The Ruston Daily Leader from Ruston, Louisiana on July 23, 1937 · Page 6
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The Ruston Daily Leader from Ruston, Louisiana · Page 6

Ruston, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, July 23, 1937
Page 6
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»-"••• ,*t RUSTON DAILY LEADER, RWTON, LOUISIANA today, Joly tt, 1H7 VOLS WILL MEET HODGE HERE TOMORROW, LOCALS BATTLE ITH FOR STRETCH FIGHT Return of Jot Ptnkty To Third BMO Job, Sends Willis Back To Outfltid Whtrt Fly-Chatlng Ability Expected To Be Big Help; Hartford Causey To Return To Catching Duties After bowinf to Old Jupe Pluvla for two successive days, the Ruston Volunteers and Hodft will meet at Memorial Park, Saturday afternoon in a game originally scheduled for Wedneaday of thia week. Zero Lewia, big Tech rlghthandar, will go to the mound tor the Vola, while Junior Still or Lefty Seal* lion will probably be Manager Jimmy Gimber's choice tor the Wa-Has. The Vola will again be at full war-strength for tha game, with Joe Pankey back at hia regular third bate Job, and Hatrtford Cau- aey back on duty behind tha plate. The return of Pankey will aend Bro. Willis, fleet fly-chaser back to the outer gardens, along with Short and Jimmy SumralL Willis, filling in at third tor the aling Pankey for the past three weeks, has turned in an excellent performance, however, his fly-snsg- ging ability, especially in the sun- sections of Memorial Park, U expected to strengthen the club considerably. Lefty Hinton will be on the first baas sack, it is believed, due to the illness of Milton Lewia, tall Tech freshman. Robert Burt, Johnny LaBue and Pankey will round out the infield. Getting back to full strength right st thia time, puts in the Vols in position for a stretch fight that may land them the second half title and a play-oil with Crossett AT THE THEATRE U. S. Tops Air Challenges With Fastest Fighter "Otrl OEM Overkeard" Open* 3»tarday Nltht Prerne Drama from the headlln«r§!— Thrills from life! Those ar« the stirring elements that compoie Unl- 'Glrl Overboard" which •^fxgy$flifjgzQgi:$iif%@^^ffF^^^mmiimiivx&^^ J «•-"*•"•"" -^ '••"It la believed this plane can overhaul any air targets," l» the modes][way the 0. S. Army AfrOm announce* the development of the fastest fighting plane In the world, the XFM-1, sketched above. So revolutionary Is the craft that new tactics for its use must be worked out. II;is a '"""'••JJJ"'"^ rylnf a crew of five; hat two engines operating pusher typea of propeUan, which f[va tht *""•" to the fighting cockpits, at each side of the pilot's cockpit, freedom to fire ini any direction, «J oapalbleof climbing to 30,000 feet. The armament consists of six machine guns and light bombs. Tttt 0au Aircraft Corporation of Builalo built the experimental model. opens at the O«m Theatre Saturday night for a two day run, with Gloria Stuart and Walter Pldgeon in the leading roles. Baaed on a fire disaster which Drivo Out To The* BULLDOG KENNEL Opp. Olrlt/ Dormitory At La. T«eh FOR A PLEASANT EVENING -ICECREAM —BEER — — SANDWICHES COLD DRINKS CIGARETTES Dancing Evtry Evtning FOR FREE DELIVERY — Phone 350 — ter tho occurs at sea, "Olrl Overboard! hits a new high In gripping real- Urn on the screen. It reveals the pandemonium which reigns aboard a blazing ship. Playing one of the most sympathetic roles of her career lovely Gloria Stuart portrays a girl who It unjustly accused of murder and whose only proof of Innocence—the confession of the real killer-Is destroyed in the burning vessel. Wal- Pldgeon enacts the role of District Attorney who finds himself torn between love and duty when it becomes his task to bring the accused girl to justice. Billy Burrud, the sensational youngster who won fame for his work in "The Magnificent Brute", gains new laurels in the principal supporting role. Other feature players are Hobart Cavanaugh, Gerald Oliver Smith, Sidney Blackmar, Jack Smart. David Oliver, Charlotte Wynters, Russell Hicks, R, E. O'Connor and Edward McNamara. "Girl Overboard!" is a fart moving, thrilling drama. Don't miss it! for the 1937 local circles. title, They it Is now felt in hold a BENEFIELD IS KAYO WINNER OVER VINCENT Haynesville Flash Extends Winning Streak With Three Round Victory Stretching his knockout string against undefeated ring victories, Calvin Benefield, 154 pound Hay- neaville flash, last night proved that a good right hand with plenty of steam is better than a willing heart, and kayoed Carl Vinvent, tough 155 pounder from Barksdale Field in the opening seconds of the third round at Camp Huston Arena. Vincent took a terrific beating throughout the first two rounds, and with anything less than an elephant heart, would have stayed out in the opening round. The Shreveport boy went down from a hard right to the jaw as the first round closed; took an awful beating in the second, going down half a dozen times as Bene- VALUABLE SALES FRANCHISE Available in this community to man of good character. Sell and service high grade custom tailored clothes for men and women, made by famous "Golden Hula" Nash, largest company in the industry. Complete line of fine woolens at field slammed him with rights that had dynamite in them, and went down three times in the third before finally 'being unable to get Up again. On each of the knockdowns before thh last one. Vincent refused to take the count but struggled back to his wobbly legs and waded in for more, and got it. The fight, originally slated to go eight rounds, came very near ending in the first, when after a momentary period of sparring for an opening, Benefield clipped Vincent on the jaw with a hard right hook. The Barksdale boy went down but came up almost simultaneously, and started throwing punches from all directions in-an efofrt to recoup the loss. The bell saved him from going down again as Benefield came wading in. In the second, Benefield, using his right to punish Vincent, and his left to keep him straightened up, poured hook after hook, each if which landed flush on the head and jaw, sending the Barkedale fighter to the canvas at least half a dozen times. Vincent, refusing to take the count, came up Immediately, although he was unable to stand straight when he did reach his feet, and came back battling. In the third, he walked, or staggered into a right that Benefield started from the floor, and was unable to rise, although he did make a couple of attempts to do so. In the semi-final, Cecil "Seabo" Parker, 154, Huston, won a tech- league standing of 600, one half game 'behind Brown, and Crossett. who are tied for second place, and two games behind the league leading Swartz Carbon-Blackers, I who play here next Wednesday. The game tomorrow will begin at 3:30, Manager Roy Fraser an- 1 nounced. popular prices now ready for early j nical knockout from Joe Reed, 155, Fall trade. Attractive, exclusive! Barksdale Field, when .referee Al proposition will be offered the man ; Durden stopped the bout in the who meets qualifications. 2300 men | second round, with Reed In bad consider this the best money-maker shape from a In selling field. Investigate for from Parker. yourself. Write at once for details.'. terrific walloping Parker slugged the Barksdale _ mna r>i—.. i-a live i siuggeu me jjemnuuai*. Tne A. Nash Company. 1906 Elme?*_ A ~A o:_ n i«-.**a*i OV(^ - ° I round, put him down twice in the Street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 7-23-ltd OUR NEW MANAGER'S SALE! Miss Brooks, who is now our maniger wants to get acquainted with the many Ruston friends and customers of Lenard's. Come in and take advantage of these spscial prices all day Saturday. SELLING OUT ALL SUMMER MERCHANDISE EVERYTHING PRICED FOR A QUICK SALE All Styles in Prints, and Washable Chiffon 48 SILK DRESSES VALUES TO 14,95 $1.69 SO SILK DRESSES VALUES TO $10,95 S2.95 24 SILK DRESSES VALUES TO $10.95 S5.95 250 COTTON DRESSES 12 MUSLIN-DE-SOI EVENING DRESSES SI 98 BLOUSES Our Entire Stock, Values to 16.00 79c LENARD'S DRESS SHOP ! second and wa sail over him throughout the fight, before Durden stepped in to halt the festivities at the end of the second. I nthe special event, Bat Thompson, 172, Fox, 171, Wilson, Barksdale Field, by belting the Barksdale boy all over the ring during the fight. Wilson's eyes were both closed at the end of the second, from punches thrown by Durden, and the fight halted by Referee Al Durden. In the first preliminary of the card, Boots Myers, 139, Alexandria, won a technical knockout decision from Kid Geo, 142, Hammond, who was unable to continue after the second, due to a badly battered nose, through which he was unable to breathe, he said. The bout had been waged on fairly even terms during the two rounds. Officials were Eddie Wojecki and Guy Carroll, judges, and Al Durden, referee. Between fights, Al Durden, promoter at Barksdale Field, introduced to the fans, Joey Clark, 140, former top-notch professional, and Vernon Clark, 125, one of the state's leading lightweights, both of whom are asking for boutt In the Ruston arena. Durden also introduced a rangy heavyweight, Monty Tullos, 206, who offered to "fight anybody, taytime, anywhere, for money Red Durden, 136 pounder from marbles or chalk". The big fellow | Ruston. won a two-round technical looked good enough to 'back up knockout over Light-Horse Harry I his challenge. of Homer, and Woody Ruston, battled to a four-round draw, after Thompson had come within a few seconds of ending the bout in the first round. The Homer fighter started fast and with hard rights to the head, had Fox in a ixd way at the bell ending the initial stanza. However, Fox came out for the second apparently somewhat freshened, and caught Thompson with a left to the button that appeared to slow the Homer boy down considerably, then went ahead to stay on even terms with him the rest of the fight. Fox, a left-hander, used nothing but a chopping left. hook, but Thompson appeared un- I able to keep away from it, once ' Fox got it to working. PARADE SPORTS By M. L. KELLEY Boston's Blaek Vole Without attempting to comment, since we believe the following letter, received today from one of our negro friends, is