The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1949 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1949
Page 12
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TEN BLYTHEVTT.T.B (ARK.) COURIER NEWS FRIDAY, JUNE «, 194» CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION DtviiT mu p«r Us* for oonMcutlrt •Martion : Minimum cb*rg* ............... *0c I (in« p#r lint ................. 15c I tlmtv p*t lln* p#f d»r ......... 12c I llmM p*r lint pur d*y ........... *c • time* p«r Una p*r dsj- ......... 7c U tiotM per no* per day ...... *< Uojtti p*r t\o» ............ We Count rive *Tera*# words to the line. Ad orderefi for three or *is times und •topped txtore expiration will LM charged for lb« niimbei of tiinef. th« md •pp*tr*d «nd adjunmenT oi bUI made Ail ClURlfted Ad<rml?LnR copy tub- •mt«d by persons rtxlo\ng out5id« at tbe eitjr muit t>« accompanied bjr caib Mat** m»y MAlly b« computed from the above tIDEe Adv*ttlitnf order rot irregular Inscr- tlooB taken th« one lime table. No responsibility will be taken for uor« than one incorrect insertion or any cJi willed xd AM atf* are r*sirtci*d 10 their proper ei**aiiic*tirm ntyf* und type The Courier rtwrv** the right to pdll or i»Jert any ad. 4ptfrfmenf for Jtont Pii rn ti h*d: 3-room and bath apart- •ftenl. Phoiis 2087 3;31-ph-«|7 JLHunciry worJr roiijfh dry or finished Cjmit5 A: DianKets. Do extra Ironing Willie beJJ Green Ph 4209 y24-pk-«|24 a-room lurnUhed apt upAialrs Rc- trtgermtor and A tile fan Couple only fh *LSU or 23U1 525-ck-tr I .1-room apartmeul or 6 room house ?»5 Carolyn Stteel Plione 2491 Dell 5 3l-clc-67 7 room furnished upstairs upart- meni.AduUs only. 700 W. Waltuit. ph. ooa 6 pic 8 Modern 3 -room unfurnished apartment. Cloee In. Phone 3M5 or *2&T. 3 rooms and bath unfurnished: apartment. «03 Kfcat Cherry. Phone 3133. f'l-pk-6,4 3-room lurnlshpd api. Electric store * refrigerator, automatic hot water heater, tiood location. Mrs EdRar P J*oriim. Ph. 3323. 62 ck 65 3-room furnished apt. 407 Lilly St. inquire at SIT S. LaVe. « 3 pk. fl,T 3 room* and bath furnished apart- »ent. UtWtLea furnished, rh, 2018. 6.3 pk 7 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies •net Services JTeep parts now available at POOUE MOTOR CO. *• e *n nil til your oecda B« leuuIn* p«tt« from out com. pl«i« HIM •LLI8 FOOLM. OWNER & OPERVTOB •outb Hllhw.j 81 »| gi«|. Uo Pbnn. atrcli 4* CTtAPWAM 8BHVTC1 STATION UitB * ui.mon ««UI1T H ndtngti jo u , j.mii «— BDT LB1 rntES Loant Farm Loans Ko you need a farm loan to refinance your farm or buy one? We have one of the quickest farm loan services to be;had. Cheap rate of inter- «t Riales Land Co. Office across from City Hall Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T Barnett E.E. Williams 3322 — Phones — 4139 Blytheville, Ark. 5-28-ck-tf AUTO AMD PCBmrOU bOAX» Prompt Penonal Bervlc* Utaerftl c'octrftct Purchu* Corp 1<M loutb >th Pboo< 803 411>-ck-tl Money to Loan ' uo you ne*a a Lo*u to repair or n- mod«I 'i No clown pay men*, no mort- t»tt, no r*d tap*. FHA APPROVtlJ ftATK 5% ASK FOB DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor fnont 2034 Lyncb Building dljlhevm. 