The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1949 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1949
Page 10
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS Coplon Attorney Again is Fined Second Contempt ^Charge Leveled at ^ Defense Counsel By Karl R. Bauman WASHINGTON', June 3. <m — Federal Judge Albert L. Reeves yesterday fined Archibald Palmer, defense attorney in Judith Coplon's espionage trial. $100 for "obvious contemptuous conduct." K, was the second such fine-levled the fast-talking New York attorney since the start of the trial April 25. As in the case of the earlier con- te"mpt penalty, Judge Reeves stipulated that the fine be paid after the end of the trial. .Ye-stfrday's fine grew out of Palmer's persistent questioning of T, Scott Miller, Jr., an FBI agent, i 'Palmer was questioning Miller, about 12 papers found in Mis. 1 ; Cop-: Ion's purse when she was arrested in New York March 4 with Valentine A. GubiU'hev, a Hussion. , The government introduced num- eVous other papers from the handbag as evidence but John M. Kelley, Jr., a government prosecutor, said the 12 were omitted "on the grounds of the security of the United States." Palmer asked Miller if he personally selected the 12 papers not put in evidence, The FBI agent replied that he had nothing to do with determining what was to oe used In the case, To Appeal Fines \ Kelley objected to further questioning along this line and Judge Reeves upheld him. Palmer, however, kept asking substantially the same questions, and Judge Reeves kept sustaining Kelley's objections. Palmer started to say something about Judge Reeves' realizing- the importance of his questions "to the country's future" but Judge Reeves cut in: • L "Mr. Palmer, I must fine you Sgain." i The 15-year old, white hatred Judge from Missouri then leaned over the bench and quietly directed the clerk to prepare an orrie fining Palmer $100 for his "obvious contemptuous conduct." s Palmer, obviously taken by surprise, had less to say than usual. He told Judge Rceve.s that he had not yet received a formal order on the first fine, and asked that such orders be prepared in both cases. The judge assured him that this frill be done. • "I want to 'take an appeal on both fines," Palmer said. ; WARNING ORDER i In the Chancery Court, Chlcka- W»ha District, Mississippi County. Arkansas. Vivian Gray Plaintiff, I vs. No. 10,899 Eugene .Gray Defendant. : Th£ ^defendant Eugene Gray Is hereby^-yarned to, appear within thirty days in the-coiirt named In Jhe caption hereof and inswer the complaint of the plaintiff Vivian Gray.;. ; Dated this 26 day of Way, 1949, : HARVEY MORRIS, Clerk ! ••-'•• . By Pit Morton, D- C. Holland As.Taylor, 'Attys. for Pltf. Percy Wright, Atty. ad litem. oj27-6j3-10-L7 Chicago's Top G-ManCharged With Contempt CHICAGO, June 3. OT>y—Chicago's lop G-Man was ordered placed In the custody of the U. S. Attorney General yesterday for refusing (b surrender Ills records on Roger 'The .Terrible) Tonhy, prohibition era gangster. j Judge John P. Barnes of [he Federal Court imposed (his puish- nient on George n. McSualn. chief of the Chicago FBf office, after holding him in contempt of court. The court directed that McSwaln is to remain in the custody of Attorney General Tom Clark until he produces FBI records as ordered j by Judge Bornes. Judge Barnes set (lie penally after a brief hearing at which Touhy's attorney. Robert B. Johnstone, argued that Mi-Swain's refusal to yield the records constituted disobedience to the lawful order of the court. Otto Kerner, Jr., United States district attorney, told tlie court he could not deviate from the position he outlined Wednesday in a conference in chambers. He did not say what wn-s discussed in chambers but MrSwnln "!•<! told the court he was acting on orders I from his superiors in refusing to hand over the records. Under the penalty prescribed, McSwain will be Hie prisoner of his boss. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is a branch of tile Department of Justice which is headed by Attorney General Clark. "Bawl Street Journal" Off the Press With Usual Jibes at Wall Street Deeds Wheelchair is Stolen From Polio Sufferer PHILADELPHIA, June 3. (IP)—A 35-year-old polio sufferer reported to police yesterday theft of the wheelchair he needs to travel between his home and his newstand. William Lewis, who has been paralyzed from the liips down since he was three, said the chair was left on the sidewalk Wednesday when hi, parents helped him into the house. A short, lime later the chair was •"issing. NEW YORK, June S—«>)—Ad-»vertisment: "H. Truman & Co., the nation's haberhasher, offers the plunging neckline. The ultimate