The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1947 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1947
Page 5
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THURSDAY, MAY '22, I'M? BLYTHEV1LLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Agri Stations Hold Open Hous; Experimental Plots To Be Inspected By Farm Leaders High Scholastic Honors Accorded Two in Osceola OSCEOLA. Ark., May 22.—Two O.secola High School seniors have been honored with awards for their .scholastic work of the past four years. Frank Sanders, superintendent of schools, announced to£^SS<«^ S^t^2:nr«^5K ^ ""->-> the Hth scries of studv days ^ : ""!""' "™ r ? of ll * K<*'le'"s m- The first is today at Stuttg'irt Ke , sl A ? soci "J 10 "- BW' to students on small grains biuuk.m who through their school work The second is tomorrow on small f!"" v V m "" sc °f attaining leader- Brains mid pastures at Ihe ]iv»- t , !u " '." thc C01 »"'«»'ty, Mr. Sansix: ck and Fore.slr; Branch Experi-, D £. sf1 "'',,, . input siatio'i at Bntesville I e ' lccclvc a year's snb- Tho third is Saturday ' for vet- scri I )Uo » lo "'c Header's Digest and ernns enrolled in the on-thc-job a certificate "in recognition of past liwn training proi-ram which also accomplishment and In antlcipa- wil! ho hold at the atesville station. John Brown Graduates To Hear Noted Speakers S1I.OAM SPINGS, Ark., May 22. (DPI—Two outtiUindlllK s-vi'>!ik- crs will »p|>ear on the commencement programs of John nij'.vn University here beginning luniur- Ii'ow and conlhiutiig tlv,-oui;h Monday. | One. is Gen. Hainmni. - l i). ' llirks, infantry combat vejcran of World War I and ussiiiti'iii c-t-' vLsion commander of the fumed Ninth Division which !o\n;ht through Europe in World War u. | He will lalk on the subject. "Americanism vs. Communi; ;n" Sunday afternoon at a patriotic :Vally honoring GI students. The other is Robert Gilmuiir LeTourneau of Tcoria, III. lie will tell the story at ilu; com-' nienccnieiit p r o g r a m Monday I Pioneer Queen lion of unusual achievement to come." she Is the daughter of Mr. I Tomorrow's mer-linr; at Bates- an<i Mrs - H - E Burch. - villn will he a nall-dav event, with » lour of the station in the 1 morn- ina and a general session ami pro- firnm in tlic afternoon. Stanley Jones is the winner of; Ihe Uausch and Lomb Honorary Rcience Award Medal for achieving the highest scholastic record' morning of wlral he believes to be a miracle. LcTonrncaii was n small y own mechanic who left school in the seventh grade and beeani..* tiie world's largest manufacturer of dirt-moving equipment. Ills subject will bo "God Runs my Business." Three men lo be granted honorary doctors degrees are Dclb;'rt £ .. v ... „ -. ^ 0 _ .... „„,„„.,, a ,,!, E. Johnson of Kansas city. Mo., turnl Evp-rimenl Stalioii""" V wi'll " With oilier"'wi'niVers of'tiin award ' m '" lslcr " f IM1Lsic M I.invo.xt ™-ak at the aflernoon meetin;;. he will be eligible to compote for. "'x^y 11 ™, Church; Maj. R...X Linic'i will i,,. served at noon by one of Ihe five $1500 Dausch and A ' c<>11 " ls ' 6iipcriiitcnd,!iil of momhfrs of the local home dem- Lomb .Science Scholarships at Uie onylrat-on cluh. I University of Rochester ' N Y. On Ihe innriiini; lour, the visitors will snr- research work beimr dore'/~l L. I c * + • , on small Brain production "nd n •"• I entertained tnrc improvement. Thev ' will 'be By Mrs. W. W. Y/tttSOn .->nlr. to M.nipure thc effects of the! • improvement nrcticns whi=',! o-CEOLA, Ark.. May 22.-Mr.s- Ur. R. p. Bartholomew, aisocinte in science subjects during his high director of Ihe Arkansas Agriciil- school course, Mr. Sanders said, i been tested nvcticn durliii; the . 0:>e of. the stop s will be at a l(!-ucrc fie!d of red clover bel grown as a hay crop. lli" n on Saturday, veteran? enrolled in the on-thc-job farm train- ing program will visit the station and learn about the latest developments in farming. The agricultural staff members will explain the research work and the results be- ini; obtained. ' Brown Military Academy; and , Robert Walker of Chicago, editor of ••SniKlay" u nationally-Lireu-! lated religions magazine. A May fly's adult life lasts only Jrt.m evening lo dawn. At The Hospital* HOSPITAL mlUcd: I'orothy Wells, Armorcl. lionide Thompson, Haytl, Mo, Dismissed: Mrs. Lester Lamb. Manila. WALLS HOSPITAL Oonc Newport. Slecle, Mo. Mrs. 