The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1939 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1939
Page 9
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THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1930 V (AKK.) COU1UISU- NBWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION USES THE WANT-AD5-//™ •- • ' " .'« i*. ' "J rate per line for coiisecu- (ivc insertions: One time per line .............. lie Two limes per line per day. ...08c Three times per lino per day. . .OCc Six times per line per tiny. ...K>0 Mouth rate per line ............ COc Curds of Thanks ........ OOo & 75c Minimum charge 50c Ads ordered for three or six /lines Hiid stopjxxi before expiration will be clmrged for the iium- Ijer of limes the udd appeared and adjustment of 1)111 made. All Classified Advertising copy iiibmllted by persons residing out- bide of the cits' must be accompanied by cash. Kates may bo easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken for more than one Incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Rent 3 rejoin iirjiuLmeut. CUU N. Fifth. Mrs. Elnia Crowcler. Bcktl (Jool, south bedroom. Garage. Reasonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wal- nul. 5-ck-tf 2 or 3 room furnished apartment,. Newly decorated. 9H Hearii. 3-pk-7-3 Modern 3 room unfurnished apartment. Main and Second, F. Simon, phone 7<H. 3-ck-tf Furnished apartment. 900 W. Walnut. . 2-pk-H Two large bedrooms lor rent,, Mrs. Nolen, 310 \V. Walnul. 24ck-lf Comfortable bedroom.'625 W. Main. Phono 2T1-J. 15-ck-G-15 Store building and residence combined. Good ..location for grocery am? meat market. G10 Lake St, Sec Dr. J. A. Saliba. Phone 410 or '118. Attractive front bedroom. lieauty- rcst mattress. 603 W. Main. Pli. 6-12. 10-ck-lf Furnished room entering Into uaU). Beiiutyrest Mattress. Will give 2 meals a day. 818 Ohlcka- sawba, phone B3G. J-ria Office rooms. Sudtiury Building. «<><• Graham Sudbnry. 2'ltt For Sale We have a number of attractive and desirable cottages iu Blylhc- viilc, well located, which we .can sell at _rcaspnab,lc prices. Terry Abstract it Realty. Co. Phone OH 6-ck-tf Slain St. cottage rented as Duplex at S20.00. Us: comer lol.. Price e room cottage at High School. Rents ut $30.00. Price $1250. Pretty cottage on Vine St. New roof and in fine condition. Price $850.00 Nice little licime on N. Fifth St. Pretty lot, with shade. S850.00 Thomas Laml Co. G-ck-13 Cans for Jug Fishing complete with cans. Guaranteed won't Iciik. Y'.=c each. Raymond Brooks, Klcele, Mo. 2-pk-S Sow and pigs. 631 Clark. 31-pk-12 One 5-room house. George M. Lee. Phone 329. 10-ck-ll Personal MEN OLD AT '10! GET PEP. New Osifcx Tonic Tablcl-s contain raw oyster Invigonttcrs and other stimulants. One dose starts new pep. Value $1.00. Special price 89c. Call, write Kirby Bros. Drug and all] goo:l drug stoics. «"*>'• *°™ HOLD EVERYTHING .- By Clyde Lewis , i, ,,,. , __ J ^ 1 }U^ UU"^8 t i llnk piiiiasoiJiiically ami some think quickly mid practiciilly, Dr. Ulscrons .says, hut all display Individual personalities as dlsliiKl us those of human beings, lie adds. Utah Geology Students Go to Cloud College SAUT ],AKK CITY <Ul')— University of uiali ecology students arc up tn lhc tilr— golnc (o school In "Cloud C'ollr-KC." 