The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1939
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1939 "Tip-Off" System, Warn ing Flash Is Advance Agent Of Wind BV VANCE TRIMBLE NEA Service Special Corresponds!! PORT ARTHUR, Tex., June 8.— Uncle Sam's weathermen are will Ing to meet a hurricane more thai half way. fn fad. they Insist on H So meleorologlsls of 12 cities strung In a halfiCtrcle around Ihe Gulf of Mexico, will work overtime from June 16 to Oct. 31 lo keep In 24-hour'operation nn elaborate warning system. The annual giilf hurrJcnne season is bcginnlngl For the fourth successive year i the government will put | n t 0 i lse \ its teletype network connecting the principal bureaus between Key West, Pla., nnd Brownsville Tex SHIPS SCAN THE SEA Selected ships at sea co-opera lively report weather observations four limes daily by wireless r/> the forecast center at New Orleans, La. This tips oft discovery ot Iroplcai disturbances while they are still far out at sea, and'enables warnings to he flashed over the, teletype, hours in advance, to coastal section in Ihe path of the blow.'Residents of the danger zone can rush precautions, beating- the wind to the punch. . . . "But persons living along tlie 2000-mile front of the."hurricane belt" don't .worry about these storms—until one is actually on the way. They know from experience that hurricanes chart a tricky course. A storm reported hearing down on a certain, point tor days might shift its course at the last minute t,and veer back into Hie gulf lo wear ilself out over the water. • A hurricane in (he gulf usually Is harmless—for large vessels can ride safely through It or . travel around. Smaller ships don't venture out from-port while a tropical disturbance is at large. ONE DEATH IN 1938 The Weather Bureaus' vigilance Is showing excellent results, in the five states bordering the gulf—TOY as. Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama nnd Florida—there wns only one hurricane fatality last year. This was at Lake Charles, La., raked by the only serious blow, to move Inland in 1938—with' the exception of the , "\y{ldcal'' hurricane which hit the'New"England stales. ' -... •• or nearly. Ri. dozen other tropical dlslirfban<ft5":which entered the gulf last' year none reached the American coast. Two red nags, with square black centers, flying from the sume mast are the Weather Bureau's warning signal. , ... When these go up at any point on the c6ast, residents lake them seriously. Although the storm may not be due, for hours, there's n sudden rush of nctivily. A Coast Guard cutter 'speeds to sea and rides along parallel ot the hurricane's course, reporting by radio to n land station. From this information, the Weather Bureau Is able to issue hourly advisory bulletins, estimating the lime Ihe disturbance will strike Ihe coast, and to report any change tn Ihe Intensity of the winds. WIND WHIPS IN CIRCLES "Hurricanes are something' like a Inrge whirling doughnut," explains E. w. Torrence, weather observer at Port Arthur. "The wind roars j are mi ci in an endless circle, with a diameter of possibly five to 10 miles. It is dead calm in the center. ,, "While the circular movement of • the wind is going 75 miles an hour ' or belter, the whole mass travels slowly—generally ID to 15 miles an hour." With a blow on Ihe way, windows of residences nnd downtown buildings are : boarded up. Public schools are opened to house persons fearful their oivn homes will not withstand the winds. Police. firc™°n, and civic organizations hold "disaster squads" in readiness. Residents are advised to fill large containers—usually the bathtub— with drinking water for use alter the storm, in event the local water system is polluted. Weather bureaus in the teletype circuit are Key West, Pla.; Miami, Fla.; Tampa, Pla.; Jacksonville, Pla.; Pensacola, Pla.; Mobile, Ala.; New Orleans, La.; Port Arthur, ^'Tex.; Houston, Tex.; Galveston, ~ Tex.; Corpus Christ!, Tex.; and