The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1947 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1947
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 5947 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Em'oJ?" *" BM '" «•»««« •» Kooth jtr l"«??L-..--II";" Me Coutit rive iiT*zmf« wordi to th* Ujic. Ad ordered for t6rt« 01 tli «OH end •topped iMfar* explrfttioa «m h« chari. -d (ex tb. number of tlaee the al ap- ••"ill* atllustment or blU ule. All o^si/led AdvettUlai; copy eaV Bltttd by uersotii reildlnii otltalde of Uae city mu»t tie accompanied by caih. Ratee uiy k« •»•«> computed froa the abote table. Adrertlslni; order for Irrenlw UODB Ukes the one ttae iftU Mo teipcmlbUUj wlU be taku fer •ore than one Incorrect InaerUoi el cl>aalned ad. For Sole ,RABY CHICKS Quadruple A «lb,76 Mr atbilrfj. Jim Drown Hlore 8!&-ck-lf BARY CHICKS [ From cerlifk-d flockB. Fast rrowlQK and Kooil luvers. Cufilom Ijatcbinx. tlrder now. IMaluck Halchery. North U[ K hway. l'bon« 3172. <Hl-ck!f 130, 40 & 52 gallon Norge electric heaters arc now available at Planters Hardware Co. Ask for installed prices. Elements are available for any prfwer lines. 4-21-ck-tf For Salt 2 large lots with three sets of liouses En rrid* Addition. 2211 Car ' PAGE W. I., norm, Dell, Ark. rolvn ' MERCHANTS CBD lire you fuiuivdlale delivery on double dull K»*t CMC* In any l«Mgtbi. JUso UAY« l»«VBr»KB coolers, walk-in refrlijemton, and deep freeze c«bl- nels. butcher luppUea. Also Mills Couipreitora. Phono Dell Scott, 2250. POWER LAWN MOWERS. See the last word in a power lawn mower—the Pathfinder—the one that cuts to any height and under any conditions, lilylheville Machine Shop. 4-1.2 ck-tf — i Complete stock of Softball equipment, including flashy colored . uniforms. Price Price $fi.'l, r >, Sli.!)5, SS.t.5. Planters Hardware, Inc. r> 5 ck If lierlal OIL 01 * U.K. — Oily Ur.ler, North fiidt! •— 2 aere.i tHisiiii'KS arid industrial silo. N<j reslricliiilis nil building or business. Mioue l-'ield • — - ini'1.11 liiwn eliairs; .| Uonvor rnnki- IjreakfnKt cbnirH; leo llnx. used one. Alin:it>e.r; 2 gooil Eereeili'd elunr*.; yU KiToened wliulou' Irnim'*. f.irne linve K"0tl screen. I'linue y-iyo or :Mi71 1'latforiu rocker, bedroom suite - 1 Busier bed, box springs nnd Huntress; dijielle mite, eleelrie and coal hlnve: kitchen uibini.t; r:ld[n; living room suite and end lal.les. ll.mie Seri'i"tf ti SloraKe Co. I'll. £801. All practically new. &|l7-nk-2-l (oufh Intnljer. All kinds of dimensions. 1'rices Iiuve been rednrad to fanners who eouit niter it. O. K. Kollj.son. on W. CflJJip lloullrie. 1'hone 3:109. I c|3 I Have something you don't need I Trade or sell it at Sw&]i Shop. 401 E Main. I'hone 859. 41'JO-ck-tf cane porch rockers. In E<m condition. Call 27SB. 5-G dh tf rocker. Hddilif,' Also dining rimn nitrliine and vanity, suite. I'hone 405. |New r. room vacant house. 