The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1947 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1947
Page 12
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PAGE' TWELVE BLYTHEVILLE (AnK.V COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 21; 1047 Senate Okays $20,000,000 For Research 'WASHINGTON, May 21. (UP)— The Senate yesterday passed legislation setting up a national science foundation to finance research in pure science and to train promising young American scientists, Tlie bi-partisnn measure now goes to the House. It is designed to kect> the United States abreast of otlior' world powers in peacetime scientific developments. .The .'foundation would spend upwards of s'20.6CO,(BO a year to advance research and replentish the nation's"-war-depleted supply of scientists. ••About hall the monej- would go to', finance tosic research in colleges, universities and other institutions,. iThc rest would be'spent for scholarships and fellowships in science: One-fourth of the foundation's funds would bs earmarked for' rc- sej»rch7'projects in state universities and laud-grant colleges in the 48 slafo. -- - T*lie foundation would he guided by ft 24-inan jx>licy comtnittco. Just before passing the measure, the Senate voted 42 to 41 to authorize the president to appoint the foundation's director. Breakfast In Bed . . . Almost Memphis Records Ttth Traffic Death for '47 •MEMPHIS, Temi., May 21. (UP) —Memphis recorded Us lltli 1G47 traffic fatality today, tlic sixth such death .in less than three W. O. Reed, cooked and served breakfast to iive jack Cox of Breckcnrkl«fi, Texfis. at his pup tent on the Capitol grounds in Austin. Cox pup lent ns a menus of m:ikmg his $5 per cUy go around, At center is Alicia Ann Reed, i ipcnkor W. O. Reed. W. O. nml ftt right iu picture. <NEA Telcphoto.) ^^ put up weeks. Foui'-yenr-olel Surah Month* lien- son was injured fatally hy an automobile yesterday as shp ran to the store to i>uy ritiuiy. The- child died 35 minutes after bciny admitted to a hospital. Pilots Sign Up Navigator For Round~the~World Hop NEW ORLEANS, May '21. "(UP) - -Two former Army Air Forces jii- lots who plan an August round- the-world night in a- war surplus p-38 in an effort to break th(Bombshell's recent record signed up their navigator today. Former combat flyers Adolph Brc- cnto and William V. Flowers said Pnllon County Police insisted today that a break was imminent in the investigation of the slaving of attractive Mrs. Paul Re fan le whose .scantily clud hotly was found Wctl- Mini Nash C. Roberts Jr.. 20year j ncsrtay ntglit in Pcaditrrc Creek. olil former Navy lieutenant liudi For tlie fifth tune investigators lo nswignle Hie "City of combed llio wooded area in the rear of Uic >Refmtle home seeking clues to the assailant who .strimglcil tlie socialite wife of a French art instructor. Police quesiioned n Negro and n v.'hile man, lint so far there was nothing to link them to the Re- foule crime. New Orleans." Police Insist Break Near In Atlanta Murder Case IATF/ANTA, Ga., May 21. (UP) — Copyright by Cwcn Davenport; Distributed by NEA SERVICE, INC. * , XXXIV , "TKNOW it sounds stupid," Sally was saying, "to anyone who was-a friend of kings, for the Bagots to he so particular. If you could only tell us who Vicky's grandfather was, I'd try to forget. To forgive. It's the not knowing that's \vorsl." - Sophie was rising slowly to her full majestic height. She moved instinctively to tlie center oC the group, with her back lo the hearth. "Mrs. Bagot/ 1 she ljogan r .in n very low voice, "I feel myself obliged to violate a sacred,,trust and'to fell you something—something I have'never told before— to. anyone. But for the sake of my granddaughter's happiness—" • There was a hypnotized pause while, she gathered her inner strength to throw herself into the pprt up to the hilt. Roll ing her eyes, head thrown back and nostrils disfen3ccl ( ; she got 'the story clear ii* her . own. : mind and pjunged.t- .