The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1936
Page 3
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 26,. 1936 Stands Aloof Bui Ready lo Take Active Hand K Necessary 'By KEA Service Gibraltar, flic mighty atom which serves nc a klinpin t.i lo»etlipr the links of Great Britain's fur-filing empire. Is ""leaking and tjroanhn under the 'train of (he Spanish rol>3llhn. Wuctly in the center of fi? viclciii ciiVs-ciMTnils sit up by the rebellion itself, anil by i-n- l-'c-rinlLstln powers liitciitlorallv or accidentally Involved, is Gibraltar, :i evcat, gray rock which commands the slraits ccniieclliv* tlvj Atlantic Ocean and the Mcditor- The reel:, a crown colony, lias fcoeu in Biitish nu;,!,e.sMon slue,? 17] :i. It is nearly three miles long, tlirrc-tiuartcrs of a inih v/jile, ami is l.yofi feet high. The stiails of Gibraltar separate Spain fro'n Us African colunv. Fpanish Morocco, where (he revo liitlon was plnnned and siaried, in Ceula. Simnlsh Morocco's for tlfietl seaport, the rebel eonerai' secretly spread tlicir maps, outlining the course of the rebellion.. There alpo. they mustered trocps. nmmimition and supplies and, «heu the slirre was s-l .tailed Iheir transfer to the mainland. That w»s when Gibraltar foim-l itself in the rclsJst of a ivar--and cfld do nothing akoiil it. .BATTLE NTvAlt CITV ; One of (he rust phases cf vio lenee in Spain's internu strng'-l" en me when government warships clashed wit], ri!i:cl transports and .conveys moving' from Ceuta to Algecirus. '. On one occasion, Gibraltar cc-ldim and civilians watched 'BoiTi'nmcnt ships hurlin? shell? into Aigcciras. Just seven mile" .away. Another time, government crn i£crs attacked La Linea. rcb-l stronghold on the Spanish main land at the bise of the GibraHa' 'peninsula. Shells fell dar»eroi.'sl. near Biitish territory, which i* separated from T.a I.inca by a linv section of neutral around. None l-of tli'se /i<iirailslfi breuKht Hie "intcrnalioiial incident" eternally feared by statesmen as the starling point of a 2enerui war. Then one 1'day. a. Spanisli rebel juinief, HvlnSiuV' to'tli6 Spanish navy's trii-iiti-.n for poDr nrarks- ^an rl np. Ovr'l a rbrr fr-ni a ship in the straits and it burst near ilie barracks polo fisld at Gibral- ^ r. Players and speclalors weiv frightened, but none was. hurt. Because there was no casualties and • the shell ob- I'icnsly was not intended for Britisli territory, the incident was overlooked. PLANES HUM OVER ROCK But there were . other thin°s to keep the situation lense. Planes ;f all descriptions have flown, day and night since the revolution started, above or near Gibraltar. Some of them have' boon planes "legitimately" in the service of either government or rebels. Others, it lias been whispered, are planes from Italy, France and Germany, flying without idenlifi- catir.n to deliver men ami munitions for the rebellion. Regardless of tlicir identity or purpose, these planes have put a burden on Gibraltar; a burden of apprehension lest efforts to remain neutral should be wiped cut by a more serious "accident." As a result of the course of the revolt, the straits of Gibraltar now swarm with sea craft of all sorts, the majority of them willi guns imlimbered and crews strinped for action. PERILOUS ,1AM IN' STRAITS The ordinary traffic flow of merchant and passenger vessels