The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 24, 1946 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 24, 1946
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUNK 2-1,. 19-16- BI/VTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Four Drowned In Lake Tragedy Girl Battles Waves Seven Hours Before I Swimming to Shore MAHINETVE, Wis., Jllnp tM. i\]pl • —A \vo:ilthy ^hipbuilder's tbiagliU'i stniijBliHl to shore today lifter a baltlt" of more than seven hours w-tli the icy waters of Ixike Michigan ami reported Unit her tathei iiiitl Uuc'i' ulhers wcix 1 drowned when llit'ir sloop ovcrtuftvci. The onlv survivor of Ihc tragedj was Palsy Smith, is, clansdU-r of Lt'athi'tn ID. Smith, uwncr of imi: of the bluest shipbuilding firms on the Cireat Lakes. Tljc victims in iui (lition to Smith, who was GO, were Alvin W:ishburn, nil oxi'cin.!y> in Smith's company, Hun'nrd Hunt, nml Alary Loomi.s. 'l']);-ii yli-lout sloop wa.s capsiv/.'d by a sudden sriuall in Lake Mich; film's Groi-n B:iy ::l (3 p.m. yestcr clay. Authorities said MiWi Hinitli. n| U i was v.'eai'UiK a life bell, had swum 13 miles Ihroui-h the flnirtilng vvu tcrs. Part of the \vay ,sh;. lowed Miss Ivooim. 1 ;, but filially site iy-cauu- exliansted and lost her Bi-iy. MIS.S Smith readied UK- shoie near here at 1:30 a.m.. exu-uislecl and suffering from exrmsuve nlUi seven hours and tliirly minutes in Ihc ehilllni; waters. .Smith wus president of th? Lia- Iliem D. Smith ShipbuiUlhv; eom- pany al Sturgeon iluy, Wis., which (iunu'.', ilie war Uu'tu'd out c:\vuo vessels and sub chasers in record- breaking numbers. He once was • candidate for the U. S. Botiatf Smith jilso was known as the ill ventor ol widely-used uniu.icliii", equipment fo>- ships. Would Trade Citizenship r Lnxora Society—Personal 1 j Mrs. Lena Glllesplr. Mrs. John ''or<l n ml Mrs. Che.sH-r Dnnchoiver of Osi>oli\ enlei mined Tlnu-silay il'lernood with u r.esia.Tl biid^'i ut lie Hole! Noble. Mrs. Kam Hi>)feii u'lcl high score. Mrs. T. !•'. Hiul- son. second hl«h: Mrs. Jesse liru.vii, low u ml Mrs. Willie Kilns won tlie bridge) prize. Out of town gursls were Mrs. II. C. Davidson of 1 SI Joseph. La., Mrs. Till Tonxute, ^Ir.s J. 1'. liowen, Mrs. Frank \Vilil:|in.i Mis. U. L. Ashmure ol Oseeolii. ^lr.^ U. W. Nichols, of Ai'iuorel. mid Illis; l.uis Foster of Clarksvllle. Ark. . - i Mrs. Joe Hires Tluux'.Uiy 'in|ar tulned her Osccoln-Luxoi'n Ui').!i!< Club. Mrs. Nd Qulnn won pi'l'-a 1 . Mrs, Arthur Boweu, L pri/,e and Mrs. I'liullnc Driver, solution. Guests who played Hie HH'mlM.T-0 Wlil'e MYH. P'.UijilV,' Driver, mid Mrs. A. W. Howen. J'lie. hostess ser\ r ecl 11 salad plutt?. Mr. and Mrs. Jay A. Koc!i:!ii- derfer, of Memplils. are vlsillui! Mrs. Koclienueriei'n parents. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hires. Mr. Kochcnqi?: 1 - fer has been transferred to SAvjui- nah. Ga., as ihuiuiKer of the Pen icy store, lie will fly to Savannah Ti^":lay. Mrs. Kocheiiderler and ^m. Charlie Joe IVilliiiHsley. will remjiln with her parents until Mr. Ko U enderfer can net located. Mrs. Julia Owen will leave Th day for Kansas City, Mo., fur a day training course with the /ler Cosmetic:. Companv. , Pan American Constellation Crash Lands f leu -mciul:er:i and i:ass: i ni!crs .'ilaiul r'joul the Pan Auank-an Cimsli'lUHii u plan 1 .