The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 29, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 29, 1949
Page 10
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Strength of Big HurricaneWanes Storm It Blowing ItMlf Out in Carolina Region CHARLOTTE, N.C., AUB. 29. CAP, —The big hurricane was blowing it- t*lt out Jod»y. It turned back to (he northeast In North Carolina, and Southern Virginia In a dying effort to return to the Atlantic Ocean where It was ipawned a week ago. The howling moaster which ripped into Florida's "Gold Coast" on the east side Friday, cutting a multi-million dollar damage swath, was described by weathermen as just another heavy windstorm. It raced across the Carol in as' Piedmont section yesterday bringing heavy rain*. But Its steel-twisting power was reduced to limb-brcak- in?, thingle tearing and the fouling of power and communications line*. Lumberton, N.C., and Florence, S. C., reported guests of 60 miles an hour; Greensboro, N.O., recorded 68 raph without damage to the city. Charleston. S.C.. had one report, of a gust of. 80 mph but damage was limited to power lines. The choppy sea, aided by a high tide, flooded streets in the bay area. Aa the lag end of the hurricane rushed into Maryland it brought winds up to 55 miles an hour but the weather bureau said it probably would be just "another heavy storm/ Trees were blown down in some sections of Maryland and some house lights were knocked out but there was no major damage reported. It was in Florida that the giant exploded its peak power. Damage ran into the millions. One life was lost In Florida and one in Georgia. A preliminary survey brought damage estimates varying from W.OOO.OOO to $30.000,000. WORLD TRADE Continued from Page 1. DOW confronts us. "The free nations have the resources and the means to accomplish that task- One of the main problems. Mr. Truman said ia, that foreign coun- trie« need more things from the United States than they can pay for. "As a result, world trade Is now Seriously out of balance." In the British-Canadlan-Ameri- ««n discussion* ,a.s well as in talks with other countries, Mr. Truman •aserted, four principles must be kept in mind: 1. "That a sound and expanding «conomy I* essential to world peace;" 2. "That we ore trying to expand the exchange of goods and services among nations"—not en- caging in "a charitable enterprise;" |. "That we cannot succeed unlerc w« keep everlastingly at it;" 4. '"That the democratic nations are not proposing to interfere with one another', internal politics." Investigation Of Robeson Riot Is Demanded NEW VORK, Aug. 29. <AP) — Backers of Paul Robe.son plan to call on Guv. Thomas K. Dewey today and demand a probe of the riot that cancelled a concert by the Negro singer Saturday night. Their demands—coming in a flur- •y of charges by Robeson and others—include the ouster of several Westchester County officials Groups of Robeson supporters )!an to call on Dcwey and Attorney General Nathaniel Goldstein mi make charges that the officials nl!«l to give police protection at he riot scene near Peeksklll, N Y. Robeson himself claimed the uis- >r<ier was part of a "national ter- or" nnd an attack on the Negro people, and lie demanded that Dewy start an investigation, The governor's office last nijrht ave no hint of what his reply to the ematids might be. Robeson's followers charged that wo officials aided an anti-Commu- ist rally of veterans groups that receded the three-hour riot. A huge crowd, estimated at 5.000 ersons. was caught up in the surg- ig battle, which raged in i a wooded picnic grove where obeson was scheduled to sltig. At least eight persons were inured, two seriously. BLI'THEVILLE (ARK..) COUKiEK NEWg MS K 0? Jbifuaries Roundup of Late World News Brother of Blytheville Man Dies in California R. R. Hocott, 54, of Los Angeles, alif., brother of J. P. Hocott of " the Los lytheville. died Saturday In southern Pacific Hospital in nseles follott-ing a year's illness. Funeral services are incomplete it will be conducted in Searcy rk. Mr. Hocott had visited relatives id friends here on a number of occasions, his most recent visit being last. June. He wns employed by the Southern pacific Railroad. In addition to his brother he is survived by two sons, Richard Donald and Paul Hocott of Kansas City Mo.; his mother Mrs. I,ula B. Hocott and