The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1939 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1939
Page 5
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THURSDAY,. X JVN12 .8, 1939 , (AUK.) COUU1BU NEWS Sdiool Blast Blows Children Through Watts * • * * • • . . '' . .. • Q /•• Explosion Makes Matchwood of Building .^^MKi^BMBaHai"^*" " M ~ , •• . . . . O Wlien e M1 los,on rotkod this tempo, arv frame M l,ool at from sljuctiire and^biickled floors. . I" foreground is one of many, desks, hurtlcrt o,,t of bulldin? »'""?• a l lBm " orai ' > ' f « cllo ° l lj " il(1 "'i>' '«• B,u;bejt 01 >, o., injuring &T ,, c i-son s ,. Has Job Of Making Cotton Hose Attractive To Women BV 1JKUCE CATTON Courier News Washington Correspondent WASHINGTON',, June l.-Witli the blessing of the Department of Agriculture, a gray-haired, quiet little man named D;jvid:H'. Young is out to make the legs of 45,000,000 American women do their share' (oward solving the cotton problem. Frankly, Mr. Young wants those legs encased in cotton ; hoso again, for at least part, of the time. He prbijoscs to bring this about by devising cotton stockings which, for certain purposes, will be so good-looking and. wearable -that women won't be able to resist, them. BORROWER BY THE GOVERNMENT t ft he migjiLlme It, looks ,_ ( . _ some" success (oo An expert In Hie hosicij tiide he \\as bor rowed by the department last summer on a Uvo-yeur loan and given a Place in the Division of Textile, and Clothing of the Bureau O r Home Kronomics. • !Ie has obtained the co-opeia- •tlon: of several textile companies, which have put some regular full- fashioned machines at work making, cotton hose to hig designs He uses a combed yarn of long staple cotton, mcrcoriised alul put through a singeing process' to give, it a smoother texture. On his desk, he stretch in 11, and the, company was pretty particular about it. It bad n lol of movie people for clients, and its roumlntlons hnd to be creeplcss, ,wrinklclcss, and all thai sort ot thing. So as fasl as Mr. Young kicked in with a new bit of fabric, ii. would*- immediately Into o foundation garment would be u ,, ¥ „ )ierfcct-3G model, who would eblne into Mr) young Venice and do alt sorts of; trctches, bends splits and what-i ;to test the thing thor- / man \vho is Hearing GO," fito mildly, "all c f that bit, of strain. They • used iNoti know, that I got iny be made up garment. The donned by a ougiily "For he rei was a to .say Si .15 li 1 led well , because of the pious life ell. perhaps "if '•vt'as'- ' as" has tvra or three dozen of the finished process. samples He has no idea of muscling in on^the sheer hosier}'.'field, nnd lie •. isn't trying lo create dress stock. ings. He has the notion that for occasions where a woman subjects her iiose lo n good deal of , wear -for spoils, for instance— something extremely good-looking and highly wearable can be offered that win have both style- appeal and price-appeal. "We're not trying to compete with the silk people," he says. "Why, last year some 12 million dozen pair of sheer full-fashioned hose were sold in this country. If we can bring: out cotton hose of a type (hat wil induce cadi woman . to buy two or three pairs a year, we'll be taking a big bite out of the cotton surplus." • HE'S A HKAI, • STEM SPECIALIST Man and boy. Mr. Young prob-! ably knows/about as much about] women's legs as any man in Am- 1 erica, nilly Rose nol cxcepted. . ^ He recalls the time when lie wns I with the Kealsilk company In In-! dianapolis. H c devised n new sort of weave, or twist, or sometliing | technical; anyway, the company 1 wanted lo trj- it out, so II made stockings of the new material fitted out !00 of its girl employes _ with the new hose, nn<I used tliem •j as guinc.i pigs. . . :.