The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1939 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1939
Page 8
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, PAGE EIGHT' Coca Cola Goes Into Tie -Will) Ark • Mo Lead •or Tlie fiviil running Aikiinsns Missouri Power Corporation dropped Into a deadlock, with the Coca Coin ;Bott!ers for first place in the Oily Softball League race last night when Hie'Ark Mo team dropped a decision to the Goodyear Tire club nnd the Bottlers finished fast to nose, out a rejuvenated Phillips Motor Company aggicgnlioii. Both games weie closely contested, Goodyear winning 8 to 5 to set the leaders back on their lieels and Coca Coin barely coming through with a G to 5 triumph. Scogglns'.-pitching was a major factor In tiie Goodyear win, allowing but five hits. "Wimpy" Burns, Ark Mo hurler, gave up eight blows. .Wilwxln's triple with three men on was the vital blow for Goodyear. ''Wild Bill" Godwin, newly named manager of the V-8's sparM his team's sciapplng, vigorous gome, against the highly favored Bottlers. Godwin, playing shm (field, roamed far and wide to niake pulmiis. It was a nip and tuck game all the way will; the Bottlers coming through In the final inning with . the tying and winning runs. Moody made his debut as n Phillips hiirler and performed well, although tiring in Die final Inning. Ivy hurled for the Battlers and turned in a good job. Ivy allowed but five lilts while Moody gave up but six Taft, Bottler catcher, made three of his club's hits Standings Team \v. L. Pet. : Ark Mo Power ,52 .714 Coca Coin 5 2 ,714 Goodyear Tire 2 1 .333 Phillips Motor Co. 15 .187 Flrsl Omc Coca Coll A\\ ]( K !'0 A K Burnham, 2h :{ n ft 5 Y l Tuft, i I I :\ K a I Hlackard, »f I 0 I 2 f) (I B l.Hlrs. If z ti o /* y 0 Wliilllf. rf '1 0 !>• A -0 0 l.unll, ss 'i I ft 1 f, o Olnvi-r, Ib :l I y 4 13 o H WarrinEtcm, 1b 1 <J 1 101) Brim, rT 1 0 0 0 0 0 Harliert, rf I I I f) 0 0 J*>. P 301010 'Wfirrinploh, Ti :-.... I 1 1 0 )) 0 BLYTHEVILLE, jARK.y COURIER NEWS Right TolRls 'Hit: for IlnrLoH au c 10 in lib All II H ;i o i (liHlitln, >,f YauLii:, tf tlersftii, lt> iHin, 2li-ir m<. tt Buck ts Leaders Do\vn Four Hits; Giants Swamp Reds Today's Sport Parade By Henry McLemore , ' Moniiy, r) ii r> ft o i o Ark .M,, •>>-, t-f Tnjlnr, 'Ib llropTOli, ;<{ liaxiw, Ib B. Burin, It Omikc, ;lb Terr), si Bishop, r! Hirr*i, c I. Hums, p Tolalj Traynnr, M Liml.sey, ,* Cox,' ss Himlar, fif Wlrnjin. II, Ttnclianan. r{ TaCCon ?f Haliell, ct ~ , Ktogpins, 20. R 7 21 Ii 3 Second Game Alt K H TO A K I n II I I U U I I n :t 2 '2 '• 2 28 All I 1 1 '1 -4 4 -t \ I (I 0 •J U 0 -, E! 2 1) 2 2 2 0 0 0 0 (1 0 0 0 0 r, II y II 1 1 --> 0 I 1 f) 1 ", 0 n 0 21 "l'0 2 T, .1 1 1 | O '2 1 1 Cl 0 0 1 u V K I (I 1 1 . ll 0 1) ll 0 o n o 'o British Coal Reserves Adequate For 500 Years BRIGHTON, Eng. (UP) - Great Bnlain hus 200.000,000.000 tons of kmran ccnl rcscncs within a depth of 4,000 feet which woiiW last, for five centuries, Sir Harold Hartley, chairman fuel research board, said here. Probable coal reserves, sir Harold estimated, would the period to se\en centuries. PHILADELPHIA, .June 7. CUP) — Bookmakers with loud voice. 1 ; nnd vests to match today paid Ralph Guklahl Uic highest compliment ever tendered n K^lfer. with the National Open goif championship only a day invny, ihese shrewd slmrpshooters qtioicd Guhldahl nt odds of only, 8 to 1 to win his third successive open title, These odds are not bnsMl on sentiment or old school tie rubbish: They are bnscil on past performance alone, and the fact that the iMokirs, as much as liioy want bets, cannot. 1511010 a more .attractive price on Giilrtahl Is u high, high trluule, indeed, to (he big stoop- shouldered Norwegian. . Mind yon, only one man in history hi\s ever won three opens in ft r:w mid thut mnn whs Willie Anderson, who played in the lon», long ago when birdies were so rare players who iliol them took them home and sltilled aixl mounted them. Willie's winning scores In the opens of his lime wouldn't even qualify i,( m f or u, c 0{mi now . No other gnme oilers the stirring competition thnt modern day pelf does. There was a lime, nol many years ago, when yon could name the great golfers on the lingers of your two hands. Today you can borrow Ihc fingers