The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1939 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 8, 1939
Page 2
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War Would Cut Off Out.'side Links For Island People OAKLAND, Cal — Residents of Pltcalm Island, uliere the svu\Iv- ors of the Bounty mutiny still coii- tlrrtifc 16 live, "fire greafly alarmed mer the possibilities of war Ne*6 of Ihls statcfof Scar lias reached h»re in a letter iiom Roy P, Clark, governor' of th« island, \o tits • Sink Wollltz, wh6 for jears has }xtn In correspondence »ith him Despite meager lines of communications v 1th the I s 1 ft n d c i s, enough ns»£ has crept in within the past few months, Clark wrote, to m^ke them fullj a»aie of the precaiious n oriel situation What the Islanders fear most, Is not any attach on them, but that In the vent of ft var, the few lines of communication which they are still able to maintain wllh the outside norltt would be cut oJf. >"Bflt even If war should break out," Clark mote, 'please'continue to write me, because the lettcis *III fcecumulate at the Panama Canal and eventually will airive here t LOBS Time Correspondents Mrs WolJiU's correspond euce wjth Clark has lasted over a long period of year-i It started when she read in a new'spapei that the residents of tiio island hid need of little' things such as thread, nce- dlejr clothing, handkerchiefs, and even pictures She sent a bundle, eventual!} recehed a reply of thanks, niid since then has maintained a steady correspondence v.!th the governor of the island and a steady flow of packages of little necessities for the Islanders > r With his recent letter to Mis Wollili, Clark sent ns nn npprecln- iion of her gifts a dozen curious little bookmarks which the Islanders make from the leaves of the soap seed tree, and \\liicli toiistl tutes One of the few methods the islanders have of earning cash ' Esptans L«f Processing "The seedi have never been e\- ttnslve^y used on the Island," Clark *rotfi, 'but from yhat information I can gathei fiom one of the oldest Inhabitants here, the husks around the seeds are crushed to prepare some sort of shampoo • 'The leaves, ol the tree arc ptck- >ed at a certain lime, uhch just turning hard or tull gro\Cn Tnej are/ placed to lister—stagnant If possible—and le'l to soak for three or T four weeks, salting for the leave* to putrefy, and the outer coat to rot off ,'The lea\?s are then rubbed between the hands, wearing avva\ ttie outer surface and leaving only the ribs #nd fine veins, forminp a skeleton leaf, which with othei processes, Is finally perfected as a surface for painting "The first time they were used as an article of trade v\tth passing Ships was 60 jears ago, and they hav,e since proved one of the^bcsl commodities for bartci thai the islanders have' COURTS Today's municipal court session was confined to thp continuance of one case and the fining ol a roan on a charge of publio drunkenness. The case of Darrc! White, formerly of Leactivlllc and now of Perkins, Okla, tvho (s charged \sith fcrgery and uttering, was continued until June 24 He h alleged lo na^e forged & check for $16 while (lilting at Leachville recentlj The"' case of Claude Sanders, charged