another brother Ben Hocott of Lansing, III. Sixth Heart Attack Fatal for Bob Raburn Bob Raburn, 50-year old Irish lypsy who had been working for C. O. Smith in Blytheville for al"lost a year, during which time developed a formula for lini- uent. died yesterday at 5 p.m. at the Walls Hospital. He had been a patient there since list Tuesday when he suffered his sixth heart attack in five weeks. The Cobb Funera,! Home is In charge of arrangement* for the funeral, which are incomplete at this time. (By the Associated Press) The Ru.wirui-yugo.slav dispute was being watched closely i n the capitals of the world today. According to information reach In? Washington. Prime Mlnlsto. Stalin's grip on Russia's Communist satellite states lias been sharply shaken by his row with Premier Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia. The satellite countries are report ed to have encountered economic difficulties and large groups o! their people are discontented. Some political factions In countries are said to be attracted by Tito' success in defying Moscow. Today Belgrade. Tito's was swept by a flood of capital rumor ,„ th ™' The was engineered by violently nationalists elements ol ith the army and the civil poiu- \ ...,„ „„.,(,„ latlon. Tlie middle-of-the-road gov- i outside, eminent of Acting President Mam- | ™, (National revolutionary movement) sparked the uprising. j Paratrooper's Body Returned to Searcy Funeral services for Pvt. John Ponder, a paratrooper killed oh D- Day in the Invasion of Normandy and brother ot Mrs. Albert Enderlin, 1100 Chickasawba Street, will be conducted Priday morning in Searcy. Mr. and Mrs. Enderlin will leave for Searcy Wednesday. Ernest Elmer Hedge Dies in Biloxi, Miss. Rites for Elmer Hedge, 74. step-father ot Mrs. j. C. Ellis of Barfield. were conducted Saturday at II at the Bradford Funeral Home in Biloxi. Miss. Mr. Hedge I Tinker', a6."clerfc"in'"tiie post"oliicc died suddenly Tliursday afternoon In Kennctt. of a heart attack. He had resided ] His body was found near a house in Biloxi for 11 years, having moved occupied by Sherrill Mosley. Negro about moves and conntermoves in the increasingly heated war of words between Russia, and Yugoslavia. The rumors were denied by Yugoslav Government spokesjnen. One spokesman described as only a rumor a report thai three Soviet mcchtnizetl divisions have entered Hungary from Romania arid arc believed near the Yugoslav frontier Chinese Communists drnvr to positions 170 miles north of Canton, retu*rr. capital of the Nationalist rrsimr. The Red thrust carried to the outskirts of Juch'*n-. On Ihr Soiithrasl China Coast anoll^r f'ommimisl fore* w:ts ft portfrt moving against the bip- nort of ..>Ttinv, opntisite Formf>5!\ Thr Xnfional'sls rtfrr- Mid In be throwing heavy reinforcements into Amoy. Senate Committees Okay Use of Arms Aid to Build Up fact Nations' Supply ^WASHINGTON, Aug. 29—<fl>>_ Two Senate committees voted today to let European members O f the Atlantic Pact use part of President Truman's Jl,450,000,000 arms aid fund. to build up their own arms production. Senator Connally (D-Tex) told reporters the combined Foreign Relations and Armed Services Com mltteca voted u to 9 permit use of the money to buy tools, equipment and raw materials to produce weapons In their own factories. Senator Vandenberg (R-Mich) had argued against the proposed outlay of 5155.000.000 (M) to stimulate arms production in the European countries. Vandenbcrg contends such assistance should await the formation of n CnS<! C 2 l " ldl tmder the Atlantic ance and adoption by the council of an overall defense plan. Five Americans Climbing Peak in Search of Ark DOGU BAYAZIT, Turkey, Aug 29. (/Pj—Five American* are toiling up three-mile-high Mount Ararat today to see if Noah's Ark lies on the summit. They left this Isolated village yesterday morning and no word Is expected from the group making the perilous ascent until tomorrow at the earliest. The Russians have protested strenuously that the search for the ark Is merely a blind for a spying expedition—Ml, Arrarat is on the Turko-Russian border. The searchers, whom the Russians called spies, include Dr. Aaron J. Smith, 61, retired missionary from Greensboro, N. C.; Walter Wood. 36, development engineer of Sea Cliff, Long Island, N. Y.; Wendell Ogg, 24, of Knoxville, Tenn., physicist at the Oak Ridge