The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1953
Page 10
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PAOBTEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ftttf MM »*f *»> ptl MBMCHJT Omtm eharr. I tin* w NBC It, f tlmn per Mnc per ttj ..., 12 J rfjHM ffT ll«# per Aij CtlBti per Ihieptr lay It tta« per !!•• per day ......... MMt* per line . i. M Co«at fire artr»c> woretj t« the lln« Ad ordered for three or Eli tlmei and •(OTpeit before eiplrallon will ke tnarttd for the number of tlmei Ih • d appeared 'and adjustments of til •udi. 'All classified advertising cap? tab Kitted by persons residing oulslrir o eltj must he accompanied by cash Rate* war b« easily le computed from the abOTe table. .Advertising ordered for Irregular 1 .'•nlforii lake the one llmr. r>Mc. : Xo responsibility be l.iheB for more t«»n one Incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. All ads are restricted to then prop w clarification, style and type Thi Courier HPWS reserves the right to edl or reject any ad. Notice Card of Thflnks V.'e fish to thank each and every one of our nelghbots and friends who nati A part In saving our home tost Thursday, Mr. A- Mrs. a. o. Wilson lias pk 20 Card of TliankB Our heartfelt thnnXs to nil our mends,ond ne'ehhore for tliclr sympathy nnd generosity durlntc the elcK- ness nnd death of our mother, Mts. Tennle Founds. May Qod bless each and everyone concerned. Mr. & Mra. O. C. Wilson fz Family Mr. & Mr«, Newt Hondrlx & Family 1J28 pic 20 Apartment for Rent ..Oarage apt. fum. J512 vr. Ajh. !>h '6. '1:27 pk 30 r2 room furn. apt. cloea In. Utilities furn. Pb. 5592. . 24 pk Nice.3 rms. & b«th. tlla floors, gas heat. Inquire 2333 Kenwood Dr. pit 31 3 rooms film. Private entrance nnd bath. Hot .water. 2 hloclcs Mntn rh 4660. 107 N. Jst. H28 pk 2|4 3 furn. rooms with bath, utilities paid. Ph. 4253. i|2a ck 3 room liirn. apt. Hot furn. Ph. OMS. coin water ^28 pic 31 3 room furnished duplex apt. Excellent neighborhood. Electric kitchen Newly painted. Heady for occupancy. Call 323Z or 23J5 night. l[23 pk 30 3 room unfurn. npt, prlvnto bath, conveniently located 125 per month. Rear «8 Chlckasiwba. ph 0700 ' J|I.l ck tf 3 room imflutn. apt. with private b«th. Ph. 3618. 1|22 pk 2D 3 room apt. utilities. On heat Pvt bath. 100 W. Ky. Ph. 2110. 1|17 pk 2||7 loom unturn. apt. close In. rh • 1]13 ck tl •,.? ".^i* room •!"«• ""h private bath Ph. 2S« days and 35S8 nlghtn. 11129 clr. if I room fur,. «pt. Phfl 2535^ i p *- ! toomt >nd ( i i 600d Il '™ 1 t l "« 337J r. simon. e,ji Bowen Apts. for. Rent' ft, 1 " 1 *! 0 !, '/ OI i r . room apts - Complcleiy furnished. Private front and back cn- mf ™, 5™° Dal1 ™- ""''"oon "oors. P)l .5061 der. 6218 night. 1|13 ck tf Apartments, furnished. ?8 up, per week. Bedrooms •$4 up single. 114 West Ash Ph. 2833 g|4 ck tf Services . Laundry In My Home. Ph. 81n. . _. 