tilth driving nhiie under the influence of liquor *as d t ck- eted but not tried today $250^000; Pair Of: Ho^e COURIER NEWS Read Courier Newi »nti< nn> Chicago Woman Found Murdered ' 5-, at Mrs. Mary Amanda CoWan SuccumbiAt Lux«r« LXJXORA, Ark., Junt 8, —'jylfs Marj- Arnahdi Dentoifi Cowan died .t.h£r h^me bn Can*] strWt'Wed- icsdiiy a'f(«rhoori »l S:00 o'clock vlrs. Cow^n had been in ill KealUi of seveta) yetifs bu't'hW cojiUiiue'd coking after her biw'lheii/'iMJrs ntll April l, since wl^lcti ;tln»e the us been confined to her btd. The de/itu; of Mr?. Cow»h n>»rks r ic last member of her funny, feht •as born at DtiKirldfcei Tenh, 'Aua , 1861, and moved with hef'p»r- nls, Mi-, and Mrs. Tbcints. C Dcnton, to Mississippi 'coonty' making Osceola Hielj- honje, when he was thirteen years old. She ?as married to IKe l«l« W W owan, o; Osceoia, October '»' Wl, and moved to tuxo« in j$i7' Mrs. Coywi w«s' «ttjtat«d , »lt|i he MeUiodlsl church. FutKril ier- icas will be held from ttw 'Swift Funeral Cl!»p«|, bsceoUi; Half ix million dollars went Into dUPont compnuy research to tleveloi) the synthetic yarn cnlled Nylon, used In the sheer, cobwebby hose that adorn the legs of Miss Naomi Anderson, nbove. Nylon, made of coal air nntl untcr, rcststs runs, has Bi-eal elasticity, flu trimly. Development of Nylon hus tlic' Joprinccc silk ''industry worried, otters a serious competitive'tlu-cnt lo the aradltloiial silk liose. No Nylon hose 'have been sold yet, nlthciigli employes nnd wives of dtiPoni executives have been wearing them. v ; ; , ... { . • s ; . .. ,,. , : ... : . ,..•. .Club ' toT KBceie Gliarter Sloti 'Baby .••••. ;.;-•;' :"~J Bl}thc\llle'.s nevvJy forincd Ki- \\anls OJub will receive 11$'charter' from KlHanls •international at a Charter Night Banquet al Hotel Noble Monday night with about 250 persons In attendance. Dr. Charles .Holman of St. Louis, one of 12 trustees of Kiwnnls International, will present the charter lo O M. Buck, president of the local club, ns the highlight of the evening's events. Uvan Ctiu'oll cf Memphis \\ill irene as loastniasler and « number of gifts fr;m other clubs, principally In Ilie.Mo-Knn-Ark district. viH'be prescnlcti to Kiwanls' newest babj " \villi chibs hi every principal city of the United Slates and Oanidn Klwnnls' Inlcmutloinil has a membership or some 105,000; With visitors fruii clubs In sils- souri, Tcnncss'cis and Arkansas to attend the banquet plans have been made to give them an enthusiastic \velo me The event will be a Ladles Night affair and (lie visiting Kl- naniaiis as well ns members of the. local club and their Bli'thcvillc guests will have (heir ladies as special guests. Final delails ol the Charier Nisht program will be revealed Saturday or Monday. Arrangements for the prcgrain were checked at last night's meeting of (lie local club with Lomiic Standley of SikesCti, Mo dIMslon lieutenant governor and Mr Carroll conferring wllli local club officials, rrcd Thomas and Mrs. Thomas cf Memphis presented n scries ot miislpql skits as features of entertainment at last night's meeting. The principal (n | k was , m(lc J Lee Winchester, prominent Memphis attorney ami first president of the Memphis 'Ktwnnls chib The objects of Kiwanis Inlcrnn- tional arc: 'To give primacy to tlic Inmwn and spiritunl rather than to Ihe material values ol life. 