The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 25, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 25, 1936
Page 3
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TUESDAY, AUGUST.25, 193G BLYTHEV1LLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE THREE Such a Little Gem of a House Iwenly-Six Families Now Housed in Comfortable Living Quarters. NEWARK, N. J.—A dilapidated tenement building has been transformed into a modern a partment house, Increasing the income of the owner, and providing livable quarters for 20 families. This work was done with the aid of an insured loan made by a private financial Institution under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. The property was acquired about a year ago by Edward Kohn, of the Mount Prospect Building and Loan Association. In planning its rehabilitation, Mr. Kohn gave particular attention to the children who would live in [he building, Not 1 the least iinpsrtant change in the property, was the establishment of a playground in the back yard. Originally eath bulldin? had its own small yard, which "was generally filled with trash. The bare grass plots resembled a muddy trench after a heavy rain. The fences between the yards were removed and the space paved with concrete. Today, the children of the tenants can play baseball, push doll carriages or jump rope, fai from the hazards of tits Irafllc in the streets. The buildings originally includ- fd 24 apartments, and brought an annual rental of $1,080 from the live families who inhabited the building in its poor .condition. Pol- lowing the modernizing, an annual income of $11,000 is realized. The modernization loan which financed the work was in the amount of $30,000. The 111 rociiis were redesigned and completely renovated. New floors were put in. a central heating plant, new piping and plumb- nig, and even a new roof was added. Many window sills which hut rotted away were replaced am plaster winch had fallen off the walls and ceilings had to be replaced. The value of the property has risen from $17,000 to 570,000. The four-room apartments rent fron S35 to $38 a month and were 100 I percent rented--before the work was completed, according | 0 ju r . Kohn "Inspired by .this improvement' Mr. Kohn said, "our neighbors arc beginning to fix-up and paint-up [>nd the whole community is feeling the influence.of this operation. Building Service Station at Ash and Fifth Streets A. E. Brown, of Marion. Kv has purchased the properly a the corner of Pift h nnA Asl streets, from Mrs. L. W. Gosnel and work has started o'l a s-"r vice station. The, Lion Oil com r.nny has leased the building. The nev- italic:! Is to be stVc- co, painted white, W. j. \Vun- dcrliclT, audit of i.he Lion company here, has i:ot announce) who will operate it. Landowner Plans to Build Small Homes FAIRFAX COURT HOUSE Vrt - The owner of a tract of land'here plans lo build a number of small homes for sate under the Insured Mortgage System of the Federal {lousing Administration. The houses will be taken from plans su»- gesled in Technical Bulletin No °4 •'Principles of Planning Small' Houses," issued by the Administration. Book Cases If novel arrangement for built-in j (If<-'•' cases is (o have them frame jt. (loot- or window. The shelves juay be built with neat precision or may be constructed lo suit the whimsy of the housewife with a liking for tall, slim vases and low, squat bowls along with the books. Shelves may be built in with funds obtained from a private financial institution which holds a contract of insurance with the Federal Housing Administration. Proper Lighting In choosing fixtures for a home eyes must be considered. Sight should be conserved even at the expense of ornamentation. Fortunately graceful fixtures permitting satisfactory lighting as well ns decorative effects for all pui;- pcses are obtainable on the market nnd at reasonable prices. Electric wiring may be done with funds obtained under the Mcdornt/ation Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration To Add Space Limited closel space may be amplified by the introduction of sufficient shelving, compartments for dresses or suits, cabinets for shoes. etc. Order | 5 maintained ami the clothing remain., longer In good rnmlillon by the careful utilization rloscl s l»cc. AH electric light essential, f!R5T fLOOR PLAfi HOU6E PATTl:Url ha Much has been said recently about, hoine building. Some iwopls have stated that the country is overbuilt In domestic fields. Others have stated that this is true in certain sections of the' country. Probably much of the information upon which these statements were based was