The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 7, 1939
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JUNE 7, 1939 (AUK.) CQUKLKK NIMH-. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rale pel' line for consccu- Hve Insertions: One time per line WL Two limes per line per (lay OBo Three limes per line per day...OCc Six limes per line per day....05- Month rale per lino GOc Cards of Thanks.. !00e Si, 15o Minimum charge 50o Acis ordered for throe or six (lines and slopped before expiration will be charged for the num- bcr of times the add appeared nnd adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advertising copy submitted by |;ersons refilling out- Birte of the city must be accompanied by cash; Rates may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for Irregular .taserlions takes the one time rate. No responsibility will be taken r more than one incorrect insertion of any classified ad. For Rent Cool, south bedroom. Oarage. !!ev sonable. Mrs. Simmons, 818 Wnl- nul. 5-ck-tf 2 or 3 room rnrnisliert apartment Newly decorated. D14 llearn 3-pk-1-3 Modern 3 room itnfurnished apartment. Main and Second. P. Simon, phone 764. 3-ck-U Furnished apartment, 9WMV. Walnut. 2-pk-H Two large bedrooms for rent, Mrs. Nolen, 310 W. Wnlnul. 24ck-if Comrorluble bedroom. 025 w. Main. Phone 277-j. 15-ck-G-15 btore building and residence coni- Mnecl. Oooti locnlion for grocerj ^nt'. meat market. G40 Lake St. See Ify. J. A. Saliba, Phone 410 or 418. Altractive front bedroom. Beauly- rest mattress. COS W. Main Ph sis. ; • ia-cfc-ti Fumklicd room entering into bath. Beaiityrest Mattress. Will give 2 nwnls a day. 818 Chlcka- sawba, phone C36. 1-da Ofllcc rooms. Siidbury Diiildliig. Sec Orahnin Swdbiiry. . 27tf For Sale 80 lo SCO acres bottom land. 410 per acre, (his week. Partly improved. Good title. L. A. D.-wis, Morchousc, Mo. G-pk-B We 'have a number of attractive arid desirable collages In'Blyfhe- vlllc,':wcll located; which we can sell al. reasomible prices." Xerry-Abslrael * Kc;illj- Co. r'lioiio Bi7 '. 6-ck-U Main St. collage rented ns Duplex at; $20.00. On corner lot Price 59QO.SP G room collage al High School. Rents at S30.CO. Price $1250. ... Prclfy cottage on Vine si. New roof and in fine condition. Price $850.C'0 > Nice little lioine on M. Firth St. Pretty lol, ivitli shade. $850.00 Thotna.s Ijnnd Co. fi-ek-13 Cnns for Jug Fishing complete with cans. Guaranteed won't leak. 7',c.c end). Raymond Brooks, "ee'ii, Mo. • 2-pX-9 Sow mid pigs. 631 Clark. 