The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 26, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 26, 1936
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VOL. XXX1L1—NO. 138' niythevllle Courier Hlylhcvlllc Herald Blythevllie Daily News Mississippi Valley Lender 5PAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHB/Sr MlSSOmu f, AUGUST 20, 193C SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Residents of Village Forced to Leave Homes Because of Shelling o Copyi-'KliI, !ii' L'liiloil Press . DIRIATOL", French-Spanish Frontier, Aug. 20 UJP)-Shcils full into French territory today endangering i] le | im of the ,,,_ habitants us rebel artillery and loyalist forces cir/aged in a heavy duel fir rossession or Inm. The residents of the French border village of nehodie were under fire and had to evacuate. Spanish airplanes also flew ov^r the frontier in the heal of battle to escape opposing planes. • The rebc's were engaged j n a ccnccn'rated drive for Iriin, key till 1 of this corner of the nor/hern const, whose capture almost Inevitably wcnlcl doom San Sfbus- tian. The battle lasted all clay and into the evening. H began v.i:h prctrncteii re'.el airplane bombing, followed by a rebel advania behind machine guns and tanks which advanced them 2 1-2 mita. Late in u lc day nicy censoll- dalecl their positions, entrenching themselves in an almost com- pletc circle of Hie city a mile, from Inm. At sunset, the government had pushed ils troops out as fur as Bncloho, facing the rebels bire- ly 100 paces away. Loyal artillery men, disregarding a heavy fire, set up two field pieces in an open field and tired until the bore was red hot. Managers Name Giants Copyright, Uniifd : I'rcss CHICAGO, Aug. 20 (UP) ..... - A poll of the eight National league managers tcday set 'up the first place New . York Giants to succeed the Chicago Cubs as league champions and engage the New York Yankees in a metropolitan world series. Two — Casey Stengel of the Brooklyn Dodgers and Chuck Drcssen of the Cincinnati Reds- named the Gianls outright. Manager Charlie Grimm of the Cubs and Prankie Frisch, pilot of the second place St. Louis Cardinals branded the Giants "Hie team to beat." One picked the Cards. York Cotton MAN WRECKS AUTOMOBILE, DIES ' ' — ' . . '- 1 .-. m ^^^M Ne\v First Family of Minnesota POT OFFICES Three Flee From State PrisonFarm National Headquarters of P p. • 1 n • • • • ' • I " 11 "' ' ontical Organizations' Wiom Resemble Madhouses HY MODNKY niJTCHEK Courier News Washington Correspondent NEW YORK, Aug. 26.-PofiUeal headquarters in national rnm- l-algns are tiiiecr hodgepodge",! of CUMMINOS PRISON FARM Aug. 26 (UP)-oiIIclals In three neighboring states were warned lulny to be on the outlook for 'our dangerous convicts, three of i cscnpxl from here last night. Prison oniclals believed Unit Cluirles O'Kelth. 32, a lurloiigh violator, assisted in the escape <f Chillies Chapiimn, 31; Hugh i.lnilsity, 30,, and Buddy Sadler, n rob I U'J- The men wl'io weic scrv i>\fn-i<in ^ „''","" —b-i~"Bv' «'• tunl'Of <H years for bank rob- mlMn, '•• .^i 1 " 11 ? J*^''! b " k ' s ' nwl nnlelly nboul 8 1>. M If'l.r^.J'' 11 ^. s l rokcs ! """. <"<* rttaWKurtncc was nol for SO minutes, , am of genius, prumi donnas," sprint- noticed ers racing in circles, overworked Telephone folk calls 'to Elevated to- the governor's clmir in Minnesota by the death of Floyd a. oison in St. Pai Gov. Peterson nitf his wife, with Carla Jcaiiette'. 4 months in the perambulate,-. Peterson. . 40. Is ah Askov, Minn., newspaper publisher and a strong advocate of OLson's niiiin policies y e ea o Foy party's." - • , Hjalmar Peterson is shown with his family ut the capitol ' rhe Democrats have thei aul after taking the oath. Evelyn, 15, Is shown b-twce- tional • '"^Quarters in New terson nrj his wife, with Carla Jeanet *''™"' MVe ' th Conner Left in Ruck; Har- 0 hers Also Scored rison Victory Rally "Planned . '.. 