2 bedrooms, 'A closets. '1 porches. I.ol fiO \ 170. All ready to move, in. ?HOf)l). South -1st. Across (nun Mooncy's CIrocery. H«c or (.'.-ill Pred Smith, i'hone 3914. fp|M-|ik-28 I.1IJKT KKCK1VKD |A few lartjL' WestinRhouRe cleclric water healers. Also have, one Kood uspil fi^'Kiill'm WeHtinKhouse water heritor. Hike Kelly. Ark.-u. 1'owor C'o 1'l.on, 2011. f'lltj-rk-lf Ijcrfi-y Milch Cow. 1'lione 780. f.liti-pk-26 |Brand new f. room home. one-haT i.rrt Rromiil. Can be bonflit on >»nin. llifli wny I Hunt. I'araBoulil. Ark Safes for sale. 1'honc 2072, Ted Green. tion. 1'lione 549. i, 10 or 15 acres o[ land. 1 y, miles sonlli of Illytheville. Ueaulifitl build 0 ncres with nir'o Mimll home '.', l.iile off Hvvy. Ul south of iu.«ri. On stliuol place, to Mve. Priced rial,; .v^llT ienns. Modern suburban ',. :.„'.,• , .,-1 „! IMvllievllle. Tills pi ice is well improved, has 100 x 'fjv bit O'L riMi.ei street, with built-in f:imi.:' leinint bouse ond other c..i:f,.iil.|iiii'. l'r:ved M'itb terms. Kee I'll. V.inu>. •I room lionsi! with in corner lot IComforfable 3 bedroom house adjoining school grounds Possession June 1st. See o call Max Logan, Keallor. Lynch Uldg. Phone 2031. 15 room modern home. Will sell completely furnished. Immtjpate. possession. Kas- ily financed. See or Call ft lax Logan, Realtor, Lynch I$ld{?-, phone 2034. (Modern 5 room house. FHA financed. In perfect condition.- Immediate possession. House is completely insulated and weather stripped. On large lot. See or call Max Logan, Itunltor. Lynch BWg. I'hone 20,51. 5 19 ck 20 room lionse, well l.,.-e.t-il I'rir,' f2.1:M H.ilf down anil tin- tx ronrs. '>A>anie ?20 |icr month. T<JSS'i-si:,>i Avi;h deed. off Mitin Htreet. Tr;-;J Sri.OliO with terms. For <ltlirlc snip - store. Wei! locnred, v.'jlfi all fixtures Rny store w-i,il I pe,'d. Wnlk-in lm». .iisplay men! i-iiin'".-, inlier fixlitres IIKI n il,|>--->.is to tei'tn- lion. This is on 'L eurn ;r !o' will] nire hoinp nnd rcntiil lions,' All v ,u'< cheap w'ith *tn:lll down pnyineiu t 1 32,400. \Vill invoiei' st'i,.-k. It's worth your while lo investitnle ihi«. room bouse, nti \sh KlrecJ. -;los-? ill. Trice $f..r,00. Tnrins. We liavo other aiiiall honiM Hsl'-l i-;lli down pnvments as low n<i tn;i:t. bi.l anco less than rent. If vein Mr; in th. irket to hnv or sell a liomij nr Jarin aee us Wfi lire well ndverlised an- liave bnyrrs for nil kinds of ren est:ile. List your property wllli lit wi; trive complete real e-slrt'.*: se-viee Kce or esll OHAY. Itriillor. I'll, r.lil llKlt't' HflSK. Salesman, ph. -1-">OP Uffiee willi W. .M. Willums In! Aci-y, lift .S. Third .St.. I'bon •27R1. !>|in-|.k-2 :U8 X. Oth Stn ttires with livin>: nmrte <;,,i..1 In.-nlion,. K ood l,nv riflil. M. U. r'AHRIS Kteele, Mo. .mbine.l. J'rici'd size l>no-tliRrm Heiinni: "s'tnvc." ot>rest mnltress and springs. • 817. 2210 Carolyn St. Inlernnlional !>rlionl bus. iidiluin — ].rirrd lo sell. Hlyllievilk- Cnnrli Lines. 