The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, July 17, 1944
Page 6
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SO DONT QTJOTE ME- Candidates Find Climax of Campaign Near But Speakers. Not Drawing Crowds ! BY JIM DOWNING Uiiifed JVess StalT Correspondent LITTfcE ROCK, July 17. (UP)— rheTstate jwiltlcal campaigns are reaching that. pre-election pltcl where tlie candidates, hoarse-volcec mid Jed-eyed, are daily and nightly exh&rling •. the' .multitudes while a headquarters rlh'eir campaign manager^ are keeping tlieir cars to the groiuid, scribbling memos,: Writing checks, dictating letters and conning long lists of registered voters from every county, ';. The antipathy of the- qualified voters this year has been such as to cause experienced political opera tors : lo rend their beards in extreme niiglikh, : ' . Candidates advertise (their com Irig'With billboards, placards, newspaper ads; radio talks and word-of mouth. Tlieir local managers and co-chairmen rally the faithful nnd telephone their friends. Such a scurrying and bustling you never saw. Tlic Great Man arrives at the ap pointed hourv Climbing the speaker's stand lie finds himself facing nn audience of 35 or 40 sfid-eycd and disinterested loiterers who came over from the shade in front of the court- houSe or happened by on their way to the Blue Goose Cafe to see If tile bus -had come in. The candidate grits his teeth and shuts his e\es and lets fly;with his speech, snouting loudest and using the most gestures nt the parts where his arguments are weakest in-logic. He cuts it short by toil'minutes and departs, sweaty and reproachful. Elbert' McFusty, who was . in the audience with his wife, his mother and his two kids, followed the speech pretty closely, but on the way home in his 1935 Plymouth with its "A" sticker he found that none of the three adults could remember whether the Great Man had said he was For or Against the Issues, Elbert hns been trying to get Into town'to hear every candidate, hop- ing.thereby to get an honest evaluation of each man's Qualifications, but what with the number'of per-' sons"running, plus the gasoline •situation,, he has had his-troubles,:' For a lime, he tried- to make^his trips to town do double duty,: going by the Blood Bank to give htsipint on such occasions; but when he grew dlwy and collapsed at a rally, he had to give that up. •<.-"'... •. >,>H Truth to tell,McFusty is-a bit puzzled bj political campaigns.-.'He v;as foiccd to admit'his; Ignorance the other day when little Butadiene, his seven->enr old daughter, asked him how a imn running for- a* job that pajs only a few thousand dollars a sear can afford; to.Iny down some $35,000 tor advertising, " ; . Thirty-five ' thousand dollars—to McFusty—Is one whale ot> a-lot< of currencj, to be spoken of in hushed tones and with pioper regard to the Things-that Matter. -, ••.: >.>,>!, The following conversation, then, took place: . •-• • •, ,..,>.; McFusty—"Tlie man doesn't spend that money out of his own pocket; his friends give it to him.'. 1 -. '-:\f Butadiene—'Gosh, they 1 must like him an awful lot Don't they, huh like him s lot, huh?" ••.<.-..•. McFusty-:"Wcll, no, I guess some of them-don't even know him."'! ; Butadiene —' Gollj, .floes he Hvu- nytize 'em'' :•: ... ".'•;.. McEusty—"In a manner of speaking, yes,-1 guess he does." .-•' • Butadiene—"In my numbers class I learned It isn't *ery good business to spend more than you expect to get back for stuff" ::..<.,•.. •.:. ; McFnsty—"Your numbers teacher obMously is a hopeless old fuddy who doesn't understand higher economics ' -' ' . , - ; Butadiene—"Well, what are these 'issues' they keep talking about?" McFusty—"There really aren't man>—nearly e\ervbody running nowadays advocates the same thing I guess There's free enterprise for example, and state's rights, and abolition of. bureaucracy nll d promises of economical administration or tenure" , • Butadiene—"i keep hearing about Open 7:30.<, Show Start* 7:45 Monday NighU ' ,ONE SHOW ONLY Lady, Let's Dance '. , With • •;;-, ( Belila S, James Ellison ' MARCH OF TIME »' , Short- ^ ,, , , ?>f«ne fovpr^AKce Faye U.S. Minesweeper Fires On Boat Carrying Clark ..... ' -- - j; ,V:;' ROME, July 15. (UP)— An American minesweeper mistakenly fired on oii American PT-Bont on which Lieut. Gen. Mavk Clark was a passenger off the 'Anzio beachhead Ihst January. A special Nuvy communl- que reveals that one officer and one enlisted man -were killed. Clark, commander of the tuth Army now- in Italy, was enroiite to Hie beachhead for an inspection lour . wlien the minesweepers' guns began blasting.' > -. • , A board -of Inquiry rc|»rtcd (lie PT-Boat had entered the area while a '('red" nlert was' on and at a time whto'on'eniy planes nnd vessels frere in 'the 'vicinity.