'r ; " JACKSON, Miss, Aug. 20 (UP) •—Plans for Senator Pat Harrison's "victory, celebration" here Thursday night, announced prior to yesterday's Democratic primary, were being completed tcday as his majority over ex-Governor Scnnett Conner grew to 63,303 votes. The latest tabulation gave Harrison 120,195; Conner G3.402 and hitch-hikin? State Senator Frank Harper 2.305 ballots for (lie United Stales senate. Only es of the I.C37 state precincts were unreported and trickling returns from (lie few missing boxes made no material change in the contest. Zioncheck's Widow Is Here On Visit Mrs. Marion A. Zioncheck, wife of the Congressman Zion- NEW YORK. Alljl. 25 (UP) — Cotton closed steady. opni high low c'osel 115j 1102 11-13 1143 I 1103 1160 1151 1151 1168 1171 11S3 1153 .1172 1170 11CO 11CO 1171 U79 11G ? !!S!i"'e death "'or the "congre^man Oct Dec Jan March May July check of Seattle, Wash., arrived here last night for a. visit with her sister, Mrs. Jcssee Stilt, and Mr. stilt, at the Hotel Noble. Mrs " Stitt ' called to by 1169 1179 11G1 11G1 ! Spots closed quiet at 11191, off 3. Spot Average Is 11.01 The average price of 7-8 inch middling colton on the 10 leading spot, markets today was 11C4 the Biythevllle Board of Trade reports. New Orleans Cotton whose fatal fall from a window terminated his career as a colorful figure, accompanied her sister. Clositif/ Stock Prices NEW YORK, Aug. 20 (UP) — War fears offset, a vast array, of favorable factors today and the Vilrolic Report of Sub- Committee '^. BOSTON'. Aug. 26 (UP) — 'A sweeping denunciation of the circus aspects of the Lindbergh casn was contained a 12,(MO-\vord report, submitted to the American Bar association today by the spec- is 1 co'>-nriUec on criminal trials. So vitrolie was tlic snb-cominit- tee's criticism that President William L. Ransom of tlie association hastened to point out that the report did not reflect necessarily the attitude of the : organization as a whole. Gov. Harold G. Hoffman of New Jersey, Dr. John F. "Jafsie" Condon. Defense Attorney Edwnrd J Reilly and Attorney General David T. Wilentz of New Jersey who personally hejrd thc report were assailed for their activities during the weeks preceding Bruno Richard Referring to port said: or during the the execution of Hauptmann. Hoffman the re- NF.W ORLEANS. Attg. 26 (UP) — The cotton market stood at moderate advances during most of today's session and eased on hedge selling which increased toward the close. The close was 1 to 2 points lower. At one stage gains ranged to 15 points. The early advance was due to good cables and continued drouth in the northwest. oucn high low close 1150 1157 114'' 1140 1156 11C4 1147 1143 1157 1104 1149 1149 11C5 1172 1159 1155b M«y 1170 1174 1161 llalb J"ly 1171 1111 1157 1157 Spots closed steady at 1181, up 4. Livestock Cct Bee Jan March EAST ST. LOUIS. Aug. 20 (UP) —Hog receipts 5000. Top 11.35 170-230 Ibs.. li.25-11.35 140-100 Ibs., 0-10 Bulk sows, 8.75-9.50 Cuttle, receipts, 3500 Steers 7.40-9.10 Slaughter steers 4.75-9.50 Mixed yearlings and heifers 5.50-8.25 . . Slaughter heitcrs 4.50-3.00 Beef cows 4.00-1.75 Cutters nnd low cutters 2.75-3.50 Iodine In very small quantities said to have a very beneficial bn farm stock. stock market marie an . decline Jn slightly more trading. ' A. T. and- T. .......... 175 Anaconda Copper ..'.... 37 1-2 Belli. Steel ............ 63 5-8 'Chrysler ................ 110 ' Cities Service .... ...... 4 Coca Cola . ....... ......lie Gen. Am. Tank ........ 55 3.4 Gen; Electric ........ :: 45 5-8 Gen. Motors ...' ........ 6! 1-4 Int. Harvester .......... 77 3-4 McKcsson-Robbtns ..... 93-4 Montgomery Ward ____ 44 1-8 N. Y. Central . ........ 40 1-4 Packard ............ .... 10 \f, Phillips Pet ......... ... 41 5-8 Radio ....... .... ....... 10 3-8 St. L.-S. P. ............ 2 Simmons' Beds ......... 36 Standard of N. J ...... 623-4 T ®™s Co ......... ....; 37 1-8 U- S. Smelling ......... 76 1-2 U. S. Steel ............ 