31-pk-U One 5-roaiu house. George M. Lee. Phone 323. I0-ck-lt Personal Arnusc Slugglsii t,H-cr, irorh nil Ihc bile, to rid yourself of constipation. RH.S pains and that sour, punk fnnlhig. Take one hrix nl KirtBV'.S ACTIVE UVKR l'If,I,S 2flr, at all Klrhy Slores. mm mm WANT-AM-M/IMTAFFORD TO ~~ — ———* '"''"" ' '"" " 1 ' ' PACE SKV»; & REAL BARGAINS in LATE MODEL CHEVROLET'S Clradnl (n On New I'onl V-8s) '37 Master Del. Coupe Cily driven. Only ll.OOfl mllfs. Leeks nnd rims like new tfij^r* OJ.LV Mw5 '36 Master "6" Coupe Has liecnsc, radio, healer. Oooil llrt'S. Newly palnlcd. Only $315 '38 y% Ton Pick-up illclor A-i. N CW l.ouks like new. (ires ;iml mini. $485 '37 Master Del. Coupe Ilndio, licaler, good (ires. $AA(\ A real buy. Only Jj't'tU '36 Deluxe Sedan Delivery City driven. Ncivly palnleil. .Molor in cxucltcnt rniiililioii. Onlv ;":....$335 35 LW.B. li/ 2 Ton Truck Motor A-l. Gnoil (ires. A truck ..$275 lliat will do Ihc job. Only '37 iy ? . Ton Truck Stake body. 103!) license. Blulur in '•vcc'lcnt cimdillon. Ooexl tires. Color black. A real buy * J J C Only :......:$445 HOLD I^im^NC^^j^^wisiDnvc Against Wim ""^ Holding Jobs Started MCI ADI N y tui>> An iiiiimpinjoii hlxh sdiool j,i id- 111110 Il;ls ' :* D:\llDiiiil emu- imltju uvminsl murrird ivoiuni jo'j- holilrr.s whrjifl hiisbniuls mv nl>]o lo support Hum, to niiike room for ymllh i." 0 " 1 '/.' V .'\" v »""''))ii»'K wild 1»> iVllVr Ho Wa (he jcuth ot tlio nnlion Hint lunrrtcd women with s eiuiiliij! ii KutUctciU. iu- I'pine to Biipiiort thnii surrender (hell 1 positions rc-uurdless of Win, In oidt i (Uit we K|IO mo 111 ,im| (lUiiltned for these npenluRK mUjht linvo work." ins system. Ibns. Ims ill.slril)ii|(>(| 1,000 Wlors IK Aini'ilriiii yoiillis lo "pro- i\i!iiinsi UK- employed women I whose husbands Incomes uts sll f- flfirnl |o support Uicni." 'Tills dnss of wm-kers (s di'priv- nif( us at a fulr clmiK'c to net, a S.IPH tn iiu> world," the loiters snid. Vnu VnHifntmrj,' Inslnit-tc'd re- tiplcnls ( ,r (lio t.'tlers to innke nvc copies juid mull tlicm lo friends, indosluj; n foj-m lo .1,0 mulled in tiu'lr II. fj. scnutors which rends: Tin. lonsrsl n.lhiny pl.itrcim hi MiKland Is HI Almielirator, u mens- ro.s SUM !•,.,.( i,, jeng,,, , 1|K , ( , oll . m-cls Vicioiln nnd Kxcliiuiso slu- "1 dnn'l know liow my liiis))n»il likes liis new jol) in Ilic, brewery—Jio luisn'l liccn lionic for Ilirce cloys I" n Chimney. j m ifc s nn hour. ncu:rdin« to Fire --..Conn. (UP)—Mlsh experimeuls George N. Phelps' Sunday dinner I "" " the clilnuicy of ' ' ' . I flew down the clilnuicy of his (Joctl allowance on vcnir old !lolnc - Aroused from his slumbers, rJ^"!L":!^^ pavincnl. Easy terms for bal- iince. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5lh « Walnut I'lioiie SID No lice Fishing License FOH VOUU OONVKN1KNCE, \VK A.UE. I'KCrAlttil) TO ISSliK YOUK FISHING' LICENSE AT Olill STOKE . SHOUSE-HENRY /.^ HARDWARE CO. , - ; - • I'h'onc 35 •'•• -•• '. Ice 1CE---!CE Phone 107 JOHN BUCHANAN The English Board of Education expends two and one-half million dollars annually on physical train- nncy, escaped ., .