Marion Record from Marion, Kansas on May 25, 1911 · Page 5
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Marion Record from Marion, Kansas · Page 5

Marion, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 25, 1911
Page 5
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.dtaH ifisloricai aucietj MARION RECORD, MARION, KANSAS. 0 1 51 n i r nM , .a 1 m -laa en,1:;.,,::: a C3 o GEsss.'ssa (Ei'Tff'traa cxiaa&sgasi cifrsssa crs''. aai ca o o (S AT? Ti o ffl V Wednesday of last week we had quite a blaze in our Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Department. Quite a number of dresses were burnt up entirely and others were damaged more or less.t We know you will expect to buy a dress or a coat cheap in this sale. Sale will start Friday, May 2th9 and Continue 5 Days Don't forget the dates. This will be a chance to get a Coat or Dress cheaper than you over heard of before. 0 o 14 Ladies' Wash Dresses that were $7.50 each, very little damaged. Now, each $2.00 6 Ladies' Wash Dresses that were $11.00, now 3-50 15 Ladies' Wool Suits that were $12.50 and $17.50. Sale price now . . 5.00 Some of thil Lot is not damaged at all. 6 Ladies' Wool Suits that were $21.50 to $22.50, sale price . . . . 8.50 4 Ladies' Wool Suits that were $27.50 to to $33.00, sale price Not damaged. HERE THEY ARE. GET TO THE STORE EARLY. fflftErtllHlIfl" 10 Children's Linen Coats, just the thing for right now, not damaged, ages (i to 14. Were $3 50, price now, each . $ 1 .00 One lot Children's Spring Wool Jackets that were $3.50, sale price 12.50 10 Only, 9x12 Axminster Rugs, the $22.50 to 25.00 Quality. Sale Price, $18.50. Not Clamaged. Muslin Underwear in this Sale at Rediited Price. Not Damaged. One lot Children's Spring Jackets that were $3.00 and $4.00, sale price One lot Children's Dresses, both gingham and white material, that were $1.48 and up to $2.00, sale price One lot Children's Dresses that were GOe, sale price 1.00 175 1.00 .38 Millinery at Half Price Every Ladies' and Misses' Hat will be put into this sale at Half Price All $2.00 Hats $1.00 All $4.00 Hats $2.00. All $5.00 Hats $2.50. All $0.00 Hats $3.00. Hvery Hat Brand New. Men's Underwear, special lot Union Suits at 50c each. Separate Shirts 'and Drawers at 25c each. DON'T TARGET THE DATE Of THIS SALE GRAND DON'T EORGET THE DATE Of THIS SAIE 3C 3 o 0 9 GS3E53S39 GS G. A. R. POSTS. (Continued from preceding page.) C. C. Twyford P. J. Anderson J. H. Palmer G. W. Miller J. A. Palmer L. Pan nick P. M. Stamp. C. M. Folsora J. J. Mobs J. GUlet Prank Hlnkle The present commander U W. P. Sterns, and present adjutant, T. P. Alexander. Present Member. The following comprise the present membership. Geo. Mlnturn Co. D. 2nd. Iowa Inf. J. K. Williams Co. H. 18th Ind Inf. T. P. Alexander Co. I, 11th, Ind Inf. John Beymer Co. 11. Uth Ind. Inf. J. C. Osgood Co. A. 2Cth. Mass. Inf J. A. Pike Co. K. !)th. Kansas Inf W. P. Sterns 10th. Wis. Itnttery. P. Illnkle Co. G. 104th. Penn. Inf W. H7 Hamilton Co. A. 97th. 111. Inf. W. F. Aves Co. I. 169th. Ohio Inf F. F. Ilealey Co. II. 7th. 111. Cav. Dan Bryant 12th. Ohio Inf. E. B. Fisher 23rd. Mo. Inf Newton Griffith 107th III. Inf. O. It. Fitch 21st. Mich. Inf. J. C. Padgett 24th Ky, Inf. John Bolen 14fith, Ind. Inf J. W. Odle l2Hth. Inil. Inf. W. H. Ash 113th, III. Inf K. D. Holloway Troop II. Mo. Cav. this Issue, but have failed to get It through failure of letter to roach the man addressed. The Peabouy Post was organized July 22, 1X82, and Is No. 89. I First Officers. I The first officers were: I P. C. J. II. C. Brewer. S. V. C W. H. Morgan : J. V. C Jesse Collins. Adjt. G. W. Camp. Chaplain T. C. Thobuni Surgeon J. V. Grinnell Q. M. J. Stephenson. 1 Officer of Day I. W. Hitchcock. Officer of Guard J. D. Bulks. Present Officers. ; The present officer are: 1 P. C W. 11. Wilson 8. V. C. A. S. Eouther. J. V. C. K. O. NelHon . Q. M. II. B. Craw. Adjt. I. V. Hitchcock. Chaplain I.,. A. Corkins. Surgeon I. E. Trosler. Orflccr of Day C. A. Bluex Officer of Guard J. IJ. Prltehard. 