The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1949 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1949
Page 13
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•FRIDAY, JTJNE-S, 1949 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS OUT OUR WAY By J. ft. Williams DM. 1 ? -M* SMW.L. WOOLO MAKe A LEAMt HOME* THE BOOTS ARE »s) CASE erres WHEN HE OUT,' GIVE ME JTH CLAW HAMMER. AMP WE'LL. MAKE IT LOOK AS THOUGH HE'D SQUEEZED OUT- COOLDNT Si-EEP FORTHfNK- ING OF THAT POOR WILP THIMG RACING AND PACING BACK AMD .._ oMt OF fl-Mis rS As SECRET IMS GUIDES HsJ H AS A COt> 6EH THIS PARK., <|( A BILt-BOAR TWISGS ~_ ^ Jo&T STIC* At'COHD ^. , *-ALL .._ % V CAN GET OUT e \ Of HIM is 0 eS -THERE POUCt4lri6 FOUR BOf?Kl TH1RTV YEAR'S TOO SOON Our Boarding House with Mo j. Hooplc Canard Line's Caronia Plans Super Cruise LQND'ON Wi—The Cunard Line's Caronia. newest liner In its fleet, will make n n 80-day cruise ni'xt winter to South America. South and East Africa. Egypt, the Holy Land and the Mediterranean .Tile cruise, covering 19,003 miles. Is planned to attract American tourist dollars. The 34 MO ton Caronia, designed especially for cruising, will sail from New York Jan. 12 and end the eruwe nt Southampton Mar^ch 26. Passengers will then be free to spend some time in England—and more dollars — or return - to the JjJnited State.1 Immediately In one ma the company's other liners. A feature of the cruise will be a chance for vacationers to strike out through the Interior of Africa and rejoin thi ship 17 days later at Uombua. In the Mediterranean, the Oaronla will call at Tel Aviv, Milt* and Italian ports. FM and AM 7 Tub«i Plus Rectifier Listen to the Ball Game In NoiM-Fre* Comfort $5 DOWN $5 A MONTH D H EIFI S I Hurt Prelim ... War Di Illi Ul 1 , tTMB U Harm, KTTMYBll laa I aer cal yac IK STUKVc SIrMNE* UMdrrvar- • 1Br**lra IB* Brrrally aC a" Ma Sp*«r* Ihland. Alrradr >B>r all arliM* _. "" •i. Ta* arra* a I.. ,. r •a B7 la* aalpvrrrek of a calra ay la? aalavrrrek of a »M»|| yacat »« the lalaa.*. Haralaa; la ailrarira kr aae «f IB* aala- «*r*ckra aartr. Malllr Slark, BHI be l». troubled try hrr |irr»**re «• tb -- XVIII "TT'S the same tiling as getting back: on a horse after he's thrown you," Hea insisted. "If I didn't rid* that thing again I'd be scared of it the rest of my life." "I cant se* that k matters," Henry Harding »aid. "Get In, since you insist. Miss Firth can wait up here with me. There's no reason now to keep th« whiskey down below." He selected a key from the ring, gave rt to Miss Cosgrove. "When you get down, load (he car, ring the signal button and I'll send Miss Firth down to help you." • "I wouldn't want to ride in that car," Agnes Firth said. "There's still blood on it." Bea climbed in the gondola Hardinc had partially Riled with broken rock and watche<i the simple operation which set the car in motion. And it was only a few 'secorfds before the car moved over th« lip to the steeper part of the incline *o only the coble could be seen. It could be done all right, Bea decided. Perhaps there was a pool of blood bade in some room of the underground storehouse. Certainly trier* wu hot enough blood in th« car itself. A shot could never have been heard in the tunnels. A hand truck would help. A body could be lifted into the gondola, a tug at the starting lever and Lilly Warren could have been sent down. It meant even the partial alibis which had been offered so readily were worthless. Lilly Warren with her duties in the kitchen had the best opportunity to discover the automatic. But Bea could not forget that gently swinging kitchen door the first night on Speare Island. Anyone who had access to the house could have taken the gun. • • « A ND why had Fred Sillwell lied? ^* He, and George Bascombe too for that matter, had examined the automatic when they helped take Lilly's body from the car. Whatever Fred's reason, Harding had swallowed the tale. It fitted with what he wanted to believe. If she should point out the fact everyone on the island could have killed Lilly Warren, ihe knew she could not point out « motive. The car came to an abrupt stop. She leaped out, ran along the dock toward the storehouse, kicking off her shoes on the way. She hurried down steep stairs to the beach, returned to the water's edge to cross the 200-foot stretch of coarse sand to the 100-foot cliff on the other side of the cove. A small wave whipped in, slapped viciously at her knees in a sudden deepening of water. She staggered seaward, went deeper. The water rushed back from the steep beach, tugging, pushing, trying to knock her completely ofl balance. She leaned toward the land, swinging her arms. Then in one instant shf was free, could mak* the f*w steps which were the difference between a good chance of drowning and safety. • . • a CHE reached the cliff, moved ^ quickly along M* base. She found no more recognizable footprints, but just above high tide mark a small pile at freshly dislodged rock ended her search. She looked upward. Far above a lighter spot on the cliff taoa told where he fragments had come from. Still farther up, the flat moisture- filled leaves of a,rock plant were crushed. She retraced her steps back to the dock, realized