1|2I pk 2!27 _For complete gas Installation, bond- KM. Itar£y 3 "MyeJ"' £ °"" l> "' P |l« C p 1 k < M MOVING AND HAULING |IO Pk 2|10 BLrrHEvn.LE <ARK,) COURIER NEWS NATURAL OA8 INSTALLED AT ACTUAL COST of pipe and fittlngi and my work by the hour. Experienced. Bonded. Licensed. Worjt guaranteed Call Jimmy, 8250 After & p.m l|7pk 2j7 Attention Farmers Have your cotton iced de- linted and treated early <u our modern new plant Guaranteed work at reasonable rates. Call Randall Hswks for further details, 3756 day 2664 night. RED TOP GIN _______ 13(15 pk 29 * MINUTE PHOTOSTATIO SERV^ I0«. O-STEEN'S STUDIO. 11J W WAIN .1214 ci If NATURAL, GAS INSTALLED . FHEE ESTIMATE ON YOUR HEATING NREDS 50,000 I3TU automatic floor furnace 509.50* 65,000 BTU niilomaUe floor furnace ?117.50A * plus in.stallalion. AIotKRomcry tt'nrri Day Ph, 459: Nljjht Pli 8352 T= I!<X i'! VL i' !p i nB ' r " Rc nr,rts. income T»«. II. K. Burnett, I2« E. Ash. nh. 1332. 1;M pit 2;j UPHOLSTERY Ford's ypholstcry Shop 2328 JlavBiierite, Ph. 2703 Quality Upholstering, Ghic Work. Free pickup & delivery. Prompt service. 1|15 pk 2|15 Inline «er?lce. Of.ll (19S8 or"«««<* BROFT RKFRKIERATTON CO GAS SERVICE Licensed nnrt nonneu tiryaht. L»w Wlprncnt 1 - Snlci"" 1 '"' bnni '" h""nB ""niBURY ATXRN PUlmblnw A: Fr*-atlni! Co Ph 22CU - 11130 ck tf Sale, Misc. Store Fixtures hlne.' cc-unlcr /„"«. ™uwc*a"? n Art'h«r '»nce, Armorcl, Ark. 1JJ8 ci z'l auoqj Rnudum ;j»jjo UB sn atjuiv . • • Jjsnj.!. dnH.>i,l TiV'i KIKI I f Jl IJ-ill * C'o-i 11 i « jl n -i 't»i>/JVt^l)MJ|. .f])i,a}l ^jpn-u, dn^a,,] xa'IOHAaHD 6l'6t OA\>f 'I 'AVO'I BHO M 'IVNOUVNHSUNI SHU IBB.I « • • • „, . - . liuM PUB MJH3H tf OlpBU 'DAUpJOAQ MJIM g-A OHO,! OS6I " '•" '«i"0 • ' ' 3 H -V "!P»H •">•'>'!/> ""8 'sojt,^ A\a\t miw. ' -"--I- Jjoo.iqu«4 3 II.|,aoiV'A'I,l ISGI B»p A||«a4 • • • joou-z a'xnpd .ladng j! gt-GI A'|UQ ' poo;) |4B|Ban PUB oipim IIIIM 'aHD ilGI JUMOQ 3pisdf| P UD 1NMOQ 100 used fence post, {10.00^1'honc 'M- ' J • 1|20 pk 29 iVbs 4-Qt, P?ST' SED Cookers . .. •13,50 Electric Food""" Mixer . ....... ,n.Si Electrli Iron".' v " Now Only 53c Paste Wai, Now Only Adnms Appliance Co. Inc 20a W. Mnln Phone 21)71 1127 ck . US 00 ... 5981 300 IANGES: Attains AppHnncc Co. Jnc. 08 W. Mnln, Tlionc 2071. 1(27 ck 2127 4 rooms or (vlrnltiirc for silt- 212 Hot Point dec r-\ngc tcmpcratuio ontrol o\cn Good condition *25 00 all 4194 nftor ,-i:00 p:m, | 20 pk 20 1913 Ford trnctor, cultivator nnct rtlsn. odcl-H John Dcerc liflctor, M-bti-sttir, liltlvator and planter.'All in Rood onctltlon, Arthur Vance, Arm ore I. ^ l|2fl cH 2|4 Farmivll D Koutpmcnt r\n<l irnUcr casonnblc. O O. Mclntosh. lit 3, Box rtiO. UlythcvUle. Fnctory-buIlV trntlcr. 2000 \V. Vlnft. rice $300. ' l|25 pk 29 Ifi ft, ilrcp-lrceze. 5llg)itJy used; i30G.- 0, Upright plivno; $75.00. 310 K, Ky. 1^6 pk 29 Model A John Deere 1915 Model. 2 jw anrt 7 piece equipment. Jobn pocrc -nllor. Notify Kenneth Harc]e'sty. 1117 New fire proof Gales. (4 per month. t. patd. No Interest, no carrying hnrges. Ph. 4097, 1]16 pk 2J1G BEST BUYS IN GOOD USED TRUCKS & TRACTORS 1949 CMC }= Ton Hrhup Truck. Vcrj' clean anil read;- to cio your farm hauling jobs. I'riccd right at only $795 JOHN DEERE "B" Tractor In Knoil carull- lion Kith 2-roiV cultivator, 2- row planter, fcrliliicr tlistrlh- ulor anil 2-row miclille buster. $1150 value. 