- v.'Iiti-li crash-landed u ar \VllU«in!lv, c:»nn-.'di'jv.l. The pUmi', buuud toy 1 e'.nr.d. n-.rrleil W'is, inrhullni; Vivien Lvltsh ami I mirt'iie;> Olivier. Hrltisli Illin stars. The pllul li"lly-liin<leil (he 'lam when on:- or Us f.jiir engines f:-.u::ht lire and fell from Ihe pl.ine. No one was Inluivd. IMI-'A Mele'ihoto.) Low-Flying .Plane Kills Two Negroes MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 24. <U! J J - -An invi'siigntlon wns otdercU to<-iy of nil necident in which 11 low- ll.viiH! Army tnmsiioi't plane sliced tlit(au>!, tlie back seat of an ;uuo- ir.obile. killiiiK |\vo p.-1'soiis. The c-47 Army pliuie. piloted tay f'apt. Wayne Collier, .stluck the ear on a highway bordering the iniint- ripn] ai!|>:«-t when It came In !mv lor a -lamting. Then.- uilh tlie ships 1 landin™ as- «".i>1>lv damaged, collier circled inn "hporl iicnrly two' hours to burn his gns supply before sliding to earth in a .safe crash landing. Collier, co-pilot Capt. Farnls L. Kenny. an:i si^ enlisted men were in the plane, which wns returning fr-':ni nil administrative mission to Dalins. Tex. No one in the? piane wa.s iiijlired. Un^ost Bobc, ci'cnsliiuv. Miss.. No- ?:vo mid cii'ivr-j- <•! (lie car, saw pl.'.ne as :.!, fjj.svopecl low about 75 fcrt a\va^\ l?.[r sfepped on ^lie fto- tf!erntor. and a slight burst o* speed enabled him and his wiU'. MiUtie. to efcape death. The plane's Innciinff gear f^\ lore away the rear seat of the c-ir. in-ilanlly killing Alex "Hob:>. 38, firs, ccusitl of the driver, and Buddy Wocdhoiise, 42, both of Crer.- shaw. I Former fit-rgt. Hichc.rd I". Davis, of Cullim^us. i_,.ni), and his English bride. Alma Taylor, as they ;y~:>earcd al'ur their v.ecldiilj; on April in England. Hc^viir.ts to "swap ciliresifhip" '.vith any Briton who \vant-s lo live in the United Stole*, hftnuse the l-.-itish authorities retusc io extend his thrtK ninths visitors vcimiL Thev sav it can't be done of the national shoriajies in clolliin;; and food, fie claim British people are more congenial and homely and thai England Is better cnanry o live in. (NEA Tc]coho:o.i Baptists of Arkansas Plan Encampment >'IIOAM KI'KINCiS. Alk.- liap- HMS fnnii all ,.f Arkansas will me'i In iv nexi week lor ili« '1(1111 mmu-il Aikiinsus llaplisl Assembly. July n. Dr. KdiMr VS'U'himsoii. illr;; ol •!• as-it-aibly. salll (hal adval 1 : :• L'l.stra'iolis nssurctl a eap.iclty al- 'ndanci' lor ninre lllan ),(>!>:> A • <'14nim ol lii-plratloiial s:rvn'es. ucly cour.'-ea mid leciri.liiiu has .TII planned. Dr. Hurry Hlimner. inln nul lonnMv Ori Grief-Stricken Hunger Strike Miss Jean Owen and Miss ,lj Shanks entertained 1U uucsLi vi n btinking party at the home Miss Shanks Tuesday id^hl, ' out of town guest wa.s Miss Na Driver of Osceola. Hogdn and Demaret W /nvcrncss Goli Match TOLEDO. O.. June 24. (UP)- roil Nelson celebrated lils twe weddina annlversiirj 1 today, withotd the two presents his would have prl/ed most—the Uonal Open and Inverness Inv tional KOlf titles. At Cleveland's Canterbury i week ago everything from weather to a eaddii-'s \vaiHli'rn L foot conspired lo defeat him in-th Open. Here at Inverness yesterday. Ncl son and his partner. Harold cjuj MeSpaden lost the best -ball limr- ,iinnic]il to Ben Hoijiin and Jimmy Demaret on the final two rounds. The Inverness had added meaning for Nelson, who has never won it in a half-dozen attempts