8. M J. It. Janes. Q. M. 8 T. W. Graves. The Peabody Post Is the largest in the county, having a piesent membership of G4. CURRENT COMMENT Dy E. W. Hoch. LOST SPRINGS POST The Lost Springs Post Barnbll) Post No. 274 was organized April 14, 1891, with the following charter members: A. Terry II. Allen J. T. Mastin. Levi Seely W. B. Zercher O. W. Zlders Present Members. There are at present thirteen members as follows: A. Terry Co. F. 103 111. II. Allon Co. F. 92 111. Levi Seeley Co. II. 104 Ohio J. G. Mcintosh Co. I). 139 Ind. W. W. Whitaker Co. II. 31 Ind. J. II. Mills Co. A. E.I 11'. J. H. McBurncy Co. K. 13 Ky. D. F. Stauffer Co. D. 69 Pa. E. Creamer r'o. E. 31 N. J. H. F. Mott Co. E. 91 111. G. L. Elliott Co. D. 98 Pa. S. F. Thompson Co. C. 83 111 John Bower Co. D. 82 Ohio. FOR 8ALE. ; "One 6 and one 6 room bouse In wes' EH York Marlon, good barn. Maple trees ulon-. F. L. Glover front. On easy terms or In monthly John Grawl payments. J. F. Dnhllnger.Elmo, Kan E. 8. Fry ! The First Commander was W. B. 1 VOH SALE at a bargain if taken Zercher. The Past was named for Co! ". "iy residence on tho bill Ilarnhlll, 4Mli 111., who wan killed at ;twn as tho C. E. Wells property. Kennesaw Mt. Ga., June 27, 1864. The present Commander is G. Elliott. i Inijulro of J. L. Youngker. FOR SALE Good second hand ; typewriter. Your own price and i terms. C. H. Brooks, General Delivery. If President Taft succeeds In getting two of the great nations to Join his own country in a treaty of permanent pence, he will have achieved the greatest triumph of diplomacy the past century has recorded. Or If only Eng land Jo.i us In the compact, It will he mi achievement sufficient to make lii.i mime immortal. In any event it was a great, conception, and stamp! the President as a man of noble Impulses and lofty siateHiuaiMiiip. Duel ing among men Ik a thing of the paHt and dueling among natloiiH should find an early plac e In the snap pile anil Junk heap of history. Win n Kaunas abolished the common drinking cup there was the usual elevation of the eastern nose and the UKiial curl of the eastern lip and the usual remark uhoul "cranky Kunsiis". ' It lined to amuse me greatly when rUtf lug on the trains In this state, after that reform went Into effect, to see eastern travelers try to get a drink of water, and unable to do so without paying a penny for a paper cup, hear them open out on "cranky Kansas, where one can't even get a drink of water." But a half dozen havo already followed this wise, sanitary example, including conservative old Massachusetts. And this comment war Inspired by a news Item in today's dallies, to the effect that Illinois has Just Joined the procession. Kansas always, that Is, nearly always leads. You will miss the biggest laugh of the year If you fall to hear old Dan KuHHcll in tho Matinee IGrl Co , at the Auditorium tonight. MIhb Hazel McCann, a former Marlon girl, Is a 'member of this company. Hobs Miller, who Is attending K. I' had an arm broken while doing '.ome stunt in the gymnasium last week. But he is able to continue his school , work. THE PEABODY POST. We endeavored to secure a com- i which would have made the roster of plete roster of the Peabody Post j the Posts of the county complete Id Children Ory FOR FLETCHER'S C ASTO R I A If this "harmony" movement wbh b Is wafting over Kansas like a genii.' zephyr freighted with the perfume of rows, and, changing the figure, Is per colating through politics like a spark ling rivub-t trickling down the moss-covered, vine-clad hillsides, Is genulni and not a make believe, w hy should any one object to tho retention of A. W. Smith In the office of Pension Commissioner? A. W. Hinlth Is one of the big, brainy men of Kansas. I doubt If