The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1936 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1936
Page 6
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;PAGE SIX Coca Coin Crumbles Before Clean?)s 'Attack; McDaniel Right Again. STAN'mxor, BLYTIIEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Stagc^One-Man Record Monopoly \\: i. 9 1 a Tram Nu-Wa- Cleaners Ccca Col;i B'vilfe I.auiidi ,• Jack Airjilcbauni The Nis-Wi C into I'litl!'-;-! led i vc 'io'i cf fivst pjaco in Ihc i'!r!s last-.nigh! Vllii a 11 to 7 v!;- tory over the Cnla IW lei's 'Aho were n half (mine aheml of the cic.TOers until list nljht. The liij'theville Lanrclr/ ilniv- cfi Jeck Appfrtau-ii further In'i the cellar v.iiii a 7 lo :! triumph o\er Jack's Vj.v'r*. Ciilitnndlni; In the right's p-r- fcmn-ic-i \ i s uv. •, m. of Evrtyi •rnrrj ' M/'V'i. i. Tin iiy fJ ii- chrr, in h'l'inp /n,i]il MUM lo two hits nr.-l the bili'm? c Helen I TIC , N-Wa 'lons'np.' w!i p.ct three'hits-for a |x>rfcc:, nrjht at bat, Inrli!d;n3 MI ho:ncr, Sadie Flsmcy \vent ths rov'. for Ihc Cle.incrs and allo ','e.d t!i Ccca.Cclas citfht. hits. The Nn- Wa aggregation, led !>•/ LIB blasted nil 11 hli* rvh of th-_ clubs made three .errors Nn-Wn rt't the p HIM- safc-lj .away in Ihe U'ird i:mln<r '. nine run spree which drove Whittle from lhe : mound. Ehe w;; replaced by Ilmj Browning went (he full dis tance for AprjleLnuni In !he opening game, striluni; out live bill Issuing five bases on balls. Mc- Dnniol, lhe opposing hnrler. struck cut four ami did not issue n 'pass Stamey struck out;si.x nnd walked four t\Kc Whittle whiffet" lluee a> I ,ilked tlncc. Ilticj ^struck oul 'three. Mafheny and Hilburn inside three hifs each. The score by innings Oil Sets Record for Runs Driven in As N Yorkers Soar Laundry Appielnum Nu-W-i Coca Cola 440 COO 119 201 R..H. B, 7 G 'j 324 H. H. E, U 11 3 7 8 Harry Grayson It really 15 too bad that circumstances-force Jo.sso Owens tr, turn profess! onii 1. It would be intcicstinir to sec the Ohio State Special take a whirl at loneei distances. Neilhei the competition nor. the incentive, is there for him to do thii ns a money getter. E\en tbe 3000-mctei steeplechase record wouldn't hue been rafe had O\vens lemained in •simon-pure Ecnnllcs. Tile ineie thought of anyone running 400 meters in 40 seconds is stageerinB, yet when Owens, most .modest of athletes, claims he. had a good chance of doing it, there mmt be something to It. Sharpening up in Herlin, the phenumcnal triple-winner of Hie Olympic Gnmes stepped 305 me- t"rs- in 302 seconds, vhlch any tchcoled Irack observer will recognize as top speed for the entire rente. : And at the end of that distance the Negro youth was far fitm exhausted or lightened tip. He Krji he actually felt he could have gone another 95 ynrds !>t almost the same ullslcung pace. Owens going out for the 400 meters would icqulie a ditlerent sort : of .preparation than that needed for the short sprints nnrt broad Jiiinp The drain upm the Buckeye...Bullet's rcrouiccs would be terrific, necessitating his dropping one of his usual events. The flying piece of ebony was keen to try it, however. After all, he started as n high jumper, rather uian a sprinter, hurdler, nnd broad jumper, so there's no end to his versatility Owens set a fourth record in Berlin. During the .two-'-vceks he spent in the Olympic Vllb"c 'lie .received 420 letters nnd cablegrams/or an average of 30 a day That unquestionably is tops in Olympic fan mail. Troy I.o.l Promising lacMc in Discus Thrower Ca - proved to u America's gain v.hen Ken Carpcn ter x\cn the Oljmplc ducus pionship. As a sophomore, Carpenter w;..