The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1946
Page 7
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MONDAY. JUNE 2<l, 194G CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION »l'y r»t« per HL« for MCiiauUra IB- mom; Eniinuifl Charft __ BO* tiro* i>«r Jlu« I ~~ " JQ ( tliii** per Ha« per dfty __ IS* Mta*f p»r MM per 4kj •• ( j i^ci P" line per (J»y i> CoBut fi?» *Yer*o wordi M tbt lln«. Ad* ordured /or tbrft* ot »U Llai M and jp^eJ tb/ura ei[iir«<ion wfll be tk»rua'd r lh« number of lime* the »d *ppe»r«d J Ml|uiiiuei,t of bill ju»di. Up'* t>>- jitir.-ytn rvsidiittf oyt«ids of Ike - mni»t LP kccoiupAoLtiu 1 by efc«t JUlei ' we etiiljr computed from tbe *Luf*> 'dTertUirif onlftj for Jrr*fat*r toi«r- -'« uu» ihe on* time r»t«. NO rcjipOKtlbSJJty will |ju Is,Von (or mor< B 'i ortit Incorrect iiuortloa of bay el»i- For Sale BLYTHEVILLB (AB*.X COURDEK NEWS Scm'ces 'imrroli. blnrlt lnv,. r ; |IITU,T w<, ik ami I (.Hinting, House moving, leveling, repair of foundations. 12 yours experience. Necessary cquiimieiiL Virgil Foley, I'hone JS292. (>-18-pk-7-18 EFFICIENT 24-HOUR SERVICE for All Makes of Cars and Trucks Politicat Announcements 01 LOANS If yon want a 4% Gl Loan KSO GASOLINE and MOTOR OILS to buy a home, see M\X' BI ' DG - EXPERT LUBRICATION SERVICE , H«vo ma r.-on. 6-M-ck-tf rifx «Jili,., Si \Villic Hell ' from Davis Sioro I I \'' WASHING AND GOOD POLISHING 24-HOUR WRECKER SERVICE to arwionrvx, lh« foliow- utw, M bJ«ot to th« Dcmocrstlo prlmuy- HHEKirr AND COLLECTOR JACK rnnjtr ROBINBON W:tilAX€ BERRYM/VN COUNTt JDDGB GENE E. BRADLJTT HOLAND OREEN FOB TAX ABSKBBOK UOYLE HENDRR6ON W. W. "WINK" WATSON CIRCUIT CIJCKK HARVEY MORRIS COUNTY COUKT UI.KKK r^IZAHETH BLYTIUC COUNT* TKEASU !.»».. mower, iktrytneil' ,nj i All ITJIO .nil kiruli. \V« • t.tcialliu iu liuwcr mower ilnri>enin» «•,,! luolor deliver. ijlytljevilld Uiu-fclthe rjhy[>. 4!12-ck-lf i TC'I. '15.'! 1'ractor repairs and service. Mectric and acetylene welding. Blacksmith work. Delia Implement Co. I'hone 8(i ''- 3-15-ck-tf! For Rent Hit-,] nii:ini 111 Acres (i miles wesl or Kleelc. .llo., on ['arm lo Market Highway. Tele- liluine, eleclricity, scliool hiis .service, etc. This is ;i)l l<t;im soil, very jjood, and will K>'ow corn, cotton, soylieaiis and alfalfa. There are four luiust's. Ahont hall' Ihis (arm is in cotton, balance in soybeans. Will sell I'or i>lf>() per acre and luiyor <;e(s (his year's reals. '0 Acres ahout five mill's north of Sleelc, located on K'ravel road. Klcclricily availalile, school fms, mail nnile. etc. This is lilack loam hind, and there art- two jjood houses and one tenant house. :J7 Acres in cotton, 2,'i acres .soA'bciins, 12 acres corn and four al- lalfa. Four g-ood mules, (oi)ls, etc. Can sell land ^'.