The Floridian from Tallahassee, Florida on January 18, 1840 · Page 1
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The Floridian from Tallahassee, Florida · Page 1

Tallahassee, Florida
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 18, 1840
Page 1
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1 I : I'll i"ViJ '; ,airiS WlatnpwT fcPT";u'th?r.orPo. Dollar. ,f '" TniOn,;T71., TT 7T tYv.iTTfV TT TTrV tt a TCVT r ' J I'. Z-Z tacripUoiM Iron noraon reaidiug Uvl.vTrjabl PW in KflM. tbt T'iitaA.w tfe I , muum mr a quar wf wv ha ?JL 7 mW -ftr eaoh ooaliouasc line nd under twenly-fonr, will be rfsadvertivar P"'Wf r TL-i will to Jneertod, comn fce"'(MMf t a responsible reference in th ! 'Tffl regular emtio net, or forwarded by M f candidates for oScm wil AH-T ujUrt fr insertion during the ahta " C,,M in d"ne- . in"''. , mmanicauona whit ar ad. We, r inv-aUons, r- .the I be "Laissiz tfotr Fair. rnawln and PiiiiMllaH Rm4; CM.) 9 CoaaoaBT. ! .- - - I w"1 " . h. made in eOnc. 0 " . i .nimn W"T -iJ n.lMllODI oollOB. , will be pnea warn mnj ..1r adnrliMtr. r .1 utoplf liefi V" ... l. Ji.cor. tinned, until kit ere paid up, onie ei our tirmwr mm Dec7l8 BOOKS. B"Lpf TWioui dMcriptioea, fra 50 eta. la S.0Q; B-efiil aeiuvw Workt, Al-Sfl. rublieUoe of f)w Aaeetiora Treet Soeielj, el JheJf rtes, etu i Pilerini'e fVorte, (7 P'C'" Rw nd Profreea, 37 1-t. Bexier'e tami Ret, 37 1-t. hivea uT Baxter, Bniacrd, Uertyn, Peslnioj .Peam, iului- end. oiLv cniseittiy mmu mn. ilTe CIU AIMne'c Alerei, Keith on PrvpSocy. Yoomg Cbrieti MotUer l Hone, Child at lloeae, Calrciirmne Jrc. Burder'e Village Scrmone, Jowphne Work. Fitmhi b J. S. GRAVES. Monbeello. Nor 14, I&.T9. 35raw T Co-Partaerahlp Notice. HE Babacribrr has tliia dar Ukrn into Co. Perlnerehip Mr CHARLES P. MAY. The boiineae will from this time be conducted under the firm of WARD and MAY, and the Subwiiwt wuuld Uke Uiia method lo return hti tin cere thanke to hie friends and former enitotnere, for 1h pairon-fe that haa been no lioerally heeiowed on him, end he would Biwt reepectroll eolieit a, ahara far the C. WARD. M tt Brarn twkk mad Florida Liae. y nHIS near and ao peri or fine ia enr oveiunf; (W J, mW,carrjinr the Great Florida Hail, form erly arnt by the AMifator Route. Schedule comwtenciag the 26A of Nov. Leaves Mobile, Taeodara, Thuwdey and Satur- daviatd P. H.. conoectinc in Mobile Bay with fTHE oart aaaalan of Ikt. buhntkM will J. MMoiinilrMaij atJuairr, aatdand W Uatlaldnyof June. ,. ' Tl fdaa af tnatrai(M taknna .n .iu... and (boreerfc Eofliah.elaaMeal. and iKtbearaiMai m aliaMadrintai Tha dapartnwmt of Ancient Laonem ia at-lendedla.beihePriiwipal. To IhiatWpartmaalara asaiaed) the Latin and Greak Lamruafca, and Roman and Greek Aoti-9aiUea.Miaolo-,. Geography, and HMarj. 1( ia tha object of tha PHacipal not eo nuch i harry the pupil through an exieneiee eoorae, aa to make him thoroughly acquainted with the atraetureol the language he iaatudying. With tbU view, minute attention ia paid to th Grammar, and the pa . pit ia regularly exercised in eonaartang Latin or Giruk miu Engliah, and rife eeraa. In reading the poeU, great attention, ia beatnwed in imparting a knowledge of Proaodf, a aubject too generally nagkecled in our aaminarma. The deparlmeni of Malbematica ia under the oha rga of Mr. A. J. Corley. In tbia department innir action ia given in Arithmelie, Algebra, Geometry, Sarveying, Natural Pbiloaophy, Aetronomy, Ac. Tint branche Uugbt in the' English department are divided between Mr.' B. Towle, Mr. Corley and lite Principal. In thia deparimant, inetroetion ia given in Orthography, reeding, writing, Engliah Gtammar, Geography, Arithmetic, llielory. Elocution, Rhel. e. Composition, oaeof maps and globes, ele. Mr. Edmonds takes this opportunity of informing ia asHaau irianda and the publir that by tha e recti qp of a new building, and the recent putclitae of tha adjoining house and lot, ha ia now enabled to receive 25 boys as boarders. Tha Mala and Female boarder eat at the same able with the Principal, his lady, and assistant teachers ; but al no other period era pc led te baa aay intercourse. Pupils are charged from the lima of entrance to the end of the sesaiuu. Dec 14 19 AM EfiTKtO of Che ttntfchtdera or the Brans-wakana1 Florida Jbut Sold Canaaaw? wl be baid at Tboaaaaville, Thomas eooatr, m Moat- nay lam ot January 1040. A. L. KING, Secretary. Broawwiek, Dee. 17, 18J9, The no airer at Cotambua. Jnomal Rnorder nd Federal Union