The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 29, 1953 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 29, 1953
Page 3
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\ THURSDAY, JAN. 20, 1053 Arkansas Facing Greatest Opportunity, Mbses Says LITTLE ROCK I* — Arkansas luces the greatest opportunity In its history but still has three serious handicaps lo overcome before It can continue Its advancement. That is what C. Hamilton Moses, chairman of the Arkansas Power and Light Co.'s Board of Directors, said here last night at the 6th biennial legislative dinner. Some 550 legislators, business leaders' and guests attended. Moses said the handicaps U'ere population loss, unused land and subsidization of Industry by other . states. jit He said opportunity beckons because- industry in the North and East Is breaking up and "there are some 5,000 concerns looting for just what we have down here in Arkansas — sunshine, land, raw resources and better working conditions." He.added 15 million people In America arc looking for new homes and new places to live. "They are looking for .us and we are looking for them," Moses said. The utility executive said Ih population loss — 40.000 from th 1040 census — could have bee worse If the stale had jiot regain ed some 200,000 citizens it ha lost to the armed forces and wa plants during Worid War II. He decfcred Arkansas has 1.2 million acres of idle farm Ian that is n burden and must be pi to use in order to provide mor employment and "income. Moses said a number of surround Ing states offer various induce ments to industry by means o voting revenue bonds, then pointe out that Arkansas has never don tliis. The AP&L chairman asked th Industrialists and 'legislators to Create a better atmosphere fa business; provide two full tlm men to help develop the Resource and Development Commission' program; Ilnd a way to provid adequate publicity and advertisln for Arkansas, and enable the Uni verslty of Arkansas to engage ii more agricultural research. Air Valve Still Star Mystery In Washington's Train Wreck My ARTHUR KDSOV WASHINGTON l/f, _ A small piece of equipment — only a few inches wide and less than a foot long— continues to be the star in the mystery of Washington's runa- Gen. Von Fleet Soy^s Farewell Koreans SEOUL OP^-Gen. James A. Van 'Meet bade 50.000 cheering Koreans n tearful farewell today and promised to return one clay lo visit the war-ravaged peninsula. Van Fleet will surrender command of the U. S. Eighth 'Army to Lt. Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor early next month and leave Tor the O. S. and retirement. He has led ,the multi-nation Allied army in defense of South Korea since April 1951. Thousands of. South Koreans paraded through Seoul in near-zero weather from early morning until the official ceremdnies started late in the afternoon. They carried banners which urged the 60-year-old general "please come back to Korea and stay with us." . President Syngman Rhce also Urged the general and his wile to return. Mrs. Van Fleet recently re'.urned to the U. S. In an emotion-choked voice, Van Fleet replied, "I thank you for the invitation. I shall come back." U was clear Van Fleet meant •1 his return would be in a private role. He has said he wants to visit both Greece, where he also led the fight against communism, and Ko•\ rea after his retirement. » The South Koreans showered Van Fleet with-farewell presents, and he told them he was overwhelmed by "this tremendous show of oood will." 'Blondie Bandit 7 Strikes Again GLENDALE. Calif. W>, — Blondie the Bandit struck again last night in a S-15 holdup of a liquor store. There have been eight holdups bj women reported in the Los Angeles area in the last two weeks, three or four of them apparently by the same blonde. way train wreck. > The equipment Is an air valve known among railroaders as a angle cock. There's one at eac end of every railroad car. There were 32 angle cocks o the 16-car train that plunged of the end of (he rails and into Wash ington's Union Station Jan. 15. Du only one has come in for niue attention at a hearing, now in it fourth day, held by the Inlersta Commerce Commission (ICC). That's the one at the rear enc of the third car of the train. Testimony has shown that Ih brakes on the electric locomotht and the first three cars were oka) On the. last 13 ears they appar ently didn't work nt all. All fingers of suspicion have pointed to the angle cock, and if fairly well established now that i was (lie guilty mechanism. But how did tbis supposed!) foolproof gadget become closed" William J. Patterson, ICC com missioner, has been interested in the possibility that the train equip inent itself may have bumped the handle of the angle cock, causing it to close. He had planned to wind up the hearing yesterday, but a discussioi of this possibility extended the hearing to today. John P. Swafford, assistant mas ler mechanic for the Washing Terminal