the tide was coming in since half of the line of prints she'd made were gone. "A lucky break for me on the tide," she said aloud, "but 1 wouldn't care if it was going out. I'd rather leave footprints. Perhaps someone else felt that way too." She unlocked the storehouse and began loading the car. Finished at last, she pushed the signal button. She returned at once to the storeroom Like the Uriels above under the main house, these rooms too were cut from the^olid rock. In one large room, Bea 1 * found many drums of gasoline. Enough to run the generators for years to come. The first scream came to her faintly. She hurried out the wooden entrance to the rock rooms. The screams were louder. more frantic. The car had come down with Agnes Firth. She sat bolt upright, eyes shut. A nailing hand hit the lever on the side. Her fingers gripped it. Bea yelled. "Don't pull that lever! Agnes!" She was close enough to see Miss Firth's while knuckles on the iron dump lever. It moved. The downward end of the car dropped open. Agnes screamed again as she started sliding. Bea caught her under Ihe armpits, held her with legs dangling out over the seething water. "Help yourself a little, Agnes," Bea panted. "Grab hold of the sides of the car. That's it. Pull up your legs and put one over the side of the car. Now roll, and lift yourself. I won't let you slide out!" The two women stood on th« dock, panting* with their exertion. "Didn't Harding warn you about pulling that lever?" Be* demanded. Agnes Firth shook her head. She was pale. Her whole body trembled. "I—I thought it wasn't going to stop! He didn't tell me anything but get in!" (To IV Can tinned) News Travels Fast! HOBAKT, Okla. m — Charlie Klein 1* going to learn to control hi* enthusiasm when It comes to promoting civic projects. In his column for the Hobarl "Democrat- Chi ef", he Innocently remarked that as part of clean up week, he might go so far as to help hts landlady with some of the chorea arotmd the house. When Klein got home, hts landlady had a long list of things for him to do around the house. 4% HOME LOANS Elbert S. Johnson •The Equitable Life Assurance Society Phonr *£>» Ercnlnis PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best 1'rices Kirby Drug Stores SHEET METAL WORK-OF ALL KINDS Custom work for gins, alfalfa mills, oil mills. Custom Sheering up to 1/4 inch thickness Frank Simmons Tin Shop m South Broadway Phone 2651 BEN WHITE & SONS Save i » Timet) Money• Labor! Plant Sinkers ' ! ACID-DELINTED j Cotton Seed \ L. K. ASHCRAFT CO. j :herr; A Rallravd Phone 44S3 I FOR SALE Concrete enherts. 12 Inch to IS inch, plain or reenforeed. Also Concrete Building Blocks cheaper than lumber for barns, chicken houses, pump houses, tenant houses, Innl sheds. We deliver. Call us for free estimate Phone 991. OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. Rent • Gamer* for Color Pictures The Ideal way to remember speeiaJ occasions. A Is* .ther typo a< east- era* for rent BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3847 GENERAL MAIM OFFICE- JNTRACTORS -NORTH TENTH REVOLUTIONARY NEW STUDEBAKER TRUCKS! c D MINNOWS WHITE RIVER SHINERS and GOLD FISH • G. C. Hawks • 328 E. Main Phone 3292 • New Styling • New Comfort • • Ntw Ruggedness • New Performance > * Wlfi*" 'kl' nwal " new ""onejr-Mvinjr value tor yon! - or r "" r rel <" lrtm e>>t«. from li-Ton t» a- th ua«* ffeTS J °° tlK "" Ct I5rp * lruck • VB " net<l *« «» the Job better at less cost. Why not see for yourself? We 'i T*'" T" * n<l lel " 5 Provt lhit « h tr«c«. can d. what we claim Ihej can do Chamblin Sales Co. Tow Friendly Stodehaker Dealer" A Ash Phon , S8S •STUDtiAKfcR- FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEH Bingo- M*»*NA NCVtRCAMC, J Of <WY GIVE THE COtCXT T) I CELLO A oouetr OF srooees r / T E *CHER To POOTZI, FOR BKAUMS AND 6AO4' ,"0h, dear—a telegram! •won't be home till tomorrow I'm all ilon« and my husband row—can't you brine it back then?" PRISCILLA'S POP BY AL VERMEER IT'S SO HARD TO S/WE MONEY THESE DAYS.' WE'LL NEVER BE ABLE. TO BUY A HOME. WALDO' 7 UNLESS, OF COUR5E WE EACH MAKE A ^SACRIFICE.' WHAT 00 YOU MEAN, HAZELT IT WORKS LIKE TKI5: YOU'RE VERY FOND OF STEAK, AREN'T YOU? WELL, IF I GIVE UP BUYING STEAKS, WILL SOU GIVE UP .. BUYING TOBACCO Important? Ver BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY «nrl RALPH LANE J KNIW WO WERf HERE. FO6 BUT I DIDNT EXPKT VOU TO AUSWSB THE DOOB. WHERE'S PfWLES? WIP THAT, HWT. WHtSI IS IT? TO WAITTOBA UI6H *WO TO BLOW IT DOWN. 15 ITSQMt- 1H\N6 WASH TUBBS Box Disappear* BY LESLIE TURNER GIG SAYS YOUSAWTH6 PILCUEK IOY5 CAPTURED M THE GWJ HGKT WITH DEPUTE 44 VEAKS MO, '. SON TtrWWXE SWOW FRO* Ttf Tl«g TMBY RUN OUT* TH BANK WITH A GCEEU M6TM. SOX/ CUT Off FEOW THEK. HORStS BY A HAH. ff THEY RUM OUTA LEAO! TM6Y TOOK COVER m DOORWAYS M- MNTHUJG THEY COU.H GIT BEBtUP. W HELP OFF TH' IMY WITH FM1CV TRIGGER. TALK *5 THEY WORKfO TO'KP TH' RIVER BUGS BUNNY •JOUR. FIRST JOB » TO FE.EDTH' SOWLLA... 6£T SOIN 1 / I WONDER WHAT HAPPENED TO TH' SUV WHAT FtD I CAME/ SHOCKS... JUST A LI'L 0L- CIZAS.' BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES BY EDGAR MARTIN TO\.O voo TO <=>V! CHiT ^r^_

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