The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1939
Page 6
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.fDS 'I|S; TAKES : IP "Cubs Trim Giants, Pitts burgh And Cardinals I; Triumphs : BV GEORGE KIRKSEY United Press Staff Corresponden NEW YOHK, June 8 (UP)—Ho a team bounces buck from a ica shellacking often Is Die Upon* o that Club's: backbone. Twice nlread In-line the Cincinnati Reds hav proved they are a solid club 'On Decoration Day the Cub lashed the Reds twice, 6-0 and 2-0 Cincinnati moved into the East ani in, its'next two starts scored tv> hammer and tongs extra Innln; games from the Bees, 9-4 in 13 in nlngs and 4-0 In 11 innings , Then, niter bumping off Hi Giants twice, the Reds were cruel fied, 17-3, In one of the blgges home run carnages in major league history Tuesday But a game ove Is forgotten by the 1931 Reds, who have poise and balance. They tripped Into Philadelphia yesterday and grabbed the opener from the Qua kers, 5-4, making eight lilts go farther than'the!Phils' 13. Whitey Moore won Ills seventh game although hit hardline Reds infield came up with three double plays, Gil Brack hit a homer with a mat* on but was thrown out at the plate in the ninth trying • score the lying run. The St Louts Caidinals beat Brooklyn, 7-3, before 33,295 last night The Dodgers, In third place for a day, dropped to fifth when the Cubs walloped the Giants, 7-1, and Pittsburgh trumped the Bees, 2-0. "Fiddler" Bill McGce dbtiib- uted seven hits to score his fifth straight victory for St. Louis, while the .Cards rapped Mungo, Evans and Kutchinson for 11 safeties Claude Posseau won his first game in a Cub uniform as he set Uie Giants down with five Jills. The Chants' once tight infield re, sembled a ripe piece of Swiss cheese as Laz?erl, Bonura and Jurges mode four errors in Ihe box score and other mtsplsys not recorded. Bill S«ift, making hh first start of the season, pitched the Pirates to victory with a seven-hitler Chuck Klein, picked up as a free agent,- made his debut In the Pirate outfield and scored what proved to be the winning (ally after his single in the fourth The Yanks beat the White So\, 5-2 With the scoie lied, 2-2, and three, on, Raddlff dropped Dickej's fly and Rolfe scored Lee's uild pitch permuted Hennch to tally, and Selkirk's sacrifice fly sent In DIMaggio. Three runs on one lilt - Washington slapped Cleveland down' twice, 1(1-4 and 13-9 In the second game, the Indians had a 9-4,lead.going into the eighth, but the Senators scored twice in that frame and seven limes in the ninth Rookie Joe Haynes held the Indians* to seven hits In the opcnei and rookie Walter Maslerson, \\lio pitched one inning, received credit for the'nightcap. .Despite homers by Rudy York and Dixie.Walker, the Tigers lost to the Athletics, 5-4 The A's scored the winning run on Sam Chapman's double, n sacrifice and a passed ball by York * * « Yesterday's hero—Claude Passeau, who let the Giants down Tuilh five lilts as he pitched the Cubs into a tie with the Pirates for third place ' Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League Newport 5, Carulheri>vllte 3 Jonesboro 8, Paragonld 6 Southern League Night games: Little'Rock at Memphis Kntrxvllle al Nashville Chalianooga a, Atlanta 2. Birmingham at New Orleans (2 Ijaines), National Leapi e Pittsburgh 2, Boston 0 Chicago 7, He\v York 1 Cincinnati 5, Philadelphia 4 St Louis 7. Brooklyn 3. American Leajroc •Washington 10-13, Cleveland 4-9 New York 5, Chicago 2 Philadelphia 5. Detroit 4. Boston at St LOUIS, postponed rain. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas League Newport at Caruthersviile. Jonesboro at Paragould Southern league Little Rock at Memphis, night game Knoxville at Nashville. Birmingham at New Orleans Only games scheduled National League Pittsburgh at Boston. Cincinnati 'at Philadelphia, nish game. Chicago at New York, Only games scheduled Is He 'Another Tunney? American League Washington at Cleveland ' Philadelphia at Detroit. -, New York at Chicago --/Boston. at St. Louis (2 games ;, - < Tomatoes CaJI for Ladder SALT LAKE CITY (UP)— Walt Crarie, -University of Utah graul ate student, bought a stepladd to pteJcv,touutoes from the 15- foe he grows In \ hue > / BLYTHEVILLE, '(ARK;)'.COURIER