although It is played over his old home course l>efore a gallery ihal considers him a go:ilng i;oti. NOTICK OF BALK. Notice ):; heiv- said murluni'.or waivrd all rights of Ijy ^Iven thai liie Unih'd Stales of appralsi-incnl, sale and redi-mpllan America, inortr.aiii'e in a tuuiU;ai;o I under the liuv.s (tf liic Slal-j of Ar- -eutf-d by (.:. C. Di-iin O)ccease;li kans-i:;, will, pursuant to Ihe i)o\v- 011 (he 1H \h\y o] Ma>'. liKiE). a:ul ers cranled undi 1 ]- tin- lerms of s[\ld duly liled In the .ifllce of the ]{••- 1 iuuiU;ar:c and l>v tin' laws or the urder Ui and Car Mississippi Cimn-1 Klule "f i\vk«nr.n«. ou tlu> 'ifi dvy ly, Arkansas. In which im>rli:ni;e '.In 1 of June, lillll, al '.!:DO o'ulock In tliu uflenioon of said«,>*t-Prank Dean's place, 1 ml. No. of Whltfon, Arkansas In the County of Mississippi, State of Arkah&a«i :offsr for sale to the hijjhest and best bid-, dei' for cusli, the followliig-Ues;i)l> ed 1 Pressure Cooker. 1 Planter, 1 Turning Plow. I Wilson. Witness my hand this (!i; 24 day of Juiie, 194C. Unlled States of America, By Roucrl W. Dcwiis, < • KSA Supervisor. •'" WELL KNOWN MAN FELT 15 LfKE SWOLLEN BALLOON FULL OF STOMACH GAS • necenlly, a well known man staled,*.. tliat lie used to leel like a swollen balloon nflcr every meal. He wouid,,,, bloat full of gas nnd spit up'aclUuT : ,> lous liquids for hours ofler callnf*. ~ Was terribly constipated. This man , Irt one of.the hundreds In this vie,, Inity who now praise INNER-AID..,, lie states he was innn/ed nt the • results when he took this medicine,,, • Mow he ents wlmt he wants with-,",.! out K«t or bloating, and bowels arc regular for the first time In years. Ha feels like, » new man. ' '', - .'NNKH AID contains 12 Great Herbs; they cleanse i»wcls, clear gas from stomach, act on sluggish , liver and kidneys. Miserable, peoi,/. pie soon feel different nil over. So tUm'l go on sufterlnijl Get INNKR- /.ID. Sold by nil drug stores here . Call us up soon, niul let's si-t a day for S'onr tr:\eti)r ;tiu) otlior farm ctiiiipniciU ACTS ON THE KIDNEYS To incrtate How of urine and relieve irritation of (he Madder from excess acidity in the urine Are yo L*ck«(Ji (nit fro urfcrlnr run-tiowti ddlty In tli. tlrett, Urum- *) Ar* Tlie vhtuild to f»u water? ftliout Dint fmiious HrtcUir'* il|.nw<,y < — UK. KILMER'S SWAMP HOOT — tUt tliouiAnds *.iy five* tilr*F<-d i clicl. SM.^IOII Jtoat IB » cart-fully tlen.lrd Lt>nililii;<tlan ol 10 btrhs, ruoti, vccct«!iU*. b^loHin*. Dr. Kilmer'* Ii hot hareh or h.iliU-loniUitf In •ny why, Mnny jicupU pay lit mtrvtiuut mtttct I* Irnly «ninztn?. SrnA for frt*. pr cjiaLJ tamiiln TODAY t Lil(0 tlint>S»l)da of 0\Kr,t y a u'[| b, K l.d th.t you .ltd. Scn-\ f ' .11:10 »uJ *(ttlrti» (• U^pBrtmcnt U. * Co., Inc., Bo* 1?5£, Strtmtonl, Cuiin, OUtrr Llrnlltil. Scni •I once. AN diuciH*'.-) ••'^ .^wanip KuoL 1;isr is ntii;l)[v iisiiiost ilint ini|;lii leiitl lo (.M tlu- time 10 McCORMICR-BEEKING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY ArV Vitlorio Orlnndo, abovc t head o£ tiie Italian National Democratic Party, is considered a lil; Parly, is considered a liUely chuice for president of tiic new- horn ft.ilian republic. Premier during World War I, he was one, of liie Allied "Bijj Four" at the Versailles peace conference. Iviit/ic, cevcn-year-olcl terrier, turns nxvny from food olTered by her master, James li. Trias. Culver City, Calif., police scrgwiiil, a 1 ; she goes into Ihe 2fllh day of fasting from grief over Ihc clis- n^icnrancc of her six-year-old clnushlcr. Milzic has stayed on her •h.