The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California on January 11, 1909 · Page 8
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The Bakersfield Californian from Bakersfield, California · Page 8

Bakersfield, California
Issue Date:
Monday, January 11, 1909
Page 8
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PageS THE BAKEBSPIEIiD CALTPOBNIAN- MONDAY, JANUARY 11,1909. KODAKS AND APPLIES *f the most rcliflhl'p kinds. Eflstmnn'x Kodaks, !•>•"> to $95. Ol»vplppiii{£ insidiinew $2 to $10. ; Films and plntes and developing fluid. DEVELOPING AND PRHTTINO / Done for those that are too busy to attend to it themselves. Write to us for complete price lint of Kodaks. Leading Drugg!*ti Baer's Southern Hotel Block EMPIRE THEATER EBRITE A SON, Porp«. High Class Vaudevllte, Illustrated Songs, and Mot I in Pictures MfaHnee* on Saturday and Sunday, 2:30 p. r,i. Doors open at 7. Show begins at 7:30. Second performance, 9 (Continuous performance} Overture. "Sunbeams" 2 PAUL PIZZARELLO The Tramp Juggler 3 Illustrated Song, "By the Old Oaken Bucket, Louise" Paul Tonjet SIGNOR PIZZARELLO The Great Comedy Musical Artist 5 HEADMAN & DOUGLASS The Dutchman and The Soubrette 6 EMPIRE MOTION PICTURES "The Impersonator's Jokes" "An All Wool Garment." PRICES: General Admission Reserved Section . Reserved Seats ... .10c .15c .20c THE BALL iiAME The. Baker...ielj iiall tossevj who lourncyed to .WKiurlek yesterday, with, the Intention ui taking the W«at aiders into camp, came back last night a wiser it not sadder bunch, with the abort end of an 8 to 3 score. The hoodoo of the new suits of Happy Hogan'H driller organization proved too great for Bakersfleld to overcome. Charlie Turner's in- shoots and drops troubled the bat ting eyes.of the local pick-ups, whi were In none too good condition anyhow, and when they did get started around the circuit of the bases they generally came to grief while attempting steals or faded away ingloriously while their team mates fanned the air. , Hogan's team, on the other hand, put up a very snappy exhibition of the national game. The Infleld lineup or McKittrtck was all that tould be desired, and way out In the gardens the Bakcrsfield boys were often robbed of what promised to be two- baggers. Both teams were weak with the stick, and nothing was hit above the one-base limit . , A good crowd made the trip with ! the players and all enjoyed the do-1 Ings Immensely. The excursion was ' a success and almost 100 people were aboard the special. McKlttrick fans turned out In numbers to see the fun. Umpire Sam Ferguson proved as big a success with the Indicator as ho has In the past with the scrappres in the squared circle. A return game with McKlttrick In Bakersfleld will undoubtedly prove a good drawing: card. Wit hu little more practice and some of the old men back In their positions, the locals should be able to put up a much better game on their home grounds than they did yesterday. The line up of the two teams and the score by innings were as follows: Bakerafleld—Gordon Gillespi e and Sapho Claflin, pitchers and first base; Teal, catcher; Basquet, second base; Macmurdo, short stop; Holmes, third base; Mlllard, right field; Ker any, center field; Cavlns, right field. McKlttrick—Turner, pitcher; Adams, catcher; Phelan, first base; Brady, sepond baae^ Hogan, short stop; Westlake, third base; Smith, Tracy and Jewett, field. '•• 123456789 Bakersfleld ... 00100110 0—3 McKittrlck ... 10302101 *—8 Trading Stamps Will Ndt Be Issued On and After February 1st. We Shall Discontinue Giving Trading Stamps After the Above Date-This Change Will Be Permanent Fill Your Bocks During January And anticipate your spring wants, buy all you will need for the next nix months. PRICES ABE LOWERED in every department, which is a Special Inducement for you to buy all your supplies in January and thus FILL YOUR TRADING STAMP BOOKS—before it is too late. Trading Stamps Will be Redeemed At any time BEFOKB APRIL 1st, thus giving you sixty days after w cease to issue them to present them for redemption—Stamps will not be redeemed after April 1st. (let as many Trading Stamps as you can in January so aa to beautify your home without extra cost. Do You Wear Walk-Over Shoes? If not, let your next pair be WAhK-OVl'.RS. Every WALK-OVER Shoe is a collection of "hard-to-wcarout" parts, put