al M i lied gevi lie. Mirror at Flo-reoca. Herald at Irwintno, Ala Sentinel at Qoia-tf. Fa. and the Tallabaaaa Ploridiaa, are requested to insert tha aboso till 1.. r..l r.A ik. bilk lo ihcSecreUry. LIST of Letters footai&aftf m twa Poat Ooke at TallahasM an day ea Jaawary, If not taken fat wilhib torso naanlba, Utmj arni to tha General Poet OOca an dead Co-PBrtmerahlB. lyrnHE eabKribera have thii iby entered into Co-Parlnarahip tinder the firm nf Beaar dt Dowune. R. II. BERRY. Jan. 1,-M, t. JOSEPH DOWI.ING. P. C OP1AXJI, ARTIST, At the Old Academy Bnlldlaw. MR. COPHANiN, would ramuid fai Iriends and patrons, that hia slay in Ta'ahaaaee will not be prolonged toamucb .laur pcH d and would adriaa those who may wish their Portrait taken te give hint an early cell. Mi.C. at the aame time, woold take (Kcuion to exprcsa his acknowledgements for the liberal euprr eiiea bim by tha cruxens of Taliahaiaaa and iu vie in ty; and wculd be pleased to have them call and examine hia 'Gallery of PaiaUag's.' BTHis office is open Irom U oVIock A M, until sundown. Ha can be found at hia office from 9 A M.nnlil 3 o'clock P M. Tallahassee, Oct. 12, 1839. if AW, Almay Atkins, Daniel And, Walker Andersen, George Austin. W H, Blake, Ishant Bsliaall.Thoa B, awn, Joseph B Botl, A B Blaukenehi?, Palis Bellamy, Mrs. A. Bawcn, John Cr.irte, Joseph C Croom, B Garnocbaa, John Doughty, James Desha, John biseavwey, G P Who, Joseph Dewey, Joel Ellie, Meaea Edson, Joaiah Erans, Cbarle .A AeU,R AraMUd. Mrs Loctnaa '4 Alhrn. BeRti Aiatoai. Mi-a Flora F B S Bailey, W Brown, S N t Boyd, W U S Brown, P Helton, Visa M D Brawn, P 8 . C Curtis, Tboe I 9 Crowley, m daig.WmP D Deering, Sam' I 3 Downs, Solomon SDay.Wm Uouglaao, J ma.' aadlaaa wUJ he aadw r aa f tha B7 E Edwards, John Elliot, Juwpb KrunhUo, Joseph Farmer, Mies Elles C. V razier, Capl. TbwaM Fitipalriek, Col 11 G Gadea, Daniel 3 Giltoer. Jacob I Granniaao, John W Gatlin, A M Garland, Major J Gadsden, Cut Jamas Gaasaway, Mrs M A To George Mitchell, llionewurieBnsblMmerwlientneyarainscaon. r- mw? . - ... , Arrive at Apalachicola and T.tllalwssee, Wednes- . ' , " " ,3 V i acies, 600 of whicli are in a bicli PETEKS PILLS. THETRCE RICHES OF LIFE IS HEALTH. f Tt knew that l.eallh and ability to labor ia It the wealth of the treat mass of the people Btaa. aain most other countries. To prreerve. tasrelorc.that health by nalorai means, is a grand want and pahticai acbama, to furUier winch, ra-aaine oar nimoat at lent ion. Tea aaprecedeated aueress which has resulted from the adoption of Peters' Vegetable Pills, dories a period af upward ol five yeirs, the numeroaia aad atvaerdiaarr cares which they have perform-as apaa aendmdr. af individual wlmm tbey have rcsLaod ttMa almost ineritaldc death, after they had sees pronounced inrurable by the mot eminent af the faculty justifies, fully justifies Dr. Peters, ia warmly and eonscieutty rccooa mending lac is te tae special notice of the afflicted. Pelari' Vegetable Fill arc the safe!, moat efi;- tBil, sad rr.m-mical re-nedy fur diaeasss of the anauin eenatiiation that his ever been discovered. Dr. Pclers, the inventor of the valuable medicine, freia ait knowledge of lit human system, derived from loagand eilensiia practice, haa arrived to tie ceacleiion, that the great and primary cause of nan diant ia a dcranretnent in the functimaof the liver; ei ia "iher rrd, an inercased or diminished sacrstisB of the Bile. t wa m W wnaVmood, that it is common for permeate say when lhy feel unwell, that thi-yare bitIinas,neaBinf that lhy have loo much bile on thealamach. On the oihr hand, when the flow of bik-iadiatiaished, the prone of digea ioa is im-Bariattly prrforoird, the patient becomes weak and eaaaciatea, becaun a-mrt'sinen". contained in (he feed taken into the stomach m not properly estract. od, and the feid is ejecieJ ia a crude stale. Dr. Peters it confident that the famous Hygean Theory, as called, that "imparity nf the blood is the caaaaef all disease," it a great absurdity. Every aae whs reflects upon the lubjcet a moment, will ertetrr that impurity of the h!oo! is a secondary, net a primary complaint the effect and not the caaat af disease. Mba the fanelions of the liver ars eertiiged, and the flaw of bile increased, it is aftaa taken up by tbe absorbent veasala and carried ials the arculalion, and 'ecmea mingled with the aleed as ia jaundice, when the patient shows it in hw ceo a ten trice. Now, this impurity of the blood ia