In Wall Street haberdashery. If you stuck your neck out, In November, here's something you can stick it in now." The advertisement is illustrated with a hangman's noose "styled by Elmo Rojier." It's part of the 30th annual Burl- eMie on the Wall Street Journal published yesterday by the Bond Club of New York Jor their annual outing. And if you can believe the Bond Chib's: "Bawl Street Journal," you ran believe that— John u Lewis Is negotiating the purchase of the Chase National Bank as a depository for the United Mine Workers Welfare Fund .. The U.S, Government is going Into the steel business to make money to meet the deficit after seeing how much money U.S. Steel makes . J. P. Morgan & Co. is building a $100.000,000 hotel on Us Wall Street Bank site and will occupy the hotel pent house,... Issued Annually The club publication is issued each year at si a copy. An advance sale of 19.000 copies Is expected io expand past the 26, peak reached in 1048. The Bawl Street Journal looks exactly like the Wall Street Journal advertisements and all, but the text is different. One headline: "Polls call for Return to Indcixmdence." The weather: "Dewey mist." Every Wall Street situation is ribbed in the advertisements and stories. Brokers are starving to death, they would have you believe, with the presenet low volume of stock market business. So the New York Stock Exchange started a "stop the market," program similar to a familiar radio show- The winner, from Nevada, was awarded fifty pair of sandals with heels, 40 tucker automobiles, and the shirt he lost In the 1029 market crash. Probably the earliest bread was made from ground acorns and beech nuts. Mississippi County Club Woman's Skit Wins Arkansas Award "Memories That Move," ji skit picturing activities of home demonstration clubn In North Mississippi County, was the third place winner In a contest sponsored In Arkansas during National Home Demonstration Week, May 1 to 8, it was announced today. The skit was written by Mrs. B. A. Bngg, and presented^y the Yarbro Home Demonstration Club at a county contest, and won over about six other skits here before being submitted to the state contest. Several of the counties submitted several entries, but only one was sent from this county. Other winners Included: Mrs. Frank Wittenauer of Prairie County, first; Miss l*ata Taylor of Craighead County and Mrs. Joe Burrough of Cralghead County, tied for second; and Mrs. Edith Botkin of Craighead and Mrs, Bugg from Mississippi County, a tie for third. College to Honor Snyder C1.ARKSVII.LE. Ark., June 3, (/P) -College of the Ozarks will honor Secretary of (he Treasury John w. Snyder here June 12. A native Arkansan, Snyder has accepted an Invitation to be at the college during the "John Snyder Day" ceremonies. The secretary will be in Arkansas with President Truman who will attend a reunion of the 35th Division in Little Rock, June 10-11. New Well Reported STEPHENS. Ark.. June 3. (iPl— Another oil well is flowing in the new Hamilton area of Ouachita County. The new well, the eighth to be pumped in this area, was brought in by Rainey and Ormond in Brown Estate B-2. Section 19-15-19, about a mjle nnd one-half west of here. Capacity of the wall was not given. Flowing came from 2,312 feet of Hogg sand. Gravity is approximately 34. | Argument Over Reunion fxpected to 6e Resumed At Presbyterian Meeting MONTREAT, N. C., June 3. W,— The argument In the Soulhern Pr^byterian Church over reunion with the northern church is expected to blossom again In local areas during the coming year. The southern group, known as the Presbyterian Church in the US., ended Its 89th general a.ssemb- y here Wednesday after agreeing to Increase cooperation with the northern church. The decision to cooperate with the Presbyterian Church In the U,S.A. (northern), apparently paved the way for re-agitation of the whole re-union' question. The controversial issue had been hanging quietly since last year's general assembly placed a five-year moratorium on re-union plans. At least hall a dozen commissioners (delegates) said Wednesday's action negated the moora- torium. As a result, they added privately, they now feel that they are free io campaign against reunion openly in their presbyteries. The assembly during its final day "accepted" a report contending that good Christians should protect the basic rights of al! men, white and Negro. FRIDAY, JUNE 3, 19W Employment Data Foundation for Security Records If practice makes perfect, the Social Security Administration should have some excellent bookkeepers on Its Accounting Operations Division payroll in Baltimore, Maryland. The Social Security Administration's claim of, being