'J'he "campus" of the college Is a lai'iic trims-port plnnc, chartered iiy the geology (iepaitincnl [or Held trips. Inslructor liionson Strlntiluini siild that he liellevos Utah is tliu first university In the country to use targe planc.s tor Inslrncllon purposes. "Salt Lake City Is (ho hcsl juniplnu-oir place for studying eooloey of any place In the United Stales," Slrlnglmtn said afior the first, scwiinii of "Cloud Golk'se." "Kor elcinontary Beoloijy study nn airplane trip Is imcf|imlrd bc- CIUISB it ulves the students a brand, Kcncnil viewpoint ot lavui- [or inn lions." The high-flying ecology trips stail from (he Salt Ukc City municipal airport. Trips nnvo' been made, over Grand, Zion mid Bryce canyons lo permit study of Die unusual geological forinalions of the three national pnrks. British Mills Rush to Mcmiw Weave Service Khaki miifonn* H-dlons LONDON. (Ul 1 )— Nearly 3,0(10 mill's of kliukl, 'enough lo slrclcli iiaoxs die Atliuitic, is now being woven in Yorkshire mills loclolln; livltnin's two new iiimlfs, Ihe cou- Ilitrc lire non-kliiikl requirements for oilier -- .-.- of Hie forces, llrcmt orders Include 2,000,000 yords of collon overall ninlcrlnl for Hie iilr force mid 15,000,000 yards 17 duck lor Iho rciiulnr army, , , or inllllia, and the "<!cmb- Jed" Tm-itorliUs, e»cli numbering 2.000,000 men. In nil, me iiillor's bill will run lo $:>o,(;oo,<)fio mid I ho ivur office (•onlnids di-|):irli)ient In London n»s bci'ii worklui; on It. prncllevilly day and nlghl s\mo Primo Minister Neville Clmmbcrlaln inndo his historic lumowiccmi-iii on con-' million. The lil|> dvlllnn tailors are co- lwralliiB with lh c B qv<!rimicnl comrnclors In getting (ho new nrnilrs into tinlfonn. The contractors \viui (uiiomiitic guillotines for iiuthecluili, and u plant which turns out slmmis o( shlrls nt the rate of one a minute, cannot cope "Uou'l be n sop, Jooy-tloii'l loll Jicr you're not worthy ol her! Let licr find it oul licrsclf!" Wan led CASH I>A1D for good 1035, J9:!6 and 1937 model Fords. Plymouths and Chevrolet's. Phone Howard Billion at 810. Plillllps Motor Co. 29-ck-fi-23 Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. 803 W. Ash. Phone fl03. 5-pk-7-5 , Dairy PollMnetory qiialtly mid service In Hairy products, Cattle free of Bang's Disease, In best of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowery. 902-J, for Halscll's Grade A Raw Milk. Cream, Country Butter. I3ut- tcrmilk, extra or holiday .orders, n encouraged anytime. Halscll's Dairy Promised Land. Route 2 Research Finds Cats And Dogs Mental Equals CINCINNATI, O. (UP)—The Oil-' ly difference in the intelligence of a dog and a cat is that a dog is "KOnicthing of a socialist while a cat is an individualist," according to Dr. Charles M. Discrens, assist- —PRESCRIPTIONS—j Safe - - Accurate Your Prescription Drtiggial Fowler Drug Co. Phone Ml ant professor of psychology al the University of.Cincinnati here. Dr. oiserens, who has made n life-long study of cats, says that persons who favor dogs over cals or who believe dogs have a higncr degree ,of intelligence jwt don't, know iheir cats. He believes one animal is afxml as intelligent