of Agriculture, Payetteville. •Dr. A.' o. "Millar, editor of the tlle Cllra '»'»ss Prison farm. Arkansas Methodist, Little Kock- Superlntendent J. B. Watson of the A. M. and N. College, pine Bluff- Extension Service Director c. C Randall, Little Rock; Slate Works Progress Administrator Plovrt Sharp, Little Rock; James Hammond, Memphis publisher- B c Morton, Heber Springs; Donald Murray, Jonesboro publisher- Jo- Knight, Paragould; Paul N. pfeif- cr. Piggott; Horace Sloan. Jon-s- toro; T. Hoy Reid, regional director of the Resettlement Administration; James W. Sargent, Con- wny, regional director of tr.e Soil Conservation Service- BATESVILI.E, Ark., Alljj. 27. (UP)—Officers here this afternoon were searching for three men believed to be escaped convicts from " the Cuminings prison farm. The men robbed Finis Roberts on the Bafcsville-ilelbourne highway two miles north of here of $103. Roberts,' who was bound and released on the outskirts of Batesville, notified local officers who immediately ordered the highways watched at Melbourne and Hardy. The men were reported to have turned back toward. Melbourne after robbing' Roberts, who identified a picture of Louis "Buddy" Sadler, one of the escaped men, as the man who stuck a gun to his back while the other two took the motley from Mm. State rangers have been sent in- Railroad Trustee To J Oppose Road Merger • WASHINGTON, Aug. 27 (UP) —Guy A. Thompson; trustee for Ihc Missouri Pacific and the New Orleans, Texas and Mexico railroads, today was authorized by Hie interslale commerce commission to intervene in opposition to. a proposed re-orgVinizalliri"; pjan for the Rock Island, Arkansas anil Louisiana railway. Under Ihc proposed plan tile Rock Island, Arkansas and Louisiana would bc merged with the Louisiana and Arkansas railway. -• ' "-"'^o.Jwlu, |IH--hlJ"lli • • .fiSTiSS^^j J iJ[^ n - Mrs - Lottie Hinchey Camden; The Rev. Ray L Davis' Wynne; Carl Hollis, "banker of Warren; M. L. sigmann. Monti- ST1 cello; Charles Evans, pine uUiir- i\r^ ou ' r<: ™ k ™*-- B»b Ha"' STEELE, ' Citation Issued By Federal Court for Failure to Obey Order LITTLE ROCK, Ark., Aug. 27.— it 1 Polnsclt county officials, who were ordered in December, 1034, lo assess mid collect laxes for payment of a judgment of $43,074.15 awarded the Sovereign Camp of the i Woodmen of £7ie World, will be re- I quired to answer a contempt citii- at St. Louis ;tio " UsiiT ' (l b ? Fwlcr al Judge Martineau yesterday. The citation charges that, they refused lo perform the duties set out in the orig- Association proves A m.e nid m e rl Banning Child Labor BOSTON, Aug. 27. (OP)—The American Bar Association today reiterated Us opposition first expressed in 1033 to ratification ,of the child labor amendment to the United Stales constitution.' The vote .was 233-to 109 against ratification. Tlds action was taken despite receipt of letters from both President Roosevelt <and Governor Alf M. London favoring ratification. Earlier the assocition sidestepped any action which .-would imply any support of the Roosevelt administration's mllcy. LISBON, Portugal. 'Aim. 27 (UP) —Spanish rebels, sUll on Ihc iig- eressivc, opened ihe second day i>f (heir allack on Irun today and 'disclosed plans for an altnck on Madrid next week. , Tlie loyalist government at Madrid, by junking a war zone of the country south and sniith- wesl of Ihe capital, adnittlwl by! Implication the . steady slow ad-1 Vance of formidable force northeastward from the Eslrcmndura country. . Besciged rebels continued their surprisingly stubborn defense of Ovledo. Rebels at Toledo, holding Ihe ancient Alcogar forests, raised a white flag on the battle- meuls but tore It down and fired oh loyalists .who approached. /More Important than any fighting at the ;-,moment, except that at Inin, was'the Increasing cer- lalnty that