-, one of the more promising tackles on the Trojan foolball team, b just as quickly as It was cil co^ered Ihal tne husky had evi E«atcr; talent as a discus heave .'I mi swing lha! Ins nut Luu ut lhe lieml cf (he home run parade. Sffrins .' wrists and haiuls that have: booslrd (.mi ne:u- the lop "cf (he balling heap. With n rcnsmilive emne total of iir-inl.v l.lifir,. a rrecrd ima[nro:icU- cd in baseball, f.on Gchi'lVii big l-;iI i-; nrit I'ftrr supposedly mi- bcatnbk' mnr!:r, sel l:y his crst- vliile tcnn\m:ito. Babi; Rutli. 1.011 ulrr-pdi- lins s;;l n reccnl for runs srciTil. hiu'liu -BKlloped across .1 plaio \viih 100 or mere for 11 :'rni-!il yeiiwiiis: rjjuali'd Al Simmons 1 record of ballln? in mn L limn 100 runs for n Klniighl. .Vt'iirn. unit broken • his o'.vn murk of htlliivj homers uiih (he bases loaded D! Hun's. Knih's record of sccriivi 177 runs in a sfason- 1521—and thi- Bum's honn-r limit «f fiO. willi M (•> his credit no <, and nearly 4;) names lo l; o, ftu .',(an;1s a good chance. (i, lt haie I lie inwcifnl lif-r-t (Ichrij- in ii, e game for nearly 1,800 sinilcbt conlcsls. lash" Stainbrook Named 'Bottlers'-Starting Hiirler Donald "Flish" Stninbrook nominated an the starlini; lurlcr fcr tilt Memphis Coca Cola J!olt!crs when the ronlliern soft Ins Announcement of Slainbrook's scleclton as On- Memphis Imil-r wns made- in Memphis today. Oliver "Emcke" Triplet!, who rate; tell champions clash with Ihej ns (He nee of the Memphis stall Toledo Crimson Tobaccos, we rid j olthcuch h c is not ns co'ortul pid(1 ! i ' s Slainbrod'c. is lo start here Tho Velcvan Lefe Myers Latcsi Viclim; Sinkcy to Re- pen! Next Monday. ]' Johnnie Marre successfully turn- >• •• -"o"'- UK: inuaecrs innrsday night at Tho Fumous Eiore and K. D. Covln-trii. 'jvnn. " r Johnnie Marrs imcce.K.fullv turn Hughes company J earns of th-j ..vum-nccment of the slnrlliiB "I back another challenge' lo ULs ocnl Ccm'jicrciM i^riball li-.iguc; l,, ; ,-!ci' for (he world champion.! claims as a southern lialilhcavy- ,,lll meet, in n_preliminary game.n-ps net wrn martr- but- it. is ex-; weight wrestling champion when .O^llinlnfT 111 j:.10 OClC'Ck. ! nrMnrl trm* "C:^,.'' T*r~< f«l-» I ho <Wf">tnrT I.rM, M,•«,.«> ~t n. . . nclcrs, made Olympic. Stadium ceker room vows to see each oih-, , petted Hint —, nr.d "Chet" Tavnachi nui'nd tilth's with \ to a 1! no defeated Lee Myers at the i,e- viill divide! t!'°n arena last night before a large preliminary nex Mob ley of | he'crowd, lesser liyht. r in Tokio four vears hence i / '"' rn!: (h<? >'t!"s ot thn Tol.-flo 'von over George Ligosky two out • ' . ! t.h'1) is ,1 fdisational short fielder,! 0 * " lf ec falls. Adolph Kicfer. back stroke J '">•''cis l.engc-1. l.«i!!ol Is rcmi wimmlng star and world record . lho fastest, bnsp run loldcr, will enter the University " ! fr " hl>!1 - "o !«' "ic Nutlo ->l Texas this fall. Johnny Hl ( ;'-: ' c ' :bl!l an.-c:cii\iion. including line- 1-.i-ni.-i ,-f,..ii -..' n_ ' i !( ', ])1 « ill ill (if 1 *;1 n lot; nHlli Is repined : Marrs was extended by Myers as bnsp nmtHr much as by any opponent "he this fall. Johnny Hl ( ;'-: breast stroker pur excellence i of Providence, will matriculate at! met here in his series of apiwi'r- Ohio Stale. ".crman i:rricirnry I'.iilcii lamliinR Trark and Field Ralph Mctcalfe, who had 15 301) anccs but the roujh woikin? Texan in nine stales, with :>6 didn't have the mnninwcr to over runs in li>34, bal tins .345 come his rugged opponent- I fcr the sKisnn. lie hit lip Marrs won Ihc and third ••• .....,.o MUII luc 1IF5V ,UKI tiliro lie has bren credited with-falls with Myers Likin» the middle '"" drives of more tluuv number. .. . — i "» ••«"it •-•11 j-»gv.>hy juai sv^ IL ail(he liteocos. is a versatile play- pearcd the latter was to win tie rr f.tivtft k'Jnrirs/'l .tr n i,;ini,,... *i,j,vj .,..., . .. "• IL- lead man whenever Ihey made" r1 '- f -'' s -o starlcd sis a piiclu-r- ihird and" dccidhi"' faa he rounds of lhe c.ily. i ^nd still likes to lake the mourn!! It was announced Ihis monilitir ' ' ' !