through the slraits is enormous. Add to that the motley fleet of government cruisers ami gunboats trjyi'ng to tighten the blockade on its held by rebels. of these government ships 'operate at night without lights, tutting into barges, piers and shipping. One . freighter, out of Greece, was badly damaged when it was rammed by a darkened cruiser. Shuttling through this confusion are the greyhounds of the German war fleet more than ever alert since a Gentian merchantman was stopped near Cadiz. Spain, northwest of Gibraltar. And. of course. British men-of- war still lurk in the shadow of Gibraltar's rock, as they have for years. They arc silent guardians; never threatening; only waiting. . When a Spanish government cruiser prevented a British steam- llji PARTS & SERVICE DEPT. N'OW OPEN IIN'TII, !) P. SI. Repairs for all Cars anil Trucks Washing - Greasing Wrecker Service Phone C33 TOM LITTLE CHEVROLET CO J5LYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS War. Swirls Around Gibraltar's Rock 60 MILES TO CADI? WHERE GOV'T. CRUISER HALTED GERMAN VESSEL GOVT. CRUISERS STALK REBEL TROOP TRANSPORTS GERMAN WARSHIPS CONVOY MERCHANTMEN NEUTRAL TERRITORY ALGECIRAS S B A' I IN TARIFA ¥ GIBRALTAR [BRITISH] GIBRALTAR WATCHES GOV'T SHIPS SHELL ALGfiCIRAS BRITISH NAVY WATCHDOGS PATROL STRAITS CEUTA FEEDS REBELTROOPS TO : INLAND MOROCCO The position ol Gibraltar, dangerously near actual lighting between Spanish government forces and rebels, is shoun In this map. Many <of the warships, from supposedly neutral countries, iirc ready to BO into action at the sllvlitest'provocation from revolutionary ('actions. Gibraltar's problem Is to remain aloof-irom this maelstrom 'of 'prejudices. Headquarters Workers National headquarters of major parties buzz with' activity as itie campaign nears top pilch. Here is shown part of .the stalf at bemo- :ralic headquarters in New York City, where 150,CSO pieces of V_j'.Lj~V ,,} , :.,„ literature'^re^m^ilecl daily. ; ;. •-. .: . f er from landing at Melilla, Spanish Morocco, British warships steamed to the scone and without firlnc a shot, cbtai:icd an apology from the cuplain of the SpannU vessel. roin'ur.Ai. ADDS TO OANGKH Gibraltar feels the weight, too, of Portugal's nearness to blcod- spallered Spain. England, is bound by treaty to defend Portugal as strongly as if it were English territory. I now. i The Democratic "scare ' campaign." however, may become ; so formidable as to force Landon-to declare himself. Republican strategists (each side always seems lo know what the other Is (jolng lo do) have .digcussed the "best way to bang it down. PfiRTI Off ICES (Continued From Page 1) wildest inflation' of Hie currency could iXKsibly be." He wired Senator Capper, urging him to fight the measure. So lliere will Ije 'a Democratic effort lo bullet up a bogey to the effect that. Landon would seek abolilion of the FDIC and presumably cause a great nntlonal run on the banks In so doing. Sy&lcni in Nn Peril This, of course, is just as cockeyed as some of .the Republican bogles. The ' plain fact is that Roosevelt himself opposed deposit insurance, but didn't feel up to vetoing it when Congress insisted on it. , Neither he nor Landon nor anyone else in his right mind would dare try to get rid of the system son Co., contractor, exacts lo complete the work by October 1st. .Mrs. Arthur