The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1936
Page 6
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PAGE SIX BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Pardon Our Interference , Giayson Believes This Will Be Col'egians Year In Big Game BY HARRY GKAYSOX Sports Edllor, NEA Service CHICAGO, Aug. 20.—This looks like the yen the college football plajers cateli up \\lth the nio- fesslonals Our offside prediction is thai the; All-Americas will repel both the Detroit Lions at Soldieii, 1 Field on the night of Sopt i nnd .the New York .Giants at the Polo Grounds one week later! While the Chicago Bcais edged out the giaduatcs the past two seasons, the National League champions were unable lo score a touchdown, and the Lions and Giants face an even sterner task against n defense built from the pick of the land bj Finnic Blcr- inan. Blerman's Minnesota team* ha\ent been beaten In thiee .sc.i sons, and the soft-spoken strategist doesn't intend to permit the ing him in pieparing the lah ,ah Lajden of Notre Dame, Lynn Waldorf of Nmttiweslcin, and Uo McMillin ot Indiana. Accustomed to a wealth of ma- leiial, Bleiman and Layden can out of the 53 icmaikabte athletes diilling at Dyehe Stadium, Evans- r Ion. Bleima , Lnyden each don Beise of Minnesota, •Smith of Alabama, and have several of theli- own |a<Is on the squad, and. all four coaches are well acquainted with the tal- ,«nl. The Lions have their Dutch Claik, Bill Shepherd, and Finle Caddel, and the .Giants their Ken Strong, Kink Richards, nnd Ed DnnomM. but. neither piofessional anay ha? a tack like Jay Uci- wnnger. Imagine Dcinnncer running behind inleifeience for n change! Chicago's one-man varsity feels so good nbmil it that lie threatens to gallop tight out of the sadluni and ball paik. Cutting down would-be tacklers for Berwanger and Toffy Leemans of Oeoige Washington will be such j-cnowned blockera as Shcl- Rilcy Crayrie of Iowa Those five backi are the an.s*-er lo any coach's iwwei, but they'ie only "the be- einiiln; »n tils nil-star business Ailendancc In Exceed • Last 1'ear's 77,0*6 Biennan and his assistants have additional plunging, iimulng, imss- Ing, and kicking stiength In Glenn Seidel and Babe Lovolr. of Minnesota; Bill Shakespeare, Wally Piomhart and Don Elser of Nolle Dame; Ta,ldon Manton and Jim Lawrence of Tesas Christian- Wally Cruicc and Hugh Duvall ot Northwestern; Don Irwin of Col- gate; Joe. Maniac! of Fordhanr Stair Plnciira -of Ohio state' C -huck Cheshire of U. c. L. A •' and Bill Beiincr of Michigan. ' Blerman Is In command of what , peihaps is the finest football ariav ever atiembled. Bob Zuppke anil others who all along have contended that a good college team can repulse a professional com- Inalion arc likely to have stronger arguments all-stars finis Giants. when this year's Ihe Lions and It is the glamour and abititv of Bciwanger and Ins playmate's "'"' the pi-ospect of the collegians " "" professional t that pionii! tract turnoi to nt- ut than the 77.000, who a Jear ago saw the Bears prevail on Ihe strength of a field goal mid safety. Prom stout Minnesota lines of the ,m*t ii s D1 movement swept like \ man h,, n ?"* ^^ns. Bier- fire. Clubs and organizations nian has Dale Rcnncbohn, center "' ---. All-America tackle- over Vern Occh, guard, «itl, slnl- Corner Jones, the Ohio Slate he ^rnl hlgl atai captaln; Al Lind of Northwestern; unu ™' form, n "'""•"** '-"»•"••«- ^ ""'^ -b-rt g-f quarterback o for l,in, Jay He,.van 8 er, chlcugfs O n,. m(in (cam of last year might to go places agains m * '"'° •*•""• Sc|)t ' '• '" »"> ""o™ '«y»"l. "eiwanger is at ,eft; Smith a great e \ atMCka ago. Dick Dutz of Detroit Ls (in- other able ball carrier. John Schncller, formerly of.WIs- Sv r n ,, T n • s ' nou!