'To cnc:uragc the daily living Bros. Ding L Co. THURSDAY, JUNE 8, 1939 afternoon it two o'clock. Burial will be made in Violet cemetery. Surviving relatives are five nieces apd two nephews. Musical Program Given At Townsend Meeting 1 A musical program was presented at the meeting of Townseud club, NO. One, at the court house last nljht. •,•••.• Raymond Klnnejl gaVe a reading on the "Townstnd' Plan." Those participating on the musical program were t)>e Clifton brothers and LeRoy, J, T., and Raymond Leatherwood. Officers of the group'announced today that everyone is invited to attend Oiese meetings each Wednesday night at courthouse. For Ifie lightest cake you ever'tasted HuMKo The Dainty Cooking Faf "It's Wonderful!" of the aolden Rule In all human relationships. '.'To promote the adoption at,* the application of higher Social business and professional standards "To develop, by precept, isnd exam pic, a more. Intelligent, aggressiv and serviceable citizenship. ' : . "To provide, through . Klwanis Clubs, a practical means to form enduring' friendships, to render al, triilstlc service, nnu to'build better .communities. ; "To cooperate in creating and maintaining that sound public opinion and high Idealism which niake possible ilie Increase of righteousness, justice, patriotism and good will." nenri Courier News vvanl nils. 'EUOWSTOM TAYIOREWIUIAMS OlSTIUERIES ! ' spinster "and Sunday kchoo) worker, 49-year-old Rose New?, jbove, .was found mur- ^«r« oq flqor of her Chicago »Pfftffl«nt 4 She hid b*«n struck * an !**• thm c-< •] circled IT IS HERE! A PRACTICAL ( MKCHANICAI, COTTON AT A PRICK IN HKACH OK ALL Kconoinical to buy and ccoiwra'.cnl ID operate Price ciily SW5.W) F.O.B. SI. Louis, Mo. See it at JIG South Front Slrcel, Memphis, or write SI Louis Cotton Picker Co, Special Distributor ami Ascncy rroposilion 216 S. Front Street * Blemr.his, Tcnn. 8000 No. Broadway Sl. Louis Mo. ' FREE Wrestling Courtesy Passes for Our Customers Rite Price Store No. 1 111 K Main Itione Z34 in Blythcville store NO. 2 Quality MdM. at RIGHT PRICKS 320 W. Main ,K«ry D»y. Phone 767 FREE Tickets to Shows or fryim Pool—Ask Details CAMBRIC %ft»&££.«£• S |:v.. e| n Aim **r Brtsi Makln* con- * B ">• • • J I 1 LUII 1C <«»*• *IS cash. Ask details. 9'i lo. . «2.b5 ibvwii m _ $525 VEfi It's a Treat Chops or ICc Roasts, lb. lv FRANKFURTERS For That Picnic, Ib. 15' BACON, Ex. .JP'cy lb 20c Hacon Jowls.. 12{/ 2 C Salt Meat, Side, ....Ib. lUc RAC'ON 5c Cooking Cheese.:. .lb. 15c NECK BONES. Ib. 5c Pig Ears, Snoots lb. :'. 7c; BACON SIDES....Ib. 16p LIVER CHEESE.. Jb. 20c SPICED HAM;, 29c Beef Roasts, K. C. tb \TViv. Pork Chops, Fancy ill). 19c Pork Roasts ...... Ib. 17 Vic Cheese Sliced Fey lb. 25c BEEF STEW....! ; 'BOLOGNA, Pure lb 12i/ 2 C PURE LARD Armour's Star Laurel Leaf Cudahy Rex Ifiihter's Choice 50 lb. Can ...§3.75 25 Ih. CHn $2.10 8 lb. Net, ...65c 4. Ib. Net 3k 1 lb. Crt......'.......9c CRACKERS 2 Full Pounds for lOc BOILED HAM Cndahy's Puritan; i/ 2 or Whole lb. 35' V DJICT'C nnnr I a MIRALCE WHIP s q' z . u Pint 24 C GUAANTEBD FLOURS .Shibley's Best,..Bbl §4.00 Crystal White..Bbl. $4.25 Sunshine ...iibl. $3.75 Omega 24 lb. 93c Joan Arc Kidney Beans or Pork & Beans Cc 15'/i oz. 