Brownsville, Tex. Preparing For Big Blow ' COURIER NEWS Blow's comlngl Port Arthur, Tex., workmen bbaril up store front urlng summer'of 1938, after storm warning. Read Courier News want ads. OBTAIN RELIEF FROM CYSTITIS (Inflamed Hladder) A 30-day lest nf this NATURAL, MINERAL WATER will cost you very little . . . Make this test yourself and note Ihe im', provement. Distributed by Croistown Whiskey Shop IMPORTED & DOMESTIC WINES, LIQUORS, ALKS 109 S, Division St. from the strings of his double roast pot, nn orchestration Is born, Bartolo Is touring Hie United States ID the Interest of his nrf nnd whatever may accrue to htm. In San Antonio he linked his net with Aiitcnlo Daniel, a guitarist. Bartolo'envies Antonio, for Antonio plays legitimate music, while Biirtolo coaxes his times out of kitehehwnre. Conxes is the word. The n fry- Ing puns lie in a double row. Each one is allnncd differently. He strikes a utensil, listens Intently, nnd moves it to its proper plnce in Uic scale. Tills takes -some few niiniilc.s, ns tile same act is repealed 17 times. .He plays them In the manner of n xylophone. He plays limes like "Valencia" ami "La Cuennieha." Before the Insl ringing note careens from the pans, the rousting pot- gultnr Is in action'. Hayii Aninuils, Fowl Develop Oncer Habils -Two- ted flags with squire*black • .centers mean (rouble ahead. It's the Weather B U i; rem's method of leHin* Te.xsns that a hurricane is headed in Jrpui the Gulf of Mexico,' ~JLJ> HAYTI, Mo., June 7.—Unusual traits of nnlmol imd fowl are observed by Edward A. Rufl, glnncr- farmer, at his home here nnd his nearby farm. Al his home here, (he mystery of the frequent two-day rtlsap- Turies Coaxed From Skillets and Roast Pot NEW ORLEANS (UP) - Bnrtolo Otriz, of.Gunnajunto, Mexico, makes music sweeter than the sound of frying bacon come out of a frvinff pan. lie taps his melodies from the up-turned bottoms of 17'' frying pans. Added to the tones issuing 'w'ft's 'solved whciv^it'was <tis?b'TCrcd .the ail-dale hops freight • trains passing near Its home, and rides them to the train conductor's home several blocks away where it visits two days nt a time. On his farm, 'Bidilte Ihe hen' declines lo lay eggs in anything except an automobile, several of which are parked daily at the farm house. She Invariably chooses lie of them in preference to a regular nest. Ed Godler, his fnrm foreman has taught the 75 head of cattle on his farm to come in from the woods pasture when he sounds the horn on the farm truck which he uses lo deliver fattening feed lo 1 the pastured catllc, Detection Progress- Keeps Pace Will, Art Of Deception LONDON. -Mmtary camouflage hns made great, progress since the World Wnr according lo Homer Saint Giuidens, who was In'dim-go of camouilftge In the field Tor 'thb United Slates forces during the war. ' I, t But, he added, there still mo ninny problems to be solved, mid notlcm detection methods nre fulcl- ng lo Dial Hit almost ns fnst us jienrch workers find Ihe answers,' Saint Gnudeiis' Is an aulhornllve voice, lie still Is a lieutenant-colonel In the Engineer Reserve Corps; icllve In camouflage research. At present ho is on his annual in lour of Europe ns director of Flue Arts of the rjnrne|>le Jnslltute of Pittsburgh, selecting 450 odd canvases which wll be hung there n the 1040 International Loan exhibition, opening Oct. ID, He hns spent much of his .spare time In inspi'cliDii European developments In cnmounajje nnd comparing them with the work being done in the United States. AH Nations Progressing "All nations hni-e come along fnr hi the past 20 years," Snlnt. c,au- dpns said. "In the art of making nn nil-port, look like a plowed Held ' ti inunltfoiis dump like n playground, ft field gun like a romantic cottage, nnd nn arms factory like n wooded March Decorated park." But, he added, even the mosl adept Job of camouflage Is nevci perfect. "A fine target, for Instance," ho pointed out, "cannot be concealed from artillery fire for long." There nre other problems, too. "It's hard to do much for trucks or tanks ns sunshine mid shadow nnd silhouette nre obstacles. Modern mobile artillery is difficult, too. You can 'paint out' n gun barrel pretty well, but you cnn'l do n thing for those huge rubber tires." Modern ncrlal photography hns worked other hardships. 