> ' s " >' u " lcM °- Mc'nalinn, Ohio Slate captain and All-Amerlean of IQ34; and 'Tom Hupke of Alabama are guanls Elmer Ward shares the center assignment with ihe' veteran Clare, Randolph, who once turned in a whale of a game for .Indiana. Coach-Clark and his Lions real- fee tlmt problem Is more perplexing than thR ones (he Bears tackled Hie imsl two years. Consequently Ihey have made the most out of their workouts In the bliu- ing sun at Cmnbrook School Btoomfleld Hills, MI C |,. College rules prevail, leaving tiic. professionals without the advantage of being able to toss fornnicl passes at any point behind the line of scrimmage. Cheshire, Topping, Dick Smith and Oecb opposed the Lions In Honolulu Inst- wlnler. They have given their tciunmnlcs valuable advice on what- to expect. And a . rare combination of power and rh?.?.le da/Mc will come out of Biermnn's single wlngback niirt.- unbalanced line. By Harry Grayson Fancy Flinger, This Feller Th* Standings Southern r/eafcne W.'... 63 ... 13 ... 08 ... Ci7 ... 00 Atlanta ......... Nashville New Orleans liliinlngham .... Little Reck Chattanooga Kmmillc 53 Memphis : ...... 49 American New York Cleveland 37 Uctrcll «(j Chicago ' 64 Washington C3 ! 53 Boston ., 09 (j4 St. I-onls ........ 44 -(7 Philadelphia ., 44 73 W. L. 80 ' TO 54 01 58 Pet .034 .52' .515 .503 .415 .408 .317 Pet .etn .554 .537 .52. .510 .480 .3C4 .361 Nalluiu] League ' , W. I,, Pet. New York ........... 13 45 ti)3 St. Louis ......... ... 1-i 48 .COO Chicago ..... . ........ (J9 50 .585 Pittsburgh ........... 02 59 512 Cincinnati ... ..... . . 515 G3 ' All Boston .............. 55 Q4 [402 Rrccklyn ..... ....... 43 70 .407 Philadelphia ........ 41 7^ .350 Northeast Arkansas League W. L. Pet, ...... .H 34 . ...... 27 Newport . Osceola . BaUKVlllo .1 oncsb oro ..... Caruthersvlllc ........ 17 Puragould ..........'.. 12 — Night game, 15 24 24 25 31 ,810 Q13 .442 .429 405 American . supremacy In athlel- Ics no longer can bo laken for Granted. Germany's success in track nnd Held, -boxing and rowing, and Jn- pan's surge In swimming in the liast two Olympic Games make this clear. In both cases rrsiilU were ob- lalned through a concentrated, pointed effort, not only on the |)art of the athletes, but also bi- lbo governments behind them. In four years Germany sprang from , n virtual' nonentity to a powerful Olympic factor. ' Athletics and the spirit of siwrt practically was forced upon the ""' ~ 'nrt it took lo it The Fatherland ional pastime un.- - „,...nasties, buv track and field now vie with turner ac- diversion of the Rhrnclanrt. The movement swept like wild- , .. vo - o Dtaiy Dean's major league mark of n set against the Cubs "in 1933. The youngster,' hulling from Valley Junction, In., is rres h trom Mic Cleveland snndlols after a brief minor league experience Ge '"""' , wholeheartedly. no ™ r lt ' ss ' " wns Baseball Results Southern League ••(• Nldil games: I ittle Ro:k at Memphis. New Orleans al Chattanooga, 2 games. Nashville at Birmingham. Knoxville at Atlanta. American League Washington 5. Cleveland 3. Philadelphia 13. Chicago 11. New York 13, St. Lcu'ls 1. Detroit 5, Boston 0. National I.csjue Neiv York 5, Cinchnmtl 4. Boston 20-5, St. Louis 3-4. Brooklyn 4,'.Pittsburgh 1 (call- ex! end of eighth, raiiu. Philadelphia at Chicago, rnlii. his first, full game in the. American L-caguc n-ycai-old Dob Feller, above, set the baseball world agog when he fanned 15 El, Louis Hrowns to give the Cleveland Indians a 4-1 victory over the .Ilornsby