'Cans.... V EVAP. FRUITS Prunes, Small..... .Ib. 5c Peaches, Choice.... .lb. lOc Appies, Choice Ib. llu Libby's Country Gentle : man Corn, 303 Cans -fCc 2 For.............. Ip WORLD'S LO\YEST COST TRANSPORTATION Auto Glides, 14 Dandy Models, Price Range §92.45 & u». Easy Monthly Payments. For pleasure or business. LEMONS Juicy Spur Sunkisl TEA Upton's, or Canova, Glass Free "i'-'A* Pound 22" CABBAGE Green, Firm • Pound Pel or Carnation AAc 6 Small "or 3 Tall.. fcU MATCHES 2 Itoxes MILK, Grade A Raw |At .'(tjuarl IV 'JBLLO Alt Flavors ARE YOU SATISFIED? completely.'where'you noyv biiy your foods? Do you J!pt. the service, Quality, Econprnicai Prices? \Ve offer you Cash & Carry Prices, Convenient Terms !>y our share profit plan. Ask. . , • : r ORANGES Juicy, Extra Large .-•• '•'';'."' 6 For ir HOG FEED HcUc't Than Shorts 'Farther, Sack »,.; DAIRY FEED' .§1.85 'lT]irfyt^gi||;-»<»i»unin> i 360 SERVa 7 OC incitoivx «--- /a ttMlOIKAIOlt -l^alo* • » » BBV^ IVORY FUKES r '30,000 Small.... 22° Prices for.. Friday' -. and Saturday The Lowest Prices in Town Prices for Friday . and Saturday Large.... Pickles;- ilQc|Corn .'.-."- Sjc SBRVE A SALAD HOWL— HEALTH >', DELICIOUS WESSON Oil N: 20c Jello Freezing Mix .' 2 Cans I9c Sanka Coffee 1 lb. Can 38c OVALTINE, Lge. 59c; Small 33c Royal Pudding ;. 3 Pkg, 13c Ernest Corn Flakes Pkg, 5c Pineapple Sherbet Layer Cake . :...23c Buttered Parker House Rolls Doz. lOc Date Pecan Bars J. Doz. 5c Peo.n Nut Bread Loa! 12c Libby'sPearstis I"- 17c SUGAR DOMINO 10 II). Cloth Suck DOMINO * 10 lb. Taper Sack 47c PIMENTOS 1 oz. Caii . POTTED MEAT Can . ............ L2 A L Oft! T «HLI Square DP AC iCHJ p. 2 Can EC V TEA Peerless Me i) cz. Hox LL AIABshniallpws Cello, Lb. TOMATOES Ac No. 2</ 2 Can DIAC Choice Ac nivc ii,. o MUSTARD ,: 9 HOMIHV 5 SPAGHE1TI -f-lc 2 Ih. Bpk .......... II GRAPE NUTS Flakes fie Box Pound . 10' CRISCO 1 lb. Can 19c VINEGAR Loose Gal. 15' HOme Keets or Grown ^ offing ° niQns Peaches^! CUCUMBERS lb. 5 ONIONS Texas Yello\y •! Ac 3 Pounds lv CANTALOUPES c " 15 FRESH' PINEAPPLE Bach 12 Beef Thick Ribs.. :..,[b. 17c Shoulder, Clo(K.-lb. 20c Steaks '.. lb. 22'/ 2 c PICNIC HAM r Ib. 17ic PORK CHOPS !b. 18c OLEO ; '. lb. 12%c PORK LIVER lb. lOc Limes doz.Sc Lemons 15c POTATO SALAD 12 SUNSHINE CRACKERS 1 lb. Box MARTINI 1 lb. Box 15' 14 C PHIL. CREAM PINK SALMON No. 1 Tali 12 BACON SKINS MIXED SAUSAGE BACK BONES NECK BONES BACON Black Hawk Rirul On Pound... - Rincilcss Pound . M e Special .Sliced 17J- C Pound II 2 H e In the Piece |Cc Pound ....... Iw SALT MEAT Strcak-o'-Le;in ....'. Hi. lOc 'Ful Back...; ..Ib. 7c Jo\yls lb. DC Fly Spray Flit 1/2 1't. 12c; Pi. I9c Qua 11 32c ]3ee Uraiid Ql Pt Ql Bee Hnind Powder Med. Hox ISc; Sm. Box Sc Omega Flour 5 ib Sk.' 10 lb. Sk. 2-1 lb. 28c 49c 82c dreft marvelous new suds A Mcrl. OOc Pkgs. 99. 4 %»? S . PURE - IT FLOATS IVORY iw s fOR WHIItR WASHES WHITE NAPHTHA SOAP 11 CHAMP...........Can !c IDBAL 3 Cans-2-1 e UED HEART'. .3 C'ans'2 : lc HUMKO 8 Ib. Crt. 'I 11). Crt. 1 lb. Crl. 75c 38c 10c BROOM Kil t"r 1? Steam Boat Syrup 2/j Can Vz Oai. Gallon tSc 26c 47o

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