4rk Services HKTC your old cnlrrori re-lHv?r«d at titeele Mlrroi Shop Phone 8R Steele. S|10-plt-«|10 O'bTEENS STUU1O Make your PLUMBINCi F1XTDRES mottern ijnialt down payment Balance KHA L. C. ROLLISON 1'IIO.S'i 6311 5;lU-plt-6J10 We repali watcnee ana Itwelnr at ail tlnd« MCXJKE'8 30t-3ta EAK'I MAIN ST FH V<WU S!4-pk-«!4 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call '1159 Blytheville or 407 Osceola 5-2 pk 7-2 MakB your finm« pretty coi ^prtnn licpert Hug Clean I IIR Service 1* ynur* PEERLESS CLEANERS Phon* 243:1. BlytheTlll* Rent sanderw Refinish your own floors. Rent an electric sunder from Wards. Economical! F»-ee instructions, Montgomery Ward 4-7 ck tf Lavvnmowers Sharpened Henry Westbrook's Shop Machinists.~ Welders, Blacksmith* 22 S Nfirth lat Slteel Painting * paper hansm*. Work uara meed JEzeM Cnthran Ph 8394 Lawns mowed. Power Motor. Call 2189 r 3'JRO. Hugh Tyrone. «.3 pk 7 Typewriter TYPEWRITERS Hojal, Smith, Coroni and RtmlD* too fort«bt« DON EDWARDS l'ti« Typewrit*! Man 11U M Hecnnri St Ptinue ^^32 »J16-ck-ll for Sale, Misc. Electric fan. 24" blade-. Perfect Condition wmiam White. C«metery Carets it er. No. Ulvi&lon. 5;30-pfe-fl.5 27 /ooi,Tand*m hotiae trailer efioulp- ped with lelevtslon. Good condition I South FrRnklln 5irr*U 5;ai-plc-Ci7 RemnnlnKton portable Walker dlipllcnior, Jlke ne typwrltcr. . Ph 6213. 6;1 pk: 8 7'n ton ill conditioner now operating, c/o P, O. Box 357. Blvclievllle. Ark. ft;i ck 6.S Co i n bin Alton ruclto, recorder nud record player. Contains excellent radio SllUanie lor lecordlnj? from microphone or ihroxiBh radio. Has own speaker a[id attachment tor extra sppR'^er Allow- inj? \ise for public aUrires-s system Pori«l]le easy lo carry. Call 541 ast for Mr Cjresley, «,i cV 5 REGISTERED COCKER SPANIEL Puppies. Phon« 91 Osceola. Beginning Wednesday, June 1 Our Service Station Will Be Open 24 Hours Every convenience of our Service Slalion will be open to you day and niRhl beginning the first d;iy of June. Whclher it's s;as. oil, road service, wrecker service, a wash or grease .job. oi'Tust a place lo store your car . . . you'll tind l.angsUm- \Vrolen Co. able lo assist you promptly and efficiently. Vos, whenever a motoring problem vnmes up at ni^lil all you have lo do is ... DIAL 555 FOR SERVICE "When Beller Care Are Built, Buick Will Bviild Them." Langston-Wroten Co. Wsln«t at Broadway Dial 555 for Service If You're Looking for A Really GOOD TRUCK Be Sure to See These —8 Good Trucks— 1<)I7 Ford H'j-Tuii LIIIIK Wheelbase Cab & Chassis, extra good condition. 1911 Kord I'/i-Ton Long Wheflbase Cab & Chassis. a heauly. 1947 Ford I'/i-Ton Stake in (op shape. 19-lfi Kord Pickup, very clean. 1S16 Kord 1-Ton Kxpress, g(H»d condilion. 1916 Chevrolet Pickup, nil O.K. 19-10 Ford 3/l-Ton Express wilh sleel lx>dy. 191(1 Kord 1-Ton Express. Pay on Easy Terms 5th at Walnut ompang Phone 4453 Blytheville Realty Specials •I'wo new rr«h (Inlahed aiibstantlal bum nomM. a 4 hoiuea with noln corner lol Only one block Irom Central Hchool. S-room home. 30S I^kt $3500 Ciood lot. Prld« Addition rjlioa Several good O.l k rH.A. Home. PHONB ntUl 23M RE g Real Estate Farm* — Gty Property LOANS IB Buna* Noble Gil I Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. B. Joyner Glenco* Bldg. Phone 819 «:Xl-ek-u Privote Nooms » alceplni rooma and bath olOM In. 100 Weic Cherrj. i;31-plc-«|7 Uedroom. private bath Ph 4A43 M«rooni. conrrnleni to b»lh tt> J". mi W u»tn S,»-p*-«> Btdroom wlih kltch«n prlrlleKn 1 irn or coucn Phon« 24EJ i|i Kfdroom. 