-ul all Ihe crops, teams w'Ami-J i« rr ,,t pj, a or'si^ ;tn«l tools—a walkout prop- < : ,',, r ilir" 1 .v'"'"'"' 1 " l '"' i '"'- »"* "'• osition, for §12,001). This — ' "" r>-:_i.,u,.,f is a real buy for someone and immediate possession can lie had. Many other farms in Soutli- easf Missouri and some in Northeast Arkansas C. K. (JOU.ADAY Hitncho Hotel Hayli, Mo. (i-22-ck-2(i sitting. »ny nlfhl. liclerenci-n a.'.c I ' °°" 3 " a ° r ""• n;t11 "" i BATTERIES — TIRES — PARTS « r l.'l. you oil Hov« need, clrwihig "or i * c«ll 3091. All work k -uar- I IV.^i-.H Drive In Today and Tonight Roy Cole,. Mgr. Service Station Walnut at P H I L LIPS MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth— Hlytheville, Ark. Tej. 453- 2 room fiirnistii.,! n| ,irlin,.,,i. c»ii|.l."T "illy. I'lJon.; U7C. 21-|.)i-2:>. i! '' llf <>< 314 N. Nlnlh. 1'Jjone 2HJS. Wanted to Rent "--•I I'l fi[ yniir i,,,,.!;'..!!.,.,,!; ' C-l?! "1--1_ J:1 1'- - <•>*•'"•> mill"!!, '^.-''i-.i"''';.^^'"'"" 1 ^', 1 J^i!"^ £'"r'^r " : ' ;rl; ^ 1 i 1! : lal.y tmscr an.l |.:nl. r.fKI K. fliorry -'2-|'h-29 I.i, tn a I "i"' AC , uindini- li. ,iSv i,, ..,. i 'K' -M"^-»i.. .1,.. I.:.!.,.,,,', 'Wii: '"'"• Ar '- =o' b ,l;.27 Vir.. >viiii! •»• i-.pil|.ni,.n|. Ili e l, w .,j- is. •iii-l.vill,-. Ark. Call |H, l.r;,div J 20-|.k-17 H lii-iis. 1 r,,,,sl,.r. llfrry SlTaii,. HlaTk - N ! ''-.ii. All f,, r ^t j [, ,-];„_ "j.11. rhrlll,- li'jfj.,. ,\rk. ;|| ,,)j Mr, S-'Ml-ll I I. ill,.,, lltiii-y ( 1 ln.-k > . arrivini: S:itnr,!iiy ,i I"!'. l..->vis 1> rv. l. Itnliy tin;. Call il> li.-a.l K.-CSI.. A. T Wilson .1 mi .. lUytlu-villc un Cl,.:ir I.nkc I! l" lV-pk-20 miry M,ni. will, .vnlcr l>n c k pi "1 v.ili-r l:uili. IMimii. «.\<IK. \>3,.k2t ..ii- Ini.-s. M.-iil n.i'ii,. (;,,,i,| r ; f u' lnn.1. II hniiKht lu-fon- July 1. I5uy your Gould's Electric I'tmij) now before (hey become scarce again. Planters Hardware Company. D-28-ck tf - Fine Portraits 7t's O'STEKN'S STUDIO Personal rc9|iiiniiM,. lor rlirrlis '>>• ItnL.Tia l(,,,lt.,. r s „„ ,ny >r "" c " Kurroii. 2J.,,k.-i; Wonted to Trade Wit] trade 41-12 model cars for 38 or ;!!) mi)dels. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 5<h and Walnut. G-3-ck-ll i<«,|. wliat you l,»ve nni l <Jo,,-| „•„„( (nr what wo >iovi- ,-„„ J,, „•„,„ .«„,. isflicliuii Boarniilcc.!. Kllivrl llut'iiinn Jiwii|i Sim].. 401 East Jlnin Klrtvl 1 hot.o 850. S-ck-lf , , l », V ; 11 :,1 In n'l . '"vi'l'so,','"" A v, Vill.- (lit .Mill. Wonted to Buy DONT TAKE A LOSS, (iet the top price for your car or truck from PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Today. G-3-ck-tf Old ^orlaka Rnrl camerai for parts O Sliten'a Sluilio. 4|7-ck-tl •Vc |.ny ca ,h for n.e.l dirniture. one pieco or a hmi s i> full. Oall 8S02 ,\|. Tin Jlayjy yurniiore Co. <Ho'ck-tf He/p Wonted Wonted Xi-pro Piclurc frames made to order 5 O'Stecn Studio. 