Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina on April 10, 1991 · Page 76
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Asheville Citizen-Times from Asheville, North Carolina · Page 76

Asheville, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1991
Page 76
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10 East Neighbors, Wednesday, April 1 0. 1 991 Crime Reports Burglary reported py Earl Davie at 49 Canv Burglary reported by OeirdreEtttt Moss at 22 Pme Grove. Larceny reported by Phoebe Stephana at 23 Oakley Place. Larceny reported by Marian Patricia Mont at 501 Tunnal Road. Ureany reported by Robart W. Oay at 501 Tunnel Rood. Jtjrcjny reported by Nic Q. Tesioe at S3 Ureany raportad by Fhtkafctatoa at 21 Broadway. Store Robberies May Be Related Ashevffle Buncombe Crime Stoppers, the Buncombe County Sheriffs Department and the Asheville Police Department are seeking the public's help in solving two con venience store robberies that may have been committed by the same people. About 9:07 p.m. Saturday, Feb. 16, two men entered the Ice Service Store on Brevard Road at Bent Creek, went to the cooler and picked upaiz-pacKof beer. As they approached the counter, the taller of the two men pulled a gun and demanded money from the clerk. The two left the scene in a blue truck after telling the clerk to lie on the floor. About 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 18, two men entered the Ice Service Store at 1483 Patton Ave., approached the counter and placed a gun on it. The shorter of the two men took money from the register as he kept the clerk lying on the floor. He then demanded more money and physically assaulted the clerk. The two robbers then left in a blue pickup trucK. Suspect No. 1 in both robberies is described at 6 feet 2 or 3 inches tall and weighing about 160 pounds. In me first robbery, be was described as having dark brown hair and a thin mustache. In the scond robbery, the suspect wore a white Halloween iraks. Suspect No. 2 is described as 5 feet 10 or 11 inches tall and weighing I ISO to 160 pounds, with blondish- brown hair and a thin mustache. In the second robbery, he was wearing a dirty white baseball cap. Witnesses to the second robbery said the pair left in a blue, long- wheelbase Dodge. Ram pickup truck. A partial license plate number indicates the tag was issued in Madi son county, Hendersonville or Bryson City. Anyone with information about either of these robberies is asked to call Asheville Buncombe Crime Stoppers at 258-1000 24 hours a day. You do not need to give your name, all in formation is confidential and you could be eligible for a reward of up to $1,000 if your information leads to the arrest of either of these two sus pects. Asheville Buncombe Crime Stoppers is a joint program of the Asheville Police Department and the Buncombe County Sheriff's Depart ment. For more information on the program, call 665-4101 during regular business hours. Secretaries Day is Wednesday, April 24. Special cards for that special person, your secretary. come in soon and see our selection. COMPLETE SHIPPING CENTER WE SHIP VIA UPS AND AIRBORNE EXPRESS PACKAOt BtPMtlt ClHTll) IMC. CARD'S ETC 298-0338 1143 Tunnel Road Otecn Shopping Center 98-M-F-6 Sat. 1-6 Sun. oiwy ivponM oy wnmrnn m. t'oyion 01 Burglary raportad by Margo UN 74 Plymouth CfcTCto. BuroJorv rooorttd bv Jock T. OoraUna of wa" jeei W aa eee a J aaeajj 321 Peareon Drive. Laroany raportad by Kethryn Lee Canal el 21 3 Richmond HliOriva. Laroany raportad by WWam Wflaat at 88 Otaan Church Road. Larceny raportad by 8hal Station at 760 Haywood Road. Larceny raponao oy raw weaiey tssrnpnai at134 JohnoonBtvd. Ureany raportad by Kmart at 1001 Patton Am Laroany raportad by City of Aahavtta a) AahaviaaCMeCantar. Larcany raportad by Lovorno McKoeeon at MMngaiuii una uavaNpniarn verner. Larcany raportad by Matlhewo Uaad Car LotatSKBiltmoreAve. Larcany raportad by Oaorga Eflrd at 8. Tunnel Road. Larcany raportad by Walter Ua Hadden at 77 Pearson Drive. Stolen vehicle raportad by Curbs Oodga Subaru at 860 Tunnel Road. Vandaiiam raportad by Bmmoro Company t North Pack Squara. VandaHam raportad by John P. Adman at 87 Richmond HWOrrva. Vandaiiam raportad by Asheville Christian AcadamyatSOBallRoad. VandaHam raportad by Eunice Bailey Sat- p "S""5"""11 1 1 : fiawfag. awaMaiaBJaMawaaWm 111 f . 1 Winw IfaVn iixrnrn llfirrivlAaVfC ffaVAV' I X v x X i I U II 1 i i mkij fsuriiMi viiii wf -ni ivr. A J I ill a f.,fsaaL v.