Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon on October 27, 1893 · Page 3
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Statesman Journal from Salem, Oregon · Page 3

Salem, Oregon
Issue Date:
Friday, October 27, 1893
Page 3
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ALL OF THE POLK NEWS The Present Ownership Maps Completed. The A. 0. U. W. Brotherhood at Perrydale. Former Residents Reviewing Old Scenes Death of a Monmouth Normal Graduate -Newslets. Polk County, Oct. 26. Manfred Stars and Dave Crlder of the county seat made a flying trip to Albany Tuesday, H. B. Cosper of Dallas went to Salem Wednesday to be present at the marriage of Miss Augusta Palmer and Mr. A. E. Crosby. A. K. Wilson, the Dallas druggist, is making some substantial improve ments on his fa: m near Eola. J. II. Logan of Harney valley Is vis iting his old friend Dr. Embree at Dal las. Mr. Logan Is a prosperous mer chant of that region and is so well pleased with the county that he will probably locate here. J. .M. Wise of the firm of Wise & Keyt was transacting business at Dal las this week. The hop yield of the county for this season was 1,145,700 pounds. Herbert and George Smith are down from Penewawa on a visit to their numerous relatives in the county. A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. John Hughes at their home in Burlington, Iowa, on October 23d. Johnny is a son of Corniel Hughes of Dallas and spent his childhood days there but now holds a position as telegraph " operator at Burlington. H. L. Fenton merchant of Dallas on Sunday last received the sad. news of the death of his brother Charley at his home in Spokane Falls. Mr. Fenton immediately left for that city to be present at the funeral. The deceased was a highly respected young man and a graduate of the state normal at Monmouth. A hunting party consisting of F. H. Morrisonv J. F. Clark, J. D. Belt and T. A. Farley left Dallas Tuesday for the Cascades, where they expect to capture lots of deer and elk. A. J. Rhodes of Tacoma, was doing business with our merchants Monday. Riley & Coad and Ed. Biddle have finished putting in their fish ladder in the dam near Dallas. S. P. Kimball came over from Salem and was transacting business at the county seat one day this week. Wright & Son have finished the present ownership maps they have been so long at work upon and a tedious task It has been. They are now at work on one for the use of Sheriff Wells to be used for sheriff's assessments. A committee consisting of J. J. Daly, A. V. R. Snyder, W. I. Reynolds, C. W. Smith and V. P. Fiske were appointed at a meeting of the A. O. U. W. lodge Wednesday night to arrange for the reception of Grand Lecturer Davey who will lecture at Dallas next Tuesday night and also be present at their meeting Wednesday night. Several Dallas citizens were called to Portland this week as witnesses in the Bowker trial but it was postponed until November 14th. A Rebekah Degree lodge will be organized at Independence soon. Prof. Charles Simmonton has been engaged as the seventh teacher in the Dallas public school. A better selection could not have been made. Mrs. Harry Backensto who has been visiting Albany relatives for severa' weeks has returned to her Dallas home. Tour correspondent had the pleasure last evening of visiting the thriving little village, Perrydale, and noticing the many and lasting improvementf made since he last was in the town The event of the evening was a lecture delivered at the Christian church bj Hon. J. J. Daly of Dallas, to citizens and members of the A. O. U. W. lodge there. A large house greeted him and his remarks upon the order were suet as to materially assist in strengthening its hold upon the community. Having served a very successful ternras Granc master and having twice been a representative to the supreme lodge. Judge Daly is thoroughly cognizant with the workings of the order and can interest an audience upon the subject whether or no they so desire. Gand Lecturer Frank Davey and Rev. O. B. Whitmore were expected, but did not put in ar appearance, and considering this disappointment a very enjoyable time waf had, the members of the order vieing in making our stay cordial and agreeable. At some future day I wish to speak more fully