11M Chlcku«wb«. Phon ^*T5 \:tn_«^._*,'j Bedroom near bath, close In 120 Uouzan Are. Phone 3374. « 1-clnS.l Comfoitable Bedroom. Call 2675^ ' 6.2 pk Fema/e He/p Waited Demonstrator, to conduct home dem- oimrnloni In Mississippi County. AOOve averiigc Income. Car necessary Write Boi OPQ, Courier News. t.3 pk 10 Ambltlouc colored wom»n with good personally. hlih school education relerrta. Car h>cfssary. state »gt- bove trertge p»y. Write Boi OPQ, r«r Ne«. 6 3 pt j., 7 For Sole. Misc. For Sale. Real fstate Household rurnltm CntcKasavrba. cheap. 717 63 ok 10 Hunter window Ian. 28" blades. Latest type. Used 3 Mo. Price »90.00. ph. I &-«U. 6,3 ck 6 5 ' New lealhrr purse, throw rugs ,t mshes. Ph. 440i. 6,3 cV 10 16 II. Trailer House. 1946 Model. Cheap. Rear or Coppedge c:lo. ti.l-pk-6,4 LUMBER! In shopping see us for lumber. \Ve have no rent to pay. 0. S. Rollison Lumber Co., Tenth & Camp Moultrie Drive. Kes. Ph. 3309. 5-26-ck-S-lO Soybeans State-certified, Grade A Blue Tag) Ogden soybeans, i3.50 per bn. Statc-certil'ie.d, Commercial (Red tag) Ogden soy- (ejiiis, $3.25 pei bu. Non-certified (from certi- ied seed) Ogden soybeans, 13 per DU Slate-certified, Commercial irade (Red tsig) Dortchsoy 'io. 2 soybeans. |3.25 per bu. Phone 702 HALE SEED FARMS Burdette, Ark. 4-13-ck-tl RENEW OLD SCREENS vith Shenviu-Willinms Screen Enamel, they'll last years onger! Only ?1.05 qt. Builders Supply, Inc., P. 0. Box 97, Blytlieville, Ark. Ph. •J434. 5-17-ck-tf SOYBEANS Stale-certified, Grade A Blue Tag) Ogden soybeans, >2.75 per bu. State-cert i fieri, Commercial Grade (Red Tag) Bvirdette 19 soybeans, ?2.75 per bu. Plione 782 BURDETT!: PLANTATION Burdette, Ark. 5-25-ck-G-18 5 USED TRACTORS Overnaulrrt and completely rcconiUt- >iied ... At barKiiln prices 1U4S foul rracior. Three L9^6 rortl ractoix. !H4;i formal I "B". RUSSKM, PHILLIPS TRACTOR CO. 30. Highway 61 Phone 2171 « l-ck-fii LISTEN! Some Builders Build JUST HOUSES But I Will Build YOU A HOME In the nicest subdivision in Blytheville. COUNTRY CLUB DRIVE ADDITION. All lots 70 ft. to 75 ft. frontage, 150 to 190 ft. deep. FHA — Gl 01 1007i STRAIGHT LOANS. JOHNNY MARR Phone 4111 or 2596 112 South Second St. 5-28-ck-t Help Wanted. Male First class sheet metal vorker. Will pay $2 per hour, iome overtime. Can use first :lass helper with 2 to 3 years :.xperience, |1.25 to $1.50 per lour. If qualified call Delta Sheet Metal & Roofing Co., Osceola, 816, collect. 6-3 ck 7 Insurance For Complete Insurance Protection Call 3545 W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection 12« W AJD St G1-£NCOI HOTEI BUUJ<1NG Fcr Sale, Con A Truck* Model-i rord. Ill W. 8Tc«mor«. i[3l pk »;7 Save Money on TheM USED CARS — NIC* — Piic«d •«l Je«p. -4-w.iMl dri.». 4/Muds.OD ^«cui— U*unnabi 41 tora iiuior— ftt*dla mag 4 L Kora 1'tidor— i-'Ur -rnccd 4V rorfl iXuior— Pnc«a to Mil 41 uoeimiei Pickup— VKJ Low Prlc* 'Si Plymouth tS*<Un— U'» Hudson«, » run* 4U LJeiSoco Low 61 MOTOR CO. Lost BUck leather purse IeU Thursday ax Walker p«rlt playgroiinds near seesaws Rewnd Call 2647. « 3 pic 5 Wonted to Buy Winter coal, size 3 and 14 yra. Good condition. CaJI 2037. 