derived from individuals who noticed vacant houses, and houses displaying For Sale and For Rent signs. Bui let us consider other factors in the domestic field. The percentage of home-ownership Id thc ci& which stands at the head of .life percentage^Wt is' piiry 50. Probably the lowest in the'list is well down in the teens. Is this what certain individuals called "overbuilt"? The percentage of home-ownership ought to be seventy-five or more. Every average American family should own its own home. Of course Iherc are exceptional circumstances whereby home-ownership would not be advisable, but they are exceptions. Apartmenl dwelling is ideal for a more or less definite percentage of families. Thc natural instinct for a family to own its own home should be realized. There are approximately half a million marriages each year. Three- quarters of these newly organized families should first of all make plans toward thc establishment of owned quarters. Therefore, the yearly increase in thc number of families, together with the ideal of Increasing the percentage of home-ownership In existing families, refutes this over-built ballyhoo. This house was designed to illustrate tile sort of property that size tiie fact that tlie empty hulk should be scrapped and its site graced by the erection of a small, modern home. This home, with its plain, wide siding and simple pilasters at entrance and corners, framed and softened with decorative painting, would entice any home-loving family from Its apartment or Us rented house of average awkwardness. Living lakes on a real meaning In an owned home. The roof and shutters of the house are green. The rest of the house Is-an Ivory-white. Tan face brick are used in the chimney. Such a little gem of a house Is a satisfying investment. Every room In the house Is reached from the hall, yet each room enjoys seclu- ; ~ " ii - *""" ui i' 1 "!'-- 11 -} n'iii. imii, ^UL euui room enjoys seclu- is in demand, if this little house I sion. The general layout is alon» \t-orn t\\nfnrl n 1 nv. ....:.].. H- . ._ _ n. , . ."""a were placed alongside the average unoccupied dwelling today, the comparison would readily empha- the garden-home plan. The living and sleeping rooms face the garden at the rear of thc houss. Recreation Room Amuses Guests, Helps Hostess Tlie hospitable hostess is eager for her guesls' enjoyment. She is entitled to a good time as well, but that is not possible if burdened with worries not the least of which is fear that valuable furniture may be ruined by thoughtless guests who rest wot glasses on handsome tables or drop burning cigarette ashes on valuable rugs or table cloths. The clever hostess who has an attractive recreation room built for comfort and convenience, as well as . to offset these small accidents that may become minor tragedies, can enjoy her own parties with a carefree mind. Space for recreation rooms may be found In the basement, attic, or other unused room in the house. A floor of cement, wood Mulshed, with water-resisling varnish or covered with linoleum or any applied floor covering is easy to keep clean. Bright coloring Ls ordinarily used In a room of this kind, and this idea Ls particularly good If natural lighting Is inadequate. Paneled walls are adaptable to t-hi.s sort of room; and. if paneling is not convenient to install, the ef- fect may be obtained successfully through the use of wallpaper. Many designs imitating the natural grain of the wood—walnut, white pine, or mahogany—are represented and sold by wallpaper concerns. Built-in cupboards and shelves may hold books, games, or ornaments. Electric outlets for lamps bring the light at the correct angle over card or game tables. They are useful, too, for chafing dishes or percolators in serving informal suppers. The delightful Informality of a room of this kind for entertaining is greatly appreciated by both guests and hostess. A recreation room may be added to the home or arranged for that purpose by the use of funds obtained from private financial institutions under the .Modernization Credit plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Furniture, other than the built-in variety, is not eligible for insured modernization credit, nor are lamps. However, there is on the market a great deal of durable furniture suitable for recreation rooms which niay be purchased at low cost. wrench and loosen the nut Just below lire handle and unscrew thc handle, which will withdraw the valve. At the bottom of the valve you will see the washer, a round rubber or fiber piece, held on with a screw.. Remove the screw and replace the wasiier with a new one. Replace thc valve, tighten the nut, and the leak should be stopped. Archill-els and Designers Find Many Allraelivc Hcins Adaptable. ' ;Foll. with winter entc-rlalnhiK lust around the corner, draws attention to the home interior, New «'i>ll nnd tloor finishes vie with new furniture for nltcnlm In a!