crew. Feller's feat fell just one short of nnbc Waddell's league record of 1C slrikeouls, set in 1008, and two of hat I now ale scouting system. Promising" talent is uncovered nnd Immediately shipped to the ."finishing" schools. Crowds of 20.000 have attended Japanese swimming carnivals. A louring American team meeting home-Browns in exhibition meets a year ago swam before 100.00D people in a.week. Interest of that kind is bound to bring results. Japan's swimming situation, built In Ihe last eight years or so, Is astounding. Although small of stature and comparatively not the physical equals of huskies competing fov ibis and other nations, the diminutive Nipponese I tlent and well- placed themselves In an ---»•- ~-. Bet on ncadciiilc Small wonaer (hat but _The' tremendous Joe Stydahar of West Virginia and Horse Reyn olds of Stanford are tackles Keith Topping, who stood out in Stanford's Rose Bowl victory o\er Southern Methodist; Trevor Rees of Ohio Slate; Wayne Millner and mammoth Marty Peters of Notre Dame; and Ettore An'- loninl of Indiana, are ends. There nre 53 All Americas in all-Flana- gans, Pfefferles, Gryboskis, Butch focbs, and Lou Zarzas until you become dizzy figuring oul their Potential power. Four stars Opposed Lions in Honolulu Potsy Clark's Lions have taken on several new hands, including Relno Nori, all-round 158-pound backfleld star of DeKalb Teachers; Wilbur White, who came ™. Brookljn; and Sid Wagner Michigan Slate guard, but the burden largely win be shouldcrw by Ihe 22 men who carried thi Detroit outfit lo the Nations League championship last outumi Dutch Clark, Shepherd and Cad- del'are the outstanding backs Shepherd scintillated for the collegians against the Bears n year - - — apart, her the American men nor women would have been able -to prevail in Berlin. Japan again would have beaten the United Stales decisively. Four years ago Nnrtlin,! I'" L ° S Angelcs ll m 'B ht l"»'o been Nnzllancl I an accident. Rut now we know diving Is excluded. Although both arc hoofed animals, a cow and a horse are no more closely related than n cow OH.J A \- ___ '- and a lion. sr--s-^.'a- 5 si^rlrKr? compete on favorable terms with 1 "'•"-• • - Japanese, If he world. While it docs not come from official sources, it is said that since eyery able-bodied youth Is Mrt of the German army, Olympic victors had added incentive In the knowledge thai they would be rust in line for promotion. Swimming today In Japan is more than a sport. It is a science Swimming chibs and pools have mushroomed on the small islands like miniature golf courses did in this country several years ago The aquatic sport has been accepted with such enthusiasm and - «<-"«:u iu appear wiiinn tinny im-or that the Nipponese con- d3 >'s In the court named In ihe ami national high school chain- i ^option hereof and answ Plonships for paddlers barely in' " •— their teens. j The government actually has sel up training schools for the bet- 1 tcr exponents of Ihe crawl, etc One monlh out of every Ihrce the best swimmers In the land train together, In preparation for bte meets. * * * Foxy Foragers Lllllc brown men have gone so far as to make use of an elabov-•' WARNING OltDER IN THE CHANCERY COURT. CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. 13. J. Connolly, PlalntiiT, vs. No. 6240 Felice Connolly, Defendant, The defendant. Felice Connolly, Is warned to appear within thirty er the complaint of the nlnlnlirt. 