1!)D<> INTERNATIONAL Model 1-110 Pickup Truck m excellent mechanical condition itnd luis Sftnr very good (ires gJfQ "H" TRACTOR. Terrific S^AC OLIVER .llodel "70" Tr.ictor and 4-row culli § valor. A Special Value al Delta Implements! ' lOin GMC Model 450 Short Wheel Base Truck with Air Brakes. Excellent 825 x 20 and 900 x 20 51 OCA Tires. A Delia SPECIAL Value. Only 1947 STUUEBAKER. Itf.Ton Truck with Good 3 e °° d b " r 8t ltlis "" JNTERNAL10NAI, KB-1 Pickup with Stake Body. H has good tires! A real value! Many Other Values in Farmall and John Deere Tractors & Equipment! COTTON SEED— • •• • SOYBEANS DPL — 15 and FOX planting seed. Bimlclte Plantation. Ph.' -1782. " 1J23 ck If Save Money When' You . Buy — Soil — Trade Used Furniture GLIN HARRISON & SON FURNITURE CO. 517 W. Ash Ph. 2552 8[2 ck tf TYPEWRITERS" DON EDWARDS CO. I1J W W»lnut Phnn» 33» Plenty of Parking "Space COTTON SEED Mnlf & Half — good'prices. HURON GIN CO., Lexington. Tcn "- 1115 pk 3(15 For Sale 1933 COK Chevrolet 1>4 Ton TrnrV' D»«l WherU. Oral,, Be,'. ™al"T and' Oooa Tires, sins. Phone 2S51 or 6900 I|27 ck 23 cw Fire Proot Sntcs wt 225 I!)5 Imrmsslble lo pick the comhln»t!or> At (nctory price Ft pnlil. <85 pi, .1037 1|J Pk 2-2 Hrc-Bilrelnr proof snlcs. nil r.l7ra on isy terms. Ft. paid. One year to pny N'n Intorost. no cnrrylns rhnrgcs Ph '""' , :|10 pk JHO REOISTEUED AHEFtDEEN-ANOUS CATTLE Several yoang l)ul!.s. Ages rrom 8 lo 20 months. Good blood Unca. mnsily Ellernmcre and Bitndollcr BrccrtlnR. 5 or 10 ready lor service. For sale very reasonably. I mU:ht cell tv rtw hellers nnd bred cows. Evcrj'thlng la rcgl.-iler- E. O ADAMS 1300 N "6th St. Blythovllle, Ark Ph. 3368 l|3 pH 23 CAR RADIO — 52000 Call Courier New!. 1-16 DH t( Used n?/rjirer«tors J{>9 50 and up sell -V While. Ph. 6096. 11119 < N'otlcc. Reel Clay, Uravel nntl Dirt Ph. 6226 12;30 lilt 1130 For Safe, Real Estate Good C-room house iind bath, at 117 East Kentucky. Floor furnace, attic Tan, hardwood floors, garage, fenced backyard. $1,000. cash* will handle this $2,000. equity. §0,000- loan balance. Total price §8,000. It's vacant — it's worth the money. New and modern 3-bed- •oom home at 425 East Hardin :ri Country Club Area Acidi- -ion. Deluxe Geneva kitchen, tile bath with colored fixtures, carport, storage space, natural gas heat, best of materials used and every inch insnlat- td. On targe lot, choice neighbors. 5% loan to suit you. We will take in smaller house or your equity on trade. See or call JOHNNY MARR Ph. 4111 or 2596. 1[24 ck tf Kentucky Farms For Sale Possession at Once '136 ACRES 208 FANCY ACRES ' 335 ACRES . , Kn •S.'^SS.'i"*? « 'encecl and .ow.d iown""?,, S7 ACRK ORCHARD "™™ Bob Rottgering , Broker TC^i Broa(IwB i'. Pfuiucnh. ^i!' 1 ' Dny 5 - G ' 12 ". Nigl,t 2-05<M.' l!27 pk 30 For Sale or Trade Will trade lor olflcr mocTe"'or^St "c»?i J 1126 pk 29 '° Tr»n,.. R.H. Private Rooms k'.h'V"' hMlcd frcrfroom. najoln- bath Men only rh «32 1|H ,,* tt bedrooms, private bath rh. 46«. 