NEWS ie new Tnnncj and the old Tvmnej LOU Nov-i and Gen- imney much alike as to fighting stjks pmonalltles and nhysi- cal nppcaiawe . . . stand side by side for your comparison Today's Sport Parade Bj Henry McLemor* ' PHILADELPHIA, June 8 (UPJ- fighter wins the heavyweight ampionshlp In 45 minutes or less find n million dollars. . : A driver spim around the in- anapolis track foi three or lour >nrs—and gets n check for .525,- A tennis plajei captures Die 'Imbledon or U s championship and cashes, in foi anywhere from 5,000 :to $100,000. A baseball plnyor lilts .350 and " n -alary in the more serious figm e bracket A golfer wins the National Open inmpiomhlp—aim gels oiic th'on- nd dollars. it doesn't add up, docsn'l make use. Not to Denny Shiitc, aiiy- ay, wlio Ihinks the time lins come professional golfers to demand t the winning of (he imo's gest tournament reward the dor with something more than Ircut money. ' Shule isn't bitter about Hie busies, mind jon, because golf has en klndei to him than lo most ' the men \\ho play It for a liv- ;. Enough putts dropped in, the P. enough drives and brassies lit In the middle, to enable him win the British Open title and o U S p o A championships, is eating and well, which is ore than you can say for some the boys whose careers nre nrV rapped up in mnshles nnd spoons id wedges ' But Slnito thinks the pros are ing taken for suckers. "Just try to figure out what nse the open makes," shutc said st night after Ills final practice und for the 1039 open, which arted today on the course of the uladelphla Country club "The irse Ms $1,000. There were more an 1,100 fellov\s who paid/lhc itry fee of 55 in Ihe hope of unifying. That makes something ke $6,000, nnd as half of the inen ho paid were pros you can see iftt those ol us here nre actually aying for our own money. "Champions of other sports with s widespread appeal as golf make Is of money. But not golf champ- ns Sam Sueart was a sensation st year, and led all the fellows n money won. Yet Sam didn't uite win $20,000. Sam didn't make Is money easily. He was playing early every day, through al\ sorts f weather. Whether he felt good ad, or indifferent didn't make nny IfTcrencc. He hnd to keep going. Jut of hi? winnings he had to »y all of his expenses, and they (in into money, even to a bachelor Take (he Open in Denver last year unless a man lived In the neigh- borhood, he went lo' Denver knowing he had lo -finish seventh or better to break even. And finishing seventh In an ope;v these clays when the competition is so great, is something no man can count on—not, even Guldahl. One bad hole— one seven, eight or. nine— nnd you are out of the running" Shute hasn't hny solution for the problem. There has been a remedy or two suggested, one being that the top ranking professionals, Die ones with box office names boycott the Open unless the ni-fec money Is raised. But the pros never will do thai. .They -love golf too well, have too much, of the live loday and let, tomorrow take care of ilself spirit. ; They are the truest amateurs of ail, the golf professionals, and unless IT voice, is .wised in their behalf Iliey will go on walking their legs off, trying their hearts out and half .starving. ' .1 hove the voice" (my Uncle Jake Is. former national hog calling champion) lr someone will just step up with the Idea to holler out, BASEBAuTsTANDINGS Northeast Arkansas League W ' Ij Pet Garuthcrsville ...... 1 8 10' 6 43 Newport ........ ... 10 ,, • '-.. -• .. „....... Joncsbsro .. „._... ,„ Soiillicrn League Chntlanoofn ...... 27 10 xMcmplils . ....... ...2520 'ot AtJauto xKnoxvillc 24 21 xBlrmlnglmm .. .." . 21 22 xNctt- Orleans .... 22 25 xNnshvlllc .'.[[ [g 23 XUittlO ROCk .., IB no x—Night game. 20 . 333 gg? .556 tii 533' «8 4fiR I^Q : National l.cajrue ci " cln »!<« .......... 30 is' St. Louis . ........... 25 17 Brooklyn 23 2 , Philadelphia American 335 New Ycrl: Boston 19 Cleveland . Detroit .. ..!."'.... Philadelphia .. 1^25 Washington .. ..'.','..'.'. jg 26 ' •• 13 30 The spider builds hc7~r,cst as a * nare ; for "ic cuplurc of prey, and Ihereforc It must be as Inconspicuous as pcssible. Dcw P .590 .558 .512 19 25 .432 .419 .409 .302 Lou Nova ".Plans. .'Bating Overseas Before fackl ing Brown Bomber nv KAKRY GRAYSON NBA Service Sports Editor NEW YORK, June 8.