60 3-4 Warner Bros ........... 127-8 Zonitc ................. e _ "Aflcr granting of the reprieve the governor - continued public comment on thc case after firs' devoting himself to a searcli for an accomplice, but later (o an active campaign against witnesses responsible', for Hauplmann's conviction, arraigning one after another of the witnesses for tlie stale." As a member of the board of pardons Hoffman was criticized for: . ' • ,1. "Going about searching for evidence which, may impugn Hi; verdict. 2. "Calling upon prospective irregularj Applicants fi, their cells. _ nctiva 3 - sion Chicago Wheat open high low close Scp 111 1-2 112 1-8 111 ui i! 2 Dec 110 1-2 111 1-4 103 7-8 110 1-8 Chicago Corn open high low close Scp 113 1-2 114 1-4 112 H2 ' Dec 97 1-4 97 7-8 96 1-8 96 1-8 'Indulging in public discus- of the merits of the case established in court. 4. •.'•Voicing doubts as to Ihe prisoner's sullt. .5. "Arguing out, alleged weaknesses in the state's C3sd—all in advance of any • action by the court,of pardons," , "All/these things." said Ihe report, ."are repugnant to our sense ( | cn i|. of. propriety and in our opinion unwarranted." HONOLULU (UP)—Thc Amcri can official Invitation to Swltzcr facturer in Springfield, III., who care of," rumors, a^ almost uncanny absences of co-ordination! Many things get 'done? and somebody always wins the; election, but meanwhile almost any loliitcian will tell you: "Sure, our headquarters' Is a madhouse, but thank heaven: it Isn't as screwey as the otiier party's." their fia- York . - heirs inj _ . and also important east- j ein headquarters In . New York! under Congressman Joseph \W. Martin, Jr., of Massachusetts with as much office space as tlie Democrats have. - -- ," Everyone m the metropc^ gets excited over grapevine rei>o,4, from Chicago that G.. O. P. national offices arc in bad shape, with jealousy and bickering rife.' Eastern headquarters doesn't seem iny too sine yet where it's going. lo be taken] were made when in discovered, it Ihe break was believed at lie™ today the qunrtcl had cros Mil the state line but state rang era and other authorities In south Arkansas continued their search Icr the, men. either. But tlie - Democratic Discusses Plans With Officials E n r o u t e to Drouth Conference ABOARD PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT'S SPECIAL. , Aug, 20 (UP) — President Roosevelt conferred with drouth -relief officials aboard „*„,, , his " Dllst Bowl Special" today ter in when It appears sometimes liificult lo get. good men to ire) (here, -because- • of. .a-• belief -tB» u when you work under Jim Farleyi. you tend to become a sort of glorified office boy, with little or no authority. C. O. P. Counts on Digest Poll One rumor, accepted in both . He received reports • Indicating continued spread ^of drouth 'd»mage-'and increasing-need" of relief from Secretary of Agriculture Henry A. Wallace, WPA'Adminis- trator Harry Hopkins, Governor William I. Myers of tlie :Fann Credit Administration and Director Robert Fenche.r of tlie Em- Land on much than I . thus far. IILS iar i r i — -~o-*i »UJILUIU*V mi Republican leader greet this re^^^T?.' .f^ 8 ™""'.' *"' ss. ir wl " lylmo such figures.. The Democratic staff, on the other hand, is drouth damage. ., ' — K«"'""& m« Monies la for Digest poll results in advance and .terestSg session Will nmspnt. vnrlnnir MMrr,/,^!^^ ... . B _ .