Brlckcy, who recently bought the Lovcwell' home place consisting of several acres in the west end of town, Is converting Ihe original house Into two attractive residences which will be for rent. An automatic stoker Is being installed In Ihe C. E. Sulletiger home on Hole avenue. C. B. Wood Motor Co., Ford dealers for Osceola and Luxora began last • week redecorating ' Ihe front of tlielr 'building on Htgli- way 01. Tlie front will be stuccoed with nn glass band in black and blue across the top. One half of the building is now used by the, Ben F. Butler Implement Co. but upon his removal to his 'new location, Mr. Wood will use the entire space for show room purposes. New concrete driveways are being laid across the 20?) foot front and the Pure Oil 'Co. will install modern gas pumps. Of •'major interest lo .the residents and property owners In the east and south sections of town is the graveling of Broadway,'for many years the principal residence street. Many of Osc'eola's pioneer homes are. located Ihere, -and it is still one of the main north and .south traffic arteries. The work Is being done with the aid of WPA funds. All' the. weeds havt een cut in alleys, side streets and ditch banks by 'the city prisoners. ,. New 2500 lumen white way Rights have, recently, been •. Installed oh Pecan ',' street south 'to Keiser avenue and west to the city 'limits. .They' are now being Iput on highway 61 to the north and south city liniils and on highway. 40 west to the city limits . Chief of Police, Dave Young is planning to 'build a modern brick .: veneer ' residence containing 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on his lot on the west end of town The lot, 145 by-218, is'a .part of the original Lovewe 11- tract, fronts on highway ,«,." and'. : adjoins the Osceola Community -House. Osceolans Continue to Erect New Homes, Remodel Old Houses OSCEOLA, Ark.—Osceolans continue to build new homes, remodel their business houses, and improve the streets and in other ways add much to the appearance of the town as well as furnish employment for many. Among the larger homes under construction is the two-story Colonial residence of Hugh Craig started this week on the lot recently purchased from Miss Emma Cox on Reiser ave. adjoining the Methodist parsonage. Tlie house will have seven rooms, two baths, sun parlor and hot water heat. Lee Wilson Co. is the contractor. A modern country home will be that of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Driver now under construction on their farm two miles north west ol town on the Mulkey road. Tlie house will be a three bed-room clapboard, colonial. type with two baths, and furnace heat. Lee Wil- Dri. Wert 4 Wert """ OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Bton "WE MAKE 'KM SEE* Phone MO ^laketne - *ST.CHARLES A/e ew ome ARMY WORMS Finklea Bros. Cotton Dusting Corp. Now has airplanes for poisoning stationed nt the Klytheville Airport! Call COTTON DUSTERS GnfT Hotel or Send Word fp Airport Immediate Service Tastefully furnished rooms Beauty rest mattresses Simmoni beds ' Comfortable chain Restful bed lights Well lighted bathrooms These comforts are yours whether you occupy an ex- pensiira suite or a minimum priced room. And the same friendly and efficient service goes to EVERY guest. ptrectie* DINKIER HOTELS CO IHCORPO.WED CA.M.ING DINKLER