of all your friends nnd still not Imve enough counters to nnmc nil of the' men who have u go:d chance to win the open. Unless ydu hnve traveled with, played with, and been beaten by as many of the top golfers as I have,' I doubt if you can hnve a full realization of wlint, the open cham- pbnshlp menus to any cue of them Prom the first time a professional swings a club for money, the open becomes his goal. First he drcnms of becoming gcod enough to play in it. nnd then' he dreams of winning It. As a professional golfer, lie knows what an o|>en victory will do for him. He can make n lot of ready cash during the year •ho holds the title. After thaWand this Is the rcal'lmporlnncc of a win in the No. 1 golf tournament of the \vorlfl~ll pays dividends to him for the rest of his life. With his name en the bi? silver cup he cnn always get n job. There is a glamour ihat slays with an open champion and makes him attractive to good golf clubs as long as he can get nround n course. Na wonder that the wives ol the professionals cry and come close lo hysteria while their men nrc competing In the open. It menus so much to them. It is security for them and their children, and security In the golf game is very rare. There, a re few golfers who themselves don't get the jitters playing for the open title. The few who don't nre nearly always the winners, and Hie coldest blooded, least Jittery man of them nil is Ralph Guldnh). ; Even more thnn his ability lo make great g'alf shots, the bookies respect his amazing calmness under pressure. Ouldalil plays the open just as If he were playing in a mixed foursome witli friends on a Sunday' afternoon. Try to name me another golfer who ever came up to the open and flatly declared that he felt sure of winning. Guldnhl did Hint n few dnys ngo. He fears no mnn, uud you may safely bet that HnlpJi has put a little of his own money right, on fellow named Ouldahl. ' Undoubtedly this confidence, in sports' greatest gamble-scramble, is one of the reasons he Is being quoted nl 0 to 1. Energetic Thieves Take Lumber For Building HALIFAX, N. S. (UP)—Police "arc seeking thieves who stole 15,000 feet of lumber. Nathan Mlscuer had the lumber delivered for a building he was erecting. Delivery was ccmpleted late In Uic afternoon. Next morning, when contractors arrived nt OIL' scene, it had disappeared. nV op.OKoi! KinKsj;y llnllfd Press Slaff CorresJMnilnii NEW YOHK. June 7 (UP)_Bi!Ck Ncwsom did II too — he let, the Yankees down with four hits and throttled the club everyone was saying should be broken up because It was too good. In two days the Yniiks have lost as many games n's they lost during their entire western trip on Die first journey into the setting sun. Tommy Bridges slipped Hi em Monday with four hits. Buck N«v- som stopped them Tuesday with four Jills. Let them keep pouring It on the Yanks and we may see some fun yet In the American League de- spile -the O',i gnme lead of the lironx bombers. They move inlo Chicago today nnd Thorton (Lefly) Ue is ready to wheel his southpaw slants nt them. Another defeat for the Yanks nncl they may start, calling for reelnforcemenls. The Yanks clipped .Ncwsom for two runs In the fifth inning yesterday but wounud up losing, 'e-2. The Tigers kept hustling despite their two-run deficit and pushed over six runs In the sixth inning. Dixie Walker's double with Ihe bases loaded was the important punch. As far ns the American League race wns concerned the Yanks' defeat, practically went for naught, ns the Red Sox were bumped on" by the Indians, 8-7. With the score tied, 7-7, Ben Chapman and Oscar Grimes doubled to decide the gnme. The White Sox moved lo within half u gnme of second place by pounding out n 7-4 win over Ihe Athletics. Gerald Walker and llill Dielrich hit homers. Dietrich, knocked out of the box in his last start,, was the winning pitcher with some valuable aid from Clint Brown in the ninth. Scoring six rims In. the ninth, Washington triumphed over the Browns, 10-7, Roberto Estalello led the Senators' nttack with a homer, two doubles, nnd n single. Cincinnati had one of those days when everything went wrong nmi took a 17-3 shellacking from ahe Giants. The Terrymen hit seven homers to , tie the Major: Lea»ue record, and hit five in one inning