„ in the fircplnce and had (aken refuge en tiic frame of an oil irainting. Mrs. Plielps atlcndccl to the details. I-. Culilwcll liiferani liiil^. lilyllicvillc, AKKANHAS mill MISSOURI TIT1.K OI'INIONS. ••TITLE INSDUANCi; COMPLETE OOVKKACK For Sale A1HS. DIKTHiCIl l'l\imu ;!72 or 7()i) PRESCWTIONS Slock |>ricc» Clmivintcod Kirby Drug Stores J. L. GUARD Oplomctrist Only r.i.iilii.ilc- ()|]|nin«- tiisl in lllylhevlllc. Cil;'s Measured by succlnl . anpnrnlus. the speed of n driver when it touches a golf ball is 70 lo 125 —PRESCRIPTIONS Safe - - ALT u rate Your Prescription Druggist Fowler Drug Co. Main & First Phono 111 Dr. F. J. Weitz Vt'loritmriiin W.'Anli I'hoHB (l!)l! no other Instance of n mmho Miaccdiil In Mioilug himself into Ji>!l. I he Imnslcnt. In question went lo sleep on the fl:or of Hie second story of the city hull DIII- Ihff the nlehL sorgt. Fred Wllllnmi Bleeping on the floor nlxne him tlie.siciilorlBii LAWN MOWERS Slmrpencd, factory method, HdJiM- cd olled-l'leked tip ,t dcllvcicd 51 Used IjiH'ii Mows For Sale ATKINS im «".,-;•- Slll>1> & (i ' ll|1|l Kc •111 f>. ^Illl I., IUMC m SKIN CANCER Now i.ofiititi nt 101 North . ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON HI»WAlt,l)S. rrnprli'liir All Slakes nf llclmlll TyiicwrlU'M, Addln B nim-Iilncs i C.'ilnil.-ilors—KeinilrliiK— flirts— Itllilniuti HOW LONG SJNCK VOtIR CAR HAD AN Apiiraicil I'orit Lubrication)' I* „ dlfrcreiico It . Every pi^e doei no!. Jmio flm 5n mo standard! . . . noi ran they give you' the fclicclnl Vatd Uilirlcauls mada cswcdnlly for Ford cars. Get th» folloiiliig: ............... Sl'KClAf, CHASSIS I.UHKIOA'i'rON AN!) WHKKL I'ACKING d'or 30 »ajs Only) COMl'LKTH CHASSIS ' LWmiCATION I'irasure Gun Clrcnsc In nil mes- 6111 0 cum lilting*, Springs, Hood Lacings, noor Striker rteUa uiixcd, poor Hinges Lubricated, tpccinl Uienjes In Universal Joints special luta Iciint In stcsr- I»U Bern- nnd distributor cnm. ' I'ACK FKONT WHEELS Wash oul 1mb nnd bearing;,, livck with iuctlul Ford shoil filler Sodium So.ip grease Ad- Just wheel bc>u i-isbl All Aliovu Service Nought In Combination. Only $1.39 PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. FOR SALE 2 New Dixie Cotton Choppers $80 Each Delia Implements, Inc. 3)2 South and 1'tionu 802 TENNIS EXPERT Dairy Fetlr>r(\clory quality aiirl service Ui Dairy produclc. Cattle free ol Bang's Disease, In besl of physical condition. Call Mrs. Grace Lowery. D02-J, for Haisell's Grade A Haw Milk. Cream, Country Bullcr, But- tcnnllk. extra or holiday orders, fiuiicctlon encouraged nnytlme. Halscll'.s Hairy ~ Promised Land. Route 2 &L/ : —^—^—. Miimows For Sale Minnows and tlslilng canes. 300 E. Main. Phone BOO. G. C. Hawks, HORIZONTAL 1 Former amalcur lennis\ champion. U H;ili;m river. 12 Greasy. 13 Paslry riacoralor, 14 Like. Ifi To shirk. 17 Herb. 18 To perch. 19 Enamel. 21 Dird. 22 To bathe. 