4-24-ck-tf I SKIiVANT ItOIIM I 5-25-ck-trj <"^"^: s" i ,' l ,;;!r r - x liny. Droi-cry Btoro with HTITIP quarters, lo- j •1 r,'n(;>| houses. Aj.prox- I ". Fror.ts ^ ' Cot Inn Dell iniFil.'ly 2 iv !I«y. 01. honlors i ItucliMian s ULr Join the Refrigerator Service Club Minn (or' !r.;r,',' s 'lry. 'BOO | <TW ° SerVlce Ca «S » Y«»r ?1) Tcery. N'. Itwy 61.^ ^ j Repairs to P^CctriC AppI ' ances Fully Guaranteed BLYTHEVILLE SALES CO. (Vi'here Conrftsy f s N'ot a Memnry) 13* E. IXIain St. i=>) c*ll.,i. W.-MiLL-h,.,!.,. ,.!nlrlc l.nt ;llrr h.Mlor. Call -.>nS7. I'l-Iil-'JT Ilcalins; plant for home. American Red Flash Boiler Hot Water System, complete with Carrier Stoker, Fire Timer and two thermostats. 1'riccd 1» sell quick. N<.w in use. Phone 2S1-! or 2182. (i-13-ck-U Do you need a place to go in business? Ideal two story building in splendid location in Osceola. For' sale, not for lease. Price, S20,- 000. Call Robert. M. Graves •Agency, phone 27%, for * .•i|)|»iin(nicnt (o see. _ G-13-ck-27 Situation' Wanted III';: ill.,I -I.,,,tli.111,1. C'all Hill. LV|,ik2c! 1-Vir.alp piko ore larger than the; and »rion devour a courling Phone 3G16 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy. 61 at State Line Phon: Rlythcvillc 714 Radio Service •Ti£" Ansel ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. .r. W. Ailrtms, nicr. •hone 20? 1 20C-08 W. Slain Refrigeration Air Conditioning The Ultimate in Mechanical Ability and System Designing M. D. TULLOS Telephone 22fi() HOT'S BODY SHOP Bntly anil Fwidcr S|ipM:iliM. Wrrrks rHmlll. Ciiarantr« ( l Work. Hi-;ison:iWc 1'rircs. Fn-c l-:stini»l«s. •112 K. Main St. Day or Nijfht Phone 3-150 VI *"""" If you arc troubled with Johnson Grass on your land you need ATLACIDE It's a Sure Killer Of a Supply Today Special Prices On Quantify I.cils! PLANTER'S HARDWARE Phone 515 CO., INC. 126 West Main St. FOR SALE Fresh River Catfish. Special prices to Cafes and fish fries. Cafe and large orders delivered. MACK'' FISH MARKE* Thone 673 Osceola, Ark. Your present car may have to last you for sorne time yet. Don't wait until something breaks down, bring it in to our export mechanics for a check-up today. Langston-Wrofen Co. Sales U. S. Tires OPEN 2-1 HOUHS Walnut & Uioadway Buick Service Mobilgos WRBCKKR SERVICE Telephone 553 ^ BTA1I KKI'KESKNTATIVM AIJB4E WORD E. C. FLEEMAN niK "DHKIK" 8PEOK L. H. AUTRY W. J. WUNDEItUCH (For rc-rlfc(Ian) BTATE SENATOR J. USK BEARDKN JKFFERSON W. SPECK CIKCIIIT JUDOK K. Cl. WARD I. M. OREER. .Ry w. I.ICIHT Ice Cold Watermelons Peaches Blythevillc CU10! MAUKK'l 1 L'tO Knsl IMiiiu B:il>y <;l,l<'liM J4.00 (it ?12.00 prr 11)0. S duvs lii 4 urcks ulil—,11 Store I'Yi'il.s urid Sujiplfcs. WANTKI) Kiir Linil KhflU'il Corn—^All i;nnU's. One liiishfl up - Outs - %Ylit > :tt - Karli'y - AITulfn liny :iuil ronl- try of ^11 Klnils. i'ay top market prici'S. Elevator Feed Store N. Jill Bnudwuy :i< Kit <,'riissinn J. J. Field, M«r. Phone 931 for better TAXI SERVICE I'nr liinfe trips—"i nr nuin> d> Mnuiihls or l.lltlt- liiu-l;. nr:n (rufn Turn fur rontlil trip. LOC>4JL CALL . . . Twin Gables . 