3 j Connolly. Dated this 5th day of August, 193G. ^ ''it. M. CRAIG. Clerk By A. p. Smith. D. o. Claude F. Cooper, Ally, for Plaintiff. Gene E. Bradley, Atty. Art Litcm. IN WARNIN THE CHANCERY CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY ARKANSAS. May Dalrymple, Plaintiff, vs. ' No. G24I L. C. Dalrymple, Defendant. The defendant, I/. C. Dalrymple, Is warned to appear within thirty days in the court named Iti QIC capdon hereof- and answer the complaint ot the plaintiff, May Dalr.vmplc. Dated this 5th day of A»«ust 19,10. H. M. CRAIG. Clerk', liy A. F. Smith, D. c. Claude F. Cooper, Atty. for Plaintiff. Gene E. Bradley, Ally. Art Litcm. LUMBER FOR SALE Plant Closed Down Pcmia- nenlly Cheap Prices All kinds rough DRY U1MHEK Chicago Mill & Lumber Company 1!1> Ihcville, Ark. Phone HO*) OWN A FARM Save your money by putting it In a FYirm. You can ,>, v all cash or part rash and Ihe balance yearly. Land vam« In this valley are gradually increasing s ln C Jii"' C V"™ f! ",T l ° sc "' If >'°" 1uive «ny lo sell, or If you wish to buy a farm, sec me. laud w v ar% 86 C.G. CAUDILL Mjtlicvllle, Ark. Nnrilif.-xst Arkansas Open date. Today's Games Southern League Uttle Rock at Memphis. Knoxvlllc at Atlanta. New Orleans at Birmlngliain. Chaltanooua at Nashville. National League Philadelphia at Chicago. Boston at St. Louis. New York at. Clni'innatl. Brooklyn nt Pittsburgh. American league Detroit at Boston. St. Louis at New York. Cleveland at Washington. Chicago at Philadelphia. Northeast Arkansas League Jonesboro at Batesville. Only game scheduled. The ivory-billed woodpecker is fast becoming extinct in the United States, while the plIen woodpecker is close on its heels GDzz? COOLEST Sl'OT IN'TOWN) Weds. - Thurs. Paramount News and Comedy —Admission— Matinee—10 * 25c—With Ic Ta Night—10 * 35(v-\VH tl Ic Tax TUKSDAY, SEPT. 1— $75.00 HANK NIGHT! l-ast i,i K ht Mrs. M. 0. was called for the S50.00—She i n<(t present ci|i 1CT Matinee Night—Making H.VNK DEPOSIT next week—S75.()(|i —COMING SOON— "YOURS FOR TUB ASKING" with Gcorjc Rafl and Coslello Barrymore. "PICOADILLY JIM" «it h Robert Montgomery and Madge Evans. "STAGE STRUCK" with Dick Powell and Joan Rlondcll. "TEXAS RANGERS" with Frt* MncMurray. "SING'BABY SING" wilh Alice ,,^,?, rc ani1 A< I»'P''« Mcnjou. "CHINA CUPPER" W lih ral OBrien ami Beverly Roberts. M LEfiSPLIIf • WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26. 1936 Toledo's Double Play Duo FIELD Soulhei'h Champs Tackle National Champions In Slar Attraction Soft ball fans of Blythevlllc and Its territory will have an 'opportunity to watch the 1935 world champion soft ball team In action against worthy • foes tonight at Haley Field. The Crimson Tobaccos of Toledo, O.; winners of the 1935 national tournament, at Chicago, will meet the crack Coca "ola Holders of Memphis, Tenn lutlicrn' champions. In a preliminary' game, starting at 7:30 .o'clock, the R D Hughes Clothier's. and the Famous Store clubs of .' .the - Blytlieville Commercial soft ball league will play off n : postponed game of their regular season's schedule. The Tobaccos arc 'scheduled to present their regular line-up to- ilght with the exception of their pitcher. Local soft ball fans had hoped to see Sox Wnlnwrlglit or diet Tarnackle in action for the I Toledo club and Smoke THpplett or Plash Stainbrook on the mound for the Bottlers. But announce- nciil was made at Memphis tills morning that Andy Gunn, number three Inirler for the Bottlers would open here tonight and Clyde Klrk- eudnll, reserve pitcher, would start for Toledo. So it appears that the only chance soft ball 'ANDY* HOR VA TH .EDDIE CHERRY Eddie Cherry, captain and shortslo;, for the'Crimson Coach Tobaccos, 1 world amateur Softball -champions, assistal in 31 double plays a ° 2 triple plays, in 1935. Andy Horvath v/ho covers either second