1|13 Pk 2i ?, rsf ; con " ort »0le bedroom convcti- tlvlocnico:. Ph 25U i;( p t is , JAN. W, 1958 ON YOUR FARM... . We Will Come and Clean Your Soybeans! Jack Robinson Implement Co. Allen Hai-dln, Mgr. ^Blytheville, Arkansas — J'hon* 2371 FATTY WINS—Grand Champion fat steer at the National Western Stock Show in Denver. Colo., was this handsome Hereford, entered by Boys Town. Neb. Behind him are his Boys Town handlers. John T Caine. HI, show's general manager, hoids the halter. A Found Please return child's Greyhound wa* oit missing from home at 1123 SV Ash Doyle Turner, KLCN. ipa pn 31 Found, a pnlr of horn rimmed [lasses. Can ham by naylns lor this OU. Dixie Pig. ][27 cfc 30 EDMISTER RADIO AND TELEVISION REPAIR SHOP Call 9310. All Work guaranteed: 1 20 pk 2 20 Your Fuller Brush Dealer Is now W W. Lowe al 2110 Henley St Ph. 8538. > 1|15 pk 2(16 Insurance REAL ESTATE Farms— City Property. LOANS IS interested la Bujlnj or nvlllvK "•« Noble Gill Agency Glencoe Rlrlg. ph. 6868 Call 4553 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection OLENOOl BOTH. BrmDIHQ Mmlt Two men between age 31 and 35 to worfc In Ulylhevllle urea. Averaie earnings $2 per. hour. S«e Mr. V&ught al Qo(f Hotel Friday morning Jan. 30. 1;2S pk 30 For Rent . 3 roam (urn. house. Rear 1603 W Sycamore, Ph. 6033. IJ26 pk 29 4 room Turn, house, bath. elec. kitchen. Couple only, zn E. DaTls. rn. 3139. ', 1J28 pk 2;-! 6-room house and garage, gas heat, 5-room house and garage, gas heat, 4-room ho\ise and shower bath, on rear of lot. $30. . All welt located. Win glr» one-year lease on alt these rentals. Call JOHNNY MARK. ph. 4111 or 259S. 1[24 ck 31 : SERVICE STATION FOR RENT TexRco Service Station 'St Garage tn Dell. Ark. Good location and a" real money-maker \ completely new modern Texnco Station will. be constructed In the Sprint? at tbts site. This I? an excellent opportunity for the righi person Call Bob Logan at 3391 in Illy- thevllle. "Ark. t[6 ck tl Newly decorated house. 3 bedruoms. bath, water heater. Call 256». 1124 pk 31 3 room turn, house; Close In 1 . Ph. 20S7 1123 pk 2P 2 room house. Partially furnished. 1 Can 3289. ^ : l^ pk 23 2 room, house without oath. In Pride Addition. $10 per month. Sea United Insurance Agency. In gram Bldg Pb eaia. , 12130 cfc tf 4U Bvl Mala, 320* sq. f*«l ID main Building Re&sonab!* rent G«ll WH : T|3t ck il Meal Curing . ... Processing For Home.Freezers \ LOCKERS FOR RENT . BLAYLQCK'S Bahy Chicks — Custom Hatching — AVhoIesale Eggs Highway 61 No. Blvthrvllte PhDM 3172 Decorate Now and Save! Complete' Do-it-Yourself '/L 89 Kit, Now Only \J This Home Decorator Kit Includes: 1-7" Roller and Pan 1-10x12 Drop, Cloth 1 • 2" Pure Bristle Brush 1 - 1 Gallon Any Pastel Shade of Rubber Base Paint A Regular $9.50 Value tor Only $6.89 3" Pure Bristle Brush: 4Vi" Nylon Brush . . . 