If-the rebels win they | will be bitter enemies . of the French government—a- possibility (hat lends little encouragement to friends of peace because if the loyalists win Italy and Germany ivill be enraged. .: Henvy Hjlilinj BIRIATOU. Fiench - Spanish Frontier, Aug. 27 (UP)—The tide cf .tattle surged backhand forth fcr:;ihe possession . ol Irun • today but tlie Insurgents emerged this evening In a favorable position for a final attack, perhaps lo- morrow. tin Ihc day's fighting insurgents nioyed forward slowly' and late (today .were . receiving-,. re-Infcrcc- ihenls' which 1 iiiay'."decidel-ithe -Issue, hi their favor. •-:.. Tonight It was a "cut and nimise" game—each side watching , the other and saving- am- inun;ilon.' • SEMRIT TO FREE.SPECK I'renchman's Bayou Slay. . er's Attorney Wants The association rejected ti rcso-1 U' ,D..|_ 'l n D ) lution asking an Investigation of! " Im Released On Bond a need for a constitutional amend-' 'irst New Deal Cabinet' Mcmtar to Die In Active Seivice A heart ailment, resulting from 1111 attack of Influenznj proved fatal to George W. Dern, secretary of war in President,. Roosevelt's cabinet tc:lny. ' T3cm was drafted from civil life ty ['resident floasevell to head the'war department, having: had no previous military exi)erlenC5. inont to permit enactment of social welfare legislation. The approximately 700 delegates also turned down a committee proposal that the association join In tllls weck for « writ of habeas Counsel for Ed S|icck of Frencli- man's Bayou, slayer of Millo:: Felts, will probably apply to Circuit Jnclse G. E. Keok here this jcct. movement for n WPA legal pro- -Mrs. Loitie Ilin- chey, 31, died in the Vernard Iim ord( . r Skin hospital of St. Louis Mon- ' a shorr. ill- El Dorado; Mrs. E. W . Frost, Tex-1 day afternoon aflei snrin^. ^ w- C ° rtl Wocd ' Holiness of cancer, she had"'oeen feprings, Mrs. Wmfred pope; Col. the hosoilal only a few iiays I. H. Barton. Kl Dorado- c. T Oir- — • Pinter, Marked Tree; c. E. gan, Augusta; W, O, Padgett Marion; Harry Williamson, Ilui-hes- Charles Goslce, publisher of°Hot Springs. New York Cotton Funeral services were lieltl at the Church of Christ by J. D. DuBard. sheriff and collector, and A. II. Landers, circuit clerk and recorder, are two of the officials called on to show cause they should not te punished - - ______ „, „,._-, . pastor, Elder L. S. Thurmond I r colltc ">Pt of court. Others ar Jnme ami interment was made in the """ lts "• sniiin. county clerk; Par- Maple Cemetery at • Carullwrsvlllc. l kcr °'Roafh. H. T. Bonds, W. A NEW YORK, Aug. 27 (UP) _ Cotlon closed steady. open hish lew clnse-l cxchnnge today. 114-1 1150 1139 1143 1152 1157 1147 115H 1155 1157 1151 1157 1159 IIG4 1155 1162 11G1 1166 1159 1IC6 1162 1167 1160 1107 Closiitf/ Stock Prices ' NEW YORK, Aug. 27 (UP) — Oct ncc Jan March May July Spols closed ciuiet at 1183, unchanged. Spot Average Is 1I.CO Tbc average price of 7-8 inch middling cotton on the 10 spot markets loday was ll.GG, the IJly- theville Board of Trade re|x>r!s. New Orleans Cotton =lecl shares led a spirited advance on lh» New York slock Gains ranged lo more than 3 points in the main list and to more than 9 points In the wide moving c.ise. The market now all of its losses NEW ORLEANS, Aug. 27 (UP) — has recovered suslained U\sl week when prices plunged sharply Friday in the widest sell-off since April. <V T. and T 174 Anaconda Copper 38 5-S Beth, steel 67 Chrysler U 1-2 Cities Service 4 Coca Cola 118 Gen. Am. Tank 56 1-2 Gcu. Electric ...'. 