The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1947
Page 10
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BLYTJ1BVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS THURSDAY, MAY 22, 1947 - I- -A X-*' — Claims Decline |f April Disbursements I Top $1,300,000 and Go; to 17,828 Persons l/ITTLE ROCK, Ark., May ?2 (UP)—; Unemployment, .claims filed in Arknnsns continued a 'general downward trpnd throughout Jli<^ |-month'of April, the Employment Security Division of Ihc State Labor Department reported (otlay • Pay me nts •••• lo ~ unemployed '• vet em n s dccrcased'firVFef"§l 1 i,V:WP m tllc preuous mcmlh ,wlt)vjl7,S28. forinci EervicemeH^'receWing- a' total of $1,312,962.' .V'tothl^of• 1 869 s VPlprans received Jii&l .paynfe'n.U ..due to exhaustion of.entltlement. < UneirlpIo'yfneiXl "'compensation benefits paid la 'non-veterans deceased 12 pcr-cent-fvom the March figure. This decrease was general in all but 'the coal joining areas .where a .slight increase was reflected a ;\ result of lay-offs in the coal mines. .A total!of B.l^.Jicrsons cclvcd $252,932.for-the 'month, and 5.790 claimants ceast'd filing dur ing thc'monUi with 1,853 exhausting their benefits for this benefit year• Claims disallowed during the month the claimants' re- hisal to accept suitable work, or were not able to work, or not ay t ail- nble for work included 1.838 non- veterans : and 903 veteran, claims. With many veterans returning to farm pursuits, ' the 'self-employed group 'payments increased slightly during,the month when 15,004 former servicemen dre.v a total of $1,422.199. Exhaustions or entitle- inen tin this category amounted to 1,438. '•-•.-• riirifoy. Gill, state administrator: of tiie' Emplyoment Security Divi- Room in Rheims Where Nazis Signed Terms Of Surrender Now Serves as Quiet Museum New Head olTVA Replies to Critics Clapp Insists Power Interests Trying to Discredit U. S. Agency CLUB 61 (Formerly Midmfe Tun) TUES. AND . Orchestra X^hLs OPEN NIGHTLY FOR DANCING Under. New Management. Cajl 944 for reservations. Couples and Parties ; ONLY/ ; • : "Owned & Onented by George Ford arid W. A. "Red" BicliCl^lafT Outside Hie niiTTilTcij; (Hal houses Die- IS'av.i sitrreintcr scrm 1 , war room ^etai'iltan Francois Trrvily (led) i-hals witli a foiinlr.vjiian. By IIOSETTI-: IIAIHillOVU NKA .Staff (;<>rri-s|iomlrnl nhelnis, (NBA). — Tn the niap- Itncd room nt tlie Modern and Technical College of Hheims, noth- i liiB 1ms represetitatlves silt .stiffly at n conference table t'.vo year.s ayo anil .signed Germany's surrender. Outside it is different, ft is once more like the dnys before the war, sny the villagers. Hhclms, on its second May 7 of peace, Is a busy provincial town instead of a busy military headquarters. The last of the American Army of Liberation left a few weeks ago. Tlie cafesr-whieh less than than a year ago teemed;- with. American Finn stild that the decline with minor exceptions was common to .all local offices in the state and mnrk- ed a continuation ol a recession in the number of entrants to the program which bewail early in January. Placement activities of the a- gcncy showed that Arkansas employers hired (J.OIti workers Ihvough the division's 28 local offices. The placement litfure included hiring of 1.015 veterans of which number 308 ' .were physically handicapped. There was an actual decrease of £-.506 ' veteran applications in the J! flic at the end of April as compar- , c<i with the numlier in the lilc; at ic knyn to Hie "S»l]« Do Onrrc" are a nialor :\ ill-action for 10 ypiir old Jo:ij] Clam!;; Prti f , rtheiitis schoolboy v.'ho \vanls It) hi- :i locrk .suiilti, Tlio lu.'tp-liiH'd ' ronm UsHf witr; a koy to iK'at't!, lor iu-rc Uici fin:i! slug! 1 ", of (jornuin drTrat wfi'O plolled. In foreground at 1 ', 1 two ol the i 1 hrt Irs in whirl) Ns\/;i flpuontl Jotll and the ntlirr Cic't t]i;i:is sal to •>i(;n Ihfli- fiinrcnd^r on May 7 two yt-;irs ago,. are tl>, (i since three Nazi Khls lho Y imkws-]iTt behind them - anil our other Allies are why Hhi'ims lias peace on May 7, 1947." i _____^._____i'_^.