1!. c. Amter.son, !U. 1. M IS. u. )j. FVrrcll, Stccle. METHODIST HOSPITAL MEMPHIS Dismissed: Mrs. Minerva Sinter, Osccoln. Mi's. Hush Chapman. Osceoln. Mis s. M. Hawks, Wilson. Second Graders Enjoy Tour of City, Picnic It was a day of excitement mid thrills for 00 children ot the second Knide ill illurdetlc School Tues- 1 duy wlien they "came to town" foi plcnlr.s and tours of the city. One .second grade class, laugh by Mrs. s. Bcvills, had 11 jilcnit at Walker Park and another group taugln. uy Mrs. Kurcn Woods. U Hie yurcl of her home. 400 Noitl Fifth St. They visited the fire station Harts |I!:ikery to sec how lireiu wan made an dothrr business firm Holh groups played games mi were served refreshments. 1 ' y v $% ' ' -•• • M:^=,l W. W! Watson, Jr. entertained a two-table club Wednesday at her home on Kei.ser Avenue. Mrs. j. L. Glascoe won high score prize and Mrs. Bctlye Kclle Starr, second. At conclusion of games, thc hostess served a salad course. Joe in College Becomes Baby Sitter by Night So His Wife Can Get Some More Education, Too PAGE FIVB •liolcc olfcrlngs at "-J.'I5. Kcvcrul oaits of average gootl Mei'rs iai.fM)- ^-1.50 and" a few medium steers 20 UO-1 o; top gdinl and choice hi'llcr.'i mixed yearllnus '.M.CO-J-l.riO: a at 25.00; good around 'i'l 00; with medium 18.00-21 00: gmxl cows 17.511-10.00: comnun and mc.- dhun bcof cows 1S.OO-17.DO. The African cheetah Is said to Ije capable of a 70-mlles-per-honr peed tor short distances. 'After a deer passes the prime of life, Its antlers each year may 've H decreasing number oi points, America's roljln redbreast l:j really a migratory thrush. nance Corpornll'm to provide $103,- CW.OOO rlBlil away to start it. The bill Became law scarcely 'H hours after Congress completed action on a ([(50.000,000 general fo/- ctRn relief measure. The relief bill, entirely separate from Uie Greek-Turkish antl-comnumlsl program, Is aimed at casing the desperate economic plight of Polnn.l, Hungary, Greece. Italy, Austria hlna niiii Trieste. Tim HII <!|i»(<uiCHliy :mlhorli!;.'i ic President to: 1—Grant llnanclal alii In t!io >nii of loans, credits or outright rants. 2—Transfer military equipment— ut not U. S. Irnojift t" Greece nd Turkey, a s well as other lypi'i ot reconstruction and Industrial cinilpmcnt. ' ' 3 —Assign IcclinScal experts'and military advisers .to the-two.ecuHT tries to make., certain tliat-tli aid Is properly Used. "•', Coming Events THURSDAY Mrs. 'Harold Hinson entertaining Jolly Eluht Club. Mrs. Marvin Nunn hostess to Octette Club. aoth Century Club m^-tinu at The Hut for monthly dunce. I!:OT p.m. Mrs. P. u. roster hostejj lo '1'huif- day Contract Club. FRIDAY Mrs. U. A. Copcland cnterlalnlnt; C13C Club. PRESIDENT I'unllmu'd from r:ij;e 1. sllimihire on the bill, advance contingents of U. S. military am technical missions were en rouu to Athens aim Istanbul to hclpjml tin* aid program Jn motion. Congress has j-et to apmoprlatt nil of the money for the Clroi'k- 'J'urklsh aid program. 'Hut the contains a provision anthorl/.ln) (\\e government's llcconstruetlon Fl SICK WATCH? Meet the pioncr Queen, Mrs. T. J. DniTiih, 84, who will reign over the McPherso i. Kan., 75th anniversary ci'lcbratlo i. Candidates for tlic title wen required to be at least 75 years »ld and residents of Me- I'hcison lost of tlioir lives. Mrs. Darrah h s lived there for 79 ycurs. (NEA Tciephoto) Livestock ST. LOUfS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. May 22. Mjp)—UjgiJA) — Livestock: I logs: n.20i): Kulahfe ',1,000; murktt st'jad> - to 2T> cents lo-.v^r than aver- age Wednesday. So'.vs mostly 25 cents; spots 50 cents lower: 'bulk good and choice IHO-2'IO pounds 23.M-23.50: practical top 23.50: lew lols early. 2.CO-22.75; 230-270 Ibs, 22.50-23.00: 210-:iOO pounds 21.(1022.50; load 1135 pounds 20.00; 130150 (rounds 21.75-2:1.2!)'. 100-120 pound pigs 18-15-20.75; Rood 270500 | id sows n.7ii-UI.75; few 19.00; heavier weights Ii1.7ft-17.50: slugs 14.00-16.00. Cuttle—2.BOO: suliible 2,500: calves 1.000. all salable. Acll«e and unevenly higher on steer.i, hcilcr: mid cows under light supply. About 10 loads of steers on Halo, these Including one loud of low and nvcrngo HAVE IT FIXED by EXPERTS ; i Watch and Jewelry re; pairs by men who know ; low cost to you. AM, WOKK <iUAUANTi;i;i> ;iinnu!