caused by an increased flow of bite, and lo reme-dr it yea matt correct the accretion of the liver, and rasters it to a brallhy state. Dr. Peters hia spent much lime in einerimenl. nr. with different vcfvI able med'cines, fr dieci of tke liter; and ntw offers hia Vegeiable Pills, as a (Mat, most eoavenioBt, and cheapest madtciue taat can he pr red for general use. Dr. Pcler flutters himself that Uia longezperi mealing uiih sectahle oie lciaes hssanabied him ledwcoverihe true and only ounslltute answering aB the aurpaaes of warcuriahi without any of their attendant evils. One great quslity of lus vsgeU-bh) pills is that they have the alternative principle coabuMd with their eathartieot operative qualities, m Uat they not only cleanse tbe stomach and bow. "7 M'f iag, but they ragulate the liver, change tbtarkd secratoe , atranfthon lho digestive or-PW, parafy las bUod, iavi;oraU Uia crculaliew. ad give tunc and energy to tha nervous ayatana. Tbey are mild and pteaeant ia their operation, ad ceavey awaaat imaaadiato conviction of their bhly fraaa lew kat m They can he taken with ealrty by patseaM of any age; and the JeeWa, the maraa, lbs aarvoua, sad delicate, are atrcnginen- days, Fridays and Sundays, and al Charleston Fridays, Sundays and Toeidava al nighl. Time, in favorable weather, 3 1-2 days from Mobile, and 4 dnysfrom rew Orleana to Char lesion, and to the Wilmington Steam Boats. Passage and Fare. MoUle to Pen sic ol a, ft 10 Mobile lo Apalit-hifola, SO Mobile to Tallahasroc, 36 50 Mobile lo Charleston, 65 Tallahassee to Brunawick, 26 SO Tallahassee tn Charleston, 38 50 Tallahassee lo St Augustine, 37 Forward deck peoengers half price in the Steam Boats, through, to lake out vide Mete on toe stages and meals at the second labia when required. Passenger takinf lickein through, and proreed-ng regularly with the lina.ara subject lo no charge i whatever for Meals, Porleiage, or any nrccaaary acrwin modation. Th Hotels an Brunswick and Tallahassee are of nerior order. Ob tlie Stage Rood, (to paas-whieh reiJires but 36 bourn,) be Proprietors have provided Ealing Houses, under tbe charge of well qualified Stewards, at which tbey can pCeraiee comfortable and neatly served Meals. This is desirable route for ladies, and will be still more when an intended accommodation ttagr, avoiding niijht travelling, ia established. Two rontmudiou Coaches can be ecnl at a lime. Tiie ilaircsand Horscscaonol be surpassed or. any line in the Union. The Steamers, viz. the Chesapeake'' aud "Southerner'' nn tlie Atlantic and the "Champion and "Kingston" on the Gull are selected as safe e?a boa is but whenever the weathc U loo stormy off the eoaat, all the trip on lha Atlantic and part on the Gulf, will be made by perfect I v aafa inland passages. The Proprietors, ownii.g the Line throughout will be able to uterenre the connections with un- wonted certainty. Thia Line canned on the trite leavine; Mchile ua Tuesday, and Tallahaasce on Wednesday, wuli a steamer Trowi Brunswick to ol. AUgtisiinc. i nere Mwm atrsAver two. and enerallv three h-aU a a eek from Brunswick le St. Marys. Disc irevK. cc thus lorrainx an eipedibou and pleasant commu- aimiMi between East and Wst Florida. rki:.. lake a wiUitlie cliarre. and moderate char: made for ealra baggage. Brunwi(k.Nov.2d, 1819 novii Dorset, England, or to his next of kin. OTICE is hereby fiven, that if the as id George Mitchell, son ct" Thomas and Ann Mitchell, of Motcombe, aforesaid, is now iiving.ot been dead, should have lell any personal represents ires in America, he or they may hear of some thing to his or thoir advanlaee, by applying either ! Valaable lands lor Sale. FktHE subscriber has in a arrealer ouaDtilv ol I Hunter, Dr .Tame j JL land than ia desirable furhwown culUaiion., 31 1 D offer? for .sale three valuable pnlaliuns one. sit- Ilawley, H , uated on Bijck Creek, a'fout thirteen mii a rasl! Howard, l)r John Tallahassee, containiiir thirteen hundred Hol'rook, Aaron rate of cnltiva- Hy"ian, b o tion, lite residue moat is rich hamnck land, with lloy. Oaeaf all he necessary farm houses and oulbuildino ; Hill, Wat the crops raised upon this plantation have not been aurpaiscd by any in ibe counlry. Another, about the aarne diflsnce. nnrlhcial from Ta!'aliasec, s&iitaming about 700 acres, of rich oak and hieko-1 Jackron, C W Johnsiou. P C Jarrell, John ry land ; witri CO or 70 acres in cu Hi vat wn ; and Jonos, Joseph personally ni by letter, post paid, lo u Uiu under, i anotlier in Hamilton county, about ten milei- from ' .1 e il. i .'