The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 22, 1947 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 22, 1947
Page 2
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PAOB^TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS [Air Patrol Urged On Mexican Line Congressman Insists 15,000 Communists Arriving Each'' Month av » (UP)— Rep. John McDowell. R, Pa., • • charged today th»t -foreign com- munisls "In large* numbers"" are entering the Unftm States via the Mexican border. " ; .';~ v . • He said the border -patrol should te given an efficient titr ami to Jialt. the traffic. McDowell told reporters lie made a ipcclai iiiveslis«tliig";trip' to' Mexico after a House. Ui> American Activities Subcommittee checking into Communism In Hollywood found , "a lot of neon!" who have no right to be in America." He paid the. foreign Communists apparently were traveling' to 'Mexico and Mien entering this country either by fast boat or plane- He said the border patrol wtis powerless to cope .with, the situation because it has no fast planes McDowell, said- lip would urge Congress to provide, it with enough fust nlnncs to "patrol ' Hie border effec.tivclv day and night. He said "thousands of army pursuit planes that could bo used lor the purpose are sitting around idle." Attorney General Tom C. Clark told a House Appropriation Subcommittee recently that he believ- '' cd the FBI .should handle the border patrol job. Clark said there pro approximately 15,000 illegal entries from Mexico every month. "That is a 'big border," he said. '.'and until we build a wall around it we are not going to be able- to keen .those fellows otil because they can swim across, they can walk across, they can fly across." THURSDAY, WAY 22, 1947 Hubby Too Lazy Cop, Fired for Neglecting Duty, Hired as Goodwill Ambassador Historic Tree Soared Deso/fe Highway Plans •ATI 'ANTA, Ga.. '.May, ZJ. (UP) .'.— Ciov. 'M. E. Thompson- played-' the vole yesterday, T of the • woodman who spared tlip' 'tree. ':.,!;.";;> •He ordered the Slate'': Highway nepsrtment to re-surface -— wJlli stale money— famous Toombs Avenue in Washington. Ga., without chopping down the historic Toombs Oak. The tree, which stands In front of the home of (Robert Toombs be- cajne a lundjnark during-/ the war between the 'states. -It /was there .- thai Toombs, thon a /'confederate general, assembled His .soldiers ;aht paid therir :off _.ffom ;h'is.. prlvati money bags. MYl'RS, Fla.. May £2. 'Uf'l —Joe Sandberg, the kindly cop. Is back on the sidewalks today. Stripped of his badge, he still has authority to gossip with lawbreakers. Ignore the city's money needs, :uid maybe sometime uri'est somebody. It wus a hni'd blow they aimed slon filled the chamber. Nearly 100 persons showed up to testify that Joe was more than "a cop, he was a goodwill ambassador for the city. He came in contact with more tourists and residents than anyone else on the payroll, and his treatment or them was fine ins me'.er. and Just stick around iiiilll the car owner finished shopping or seeing a movie, and then, gossip will) him ubouL lhc oi things. While Joe was on a week's vaca- ...., I'"' 1 ' lhu , e", 1 ';' *'"'*"?!•, r< r 1 '« lar '*>- '" l" c HarkliiB meters or < : ->llais Hi joe this week. Holier Chief Done I »"-•»«•!> I""' booked 44 ilrlvcr s for In the treasury, they said, nimlesoji demanded that lif 1).