of the improvements noted in the town, and of the men who have assisted in its growth. AN ORIENTAL TALE. "Sir," said Abdullah, as he appeared with his sister Fatima before the judge, "perhaps ycu will remember1 the brave Abbas, who died thirty years ago. He was our father, and left both of us his property in equal portions, on which we have hitherto subsisted in common. Fatima, it is true, has been peevish and Quarrelsome during the last few years, but I always gave way, as I am a lover of peace. But I have recently chosen the beautiful Zoraida for my bride, Rnd thought of giving her this valuable string of pearls the most precious keepsake of my father In my possession, for he gave it to me on his return from a journey when I was five years old, and it has been mine ever since. "But Fatima will have it that the pearls are part of our father's legacy, and claims half of them as her share. She refuses to listen to my arguments and insists upon her claim, not, indeed, for the sake of the pearls; oh, no! 1 see quite plainly she wants to spoil my pleasure and that of my bride elect, for my sister does not like the idea of Zoraida entering the paternal house as mistress. Now, wise Cadi, give me judgment." The Cadi bowed his head and said: "Fatima, is the case as your brother stated?" "It is all quite correct excepting the assertion that the string of pearls belongs to him alone. How does he mean to prove that father gave it him? I dispute the fact and claim my share; my reason for so doing is immaterial to the question at issue." "Well, Abdullah," said the Cadi, addressing the plaintiff, "have you any living witnesses or any handwriting to prove that your father gave you thc-pearls?" "I have nothing of the kind," was the reply. "That is a bad outlook," the Cadi continued, f'l fear there 3 no prospect of flrj amicable settlement by persuad njr ypuv sifts to Accept jgum of rnon ey for her share." "No," she broke in, "I want half of the pearls." "Very well," said the Cadi, beckoning to his clerk; "I must have a report of the case drawn up before delivering judgment. Say, defendant, your name is Fatima. What is your age?" Here she blushed, hesitated, tried more than once to speak, but never uttered a syllable. "How old are you?" the Cadi repeated. "Speak." At last she repied in faltering tones: "I am twenty-eight." "Really?" said the judge, with an ironical smile. "I hereby award the whole string of pearls t Abdullah alone. Take them, plaintiff, and go your way n peace. Fatima is not your sister, for Abbas died thirty years ago, and she is only twenty-eight." LOCKED THE BRIDEGROOM OUT. Guests at the Kennedy House were in good humor all of yesterday over an occurrence which had transpired the night before. Wednesday there arrived from Florida a bridal couple who had come direct to Chattanooga immedi ately following the ceremony. Bride and groom gave every evidence of refinement, and later developments proved their good breeding and modesty was most marked. The gentleman is a prosperous merchant in the land of flowers and his bride one of the bright est and most winsome buds in that gar den of female loveliness. The couple reached the hotel late in the evening, and were immediately ush ered into the bridal room of the hos telry. Shortly following the disposition of the baggage the groom reappeared in the office of the hotel, where only the night clerk remained. That courteous official, noting the nervousness of the stranger-, made bold to inquire if he could provide further toward his comfort. The young man's blush was akin to scarlet when he thanked the clerk and confessed he merely sought the office while his wife retired, and would himself retire a little later. Some time elapsed, when the clerk suggested that the stranger appeared sleepy and possibly the bride was exercised over his long absence. Again the Floridian's modesty painted his face a bright red as he arose and said he believed he would "turn in." In five minutes he was again back in the office. "Mr. Clerk," he said, "I must ask your advice. The modesty of both my wife and myself is developed to an extraordinary extent). While Jsjhe was making her toilet for the night I withdrew. It seems she feared intrusion, and to guard against it locked the door. She