<IIatu Dcllvi-ry on AH Work GUARD'S imcwork's a b:t complicated for Charles \v. Mfithews, GI student at the University of illinoi.i. Sons iiwarl, three, and Charles, six, think the study table is a fine place to play. But there's no us= yelling • Mrs. Mathcws to take them away; she's out for the evening classes, like the wives below. I'icturcs niiil Text By DjYVII) HOYEK NliA Special Corrcspimdcnt CHAMI'AIGN, 111., (NEA) — Gl- Joc-CollCBC is the busy man behind the books on the college campus— and. on occasion, the busy man behind tlic baby carriage, the grocery base, the broom and the- supper dishes. Anil what about his wife? At University of Illinois, at least, GI-Joe-CollCRe is going to college too. She calls herself a "WiVct." She isn't shiciyin;; calculus, en- ginccrinz. political science or chc- mi.stry. fll'd she isn't Retting university c^'dit. She's educating hcv- self. imder an o[)tional university system of courses, in the science of bcins a BOO ( I wife, mother and homcniakcr. She's learning lo sew, knit, cook, make clothes, care for children, choose home decorations. It's all done at night classes, while student-veteran husbands si*. i home with their books and their ! children. Frequently, GI-Joc learns as much on the wife's night out about ' being a father, husband and home- i maker as his wife does at class- I The university inaugurated night classes in the arLs — sketching, creative writing, handicraft work, book-reviewing — at the request ot I the wives, who wanted to develop interests akin to their husbands' professions j One wife, for example, whose husband is studying architecture, specializes in home decoration. She believes her knowledge of what to put inside a house may contribute to her husband's success in building houses. Most of tlic creative writing students arc wives of vctcVans in the journalism school. Many arc able to criticize husbands' manuscripts, help them rewrite before papers arc submitted [or grades. Shorthand and typing classes arc overcrowded with wives who want to help husbands with reports and term papers. Another big interest of the Wi- Vcls is how lo stretch the $00-a- month budget these ..veteran families arc allowed under the GI Bill of Rights. Hat remodeling, knitting, and sewing arc new items on the college curriculum for the wives ontv Here's whnl the wives arc doing while their GT- Joe- College husbands spend the evening. with (which includes the youngsters as well as tlu books,! This is a college hat remodeling ciasf, J. Allen Nyc. Jr.. left, seeking approval rro-.ii Mrs. Irwin A. Smith, Mrs, Robert Fucllman and Mrs. William BuoKcr. A«Jl4iA4IIA«lMIWL'«IiJ.ltj» ft i j irrMructor Gay as-a-lark Pastel Spuiis Crisp and cool for Summer Yc>n"(l lo\'c lliem for every summer ficcasion! Sntiirlly Myleil SJPUII ray- ons— in tofi |i,-is|cls, and red. Slyle skel(jli('c! is tygiical ofoiir selection. In sizes from 9 to 15, 12 to 18. 7 98 ond9 9 » Add this purchase to your Monthly Payment Account. PILES Hurt Like Sin! But Now I Gm llK>uMin<l.i clianga groahi to' y »'""•«' rormur,L to rcllovra t'• * K ,. „ lo ^'" r m^^^ 11 rLna 10 soilc-n, Hlirink •wollla^. UM Minor's Hccliil o'ln(m"nt%r li?cfaf*imS 1 V : oV l.'^'V"iil'| y rtM?"B" '*'' ^ lrect ^- every item » reduced FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY ONLY! Imagine! Regular 3.19 Famous Make OVERALLS. . . Now only A very special sellhr; tor two dayu only. A hi;;, full € u(. union mad:j overall. !) m . sanforized denim. Tailored patterns. Sl/.cs to -H. 777 HOSIERY. Re- LOVELY RAYON | duccd from 44c. Knitted from i;ood ouallty iii«ii twist rayon. Cotton remtorcements. Buy several pairs at lids low price. Sixes Bli to 10','j. Rayon Panties! Supcr-spccia! Reduced from 69c. Yon arc sure to he ptaiyed wilh Ihc iplallly and Miioolh 111 oi lliunu bc-sl quality niyon ])antics. They wash easily. Two (3nys only— V Towel Sale—Stock up—our regular price is 49c. A ininmi, Caimun loval made of thirsty terry cliilh. Fancy block design In a cumplclc Li!,:,(ntincnl of pastel colors. IG" x 27" size. » Maple Bedroom outfit. Regular price $129.95. DiMinclive slyliire. IIardwo:«l thhroiiKhiuil. 3 pieces ini-lntiin!- 5)'<! Vanity, Chest ot Drawer;.. Only ao'o down. Be here early for this one—Spring- type clothespins. Reduced from 9c dozen. Made of hard, snvirjui wood. Dependable spring type conir.rnUion. We went all the way to Norway for this one.

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