atomic, energy plant; E. J. Newton, 46, interior decorator of Colfax, N. C.; and Associated Press Correspondent Edwin Greenwald. Five Turks are accompanying them. Interest in the area has intensl- Meld since last year, when peasants reported they had seen an object resembling a boat. The object had been uncovered by an unusually heavy (haw. As long ago as 1916, a Russian aviator said he saw on Ararat a ship that seemed identical to the Biblical description of Noah's Ark. "Cleopatra's Needle," the obelisk In New York's Central Park is 70 feet high and was built ir/Egynt 3500 years ago. A revolt which broke out of Bolivia Saturday still was In progress today .Rebels at Cochabamba defied government bombs mul loyal troops marching acainst them and i called on the rest of the population ! TRAFFIC STOPPER-Boston ocauly Brik Tone look over as N. H. She did the work so chnrminsly that the Hampton Beach Police Department made her an honorary chief. Here she shows ivhat a wll-dressed Nineteen-Months-Qld Child Dies of Burns FORT SMITH, Ark., Aug IZ—, —A nmcteeii-montlis-old child died here Sunday of burns he suffered about noon Saturday at hi s home He was j| mmy Leon Nichols son of Mr. and Mrs. Conrad L. Nichols The child died early Sunday morn- nig at a hospital here The child was burned when he climbed into a lavatory fn the bathroom at the.home and turned aho, t ih 10 ,' Water ' HS Was bllrned aliout the lower part of the body. The Chinese have special fans | for spring, summer ami autumn. You will enjoy using Plate Glass full length Door Mirrors. . . and they're pi-iced much less than you would think at BUILDERS SUPPLY, Inc. W. H. Pease J. Wilson Henry South Hiwa; SI Phone 2Ut I £oot iv ears for sto " triffic irainc. leriff Jack names arrested Moslcy and a curjncrs jury later recommended that tlie Negro be held as a suspect. Walter Hawkins is coroner or Dunfcliu County. Officers said that Mosley ' first tolrt them he had trouble with another Negro and that he feared the man might harm him. Mosley reported the matter when he dis- Officc-rs in Dunklin Countv Mls<- c " v ' ercci that the shot fired through ourl. todav " ~ ' Dunklin County Slaying Still Under -Investigation were coiuimiin'z investigation or the lnying last Thursday e so red through window had killed a white man. tnvsierious i of' Russell Perry. Maine L nvcen the north equator half pole way and be- the , there from Memphis. Tenn., where he had lived for 35 years. A retired i-rttel manager he '.vsis born at Liggett. Ind.. and wns a member of the Chris'.iiin Church. Mr and Mr.,. Ellis were visiting in I Biloxi at the time of the attac!;. and they remained there until after the funeral. Another step-son, living in Blytheville. W. II. Holcombe was sharecropper, and the Negro ha admitted firing a shot through a bedroom window when he heard a MEET THE MISSUS - Mrs Melnta Du Jsnj. winner of the title, "Mrs Si Louis." comes to £ew York to see Ihe sights. Tlie SI Louis housewife won the tille Inc. among othei Qualifiralions, her novel way of serving pretzel, (it says here). Die funeral. Other survivors mcluck Hedge, another step-son, j. A. Mrs II ol — -. ""~ i it-diiu-Ksuurg. va.. an out o. tumi and unable to attend wood Hedge of Biloxi. combe of Memphis, a daughter Mrs. R. c. Ilolliday of Biloxi and Fred ricks burg. Va.. and a son. Nor THE GRAMS COMPANY njALT o i\s Real Est "SCIOIA - \lortc - Insurance- Phone 3075 RADIO -NBC HEALTH TALK Senator Warren G. Magnuson, ,ponsor of the amendment (. include Chiropractic in , he adminislralfon health program »•!» speak over (he nalionwide network facilities of the National litoadcasling Company on Monday, August 29, al 5:30 p.m. CST. His ( opic will he "A«,eru-an Health Today". He will be introduced on Ihe radio nel«urh l,y (he President of the International Chiropractors Association. Lindquist Chiropractic Office , Ark. Tony Kamp nure favor, our Family'a Rtcipt! This in him. Its Tastiness will tickle you PINK! Jt'» the personal recipe of us Wilkens — and we've been making whiskey 60 odd years! K fWff. T5% EtIIX NHJiRH Sf.ltTS. M ' uviiy m iiMEsmm, i\o. "^— »^»^ AAacKenzie drop her great Ux-supporUd med- Wk. SS"" " "" W -^«*o° ——»• ,*• «* f f«l with a difficult -.tuallon. Britain's economic crisis jj » major part ot the Western European economic crisis. 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