has evidently fallen asleep, for I cannot awaken her. What shall I do?" The clerk, who is a man advanced in years, is of blunt, architecture, and readily responded: "Possibly your knock was of the timid character. Try it again, and with more demonstration." The groom acted under instructions, but either the deep sleep of the bride or her extraordinary modesty denied the husband admittance. The clerk retired from the hallway to conceal his mirth, and the goom, thinking he was not detected, lost heart and quietly tiptoed down the hall, took a seat upon :.he back stair landing, and remained there throughout the entire night. Yesterday morning he made his toilet in the wash room, joined the bride at the breakfast table, and, when hunger had been appeased, settled his bill, and the couple took the first train for out of town. DAIRY NOTES. The reason that even with milk of apparently the same quality, it often L.akes longer some days than others to ring butter, is because of a difference n temperature. . Keeping a record of milk and butter 'rom each cow is serving to inculcate 'iabits of carefulness in the boys on the 'arm and also educating the hired help n the right direction. Creameries are undoubtedly a boon "or a community, but there is great Isk in starting one until the milk from 150 to 300 cows is assured. With that is a basis and an intelligent constit-lency, the growth of business is almost :ertain. The Babcock Milk Test, which is do-rng so much to systemize and enlarge he profits of the dairy business, was -he invention of Prof. Babcock of the Wisconsin Experiment station. This is mother proof of the value of these government establishments when manned iy men who continually study the .vants of the farmer. There were 667 exhibits of cheese at 'he World's fair, of which Canada sent 162 and obtained 126 medals out of the entire award of 135. Thirty-one Can-xdian exhibits also scored higher than he highest cheese from United States 'actories. For cheese made in 1833, Quebec received twenty medals, while Ontario took but one. The latter province, however, led in number of med- ils for older cheese. TWENTY YEARS EXPERIENCE". CJ. D. Fredricks, the well-known pho tographer, 770 Broadway, New York, says: "I have been using Allcock's Porous Plasters for 20 years, and found them one of the best of family medicines. Briefly summing up my experience, I ?ay that when placed on the small of the back Allcock's Plasters fill the body with nervous energy, and thus cure Catigue, brain exhaustion, debility and kidney difficulties. For women and ?hildren I have found them invaluable. They never irritate the skin or cause the slightest pain, but cure soar throat, coughs, colds, pains in side, back or chest, indigestion and bowel complaints." LIFE IS MISERY To many people who have the taint of scrofula in their blood. The ago nies caused by the dreadful running sores and other manifestations of this disease are beyond description. There is no other remedy equal to Hood's Sarsaparilla for scrofula, salt rheum and every form of blood disease. It is reasonably sure to benefit all who give it a fair trial. Hood's Pills cure all liver ills. "During my term of service in the army I contracted chronic diarrhoea," says A. E. Bending, of Halsey, Oregon. "Since then I have used a great amount of medicine, but when I found any that would give me relief they would injure my stomach, until Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy was brought to my notice. I used it and will say it is the only remedy that gave me permanent relief and no bad results follow." For sale by Baskett & Van Slype. When a doctor considers it necessary to prescribe sarsaparilla, he- simply orders a bottle of Ayer's, knowing full well that he will obtain thereby a surer and purer preparation than any other which the drug store can furnish. Ayer's jSargaparUla th? superior med- REAL ESTATE. The following is a list of the real es tate transfers filed yesterday in ihe omce of the county recorder and re ported by the Union Title Abstract Co. Robert J. Caples and wife to Geo. W. Sweaney; (W. D.) 100 acres in John Swegles d 1 c t 5 h, r 1 w ..