PRESIDEHTAUOCEHtRAL N/WAGEK The taslejr ATLANTA TfctSLOuries NEW ORUANS The SavMnab SAVANNAH Last Chance'^ lo nei your $t6.Skl Mil. l«rn»(i Eltrliic M.u-f fcr i «W>. I'nncli f»-H ,,. U p^Ilc^lcJ om .tjeiw J1.00 Nu|ot . „„ M '""- 101 i 79c Senna Leaves „- OVJnc " < tiiC *1.50 Agarol . r™ Duncli ,' i tLitj Hlnkle Pllt, 1O U «"I«100 : ll)C ?,?,•&,. j 99c Castorla ; i f, o.., u t,,, i-iicl,,,',. laC >• D. Salln., 0 MODESS CERTAIN SAFE k 3- DOZEN < 45 BOX 12-17* < RUSSIAN MINERAL (ML PINT ' DENTAL NEEDS 40c Squibb's I D,,.i,ic,.,m ..' 35c Worce»l«r •) j .. ToolhPolc . .. J1C Dr. West - ToolhB.u.h SOc Revelation 9Q. Toolh PovJ.r...... Ji; *- 60cCor«ga PI.I,Powj.7,.:..., Dentil Perborate Sounc,. J Mouth Wash ' 49c Fl.lch.r',, 1C «..-.; ^ JL SOcTek Tooth Bru.h , 5Oc lodent - 39c will, Frc.Tumbl.r BARBASd 21c Alarm Clocks .SO Viihic $1 51.95 Value 1.39 1.50 Pocket Watch .... $1 Kirby Bros. Drug Co. EXTRA SAVINGS R)l{ THIS WRKIC-KNI) Cash .&• Curry j, ho Olive Oil,'pint- 49c | lysol, $1.20 size Sal Hepatica, $1.20 size 89c DR. WEST EPSOM SALTS •««« MOLLE LOW PRICES THIS Wgrktrfinr ;rJ ORLIS fttfrt thing anti,t r t!e MOUTH WASH Sup*rJulc* EXTRACTER "152 T>»c *iui<k ««W w*y |q clean and optiite. TOOTH PASTE anJ a guatanttft TOOTH BRUSH £R 39C 23 C PeLu«» 33c CLOCK SALE Waterbury Progren Alarm Clock Save QQC otOnly «IO VV*[etKury mide and |na. rameeJ.AccurBlcliriieleeru. 't. Dtptnd.bte tl.rm. Shu-Milk 19c (•adl lOc Gndi 19c Shinola .. lUo 25c Griffin 19 25c Shu- Clean .. 15c RADIO - DTE Alarm Clock ln«i>D»ft 1=3 MiJtbyW.l.tburr. Cu.. t« nl ttd »ecui«le movement, l-uminou* hkndt. Princess Cl*ctric Kitchen Clock Chronmaster' Chrpmmaster Kitchen Clock Bell Alarm BISMADINE Dl«««tl v , Powder • with purcttat* of & ounce • if f\f. si«- . . .50° Try im*!! tire-il. not tat.«!icaielgmUTIClile un..|>tn.,!lorl<lul,J. CHILL: TONIC'S 50c Grovns • llftc ?1 droves 19c Mr. Nusli .. /S9c ?1 Nash .. 70c 5Cc (iGO .•;'.' ,13c. 2Sc CCC .. . 19c 75l' field ;Mci!al .. S9c Arurine GOGGLES SAVE ON SUMMER TOILETRIES oodbury'a L -—n, soij sii.'^ Oc Noxzcma tnCnam..... J 0 Pomp«ian > am Ptroxld* Volum^io,.,^ •yblooih rlnc*n Pat .Ti .*.^ LlC c.Powd.r ..... , .uxer Crcim*' IMcUIFwmuU'r if .. ..... - 40. tm. of Wcalhtr Sptclall LIFEBUOY SOAP - Coeo.lmoixl Tooth Bruth 4Oc'il, Ora-S.n . V0 Uat Powder 41 C M.Xtr'.Soj. SlH . A I JOcJ. *J. 4Q C B.bfPo.Jcr ...... 09 Sk«*UrRid 01 e ounce* ..... . . , •» I 4.2«in «f 2° 1 woe syest < EYE-GENE .Creosoted Emulsion Tlic GlIP.'TUlU'Cll Cclil and CouRli Itcninly 49c - 79c KLEENEX 2 2T AUTO POINT Pencils 25c to 50 c Kc ( [ & Hluc 35 Fountain Syringes 49c Hot Water Bottles 49c $1.50 Fitch Shampoo 88c ! |1 Fitch Oil Shampoo 75c Fitch Shampoo $1.50 Fitch TonifrShampoo Deal Marvelous Bath Powder Castor Oil, pint $jc La Pactic Pills 29c 75c Yeast and Iron Tablets 59c $1.10 Mercolized Wax 89c $1 Mineral Oil and Avar 79c Hair Ton* V.WIn.. «.«.... Sl.MO.ndtrfm fiA c H.I, Tonic -OVI Glow's M*n(« CQc t'/lounc. "...OS Hannaloam Shampoo, 4 O M.T.CoMman 1«« ll.MColof Kr.lot.r l£* Shampoo O7 Cs^'ndOil, 6-oz. Of PERFECTION CLEANSING TISSUES a* OF 500 27< A- ^. -^ Luxor Bath Powder 50c Epsom Salts, 5 pounds 25c 5Gc Yeast Foam 39c 5Dc Sun Tan Oil 39c $1.10 Erna Wallace Hopper Cr. 89c Mineral Oil, pint Aspirin Tablets 100 for 19c KIRBY'S Heat Powder 19cand25c

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