self-explanatory to the nth degree, we hand you the notice of organization of the Black Volunteers. We wish them the best of luck, rtot only because we know and like a few of the boys who are playing on their ball club, 'but because we believe that baseball, aa other athletic sports, are some of the most effective ways to increase good citizenship among negroes, aa well as decreasing the likelihood of criminal activities. "The Huston Colored Baseball Club, who have 'been respectfully named the Huston Black Volunteers, will play their first night game of the yeai:, Saturday, July 24, at Rowland Field, El Dorado, meeting the El Dorado Black Lions. Game called 8 o'clock. "Huston has one of the best negro teams in the state. Hard- hitting and fast fielding are their main points. The boys will play this game in their new suits, with the words Huston Black Vols lettered on them. "Don't worry, good people, we will strive to protect this name". Simple worda, but evidencing a deep meaning. The old Parader would like to see aome of the same determination displayed among the more fortunate ath- •port, white he waa an All-America forward at basketball ai Colorado Colleke, and likewise an All-America quarterback at football. •perfectly built, Clark weighs in at close to 175, is about 5 feet 6% inches tall, and could pass, kick, run and block like noobdy'i business. Tor years, Utah University! during the "reign of the House of Pomeroy", held a death grip on the Rocky Mountain Conference football title. Then came Dutch Clark, and his little crew of Colorado Bulldogs. Not more than 15 or 16 men on the squad, which meant that every man was forced to stay in there virtually every gnme. In thraa years of varsity competition, letea. Dutch Clark, Pitcher A short note by United Press :rom Pueblo, Colorado, reads: "Dutcn Clark, has Joined the pitching staff of a local semi-pro baaetoall team. Clark formerly atar- red In football, baseball and basketball at Colorado College." Which reminds us of a lot of thing* about Dutch Clark. We can personally vouch for the fact that ie starred at football and bas- '.cetball, although we don't know much about nis baseball. The fact 'hat Clark has been named All- America professional quarterback ,/r several seasons hand-running, ndicates that he is good at that Clark averaged 8.9 yards for every fUONV KILLf 8CHNECTADY, N. Y. (UP) - A carter pigeon died in tills Hospital after completing 360 Miles of • 600-mile race from Lansing, Mich., to Boston. W. M. Hartman, KM* pital pharmacist, Mid the Mf* was "too tuckered" to eantlfMst the flight time heouch*d tha my friends, ia an average aftta of one first-down each time) be he carried the pigskin. !• addition to this, Clark punted, nice leaf high spirals that don't get run back very far, he passed Ilka bullets, and he blocked lika the devil. Colorado Collage didn't win the title away from Utah, but they did play them the closest game they had had in seven yeara-Clark scored three touchdowns, two of them on punt run-back*, but the "Powerful Pomeroya" scored tour. The perfect quarterback comes but once in a million. 666 Liquid, Tablets Salve, Nose Drepa etieena Malarii In S days Colds first day rlOAQftOftft 10 minutea Try "Rub-My-Tlam".World's Best Liniment The Trailer Marked'Rjsk* DO YOU CARRY EVERYTHING YOU POSSESS with you whenever you venture out in your car . . truatlng to chance and good fortune that you will bring them back in safety? There'- an Invisible trailer attached to every automobile . . . highway hazards, risks of accidents, damage and even death. Unless there is an Insurance policy to fill It, your home, your savings and even your future prospects are with you every mile you drive. The cost of carrying adequate protection . . .Insurance to cover Public Liability, Collision and Property Damage ... is BO small as to be a negligible item In the operation of a machine. A card or a telephone call will bring you complete Information. Phone 1 Kidd & Nicol INSURANCE 109 North Trenton Street CHANGE RENT RECEIPTS l FORA HOME OF YOUR OWN Our Budget Plan Fits Your Income It is as simple as it sounds, too. All you n«sd is a modest down payment Then tht balance is spread over a period, repayable monthly just like rent. No worry, no bother—and you have something to show for vour money. Whether your income is small or large, you oan find the exact home for the amount you can afford monthly. If you want to build, use our Home Owners' Consultation Service for Ideas — without obligation. Learn now how easily you can own your home at present favorable prices. Ruston Building & Loan Association Organized 1905 RIALTO THEATRE COOL! COOL! COOL! TTTTTT TTTT TTTTTTTTTTTTTT LAST TIME TODAY NORMA SHEARER — LESLIE HOWARD in Wm. Shakespeare's _ "ROMEO AND JULIET" Beyond a Doubt — The Greatest Thrill Ever To Come From the Screen I Also - Universal News SATURDAY ONLY Buck Jones — Lita Chevrat in "SAND FLOW" Also Second Installment "Jungle Jim" SATURDAY NIGHT PREVUE AND MONDAY Go/do* A in*! ore iJit o44ti el *i«t i

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