The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1951 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1951
Page 5
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MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1981 BOTTHEVrLLR (ARK.) COURIER PAOT mn Better U.S. Airmanship Keeps Allies Ahead in Korean Duels WASHINGTPN, Sept. 24. (ft — Better American airmanship, in- 1 ttead of airplanes, is keeping the VS. ahead in the almost daily duels with Soviet-made Jet fighters in 4l|ir I^rce -headquarters here said today that /from last February, when the first enemy Jet was shot down, through Sept. 11, the air •core in Korea has been this: MIG-ISs shot down—72. United Nations lets destroyed— This Is a .curiously lonsidcd score, particularly so In view of communi- que reports indicating that many perhaps a majority, of all the air encounters have involved superior numbers of the Red jets. The testimony of both American pilots who fight the MIGs and of high officials here who now have hid opportunity to sec technical engineering reports °n the enemj lets (presumably based in part 01 study of at least one crashed 01 captured MIG) is that the MIG is •n excellent airplane. It Flies as Fast It can, say the'pilots and technical analysts, fly as fast and maneuver as well as the best of American Jets in operation in Kcrea, although-not as well as jet fighters itill in the development stage or in. actual production at home, In firepower, the MIG can shoot heavier caliber weapons, but the American can fire faster, so that seems :o balance. Gunnery I« Superior In answer to questions, the Air Force says these factors are why the Red fliers are being shot down: 1. "Superior gunnery by U.K. pl- lote." (It is possible that in addition to shooting better, U-S. pilots have, in this instance, an advantage of better design. Some reports say the MIG-15s use an obsolete type of gunsight. popular in World War II but inadequate for the fast action, high speed flight of Jet plane combat.) 2. "Many O.N, pilots are World War II combat veterans and ace-s while it is doubtful that many of the enemy pilots have had similar or equal experience." (There is a genera! belief, although not yet proved, that Russian pilots may fly some of the MIGs In the Korean action with others piloted by Russian-trained Asiatic Communist.'!.) Same Units Maintained 3. "The U.N. hns maintained the same units in Korea. On the other hand, the varied techniques and tactics of the enemy suggests that different units are put Into fights." (Thi* could reflect a shifting of units with consequent loss of com bat experience, as the Air Force says, or mean that the Soviet tu tors are trying out new combat, idea* in an effort to find weakness- in the U.N. air combat patterns.) Video Spans Teenager Feeds Baby Beer; Continents in Police Investigating Death Benefit Show NEW YORK, Sept. DALLAS, Tec., Sep«, M ficerft hope to learn today If & year-old baby died because a bcer- — drinking teen-ager. fed R half a Transcontinental television was bottle of brew. launched on a two-way basis yes- i The child. LeslM Fletcher, terday with a marathon benefit Saturday night. died ment that ttw baby'i flngew "i-ere rawing up and his face discolored." The youth called a doctor and as told to wrap the baby in a lanket. An hour later the baby still was groaning and waving his hand* and hie fin gem ww. >MH drawing." H« called th« doctor again and was told to take the child to i hospital. The boy was dead on arrival at the hospital at 10 p.m. show for a radio system—that operated by the Crusade for Freedom broadcast behind the iron cur- Animal Blood Plasma Claims Causing 'Stir 7 TOKYO, Sept. 24. UP>— The claim of a Japanese research physician that he has successfully used animal blood plasma in transfusions to more than 600 human patients caused a flurry of interest here today. Dr. Kunio Kawalshi of Kawaishi clinical institute of Hiroshima medical college told a medical meeting In Tokyo that he effectively uses the processed plasma of cows horses and pigs when patients require transfusions. He made his statement before the reputable Japan Epidemics Institute, an association of physicians from* all sections of this country ] A 17-year-old boy was placed in jail without charge after he told Detective Capt. will Fritz that he gave the infant boy the beer—then The program, running a total of (rjed to revive it with orange soda our-and-a-half hours coast-to- pop. oast and 13 hours regionally, made f B|ood ^^ ,.,„ ^ complet , d •dec. history with i number of ^^ , 0 rteu , rmine lhe a!conolu , Iusls - , , . , . , ,, content of the baby's blood. A phy- It marked the Initial transconti- }icjftn sairt the ^ m '^ nental transmission in two direc- j, cen 50 intoxica - ted j hat he £tr!m . ions in the ~ simultaneous Set Facts About Fistula-FREE New Bo«k—Explains Causes and 1,litest Treatment ission .11 .,»u ""^- g cen 50 intoxicati same day. However. jled on tne 50d , transmission of two , Tha , n!ant m programs in opposite directions must await the start o( regular TV on commercial cross-country Friday. Yesterday's show also was the opening east-to-west telecast, giving western viewers their first "live" video look at New York and Washington. For the TV audience in the east, it provided the initial "live" glimpse of Hollywood. The previous transcontinental telecasts of the Jap- ?ncse Peace Treaty conference earlier this month had come from San Francisco. pop. •as left with a 15 rear-old girl baby sitter in south jallas by the moiher. Mrs. Clifford ^. Fletcher. The child's father is n the army. ' The baby sitter was Joined bj inother girl about her age and two iloyt. n and 16. As the two couples .at in a car In front of the house (ie older boy held the Inlant in hi ap and gave it beer from the bottle "The baby started turning green sh blue and I gave him an orang (rink and he went to sleep," the bo tile. Fritz. 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