-,,t r»f..^in.. nil ff.rl 1 ha v.v::'crr cliv: slrr:>e r l iiway Mrv 22. crate. 1 ) of silver and one box of trophies from the famous old Ijultle- wajion. The Arkansas now is on it.s way tt) Bikini Atoll as a turret lor the aiom bomb tests next mnntli. McAHsler said plans are under to display Uie silver sevvice in Gov. Ben Laney's reccplioii room :,t Ihe capilol. USS Arkansas' Silver Service Being Returned To the State Cap/foJ L1TTLPJ HCCK. Ark.. June 24. (UP>—Arkansas' memcr.:r> of Uv' war—the $40,000 silver service from e battleship Arkansas \vas buck his home state today. Brig. Gen. H. L. McAlistcr, stale adjutant general, said that he received a shipping i'.cxel;^ that 'the 904 pounds of silver left Norfolk, Vn., June I 1 ?. Several days ago the general mailed the Navy Department a chock covering cost of packing and er;]li!i;: the souvenirs which consists CM vix Deer, can see "invisible" infm- red and ultra-violet rays even though they arc cDlor-blind. WHY BE FAK ? Eat plenty yet lose weight with delicious candy reducing plan llivc ri mocc slender. fjT.icefui fiK- ute. No exercising. No l.ixativfjt. N'txlnijrs Willi Llie simple AV1>S ViLimiH CanOy EteiluciiiK t'i^n vo\i don't cut o\H ^nv m^a'K. starciios* jxuniocs merits or nut- tcr von simply cm tticm tlnwn H'sc.isierxvlicnyniicnioy'lclicimis fvil:tmin fonin«l) AYI>S c,in<lv us rlirt-cted. Alreylitlrlv Ivirrn'oft In clinicil l<-*ts <.nn<:iict<nl liv nxxlicnl il< mote thnn 1M ocrvmi l*^t 14 U IS Ibi, .1 In a few *»»h« with AYUS Vii KIrby Bros- "MftKE IT * MILLION! THE ARMY GROUND FORCES WILL TEACH YOU A TRADE ysinesi A GOOD toe res you U. S. Army CHOOSE THIS riNt PROFESSION NOW American Legion Hut Blyfhevillc, Ark. You may Icam any oi 200 dilierenl interesting flkUls or trades—and prepare youneli for a successful, well- paid career either in the Army or civil life —i( yon enlist now in the new Regular Army Ground Forces. OTCF three-quarters of a million have joined up already. MAKE IT A MILUON1 All the facts arc cl your nearest Army Camp or Posl, or U. S. Army Recruiting Station. CASH BUYERS for YOUR PROPERTY! For a quick sale see me. I have buyers for homes. l.isl 5'our prop«rty wivh me. My commission is 5%. I have no sidelines. K. C. CAMPBELL Office 120 So. Second Phonn 416 or 2934 4% FARM LOANS Farm loans made to fit your individual needs. Our re-payment privilege granted all borrowers. Let us explain our Prc-1'ayment Reserve Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES— NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION Jf we arrnnge a loan with you it is good business for us to make it fit your needs because farm loans are a good investment only when they are good for the farm owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY Glcncoe Phone 3131 Try Our Special Service Bring Your Clothes in the Morning - Before 9 o'clock They II Be Ready at 5 o'clock We have a Staff of Skillfed Seamstresses for. . . ALTERATIONS- DRESSMAKING- fAI LORI NG WORK- New Pockets - Reseats - New Zippers - Etc. HUDSON CLEANER CLOTHIER TAILOR 320 West Main St. Blytheviile, Ark. Phone 2612

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