to set n hew mark. Johnny Vaniler Mcer was rapped for six lilts" in two-thirds of an inning, biiyis, LIvengood nnd Thompson were plastered plenty as the Giants cudgled 20 hits. • ; ; The Cardinals beat the Bees, 5-3, in 10 Innings to reduce the Reds' lead to 3 1 ,!! games. Eddie Miller's boot on iv ground ball permitted tlie winning run lo score. Sill Martin led tlie Cards' attack with five lilts. Brooklyn moved into third place with a 5-2 victory over Pittsburgh. Freddy FHzsimmons won his first ;ame with n brilliant, exhibition of fielding and pltciilng in the clutches. Pinky Whitney's pinch single in the ninth climaxed a three-run rally and cnnblod the Phiiltos to beat the Cubs, 3-8. Joe Marty ex- Cub, started the winning rally with n single. Yesterday's hero—Buck Ncwsom, the old pop-off guy who let the Yanks down wllh four hlfs In pitching (lie TIgcis to a 0-2 triumph. BASEBALLJTANDINGS Northeast Arkamias League Cnru'lKM-svlltc ........ is' fl' CC7 Wcwport .............. is 12 3oo Pnrngould ............ 12 1C 529 Joncstoo ...... ...... 9 20 , 310 Soullicrn Dollars Saved Are Dollars Made Anti-Knock Gas Genuine Ethyl 73-!- Octiine, Gal. SO Octane, Gill. 13.5c 14.3c (All Taxes PnM) SPECIAL LOW PRICE—100% PUKE PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL—TAX PAW 2 GAL. CAN Me Highest Quality Products at SfiVEON GAS CO. •(Miles From State Line Holland. Mo. NTS FOR SALE not i esp0 nd your account will be advertised for sale by the crcdHors .is.soeii.tiot, for the purpose of sell ^ .. li. Your account is personal properIv of vour ere i- luh,vTi rC f rd l CSS 5 tht agc of fa "cco subject lo be offered for sale the same as dise. Hundreds of credit men of Arkansas ™ me, - bcrs of (his association and we arc under cent nil with them to advertise their accounts o sale S & -effort to sel them. Watch our for sale bi Is which will be distributed from house to house oa, Sicd e dates With a new list of accounts each time NOTICE TO DEBTORS: Do noi write to this BSS( ciation regarding your account, but write or see your Creditors at once with a settlement or payment, otherwise your account will be offered for sale. NOTICE lo Credit Men of Klythevillc and Eastern Arkansas who arc members of this association; Your Debtors who fail to respond to your request to scllle or make payment, or make satisfactory arrangc- sients for settlement, mail us your proof sheet on wlucU list your Debtor's name, address, nnd the amount.due and we will advertise the account for sale where the debtor is personally known for we cannot hope to' sell it elscwiiere. THE CREDITORS ASSOCIATION JACKSON, TENN. „.-,.• Chatinnoogn xMonplils . xNnslivlllc . . New Orleans IJUIc Rock w. L-. pet. 20 19 .578 25 20 .556 ,532 ,523 .-188 ,463 .408 25 22 23 21 2 1 22 ig 22 22 25 ig 28 .301 National league W. L. Pet. dnclnnnll 29 15 '.U59 St. Louis 24 17 .585 PittSbm'ffl) 2221 .512 Clilcago 22 21 .512 Brooklyn 2120 .512 New York ..' 20 24 .455 Boston If 24 .415 Plillaclelphlft 1427 .341 American League W. L. Pet. New York 33 B .186 Coslon 23 10 .590 Chlcngo 24 18 .571 Cleveland 2219 .537 Detroit 1924 .442 Philadelphia 1725 .405 Wnshlngtoii 16 2fl .381 St. Loill.s ,. n 30 .302 Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas League Newport 7, • CnrutlicrsvMje 3. Pnragonld 10, Jonesbora 4. Suutliern I.ea?ue Niglil games: . Memphis 8, Lit.tle Rock 5. • . Knoxville at Nashville. Nrw prlcans B, Blrmlnglinm 0. Natloiral League Philiitlelpliia 0, Chicago 8. New York 17, Cincinnati 3. Brooklyn 5, Pittsburgh 2. St. Louis 5, Boston 3, 10 Innings. American League Cleveland 8, Boston 1. Chicago 7, Philadelphia 4, Detroit C, New York 2. Washington 10, St. Louis 7. Today's Games Northeast Arkansas League Parngmild nt Jonesbora. CartiUiersvllte at Newport. Southern League Little Rock m Memphis, night 1 game. Knoxville at Nashville. Birmingham at New Orleans. Chattanooga at, Atlanta. WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7 1939 Tlio body of Atiolf Hitller lies" beneath this tombstone in a Jewish cemetery o/ Bucharest, Rumania. But it's not Hie Nazi I'eulirer—note that extra "t." Like his famous namesake, this llittlei- was an Austrian, and, ironically, a Jew. He died in 1892, nnd Rogers both had big days nl the pltitc for the winners. Each