47 Gen. Motors 66 1-8 Int. Harvester 70 McKesson --Bobbins 9 7-8 Btidley and Louis Hog'iro. Animal levy of the three-mill lax required by law was directed in the 1934 decree, and collecton of the tax and sale of delinquent property was directed. Valuations of locally assessed personal property In the counlv arc said to have dropped from $1 521,98 In 1925 lo $605,313 In 1934. The insurance company brought suit for principal and interest alleged to have been in default up to August, Ti:e order to show cause why WILLED IN White Man and Four Ne- proes Die In Maryland Highway Crash CONOW1NGO, Maryland, Aug. 27 (UP) — One white man and four negroes were killed today, and a dozen others injured, several seriously, when a truck plunged off the highway at the approach to the Col. Wingo dam over the Susequena river. corpus (o secure the release of Sneck. now held in jail at Ds- ccola, on bond. Speck shot r.nd fatally wov.nd- cd Felts at Joiner on Tuesday Aug. 18. Felts died the next day' In a Memphis hospital, Felts was sutrd in a car when the shooting recurred. Spec!:, n member of a prominent .'amily of th: Frenchman's Bayou community, was oictercd held lo i<v.;>it acllon of Ihe Oi- ceola di>tr,i-L grand '• Jury without bond on a chu.-je of murder when nrralgni.-'l In m.igis- trale's court. French Air Ministry Would , Honor Lindbergh By Staging Event PARIS. Aug. 27 (UP)—The air ministry decided today to promote a blue ribbon nlr race from New York, lo Paris, open to filers of the world, In commemoration of the tenth anniversary next year of Col. Charles A. Lindbergh's New York-lo-Pnrls flight. Prince George Bibefceo, president of the International aeronautics federation, aeceplcd the InsX- of organizing the race. Air minister Pierre Cot and Prince Uibefceo expect about 20 starters and believe the winner will reach Lc nourgct In less than 20 hours, compared to Landbergh's time of 33 1-2 hours. Col will Invite Lindbergh lo greet the arrlvers at Lc Bourgcl. Prince nibefcco may Invite Ihe U. C. National Aeronautics association to organize the departure from New York. Arch Lindsey Resting Well At Hospital Today Arch Lindsey, deputy sheriiT. who was injured Tuesday night in ' a car accident near Brinklcy, was vesting well at the Blythc- The four negroes were'not im-l vi!lu hos l llta1 mediately' Identified. The white' ,V ndscy was hllrt wllon S ' W ' man was George D. Hart, Hastings, Pla., driver of the truck. The accident occurred when the truck, filled with negro laborers, skidded from the road and plung- i\ -• •- -••«•« ,....-.•* ....j ^».uu\.u Jlulll UIL iuilu HIIU }JLUJIi£- inosc named should not bs punish- ed down a 100-foot embankment, cd for contempt of court Is made i returnable at Jonesboro November! 23. The suit was filed in (lie Jonss- Gardens n( tore division of United States Dis- VJttruens <» trict Court, and hearing on the cl- lation u-ill bs held nt Jonesboro. With a market steadied by con-i Montgomery Ward 457-8 Iliuied drouth conditions cotton j overcame earlier weakness due to hedge sales and closed 2 to 5 points higher. open hl?h Oct 1139 1145 Bee iHG 115?. 1151 1151 1155 I1GO 1157 nm 1157 1157 March May July lew close 1135 1145 1H2 1U3 1151 1151 1153 1158b 1151 nea 1157 Spots closed quiet at 1185, upj. N. Y. central 41 1-4 Packard 11 Phillips Pet 42 1-8 Radio U St. L.-S. P. — Simmons Bed 37 1.4 Standard of N. J 03 3-4 Texas Co 37 3-4 U. s. Smelting 77 3.3 U. s. Steel eg 1-4 Warner Bros 133-8 Zonlte G 5 1 8 Livestock EAST ST. LOUIS, 111., Aug. 27 (UP)- -Hogs: receipts 0,500 Top 11.40 l >7u-;>30 Ibs II.25-11.36 140-160 Ibs 0.15-9.25 teulk sows 8.75-0.50 Cattle: receipts 4,000 S!i.;.:-.h[er steer;, 4.75-9,50 ' MIXCI .veart!u.!S ard heifer., 5 !>0-7.50 SI:.!;phter hcifci-s 4.50-0.0) litci" cows 4.'