the world's largest bookkeeper Is based on keeping up with more than 90,000,000 Social Se- cutrity accounts. Like all bookkeeping firms, however, the Social Security Administration sometimes finds that its accounts won't balance. Social Security bookkeeping, according to Lem E. Bradford, manager of the Jonesboro Social Security Administration Office, is based on Information turned In by employers on their Social Security tax returns. "When John Smith Is reported without a number or with a wrong number, al) the accounting machines in our Baltimore oflice can't tell which one of the tens of thousands ol John Smiths on our books should get credit for those wages. And, until we get John Smith's correct number from his employer, no one is going to get credit for them." Social Security Administration in- CHEVROLET BUILDER OF THE NATION'S GREATEST TRUCK VALUES MEDIUM-DUTY DE IUXI STAK1* zv/^ndwWboM,.Mo«m Mm c.v.w.5.80o;h.c.™ mod«lr avattabb vp fo 161 -I'ncA Vhtefbai* and J 6,000 Ib. C.V.W, or more trade in allowance on your old washer, regardless of make or condition on a new ! JI04—II4.,- nc ), »f, e( ,l6 0 , r , Maximum C.V.VV. 4 600 It Oltior , available: 360J-I2SY, inch -.t,, e lba,., Ua,im a m GVW .5,800 Ik., 3a04-l37-inil, wh«H,<,,«, Ma«™ um G.V.W. 6 700 It' Automatic Washer This Is Your Chance for Real Savings—Come in Today HUBBARD&HOKE Appliance Co. PIANO TUNING UGHT-DUIY DEtUXC PANEL J 105- m.fncJ,,, Afoiimun G.V.W. 4,600 Ib. Alto n-,m\ak\, m Mnftum Oa\/ model JS05 — J 3/.mcJ> ' n G.V.W. 6,700 Ib. Maximum G.V.W, 10,000 Ib. /V» aratfobf. m m<xM 3741 — 125 %-;-.€* »+»./boi«. Maximum C.V.W. 7.000 H>. Facia?. lyp* bodw< KJtfoW* fo ing OA fW Forwar or* wppfml by marry bl and REPAIR The onl} PKRFEC1 TUNlXCi by STROBOCONN belwcpn .Memphis and St. Louis WHY TAKE M-:SS THAN THE BEST? RADIO REPAIR on all models anil makes— dnne bj a LICENSED repaii expert—EVERY JOB GUAR- ANTEEU. WHY PAS MOKt Ainltilng from > pirk to > Ini;.* violin. Sh«l mu'sic, records—just evtrrlhinr. BROOKS Music Store K. .Main — Tel. 811 301 W. Walnut CHEVROLET There's a Chevrolet truck for every delivery or hauling job—with capacities from 4,000 Ibs. to 16,000 Ibs. Gross Vehicle Weight. \ If what you want is the truck that will deliver the most for the money—then what you want is a Chevrolet truck. If what you . want is sterling quality; outstanding load capacity and perform- ance with power plus economy—then you're dead right in choos- ing a Chevrolet truck, And if you want all these advantages at lowest cost, you definitely want Chevrolet, for only Chevrolet trucks have 3-WAY THRIFT—lower cost operation and up- keep and the lowest list prices in the entire truck field! MfOttJM.DUTT CAI AND CHA5SH WITH MATFOIM BODY M«M 380« —137 JmJi Wwelboit, Maximum G.V.W. 8,800 Ik. Olh.r -- "-. ovoiloW. of I, lij.fntt, v>H,t!l>o- and 14,000 Ib. G.V.W. CHEVROLET TRUCKS FOR TRANSPORTATION UNLIMITED SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. vestlgttlon >bow th»t most errors occur became the inlornution furnished by the worker w*s not checked • gainst his social security card Bradford stated th»t employers who get their employees' names and numbers directly from their social security cards are making sure that their employees are not losing any of the wage credits on which future social security payments will be made. "Our aim is t 0 pay a ll social «e- curlty claims in full," Bradford said, "but until reports from all employers show full and correct Information, some of our payments may be smaller than they should be and some may not, be made at *•» Expert PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Pbune W81 Nichols Drug Brazil Is somewhat larger than the United States and three limes the size of Argentina. Service — 's Our Motto/ We spare uo ettort in providing in EXTRA everyday prescription service which meant extra convenience to vou Pee! tree to' cai. 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With Klowen THE FLOWER SHOP Glencoc Bnlldlnj Phone MSI or 214T Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Chickasawba ^SWIFTS PREMIUM BRANDED BEEF We Specialize in Fancy Meats and Groceries We Deliver Phone 2043 Plenty of Parking Space MERCHANTS PLATE LUNCH Fresh Channel Catfish Fried Chicken Roast Pork Roast Bret Chicken A Dressing Steak & (irmvj Three vegetable* Special Special HOT DOGS is- HAMBURGERS . . . "" Ifc CLTJB STEAK, FR. FRIES *Sc Choice T-Bona A Sirloin* "Where Friends Meet and Eat" the NICKLE STAND Vickie Saliba, Prop. 103 W. Main A real shoemaker aTderi by modern equipment >nd finest materials brings new lift in worn footwear here. «">\II>\\Y Phon* 30751

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