-ll^lUll various purported reasons why the G. O. P. implications shouldn't 'be accepted. Secretly, the Democrats rely heavily upon the theory that none of the ixills accurately covers a certain group of voters in the very low income groups, which should be expected to vote heavily for Ihe New Deal. Polls have transformed political campaign thinking. They are men- lioned, usually "off the record," at practically every press conference held by Martin or Parley. Hank on Hurja's Poll - with Governor Alfred Landon, Republican nominee for president. : Seeds of the sacred lotus germinated after having been kept dry for 160 years, OUflTES SOVIET PK Newspaper Says Russian Leader Speaks of "Mo- menlous LONDON,. I.cmicm AUJT. 20 Thc News today iMioted .loseph 'Stalin as wnmlni the Soviet public In n radio ;ul- ihcsi to be rrepiued for "momentous events" as Its encml's are "getting Into position." ' Landon Meets Many Friends Ihe Stnlhv '"ho se'doin usra >uillo, r f l-e primarily f a Kcd army Just •'beginning Its maneuvers, according to the news-', He \\ns quoted as saying: "Ccmnnlc.s of the lied foic-s We are on thc .very eve • of momentous events. Any moment now you may be called upon to lay down your lives in defense cf the iirolcliirlnn fatherland;" The Soviet leader contlmud "It Is a moment which you !iavo been exacting and now your birthland is cxpcctiug you to do the duty you so eaijeily awaited. "I • hnve no doubt about you and feel convinced you have no doubts about your leader. Our enemies arc tscttlni; Into position —so be ready. Those on the frontier of our great land arc keeping watch." Robert L. Moore, 73,. Dies at Noon Today Robert L. Moore. 13, Ihe fathei of nine sons, died -at his hoine here today noon. Funeral plans are incomplete, pending [he ai- rival of relatives,,.:;..;- ••«.-; Mr. Moore, who was a native of Weakle.v' county, Train.i has resided In Hlyilievllle for the past seven years. He Is '.survived by his wife. Mrs. Frances Catherine MDcre, whom he married 65 years ago. and his sons, Luclan T Moore, H. 1. Moore and Hcece Moore, of here, Orren L. Mocre and John Perry Moore, of Rldi,e ly, Tenn., Ijiwson S. Moore of Anson, Texas, Jcif H. Moore, 6f Stanford, Texas, Homer L. Moore and Heriran p. Mcore, of Tex- arkuna, Texas. The MODS Funeral Service Is In charge of funernl anangc- menls. Court Assessed $15 Fine in Traffic Case R. P. Liddell was fined $15 In municipal court this morning on charge of reckless driving. Andrew Hill was fined one dollar for parking on n state highway. Army Engineers' Head to Inspect Lower MissJssit> pi [Valley 20 WFST MCMPFHS. Arlc AUK I (UP)-Mnjoi General E M Markham of thc United , Slates army engineers will make an Inspection trip of the lower Mississippi valley next month to obtain first hand knowledge of the Kin Deny Nazis' Charge That Captive U. S. Seaman Is Reel By NEA Service They are watched close by Emll SEATTLE. Wash .-Lawrence B nurja, assistant to Farley, who'Simpson. American seaman,' may Keeps a private poll for the! some day tell the real story of hose [ his long imprisonment in Ger- camps and —,-~ .. iJiiv.Lie pun Kir me some da; Democratic committee and whose his long nnpri.^nm associates think his survey is ; the man concentration mosl accurate of the lot. prisons. In 1932 and 1934'HurJa estab-l Until then, his relatives at Klrk- nsned a reputation for amazing | land. Wash., who have, formed accuracy in vole forecasts, right I much or their opinion by reading uovvn Into the Individual congres-1 between Ihe lines of Simpson's sional districts. This year, with thoroughly censored letters, will no contest .now apparently close, regard Nazi justice as u puzzling his unique reputation as a sclen- Ufic political prophet Is at stake. The Hurfa poll is highly cdnfi- l It is reported that It «,..„. Roosevelt a slight edge, with indications of a future trend which should produce a substantial electoral' college majority. Even Democratic leaders pri- ^"ii uiui'mi invuaiion to owititti- -"^.. ^^»iu^tHiic leaders pn- land to have its fleet participate >'ately admit that Roosevelt's big In the opening of thc San Fran- !932 majority will be materially Cisco exposition of 1915 has been cut ' equalled by an optimistic manu- Another "Fear" Campaign Watch oul for a new organiza- Is trying to find" a market snow plows in Hawaii. Stales customs' collector in Hono-1 formed to defend the federal de- lulu, got the request recenlly. Shoving the electric fan to one for lion which will profess lo have . -•,-• sprung