together in the most substantial and scientific manner possible. The thread, the sole leather, the linings, every single part is selected for its toughness and. particular fitness for the functions it is meant to perform . WALK-OVER .beauty is more than skin deep. It's built right into the shoe, that's why it lasts. It doesn't cost more than shoes, either—$3.50, $4.00, $5.00. WE HAVE THE EXOLUSIVEE AGENCY FOE WALK-OVER SHOES. BIGGEST EMBROIDERY SALE i.akersfieldHas Ever Known Will Take Place At Redlick's on MONDAY, JAN. 8th 65c Think of it A good wire horse brush for such money is worth buying. See them in the window. Good fiber brush, 25c. A. B. Harrington 1517 19th St. Too Late For Classification WANTED. EMPLOYMENT — Two good men, good habits, wish any kind of employment, together. Kunr.h v.'ork preferred. Address, J. P., this office. 140 • FhACEHNAL BROTHERHw;0— Kfiii lodge No. 58, Fraternal D.'oth- erhood, meets on the first and tiiird Wednesday of each month at S p. m i.i .'C. of P. hall, lu Kern City. H H L.-VVII, President; J. R. Rose, Secy. GRAY DIL CO, RKNT—Ranch; 7 acres- 4U s» west of Bakersfleld. Enquire 1019 N street, Bakersfield. 140 FV'.^ SALE—Showcases. Inquire at ':'-.. Chester avenue. HO FOUND—On oil fields road south ot the river bridge, a brown canvas telescope grip. Owner may have sumo by calling at this office and paying for advertisement. 143 NOTICE. CASTOR IA For Infants and Childitn. IH Kind You Have Always Bought flfears the Signature of LOOK LOOK AT THE Now 1909 B. S. and Curtis Motorcycle. Iligh power, ease of control and speed desired are the features of the R. S. and Curtis Motorcycles. Notice also fivo second hand oMtorcyclo, all guaran- to be in first cmss shape. Racyole $110 Light $125 Curtl* $150 Reading $150 Reading ....' $140 Bible* Cyclery 1807 Chester Ave. Phone 850 All ueraous ownlnsr in.the Citv Limits !U1. V.-":' 1 *u t I Bukersfle and keenlnir .,-.._ld. are lu-Teuv notifio^'t'hSt ta«« for tV> Doe MceiiBO for tT« venr commenclne „ are now ready for di Clerk's office Notice IH very at the Citv M^r Alvon that. I will Articles of incorporation of the J. E. Gray Oil Company have been filed. The incorporators are J. E. Gray, W. W. Verner, Matthew S. Platz, all of Bakersfleld. The Kerr estate case still occupies Judge Million's department. The articles of Incorporation of the Bessie Oil Company have been plac ed on file. The company Is capital ized at $20,000 and the officers and llrectors are W. A. Jacobs of San Franclaco, Meredith Spencer of San Francisco, Mark A. Thomas of Oakland, Joe W', Deinst of Oakland and H. B. Montague of Piedmont. Mrs. W. T. Sedwtck Has filed suit against the Commoners of America, a benefit fraternal lodge, for $400 and costs. The $400 Is alleged to have been due OR a policy carrle 1 by her husband, Win. T. Sert* Ick, whose death occurred about D.»c. 17, 1907. W. W. Kaye 1« representing the plaintiff. A.marriage license has been Issued to William D. StockwelJ, aged 21, and Laura M. Galnes, aged 20, both residents of Compton. DUDLEY HELD FOR ASSAULT Walter Dudley, the cook who carved up Frank Hess, a ranch hand, with a jtnlfe last Sunday, and later took a 8hot at him from the rear with a shotgun loaded with bird shot, was bound over for trial before the Superior Court this morning, aftajt an examination before Justice Black, and Is held In Jail In default of J2000 ball, which he is unable to furnish. A very strong case was made against Dudley, but very little new evidence was uncovered. Dudley claimed self-defense, according to the story of the witnesses, and said that Hess had tried to carve him with a knife. Hess, testified, however, that he had no knife, and that Dudley was the aggressor at all times. Thomns Scott, Jr., the new deputy district attorney, conducted ,the case for the prosecution In a very credit- able manner. His father. Thomas Scott, Sr., was an interested spectator. Dudley was not represented by counsel. KEITH BUNGALOW WILL SOON 'BE COMPLETED. E. A. Keith of the local office of the telephone company, ejpects his five-room bungalow, being constructed across from College Green, to be t mpleted very soon. The new horna lb one of the most cozy and beautl- IK' In that section and was designed by Keith & Boudreau of Berkeley, tbs former being Mr. Keith's brother. There appears to be much building to contemplation for that part of tha cly and A. Weaber Is reported to bo plmnlng a handsome residence struo fare and two cottages for rental pup "ft 'uted January 11. 