homered and drove in two runs. The game started mildly and went, scoreless until the fourth when Ne^ Orleans blasted out four 'rims. After another scoreless frame, the Pelican* ciit wllh four more and scored again .In the seventh, New Orleans got 13 lilts off Johnson, the losing pitcher, and Wetli- erell. While first place Chattanooga and Atlanta had an oil day, the Crackers took advantage of the holiday and sought. Imported talent to replace injured and ailing players. Manager Paul Richards iiwallcd the arrival of Catcher Liny Smith ami Outfielder Harry Whilehouse from ihe Sarannah Indians of the South Atlantic League. President Earl Mnnn of the Crackers also put out feelers for another pitcher. The schedule today: Birmingham at New Orleans; Knoxville at Nashville; Little Rock at Memphis, and Chattanooga at Atlanta. CLEVELAND, O. (UP Mayer. 34, playing catch with a golf ball, was struck In the c ye with Die ball. The eye had to be removed. Farm's Cheapest Power "Still Is-the Windmill' ST. PAUL, Minn. <UP)—For UWi cheapest source of power available^ to the farm, A. G. Tyler, ngrleul- ' turnl engineer at the University of Minnesota, suggests the forme)' turn to the windmill. "Fanners looking for fnrtn power with low first cost, no operating cost, general reliability ana freedom -from monthly charges," Tyler points out, "should give first con- ideration to the windmill." Read Courier News want ads. Complete Line of WEST1NGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP I'lione 314 I'd like to be there when you first taste *',.%. '.1$K.f- • • _ this whisky , Standing Room At Top, At Premium In Frec- FO.--AH n'iiiional League Pittsburgh at Boston. Cincinnati at Philadelphia. Chicago at. New York. St. Louis at Brooklyn, night, gnme. American Ix;asue Washington nt Cleveland. Philadelphia at Detroit. New York at Chicago. Boston at St. Louis. By United Press Standing room was at n premium in the. front ranks of the Southern Association today ns the four top clubs were bunched closer than ever. Less than 50 per eenlage points separated the first four teams. Major league turnover of the day was the rise of Knoxville to third place. The Smokies outslugged Nashville 8 to fl yesterday to displace the Atlanta Crackers on the third rung. Tlie big tats of Hafey nnd Abernathy contributed heavily to the Knoxville victory. Abernathy homered and drove in three runs during the game. Nashville used four pitchers ', against the Smokies, but to no avail. The Memphis Chicks strengthened their second position witli n four-run rally in tlie seventh that netted them an 8 to 5 win over Liltlc Rock. Doyle let the Travelers down with 10 hits, white* Memphis caught Brazlc, Dasso and Pemtcrgnst for 11, Floyd Stromme pitched n 9 to 0 shutout, for New Orleans over Birmingham, the Pelicans cutting loose at Ihe plate with n fancy assortment of base hits. Shelley r *fc\ tl has just fumed 4 years 't of age — and because we 1 made » with 40% Small Grain, it has rich flavor and body you can't heal. £. P. Vol/ertsen, President I get a kick out of watching fellows take their firsttaste of our KT4-ycar- old Jiourhon Whisky... secingthem smack their lips, look at the glassand say things like "It's the best Bourbon whisky 1 ever lasted." The best judges of fine Bourbon we know talk that way. So I guess we have succeeded in satisfying the kind ofmemveset out to please —fellows who know good whisky and are hard to suit. I am sure you'll be just ns //,^f. j enthusiastic as I am if you ask '"'" for Kl Bourbon' Whisky by the bottle or the drink. KENTUCKY BOURBON — 90 pi col STRAIGHT WHISKY THEK, TAYLOR lMlTILLING CO. FRANKFORT. KITNTUCKY Tlie K. Taylor Distilling Co.. Inc.. is a it iiulp|ion,ln,l ilislillcry. Us urp rpgislrwl in HK> U. S. I'ai,.,,, Olfic,-. ami M< ! iH 1 ,. r il nnr-ils 'tirnnils have ,my roiiiirrtinti trilli nny oilier IF WE ADVERTISED AS FOLLOWS: 20 Lbs. Sugar - - - At - - - .02c Lb. Cured Hams ---At- - - .0$c Lb. Fresh Country Eggs At - -. .03c Doz. THESE PRICES NO MORE STARTLING THAN SALE PRICES ON FIRESTONE TIRES AND IN ADDITION The Largest Allowance For Your Old Tires BY ALL MEANS SEE US WHILE THIS SALE LASTS! PHILLIPS OPEN DAY & NIGHT Corner 5th & Walnut PHONE 810

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