as the other and that there is little difference iu their .nerve centers. Although classifying cats as nigged individuals, Dr. Diseiens .wants it understood that felints have a genuine capacity (or grali- tiule. He says this fact may often be noted during and after medical treatment, when they become deeply grateful and very often more affectionate. Some cals are aggressive, some are limy; some like-to fight, some Severn! spcclc.s of spiders nro known to catch files. They drop from omtanglng ^IHSS on" their prey. Clinton L. Oiltlivell Ingram Uldg. Illylhevillc, ARKANSAS and MISSOURI Tl'n.U OPINIONS. TITI.K lNSlin\NUK. COMi'l,ETK COVEKACE. Mule For Sale iMH.S, DIKTHJCll I'ltone «'i72 or 70') PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Slock Guarnnlccd UesJ 1'ricw Kirby Drug Stores J. L GUARD Optometrist Only Crnilunlc 0|ilnmu- lifsl hi IHyllicvinc. Classes I'itlcil Correctly Suln\on's Keturn AwiiHi-d HOSTON <U1') - New Hnglnnd llshermcn arc Interested lii (lie predlcllon of Duvld A. Ayhviml, president of the American WHO Dr. F. J. Weitz Vi'tofiitun'an 7151 W. Asli I'hout! !V.)2 M , vti1 >"«v MIIVII smi- pollution regulation!, mo strictly enforced, Bnlmon will reUnn to vnrlous streams hi this, region, us Ihoy nlrcBdy hiue to the Pcnoljscot nml Deiinys rivers lii Mnlno Ihe innwlagp plcrk here .looked \ Irine nonplus^ 2io«ever, a.>tf. conattucltoii of I'lril Wife' To »c Fourth SAN FKAN01SCO (UP) — Wlicil James Dyron llodcn nicil « declaration of his IntuiUon lo inairy as his tourlli wife hh nisi vlfe, LAWN MOWERS iilini-pcacil, fncloiy mcUiod, adjusted ollcd-t'lckcd up ,fe dcllveicd U Used Lawn Mowers For Snlo ATKINS Machine Shop & (iaragc •UU H. 2ii(l rubji 281 Ihrc. »i«y In SKIN CANCER ) ni>,ii(«iic«. Ty>>c» VH», ttn revent ,i,,l ,l, v «lo,,.,i « !0 » C .,,, M1 „„„„„,,_ ^ Mcu m Unn »mc< com|i|», but .kin cAucur cl itcd If trcitcil mly wlnio tl»> IM 8 iiin.^.l moles nu.l ibv ,,e,,| n unl |ilm»«iit«<l wills vktcl, ,li> »«i m««Vli^r I1k« Dnllniiy w«l» but Howly IUCKIM iboukl W itwleil before iboy aovcloii Into ^olciiiUI ' uiicotii. Hkln cjiicm aro not wli»|. ly VJ«vei,l«i\ but, If uwteil lu lime, ..petUlly l,y m » .klllc,! will, )>liy>loth«tiiiy trenluieni, n CIKO may be m.iircil Wllli JMV» ol .luily, .«,| W I««« aiM | l,c»i mcMl ,', i,, 1 ,,,,!,,,,, 0 , ca8c , «o •!» not lio.iuio lo 111,1,0 Hit. ilileinent. i:>jnu|»iiti«i froo »n<l wltliont olill gallon. Now Located at 101 Nnrlli Second ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU .DON lilWAItDS, Projivlctor All Maki:s ut Itcbullt Tyiwvyrltfrs, AdilliiK Muuliltirx ami Ciilciiliilors—ik'inilriiijj—l'iirls—Kllilmns HOW LONG SINCE YOUR CAR,' HAD AM "Approved ford i.ubrlcallqn?' Emy place doc not liave the same standards, • . . noi can they give you th« tpeclnl Ford Lubricants ma'da especially for Ford cari, Get th» following; ................ SI'KCIAL CHASSIS J-UI5niCAT10N ANJ) W1IJ3J5L I'ACKINU tl'tfr 30 V'afu "6nly)\- :', .'• UJimiCAtlQN ': •-,. ; ciii'n urcnso lirnlj pras- BHI-O Ciim ntllnjs. Springs, Hood Uidiigs, Door Striker : fUato's waxed, Uoor Hinges Lubricated, Slicclu) Greases In" 1 uhivcftuil- •Joints, special lubricant hi slccr- l»i? gi'»r imrl distributor' cnm.. I'ACK i'UONT. out hub and . bcaHiigs, pack 1 with special :Ford' Short Fiber Sodium Soap greiua, Adjust wheel .bearings, ...;'., :,:',-All Above ..Service' In Combiiiulibii. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO- FOR SALE 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers 580 Each Delia Implements, Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 802 HUGE FOREST BEAST Arouse Slttpgisfi Ltvcr, «-(trk oft* the bile, to rid yourself of constipation, gas pains and that sour, punk feeling. Take one box of KTRBV'S . ACTIVE UVER ril.I/S 2Sr, nl all Klrby Stores. HORIZONTAL 1 Huge cat, ftnima] pictured here. 5 It belongs to the genus --- leo. 9 II is called • - of beasls .13 Evasions of harm. 15 Ardent pnrtjsiin. tv Ozone. IS Southeast, 20 Lava. 21 To devour. Answer io Previous Puzilc . 22 To embroider. 51 Fish. Notice Fishing License ron voun CONVENISINCB, \vi: AUK riierA'HKu TO ISSUK YOUR FISHING MCE.VSE AT OL'U STOHK SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. rimne 35 • Ice ICE-ICE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN Mhinows For Sale Minnows and fishing canos. 300 E. Ma hi. Plionc 800. O. C. Hawks. Goldfish Mimio\vs E. F. Brogdon, 310 MINNOWS &' COCK RQACilES <Sarl Damon, Cor. Railroad & j£y. 2-t Bed co^'er, 2~> Little devil. 29 Intention. 31 Grain. 32 Aurora. 3<l Northwest. 36 Sharp. 39 Mother. 40 Immerse?. 42 Allotted. 43 Barren. •J5 Distinctive theory. •16 Prying sneak. 47 Line. 49 An attempt. 50Sound ol 3 Tubular pleasure. sheath: •i NorIh Africa 5 Lawyers' charges. .6 Eleclrico! unit. Vlrtanl. 8 Chair. 9 Chinese nieosurc. , ... JODclails. or flesh eating 11 Low fide, mammal. 12 To obtain. M Postscript. IGGo on (music). „... 19 To respond lo 61 Call for help, a stimulus. 63Tonvi of "a." 53 Musical note. 51 lioot finial. 56 Moon valley. 50 Bustle. 60 Offers in paymenf. 62 Rowing tool. fi'!X. 65 It is n VERTICAL 1 Meadow. 2Cow-hcadcd goddess. .Wnnl Ut'ti's Ranch? AND LltTtE GO 0UT MEBBE YpU 6ETTUM " 006 BACK , 00SS/ YOUR DAUGHTER TESS A^S RVPER ..^ETURrtS-O 1 . ANt> IS.BDILOIN' A NEVJ VOU-LYau VAZ SiSHUT UP.' NOT 5EV.X.IN 'pi)T t> , HORSE HIS RANCH ^ITS JUST A STREET SHO J POKJt.sEeX WHERE THAT CI^OY /VJVTHIMS -TO 1 ^«t;K^^A^J TUOUSHT GET EXCITED/ HE SAW TE '/THERE . WHAT "THOSE 6L03 More Cimiplk'ad'ons HY EOOAR MARTIN you ww A WIGHTV POPE EXCUSE OF* HUSBMJD >2 VEABS A60, IAyCKIEW4,WTS, AM' VOU AWT IH- PeOtJEO A IICK. JliAT .HEAVENLV ABCUA A'iOlJW BOV' " ' . SUFFEBED! I^E KM> TO BEFORE J DIE - OWE MORE &UCE OF BUTTERSCOTCH FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HAS GONE Bur, PQP, IF.WAS ALL IN FUN-I DID' 1 KMOW M6 WA3 MR. GKALET ? |T WAS ' PAR.T OF AN' ; .INITIATION .' GEE MUST HAVU A SWELU S6MS6 OP . .vMEM : LIKE; HI\\ OONT pur THEM- :•• OM -THE PAYRC>tt' POINT HE COULD -HAVE CMAWces FOR. A <300D J0» .WITH 23 Mental faculty. 25 Sweet substance. 26 Anesthetic. 27 Jot. 28 It is found in and Africa. 30 Misier. 32 Half an cni 33 Polite woman, 35 Desired. 37 Imperial domain. 38 Worshiper. 39 Russian village. 4J Afternoon. 44 Right. •45 South America. ••18 You and t. SINolc in scale. 52 Cluirch oliicia!. 55 Needy. 57 In. 58CIolh. ' 50 Circle part. 60 Three.

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