«hcnover Mnnaiier Leu Shcppard | that M.irrs would again ret, in Helen Stephens, who captured lvi " nllo "' v lliln '» tln ^.- He tsinuxt Monday nl»bt to meet Ti the l(K)-metei' event lor women. tl! " "I's'PP-r box" of the Toledo; lanic Sinkey, the former loril pro .vas (he only Amrrican eliampicm ' :>r!cl( l- ! motor. Marrs won over Sinkin- he™ vho managMl to spend nn after-i °". !hc " lil<! tasi1 coaching line; but promoters nrc billin» the w lOon in downtrmn Tln>-H.. M-itt,n... ' ^'f tl'*" Tob.ltCOS Will be Mnn-llni-n ,M,no., rt .,, n ,,i -- ° . loon in downtown ncrltn without . .. slopped once ;raph seeker. Tobaccos will be Mnn-jtnrn ensasement Bobby Brown, J8 - year-old schoolboy hop-step-aud-jnmper of New Orleans, before sailing left by an auto- r i c " -'"Tpard. One of lhe old- ; match. There will be no time lin iional taskcttall. players i it and little limit on anytime ei s point of actual service | It seems, tt, figures lo be a ° ' i from --...-.,... ^.pruicr nc« urieans, berwe sailing lef Unucrsity o, bouthem Califor- an order for a new pair of tn-c - ._ sent him nttheOlym-- i- Village. Tlic shoes arrivnd ali i- riiiht. but he wasn't able lo wf.v them. Both were for the left foet. • • » While Germany really did thii ?,a ,. with the Games, the committee 1 i_ could have done n belter job of :n b.indlini; the track and field end of the elaborate program. To " lnm , . • »i'»«fa".iisii L / ut ii (iXVJl , . ,„ tormcv , mmor n'falr from starlto finish, snonxo-s leasi:o Kisebnll star. He knows! predict i> .-irouso.s foflball rule book from A toj In the preliminary wre.tlin, A nnd bnek r-.cain nr.d. Is a great! match of next week's card x Krccntsv!,- player. He Iwlievesl Poob wil , , neet M ,,; ™; ^ Hint the l,v,v ot averages will win [in a 00 minute or lew --"-.. By IIAKKY GKAYSON' NEW YORK.—With Hie Yankees vlrtuully conceded to be "In," the Olanls have the big lown dlscuss- Inj! the iwsslbimies of its first fivc- jcnl world scries in 13 years. Several things have contributed to the rejuvenation of the New- York club since young Horace Sloncham talked of tearing it apart .•as It struggled in the second divl- j .slon only a month ago, but Mel Ott's bat undoubtedly has been the most iiotcnt factor in the rise of lhe Polo Grounders, OH has just set a new National i League record as the first swal- ! smith lo be good for 100 or more i runs balled in for eight consecu- | live years. Only American Lea»u- <;rs have topped that. Al Simmons j went II straight years fit 100 or r better, ami Lou Gehrlg i s certain to lie Ihc Pole's record this season liabc Run, belled In 100 or more markers during lh e course of 13 different, campaigns, but. not consecutively. Oil's streak as lhe most consistent provider" In lhe elder circuit Mailed with his 151 runs driven in for 1929. In lhe years thai followed this splendid lefl-handed hitler banged across 119, 115, 123, 103 135 and 114, and this trip more 'than 100 so far. Altogether, counting his earlier years before he became renowned as a. slugger, Ihc Louisiana Lariiipcr has driven in more than 1050 runs for Ihc Giants and hit 210 homers. All 1'itebcrs !,o(!k Alike Mel demonslrnls that a power hitter does not necessarily have to be bulky. Scaling little more Ihnn 170, he spots-men like Ruth, aeli- i'tg, nnd Simmons 30 or 40 pounds. Oil this season lias swatted more than a third of the Gianls 1 70 home runs. ~ Oil has batted at n .377 clip since July 15. He's been Iroiible-J with a charteyhorse in his left. leg, so his home runs have made things softer for him: it is easier to jo» around, the bases on a circuit clout than to run them otherwise. Woody Jensen of the Pirates generally is credited with being the National League's most effective left-hamled hitter against left- handed pitching, but ott and