- overstaying Uielr parklm; time. Joel Mayor Knlpli Kmty. settled Die fired- he wasn't doing Ills duly 1 1 ' ;1 "'»' "«-rag.'d lliree u day— and mailer. He lircd Joe from the na- if (lie force. Hurtle- '»"•'" *' '»»••« wouldn't cover his lice loree. nil right. Then he gave Made them like to stick around slate. Fort, Myers. Joe's giib and gossip was of more vnlue than miy amount of nickels as a member son said Joe was a failure at check- P"V- Ins; up on overpnrkers. j liartlcson hailed Joe He'd sec the red Mas; on a pant- city council for trial. job on his own staff—as- |hl m before the signed to check parking meters The occa- I when he wasn't too busy talking to Sporkman Urges Federal Aid For Education WASHINGTON, May 22. (U?) — Sen. John Sparkman; D., Ala., told the Federal ar .Association yesterday that the Federal governimat nmsi ittlfl equalize costs o!' cclucx- tlon. In # speech on the economic problems of the South, lie said it was estimated that the rural South spent about $250,003,000 n year cdu- somebody about something. The council and the citizens approved. eating children who moved to cities as adults. The rural areas lost that investment, he said, and the cities obtained it free. "Something must be done to equalize the educational burdens.", he said. ". . .My own state of] Alabama has adopted a minimum program whereby every child, regardless of locale, shares equally in state funds expended for educa- tion. "1 believe we shall have to follow a similar practice on a nationwide basis. This means federal aid to general education. Unless there is a unified national" attack on this problem, the result to the nation can well b e calamitous.'' Spirkman said tiie South had made economic advances but still had a long road to travel to raise itself to the national average. All of Your Life Insurance Needs Genera! American Life Ins. Co. E. H. FORD, District Manager Lynch Hldtv. itusiucss Phone 2811 Ue.s. :ilS5 Ivory tiny. above,, when 18. says Rose Mary Smith, she cnme home licr from her office Job at 5 pin. husband. Stanley Snillh, 'J2. would still be In bed. She added that he ileserted her after three weeks. That proved lo be grounds for lhc divorce she was granted In Chicago recently. (NEA Teleplioto) Stassen Suggests ID-Year Lending Program for U. S. JEPFFRSON, Ta., -May 22. (OT>- Htirold E. Stassen.' Republican pres idenlial t>.s)>lriint. culled yesterday for adoption of a 10-year lending prop-rain under which the nation •would devote 10 per cent of its goods and food to "world - wide peace'and plenty and freedom." Staxsen made .the proposal In a speech prepared for delivery at a civic ttalle'd Nations celebration expected to attract 35,000 persons T1 Fruit Icebox Cake tiraitdcatt: Ma,-24,1917 building for world-wide peace tm;l plenty ijind freedom." •He said that, the United States _, ... should": not exoect repayment in % UiroiigliXWashiiijj-'kind, biul. that It should administer nor-np-ee'lo'-parttcl- .the-pi«fifam it-self. Thompson, whose adrmnislfaUoijv^as his first major forcion ixilicy V^ currently wigaged In»n- bifecoi'sjfcech. since hta Ibiir of Europe.-..• riomy program,, explained at his . "I Relieve," he'said, "that for the mornini; press conference whv he next 10 years we should devote 10 look the step. :He had .previously per rent of our'tolnl rational pi'o- said he would-not 'rjiit vip 'state' diiclioiV of goods and food (not of money for any road work "ulilcssj'our gross national product) to it was matched "by the government. ..~ The government; he said; was putting uri"nalf^the*nioncv' for highway going ton hut would „.„ ,„ ,— „„.. ,..-„._ pate in the paving through tSwn'l The prograip should not be "dl- np-less it hnd n ripht of \vay 80 reeled aaait'st anyone," he said, feet wide. Thaf HTiiiId-have meant and itV'.'shouIrt not include under pulling the aXc to (lie • liisloric any rircuuif-tanccn arms or ivumi- tree. ... • ] lions f^or others.": . Thompson said that sponsors of I But he fuldu: : the paving project-were -willins'to ''We sliould expect aurcement sacriliff the oak for their new'that lhc governments with winch roi>d but he saw it in a diffefehl' wc wor ^ wil) llot move r!xl 'H" : ' I 'i licht. .''..4. ...''