-: "Do you know," snys Mr. young "whenever any defect—any defect whatever- developed in a pair of .those stockings, 'the girl who was wearing them had to troop right Into my office and show 'em to me.". ' "White she was—ah—In them?" "Yes. Sometimes there would be several of them coming In at once. . . . Oh. that was nothing at, nil. compared with what I went through In Hollywood n year or Iwo ago." " •• A JOB WOfcTH FIGHTING'FOR In Hollywood, W. Young was connected wilh a company which made foundation garments. He was working out a new fnbric l with Just the right amount of . will l/i lintiodiiced to the trade" in he rtftir future. If they go over the hni nnl consumption of cotton will , he| uppcd by several million pounds per year. Coast Nudist Session Will Be International ,, cal. (UP)-Thc annual nudist convention to be held on nn 82-acrc tract In the heart of lie Santa Cruz mountains, A'u» 1^-14, will pass onto the international basis this year, Juincs P Curl and Dr. I/mis P. Clark, ou- . erators of tc nounced. camp, have an- More than 500 iiiemberE^of the Nudist Association have signified their Intention of attending, in- cludius delegates from England, Australia, New Zealand ami other rcmple cciintrles. A one-day convention 01 "iicar-nmKjrs," repr Eeniing the American Sun-Bathh Assoeialion, convention the day prior to three-day conclave. hold a one-day the House Intrigues Deer PAINESVILLE, O.-(OPJ-y\ n r pcct , COU " lc e- visitor for .breakfast here. of which were pupils iii, nrsl and sctonil 53 8 rndes. City Loses Senecas' Taxes' . : Fears For Financial Scalp BUFFALO, N. Y, (UP) -A legal raid by scncca indlmis finds the city of Calnmnnca. N. Y.; In grave danger' of being scalped financially, If the tribe's court fight is successful, the city of lO.COO population may be deprived of much of ll.s property tux revenue. First skirmish In the court battle was won by (lie Red Men ivhen Judge John Knight of the BulTnlo district court denied a motion to dismiss the complaint filer] iignlnst 'Judge the_ city, m his opinion, Knght said: "While we are concerned here only with the right cf the United Slates government lo brln" this suit-(on behalf of the Indians), It is to be said llmt the laying of any Inx by flic stale or. by the niiihlct- pnlily ls"aa interference with ,'the- the tribes. 'Neither the the occupancy arc doc- rights of liuul nor able." This cphilrn was n . serious blow lo the city trcnsury.'-bccausc virtually all ol anlRiitnticn Is looted within n slrlp of land 30 miles long and ! it miles wide which com, prises the Alleenny Indlnii Heser- vnlloii. ..'"'. Ciorernmcnt nttorneys nnnounccd Oiat the cnsc probably will be inived ' •for (rial during n 'summer tcfin of 'Jnmcstowi! the district.'court ni N. Y. ' I" seeking to Imvc the case dis missc<l. Salnnmnca city attorneys contended Hint the Federal government wns not iiuthorlzcii by lo bring action. They t of (.cilaln ticiillcs between llic In- dlnns and the btnle. llo*e\w, Judge Knight pointed oul llmt the rcdeiul govcinmciil flul signed treaties with iho ,51* Indian Nallons, which Includes (lie Swccn, in HH-foui ycais bofcio New York entered the union—nnd has since claimed 10 bo Uic pro- lectoi of Indian jighls. The juilst uilod Hint ns long ns (lie United blnlcs iCcognl/ei Ilio indlnnv i,u- llonal clininctei, (ho ncd Mun will bo iindci pi election cf ticalic;, nnd laws of Congress and tlmt Indlnii l»t>|)c)(jr linv. not to i,tn(« Life Whirls;Dizzily ' GirMii Rolled KV ClfAKIlIS I 1 , MfJIAHON OLEV13LAND, O <UP)-^"ct' world, but she (sets mound quite (llsnslcr/° •"-"•'** 1 Jockeying a pair of roller I Confronted with ui llic JiiUiou't, lnlpi,t jjyj! ho c s o, uctc .sioil- a shortage' of *ta.le«. Leo A. Seltfcr/r lldr' ' Judge Knight nli>o nwilcd that the 'fittitc cf New Yoik llnough llt> t'pmts has iec:gnl/ccl the Jinlsdlo- llon of the Rxleuil goveinmciit." and (hut (he "United Slates has nn Intcickl iirhlng out of |hl s ie- Intton