Dolph Camilll of lhe Phillies nrc not far behind, ott is much more formidable against all kinds of pitchiii" than Hie oilier two. Eight consecutive winning series U)e fastest, pace, in, either league has put the Gianls back on lhe tails of the second place Cubs and within easy striking distance of the Cardinals. The Gianls look on new life with Bill Terry's return ' lo the lineup. Bum knee and all, lhe New York manager still Is the daddy of first basemen. It may be because his own play is missed, bill the fact remains that Memphis Dill appears lo be a vastly more capable pilot while in action than he is in the dugout. Gianls Hilling Well With oil showing the way. Terry, Jimmy Ripple, Joe. Moore, and Sambo Leslie are hitting belter than .300, and Gns Mancnso is Hearing the charmed circle. Hank UJiber, alternating with Ripple in ccnterflcld, always is dangerous. Mnncusb also is enjoying one of .iis best years behind lhe plalc. lie is lhe last won! In handling pitchers and throwing. Burgess Whilchead is the key nan at, second base. His presence las spurred Dick Barlcll al shortstop. Stoney Jackson slill manages lo gel around at third Carl Hitbbell still is lhe old reliable. Hal Schumacher's arm no longer Is ailing. Pat Freddie PltMlm- mons' ancient sonpbone has come around. Frank Gabler lias grad- imtcd from lhe bull , )OI , and now Is a slarling pitcher. Harry Gum- aerl has starred all season nnd Al Smith finally has "arrived" Clydell Castleman has been relegated lo the role of a relief worker where he shares dultes with Dick Coffman. The Giants .shouldn't be sold short this stage of lhe race They have had their slump, and the sccdiile for the remaining weeks favors them. They'll be combat- ting the Phillies, Dodgers, and Braves while the stronger western arrays, particularly the Cardinals and Cubs, arc knocking one another bowlcggcd. TUESDAY, AUGUST 25' 1D3(J xBirmlughain Little Hock Chattanooga > Knoxyille Memphis x— Night game. St. I/MllS ... New York .. Chicago Pittsburgh . Cincinnati . Boston Brooklyn .,. Philadelphia National League W. I,, 12 4G ..... 12 4G ..... 09 SO 02 58 5(i- 02 ;.'.'.. 53 04 ..... 47 70 41 70 New York Cleveland Detroit Chicago Washington ... Boston St, Louis Philadelphia .. American league W. L, ..19 40 ..61 53 .. tia 57 . . 04 57 .. G2 50 ,. 59 03 .. 44 70 .43 78 Pet .01C .010 .580 .528 .471 .453 .402 .350 Pet .CC4 .553 .533 .528 .512 .484 .307 .355 Northeast Arkansas I.c.igue W. L. Pet. 34 8 .810 27 15 ID 23 17 24 11 25 12 31 Newport Osceola -\Balesvillc xJoncsboro Carnlhersville ... Paragoiild x—Nigh I game. .C43 .452 .415 .405 .279 a let of ball (Mines. Penny Wise EVAKSTON, 111. (UP)—TWOOUC- (tallon JHRS filled with pennies were tendered Elmer JJIles. Evan- stoii furl dealer, recently In pny- PCVCII Ions of coal. The - .~.^. .IIILIVU A boxing match between two local boys will also be part, o! the Sinnllrst Money Order BOMBAY (UP1-A money order for one-eighth of a fnrlhliv,' th" smallest sum ever recorded, was Baseball Results Southern League New- Orleans 4, Chattanooga 3 10 innings). Nashville at Birmingham. ni-ht game. J Only games scheduled. National League Pittsburgh 17, St. Louis 5 Chicago 2, Cincinnati 1 (10 innings). Only games scheduled. American League Chicago 8. Detroit 4. - Only game scheduled. Northeast Arkansas T.ra Jonesboro at Biitesville. _ Toledo's Hard Hitting Outfield (Jj A smiling sji-onp of outfielders from .Toledo. Ohio. ' bM How" to an opixjsing Softball . pitcher. Upper lefl. "Tuny oiiskv Ho led the Crimson Coach Tobaccos in base hHs vith a 3fH» iverage last year including 17 home run*; -upper rt j,' h[> :^ rty ,<£ Gwardmski. who batted .522 and poled two homo runs hl " the Chicago World's Amateur Tournament; center Fi- j cis L-nuel vho led the National Softball association in 193! with' 20 ' "home ' '.ins ami poled out 2 homers during the Chicago Icnrnamcnl, one'' ' of which traveled 350 feet into the center field bleachers alu |' ' ; co,-ed the winning ,•„„ .that gave the Toledo team the worlds! ' .tie: lower left. Bill Lament and lower ri<?hl, Cliff Tt-eh two!