up spontaneously And Roger J. Taylor, deputy United which will announce it lias been side and gulping' a glass of Ice water, he opened the letter and water, read: ''Buy the snow plow. Tlie greatest plow on the market lor snced, performance and durability." Taylor admitted the snow plow might possibly be used on the •summit of Mamma Kca, the only place In Ihe Island where snow ever appears, bul Ihe great problem would be to gel it up there; guaranlee system. This win simply be parl o( a new Democratic effort to meet the "fear campaign" of the Republicans (taxes, preservation of the Constitution, . personal liberties, and so on) with another "fear campaign.'! It • seems that in 1933 Landon denounced the deposit guarantee proiwsal before the American Bankers' Association as "a greater blow lo the iilllmalc welfare of Die American people than the (Continued On Page 3) ' Institution. Strangest of all, says n brother, John Simpson, is the charge of Communistic activity against Lawrence. "He is an American citizen, owns a home In Kirkland, and belongs to tlie Portland (Ore.) Sailors' Union," says the brother. Treason and espionage charges Ugalnsl Ihe' prisoner claim Com- munifilic pamphlets were found In his locker on an American | fhlp at the lime of his arrest In Hamburg In June, 1935. His family contends the charges later were chanjcd to conspiracy ID smuggle marks out of Germany. He is described ns studious, vith a writing and speaking knowledge of two or three foreign languages. He Is bashful and quiet. His family docs not bellow; he Is a radical. Advised, they say, by thc ". a state department that Germany lias assured Lavvicnee thc stm'c kind of tri,:l given all foreigners, relatives in Seattle, includir.:; the biuliicr, John; the father, j. G. Simpson, retired K'rkland (V.'ash.l rancher, nnd another brother, K U. Simpson. K'. Klutui garag': r...n, have resigned liiw selves io wal- thcm al cnyli slop, welcomed Ciov. Alt Landon as he traveled' through tliu midwest for lilb us'- Republican presidential nominee. Seeming to enjoy the infoimnlity of the sitii.ilion, L'lndon leaned fiom Ihe it u platform of h| s uiMuy ear-lo lettun as ni.nii hnmlclnsps .s possible before the train pulled out. WHEEL WHIEE i TO flood control learned here situation — It today. inspection trip, Gen. Include Eudora. AlchafalaytT Pood- I.awrcnec B. Simpson chful waiting. But they kno\v Lawronci) Is rcheduled, some Dmo., to ijo Before thc court, wnlch. c,; ., Noil r^ent lVop>'s , . , , has adjudgini u-oasnn and i'3pioi> ege by Gir.taus punlshab'o bv , not » Oennan m:J tnc lull pr-na;',y mty not be nn- death. Lawrence r if he is found guilt?. ,,„. the Slmpion 'i;ii:\v, trying lo peer through llw veil drawn, anos-i Lawrences li.lcrs by censors, is not confident, ll's case, rs'aVJvCo predict, sir.u ,u\y \\\i\ be bivughj directly to every American clll zen. On the Marklinm will Morgana nnd ,„ .,„,„ ways, the Yazoo basin and various Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas delta projecls. The nrmy engineer intends lo spend two weeks in Ihe lower valley. Tills trip Is being made, It was lerf-aed at, tlie United States engineers' office, in connection with plans for pushing river projects. Included In the Overtoil Hood control bill. Flowngc rights In the proposal flocdways are (o be obtained this aulumn. Work In thc valley will be rushed, provided appropriations arc made by the next congress. rfits from aerial mapr, are being prepared by the "united States engineer offices at Vicksburg and New Orleans so thai work of appraisers may bs rushed. United States' Trade Balance Is Unfavorable WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (UP)- Thc Department of Commerce announced today that exports In July fell to 1 $178,32.1.000. while imports increased to S193,409,OW. giving tlie Unllvci tsuUes an unfavorable trad.: balance of §15,085,000 for the month. July exports hit their lowest level of thc year. It