- >-. * The' captain' of the mineswcciier told thb investigating officers': tllnl the ! PT-Boat '. and x aocomptinyinB craft had approached in' attack formation -'at high speed. He wos exonerated. •: •• '.'. • -..'.. .'.v .-r-^ii( One Navy officer and two enlisted men-were '-wounded In-'theistlaek. Names of the victims were hot announced. ...... •'•••• Farmers Hit By Drouth 'f '.' : -' ' ' :\'.'-.;' . ...L; ( '; . 1: 'J- I . -•LITTLE -ROCK/ July, -17..'{U,p'.)_ Arkansas: Manjwwer Director Floyd Sharp, says the United States' Employment Service is : going • to - attempt. -to. -place -fanners ifrpm ..west and north Arkansas, whose crops have been ruined by the drouth, In. Industrial jobs. Sharp says drouth-stricken formers » who haves been . deferred ;fcotn military service because of occupation will be eligible for Industrial employment, t lf they can obtain 'a statement from their draft bo'ards. The -manpower, director; says labor recrulters..'from war .'plants -Vwlir be sent 'into drouth-stricken areas to solicit labor. ...... ' Temp High Atlanta .................. 97 Augusta ............. .... 92 Birmingham ............. 99 Charleston ............... 92 Charlotte ...... ......... 91 Chattanooga ............ 93 Chicago ................. 83 Cincinnati ............... 93 Jacksonville ........ ..... 95 Kansas City ............. gj Macon .-: ____ . ............ 95 Memphis ................ 100 Miami . .. ................. 93 New York '••-. .............. 84 San Antonio ............. 97 Savannah ................ 95 Tampa t.';-. ........... ...... 91 Washington ........... ;-, 91 Dallas. .......... . ........ 193 Houston . ....... .';..',' ____ 100 Jackson ;v : ____ . ..... . '102 Little !;iRock .'...:• ..... .v.ioi Shreveport . .'.vl.V. . .. ... S8 Tallahassee , 7.-.-. -,-.•''.-. ,••,'-:•; 91 fxiw 73 76 67 72 76 CO G2 00 73 CG 72 C8 78 64 73 75 80 70 74 72 72 74 "•' 71 I „ . 'X ! -~ 1' .-Bouillon JPiiizles.^:(" n! : : ; BOSTON (UPj^-A-cuslomer.-who brdered a bouilloncube'Waldttwn- town lunchroom was baffiled wlieh the'-waitress 'served •'It'-oiv a plate accompanied by a •knife and • fork'. t«rn, Hay^anj Pastures BLYTHBVILLB (ARKij] COUBlMl NEWS a 'fun-off.' What's.n'..fim-o«?" : McFusty^'A .. run-off •. child Is when ,i'candldaU;::(!06sn't have but one candidate against hini-ta h race he puts In another innhihlinself.'v'in. ' "I: don't' get It," stild Butadiene^ ' ' . , Y .^est Main Near 21rt St. S»t itarts' 12145; Snn.'siartj 1:0 -.' 'Night'shows 5:« n.-t',; ' iExc«pl Monday, apcoi,(!U .1 Continuous shows Bit: ini .Last Tjme Today "CAPTAJN i)F tHt CLOUDS" (In Technicolor) Kifh Vt . James Cajrney Universal News , Tuesday BuMb 'tiffe 1 Tickets For the Price of 1 ,, V. J • u s -' f wi i" "RIVER'S END" :»! ,: with t ! Dennis Jlorjfan & KlJzabetli Karl -' ' i ' - t 0 p ' Selected Short , Manila's Finest Shows Nightly-8:00 ?'. M. . IUliv Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System. . Last Time Today "COVER .GIRL" "-.. with' rt •-T ox ,, Tuesday v O rff' .>" "TROCADERO with . Rosemary Lane »r.(i.i.>», « Mxivr.A •&-TI -• ' iviift 1J1 JUUUCi county agricultural garden crops. '.t'tffJv/J U.^i.'.i,.' agents Indicate the drouth In Arkansas Is beginning to show its. effects In reduced yields of field and Slate Extension Agent L. r, A. Dhonau says :lhc greatest sufferers arc corn/ hay and pastures. . The reports revenl that- early MONDAY, •,! «n: no longerbe revived rr finfe rain I Large acreages of hay and pas- county agents report '.decreases of 50 Her cent or more In crop production. - -- -~ .? '._ u „„ * 1 Ail Over fef fil Arkansas' Political History Is Now On! Sttiie An Aroused Electorate fe TO for U. S. SENATQi In 11 115 momentQLLs the People are Tumma . ... W: .....> . w • •"' ,-y y "Jli iL 3_5 il_.w.r'-' ^ Is a Mdn 6f Sound Business lllttiiiN Has Hid Military • r 'j "> 'A'^•^^^^•^^•••••••••••••^ A • Has Gome Up Jhe Hard! BfiRTON Has No Political BflRTOM S WORD IS BARTON All Issues Squargly BABTON Will Work for ImmgHirite jn When War Ends. Agriculture Industry and BduGatiori BARTON Wants More Business in and Less dovernment in Business BABTON Is the ONLY Candidate Who Advocated a Practical the Democratic Party White. Record Crowds of More than 150,000 People at Barton Hollies foretell that COL T. II BARTON will be Our Next U. S. SENATOR Col. Barton-for-Senator Ca»i})dgii Committee

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