23 Ornamentfl/ vases. 36 .Entrance. 2-1 Witlicisms. 38 Russian 35 To divide. emperor. 26 Cover of the 3D To honk, eye. 10 Affectionate. 27 Tax. -12 Yonder. 28 Arm bone. '13 On Ihc lee. 2!) Publicily. « Indian 30 He has been mulberry. a player 45 He was for a long r time. eight' . 33 Stupid fellow. years. 31 Lcan-lo, 48SJumbcrc'd 35 Ascot. 49 To simmer Answer tn Previous Puzzle. VERTICAL 1 Grief. 2 Permissions lo use. 3 Cheerful lune. •IKind. 5 Adlnnnlivc vote. 0 Glazed clay blocks. champion for 7 Portrait statue. 8 Sheltered place. 0 Doctor. . 10 Ingenuous. 11 He continues lo merit his great . 15Not [eililo, 16 To tie. 17Guilelcssnesj. 18 Man of learning. 20 Dry. 21 Beast. 22 Cotton cloth. 24 To discuss. 25 Glided. 27 To jog. 28 Consumer. 30 Bard. 31 Fish. SZSlolh. . 33 Series of muscular . (.-ontrHclions. 37 To in.snarc. 38 Pedal digits. 40 Han away, 11 Soared. •13 Tennis poinl. •H Hail! •ISCourt'(abbr.) •17 Neuter pronoun. Goldfish Minnows R. F. Brogdon, 310 Dnugan KINNOWS & COCK HOACtlES f*t\ Dnmnn. Cor. tlnllrtwd * Ky. Room and Board Comfortable rooms. Reasonable rates. 113 E. Cherry, irfione ti02. 8-ck-tf Comfortable rooms. Reasonable Crates. 803 W. Ash. Phone 993. . 5-pk-7-5 Wanted CASH PAID for good 1035, 1936, and 1937 model Fords, ply-mouths and Chevrolet. Phone Howard Burton at 810. Phillips Molor Co.' 29-Ck-6-23 15Y KRBI) HAHMAN VJIU. fA£ ,«.6-Dj FORTURN ins CAGED DON UJOSE MD r^AKING YOU KILL IT ? r 7 IT'S M-Urn VAULT, UTU.E . QUX V SOrAE MEW PANTS — TESS---WE A«e too »U5Y "to TAKE IT TO THE ZOO A/Of WAY .' ' GOTTA TO v;wwwi j n.E.i>" '^f4V.;y>T. OEIItR 5ibP VX5RKON -i>L)R CAO'N— FATHER'S COMIAX3 OVER ID OlK VQl>(? RANCH/ AT A.NY PRICE.' \VI\iil Did (he CiimcTii Kecord? HY V. T. HAMLW SO THE POLICE \NQCHIEF-PR08ABLV DIDN'T FIND A JJUST THATCPA7Y MILK OF TK THAT LOOKS LIKS A GOOD STREETSHOT--.3I. IT UP AND WE'tL MAKf UPA PHOTO-DIAGRAM IM 6OIM6 OUT FOR A CUP OF COFPE6--SEE THAT THE DIAGRAM GETS TO THE ENGRAVERS, /" OKAY WILL YOU? MERE. - TAKE A LOOK AT THIS PICTURE' MAN'S 1MAG1NATJOW — " MI&'S GOT 5OME GOOD PICTURES, TOOU6II May lie Ki«ht He's Nut I''oolin K Her BY ROY CRANK WEU, WELL, WELL! LI-TTLE IRVWI DOES AVL THE WQBK AM' VoU tiOT 4800 IM TOE BAWK! VIA ' AH.MIUV; DARbM','1 WA.S A / DOH't 8E FOOL TO LEAVE VA! TCtLMC./THEIA HOMEV-WBDS UOWEV, 'rtJU.AHjT EVER'MAC.-/ OM ME, JACWE WMTO! —- A6A1U.HAVE VA? ^ WU'RE A NO-SOOO, ORUERY8UW . THE ^OOMEE TOU eiT, THE 8ETTEB TOE BAWK! TVIATS VJOMDEPFUL.' ME.HOVJEV, KW VA COOK I'RECKLKS AND 1HS FKIKNDS Vrcck ftlakcs a Decision BY MERRILL 13LOSSEH MOW EVER, IT WILI_ GIVE ME A CHANCE TO UEEr NtlUR AMD POSSIBLY FIND A PLACB FOR. HIM IM I : MR.GIML6T--., L RESIGN'//' IT VWULD HAVE BGEN RAD EMOUSK EVEN Ip IF HADN'T OELAYEO Me / AS ir WAS, KIDS MADE AM IMPORMWT COMFURENC6 '

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