-' 1 big six footers who hit a bal gentleman on the left is Lcn Sheppard, ,rnn,a s er"of Ihc" Crimson Coach Tobaccos and a former minor league outfielder. hard and far. The stern looking i| game. Only game. . night Today's Games Southern League •Little Rock at Memphis, night. New Orleans at Chattanooga. Nashville al Birmingham. Knoxville at Atlanta. National League Philadelphia at 'Chicago. Boston at St. Louis. New York at Cincinnati. Brooklyn at- 'Pittsburgh. American I.eagne Detroit at Boston. St. Louis at New York. Cleveland at. Washington. Chicago at Philadelphia. Nnrllirast Arkansas Leae Jonesboro at Batesville. Newport at Carnlhersville Paragould at Osccola. lie is rcmv.M nrcil Smith and, IICVS. bv Jla.-ri-'-t: local I'Lir- from Europe-, spectators, p.irllci- went through gridiron dnlls, Ken — . *". .v wiiaj ami; hurling Ihc platter oul into space. * * * Goidon Dnnn^ of Los Angeles, «ho finished second lo Carpenler , In the dt^us, and Archie Sun Roman!, the little fellow from Kansas State Teachers' College »hn placed v fourth In the 1500 Kef ore You Bny Any Outboard - See the NEPTUNE 2 "• r Single C>1. (Other sbes to 16 H. p.) HUBBARD TIRE & BATTKKY CO. , and across il. enouch of track and . they're thinking <.f field that's 120 yards loin; has white stripes runninti WELDING AT BEST PRICES Ml), practically all of them are i ,, 1)RO Mff SKHVtCE e nutty about football than'K'JI'irCtnlin ft/Tfrf it track and field or about! 'Ml KM1<U6 lUlg. Yeah, iirarlically all of them are i more about anything else for Ihal matter. 1'HONR 10 OWN A FARM Rave your money by pt,tlin s it j u n Farm. You n r " i- I'bones and G.G. CAUDILL Wylhrvlllc, Ark. Kel ley rolls T em in 8 seconds flat with this "makin's" tobacco! "I USED to think that rollinfroul a perfect cigarette in 20 or SO second's was pretty good," Tom Kclley says. "Uut shucks! It's easy when you use Prince Albert. Now I roll Vin in S seconds. And that big red economy tin gives mo 70 swell, mild smokes." Men, P. A. isolTcred to you on a strict you-must-bc-pleased basis. To wit: Number Eight Winner Of Second Half Race COOTER, Mo.— The Number Eight team won the championship of the second hald of the Cooler soft ball league by a wide margin. The Texaco team, winner or tbe first hair race, will play the Number Eight team some time this week to determine Ihc championship of lhe league for the entire season. The Me.\icun-U. S. border crosses only five permanent running streams from El Paso to San Magnet Salvages Junk UTICA. N. Y. (UP)-Using a two-ton eleclro-magnet, workmen salvaged 450 tons of , scrap iron from a sunken canal barge ml] Utica harbor. Read Courier News Want Ads Wrecker Service - Gas OPEN ALI, NIGHT PHILLIPS SERVICE CENTER Phones IT', - C1D Roll jour«!f 30 i-f!U;«.reH,, f rom j-Hn Albert. If you don't find them tt>el~ineil,t A return th« pock«l lin vi|H tho reil of the ( 0 ! b*cco in it to ui »l anr lime wiltun * monlh Irom ibii d«le. nnd *e will refund lull pu r- thaie pritfl. plui poiUce. (Signed) R J • Remold* Tobacco Company, Wlniton. ! Stleai.NwtfaCarolmi. ' You can't b«*t P.A.for pipe amolung, cither. No other tobacco U like ill • C IKS. R. J, P« 7r ,<dJi T*b, C«. PRINCE ALBERT THE NATIONAL JOV SMOKE The best news in whiskey world today is the low price of Kentucky's "double- ! rich" straight Bourbon! A Mi enter Wbldtjt M jrl tf'Mfrii. MiJe in br clJ-'is: K==t«ekr !•.the cool oM Kentucky /I PROOF— KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY. . Copyif(!ht,19T«.Scli«iit«7lH»trlbuWr«, l

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