.m c u: ... . I Sun an nee Springs, containing al-out 2000 .Knight, Ppnlwo.d igned, within three munlhs from tbe dale hereof, i Le bliould any pcron be ab'e lo send a certificate ol i acres, a small psrt in cultiration, with farm house 1 Knit hi S 8 he said George Milclit-li'a death, a remu- 1 dc 'I hia land ia of superior qnah'y fur the cul-' Kril iv kubt nc ration will be paid. The said Geo. Mitchell . if living, ia about 44 years of age. He emigrated from England about IS years since, and the last letter r ecijred from htm was dated al New York, on ihc-J5ihof Juna 1036, in which letter be expressed an intention of going to the Wail Floridas or to the Western Slates to settle. listed this Shaftes-bury,io the County of Doieei. England. HANSLK dt IIUTTEK, Solicitors. Any further infnm alioii can be oblamed of Jas. B. Gainbl- A Cc. Tallahassee. J2 jia 4 New Stage ArraaBeoteat. FROM I0LA TO CHATTAHOOCHEE. THE underaigneil respertfully informs the public, lhal he will convneneu running a Four ;iorse atae coach, regularly tvice a week, on Friday 5Li Nov. belwcea lula and CJultahootliie, to ineel the stage line now in nwralroti fmin Colum-bua, Ga. REUBEN S( OTT, Proprietor. No Iff IOwJ Tha Apalarlncola Courier and Gazette, Talla-InMee Star and Floridian, Columbus Enquirer and Ni'euthes will give lho above three insertions. . -F lureoi sea Mane con m. : i i,ey Luke W Also a tracl of 400 acres, al the natural bridge t euh Janiea 3 on the St. Mark, about ) I miles sooth essl of Tal-j Ler Solomon lahaaeee; half of this tract ia a rich alluvial soil:! t t . m im" mi n seal, wnn greater water power than anv in Middle Florida. These lands will be s-ld at moderate prices, and reasonable crrdits, and if desirable, th-; purchaser W can have Union porehaee, Dec 28 91 Mann, Wm MoGriff, Miss Sarah D McCuoliill, Alexander H Hook, EdwarJ Hard grove, Mrs E Hall. Miss Ann Hsfthng, Francis II 3 Hunter, Miae Ksbecca HU-kher, F 30 Hall, William January, D Juriah, Mr. Jirho on, John K Lowcry, James H 9 Lovdl.Charlfs S Lovid, Mr t La molt, Oapt J H Lang, Wm Lax ton, James M 3 Miller, Albert S Michaels, Miss Mary .Moor, Thomas OcPwwwaar ti III i ajfr CoUsga, ash, assRaeaw I I lull Tbe Ckatlahoochw Fswm CcJssfu, waK toawS dtMlmj by the Re. 8a ream Tayhsr. iaa PrnsseaeJ and prayvietorof the Spawtt faaai Madel laaajai,- Course, of etady law th toy, aod) Hoular te that of other koww aadj state, with vocal moatc and drawing. Oarsw er stedy la) lb Lasses Cosfefw. aaaaam- esnf eaerj thing law) fwfil asay esse tanv of aw- . . . . ... . tuitkw. ' IbTbi f etaaeea, BQ pas i inn-il aiail. Acadeauc daaaea, fO, with vecai aad MUal HWsie. Coflegiaie elajawa, f 100. Twitwa always s atnwst, aataa W i II. t a. l. . ncuaain, Aiezanoer .-noor, i noma B..k Slock upon P"t of Ik. UlcLnnm Mes, D A EMclver, Ah,. (Jailed Atates nail LErA, TALLAHASSEE EXCHANtsE. ,xa ENTLEMHN ofibe City and Country aor informed tlial this F.alsbl ahment ia now 0ened far the Winter, and prepared to acenmm -date cualomera in good slyla, and a I the sheilest not ice. sinner, for regular boarders w ill be served a haif peat on- o'clock daily Uiom wiahinr lo dine heiwn Ihe lioun of two and five. n alao be ac- cu: i mod sled, Oystrrs, Beef eY Venison Steaks, "Jlnicoia Chops. Ham Ktrit. Boiled Ewe Turkey, IMicks dk Chickens, and Fresh snlinon, pat up In ihe Enslish in a r net, ricaieo ter, CtC. I" abort whatever conciliates a e -od table, and serve to please and satisfy Hie epicure. wl.l be osnslantiy knpt in our Larder, ana serrci: at a nocaeou warning, al any u jur oi tna oay aaiff-t- . . . . The BAR ,ii wall atocked nun i'e cnoicm WINES. LIQUORS A SEG RS. We have only in aay to our friend, call and give ua a trial. Ocuifi if WILLIAMS A LLOYD. Information VAVT ANTED ol a man by the name of P. triek f? Brown, that stands about 6 feet, red hair, about Ibe age of -J6 yeae. who left New York in September 1837 for Tampa Bay. East Florida, when lal lieard from it was in November 1838 in Calhoun county. Weal Florids. Should this meel the rye of any one acquainted with him, lliej will confer an evrilailing faror on his disr,intenit-d wife, Julia Brown, and family, by addressing her with a few liar-, in care of James Caughhu, No. 107. Cherry street, New Ycrk, staling particular. Dec 7 I "5 Steamboat Hotel. fBlllE above clabliument having undergone JL thorough repair, the subscriber bega !rave lo if form