was the second successive month Ihat an unfavorable balance had been reported. Compared with July of last ea brought here jeslerday by relatives nilh the ipquest that" he- be committed- to the state "Institution Billings had been a semi invalid* foi some time He was well known in tlie Manila community having been an active farmer for' many years He said to have' developed a mental ailment about six months ago He had been ranking his home with n grand daughter, Mis Mollie Lay. ^'n.' Funcial services wll be held' this afternoon at the Methodist- church of Manila with the Rev;John Harrison officiating Inte'rU ment will be made at Manila- cemelery. year exports and imports lai'ger In value. were were per cent. per cent Autolsls Like Hawaii HONOLULU -(UP)—More tour Arch Lintlsey, Deputy Sheriff and Driver ."of Car, Is Injured * ', S W. Billings, 74, of Manila uiis killed, almost instantly,, aid Aich Lliubcy, deputy sheriff of this clly, wits injured when. Lindscy's car swerved off High- ivay 10 and dovui a steep embankment near Urlnkloy late yes"^ tcrday afternoon The accident, occurred when Bllllngi, who had been commltiettv to the state hospital for nervous diseases at Little Rock, flung himself over Lindsay's shoulder from the rear seat of the car and grabbed the steering wheel Llndsey held on to the ulieel with one hand and sought to break (he aged mnii's grip with the other as the car sped down the high-' vsay at about 40 miles an hour Before Llndsey could overcome the Insane man the cai plunged off the road and down a steep embankment , „ died within a few minutes of Internal Injuries Ltnilsey was ordered to bed for « hours by physicians at {h» Blyllievlllo hospital today Aside fiom bruises his injuries were not believed serious except for he passible fracture of a vertebra 11 his neck which caused attend- ' "B plivslclans to keep him 'in bed for observation pending a complete X-ray examination * Billings hnd been committed-to , he state hospital yesterday and had been placed in blndsey's cus- '°" y . 'or delivery to 'the Little Rock Institution Llndsey, Who has deliveied numbers of persons to the hospital, transporting u "ar" V lcrt h 1 ^ at °" e " me '" ^ rnoon They wele'a'baut 130 miles* 4 to Little Rock when the accident occurred The aged man had been tiding on the back seat and because of Ms piaUIcally bed-fast condition Llndsey, who has nad occasion lo handle many i,ucn patients, had not believed Billings to be dangerous He Had complained shortly before the accident because they had not yet reached their destination," Llndbcy slid Billings had beaL' Bern's Condition Is ,','-' Sfill Critical Today WASHINGTON, Aug. 26 (UP)— The condition of Secretary of War George H. Dem, dangerously 111 in Walter Redd general hospital, was reported unchanged In n bulletin issued by the. hospital today. V The secretary Tvas said to be In a semi-conscious condition'. Members of the family were la constant attendance. . The hospital bulletin said: "The Secretary of "War passed rather restless day and night" characterized In general by a semiconscious condition, 'some improvement is shown in that there is less congestion in tlie lungs nnd less oedema. His general physical condition remains the same." Files Divorce Suit Mrs. Geraldine Greene has filed suit in chancery court here ngalnst Louis Greene, asking • a divorce on the ground of Indignities. Reid and Evrard arc attorneys for Mrs. Greene. • * WEATHER ; ARKANSAS—Fair tonight and Thursday. Memphis nnd Vicinity—Pair to-, night and Thursday. Not much. __ brought their own automobiles Znge h" I mvZlure to Hawaii with them in July than f s temperature. any month In htslory before. mi; muxunum icmperature nere Police Issued 998 courlesy drivers' yesterday was 95, minimum 72 permits, three times the former clear, according to Samuel. F record, during that monlh. Norrls, official weather observer .

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