—Jay Louli Nova . . . that's Ills full name . . Is being called "the new Tiuinoy," And those who are petitioning Michael Strnuss Jacobs not to rush Nova into a match with Joe Louis •.might .recall the career of the Manly Marine. But first-Just to set your fear-- nt re-sU-Nova won't be sen! against L:uls until next year. He'll sail for England shortly vill do n long string of fonr-rolimi exhibition!; on Die olhej- side . , against Tommy Birr. ..nil-comers Dial's because Hay Garten wha boh Nova'where lie is today' won't be stampeded. Carlen fully realizes that the longer lie makes Louis wait the better leva's .chances will be Meanwhile, he'll school Ills warrior 'GENE TUNNEY CAME BACK „ But to get back la the "new Timney," don't foi-gct the old. Recall what happened to 24-year-old Gene Ttmney when he was "rushed" into a blg-tlme mutch in 1922 Tlmt was (he time Tunney first bumped Into Harry Greb. I still iiave a picture of Doe Bagley applying a leech to Tunncy's eye and telling the Irish youth not to be discouraged. "I'm not discouraged" Tunney kept repeating. .'',•. Jle wasn't. He beat the amazing Greb a year later—(rouhced him in four subsequent meetings. Tmmey was 28 when he was paired with Jack Deiiipsey-and our wisest experts said and wrote that the chances were that, the Greenwich Village Polly wouldn't as much as show up. I'ltOVED HE ' COULD TAKE IT .-.','. '., That gives Novn four more years lo get ready for the supreme ef- rorl. Now, the Max Baer. of the other night wasn't a Greb by .any stretch of the Ininginatlcn, but at (lie conclusion of 10 and a fiacticn rounds Baer looked like Tunney after the old Pittsburgh .windmill had. finished with the. marine ,In their first excursion. A truck might just as well have hit Tunney and Baer. '".''•.••' ', '': ' Nova Irained at Ihe Clarksiovvn Country Club, where for 20 yea'rs or so Dr. Pierre Bernard has been teaching Yogaism. The idea of Yoga is balance, poise nnd equilibrium of Ihe head, aiid heart Nova must have been a'poor: pupil, for the only thine about, htm that was steady In his match with Baer wn's his heart. . ..„:, Nova has two left feet in the ring, whicli is another way of saying that his stance is poor. , If anything, he is too game. ' lie fought Baer dead wrong. : ~ The only danger against Mnxje Adelberf is getting your chin In the nrc of one of his swings. \ All Nova had to do was stny inside Hie arc, yet he repeatedly put his chin in the line of fire and what easily might have been worse for him . . . slugged it out with a puncher when hurt. Baer had enough left lo definitely prove that Nova can take it, We already knew that Nova knocked down, will get- up MUST LEAUN FINE I'OINTS It would be'a mistake to try lo' Iry lo leach Nova to punch. What lie must, acquire is .grace and rhythm. He must be taught to protect himself inside. All he does now Is piU his arms aratmd the other bloke's neck and hug him like an amateur. In Nova's favor are size, rea'cli,' gameness and an undeniable number of fistic weapons ; . . dull to be sure . . \. but there to be sharpened. And above all,, ills love for thc game. lie quit college , 'gave up football . . . lo box. " 'f If Nova had his way, he'd fight' Louis tomorrow night, but he's Intelligent enough to listen to advisers. : He's another Tunney, all rl»ht although he can get along ° in (raining without 12-pound bocks. He requires none of the old Tunney veneer. He lectured at Manhattan College the other afternoon without once putting a. big vvcrd on thc wrong stilts. Lou Nova may never be able to whip Joe Louis, but he's a fine, clean boy who has earned and Is entitled to the opportunity. And don't forget that you never can icll about a young heavyweight, 3 Statistics show that only one o every 300,000 letters mailed in tli United states Is lost before de I livery. GET YOUR CAR READY KOU SUMMK1{' Buy all your car needs on our Easy Budget Plan. Small down payment and low easy terms. Your credit is good at PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, Ark-Mo to Meet V-8V; Goodyear Opposes Bottlers cola year 8lh & Walnut KU.IS SNIl'KS, Hudcd M Kr . r am The -Arkansas Missouri Power Corporation meets