$ j Geo. W. Sweaney to Miss Bertha Caples; .W. D.) 100 acres in John Swegles d 1 c t 5 3, r 1 w ; A. Bush to Geo. W. Hunt; (V. D.) lOo acres in t 8 s, r 2 w 2,000 Oregon Land Co. to Myrtle J. Vaughn; (W. D.) n 4 acres of lot 16 and lots 17, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, and 54 in Sunnyside Fruit farm No. 5 containing 24 acres. 63" Salem Motor R. R. Co. to Charles H. Burggraf; (W. D.) lot 3 blk 10 in Morr.ingside add to Salem 300 David M. 3artlett and wife to Alice T. Davis; (Q. C. D.) lots 10, 11, 12, and 13 blk 9 in Highland add to Salem 100 Total $ 2,941 Also four mortgages with a consideration of $4,790. THE STRONGEST DEFENSE Against ill health, debility and nervousness is to promote digestion, activity of the liver and regularity of the bowels with the incomparable alterative and tonic, Hofetetter's Stomach Bitters, a medicine without a drawback, safe and thorough, and having the highest professional sanction. It promotes an adequate secretion of the gastric juices that act as solvents of the food, and insures its conversion into rich, nourishing blood, which never fail to honor the drafts for strength made upon it by the rest of the system. As a laxative of the bowels it is natural and gentle in operation, but at the same time effective. By directing the bile into its proper channel it removes the many and harassing symptoms of liver complaint. Heartburn, inausea', sick headaches, nervousness, rheumatism, malaria and kidney trouble are remedied by it. McKees Rocks, Pa., Feb. 3, 1892. Norman Lichty Mfg. Co., Des Moines, Iowa Gentlemen : Your Krause's Headache Capsules have been and still are the greatest sellers and have given the most entire satisfaction of any article we ever kept in our stores. We have sold gross afterg ross of them in the past two years and in not a single case have they failed to cure any and all kinds of headaches in the most satisfactory manner. Yours -respectfully, K. D. Kramer & Co. For sale by Dan. J. Fry, 225 Commercials treet, Salem. 25 cents. I had a severe attack of catarrh and became so deaf I could not hear com mon conversation. I suffered terribly from roaring in my head. I procured a bottle of Ely's Cream Balm, and in throe weeks could hear as well as I ever could, and. now I say to all who are afflicted with the worst of diseases, catarrh, take Ely's Cream Balm and be cured. It is worth $1,030 to any man, woman or cmia sun.enng irom catarrh. A. E. Newman, Grayling, Mich. SEE THE WORLD'S FAIR FOR FIF TEEN CENTS. Upon receipt of your address and fif teen cents in postage stamps, we will mail you prepaid our Souvenir Portfolio of the World's Columbian Exposi tion, the regular price is fifty cents, but as we want you to have one, we make the price nominal. You will find it a work of art and a thing to be prized. It contains full page views of the great buildings, with descriptions of same, and is executed in highest style of art. If not satisfied with it, after you get it, we will refund the stamps and let you keep the book. Ad dress, H. E. BUCKLEN & CO., Chicago, 111. Perhaps some of our readers would like to know in what respect Chamberlain's Cough Remedy is better than any other. We will tell you. When this remedy is taken as soon as a cold has been contracted, and before it has become settled in the system, it will counteract the effect of the cold and greatly lessen its severity, and it is the only remedy that will do this. It acts in perfect harmony with nature and aids naure in relieving the lungs, opening the secretions, liquefying the mucus and causing Its expulsion from the air cells of the lungs and restoring the system to a strong and healthy condition. No other remedy in the market possesses these remarkable properties. No other will cure a cold so quickly. For sale by Baskett & Van Slype. Tho MnnntAin Herbal reindev. BO universally used and known as Oregon Blood .runner, is king 01 spring meai- unep. us it now. uw Heals Running Sores. I Cures 1 the Serpent's I Sting. nmrraoinno bUll I HU1U UO m all its stages completely BLOOD POISON SSSSS-S -mmmm yield to its healing powers; It remove toe poison ana uuuub uu mc oy bwiu. A valuable treatise on the disease ana its treatment mailed free. I SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Atlanta, Ga. OF H Easily, Quickly, Permanently Restored. Weakness, Nervotisness, Ifv 1; 1 1 1 1 , a iiu mi iiit? nam or evils rrom eariy errors ur later excesses, the resultsof overworn. eicKnets, worry, . 