hia friends arid the public generally, that ha intends continuing business, arid hopes through hisunremillcd caeruona, to receive a liberal share nf patronage. Good stables and ostler. He has also a good convenient hick and first rate horses and driver, which will be kept at all times ready fur tlie accoi medation of Have tier. The receiving and forwarding business prompt-y attended lo. tjooda stored with care. The above eMabiiehment is situated immediately oa the bank ef the Aplacliieola river. J WOOTEN. Challaheechir, Dec 14 196 From Columbus to Chattahoorhie in four Horse Post Coach's, by way of Lumpkin, Cuthbert, Fi. Game, Blak ly. Porter Ferry, and Brown's Fer- '7 EAVES Chaltaiioochie every Tuesday and riday after the arrival of Ihe United States atS'inier Commerce from A palacliicota, and arrives every Thursday and rTunday at 8 o'clock A. M Persons taking this line to Columbus will mid it quicker by ten 1 tours, than tha rout by way of Ir win Inn and Floinns nd for esmroil end murt be admitted by all that iTfe roid is much bet ter than any other leading to Challahoochie. A GEN TO. Coumbur,. Oglethorpe llnusu, W Botidrll-Lumpkin, Pi.oenii Hulel, H Bear bam, Cullibcrl, John Roe, Fort Gaines, C A Sudrllth, Cbatuhoochie, W II WilHer. THE PROPRIETOR. Maker, Mrs Lucy A Miller, Mr Martha Macon, Martha H Mashn, Jamas Milla, Madisoa Pearson, J W Prentia, Riehird Pulman, J G Reid, Mrs Ana B Raw la, Kev La ban Hingile, Edinoo Hag .an, K C -Hume, James Smith, P S Salsbirry, H Shixe, Alfred Setter iliwaile,, Mrs Ann Eicott, Mwaaa Mill. Wm J Moore. Sninael L McCallekler, James McCarly, Semi B P I Porter, W G Povera, Wm R Rankin, D t Reynolds, Tliomaa Keid, Gov K R 3 Redd, David S Shaw, Elijah Swasey, laiac If Spatkman, llcury 3 Swain, F N Smith, Andrew Tabor, Wasliingtea REMARKS. These are the last Literary lawtitathsBa tke ri-lav eer eapeels te engage la a4a4ishmy. He will endeavor te improve by terms npinaeaa, at more than twenty five year, of praciicai sewowi tabor, lo make theaa bin beat achaois. If the Lord voQcbsaft hie bhsBMBg the work, the c-iasaai. ty will feel the Hnporlaace ef the ssaerpraae. Te aay young lady, or man, whoae eircoaasuocea are ao limrle as to prevent advance pay men ta, thy can unnh thoir sdoeslron here, and take 1tae te refund the Mtalitultos by leaehiajf or any ether useful labor. Th school are deeigVed fee the ed-ocmiioa of the poor ae well ma :be rich, act fur aoe, bwl for every claas, net in pert, bat h ail pbyesceJ, aMmuL, and aaoral powem. The boys and yooof mew will be required lo. labor two hour daily, whew It proprietor htaiaa leebt, at gardaaing, ar aeana eaefel aaeeJiaaueal trade, witkwwl ruaaaaaaa tiow, othor than bodtly ksajth, and the aegBasitw uf rnacbanieaj kaww lodge. That the writer has beew able to aeem the ser-vicea of hia veosraWe fnsad aad) ehristian brother the Res. Johai Biaws, D. D for lho bawd aaT no yo-rag aam's college, he derma a lokew ef lacciaa to tliat department. All lU buildings for Iheyeatng "en's eollega at Fort Gamos, wiD be taw, east af the pJaiaest order, far some few yean. Bwt esseBlia arl, moral, well qualified and iwdawtri lescbers, a large and useful apparatus, aad u necessary bosks, will all he bad froas mMKBBt. Thw cadleee ia deaigwed to wants of the resideal inhabitants o Fort Gi and as many a will patronise it. tne Ladies cotlsrs at rrt UaueawTtl ei lo n Feicaieachool, academy, or Ug in the Stales, and belter famished with hooka, auaps, globes, philosophical and cbemica) apparaloa, pa-aoos, harps, and guitars, thaw any feniaJo iawtita tion in America. Board can be obtained in good families at $19 50 per month. Former patrons, ot Colombo, Alabama, and Florida, will find all Ihe advantages of my school al Sparta, ia a Taw month at Fort Gaines. The building now in progrees to be completed in June, will be 100 feet by 40, with belfry 70 feel hijjh, and) wine 30 bfcdO, two stone hi eh. The school will open in another building lor lha firat term. The wriler esteem ibe society and location of Fort Gainea for literary anrwosaa, ao Tar SB edor cation of youths ie bob ear d, equal te leafnK Sparta. SERENO TAYLOR. Fort Gaines, Doc 18, HQ ihecoa. aneet lho ExeeHtors Sale. Drr 21 20 T' Land for Sale. II E snb-e r tn-r offers fur sale ht trart of lanJ, lyin; in the fork ol Micosukie l.akc. in the nt-ighburliuod of Co!. Alston ai d Gailtard. and n ioiuinp lands Canlain UtacLl urn. a d Henrv Duggetl, containing 1100 acres, principally