of 8>widlni\shlp which glvc.s It (he light to sue to enfoico Its ibrUjndcns and protect the imllaiis," The lest la based ou the BOveiuincnt's claim Unit the ulty of Sulainaiicn unlawfully sold foi tack laxeji piopcity ovuicd by MI6. Uonn Kchjockely, n 8c»ee» Inillnn. Grocer Adds To Tax To Indicate Prosperity LONDON (tJI>)-liecaiiso Uic In- fl.nio Inx nnlhciUiea east doubt on hli. ittuin of uu.slncs!, lakliijli, Gcmltl filiuilcy WoodcocH, n gio- of wcymoulh, dkl u hit of liiu " l II wasn't dthhoncsl lie ndilcd 55CO to his rcluin "lo show » injic rosy iiosltton." ^ \ This was icvealcd \shcn he np'- pcnicrt In the umikinplcy comt Wawtiock loUl the onlelnl iccelver llml Inslcnil cf making $«!5 as shewn by lib books, lie Itnd only taken $165, Hip $500 cxlin having beciv willlen In lo sullsfy the income -tux nulliorllles.. 'Uic gntulicmtcr cilckct of Iiullu lolls up Us *lnga when Uicy mo not In o c s o, u,, . . re.y ctc .sioil-ilie rollei derby, i promoter, wilUtcd' the seiiices of He i>U,t»tUe 18-ycar-cld IlUi MlM O'Neal ftnd 'lie chum MlL , °f "0 yenis tlnj lm>4t of Ilic liifit. Is, II . ... of Clileajjo, »Xo. She g\\r _ „. cicdit foi hei nbllliy" io"7lio'uldei ilvuli, nnd blnck ilmltiu Jams en tlie pnlcnled iiiciry-gj-ioinid liank- ei| tiai'k. Since slip Ijownue » ibllci- rtcrby- W hi 1D37, Miss O'Neal li.i<i--coni- peled In 17 mccs tltnl Imvc cm- rlrd ln>r fioiti Holly-it ami to Phllu- dclphla mid .south to Mlnml In hut (Imo she hns ccvcicd n lol ot tcnll.iy, but coiiitilnliii, "I've been B«liiK nioiiiul In elides nnd ntm Whcio docs n pietty yoimn Kill of hci (|(je «nnt to go? H KCCIIIS that|Mls.s o'Nenl luis her hcait t,ut on vontiuliiB into llu- \\IUh ct Affira and hunting bl« gunio, The gucM is hivaulcil llml tlio locoll of u lilsh-pov^cicd illllo inljlil make hci llnow n skate llui ««•- lll-imnul «|nle <\cibv the S-foot S-lnch Bill Illrtlng with fipccrilng dm Ing n iollci "Jnm" the Iniiuc.shlnii Is cHi Hlic hni, nvoldcd Injury since she ttns fciccd out of Qloioliuul's nrsi mco In mi. A niplurwl bio d ycs-sel In licr lilp .sent licr to Die liospltnl at timi ii lno . It WHS trngcdj' Ural Inouslit Wlss O Ncnl Into thu <l!//,y shilling gnme Slic bccnnm'lnleicrtcil wlillo WAlfli- l»8 u into In oliliiigo nnd with n Bin filcmUMniglc lllclmitls. licsnn Irnlnlnf [01 nn opj>oilunlty to Join the troupe. Tlic ehnncc cnmc .slicilly B i«l Mlw O'Neal Imd e\VISIT TWO FAIRS FOR ONE FARE '90. 135. and chili In ilcdping tits, bcilh charges cxtrj Two months' ccluin llmll SEE THE FRISCO AGENT FRISCO .raas ere. •-.Ittlng down to eat one ihoniing. Miss O'Neal revealed that a. motion picture Is to bo made featur- • Ing the rollei' derby and Ihe "Dead End' Jcids but that she ha?' no rcer, , _ ", "I'm In enough of a whirl now ttlthoul getting inlo a Hollywood whlil," she said. "E\cn if gelling- aiouucl (ho country Is just,one licaid tiiick nllcr anolher, I do get moi)nd«— nnd gelling wound is enough foi me. , "llomnncc In my life? Don't be illlyl I'm always going in circles, " The boys enni catch up with me," S l >0 ,|....,..., Douslnif ItiliiR-. l)lioriic>' SALliM, MIIAS (UP)— Mrs. Alice H. rioter of Lynn was granted a dlvoico nnd custody of, her two (.'hlldicn nftci testifying - that her hmbnncl Wlllaid [itishcd her Inw lintlitub fitid on her, threiv hot water Comioi News ivauuads PRICKLY HEAT Skin Irritations You cnn get. relief from BUcli iliwoinfoilA by using D K uscWs Powder. 11 Is soothliit', "astiln- t-ent nnd eilecllvely relieves' (lie Hi nation, Ijunilng nnct ItAhlne dlscomfoil of minor skltu'lrrl- Inllons, sunburn, iion-twlson-' ou.-, lined Wtci, clmriiiB, gall!