'It's possible," Snlnt Onudens snld, "to blend n painted green to the leaves of n tree so thai the eye cannot distinguish between them. Yet an Infrn-rcd photo will spot the difference every time. The painted green photographs almost black. We've got to Hud color!: lo erase thai difference for the camera while still remaining iclen- 'ne "Badge of Tolerance" warded by (ho Nntloillll c '. eieuce of Clirlsdans and Jews < being Pinned on Fiedric J torch by Hdou Hayes st " g c nrt screen nclrcss. In this jm- rpmpiu ceremony backstage nt was .still In costume. Heal to the naked eye. • ;'Cnmoullugc men must also find n non-,cllecllne paint, 'mere are several types now. The British nnye a good one. But none Is pcr- r ".cl. ' .["Those two pnlnls nre our malar problems right now. Granted the answers, if will be possible to confuse the pilot pretty thoroughly if not to fool him entirely. He hasn't much lime to make decisions. If his map shows a factory and he looks down and sees what looks, for the moment ,llke woods ho nmy Imve to overfly and come back, in any ctisc, you've given ypjir yilnncs and your antt-nlrciWt yuns more lime for defense." :0n his present trip, Snlnt Clau- dejis snld he lind been much Impressed with Germany's nietlioils pfj utilizing natural covei- nnd iidliiB' artful nrllflclnllties with Italy, he snld, nlso bail some neat tricks. He was given n-'glimpse of the British scheme for Industrial camouflage, us worked out with scnlu models, and viewed from u .Hlep- laddcr through the wrong end of n; pair of binoculars i o got n bpmb's-cyc view. Tills Ingenious Plan aroused his admiration. '.And speaking of the progress of Dollars Saved Are Dollars Made Anti-Knock Gas Genuine EUivl 73-!- Octane, Gal. 80 Octane,, Gill. 13.Sc (All Taxes Paid) RpEciALTbw •iMncB-ioo^>17?iFl T RNKr RYI.VANIA ftJO'l'OK OH,—TAX PAID- 2 GA1,. CAN. i)(| C Highest Quality Products «t SAVEON GAS CO. '1 Miles From State Unc Holland, Mo: FORGET CLAIMS AND COUNTERCLAIMS LET A RIDE DECIDE! One fact measure, automobile.. .Iretche, . . . .nd then let il ,pin Either a car per/ormi—or it down Ihe open road, j clown-l. And tho w.y to find out You wilt find thai Ponli.c out- is to drive it. p«l°rms car« far beyond it, . price—and jhow« up cllenptr Put a Ponliac through it. p » ce , car.Jor what they are. . .. up hills... around curves. .. !?„,. . , . .. . rorget clnim» and counter. through traffic . . . over rough claim,. Let a ride JeciJtt '58 AND UP, <fe!,\,, e d ,1 Ponliar, Mich. Sl«(. fnd tx,l t,,,, (,/ any ) opi/on,, ,, u ,-p n ,, n , end «rc«nor»i-Htra. Pr/cti >u6jVcl lo C/ian(T?tvi'//ioul notice. You'll be proud to own o LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Ilrnrullrflv ft«,l ttr fl in.'.< _. .. . ... . . Broadway Walm'it nlythevllle, Ark. CHAUUON, O. (OP) - iig Is Boot! In Suulh llnmbtten, nrar here, ucconliiiji lo Ihe fotir iwor- ney broilers, \vlio oblnlnctl ${J07 ttorlli of !mii i,, tm , nontl|s nclnwu Nov. 15 nnd Jnn, n, :iio lra|)iilii B season, Ihe brolhcrs lugged 4»7 nniskrals, 2f, nitnk, -II ujiossiims. four raccoons, one fox mil four skunks, Tlie four brothers, Antly, 27- John, 24; prnrrk, 20, and Joe, is' bPBnn ln\|)|)hiB 10 years uao, Lilst yt'tiv tliey collected ^OO-wlilrlt i°y spent Insittlllng ulcctrlclly ID lii'lr fnrni lionse. tie united states lit comonflngc fettlnt OButlciis Is proiul of th nthloveincnU. Conslnnt uxiic't-l nn-iKutlon Ls goliifi ttldne In nl Jlclils, he said. Itcscuicb \vovkcl.