pine' please ay they arc advertised. Iml, .nlerspersea wall Isre hiclory, tlie soil is or jiih 4 a daik mulatto, 140 acres cleared, now in a fine; Then, Saml Turner, Thoraaa V VasMbn C'erlolte Vooddy, IU James Willis, Jo 11 Wjljon, D Witrsias, Dan H Wsucu, Hon John Pervous colling f-f any of the above letter wiiJ & w Walker. Winer t Woodward, Jo Uh ! Valah, Juhu Walker, ,leWWHkCo Welkins, C IGSERCY.PM late for cultivation, two settlements on the tract. Termi will be made eay in flic purchaser DANIEL T. LINGO. Qniac) d hy ihair operaUoa, bwcause they clear the aya-lasj of bad hussora. nuiet Bsrvows irnUbiltty, and rsrtlMiasaa fro w water aoflree, and invariably atedaoet aoe ad steep. Tha VsahU rtlle aae a euro reaaedy fcr jaun dwa oirk ud avouabsdache.dTspm. eosli ve- aasi, swkiieea of Ibe stomach, bssrtbsm. all billioua BBielBinta. fsvara of all kinds, and if taken al the coaimencemeal will invariably check Inter progress aadeav the patient fton (arotraclod ad dangor-asa rrrfcneii. They are wvaiuabla in nervous and ypMondrical affeetioua, loss of appetite, aoa en Bsapiaints to which remains alone are aobject. Th oparate a a aaiW and aaoedy pdrgo and are eafa and otrusni remedy far worm a eWdren. fmm 1 have saarsd.iosd ay Vegetable Pilla U Ike peWic, I wave rooaired Mswrasi eortificate of kew aapenae affiaaey in curing diseeawe, aUo, way hHlers from leeewetaMe pbyaieiam, Ohw ae mt 'im in thsirpraetie wiC the beat euetaee. I awewt eobawhoaSBaJI acinose ef oertifieates at ewaaaeor it nn r J " the aaodiein will rtnoainl itaalf I ail mm wM aaak trial of it, Prsaarsd b Joe. P rest ley Peters, M D. N. 1 LvserlT "treet. New York. FUeh box eontnfasa 40 PUa. Pria6e)en4a. ForasJaby TaHihamii adiilph A Looia, Edward Bar-said. Ts i wa fl, tiasaon Saaith, E Saixaa MeniirwlU A Wibek awoakia ftoraw A Tasta r ' - i Co. maasMkio anrney 1 yiaoy Dv PivlJaia, Female Academy. THfc eacrcnses of tnw maiuoiiow wm -ru-saed eo the first day of January, 1840. Seho- lasite year d.etded into two acaaiofui or ore anoBtha each. rrM atsstoe. Orthography and reading, The ah .e. with writing and arithmetic, 14 0 The above with Kagiich Grammar, Oeogra-pby, with tlie ustoT Mapa, Ancient and Modern History, 90 0 The al-ova. with tWaae of Globea, Aalroo- anr. Comnoaitiosi. thotoriC. Loeia. ttCC- Wi.Geometr. 5 00 Draw ins and Paintinr. 1 W Meaie, Piano aad Guitar, each (ihro lessons per week) TJss ef instramonla, French arid Spanish, each, Latin and Greek, Naodio Work, iu,d ineindins' bos ana iirnw. lo addition lotho enbaerihor ami I U lad, Ihro experienece: loaener mww ns Frswch, and HoohmI sMpanmenis. Thia Denartaaent ia foraianod with Mane, Globes, well tuned Ptaooe and Gsitam A Philoeopbical Anparatnaasn Orrery will he added. The discipline nf th eeneol i aiM and paren-tal. but raapliek ohewienee ie rerteired from all, io neb redee as the best wtereeU of the Pnptla nuke tw adoot. The young kdiea residing with the t-JJM uiM' ine a aaUBBddieaBOBw 30 00 4 00 20 00 15 00 4 00 1 00 75 00 NOTICE. rriHE poblicare hereby cautioned against trad-M- ing far a note given by mc io the Commercial Bank and endorsed by Hiram Noarse, for two hundied and hfty dollars, dated April llh 1838, at eiaty day alter date ; said nolo was to have been paid in Commercial money, and such money wa tendered at the counter ol" ssid bank, on tbe day the note fell due. I hereby give notice that I will not pay it in any other kind of money, A II BULb Dec 7 IS Port Leon. NOTICE U.hereby given, that th Road from Purl Leon, intersecting a few hundred yard east of Ihe Magnolia bridge, ttie road leading from Jefferson and Madiaoncouaues'.o ai.uanu, is rea dy for use. Tli is road i of auperior coniroclin, and aff ird greater facilities tn those districts of country lying north and eat of Port Leon, in reaching a shipping awrt, tha have herclofor existed. Wharves and commediou warehouses hae been conatructad at Port Leon, and are prepared for business. Dee 14 le B Mnrshul's Sale. Y virtue of a writ of Fieri Facias issued out of lho Superior Court of tlie Middle Dis trict of Florida for Lcm ccunly, in whim Pome-roy & Bull are plaintiff", and Thomas Tillinghaai ia dniennsr.i, I have levied upon rtnd shall tell at public aale on Taeaday the ?ln Jauuarv aeal in la - ga hour on said day, in Iron I of ihe court house dour in Tahaharoee, the loilowing property, viz. All the interest said dsieodanl haa in the Si earn Mill owned by himself and Hogh Archer. Also, hia land and improvement near, ihe ei y of Tails. hasee, whereon he now resides. Levied on as the property of Tliomas Tillinghaai to salufy aid writ according to law. Term cash. 8 H DBVAL, Marsha!, By M WALKER, D M Dee 4. 