or third base for the Toledo team, lo(lk Ule nmjc| . )( „, c||e j double play pegs. Both Horva.lh and cheiry are former hardball* stars and make the middle of Toledo's infield defense iiipregivH) HO! vath received a t,-yout with the Toledo Mud Hens as an infickter., might have to play a Hlytheville All-Star team tonight if tlic Bottlers were fovccc. to remain In Memphis for a city tournament game, definite information was received here today that the Toledo- Memphis game would be played here today as scheduled. fans heie have -to see their favorites Triplett or' Stainbrook in action against the Toledo aces will be for batters of uotli teams. !o rap the offerings of tile lesser iglits and drive them from the' nouml. Teddie Hill is scheduled to work lehiud the plate for the Crimson Tobaccos with Sosko at first, Hor- 'iilii at second, Cherry at short- itop, Ousky at third base nnrt Lcngcl, Gwnrdlnskl, LaMont and fteeh in the outfield and short- field. / .The Bottlers will boast the same line-np that showed here earlier in the season in n one- >iclcd victory over the Hlylhcvillo All-Stars. . • ' Erselle Cavetle ami Cliff Nor.'ell of Memphis arc slated to officiate in the Toledo-Memphis game white Herb Browning, inu- pire-in-chlef of the Commercial soft ball league, will be behind the ditcher in the opening'game. Despite s stovy cavrleil in the Memphis Commercial Appeal this morning that the Toledo club The Earl of Sandwich, a great gambler, detested pausing for meals and ordered the waiter to bring slices of bread with meat between them; thus were sandwiches created. days in the court named in the caption hereof and answer the : Baker °' U ' C plillntilr - Ama - liS 5Ul day a! A 'S" s K- M. CRAIG, Ctdk By A. P. smith, D c Claude P. Cooper, Atty. for Plaintiff Gene E. Bradley, Atty. Ad Litem. 5-12-19-2e WARNING OKDEK IN THE -CHANCERY COURT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS. /> Anna linker, Plaintiff. vs. No. 6233 .1. P. Baker, Defendant. The defendant,- J. p. Baker, i> warned" to appear within thirty Before You flny Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE 2 I!. P. Sinele Cyl. fOther' Sizes to 16 H. P.) HUIiBARI) THtE'& HATTEHY CO. We Pay Cash For 2nd Hand Furniture - Phone 1031 • Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store : Near Guff Hotel ' • .. i - •«-•-' ' K>K COMPLHI SAftTT NEW PKHFECTEI) HYDRAULIC BRASES, buih the Chevrolet way, are the greatest enfcl)- factor known to motoring. Fast-aclinj, aniodlh, positive, they innLc •trcet »ru! highway Bafo f ur joa *nd for otlicra. Kit COMPtni OVUHUD «OTKTK)N THE SOLID STEKI, onc- piece TURRET TOP_ a fottie«< of'M{fly—cooler in 'Bummer—Wftnner in 1,-inlfr— th« crowning beauty of a rncxlcrn Car. Ch«TColet'« IMPROVED GLIDING KNEE-ACTION RID.E*— give* the worlj'j Mfecl, moolhest nioton'ng. The only >vay to get complete motoring satisfaction is to get a complete car ? • • . .and Chevrolet is the o/iij fotc- jiriced car that has all these modern ndvantages CHEVROLET . , . < in ihit afaititrmtnl art tin at ITml, Michigan, nnj I'ibjtvl la change tcithout nmirf. Gfnrrnl .Ifi/jrj } n - >ia»irvt.i( P|QTI—moniM.y pajunrnti to >nit jwir rune. CHEVROLET MOTOU CO., PKTKOIT, MlCMWAK FOR COMPUTE OPERATING EFFICIENCY HIGH-COMPRESSION VAI.VE-IN-IIEAD EN- GINK—has no rival for oul- slfttijiiiji pcrfortnoncc, ccon. oiny ntiJ all-roucul cfTicicnc)'. FOR COMPUTE DKIVINO EASI SHOCKVROOF STEKH- IiNG *—prfivcnla steering ivlicct vil>raiiori--iiiflkc3 driving 03 easy as riding. TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET GO. BL'VTHEVILLE, ARK.

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