- Good Flooring Ls Basic Requirement of Good 'Bouse The finish of wood doors h o\\« \ Varnish may b? used olilu-r with ! o( the minus that the visitor first ; w wlllumt was, Cloud mmjity iloor I no Ices on entering a, and! vurnisli is lough and j.lvcs i-os-l! Wile naturally, too, for he invnlmi- .'m-iec under hard rondliions' Ai turily looks down as hi' slops over I wax covei'In-; will help to• priitom- tlie threshold, it Is thoivlovc c"j-1 Its IKe. uud'as In the case of ill"! ientlal Hint the Housewife wlio ; sluOlnced Iloor, the wax siio'ild IP 1 prKlos herself on llu> nn:l renewed frequent Iv where wr-ir condition of her house give careful; cccur.s. every case; In others inod'-i !""? l . x! w'lsldcred Ion win iV,, i.,V L" L k determined upon. most erntaitlou'wlll Improvements on Where consideration to the Iloors. In tho llrsl place, ihu kind of ant-id ol which tlm doors im> made ; G'rjtllt l» vjiisldc-red before tho tlnlsli , ,., , „ . .s.'lnij o, ilonrs nuy b; fni- «'.§, lip .arqo Amount ol Business Reported After Sclie- nedady Exliibilion. GCHRNECTAIiy, N. Y.—ft is cs- liiiiuejd that, appiovlmattly 10,000 the form of a larger scale. . ,— If il Ls a nice himlwood, like oak or maple or wnl- 't-iiiL-ms on a aivcr scale . , ., • - — —•.*•-. j,.,. „. „,,. e such changes are pla med ! " ' fl wclll< V slla " 1c lo 1K " nt ' invcsliatl . ° » "" l " ral "" ls " """""I '" ' some Invcsllgiidon of recent tie velovmt'iils should be made, Wlirre door and window openings are contemplated, some nl- lenlion should be paid to metal frames for plaster arches. These come in a variety of designs readily adaptable to present day Interiors, ami arc easy to Install. lhc clanger of cracked and marred plaster Is saltl to be reduced l>y. the metal lath method Unit Is; Incorporated In design:/ New wall finishes come In for attention In mast homes, and Ihe variety of materials available today makes II insslble to develop many distinctive Interiors. Kitchens, bathrooms and sun porches arc -.often most attractive when finished In tile, bill the expense of setting .such walls sometimes prohibits their use In moderately priced homes. Substitutes for ceramic tile have been developed during recent years, however which can be Installed al very reasonable cost, and they generally possess most of thc qualities that avc made tile so favored a building material for years. Most of these new nialerlals can be purchased in shecl form, and many of them can be rcflnlshed, if desired, to carry oul personal color schemes, Wood paneling, for years the finest (nnd one of the most cx- pciislvci wall finishes it was possible to obtain, Is today a possibility in nil except the cheapest homes. New developments in methods of handling wood veneers make it easy for every home to have at least one room finished in' this desirable manner. Nnin- eiqus styles arc available, ranging from copies of period designs to very modern panels without mold- ing'or decoration of any kind. These panels can be stained or varnished, painted, oiled or merely waxed. Given almost any finish, walls of wood add distinction to a home. Insulating board provides another possible treatment for many rooms. Where an attic or basement Is being renovated, almost any of the standard wall boards will prove satisfactory. These, also, can be eiven various finishes; paint, applied directly to lhc wall (using the wallbonrd under lath or ns lath itself), and wall paper are commonly used. The use of narrow wooden strips to cover the joints (with resulting panels) Is another popular finish. used. However, then: Is no reason why a stain .should not bi> usnil to ; darken the wootl, (or dark t\aa;a are much richer and furnish a b.,'1- ler background for rugs ana up- holslcry than do floor.s. If Mournmaliou Raises Resale, Value 01' Home SmiSu worth of bti'in^s «n, dt>- < volopwl nt tho Federal HoiisUi" Ad! ministration's booth roily-Vvjn ! sales \vcrc reported closed by cxhl- • ! bitors. in tlvj nmoimt of S3 W! SO ' : inul 412 prospects sacurcj, with po- . ; Initial teslness estimated at $21,1,- ; Km. Tlie llousiii! A'inilnNtnitlon''! • , huriness Inchidoil .\|)[illtatlons for " . hiim.