35c Midnight Inn . . 50c Golf Club 50c Manila $4.00 Osceola . $4.00 OlluT plLK-os in rimi|l:irlsmi. J. R. Payne, manager l.itki- uinl Muln Used Ice Refriqcrators - 50-75-100 (!ii()(l Used Singer Sewing iMacliiiie—sews like new NEW CKPAK .ClII-IKTS—New"Perfect Sleeper Inncrspring Mattresses T - Box Springs Alvin Hardy Furniture Co. 301 East Main AH our Kmplojrrcs are War Phone 2:!0'2 WE NEED IOO Used Cars & Trucks Any Make or Model Drive in Today and Get the Top Dollar. We pay the finance Co., and give you your equity in cash. Visit Our Big Used Car Laf Today LOY CHEVROLET CO. Texaco Got & Qiff CHAMBLIN Appliance Co. "The Appliance Center of Btytheville" Pliono/jraphs — Records and Accessories. ItiiUcry and i Klectric ItadioH 21!) W Main Phone 3'1-U Dr. J. L Guard Optometrist GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main l<onff t)lsl:inre IMovIn Uotniietont lli:lj) nitil PijuLinunitl, Art ymtcly Tiimirod. CumraH IlanHn HiJtl Mlic. tiutvlcos, Home Bcrvlcft A StornRC Co, ffrfrcl rrpulrl.iR for today's e.x- tjul.sftp fi)olHp;ir 'a.:MirciJ wlieii re- Iiuill in «ur nuxlcru vho|k. I DON EDWARDS "The Typnvrllfir IMan" ROYAI,, SMITH, COItONA pml Itl- M1NGTON VOKTAIH.K HO N. SECOND ST. PI1ONK 31DX (Every Trnnsaclion MUST BE SATISFACTORY) 301 W. Walnut PRESCRIPTIONS 1'Vcsli Slock (iiiaranleod licst Prices . Kirby Drug Stores Phone 378 Kills Rots- Roaches Biddl* Exterminators Member NmtX Pert Central AWW JI5 8. Thlrt 81. Phone r7» See us about your service on Chrysler and Plymouth. Tune-ups and lubrication makes your car function properly .. and more economically. Have your brakes checked for safety. W« haye | a camp fete lubrication department. We carry all sizes of Dayton Tires for cars and | trucks. T, I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Stock* of Paris For Chrysler Frodnct* 1 f - ""'**" Phone ZIM ROOTS AND HER Hey. Wail! _ OOVOrt TWE _ _ . WVv\ QUO, HOK), YOU U«ER. > O UP OM <oCHAt ' tNt » r _ I FRECKLES AND HIS FHIKNDS BY EDGAR MARTIN SURPRISE • pjy:..- ~^^^l- Keep Sniffing |{tid IS AKXJTTO B&3W OH TllE DOUGHNUT SHOP THE KIDS AKE GOING TO BUIIO FOR. VKS- MWT— OKAY, BOYS , MERE'S -/OUR. ) CAM LUMBER.! VVHCW DO YOU / YOU BY THAT TIMET Vj6lL HAVE THE DOueiiMur SHOP FINISHED, AND we CAW — PAY FOR me LUMBER Our OF CASM OM HAND' I l-IANO BY MERKIL1. BLOSSEB v ^ «\ GOSH. AND TM "me euy WHO NEARLV FtUMkeO OUT LASTSErMESreR. IN i BUSINESS AONMMISTRATlOM.' ^ y F (9 ALLEY OOP llaid lo s?H?D'JpT / v.r>vfs. I eu£9=, IT'S IH rn«E ^ ~p^ I ^iTH NCUT YCJ 4 TERCIBLFT . UAv;'c:'r«.v^-<-rr I SHOOLPA ICEP W HEADACHE PASSEP •VVP ALLEY CC? HAS> VQT To WIM THE i;co PCSTgR FCZ THE kc^yo c5= PICKLE-PJ2« THE BY V. T. HAMILTON

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