..1 4 75 Billings, 74-year-old mental patient he was taking to the slate hospital for nervous diseases at Little Rock, grabbed the steering wheel of his car, sending it down ft steep embankment. The aged man was killed, almost instantly Lindsey was ordered to bed foi ; 48 hours yesterday by Blythe- iERiPI TDUfi President's Schedule Re r vised !o Permit Him to Attend Dem Funeral WASHING TON, Aug 27 (OP)— Iccrclary of War GeOigo" ' ft 3crn died of heart dlscase"-at Wnltcr Reed army hospital today^ first New Deal cabinet officer to lie while-in active wnlce. s 'I'ho war secretary expired at 0;6S A M, eastern standart time, after waging a. loshiB fislit against , lavnges of an Influenza, attack lust .spilng which had (left him with n ciltlcal heart condition. ', nern was the first New Deal ,. cabinet officer to die while on ' active duty Sccrctaiy of Treas- uiy William Woodln was the first Roosevelt cabinet member to die but was on leave of abicnce at the time. Senatoi Thomas J Walsh,' allorney gciiciul designate In the Ifooscvelt cabinet, died before assuming office. •• Bern's death was e\pccted }o cut short President Roosevelt's western dioiith Itibpectlon touivVto eimblc the chief executive to participate In funeral services lor Ills cabinet offlcei , At the bedside, when the Fee-"' rotary died, were members of his family, Including Mrs Dern Several of them Imtl come east fiom Utnli, Dun's home slate, several weeks ago when the Secretary's condition was fiist repoiled alrm- Ing. — The death was announced by Dr. Fritz MCJ 01, European heart specialist Meier flew to Wash-' Ingtoii from Boston only jester- uay at the personal request of President Roosevelt • mn ' lT1 ' B I"" 111 ™' liad contempkt 1 ! lit II ed dc1l >ylnB l>ls western trip be- VVII cause of Dcrn's serious condition but finall} left Wiishlngton Tues- (UP)—President Roosevelt's mcet- ini! with Gov. Alf M. London of Kansas may have [o l;c deferred from Sept, 1 to Sept. II due lo the death of Secretary of Wm George Dern, While House »i- tnchcs said tcday. The del.iv would permit Mr. Ucosevelt to attend funeral services for his probably rab'net nldc be held .al thai Salt Lake City, Utah. ' Mr. llco.vvelt's usiocialrs hurriedly revised n.iirmul schedules for (lie president's projcct;<l choiith Inspeoiion t(.ur. IL was bi'.'Jcvcd Mr. Hooscvelt would have lo delay conferences at. :?t. Pad, Minn., and LaCross:-, DL"'!] takes place c;!y the prasi- Homer Quinn, Night Policeman, Says Burglary Suspect Resisted Arrest .Clinton Farrar, about 28, of Tupelo, Miss, was shot twice in one leg by Homer Quinn, Osccola night policeman, when he allegedly attempted to resist arrest and make a giin play at Osccola about 2 o'clock this morning. Quinn, had been notified of an ntcmpted burglary of n beer garden. 7!i miles west of Osceola, and had been given n description of Farrar as the man who made the attempt. Quinn halted Farrar's car at the Intersection of \Vis. If burial of In Sail Lake d?nl expects to I' Rapid City, N. Y.. M>iriC:time Sunday. In Ih? Interim I..': \vlll go ahead with drouth iircr, plans ar.d c(jii- fc-rciices tin; first of which bojsiii lirre lct:ay ^'heje lie was gre:t- cd by IhoilsanO^ r.t, the railru.u! station dny nlyht aftei ^-ranging foi Meyer lo tome hem to treat Dem Dern. 63 jears old, had been conllncd to the hospital sinco early July He at Hist had appeared to respond to treatment and even conducted considerable War dcimlment business from his bedside, telephoning his aides each day. . , Wilhin the last week, however, his condition took a decided turn for,the worst, although phssiclans even then did not ghe up hope for his life ^ Not himself a man of anj war" or army experience, Dem's tenure of office marked sharp changes and innovations in the army, long considered the most conservative branch of the government. The secretary of came info the camel from a background of mining and legislative experience In Utah He had served two terms in the Ulah leglslalure aha: I wo terms as governor . of the _j state, before coming to Washington In 1031 To Be Recreated lnlne <l a neck injury and a bruis-! resisted nrifst, he told other of-i 1T - Hughes, A1vm Stephens. Lindsey had a number victims CHICAGO. (UP)—Babylon's fa- of jokes perpetrated by the of- Chemical Company To Open at Steele Soon] STEELE, Mo,—Tlie International Chemical Company^ Inc., which liar Just been wltn hcad- miartcrs In this city, Is making fine progress and ^nless some difficulty arises they expect to be operating by Ihe first cf Oclobcr. A large amount of stock has already been sold In the company. It will offer to Ihe druj, grocery and allied merchants.package household goods and re:r.