1 . . i ? . . . 1, .1 ,-..1 etl3. I UUBllCUJiUl,UO,n- nnmont wild torip civen to -every organ and portion of tlie body. s?impie,nai- explanation and proofs mailed (sealed) free. ERIE MEDICAL CO., Buffalo, N.Y. BETTOW'S A Positive Cure FOrt PILES. In use over 50 years. Himi-le. J-tfrcire Wonderful, liiyhest test! monials. At druesists, or ciie1 on receipt of price 3Uc, per oox. WiSXElVAKS & 833WR d:iuq CO., Preys,, Mm9&! 2tf lf I 0 So! 11 VGOR 1 cve 1 lei 1 TO THE LADIES OF AMERICA. S3" There are directions for BlackwelPs CX , r -S-v HK..VV--" 7h. f ...Mr r isj 'Great Dull flovemcnt." BULL is a mftd and pleasant stimulant vhich CLictb me ncrrs and in no way excites or deranges the system. In this respect it is distinctive. It gives the moct solid comfort with no unpleasant effects. Made only by Blackweil s Durham Tobacco Co.. Durham, I , C. AT TEES I V-?Cvthe: p O.W.R.MF'G.C9 PORTLAND. Formula bvall Urutririsr Price Si and S2 ner bottle TO INVESTORS IN CITY BONDS. Sealed proposals will be received at the office of the city recorder of the city of Salem, Marion county, Oregon, up to and including the 21st day of No vember, A. D., 1S93, for the sale of $39,-000.00 of bonds of the city of Salem, to run fifteen years, in denominations to suit the successful bidder. Said bonds to draw annual interest, at the rate of (6 per cent.) six per cent, interest, pay able semi-annually, both principal and interest payable in gold coin of the United States, at either Salem San Francisco, Chicago or New York at the option of the purchaser, such option to be expressed prior to the passage of the final ordinance authorizing and fixing the terms of the issue. The right to reject any and all bids is hereby reserved. ED. N. EDES, Salem, Oct., 23. 1893. Recorder. 10-24-td . CHOICE MEATS if-;--?.':."- E. C. CROSS keeps none tent the beet of meat-of all kinds. Bams, Bacon, Lard, etc. Buj once and see for yourself. 108 State street. Court street. DR. VANDEN BURG'S OAPALORUM. An excellent bair tonic and dressing. Keep your bead clean of dandruff and prevents the hair from falling oat. For sale by 5-12-dlm BASKETT & VAN SLYPE. annus injection a T-nlll'K1ra Xevnatr frif all TlHTl fttTirfl.1 J LI J 11 1 ill li U1U JH-lllV-i'J v 1 discharges, resulting irom private diseased guaranteed not to produce stricture; nol 1 UUU11V C JllClAV-e JL luoovitiiiiu. "J FUarmacien, Paris. Money to Loan ! On farm or city property, on long or short time. We make special ran-s on large amounts Loans considered without delay. FEAR & FOKD. Boom 12. over Ladd A Bosh's bank dw J. H. HAAS, WATCHMAKER 215 Commercial street. Salem. Beth Thomas watches, watches, ciocx o jewtuxy re pair 041 as. la noura vtonoxrbcR antii .liahiimrAa fnnm tVi a ..rtnarVnrJ I mnsnrearrested by8antal-Midy iVlioeSil. Of ALLJjiRIJUttlSTSj Howard the House-Mover, Residence 451 Marion street. Place of btm'-nesn at Gray Bros.' hardware store. Children Pry for ftcher Stella WW - ' - A V5t 3v mm For "your children, for general cooking purposes and on summer outings you will find the Gill BORDEII EAGLE BR4IID Condensed Milk a luxury. Insist on having the Eagle brand and take no substitute. It's economy to ; buy the Best. Your Grocer and Druggist sell it. using on the label of every can. Bull Durham Smoking1 Tobacco Made a record leng years ago, which h never I.ccn beaienor 1 1 . 1 t . . approaci.cj. u nas noi iq -aay. a goci sexnji in popularity. Its rrd fnifrrm r YrpllfWrt pleases the n:r of t-dav as f :rem. kad. SdU .v.icrc DJJRH When In Portland be sure to take in the greatest novelty at the Exposition. We shall bake biscuits and cak every afternoon and evening on our pretty "JEWEL" Gas Stove. Everybody cordially invited to have a biscuit with us; and see the wonderful merits of GOLDEN WEST BAKING POWDER proved by actual work. NOTICE- BOSTON TAILORING AND STEAM DYEING WORKS A specialty of ladles' jackets remodeled from old to new i-tyle. Ladies' and pentlemeas' clothing cleaned, dyed, repaired and pressed. Ladies' dretes, shawls, ribbons, laces, t-ilks, satins gloves and piece goods of all kinds cleaned, dved aud pretsed. Work neatly done on short notice I. GOLI 4 CO. 105 State street, between Commercial and Liberty streets. -PRICE LIST. Cleaned rnd Presed. ARTICLES $2.00 to $150 mit 1.60 to 2.00 Coat and Vest. Cleaned. Dyed Pressed ...