10'. North inklin. . r i!SOek-lf ••Irvrial IdnrV I'nlanil Cliinn tilts fnr- JS days. Kticil.te fur 7:17. ...hold t-nn.Is. stn Is. 11-10 Holly. dr fri. dishes fi.21-l.k-24 Clievrolet trnrk. heavy iliily witb III no--'0 tires. I'rie.'d lo sell. l>ri. Talutii. llolltini!. .Mo. 1'holie IT K :t. i M.viilft. Also nildiliniial li>l soira- Me [or IraildiiiK. Olive \V. Mike. I, II Manila 5|21 -pk-^S Help Wanted DIRTIlinUTIXO PUANCMIIS*: - Ynti need small truck. adei|U*!o rlo space, sufficient en|.ilnl (frnm fl.lM ll[0 to start in hifh with our uilliimnll. known line t.( "I'Al'OOKK" roiul ileins for grocery Anil inslilnliona trn.le Address I'. 1). llos 07. N.-i Orleans. l.:i.. KlvloR referenres. a nble capital ami territory you efficiently cover. r,|10.|,k-2 For Rent Bedrooms, Tlione 9f>2. Pasture fnr mules, borecs and r.illlc ritone 609. 4|2!»-pk- - '" iraiso nnd Kerslco Station, tin x 50 with Gas pnmti. Clinin hoist, floo larks, air compressor, etc. Keen il business 13 yrs. $20.00 per Also all Innil tools, stock and sulv-i..- Hwy 1 Kast. Just out nt C.^'i -i'h 7 r' II. 1'iiragonld. A rV. <• ' i9-l>k-2 ^rpe modern, con] brdrootn. HIS \Ve Walnut. ->!20pk-J Hrdronin. ronvenle sn2. r i. nil w. ji Bedroom. Kilchfn prlvilriiCl. HIT Chirl. 2-pk-2 Wanted City Property: We have :*>me buyers To choice residence in lilylhe theville. and. sm-ronrulin towns. Also for chca cl , ,„.„„»,. ,,o r ,«i,ie radio.! houses and vacant lots. '""wine 'rnti'rhinr. I'hone 2900 kfter [f vou haVC nny kind O Op,,.. 1.-0! llearn. S|2l-,.k-2« properly for SIllC, -ROC .n.l bath, on l»r. : e lot wrjtc of ,..,.,_ RIALES LAND CORIPAN Office in Hale lUdg.. aero;from City Hall Phone 3322 Russell K. H Sales Ren D. Hamner R. M. Bcc 5 14 pk 2 |:,I>|KI» 421 Also :I7 Kord 11 For,! Super Deluxe tndnr. 23 icrile St. Pride Addition. modern borne. Hardware floors, ivlv redecorated Inside. This i^ a ulifiil home. Tbe r.innts -,re -*^ well nrranpe.l. von will ai.prrrinin this l>erne II will carry KIIX or (51 loan Tor rpiieV sale, owner movi-u- nnd will eive possession now. Tri-e ¥'..00^). \Ve have not had nnvtrin\r lifted as K ooi1 tl'is season. $2.r.?0 cr iv,-s will ''"n'TllKR OKAY 1!KA1,T'>I) I'n.MS 11KRT liOSS. SAI.F.SMVX. I'h. 3M* Office will. \V. M. WiUhint In, _J 15 S. Third SI., Pbone 2751.' WANTED General Office Girl. Experience helpful but not necessary, permanent position with good future, [deal working conditions. Excellent starting salary. Phone 3412 THREE ROADS ttighway Safily \\ChzckYourDfMng! Check Your Car! ' \ Check AccJdt nts!^ PHILLIPS OUT FRONT with PHILLIPS MOTOR COMPANY Walnut at Fifth—Blytheville, Ark.—Tel. 453—3715 SerrJctf TF.IISUTKS. •uur lien mrvlce, ll«vo ?"".','"""" I etlcil for iioi'ilblo In- IikMlon. Irentmcnl sntiranliH'd. "Ho forllfie.l »i,t, CKIITII'JKIV'. Wall.' terlilicd Teiiiillu Uerslco, 1701 lljarn. I lion.' ••nv-i.^ 4|-iIi pt-f.ll'U MONKY TO LOAN l)o you need * loan to rejwtr or remodel? No down payment, no mortgmjfe, no red t«»e. HI A ipproTed rate 6%. Ask fo.' details. Mmx Ix>g»n, Hcaltor, phone 2034. Lynch Bldg., HlytheTlIte. 