19 oynd Keener. Citv ami ink Overcoat Thief Held.— Charles Miller, a well known local working man, is hold In Jail, suspected or taking an overcoat left by Rube Butterfield In a room In the Boston house, occupied ijy Miller ana a companion. Tlio overcoat has not yet been recovered. NOTICE OF SALE OF REAL ESTATE AT PUBLIC AUCTION. BY THE CITY OFJBAKERSFIELD. Notice Is hereby given that In mir- finance to an order made and passed by the,, Board of Citv Trustees of the Citv of Bakersneld. on the 7th dav of December, 190§. the. Citv ~ i\ l • the.v~~. . East con of said bid i reuiuni.v. io\jy f u\. i\j u * ii'enqon of that dav In fro. Hall of sntd Citv at the South 'tier of ' 7 K' T and 20th streets, cltv. to the hisheat and nesl - •--*- 1 -- -• the .U.nltet - t"n' the RATIONAL CREST YOU 'WANT IT I SOLO' ONLY' IN TINS Bakersfleld Grocery Co. Bakersfleld, Cat. Sole Agents Phone Main 186. 1717-1719 19th est of t,fin said city In and to tne uron- orty herein descrlbeu, the said nrooertv IB held by said city under Tax deeds for. the non-payment of taxes thereon. Encn of the said blecen of 'irooertv will bo sold .separately. tl»' followlne la a nartlcularl descriotlpn of th«' Raid nronertv authoi-ized bv the said board to be sold., to-wlt: Lot one (1) In block three hundred and thinv-four (:i34): also Ix)ts, six. seven and eluht fn. i. iinrt S) In block fifty-two (52) of the l.ow- I'M mUllilon to said c'lty of Bakersflold. one hundred • -l n " 1?ot eleht (SI In block i and elditv-slx (1SG). also i.ots nineteen nun tw-niv (in .-ind SO) In block one hundred and twenty- four (124). also Lotfi thirteen, fourteen, fifteen aud sixteen (13. 14. 15. and Ifil in block one, hu nil red And thirteen (lljl). „ All In (no Cltv of BflkorsfleUI. County of Koni. Stnte of, California, and Kccorrtlne to the ofnclal map of siidl Cltv filed and recorded In tne offloi 1 of I be Count v recorder of said Kern f'mmtv nn tho l >"th Hny of AOVPUlbor A. WRABKR. ' :-Offloio Taxcol- TO KILL THE DANDRUFF QERM. ta the .Only Powlble W«r of Having An Effective Cure, It you i«a a woman or a man with luxuriant glossy hair, you may bo nur« neither has daniiruX to amount to anything. In nearly ev«ry case whore women and man have thin brittle hilr, they owe It to ii:indruff. Thero are hundreds of prop- urntlons that "claim" to cure dandruff, but not one hut Newbro'B Horplcldo tellB you that dandruff U the result of a garm burrowlnjr Into the Bcalp, and that permanent cure of dandruff and Its consequent falling sntl biHnoss, can only be had by killing- the germ; and there Is no other preparation that will destroy that Rerm but Newbro'a HerpMde. "Destroy the cauie. and you remove the affect." Bold by leading druggUta. Send loc. in ftampe for sample to Th« Herplclde Co., Cetrolt Mich. MORLEY'S THEATRE Maaonic Temple, 200? Chester Avenue BOX OFFICE OPEN 7:15 to 0:15 N() Hi »L d ro P ' CTURE8 AND -SONGS! FUN AND AMUSEMENT FOR EVERYBODY. " Th « Tale aQd Thureday MHH 'lit* V'V>VHll> ItVIIMIBr C^ountv. on the 25th da 'Treasurer and _.v-otor of ' "• Date of fir .._ui-6i' and ex-O...,,,. lector of the Cltv "f Ba'-' 1 --i«pi-V "rst nubllcatlon ,lan, II. i; IN CATTLE SAN 81 PJUVINTIO CUTTER'S BLACE tSG VACCIHB California's (»vorl'.«. the mo»t •«• c<"»ful. easiest used aud loweit pnctd rilltbU vaccine mad«. Powder, airing or pill form, Wrm (or (reo Black Ug Booklet. THE CUTTER LABORATORY ,. If your druggiit doc« not (took ovu vw;;ni--<, trder dirrct from IUL , The kind that makes the break. ;sr-resl Coffee through »nd 'rough—always the same. Vour grocer will too'flni Yes Sir! These Short Lot* Bother Us »: »: They've got to go— that is, those that are lett. Last week helped out considerably— the lot isn t half as big as it looked a week ago. Understand us—this is , lot a 'general sale throughout the store. Not even all clothing is involved. \Ve simply picked out the short lots —single suits and sometimes two of a kind— and these we priced— $9.75 i Included are suits and cravcnettes for men and young men—all this season's styles. You'll not have this opportunity many more days. Better step up. S.WJSEKOPF

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