The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 21, 1967 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 21, 1967
Page 3
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Blythsvllle (Ark.) Courier News — Tuesday, November 21, 1967— Page Threi banned as a theme for Ameri- away with the new production j with homosexuality in sucli can films, homosexuality lately! code, promoted by Jack Valenti j films as "La Dolce Vita," "A las become a popular subject i as one of the first acts in his for movie makers. Several films concerning horn- post as president of the Motion Picture Association. The provi- osexuality are in production, and j sion now states: •hey are not being made solely j "Illicit sex relationships shall oy exploitation-film companies. I not be justified. Restraint and Many are topflight films, as evi-1 care shall be exercised in pres- denced by the current Warner | entations dealing with sex aber Brothers - Seven Arts release, 'Reflections in a Golden Eye." The John Huston film, derived ARKANSAS \VWNER-Mrs. Lillian Bley Frank, teacher at Central Elementary School in Blytheville, recently received honorable mention in the intermediate division of the state's economic education awards program. Dr. A. W. Ford, commissioner of education, made the presentation. Seated is Dr. Wayne While, president of the Arkansas Slate Council on Economic Education. by Abigail Van Buren—— Son Chose Girl, He's Responsible DEAR ABBY: Last January my son went north to gel a job. While he was there he phoned to say he had met a "wonderful" girl and they had been married. Naturally, we were surprised, but he seemed happy, so we were happy, too. A couple of months later he called to say that he and his wife were splitting up and he was going to join Ihe army, his reason being that his wife was going to have a baby that wasn't his. He said that he knew nothing about her condition when he married her, but she admitted to having known it all along. Well, this poor girl called us and said she had no money and nowhere to go and she couldn't go home, so we sent her money and told her to come stay with us until her baby is born. She's here now, and, Abby, she is really a sweet girl. She plans to give the baby away when it comes. We wrote our son about what we had done, and he was very angry at us and wrote back s a y i n g We shouldn't have had anything to do with her. We keep writing, trying to explain, but he won't answer our letters. Even if it's not our son's baby, it's an innocent child. What is your advice? We can't turn this poor girl out. But will our son ever speak to us again? A MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: If he doesn't, shame on him. He found this girl, you didn't, and even tho I do not can- clone her actions, she is a human being. She is also his wife, until they are legally divorced. I think 'you did the decent and admirable thing. And hopefully so will 1 your son after he owls of and think aboutf it for a while. why? REDHEAD DEAR REDHEAD: Could it be that they're easier to find in the dark? DEAR ABBY: Do blondes really have more fun? If so, DEAR ABBY: What do you think is going on when a husband suddenly;,starts signing off his letters with "regards" after so many years of "Love and Kisses?" . My husband is .an air force sergeant and was transferred lo the Philippines a few months ago. We have five children and are looking forward to his service retirement so we can have a normal family life. He doesn't even wish me "Best Regards." Just "Regards." SINCERELY YOURS, WORRIED DEAR WORRIED: The next time you write to your husband, tell him that you noticed the change in his "signing off" and ask if there is a reason for it. Let him know that you arc delighted with his "Regards," but you'd like to know what happened to his "Love and Kisses." DEAR ABBY: Am I engaged or not? This whole situation is very confusing. Here is what happened: Axel left for Viet Nam in June. We t?'.ked about gelling married when he gets home next year. First of September he wrote .saying he had bought a set of rings before he left, and if I wanted to become engaged I should write and tell him and he would ask his brother Olaf to drop the rings off at my house. I wrote back, "Yes have Olaf drop the rings off," so that's what happened. 0. K., so now I have the rings, right? My mother says this is like no engagement she ever heard of before, and I should have waited for Axel to get back and give me the rings himself. I say I don't care who gave me the rings, I am engaged. What do you say? ENGAGED DEAR ENGAGED: I say you're engaged. And congratulations. Problems? Write lo Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 90069. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self - addressed envelope. For Abby's new booklet "What Teen-Agers Want To Know," send $1.00 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal. 90069. Homosexuality Invades Films By BOB THOMAS AP Movie-Television Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP) - Once Also banned were such words as "fairy," "nance" and "pansy." European film makers have , ble in most other cities. I sion, at least not under present!: been unrestrained by production j The producers are faced by a standards of broadcasting. That' Such specifics were' swept codes, and they have long dealt,hard economic fact: Homosex-1 may prove to be the biggest de- ual films offer no chance to re- j terrent against any large out- cover costs by sales to televi- j break of homosexual subjects.' rations." It was under the new code that such a film as "Reflections from an early novel of Carson j in a Golden Eye" could achieve McCullers, ' depicts Marlon a seal of acceptability—with the Brando as an Army officer who provision "recommended for is a latent