„-. v; _ •"I feel it my duly to tell you, nnd although my lips have heretofore been sealed — although .1 thought I should carry,,my secrel to Ihe grave— Oselievc' thai in Iho circumstances, for the sake of lUe child, he would forgive me." /'Madame—-" breathed Mrs Bagot, leaning forward. "You ask me why I was never married to Vicky's grandfather Ah! He was not free to marry me You ask who he was—" She drcv a deep breath and intoned, "Then are names too august to be ban died aboutj even to save a younj girl's honor.. I shall not mciilioi his ''name even now." With bla?: : ing eyes she regarded first om and then another of her spell bound audience. There was tense pause. • "I shall simply ask you a ques lion, Mrs. Bagol," Sophie said dropping her voice to a whispc "What if I were to tell you that Victoria was named for her grandfather's mother?" Sophie's arms dropped to her .tics. She allowed her heart to csumc, gradually, its normal rc- lionship to her ncL'k and slioul- ers. As she watched for her cf- cci, she told herself she had not cd, she had not hurt anybody, nrt she might liavc sitvccl Vicky's ovc. It was just a chance. * * ' was staring at her with open mouth. Adnm looked as " he had been hit gently on the Tend with a blunt instrument. .Trs. Bagot, as she gradually [rasped Sophie's monstrous hint, ;aspecl r grew pale, and reached for he bottle of Madeira. Salty gave a long, low whistle. "Madame vnn F, y c k, 1 ' smcl \darn, "you are indeed one of the rcat women of your time." "Arc you all right, Mother?' iaHy uskcil anxiously. VYes, yes. I — naturnUy, I'iv overwhelmed," Mrs. Bagot dcnvncc i _glass of wine at one go. "Car fou forgive • me, Madame vai lyck? Oh— lo think I -forced tha •tmfessioii out of you,, when you lad endured humiliations " ant even insults in order to guard you secret! 1 am so ashamed," "Does Vicky know wlinl yen have just told us?" Sally asked. "She has no idea. She \vruil* be very much surprised," sail Sophie •truthfully. "She'll never hear il from me T promise you," Sally vowed. "V never let her know who her grand father really was." "I trust, Amelia," said Adai Bagol, "that this removes yoi objections to Salty 's marry in Victoria." "Oh — don't speak of il, Uncl Adam! 1C Madame van Eye doesn't mincJ . . , When 1 thin now who Victoria's mother wo what blood ran in her vein. 1 ; — " • "I didn't sny Victoria's mo tin as legitimate, Mrs. B a g o I," onhic said hastily. "Of course she was illcgili- iatc!" cried Mrs. Bagot, "She uildn'l very well have been ;my- ling else." "After all," Salty said, "we're road-mhided nowadays. And iC don't mind our marrying, Quinine van Kyck, I really think would look very silly for us to bject." Sophie smiled, although her fa- ial muscles ached and she was lore than ever aware of a great •earincss, "She's nt the Plaxa, ally, 1 ' she said, "In my suite, 'on may use il for the honey- loon." "Thanks, Madame. Thanks a lit lion/ 1 lie was gone without even say- ng gootlby. * * * 'N New York, Vicky was stnnd- • inj; near the hotel desk when ialty breezed in. and rushed up 'o ior f breathing hard. "I'm here," he announced, as if ic had been expected. Vicky's heart turned over. "f haven't slept since 1 last' saw F OII," lie said accusingly. "Let's ;o upstairs where we can talk." When they were up in Madame •an Kyc'k's silting room, the first injj Sally did was lo repeat m in injured lone of voice that lib nul been unable to eat or sleep. -Vicky thought he had followed icr to Neiv York simply to open up aifain the sumc line of futile irgument, "Then the sooner you 'orgot all about