Company, testified yes terday he had applied pressure to a coupler carrier. This, pushed against an angle cock handle which was not locked hiJu ruoved the handle 30'degress Swafford said. Closing the angle cock 30 degrees would not shut off the flow of com pressed air that works the train's brakes. It takes a 90-degree turn to close the cock completely. But Patterson said he wanted lo study the situation further. , Reporters .asked if he though bumping could have closed th< angle cock. "It's n possibility," Patterson said. Patterson told reporters yester day no evidence Introduced so far at the ICC hearing indicates nnj sabotage. Defense Winds Up Reds' Arguments NEW YORK MV-Defense connse is expected to complete its Pcdera Court arguments today in behalf ot the 1,1 second-string Copimunist leaders convicted of conspiracy Lawyers for the Reds claimed scores of grounds yesterday ns ii:e} bcfan arguing for an order of acquittal or for a new trial. EW Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Community Center 1 ' MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sal. & Sun. Phone- 5S LAST TIMES TONITE "Phone Call From a Stranger' Gary Merrill Shelley Winters FRIDAY 'CAVALRY SCOUT" Rod Cameron SATURDAY INDIAN SCOUT George Montgomery Postmaster Has 'Sweetest 7 Job ' LOVELAND. Colo. <iP, — E. M Ivers believes he has the sweetest postmaster job in the nation. He runs the post office at Ixjvelanti which prides itself as the "Sweetheart Town." Each year, thousands of Valentines are sent here to be re-mailed in their own envelopes with the Lovclnnd postmark. RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. LAST TIMES TONITE "FARGO" In Sepia Tone Wild Bill Elliott FRIDAY 'LOAN SHARK" George Raft and Dorothy Hart SATURDAY 'BUCKAROO, SHERIFF OF TEXAS" Michael Chapin PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores _BLYrm5VTLLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Arkansas Neuvs Britjs— Revenue Officials Say 1 75 State Firms Owe Delinquent Taxes By Tlie Associated Tress LITTLE ROCK - The State Revenue Department has uncovered between J76 and !80 firms with delinquent taxes. The highest, tingle delinquency Is $71,000. Revenue Commissioner Horace Thompson Identified the firm owing that amout as the Bailey Oil erf., of Little Hock. He said the company's bond was for only )20,000. He said 'other delinquencies ranged from $30 to $4000. The commissioner said that In the future "we will not permit the »ccount of any firm to exceed the amount of Its bond." Labor Relations Act Is Sought LITTLE HOCK - Management, and labor will be asked In the near future to sit down and work out an Arkansas labor relation* act State Labor Commissioner Joe Cash said yesterday. The act. which "would be similar to the National Labor Relations Act, would attempt to set up machinery by which labor disputes in Arkansas could be settled without strikes. The national act covers only firms engaged In Interstate commerce. New Marriage Bill Becomes Low LITTLE ROCK (Ap) _ No moj . e qu . ck . e mwiaBes ^ Ark ^ sas Gov Cherry signed into law yesterday legislation repealing 'the provision that judges could waive the 3-day waiting period between application for an Issuance of a marriage license. The measure became Act 7 of 1953. 'Ham' Radio Operator Honored WASHINGTON - A 20-year-olrt college student from S earcy H l r n ° f ' 0hfi *« h «"°M», « Junior ministry student at ing College was presented a wHstwatch and trophy by General OUtStandln8 P5 '- fo ™— «-«>K the tornado St year ' " "» the ««* "-ard °' It- type made by the company. Mussolini Papers Object of Search EMPOLI, Italy M>) _ The Italian police plan a fishing expedition in Lake Como for some of Benito Mussolini's secret documents. They said Emilio Bnrresi. driver of the late dictator's speedboat, told them he dumped three large' metal cases of the papers into tlie lake just before the end of World War II. Burresi said he,acted on Mussolini's orders. Communists Gut Sugar Ration VIENNA, Austria or, — Communist Czechoslovakia's spreading food shortage forced a new cut today in the nation's sugar ration. Radio Prague announced' - that the average adult now will get about one pound monthly. Miami Weather Records MIAMI, Fia. llTt— This cll'v se a new record for dryness i>i No vember, .normally the boginnirs c> the dry winter season here, onlj .2t inches of rain fell as romparct to the previous low of .23 in No vember, 1944, the weather bnrcai says. Miami also set R wind vclocilj Worry of FALSE TEETH Slipping or Irritating? Don't he embarrassed by loose false teetli slipping, dropping or wobblim when you eat. talk rir Inugh. Jus fiprlnkle a little FA5TEETH on your plates. This pleasant powder Rives a remarkable sense ot added comfort auc security by holding plates more firmly Xo gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling- It's alkaline (non-ncld). G FASTEETH at any drug store MOX Show Starts Weekdays 7:00 Sat. Sun 1:00 Alwoys o Double feature THURS-FRI Double Feature AUMAJNO. 