5,31 pic 8,7 room haifit with bath, with new two room House tn rear. Priced M500 s will Lalie "<tl" loan. room with bath. Beautiful rornrr .ot on IJavls MLrett. Good condition 1'nccd $o(KK). Will make "Gl" Loan. Beautiful 6 room with bath fiomr on avis iitrcet. Hardwood Finish, floor turnace and. attic ran. mult In ca bine LI ood J room House in rear (or S10,r>0 per week. Priced »900Q. Will talce F A. -Ul" lx>an. beauU1111 A room nome on Wwt Holly St.. n»a Iloor furaace. utttc run. ire closets, modern In every respect.. \.c.e garaK* with waih room, hoi »nd com water, in rear. Priced to wU and tflkea top F.H.A Loan. room nome with room for bath, in 1'rirte Addition. This \s K real bar- Kain for 5^000 with 41000 cnsh. Balance Jtue rent. -Nice new 3 room home in Pride Addition, beautiful comer tot Well located. Priced 53000. $1000 rash s cnmr barber shop on Main Street Ail new equipment, and dolnpf good business. Priced. S4000, Part cash One Grocery .V Market In west end of city, dolnn Rood buslncw. and well located store- Can sell cheap. W. M BURNS. Realtor Phone 1361 B T HUBBARD. Phone 4123 6,t-pk-fi.5 Farm Land! We have several cash buyers for farm land, who will take possession Jan. 1, 1950. If you have a farm to sell, see, write or call Riales Land Co. Office across from City Hall. Russell E. Riales, Realtor W. T. Barnett E. E. Williams 3322 — Phones 4139 Blytheville, Ark. 5-29-ck-6-4 T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. USEf CAR BARGAINS 1946 Chevrolet 4-door Selan, has clean finish, good tirts. A bargain price. 1946 Mack Truck 2-ton Long SVheelbase model In excellent shape all around Amazingly low-priced. 1946 Chevrolet Hi-Ton Truck with Army body. Priced to sell. 1948 CHRYSLER Windsor 4-door Sedan with Hylander trim, light grey color, has radio and air-conditioning system. A demonstrator with very low mileage. 1947 Chrysler Coupe equipped with radio leater, and good tires, black color. A bargain at the price 1941 Plymouth Special DeLuxe 4-door Sedan, blue color . . . new paint iob, motor completely reconditioned, good tires. Guaranteed. YI>U'|I D* gl*a jou wv ECCM can oclor* you Dougm T. /. SEAY MOTOR CO 121 Kast Main St. Phone 2122 » DUJ used ruraltur* 1600 Personal I'alrtj miDut« pnotrautta acme* O Sl'KtM a STUDIO l»-c«-tl For Sale 1939 BUICK 4-DOOR SE- dan. Radio, healer, & seal covers. In running .condition. Needs some motor work. Full Price ?350. 116 N. Second St. 6-2 pk 4 Notice Wintrt MSIU load taken to Wetlvm Arlc About June 1st. Ptclc-up can bundle CaU jus evenings 5iZ6-pie-29 Dry good «iore on Went Ath Ph <915 S.31 pic «.!« For Rent, Houses ATTENTION FARMERS LIVE STOCK MEN Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charged in sterilized trucks. Call collect. 6H2, Blytheville, Ark. '.ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL i DISPOSAL CO. 1 room rurnLKheri hoijs« Mrs. Kell7. 325 E Missouri, ph. 6213 . 6,1 pk •» _ :i-room housp. Smith's Store on Armorel Rd. Ph. 6604. « 2 pk. 6,5 for Safe, Real Estate I.ol 50 x 150' deep, 'A block cast of Camp Moultrie. 1'riee ?500. Ph. 2957. 6-3 ck If New 5-i-oom house and bath. \Vill stand lOO^n G. I. Low. H. C. CAMPBELL Phone 4446 or 2930 5-31 ck If X room house on Lilly. 53,500. 3 room houM, »1,COO. 4 room house. (2.000. 5 room house, 17,100 TWO W ftfT? I THCtA Of 1ft nri WMt niytherlltc. one 90 ncrr lr*ct, $210 ari'e. Also 3,000 acres culorer land. 3f« or call R. M BECK l.TS'CH BLDG. Ph. 2im. Rtft. Ph 2B93 »,31 pk LOOKING FOR A USED CAR OR TRUCK? A Written Guarantee IS YOURS AT BLYTHEVILLE MOTOR CO. 1916 Ford 4-door, blue ... a good car. 1946 Ford 4-door, black color . . . very clean. 19 Ut Ford 1 i/»-Ton Slake IVuck . . . ready to go. J935 DeSolo 2-door ... in very good condition. 