homosexual. He is mature audiences." Actually the married lo Elizabeth Taylor but is more interested in a private who enjoys cavorting nude in the forest. Such a siluation would have been banned under Ihe self-censorship code of film czars Will Hays and Eric Johnston: The code declared: "Pictures shall not infer that low forms of sex relationship are the accepted or common thing. Sex perversion or any inference of it is forbidden." homosexual theme has been injected into several films in re- cenl years, though not in such explicit terms. In 1961, William Wyler remade "The Children's Hour," Taste of Honey" and two features about Oscar Wilde. The underground movie makers have poured forth a flood of homosexual films. * * + Such influences, plus the liberalized morality of these limes, have prompted Hollywood film makers to seek franker treal- ment of homosexuality. "The Fox" promises to be one of the most outspoken of the new films. The Warner Brothers- Seven Arts release features Sandy Dennis as a girl in love with Aune Heywood. One scene fea- lures a kiss between the pair. In their search for new themes to treat on the screen, the film studios may be over- NEWS BRIEFS SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - In the age of computers it will be more lhan just a figure of speech when someone says "money lalks." C.W. Ford, president of the Great Western Financial Corp., says the computer industry is on the threshold of a system to provide instantaneous answers on which to base management planning, budgeting and controlling for "next week, next year, even the next five years." Ford told the U.S. Savings and Loan League convention that the system will be available at a price all savings and loan firms can afford. "In the area of cash management," Ford said, "the computer can tell us how much money we have available to loan at any given moment, how much has been committed to be loaned, and how much has been loaned." which he had filmed as "These j looking one question: Will ho- Three" in 1936 with no reference j mosexual subjects sell to the to the Lesbian theme of the Lillian Hellman play. The second version portrayed Shirley MacLaine's affection for Audrey mass audience? Whereas underground films about homosexuals have prospered in New York, San Fran- Hepburn. The film was not ajcisco and Hollywood, their box| office appeal has proved negligi- lagoon. MIAMI, Fla. (AP) - Negro children from low-income families have a dialect of their own and should be taught English as if it were a foreign language, a linguistics expert says. Dr. William A. Stewart told a group of Miami educators that school teachers must not mistake the dialect for simply incorrect English. "We can sing 'We Shall Overcome' and build housing protects until we are blue in the face but we can't educate the culturally disadvantaged child by treating his dialect as sloppy 'We must teach him new skills without applying our value judgments to the way he behaves, just as we would teach him French, for example." PARKERSBURG, W. Va. (AP) — Mr. and Mrs. Gary Thomas of Parkersburg were married Aug. 13, 1966; he left for the Navy Feb. 13, 1967; received his first leave on March 13, and their first child, a girl was born Nov. 13; at 12:47 p.m. which is 13 minutes before the hour of 1300 military time. Are the Thomases superstitious? "Let's just say we're glad none of (he dates fell on a Friday," Thomas said. Quick Quiz Q—Which U.S. president was once a prisoner of war? A—During the Revolutionary War, Andrew Jackson was captured by a British raiding party. When he refused to black a British officer's boots, the soldier struck Jackson with his sword and threw him into jail. 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Fisher, son of Mr. and Mrs. Homer Fisher of 217 Lake, is on leave after completing a year's tour of duty in Vietnam with the 94th Maintenance Company. After the completion of his leave, he will be stationed at Fort Sill, Okla. ST. JOSEPH, Mo. (AP) Three muskrats have been trapped by city employes at the Gene Field Sewage Lagoon, Charles Young Jr., city water pollution control director, said. Permission to trap the animals was obtained by the city after it was found the muskrats were digging in the wall of a dam which holds water in the English," Stewart said. Bride & Groom Set Dreifus LOW PRICE. Handsomely created in M-karat white or ycl« low gold. An outstand* ing value ... only it Drelfw. Diuno»<fe Enlarged IT'S SO EASY TO SHOP AT DREIFUS OPEN AN ACCOUNT Estate Auction To Be Sold Without Minimum or Reserve MONDAY, NOV. 27, 1967 1:00 O'CLOCK P.M. Location—Caruthersville, Mo., on State Hiway 84 and Locust St. Building—A nice 75" x 150' brick building with concrete floor, walls made of brick & blocks, steel joist, steel deck, with 3" zonilite concrete 25 year pitch and gravel roof, a complete fireproof building over 11,000 sq. feet, paved parking lot for 65 cars. Lot Description—A lot 180.20' E & W along the N boundary line of Locust Street, x 200' N & S at right angles to Locust Street x 202.30' E & W to r/w line of State Hiway 84. Complete Restaurant Equipment 3—National Cash Registers 1—Credit Register 1—6-Sandwich Toaster 2—Refrigerators 1—Soda Fountain Dispenser 6—Tables Terms on Building—20% down (10% day of sale, 10% when completed) Unpaid balnace, to 10 years, 6>/2% interest. Cash on Equipment. C.A. HOOD,—Owner, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Hole Bros., Ihe Auctioneers For Inspection of Property Call: Lynn Huff, EDison 3-1443, Caruthersville, Mo. YOUR BLYTHEYILLE DOWNTOWN MERCHANTS PRESENTS DOWNTOWN HOLIDAY JAMBOREE FRI.ANDSAT. NOVEMBER 24 & 25 SEE WEDNESDAY'S PAPER FOR OUTSTANDING VALUES FROM YOUR DOWNTOWN MERCHANTS! Downtown Merchants Association

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