9-23-«k-t-{ Let us Kliarjien nnd repair your lawn mower, rep;urd- less of kind or si'/.e. (Set yours ready now, and nviwt the rush. We pick up ami deliver. Itlythuvillc Macliim. Shop, 211 S. 2nd St., phone 2S28. '1-^-rk-tf TAIXTlKli ~~ Satlvfu-o,,,, (..iinrnnleed. Monthly terinri If tlejnred. <' : L|| r, 1:1 li.r fr, Mini ,111111. •Aultu'iillralcil cnse-i prove Unit llio luilr doi.'s turn yrnj' overnlghl orrnsluiinlly. Local * L»a( UhUnm Moilnc *tp aa4 a^vlfaWBi. Alt- ••»»• ••rrlc* a\ Wonted to Rent Vanled In rent !L or .] room unfurnished i|,:irti!ienl \\ rile I,, Cure L'ourier News. r.-l'J II or 5 room unfurnished house. Phone .3509. 4-23-dh-ll Wanted to Buy niilril to Imy /r.nn owner smnll .| or r, room l.nuve. Well t«f:>lei[ .(; niinlern. Musi In. |,ri> re:. »Uc. Answer lo 1)LW Core Courier News. f.-IOK Cash for wrecked nr junk automobiles. Wade Auto Salvage, North Hi way fil. Phone 3785. 3 27 i>k 5 27 Strayed lrnyeiMllack nmre jnnle. weiulit l.JII, !!,«.. u-liil,- strenl: iicm-.s tin.-e I'all,, Iticlmrdann. II..U Moon. For Complete Protection Against All INSURABLE HAZARDS Phone 3545 W. J. POLLARD AGENCY Glencoe Hotel Bldg. 124 W. Ash St. LADIES---Come to U-DO-IT LAUNDRY and do your family wash on our modern MAYTAG MACHINES. Open 7 A. M. . . . Closn 5:30 P. M. Saturday at Noon Open each Tuesday and Thursday until 9 p.m. 32.'! North 2nd Street clothe^ Willie llelle (Ireell. II 12 S. louse IMnviiiK. !•'! years ex- perieiK-o. I'lonty of eipiip- metil. Kefereiifes. Leveling, foiindalirin repairing. Virgil I'oley, plume :!2<)L? Dti pk li 2 Vo tlnUli laundry. \Vn«li litlit .|,iill» und l,l:inl..ts. \Mng to Vd'l I'liuk LADIES Do Your Wash Automatically And Sdve! 3Sc up to «)"[.l)s Dry Wci.u-lil Wo Kuriiisli Soup liluinjr l''i'i'e! lii-M! Let r.'|i!lir ynnr Inni- nr.'. ..I Mr,,e» ntid. elc. .M<,. liny nd si-ll MS..I (iirnitnre. Ml I .'I, Mnv i iijNI Itenl n I-'loor Siintlcr AT WARDS. Save money liy rei'iiiisliing your own Floods. Adds years of life and them new hctuily. H's to (In, tool MONTGOMERY WAU1) X- (X)., -lOa Main I'hone Ml 2-i:j-lli For Hire Tractor hri^Vini; idovv. In-ilillili: plow iliKc. liariiiw >iul idnntiir. Call II. II Wnllnce. I'linn,. L'll!:l Help Wanted THE Washerette Alain Division THREE SIMPLE STEPS! 1. I'lnce clotliini; i" Hendis 2. Add soap, wnil or .shop ii. 'l';iho fhillics lioiuc in .'tfi nuiuiti's. Alondny, Open I nwdny, Friday !) :>. ji\. on We Guarantee RECAPPING with Hawkinson Treads • Let Your Next Tires Be GENERALS Cost More — Worth More MODINGER TIRE CO. t!6 F., Mnln Phone ZZ01 "I Don't Want It for the Car — I Wanna Drink It Myself!, 9 199 Certainly sir, we're pi ml lo let you have it drink: and on r modern, clean rest rooms arc at your x«rvicc too: cv«n when you don't hnve occasion to Imy bur fine oil, gitri, and other merchandise uj> to date und economy.priced. LOY EICH CHEVROLET CO. Z Wrrckrn Texaco I Phone 578 24 Ilr. Scrrle* Selberllnr Tim