1947 Dodge 4-l)oor Sedan. It's clean, it's food, it'» priced to sell. 1917 Ford '/j-Ton Pickup in A-l condilion. 1948 International '/j-Ton Pickup . . ready to go, the price is low. 1939 Dodge 4-door Sedan, A-t condition. 1948 Ford 4-door Sedan, tip-top shape. 1948 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. 1947 Dodge '/z-Ton Pickup. 1947 Kord Sedan Delivery- 1946 Chevrolet I 1 /,-Ton Long Whcelbase. FAY ON EASY TERMS Blytheville Motor Co. Rrnxdwxy it Chirkimwha Phone tilVE the old living room milt* • lew lease on me. clean with Ftaa •'oam DEAL'S PAINT STORE For Kent ^-unfurnished rooms. Ph 2652 5.31 pk «,7 Modern m"mn c» «bln» bj w«« o. Loal Boy couru Light ronm Phnn« w»«novM« JO i « on rallnnd ««• mt Mldwnt Dtlty Prodiicw PB M4^ 4 [» C»-U Flasa cameras cor all aceulrma STU1J1O 4[ The Antarctic continent Is uniquely Isolated In thnt those who visit it must cross at least 600 miles of open water while passage, to any ol the other continents can be attained by crossing SO miles or less of open water. • Nationally Advertised I Feminine Apparel • In tht most 1 exclusive 5 lines at th* j Accessory Shop I Feminine Apparel ' MiM R«f»n — Jnric Srtt* I FOfEL NOB1.B BI.DG. • Bljtheriik Arkanu* USED CARS WE'RE KEEPING OUR PLEDGE TO YOU TO GIVE YOU MORE VALUES IN BETTER USED CARS 1947 Chevrolet Fleetmasler Town Sedan, low mileage, equipped with radio, heater, and '49 Ark. license. 1946 Ford DeLuxe 2-door Sedan, has radio, heater and Arkansas license, clean as a pin. 1942 Chevrolet Town Sedan, a real clean car. 3 1941 Chevrolet Town Sedans, take your choice. 1939 Chevrolet Town Sedan, priced right. 2 1938 Chevrolet Town Sedans, both nice. 1937 Chevrolet Town Sedan, a good cheap car. 1939 Ford V-8 Tudor Sedan, runs like new. Here is a nice fishing car. A 1937 LaSalle Sedan, with radio, heater, priced at only $295. Many Others to Choose From EASY GMAC PAYMENT PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Dea) at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company 301 West Walnut Phone 678 you'// never y, ***** same oM'ear/ 'I NEW OLDSMOBILE ENGINE FOR ANV OLDSMOBILE MODEL, '37 THROUGH '47 Here's how to put new life in your old car! Thit entirely new— NOT rebuilt—Oldimobile engine will add new pep, power and performance to your pretent model. It'i factory-built—with new material* throughout—including cylinder block, crankshaft, timing chain, pistoni and rods. And we can install it in your car now, according to Oldsmobile engineers' specifications. CaU today for an early appointment. Easy budget terras available. LEE MOTOR SALES OLDSMOBILE _ GMC IRl'CKS 311-317 East Main BlytheviUe, Ark Check These Tested USED CARS AND TRUCKS 1947 Dodge Sedan, fully equipped and in tip-lop shape. 1946 Ford fi-Passenjfer, has radio and healer, car is in perfect condition. 19J8 Mercury 4-door Sedan, low mileage, has both radio & heater. 1930 Model A Ford 2-door Sedan. 1947 Pickup Truck, good shape. 1936 Pontiac Sedan, ready to go at the right price. 1936 Chevrolet 2-door Sedan, a good riding car. 1936 Studebaker ... an excellent bargain at its price. 1942 Otdsmobite 5-Passenger Coupe. 1940 Plymouth ,. . you'll like this car. and Many Other* STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First at Walnut Phone 4333

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