« tire trying lo hldo InrgcU Iiom bombers, trying (o lucli Ilirm nwny Irom iirlllloiy mid toiiconlliiK men and inntorliil In llw flcld. Trapping Family Earns Months Ilctid Coiirlnr News vomit nds, Song Producing Trio Unable to Read Music TOUFDO,' o. (UP) - -nicy can't iw a nols),, but Uncc Toledo >onnuslci& nio s.ucces.'ifii) song Wlllcrs. They ojiwnlo by picking llio lunos oiil on OHC j,ttlng of an old jjiillnr. lictty can Is (lie Inspiration of tlio Dlo, itccoullnif (o Art wight nnd Tommy Clench,'the other iwo members. "l-'irsl we think up n cnlchy Utle or Wen for tlio SOUK," wlt'lit snld "I'lien wo work out llio words ond It tut! tuno lo tlifin, Wo Imvc tho frets of Ihe guitar mimljcrcd, nnil vo put. llio niiiiilioni down on jmpci When the song Is finished, wo enll n a friend—n uiiltnr plnyer, nnil to -A-orks onl the notes nnd chords or us." Yorker on Sand Drawn Into Concrete Mixer LONDON 'lUI'J-Rlclmnl Mnrlln- nle,, 32, was: killed hcvc when ho wns drugged with is tons of siinil into i huge concrete mixer','- ',• > He wns' supervising the pouring' of Intg^ quantities of ian'tl Into he mixer, ^lien ,a blockage occurred' In Hie narrow nrck ol WWmel and checkwi the flow, T o wak" I How more easily he Jumped on (he sand In the >nomh of the liopper It wns nt IhW moment that tlie .snnd freed llsclf, AS Martlndalc Jumped the sand Ducked him down Inlo l>ie Conner New? want 'ads. NIMNA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cleaning Servlca BFOWSFt/rE DfPMDS O/V r/Xf SAFETY- tr, CHAMPION TIRES FIRESTONE WINS 20th Consecutive Victory In Indianapolis 500-Mile Race / it I ... . f \ f t t » ' I / t f t Mf, WILBUR SHAW, lh» 1939 winner On ^Uy 3b<b, Williur Shaw drove to bis second victory hi (he JOO-mijc Indianapolis Hacc on rircstotie Champion Tires at an average speed nf 115.03 miles an hour. Champion race drivers, whose very lives ami chances of victory ilcpciid on lire safely, know (ire construction. That is why they select and buy 1'ircsione Tires for their racing cars. GET OUR LOW PRICES ON FIRESTONE TIRES BEFORE YOU BUY 5« FlrMoneTlrt «nJ laWWrto,, li mcr.fc Inllit ' -' A merciless sun beat down' upon the speedway as Wilbur Shaw drove to victory on Firestone Cliii/npton Tires. The blistering brick of tlie main stretch and the granite- hard surfitce of the turns-and (he back stretch put lire safely to the test supreme!.'Record niter record was shuttered. Speeds readied as high as I rtO miles an hour on the straightaways, as 33 of ihc fastest ' drivers in die world waged a breathtaking battle far gold and glory, ' Never before in at! the history of the motor cur liave tires been put to such a torturous lest. And never before lus any lire so 'firmly established itself ;ts a Clwmpion in construction and performance, us well as in name. Here is dramatic proof of the extr.t strength which the revolutionary new Safety-Lock cord body provides in Firestone Champion Tires—of tho extra protection against blowouts assured by the new and advanced I'irestont- patented. Gum- Oippirig process—of the extrannleage resuliing from the tougher, wear- resisling rubber compounds in the sensational new Gear-Grip tread. No longer can there be any (jucstion of which tire is safest. One tire—and only one—provides these exclusive safety construction features. One tire—and only one— has been on the winning cjrs at Indianapolis for 20 consecutive years. Motor car manufacturers enthusiastically adopted the l-'ircstone Champion Tire for their 1939 models. Order your new car equipped with this amazing tire. Or drive in and let us equip your present car with a set of new Firestone Champion Tires, the onetire—and onlyone that is safety- proved on the speedway for your proiectionon the highway. - Uulr Inrr Yolt ittktH,tibmcPj>ilbttniilit ialfoiml KT/>oltlf(ln 11, Sun Pi. --.- - ...*• Vdfcc of Flratotir mVh Rfchunf 0 Alur$«rcl StirnhJ iin<i the FlrrftoncSymi O'cPirura, umlrr ,1,0 ,li,co,an o/ Alfr".! Wnlll MenJuy ntning ,, i>irr Niicfnmn'Je N.O C. Re.f N. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, 5lh & Walnut Phone 810 THE ONIY TIRES MADE THAT ARE SAFETY-PROVED 0fc TH SPEEDWAY FOR YOUR PROTECTION ON THE HIGHWA?

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