$3.00 to $3 50 . . . 2.00 to 2 60 . . 1 25 to 1 50 ... 2.00 to 8 00 .. 2.00 to 2 50 .. 1.60 to 2 50 ... 1 50 to v.OO ... 2.00 to 8 00 100 200 7-s to 100... Pair of Pants.. 2 SO Overc at 2.00, whole Dreises, ripped Sack Jacket.. Cloak or Ulitr. Khawls. single SbawK double 1.60 to 1.50 to - - '-""J La mo liacK, &Ca OH. SANDEN'S ELECTRIC BELT With Electro Magnetic SUSPENSORY Win curp without nwiicine all kmem resnltint? fmtTI over-taxation of brain nerve forces: excesses or Indiscretion, as nervous debility, sleeplessness languor, rhvumatism, kidttey, liver and bladder complaints, lenieback. lumhatjo. sciatica, all female complaint, penera) ill heaitn, etc. This electric Belt contains Von4erful inprareaiaU ever all Other. nrrent is inntantiv felt by wearer or we forfeit and will cure all of the ariove diseases or no pa v. Thou sands have been cured by this marvelous invention after all other remedies failed, and we frive hundreds of testimonials in this and every other state. Our Powerrol In proved ELECTRIC SISPFOKY. tn greatest boon ever offered weak men, FKKB wttbsll Mtu Health aad Vigorous StreB$rth Gl ARASTfcKD la 60 t H)UN fiend forlllus'd Pamphlet, m ailed. sealed tree SANDEN ELECTRIC CO.. FlrasHtrcct, POBTLAM) OIXK. DO YOU HESITATE? WILL YOU SUFFER UNTIL DEdTH ? NO REMEDY ON EARTH CAN CURE YOU UNLESS YOU USE ITI .r DOES YOU D C A f HO GOOD TO tlLHU ABOUT OREGON KIDNEY TEA UNLESS YOU TAKE IT. Sack-Ache. Diabetes, Inflammation or 3 ladder. Yellow Witcr, no BmsHra Disease. Yield Quickly to its Poweb- TRY iT. s and Tank! AT 103 STATE.gTJlEJST. Bakin&PoWdep Pump ChorchiH f Bun A DEAD GIVEAWAY. The price of the WEEKLY OREGON STATESMAN and PACIFIC AGRICULTURIST IS $2 H YEAR Until further notice, to all subscribers paving a full vear in advance, will be presented a beautiful picture- These pictures are not daubs or chea "chromos. but such as sell for from $1 toS2 in art stores all over the country. After much trtmbleVand timet we have secured four pictures, from which subscribers may select. These are: The LaottP ol Columbus. The great original of thin picture is in the rotunda of the Capitol at 'Waehinirt..n It was painted by Vanoerlyn, and represents one of the greateet ever ta i i American history. It is bo familiar to all Americano, that it needs no description here. The painting has the poft and mellow tones of the works of the old mas'ers, and is one if the early paintings of this distinguished artist. Our copy is the first snci-essfol reproduction, wherein the color, canvas effert and tone is ro faithfully preserved that it cannot be distinguished from an oil painting. Size, 21x28 inches. Christ before Pilate. This painting by Munkaeey is so well known as far as the description of the characters are concerned, that it is hardly necessary to describe it again. The original was purchased by Mr. John Wanamaker, for the sum of of $120,000, and is the most wonderful art work of the century. The facsimile has been made in full colors of the great original ; 17x24 inches The Horse Pair. This is one of Rosa Bon near 's most celebrated pictures. The more yon see of i' the more you find points of admiration and delight. The original is so well known and has been viewed by so many thousand people weekly at the Metrotoiitan Museum of Art, that a description is needless. Photo etching, size, 20x34 inches. Tlie Scottish Plaid. This is a companion piece to the "Horse Fair," and by the same Artist. It represents a number of sheep and cattle being stampeded by Scottish marauders The scene is verv realistic, and is onsidered the best painting of cattle evei pro luced. Photo etching, size, 20x34 inches. Is a twelve page paper, theonly illustrated farm ja per in the Northwest, and the only Farm Paper in the country also publishing all the news. We want 10,000 new subscribers therefore we make this most liberal offer of fine pictures free of cot. (Those subscribers who receive the New Yoik Tribune will not also get a tore). HDDfiESS HLL ORDERS TO D, (I esman o in size, also by photo etching, 21x28 inches wmw SALEM, Oil o Co., 4

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