1839 IS The above sale is postponed for 10 days. D 1 gorr ltMnlt. : w i - f . WTTWGl of thai t nlsaU Tree may ho hod : SrTPf sarly at tha Sebacrthor" reni-; tb Srhhlosi.aaghy.wi Haaartteo Coooty, ? road fjawa Maaaiaalln ft thw nsmnw - wTaT"- Ton laslhna. saw ho hod (rwea U T tha asoaapprwved had, anal a lft)0 Root aay be alee had. T ' . idwepea" fa, mumrmm Panih) ariU ha received at nary saunas, IL ,k iiu mt MieasMo: bJt no ar . r .... -. .t. f win eaaoe wy taoir ps . the end ef tbe Oawaey R L KDnfOIffDS, A M, lMnoipaL rv ta - aavriCE naarwoai.sawotlaw of the nviuauaieBia an alub rlariOa Winn nawsaw Howaa Is the eity of TaJlahaaaee.a AOEiri the U I AWS OF FLORIDA. UVAL'3 COMPILAIION of ihe Lawso Florida, ar now completed and for me al Mr. Wilson's Bookstoie, Tallahassee, and Jos ft i Kt.owlea', Qaiacy. Also at the Office of the FLORIDIAN. Dec 7 18 . LOST IN the alreeta or Tallahassee, on tha 1t instant, a deed for ihe Lot formerly occupied by E B Clark. Also a bill of salo for a nro giil. Any person fin dog tlie said paper aud la ring them at Leyd'a Exchange, vhall be suitably rewarded. Dee 7 M Lost ON the 4lh day ol uec. imv, in ineeiiy oi in-lalnuee, or over the road leading to Thnmis-ville. Too Nolea, running to Z. G. Wheeler, E-q. of Jefferson County, from Frederick Li-achworth, of said county, one for $00, 1' e other for $j, ai.d were endorsed on ilia back by Z. G.Wheeler. Said Notes were giveu on tho-fiisl d4yof January, 1839, and mad payable on Ihe hVt day of January, 1B40. "re written on one aheel of paper, but may have been torn apart. Tliia is to forbid all persons from trading in any manner for the said Notes, as new ones have taken their rlecea, wfcich renders the kwi ones good for nuthinV ISAAC N-COOK. Dec 18, 1K xw z T"urrILL be sold oa the SStn day of Jannary T V next, between th hoar of 10 aad h, at the residence of lho hue Owe W . Jshwsoa, doc, op the Oicilht, the following perishable aroparty of kia Eaate, viz, 4 Mules, I Horse, 1 road Wagon and Gear. Meal Hogs. Steak Hogs, Eew. Household and Kitdbcn FuraKute and other ajtiadoa, - Tana made known on the day of aal. At Ibe aame time and place will alas W. hired) out for ihe year en dine IS) a Dee- 1840, nnsa-Ne- groes. Men, Women and Ghildnm. Tern known al lha lima of htring- LLOYD 8HANNAL, Executor of G. W. Joe bom Dee. 25th xt dl NOTICE. A xLL aetoana iastwhtod by quested lo aaltlo ihn aoane dun of this aaoulh. BT neceaaiiie will fbree him to phse aH wapehl oo-cooou aad watae a the basda af an attotwey for collection. R. U. BERRY. Tallahassee. Jan, L g,4t JAME5B.GAMBLE and his brother J:G RATTAN GAMBLE have thia day associated in bisriaeea. at the old stand af Ganata A Rebx i the eaine and style of Janaa R. Gswaxa A Co. They ask the same liberal share of public patron- age bovlowed un the Ule firm. JAMES B. GAMBLE. J. GH ATT AA GAMBLE-Jan 4, 1840 22 A Card. 7 HE Subscriber having, on ihe lot of Nov. las. J closed hi bBaines ia Boon and Srsrvooaaf, cldesirooa of a settlement with hie ewstoaaera Thuee wl.o may not find it convenient lo pay cash, jri lequcslrd local) and five their note. Those ii-hn crglect this notice will, efhtv lho 15lh ef Fob, find their accounts ia lit ha ad of Keeca W. Whitb, who ie my authorised attecoey in thia r. eepu 22 4l WM. WILSON. Watches, Jewelry Silver Ware dte. D AUSTIN. Jr., A CO. a have removed lo the store formerly occupied bv Wm H Wyatt. A Co where Ihey ar now open ing a beao-tiful aseortmeul of articles in their line, such as Gold, Lever, Anchor. Cy lew der and Vir5e Watches; Rings, a Dwmowd, Onyx, Ruby. Garnets. ! Broaches, aa Diamond, Mosaic, Cameo ; Enamelled paintings, Ac, 'Gold ir.hL.M Work. Fx i Riand Pios; Silver War. sueh as Tea Sat. Tsble and Desert Fnrke; Spoon. Plated Candle Slick. Cak Baskets, Cailors, Tea Set., Cofc Uioa, srd Spoon, i Cut- lery. Gun and Pia'.o tanes, jiauai wmp., .i-riL. Pancv Gooda. Itc ah r wi.irh ihov invite their fiieud and tbe public to eall and examine. Nice wateh repairing personally attended to. Dec 21 SO T Blao- NEW GOODS. FfTlHE undersigned hnve received by recent 1 rival, aad opened at their stores No. I 2 Berry's Row. a general and well assorted stock of Fail and Wtator Goods, eomsstiog in part of Bagging and Bale nope. Liasey' and Kersey