5J/M6-10S I Col. * u n nci —PLUS— Carfoon and Comedv [MERCHANTS! LUNCH Choice of Meat & 3 Vegetables with Coffee TOM'S CAFE «I9 W. As record for February and without the benefit of a hurricane. The wind velocity reached 68 miles an °"/I smasnin B 'he previous record Smallest Church Covlnglon, Ky., has the smallest MI v II! h!: worl<i ' Tllrec I> c °P |e 'ill all the seats in "Mount Casino, which could be tucicd aivr.v (edifice, steeple and all) in the vestibule of a metropolitan church Husbands! Wives! Want new Pep and Vim? Thousand* at counlea ; tlllLSltd soltly UfJiua t >"••• •-M.l-OweT.kT.u. l ti:.n ice nioney-ssvioe ••Kcontfinr 1 ' slie. rn'^K "'!, <lr "* * l "' es ««jTvh«i«—In Illy I lit vi lit, .it Kirhj & Woods Drug. STAMP OF A PRINCESS-A" new stamp (o encourage more savings in Britain throughout the coronation year bears a portrait of little Princess Anne. The slx- penco stamp goes on sale March 1. PRINCE OF SAVINGS - On sale throughout Britain March 1, this new national saving stamp will bear (he likeness ot Prince Charles. The half-crown stamp will aid ttie coronation year bid for mora savings. Marmaduke Gl Charged with Murder Tells Jury He's Ready to Pay Penalty EL PASO, Tex. Wv—'Tm not after you to turn me loose." Pfc. Marvin Lee Austin, 21. told the Federal Court jury trying him for murder. "I'm ready to pay any pennlty," the Ft. Bliss soldier from Marmu- duke. Ark., testified yesterday. "I've made my peace with God." He testified earlier that he and Pvt. Raymond Leslie Button, 22. of Ues Moines. la., killed taxicab driver Jesus Alvarez oonzalcs after a robbery attempt. Gonzales was shot and killed in the cab lust Nov. 22. and the car then was binned. Austin said Button piled dry tumbleweeds in the auto and then set it afire, leaving the body inside. The Arkansas soldier said he and Button had planned a holdup for sometime and obtained two M-l rifles from,a Ft. Bliss supply room for that purpose. They summoned a cab, Austin re- Epidemic of Colds Hitejjew Peak Sweeps Itajli Entire Families Doctors advise: Do what you can^to check spread of contagion. Avoid crowds, dress warmly eat sensibly, rest plenty. Jf you feel colds' misery coming on, take 2 tablets of St. Joseph Aspirin with water. Repeat as directed. That's how millions are getting fast rei lief from colds' aching muscles, heartache, fcverisbncss. Your doctor has full confidence in aspirin at its best so keep SL Joseph Aspirin handy always especially now. Carry tin- 12 tablet tin in poclict or purse, it's "the world's.largest seller at lOe." And °y a11 means, buy big family size 100 tablet bottle for J!)c so you have this dependable relief within easy reach at home. Be sure you get St Joseph Aspirin today latcd, anil told' Gonzalcs to tak them anywhere on the military base, -a "I asked the driver If ho had eve had a bullet, In his ,head," Austin testified.. "He didn't answer, tm leaned over (o pick up the cab ra dio telephone. "I think I shot him In the head It's a little hazy, i was pretty scar ed." Both soldler.^pleaded Innocent ti the murder charge. Perfect Acoustic^ The acoustics of the Mormoi tabernacle at Salt Lake City, Utah are so perfect that a pin droppcc at one end can be heard at th other cnii, 250 feet away. TUSSY WIND & WEATHER LOTION regular $] size 50' now forge $2 • now I For smooth, velvety hands.' For nil over loveliness .-fllpricti ptut M* Woods Drug BIythevilie Plus- GROOM'S WEDDING & af N ° *xtra Cost O DIAMONDS .All 3 Rings WITH EACH SET IN THIS AD! DIAMONDS $49.50 16 DIAMONDS $125 Exquisite 11 DIAMONDS "-AH3 Rings Sparkling *<M nft Brilliance i I III I Dromonds Enlorged lo Show Detail LMeet iirmhis . . WearDin'mnnH"' •nSQMKIMMHI" *I»WU IN MkMPHIi, lUmVILU 'D OYHUIURQ Rakes Can Be Dangerous Things SANTA CRUZ, Calif', dp, — John Plumbe. 20, told police today he wounded himself with a rake. Plumbe was raking rubbish Into a bonfire, he explained, when all of n surtdcn there was a lo»d explosion. Pointing to wounds In' his hip, tl)l(?h atid arm, Plumbe theorized- I must have raked up a shotgun PAGE THREB ———————___ "As N»s" Poker Poker Is bollevea to ba an ad«n- tatioti of (he Persian card game as nas." it eniercd the United States by way of New Orleans where It was colled "poque " or "poker." ' CROUPYCOOel « * _ DRAKFS * it's brand new! * it's indcsccnl! ' * it looks like silk! *IT'S GLAZED MOIRE COTTON! Dress darlings wiih double full skir 3 98 Six styles! Plastic h claslicizetl backs, 3 inch hems! ,Red, I,ltie, grc cn, lilac, charcoal, brown on white grounds. 7-14. NEW LUSTROUS BOUCLE long coats in shimmering colors 32.75 Nubby (cxltired, faintly iridescent . , . this new H-nnl is very speeinl stuff in- riectl, for very special cols! They're cut for Ihe new easy ftillness-witltout-flare, and beautifully detailed. Pink, blue, nude, grey, gold. S-1S.

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