the Phillips Motor Company In the opening gainc of tonight's s:flball OouWe- licader at Haley FJcJd, In the second game the Coca -'a Bottlers will face Die Oood- r nnbljerinen. Hard /ought games Inst Tuesday '"'it- In which Goodyear beat Mo nnd ca'ea Coin Ijarely nosed Phillips Indicated that all the ins are now well matched and the race from now on should a free-for-all. Coca Cola and Mo are now tied far (he lead. Burns and Hires will iorm thc rk Mo battery tonight witli ,' and Davis or rtodgers vvork- for Phillips, Ivy will hurl nnd ' will catch for the Bottlers Scogglm pitching and Harwell catching for Goodyear. / Ark out that lie Ark Ing Tnft with Memphis Runs Victory String To Eight; Travelers Are Victims By United Press Pitcher Ed Heusser of the'Mcm- >his Chicks was an example of double 'value to the Southern Asso- •iatlon today as his team ran its tring of straight wins to eight. Heusser^ won his own game last ilgh't with a Frank Merrlwcll fin- ;h in thc ninth inning that gave lie Chicks a 5 to 4 decision over Little Rock. The Memphis pitcher Ingled to break a tie and drove n the winning run. He received redit for the win, although Henry nd Veverka preceded him on the nound. The league-leading Chattanooga •ookouts continued a notch ahead f Memphis by stomping Atlanta to 2. It was the eighth loss in 0 games for the Crackers. Sloppy upport for Pitcher Onnie Robinon cost the Crackers the ball ame. Two errors liv the third let 1 three runs. Robinson and Harris ave up 10 hits to the leaciors vhile Bass held the Atluntaiis to inc. On other league fronts, the fans awned ns tie games were halted y the midnight rule. '•• Knoxviile ' nnd Nashville battcr- d each other for 13 innings to (id tip 11-11. Playing time was a raction more than four hours. Nashville .knotted the count in the evenlh .then both clubs haminer- d out three runs in the ninth, "•rom there on, It was goose egg Her goose egg. Nashville used virtually every itcher in the stable in an attempt o pull out in front. Adams, Jeff- oat, Baker, • Gassavvny, Winford nd Martynjk tried a turn on the lound while Knoxvllle slapped the nrllng congress for 14 hits. Nash- ille had 20 bingles off sharp, Rambert and Swigcrt when the mplres called "lights oul." The midnight rule halted an- Iher encounter nt New Orleans in :ie second game of a double header vith Birmingham. The Barons lopped the first one to the Peli- ans 0 to 5 as shortstop Scalzi con- imied his heavy stickwork for New Orleans. Sentel homered in oth games, driving in two runs In ie first and one in the second. THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1939 Meet Dccring Ari-Stai^Friday£Night D eri^ Trn A T <*n»™u°n (earn of m* City Softbai. Lcngue, 'above. -will meet 'the crack °e Lio^s Ol'ub l,fr S '« 8U C SflmC at " aley Keld ™ day " isht lmdw «»'»«* ° f <"* Biythe- e Lions Club, in a•prcllmmnvygBinoUvo picked .squads from the Lions Club, Bailey's Beefers and Grimes' Gripers, will moot. The finals was tied 4-4 in the eighth when the midnight rule took effect. Today's schedule:' Dlrminglinm nt New Orleans; Knoxville at Nash- vilJe and" Little Rock at Memphis. Chattanooga and Atlanta have another day off. Local "Golfers "Will-Play At '• Kenneth Mo, Arrangements were made today for an intra club match between Kennett and Blytheville golfers at Kennett, Mo. next Sunday. Match 'makers for Hie local club are especially eager (a meet the Mlssowians and today postponed a scheduled intm-club nmtcli in order to avail themselves ot the opportunity to meet kcnnelt's best.; 'It is anticipated that a strong' contingent of golfers will make the trek. I Read Courier News wanl nds. .'. Complete Line of WEST1NGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP MO S. Second Phone 314 TWSamuels KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURDON DISTILLED arm MW£U MWtV fl-TJ-E-N-T-l-O-N Ail Ex-Service Men Last dislricf meeting of the year lo elect new officers and pass on important resolutions to I)C presented to State Convention at Hclcnn next month will be held al the Legion IIul Hlvthe- villc ' , SUNDAY, JUNE It, 1939 AT 10 A.M. SHARP Plenty to Eat, Drink, and Good Speakers perspire read this... 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