___iijl the end of March. are now Jltter-ljiiKsliiij with their own compntrlots. The SHAEP war mom of General Dwlght D- Elsenhower's.head- yuartcrs, where the? surrender was signed, was turned over to the lo\\n ol' Rheims last summer. The maps and wqr charls still cover tin; walls; the mission assigned to the Allied Air Forces on May f>, 1945; the strength of the Allied armies; the "thi'rmometer" thai rose as Germans were captured. 4,03!>,051 prisoners from .June G, 1SM4, lo May 7. 1(145. And another figure, less triumphant: GGI.flOD Allied casualties on the Western Front up to that May 7 date. - ... More Uian 12.000 civllfims and 10.000 members ot the Allied forces have come to look at the surrender scene since it was opentvl to the public. Soldiers, townspeople and school children, walk past the empty table and spell out the names tncked to the no\v empty chairs. Say the townfolk: "They were a little boisterous at times, your American soldiers. But many have promised to conic hack, ami they will lie welcome. They Waterspouts are actually cloud- spouts. T^iu trunk-like projection is a jA'hirhny cloud column, the same as in tornadoes. CT.rVri.AND. O., May 22. (OP)— Gordon H. Clapp, chairman ol Tennessee Valley Authority, today defended TVA against charges ol Communism and accused tin? private power utilities of tryip; tlil the axrnrjy lor .selfish reasons. Oapp recently was named chairman ol 'I VA to succeed David Lillenthal who had been appointee chairman of lh" Atomic. Energy Commission. Dr-liate raf>etl in Confer days. [lurini; which Com- JiHinist c!i:irxes xori' brought several timer,, before the appointments v.vre confirmed. Clap]) .oid he had studied a list of rural cower boards in char;;e of dKi limit ing '1 VA power and fount! it lo ife "as American as a ham sandwich not n Holshevik amonn f .hem." Clap;; .;aid that wink- efforts aro still lji-!iu! mane 1'j discredit TVA operalion as wasteful government sncndimr antl ".socialistic", it is "hard In convince an Alabama states riRhtcr or a Tennessee mountain far,tier that his publicly- owned pnvei 1 system makes him a beonlrd Communist." Tiie TVA hear' accused "hiulilv paid proi.-aL'andisLs", including Lhos? emnlo-.ccl by the power companies, of puttimj out "spiiricms charts that TViA is a snare and a delusion, a socialistic scheme or something i{|i:alLv bad." He' said the people in the Tennessee Valley Area, howtver. are not Tooled by these charges because Ihe "realities of TVA arc visible to the nuked eye" in that section. Clapp said that by "?. neat statistical trick" the Edison Eteclrlc Institute, statistical organization "f the electric power industry; occasionally put-i out misleading statistics about TVA. 'He said, for example, that EEI charged that TVA's net income of Sl6.ai1.CCa in fiscal I843 did not exist. Hut the institute, Claup s-ikl, charced against the agency ali expense of experimental chemical operations, agricultural antl forest development activities, farm test dernon- strallons, research, navigation, flood control and the interest on all Hems. Such figuring, Clapp said, is like charging a municipal power opera-1 lioc with expenses of the inlie?, fire and health department. Inn cost of running schools and libraries and all other city i.ervlccs. California suitable for oaks. has the been found growing of very cork Hummingbirds are called llores, or "flower-kissers," In Brazil. Only one in every hundred mur- ili::--rs in the United States is ever exct'Utcd for his crime. I! jr'.d S::d Corn GROV/'i-J 10H ARKANSAS i'ce Vuur Deulfri OWSNS TIIACTOSI co. lilylheviili! II. A. CHIi.nltKSS I.cailmllc HAItVEY S1STKKS K.F'.I).. I.eaolivillc 1M1SSCO IMI'UiMMNT CO. Oscrnki I.l-r. WILSON CO. U'iKon WATCH THIS SPOT tUY AT PRICES BELOW 1939 HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR HAPPY HOUR NOTICE Check this ad closely. If you find your car tag number or your phone >. number, come in ons of the days this ad is in effect and get a 25-pound sack of PUR-A-SNOW FLOUR ABSOLUTELY FREE! 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