- istrrwmm f .?mx x vvr i 11 ta in I pac on ijffii it: i -TiTifM it ill JiiirL vL kmMmm x 4v... n&ssa irjn III AkiACE biiduacc IIYour 1f- i rrviiaTff 1 1 il tax I .. Iff II ii I I J vawjsjwawjwjljijvavjwawawwjwjwi III I oXtl;. "SrZrM F S3 HalMsn Headlamps H.i -.7 mtli I 30 Wt. Motor Oil tuMll 2-iWiamp 1 4-HeadSamp A Air Filters B0Kv I III f f Each Quart . Your fJA WTOm av1m i.UJivfn i l VtmW 1 II J I ffl 1 After Mtg. Rebate .37 nn T I cfflMto Jl i I ,. ,. MJ nl s i V 1 limit 1 case ii : WW " i ")") rw K fLMifuNfwh Ml viru i Reg. Price Eocho iii ii ii ji-yi mi iniridmimii ru lM JL j lflA I in WUVx-V Thereafter Ugkt&WSr U UOVV QrJ VU U U t?AW 1 I AAP 20W50 MOTOR CXI laJV fttte I I" FrvllnmrT FoAlomn ILczl AU OTHER PUROLATOR 9 1 fVi Q I II lis ' I I M(n HA05it HrV4 I Mfn HMfe HM51 Li i 'I ' I AI9 FIITT9C I VVII id 1 1 II 1111 HH li 11.531 Tl!f jai kf Trwitmpnt iRaSot. aJVl ) II I Wire SetsT' ll rFlT mR I ilMPAl urs tye-yooy iw rntes i mr-j jj ll,"ir-l-r ln.Jft:M., I AfterMfr, Rfihnte yii I'lV1. . btff-fflSI in Jf II r7r kic o-l... ' X I La Va. 111 Ilimpon JIUI IWS,77,g!wr-ll I nwaiwi i i mtn net miy. rseuuie v p a lai M II wt4ail I i ll J&Alrmiators Mif.. i. 4 "MIT 2 Reg. Price Thereafter laStleV'Sl S JtJhatrl II imternaiors... j vill Everyday Low Prices I I f ' 75 I iTIaJTM ' I I 20 Oz. Ma. 500600 BLHHI fl r-l kI 4yy I fiL-J 72-M0!BATTIRY4188 Ixch BATTERY 19aW Hl-GLOSS tTftJl,, I Each Mfg. BC-)0 J Jbdude,Group,34,49,o4,g&78WW EachE, ch . CAR WASH GEL BC3l hsSSS" n iQiO MK dVVteJte V3 1 fl(3) (o(o) rarfi TrCv rw? .! II II VVVV ESiEur caotm ioiaim inwi m a ? a M u luiiui c L nCTT il "(f3 k1!!.5 a!mX OR 20W50 MQIW OILw. 1 8 I Y j j J Each Pair AHer Mfa. Rebate KyiOVV ftLWlO Each Mtg. MF-3 ifeg-g. I Each Qt. I LIMIT 1 CASE Reg. Price Thereafter 1 I Mfg. HH0AC, HMOCC JVaAAa I Easy Vefcro Installation I j . .firl i 41-- 'i lr1?,wIV - n J-n Steel Splash cjfrwh r- Guards ll SLfelsdc 5m :W'OlH XfQ Each Mfg. F5 r T j SPLASH GUARDS..... I V O Wll Everyday low Prices f ) ) Manufacturer May Vary a Prices Good Through Ssturosy April 13 ,1991 Waf1aasrvaThaRlgMToLlirauaMltkw AH I i "CompkAt Wsrranty kilormation Avtitabla At AH Advance Auto Psrts Stores -Asheville- -Hendersonville- -Waynesville- J . 811 Tunnel Rd. 905 Patton Ave. 628 Greenville Hwy. Hwy.276 ; SOl 298-0995 251-9153 693-3110 351 K-Mart Plaza v ' " 456-6025 1 visa I 2007 S. Hendersonville Rd. rTl 684-9447 tanaaHaat IISSprucaHM Apartrnanta. Vandasoai raportad by CyrM AaMay HowtrtM o 8oml Boboorw rtfKrfltfl bv ftabort IsfcKaVtzio it Aston tirtL ItonovBucliJo jeaaeawaea1 SBaaweait Burglary reported by KHaa fleeter aunt at 1853 HandaraomMa Road. Burglary raportad by WVCA at 188 8. Ranch Broad Ave. Burglary raportad by HalanO. Fox at 31 C at 80 Maadow Road. Burglary raportad by Meraes L Mitt at 18 Zepriyr Drive. Burglary faportad by BtHniore Iron and Matal at 786 BNtmora Ave. Burglary raportad by Oaa Up at 408 Haywood Road. Burglary raportad by Scott & Janklna at 21MeNonSt Burglary raportad by CHy of Asheviee at 174 8. Tunnel Road. Burotarv raooriad bv Rooara Pamanon AesocateWaliSt Burglary raportad by Big Apple at 873 BaavtnanoB River Road-Burglary raportad by Jaan Bannatl at 138 Lookout Drfe. Burglary raportad by AahavWa Chapter National Raaway AiaocHlon at Lyman SlraaL Burglary raportad by Harry O. Maahbum at220BaarCraakRoad. Burglary raportad by VaDay Manapamant Saortca at 90 Ntm Uleaitar Highway. Burglary raporMd by Dorrts P. Rlchardaon atSAOakKnoHApartmam. Burglary raportad by Zlabart at 1843H Pat-ton Ava. Burglary raportad by DanMla Y. Norria ar "i Rerjasai w WrtnwW (pavejaejaej r ms---B ,3v- r- IT W M l i-i i PoiiiroDQttorxi mm -tt ,i . jJXi ,S j1V i iZTT rryi iKyiau A - 19 r TWmmWm MfiVVROmB. Burglary raportad by Oyan Ucata at 81 0 Burglary raportad by Thar But at 3 Burolanr Moorlad b lanad A. MMhm atMCanturyat Burglary raportad by Karl Lai at 878 Maw Haw Craak Road Burglary raportad by 8taa Bowara at 367 KLouktfanaAva. Larcany raportad by Chartbtta Slraat Outf at143Cnarlona8L Ureany raportad by Qtanda Chandwr at 147? Mofrinton Aug Larcany raportad by Patricia R. Young at 82 Waalgata Shopping Cantar. Larcany raportad by WMum P. Evana at OayamnOlam. Uroany raportad by Jamaa R. Gam at 22 larcany raportad by UnMad Auto 8awa at 134 alohngtoii Blvd. Larcany raportad by St Joaapha HoapHaJ at428BlltnwroAM. 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