me,Hhe belter for your health," 'she said. "K you would marry me tomorrow, I wouldn't have to forget vou. Oh, Vicky, will you?" "Uul, Sally, I thought—that is, you and your mother understand how it is. Have you forgiven'—?" lie looked at her with a mixture of humility and possessive pride. "Don't ever speak of it again! If you think I am worthy of you—there's nothing to forgive, nothing lo forget." And he took her in his arms as if she were too precious ever to be left unguarded Tor a moment. "Oil, my goodness !" Vicky sobbed, Hinging to him, •{To He Continued) RADIO REPAIRS 1 AND 2 DAY SERVICE ON ANY MAKE Ok MODEL,. RELIABLE WORKMANSHIP. PHONE 2642 We Call for and Deliver FRED CALLIHAN Electrical Appliance Co. ^.irittmrized Motorola Radio Sales and Service 106 South First St. Today's free MGM Record Be Sure! INSURE With the FIRST NATIONAL INSURANCE AGENCY 108 North Second DIAL 2311 For Complete Protection OH AS. RTTTNEU BILL WILSON FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A. H. Webb Hwy 01 at State Line Phone niytheville 714 COPP. 1947 flY NEA EtRVICE, INC, X M. REG- U- 5. I'AT. Off. 5-21 "If Junior played hookey, you'd better speak to him about it this time—1 sneaked off to the ball game -this after•loon my self 1" FRECKLES & IITS FRIENDS Jusl Look! Ev MERRILL BLOS3ER FOR. GOSH SAKES, HILDA. DOMT BAWL oor HEQE IN PUBLIC! , I Jusr CANT BEAK- IT WHEM YOU'RE NOT" sweet WITH YOUR. LITTLE FLOWER.' DOM'T MIND ME. I'M OWLV A PCOii FEMALE' | WHO SAID THE A&e OF MIRACLES WAS PAST ? Dr. W. G. Grice Veterinarian BACK at Dell, Ark. Read Courier News Wan I'Ads. Radio Repair Lot our college trained exports k<jy]) your radio working with guaranliiud service . . . no job Loo. iittle or loo bi;t! Specialists in eliange-over from battery to electric set. Musical instrument Supplies and Repairs . . . Special orders handled promptly. Gift Goods — Office Supplies — Variety Items Call SI I J. Me 11 Brooks Jr. 107 E. Main St. BEN WHITE & SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICi NORTH TENTHr Phone 3151 - :,: OH, FRECKLES, YOU'BET SO STPOMS AMD MASTERFUL/ CHAMBLIN SALES CO., Inc. Sales STUDEBAKER Service Cars and Trucks of Outstanding' Quality and Economy Skilled craftsmen insure dependable service, keep your cars and trucks in tip-top condition. Bring your car to us for sll urounti work anywhere. 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Williams /I'M WAITIMG FOR HIM TO COME IW THAT LXXIR--HE THINKS BECAUSE ALBERT HASTALEWT HE'LL. tSE A BUM .' WAIT "TILL I SHOW H1NA THIS ART BOOK ) OP MR5. VAMEER'S-- VAM DICK.SAIMESBPOAO, GOSH, MA, \ DOM'T START \ THAT--PA'LL ts!AN-IE VOO ) FIFTY \\ll-\0 / PAIWT OM \ BAR MIRRORS ) WITH SO.\P, J AMD HE'LL \ SWEAR THEY I GOT YOURS / / BEAT.' " WE'LL HAVE IT FOR SUPPER-ART, , SOAP AMP e »."., „, BORM THIRTY VEAK' TIC FLINT Nothing Yet CTpHEN THRU I BY LESLIE TURNEJ Love at First Sight V. T. HAM U BAD BlWCri" &AMG E CM5S SCHOOL, PAPOOSE, BUT rAE CCr\5 ST'JI>~f ^ SU^MT EvAt-SS' 1 CAME 1; THE TtACTrtER'S JOE JR THE «£ ALI.EY OOP Nice Pitch Here it Comes BY MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANE THf FI6HT 6AME? WHAT'S GOT IH1O VOU?MAY6E I'LL THINK Of OtliniN'AFTER PRECIOUS COUID MAKE ENOUGH IN OWE NIGHT TO RETIRE IF YOU PLAYED IT RIGHT " YOUR NOSE 15 RAT- TENED AND YOUR EARS CAUUFlOWtRED AND VOUR BRAINS SCRAMBLED. THAIS FUNNY TALK fROM YOU, CONNIE. XVHY. I'M GONNA BE LIGHT HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMP! TIGHTIM'S MY PRO- fEMION. WHAT WOU10 I USE FOR DOUSH IF ] QUIT ? THSRS LIKE .' MY GOSH. S'JY'S .DANGEQOU5 SUMPIN'' V. T. HAM LIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES It's :i Case BY EDGAR vw, OT conrast TWtR HPlV\-=.., Nt<=, '. Vfc^, DUO KHOW T.HRT Uft \<i SHORT,

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