^ morlii.igfi insurance on hew - as a fill several inn uno s of proceeding put directly on the wood, ft inlres several coals iind much cl: lo set n p.illsh it once attained, • maintain, us tlie • siwts get dull, II can be ths j warned, suddenly, to dispose! ' of! I your home and move to annlhcvj i city. l;o-,v much would It. be worth? j csl, Insurance and u havo to rnv? tnti the house is his Is true even if .structurally sound, .--- innkcs a sfcln over the gotten wilh one or two app -- Of tl!L .. penetration j nlsh can ba Home Entrance Did you ever think your house looked dispirited and dejected? The entrance, to a honso may chunjre lis onflie chaiacter. A sholtcml entrance Is n convenience in bad wcalhcr foi the guest who i.; wailini; rnr the door to, be op- fiiicil, and -it nb,o pievents tho mln from ucnUnrj In. You may make changes to UIG entrant! of yoiir home by ob- lulnliil! funds fiom n nil vote financial institution which holds a contract of insurance 'with Ihe Federal Housing Administration: rmimncnt Improvements nnt only help to maintain u higher re- nnlr> value, but mnkc the home he wax coat is , modernist, tviih materials of the I ss'sc-Hsssasa^i BciilthijT feet, ami lo bring the Iloor C'tmrnW VtacT exposed lo constant wear. There are only about 40,000 Eskimos iu the cnliie Arctic region, Local Residences Are Undergoing Improvements Several Blytheville residences arc being improved this week. Tlie former Mrs. Ray Jackson house, which Mr. and Mrs. O. W. McCutchcn purchased, is being painted white and the kitchen improved before the McCutcheiu move. ~~Mrs! Leslie Hooper is havi ng four rooms of her house, at 1103 Chickasawba Avc., repapcred and, redecorated nnd the front porch' has been rebuilt. Read courier News Want Ads. Old Furniture Can Be Made Like New Don't hesitate to redecorate a Iroom because you don't feel that .you can afford new furniture for It. The Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration will provide funds for the redecorating of your home, nnd with .private funds and n litile ingenuity you can make your furniture look like new. The dining room of a home was done over in the empire style. The oak furniture was sandpapered and as many of the curlycues removed ns possible. Then il was painted black, with gold trim. Housing Question Box Q. We have bought an old house, and the caves extend way out over the walls. Can't we have these cut back so we can have a nice neat cornice like the Colonial houses? A. Yes; It i s quite possible. It would be advisable to consult n competent architect to design and supervise the alteration, such an alteration can be financed under the Modernization Credit Plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Q. Isn't there some kind of a used for an attic that can oe folded away? A. Yes; there are stairs made hat arc placed in the ceiling below he attic which can be drawn down when needed and pushed up into he celling when not in use. Such stairs may be Installed under the Hodernl7,alion Credit plan of the Federal Housing Administration. Q. Thc walls under lh c windows of our house are getting all stained. Could It t e due to our outside screen? A. Yes; It Is very probable. Not only does the atmosphere act upon the metal Itself but the screens collect dust which Is washed down over Hie walls wlren II rains. Q. What causes lhc paint on the outside of a, house to blister and peel oft? A. Dampness is the probable cause. This may gel into the outside wood covering either through cracks In the outside or from dampness from the Inside of the walls. Try to find the" cause and slop It. Q. Would il be possible for a woman who knows nothing about such things to fix a leaking faucet? A. It should be quite simple. Turn off the water supply where it enters the liouse, or on the water line you want to work on, if a valve exlsls on Umt line. Take a PUT INSULATION 11KKK n saves fiinl in tho winter, saves fans in the summer and saves the whole family 1' r o in uncomfortable temperatures. ASK US ABOUT INSULATION! Phone 40 The Arknio Lumber Co, ^ ' Inbjrctlonnbt'! Ihan orpo.wrf pipos. LUMBER FOR SALE J'lnnf Closed. Diiwn rcrniti- niMitly Cheap Prices All kinds much nitV I,UM11EU Chicago Miil & Lumber Company lllytlicviltc, Ark. I'hcine 800 BUILDING ADVICE WITHOUT COST OK OI5MKATION JTfl Idiilffinp- cnsls still ;t( ;> level we <!n linl lu^Kitlo lo ;it!visp Ihc !iver;i.ce niairictl cnnplf (o litiild (heir own litimo. !( it; nciv ijiissihio lo build a modcnt lildo liiniKMlo\v anrl n;iy for i( vrillt monlhlj- liaymt'iif:; nn higher (linn reiil. A few iniiniics 1;i!U with IIH will help .yoti dis- iover ;i imw sntisfacliim in life . . . lh;i( of Inline nwnor?liip. Rcnls ai-c Iriffh — buihUiif/ cost's nrc reasonable Low interest, lour] tcnn financinff /.s- available E. C Phone 100

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