9" Roller ond Pon. . . . female Help Wanted MARRIED WOMEN! t 0 . ?'"L 10 . l 'l chlWrcn WBO "nnot ? ° S Io>> ' No ""llecllns or dc- lnsr. commission In ndrancc Phcmc 6 , 0 ' " r np « il; »n'-^n" 3WJ (or intment or Brer 661. Blythcrtlle • • Wanted to Rent h > lo . MO «"M of rood farm Una. 1 h«TB pltnti o[ R ood roiilpmcnl also fun flniincj stir Ph 2l«. v m3\f ti TRENKLE'S PAINT STORE DELL, ARKANSAS W« will p», CASH (or Tour old Ko r>-.t_^. tn " 1 " >nd l«I»M Cor pMt» OSTPBN'e STUDIO. II! w»( U>ln 12;» ci ti Wanted Interest. Wrlt« box LQ. % Courier 1123 pk 3,1 Machine Delinting and Approved Ceresan Treatment For Your Cotton Seed All Collon Seed Delinted to Customers Specification. We Want Your Business. LUXORA GIN COMPANY Luxora, Ark. Phone 4341 Looking For a BARGAIN^ Here Are a Few Reconditioned *, Money-Makers! Guaranteed OK! 1950 FORD Long Wheel Base Cab and Chassis, 750 x 20 front and 825 x 20 rear lires. A real Good Buy! ................. ; 1949 CHEVROLET I ong Wheel K.<se Truck 12 ft" 895 795 $ 545 T i/z-Ton Pickup „ . N'e \\Tires, motor i'n uei- fecl condition. A steal at 1950 CHEVROLET '/. Tori Pickup Truck A $ real dandy for only 1949. CHEVROLET '/,-Ton Pitkup Truck Mofoj- Overhauled. . 19J8 CMC 3/-i-Ton Sl-ike Bodj Truck. A real bargain in a middle si/ed truck Onlj 1946 CHEVROLET >/, 'Ion Pickup Iiuck . . . clean and runs good,, it's a repossessed truck and' SOftT yours for only •... . jJJQ 1949 INTERNATIONAL K'-5'Long Wheel Base Truck in extra good condition and has extra good Slftr rubber.-A real BARGAIN! .......'.......-. 199 NEW 1952 Long Wheel Base Trucks (2 Tons) at BIG Savings. Only 2 left. 1952 Power Glide Demonstrators' f loaded with extras with very low mileage. Come i n , SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET COMPANY "The Big Used Car Lot on Walnut Street" '; 301 West Walnut Phohe 4578 ? Sponge Pads The history or sponges dates back to the time of Aristole," when eek warriors used them to pad their helmets. Not until the mtddl* of the 19th century did microscopic rcsenich definitely prove them to he animals and not plants." For Fine Foods, Ghoose PIGKARD'S GROCERY & MARKET Nationally Advertised & Fancy Groceries We Deliver Call In 2043 Come In' 1044 Chick. 1952 OLDS Snper "88" Kiih Hydramaflc, Radio & Heater, While Side- wal] Tires, only 11,000 actual miles, beautiful green with beiKe lop. Like new and priced LOW! 1951 BUICK Headmaster Riviera, Dyn»- Snv, Radio & Heater, Wbitc Sidewall Tires,' spare tire has never touched the (round! Low Mileage.! Cream Pufl! 19DO NASH Ambassador Super 4-Door with Radio & Heater, Hydra-Mafic Drive, Extra Clean $1AQC snd has very low mileage. ,.'.; IU93 THE BEST USED CAR 1946 FORD V-8 2-Door with Radio & Heater, It's in excellent shape. A Homer-Wilson Bargain! 1949 MERCURY 2-Door.with Radio & Heater, Spot L'ghl, While Sidewall Tires. It's Bargain Priced! 1930 QLDSMOMILE "S^" Club Coupe with Radio & Hcntcr, Hydra-Mafic Drive, White Sidewall Tires and is a one owner car ' BUYS IN BLYTHEVILLE 1919 NASH Ambassador 4-Door with Radio & Heater. City driven, very clean, good limes. Priced LOW! 1946 BUICK Sedanette with Radio & Healer It's a Super. Good pnint and tires 15151 FORD Custom. V-S with Radio. & Heater, 2-Door has \\ hile Sidewall tires, low mileage, cily driven and very clean' '545 HORNER-WlLSON EAST — MAIN Rocket Oldsmobile — GMC rru'cka Phoiw 2058 Used Car Lot — Phone 6151

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