UoiLK..keepi-r anil nnn]>!iiiliMi fur elderly JliJdle ne.,,1 ,vnin,,n prefe.rei'.. MUM In, aide I., drive .nr. Mri. Ad:L Hr.inka, Steel,.. M,,.. pi r. pit. wt.rl;, $:.!) In :f7r. per week, rirnsniit |,ei«,,imlily. n.,.,|,~»ary. Answer llos I., o;o CiinrliT New*, ; Kxpcrhncnls nt MIclilRRn Slnlc College slmw llinl flui wocrt-klllur, 'l.t-lt, in 10 to 20 limes more pow- I'lTiil when mixed with onion juice. Strayed or Stolen ivwurd nrfernil for Itilorinnllon l.ndlnu I., rcenvri-)- of main ,-hnM- cln|I WrtCllI r.'l II... I.Ifllt liroil-ll \villi l.l.iek tiplii'd ..:,r- ,V Muck strltni on lull. I'll :iKOCi. ' 17-iik-JI PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Gimranlced Itcst Prices Kirby Drug Stores I Mofe Help Wanted HAI.KSMAN - MAN WITH AMBITION . ARC 21 10 35. Nn previous experience necessary. Cocer local territory. I>rr.w Ing account, good cliiincti for advancement. WrilB previous experience. Snapshot If possible. Uoterencea. Uo* 678 o!o Courier News. 4123 ck If Late, type 2 role cnlllvalor for. H or M Farmatl Krc U. S. Blanlicnship. Dell Ark. SllS-iik- 1 !' Total mimbcr of deaths from cancer In 1929 was 111.569. Steel Oil Barrel Racks Any Size T. LMABRY 123 MISSOURI ST. PI I. Poys To Check Your Car Before You Take That Summer Vacation!" (See Us Now) LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut & Broadway BUICK Dial 555 U. S. ROYAL A Natural Aid For Kidney, Bfaddcr DISOUOEUS 1. Stimulate kidney rnnrllon. •J. Kofilli.i bliulder [rrilatinn. 3. Nenlrnltjii' III ii-nridily. -t. I)iscli;ir>:i, 5)?teinio «[isles. W h y itul |!lv<- Moiin- 1nin Vnlli.)- IL lri:ill II I..,- Ind I i.: ine ll k inis- nnds. II, litlillnl 1,, Inrt CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main «nd Division Hlythevllle, Ark. DON EDWARDS "The Typewriter Man- ROYAI>, SMITH, CORONA tod REMINGTON PORTABLE 119 N. SECOND ST. PHONX t«J (Ererj Trans/mtlon MD8T BK HATiaFACTORT* FARM DITCHES DITCH BANK LEVELING PRIVATE ROADS QR ANY EXCAVATION S.J.COHEN Contractor LYNCH BLDG. BLYTHEVILLSARK. • Phone 3646M2S25 „ APPROVED SERVICE T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Radios and Heaters Wholesale and Retail Genuine Chrysler Parts for all Chrysler Products New Factory Motors ' Batteries Tires and Tubes Paint and Body Shop MAKE OUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT YOUR SERVICE DEPARTMENT 131 E. Main St. Phone 2122 | Save 50% Chopping Expense J > Plant Chemically nclinted, Fuzx-Vrce COTTON SEED. r |; ;•: Snvc Money—C to 10 Ll>s. per Acre. Any com, pea orijj J bean planter will plant these smontli, slick cotton seed. £ jjj Can he plowed !> lo f> <Tays aflcr^planting. ROWDBN .11 K — STONEVILLE 2C — I> 1' & L 14 For Sale By BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phones 856-857 I PRICILLA'S POP Gy AL VERMEEI i ff you hdd your Way, you'd eat cake until) you burst/ Y /ind just after Mommy's \ c/eaned th' kitchen, too'

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