. isiway from, individual economic \ ^"Surii 'historic monuments are! freedom and will not go down the more important to' the state 'than' snd tra11 ° r -'increasing nntionah/.a- a few dollars.", the, governor said.' tim > or fOC.iniizMkin or govcrnmcitt- "Cnr purpose" is not to deitroy bul 'ownevship. .. . ' urpbsc is not to destroy to nerpecualc these •« monuments •which have so enriched Georgia's history." •' ' • Inside Job, Small Culprit - ... culprit even 'thoush they found MIAMI. Fla.,'Mav 22. (UP)—Po- tiny footprints and' a small hole lice called it an "inside job" but leading to the grsdc school's cat- declined today to tracic down the eteria. •The loot—one dozen popsicklcs. The turtle is Ihe only animal on earth that can draw itself up until it is completely M'.rrmmded by its ribs. EAT - - - . Not Moths Is the Greatest Enemy of your FURS Certified Cold Storage Send us your woolens, too! The cost of storage is so slight you cannot afford to be without this protection. Protection ... We Invite Your Inspection. PlMiies 418—119 Laundry Food, Food Prices ..And Liberty Cash You want lower food prices, so does Liberty. Don't buy expensive foods—they're hif/ft in price because they're short in supply. Buy the more plentiful and more reasonably priced items. It may mean a change in your menu a bit, but soon as the producers of food,that are short in supply will find that the demand has been met and their prices, too, will slide. Pet or Carnation Canned MILK 3 tall or 6 small 37c All Favorite Brands COFFEE Can or jar ih 45c All Popular Brands CIGARETTES - etn,*1" Delicious Confection CRACK Omar Wonder Mix For HO? 16-oz. Jar No. 2 Can No. 2 Can to 19 10 V-3 VI'XiKTAlU.E JUICE N , 2f ,,, V-8 VKC.'ETAIMiE JUICE ,| 6 Ox.. Can EXTRA STANDARD TOMATOES AKROI'LANK T tftv WHOI.K APRICOTS N(1 2l2 IMUKKIMAC NO. 2V, CAN PRUNE PLUMS TEXSUN 46' O/. CAN GRAPEFRUIT JUICE, 16 SOUK PITTKI) NO. 2 CAN PIE CHERRIES 20 \0. W, CAN SAUERKRAUT , , 9 HORMKl.'S SPAM 1MI 35 KARGE CAN PREm Kiu . h 35' i.AK(a<; CAN TREET Knch 35 , 15 15 SWEET POTATOES "* NO. 2 CAN APPLESAUCE ,, FIY J_»O\VER HOT TAMALES „ ALL GO1,1) DICED CARROTS KINGAN'S NO. 2 CAN CORNED BEEF PKTKK PAN FANCY SUGAR PEAS No 2 , OCKAN SI'KAY CRANBERRY SAUCE 23 I'URK'WIIITK LARD u, 19 C I'HYSTA!. WHITE WvAr 3 Large Bars ZD I'RINCK AI.HKRT CARTON SMOKING TOBACCO T OMAR 1'RKMIUHI FLOUR inU)S 85 24 15 C J stiipt plain cajt«,"' 1*J inc/ia, Chill inilt until icy cold. Sofrcn Rtfia- •tin in cold water. Mix strawboi nYi with sugar. Blend cheese, lemon juic< and salt together. DUsolve gelatin over boiling 'water; stir into cheos* mixture. Add berries. Chill uncif syrupy. "Line an oiled 1 Va-pint mold with cako strips. Whip chilled milk mi- til stiff. Fold into chiltcd gelatin mixture. Put into mold. Chill until firm. UnnioM. Garm'sK with. - whole strawberries If desired. Makes 4 servings. rVTo u« frozen, sweetened strav.-ber- ries, otnit sugar. Thau 1 berriesj add to cheese mixture without draining. Cutup, canned peaches, - pineapple or fruit cocktail can replace strawberries if you use I cup fruit and [ /s cup juice. **Pound r sponge, angel caki: or lady fingers can be used. Pet >Milk can 13c Strawberries Market I'hil. Cream Cheese Pkg, 15c Plain Cake Ea, 25c Market Price J HOME GUOWN STRAWBERRIES NEW ALABAMA NO. 1 POTATOES 10U .. !''ULL OF.JI.HCE ,'iOO SI/K LEMONS „. STRTNG-I.ESS VALENTINE BEANS , b I'ENDEK LARGE CUCUMBERS n U. S. NO. 1 RED RIPE TOMATffiES ,„ 25 FLORIDA S \.K. MESH UAC, ORANGES U. S. NO. 1 RED TRIUMPHANT POTATOES IO L CALIFORNIA WONDER GREEN PEPPERS ,„ FOSTER PINK MEAT 54 SI/10 GRAPEFRUIT , 25 3NO-WIIITE HEADS CAULIFLOWER ,, 15 Tender Roasting Ears CORN G For 25c /• ( Grode "A" BACON Rib & Club , End Pieces STEAK , t 57d BACON In the Slab STEW BEEF rr... 28<JBN STEW BEEF— .as H ENS& FRYERS BEEF ROAST ":'" • I ^ _jj Wisconsin Hoop %HEESE Large Crisp Jumbo Stalks Ib. 590 HAMS Picnic '" ! CHEESE 77< LIBERTY CA'SH CROCER

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