«(,', ])llck)y heal nnd diaper insl) Aho i ccoiniucndccl tor lnm nnrt feututatioti « carers. parspl- inllon, Dinning /cet wild us ii dDodoil'/ci, diis-t |ic*- dcr on feet using 4nmft nrnbunt In shoe.s ni)d you «lll be d6- llghlcil will) effcots .A*k for Ur. Lwdi's Poiwlcr, ncccpl nothing L Get Dr. Lesch's Ponder Mr. n. and Mrs. Julius Sabo saw a ucer docilely peering thrbu s li rng ru s li Uiler porch window. Their sll ,ai| dog s barking scared It mvny. ; "lii the 'Garden' As lovely double popples ever seen have graced the yard of the C. J, Littles' country home the past few weeks. As n background JCr , these salmon-colored' blooms, purple and lavender larkspur wave in the breeze as one passes the Sunn, 1 miles north of Blytheville on Highway 61. '' Contrary to general- opinion, poppies can be picked without, wilt- ins. As soon as they arc cut Ihe stems shadd be immersed In boiling uater, to seal where cut. and (hen placed in cold water. They will keep fresh for several days. A sperm whale can eat a ton of food daily. Ivrad Courier News a-m\( ans KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS ACIDS Help !S Miles of'Kidney Tuh«« . Flu.h Out Poisoniu.VVaste II fm h.vean f JCMS ol SC M « u ( e in youi htoo.1, your 15 n»i!(s c-f Vi<lney tubes jjiay l» over-norlcM. These, tiny filVre and tulles ire • orkinj ,hy ,ml riicht to M v Kat,,, e rid your lyslfm of poisonous wajlt. When (unclional kidney J : stm!«r poiaonou; inaltcr lo cematn in t'ha &S,rtS u ' m :T/!- T '-'' a •""* ?*'"'? .. iiKr e ti.e...iMj M l!(3 ,n<l di.;in« h;vc Irounie wiln (rc.]ncnl w lanly paa.ja W h imulinc and bnroinK. IKSre may te son* Ihlnf Irene with your liclnejj or bUiUer • Aidnwi ci»y feed hrlp (he same as t,o»«lj 10 «V your ilniBijijl'(or Doan'. 1'ilb,' WMMfully by m,ilon. lor ov«, 40 '«»„. u 1 ' ''.^.fft'Py "'*' lful ''i 11 t"l|> li't 15 miles of UJfifr iubci Hush «,,t noilonoii • kstt (torn your blocxl. Cet lltaus i'ilk Wort Optomelrist "HE MAKES 'EM SEE" Over Joe Isaacs' Slate Phone 540 /^ aREEOUHIT Affic Ventilating Fan SOLVES THE ['KOm,KM,; ' . . , 'The REKI) UNIT AKic Veiitilalin? Ful has the exclusive "Shut-O- Vcnl" fcaliirc which' opens anil clcsis automatically with the fan ' operation. . Firt tiiirtcrwrilers aiitpiualic "Cut- Out" snitch for your protection in Ihn event of fire. - - Ncal, liardwodd grill; new, ahsoltilely silent',' linij-ol] trchl- cd fibre blades. Several fan sizes for any allic insfalla- .ion. .• >. Inslallcd and guarnnlccd for 5 years against cic- fcclivc.parls ;md workmanship. HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. t ftdnim )n(g C . 1). Knltind's IkMJtery New York sti\lc! wns IhG'pranev ai BEAUTY AN INITIAL. ITS WALNUT LIFEeHOY COME W TO GET THIS BASDY CLOTHES BR8SH .— . — RINSO GENUINE BLACK CHIHA BRISTLES STREAMLINE® HANDLE 5tli & Main Sts. J. IV. ADAMS,' Mgr. nU'THEVIU.K, AKK. Liberty Cash (Jro. Kile I'ricc No. 2 (iaincs Market Safeway Gro. & j\|| ( ( \V. L. Talc, E, J. Spencer Oro. Fair Deal &,,C'o. Kite I'ricc No. l flap])? Hour Gro. C. L, Nalicrs Hill Store Co. J. L. Jodie Nabers Chas. Reedy Gro. Vick Co. J.',I'YKIhV (leorgc's (Jro. W. A. 1'ickard C. A. Hovey J. C. I.o\ve Kirby Bros. Drug ; 3 Slorc-s; ' i?obitison Drug Bormu- Drug;. Kroner :•• , AUK; . • Croi-kcll's Gro.' Cash & Carry Arch B, Sinilii Hobbins Uros. G. K. Hiymit Little Lap's Knight's Gio.> (J. J{. Hrickcy .Merc> Co. Drake's Gro. Knit Sitie Gro, •Joe K. Fung ' • Kroger? AR3IOREL, ARK. . , • Arnwiet Supjiiy.Co. UELI,'AUK." • ' "' . I'Yceman's Ctush Sloic Ai. I-\ Hronnlcc MANILA, .AKK. Jlanila Drug Store . Peoples Drug Store - King's Cash fitorc Hcd & White Store Save Wav Slnre 0. W. Sellers fllnnila Cafe i Manila Merc. Co, UACHVIU.K, Aim. H.'P. Shaver Aaron's Stote Lovclady Gio. H. Roy Jones Smith's Ctu>h Stoic A. G, Taylor LVXORA, AKK. Sa>c«ay Stole Jesse Brown R..J. Gillespic E. C. Cole' , AUK. ' ' Lee \Vilson"& Co. iUAlUL' AKK. HIU.& Wilson t n.\sst,Tr, ARK. Idaho •Gro.-Co,' E. C. Cole'- " JOINER, ARK. . .^. \; Robbins - Gro. B. C. Cole" ' BEISEK, ARK.'." •-,'* \Y. JI. I'aylo'r . ' Keiser Suppiy r 'Co. .

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