«lics. Practically nil of the officers In the company arc local ousincss men. They nrc: picsldent, P. E. Pcn- dcr; vice prc.ii:ient, W. B. Mlci'iie; secretary and treasurer, J. H. Workman; saics manager, W. G. ^_ Hughes; Directors nrc J. H. Work- Highways 40 and 61 at" OsccoTa ! man - p - E - Fcntlcr . A. B. Rhodes, Youth Sustains Broken Leg In Traffic Accident John FraiMin ITolbrook, 11- year-old son of Mrs. R. O. Hoi- brook, sustained a broken left'leg when he was struck by a car on Walnut street, in the business section, this morning. The leg wns broken above the knee. Tlie accident was described as unavoidable by witnesses who said the boy Jumped off a wagon and ran Inlo the path of the'car. ville hospital physicians. He sus-land shot Fnrrar when the latlcrj j - R - Morgan, W D. Michle, W. sltlon when flower, growers from all over the world will exhibit their products, September 12-20. Shrubs, flowers and trees which made the Oriental queen feel a lot better back.In biblical days copied for the Exposition reproduction which will occupy an area 10 feet wide and 65 feel high, rising by terraces from the ground floor to the celling of Chicago's huge .International Amphitheater Cutlers and iu» i, tiers 2.15-3.75 at. the Unioii Stock Yards. Chicago Wheat open high low close Sep 111 1-2 112 1-8 111 111 7-8 Dec 109 3-4 111 1-2 109 3-4 110 3-4 Chicago Corn open high low close Sep 111 111 7-8 110 1-2 110 1-2 Dee 051-2 863-8 95 1-4 95 1-3 fleers. Farrar had i\ pistol on him | when he was searched said. Two women Farrar were taken into custody for questioning and lodged In the county jail at Osceola. Parrar's condition was not regarded as "erious. :ompan,ons W o S ri Cr °P Measuring Agents Go In For All Details Hale Jackson, chief deputy sheriff at Osceola, said that Farrar and Ihe older of his two companions admitted they were at liberty on bond on federal charges <.-] Mississippi. The beer garden had been raided and closed earlier in the night by sheriffs deputies because of alleged Illegal acts. It is operated by Leon Chamberlain. HELENA. Ark., Aug. 27 (UP) — T. E. Atkinson, assistant In soil conservation in the county agent's office, thinks his township supervisors in the soil conservation program are doing a thorough job. Sevier County Cannot Decide Upon Markers DE QUEEN, Ark, Aug. 27 (UP) —Three perfectly good historical markers are going begging. They were set aside for Sevier county by the Arkansas Centennial Commission, but no organization will take the responsibility of designating what they shall commemorate and vrhere they shall be. ercclcd. John R. Fordyce, of Litlle Rocfci who has charge of Ihe markers for the Commission, Is ready to assign them — free of charge — to anyone In the county who will say where they are to be put. ard for what purpose. They were told to measure all land on each farm and show what crops were growing. A report, on one farm came to Atkinson with each plot of ground measured and, neatly lettered on " one plot, was the word "weeds." WEATHER Arkansas—Generally fair tonight and Friday. , Memphis and vicinity—Fair 'tonight: and Friday. Not .much change in temperature. The: maximum temperature .here yesterday was 99, minimum 72, clear, according to Samuel P. Morris, official weather observer.

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