there is a man In tho State who has sacrificed more for his coun-' try, his State or his party than this, ! stalwart old soldier and citizen. Ills ' soldier record is splendid and pathetic. I His Andersonvlllo experience maker one's heart beat faster to think of it. No man ever waged a more valiant oi more arduous battle against political heresies, or a more expensive one, than he waged 111 Ills lucitinrnhlo.ciim palgn for Governor. His defeat was really a niagnlflclent victory, mo great were the odds against him, and so nearly did he come to overcoming theui. Hut that battle, the story of which has never been adequately wrltl ten, Imposed a financial burden upon him, of which he has never complain eel, and from which 1 think he has never fully recovered. In private and public- life he has been an honor to his party, his Klate and Ills ciiunlry. His ability Is not ipicntloucd. Then why ijulhhle about his confirmation? If we are going to have harmony, lets havo It. A good Democratic friend was sun a couple of weeks ago that there was a deep, dark plan to keep our troops on the Mexican border until the next Prcald'lntlal clcctliUi, then get up some sort of pretext for sending then across the lino and provoke a war with our sister Itepuhllc, for political purposes assuming that tho rebellion down there would go on till then, "An no President was ever defeated whlh he had a war on his hands," sadly sug ge .iled our g. D. f . But now that Peac e has come like a blessed benediction to our southern nelghhbors, the blasted Id-publicans will havo to conspire some new conspiracy, for otherwise they won't have anything except one c of the wisest, most hsulness like and most mice c.HHf ill administration la tin past half century to commend them for further favors and continued confidence. , SHE RIFF'8 BALE. In tho District Court of the 8th Judicial District, sitting In and for I the County of Marlon, in tho Htatu of Kansas. t The KI-hI National Bank of Hills-i boro, hansns, (n corporation). Plaintiff. I v"- Peter J. Jan.en, Win. Kchlehiiber, .1 l(. Burkhohler, The Badger l.uinbci ! Company (a corporation ), F. I,. Dock-starter. The Htale Bank of l.elilgh (n corporation) and J. K. I'uiman. Do feiidants. By virtue (if an order of sale Issued In mi', out of said Dlstrclt Court, In I lie above entitled action, I will on Saturday the 1st day of July A. It. 1911, at 2 o'clock p. ui. of said day at the I j on I door of the court House, In the 4 Ml y of Marlon, III the County of Marlon, In (lie Htale of Kansas, offer at public sale and sell to Hie hlghcHl and best bidder, for cash in hand, all the following des cubed real chIuIo, to-wlt : Lots one (I (and two (L')ln block Ihlileeu (III) In the original Town of Hlllslioro, Marlon County, Kansas, lying and situate In the County ol M ar Ion, In the State of Kalians. The atsive lleKl-riheil real estate Is taken as the properly of said defend ant Peter ,1. .lan.en, and is directed by said order of sale to be sold, and will he sold without appraisement, to satisfy said order of sale. II II. HI.A YMAKKIl, Sheriff of Marlon County, Kaus. 8. BUHKHOI.DK't, Attorney. J. V. Thomas left yesterday for Idaho with the Intention of fludltiH a permanent location out there. Memorial Sermon. Tim Memorial Hermon will bo deli vend here this year by Itev. E. K. i Krffmcycr, pastor of tho Evangelical church. Tho service will be held at the Auditorium at 11 o'clock on Bun-day, May 28. All of tho churches of t tho town have been asked to dismiss j their regular services for the occasion and will no doubt gladly comply. i There will be special music ! Makes Rome Baking Easy ; mm The Record for quality printing. Absolutely Pure The only baking powder mado from Royal Grapo Cream of Tartar un ai pu wn i iur DHrrcDMivrr I liw nbwiiiijiiM binik iiuwi iini fc . if

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