s, Fronch, Wbilner, Duffil and twilled keu, Lowell Nee. 1 A f Oxnabarg, Heavy Ruaoet Brogana, . Rich Br nasals and Scotch Carpets, Brnasahs Wilto and TaTied Rags, Fashionabl bra Fender, and Curved And-lrons, . . Mahogaay A GilMramad Mantel GI Feathers, Halrasaea ana Boieaa, With a general assortment of choice Groceries, M.iw.,r and Catlorv. StaMs and Fancy Dry Good, fins Boot and 8 boa. Hate and wp. Crockery and Glass Wars, ricauo, uaaanps, em liaa, JanasPyrupaAe. . .... Att of whstb lhy anVeoaaaiasidatha; term ni tiaaar auaol jVEMt BROOMR A Co. TalllhsSWI, WT. . tat- , l NoUee. MIE Subscriber having sold his Store House and Stock of Gooda to Messrs, ford ft. lcfc- eraaan, wiiu ibo iawntiBn w min dHirM all those indebted lo him on note or open .mahI Ia amaba navntrnt before Ihe 1st day of January next. E. IjOCKERMAN. Tallahassee, no, w, iskv m BOOKS AND STATIONARY. Wm. Wilson dk Geo. O. McMaMia, ON the 1st of November. 1930, having formed a Co-partnership under the style of GEO. Mi MULL IN tea for th Brpoeef tradwg ia Books sud Statioat, offer to the peWic a great variety in their line, cheap for cash, or asprovwa credit. n Jan X NOTICE. TaT OTICE is nerehy given that I ahall apply at iTj the west tcrsa of Jefferson Coonly Court, have tha Undo owned jointly by myself. Henry Gee and Heary Poo pis, partitiooed Dee, 7, DJNIFLBTRD. Boot Hamn factory. THE swhscriber is wow prepared U maoefartere any work in hi lino, at fair prices, and having employed a Bomber of the beat worhaaew from tbe city of New York, giving them tn highest wages, and Oelermiocd I supply a good artido ef Ualf Skiaawd Morocco. Ho trwala to feeawvoihn patronage of iboee who eonsidor the eocooragw-nienl of the snuibern saaaafaetnrw. Rapahuin; don aeally and promptly FREDERICK FILER. Dee 31 SOmfi Disooli CuPatnevshtp heretetoro exasUng NOTICE. THE Sabocriber be joat reccivad and offer for aala low for cash, Gentlcmene fin black and Russia Far Hal. Gentlemen' and B -y Cape, Travelling Trunk, do. Bag; Travel ling Vaweeee, ano n gowai viiniai biotna, ui-oi ere, and ready mad Clothing. L. CARLTON. TeJtahaa, No. tCd, 183. FaTIHE auhaeriber wiahea to sell aeveral valaable M. TRACTS OF LAND near hia raaideBce. Ptanlar deairoo to retain their capital ia labor can ha accommodated wilh mo satisfactory credit. ROBRRT GAAfBLE; Wehturae, JeffWaou, rkk, Snth Nov, 163ft. NOTICE. R. Chart. C. Ball and Mr. The. J. Pevhio aathahaatl ngowu daring my ehaene Tern tor r. WM. r UCJaVaAai. Oaajtl f AfR. Chart 1TX are my i I. U. HlFFLllf. Portrait mrnd MiniaUtre Pointer, Pram Aawasta.Sa.) rm FSPECTFULLY oUcr hia sesesaiowal ar- I a .vaatn lho nlixraa of Ta Ira basse and sta vwrniiv. He will Boon be prepared to exnitail ape-; " . .. .AM--. . I ct mens of hw art m Fortran ano saiwiainrw. A t prsoeoi h can ho sewn at Mr, Boil' txotel. TallaSaaae. Ds. S3, 1830. f ranHB I twoe Edmund Brook Vas and tfc Mbseri b r, was drwelved oa the fBtn ol aepieaawr laa, hy tha dsath of Mr. Vaan. Th sMnaeai - wi 1 h Jttledby CFDbEB. anrvmng Partner. SoweuBO Springa, East Florida, Deo. 7 th tf Strayed " r IROMlhouberibral Theeaaas, ahont with whn ( and Waned faen, tW aM with ban. AM. REID takes Una oeeasion to tvnnorioni rriend and the who have aoOwatxM am. h thanks for their fcidno. aai aeg w a rriend and former partner, a oeouooancn of their oea. He will devote hi entire awcuwww taw Steraraand Commwon- Buonaor. at rora ue h. i.a hiiMan aa ibobw wow mw ik Sbais hauanswa. !. all caaoa, hi beat iudcaaoot 1 prsmot taoir mw. n wmv addraswad 10 Si, ano n n.u Earr a Kirkaay. or o omoaae ,. w'iU be forwarded iaowdiaioly tohhnal Port Loao. jaa4 tt a b.adi wen on the left lank., WI will give inloraation when they or either r IMS may no toono, or rorwrw iron war rvrw . awaj of ThamaaiiHe, Measss Goraon A MaJJ. oa Tai- Hstllet nara W&IA. MnlMt. fine aad is rood sVAaS bkl. aaaaner aHt roa. reeelv4 end fsTml by JOB DOWLUtG. Das tl SDoi . l.k.w. mbmk aw liaawall tawardfd. L r BVTAJI r. De 14 lsw STOLEN. Admb OrwCsrt. 1 paJr MBlieaaaya, i near of Dnwwa aattwl advac mounted FSelan.1 Rinogon, iCansadya aaka n. U u y ws, Sereaesion, an Aeeeont Book assdjhanf nSTn sesinst MiB WAa k. fhjr todnV' - h c . The ahov artiopao w The ahov artiobm. wr on Waahinrton Baoar. Tssay,ft4an her, A liberal reward oil! b peid Arftw ry nf mid Ooodu, ood thirty diniwAr aw of IM twv AaplyvaUamr. D C. the . WILIAAM Taiiitii iwPwi-sw. itmi . ft tvnUaO. " ti-F

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