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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri • Page 1

The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri • Page 1

Chillicothe, Missouri
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Member Associated Press THE CONSTITUTION-TRIBUNE NBA Feature Service The Chillicothe Publishing Company VOLUME xxxv. EDITION GHILLICOTHE, MISSOURI FRIDAY, JULY 6, 1928 EIGHT PAGES NO. 107 SWEDISH FLYING ACE IS RESCUED Opposes Smith Lieut. Einar-Paal Luiidborff 'Rescued from the Ice Near Foyn Island, Spitzbcrgen NO MENTION OF ITALIA CREW The Swedish Flyer Was Maroonc:) When His Plane Overturned in an Attempted Rescue of Crew a charlatan and faker," Mrs. Clem L.

Shaver, wife of the Democratic national chairman, in a statement today declared that "we dry Democratic wom- (By Associated Press) STOCKHOLM, July chief of the Swedish rescue mission telegraphed from Spitzbergen today that Lieut, Einar-Paal Lundborg, Swedish airman' had been rescued from the ice nearj Foyn island. Lieut. Lundborg was ma-1 rooned when his plane overturned inj an attempt to take off the survivors of) the Italia. The Swedish war department received a message from the base ship, Quest, that the rescue was affected by the Swedish flyer, Shyberg. who Democrat out aeciares ner state Law Enforcement League, stranded on the ice with Lundborg.

and thers wl11 supp 61 Basked "how many times has Tammany The Stockholm Dagens Nyherter des- Because of Smiths wet dec-, supported the party nominee in the i ast cribing the rescue of Lieut. Lundborg! laratlons She the jsixteen years?" She then answered the said one Moth and two Swedish naval i land is learnln that alcoho1 hasn question herself by saying "not once." hydro-airplanes started from the S. S.i lace in thls a of motors and air- jShe a i so took the opportunity in her BITTER AGAINST GOV. SMITH In a Statement Issued at Washington Today She Said the Democratic Women Will Not Support Him. "IS A DRIPPING WET CRITIC" She Also Says the Joke Platform Named by he Tammany Delegation Will Not Get Their Support.

WEATHER FORECAST. For cloudy tonight and Saturday; local thunderstorms, north and east portions; not so warm Saturday north portion. SLICED BREAD IS MADE HERE Indian Kin to Greet Curtis Chillicothe Baking Co. the First Bak' ers in the World to Sell This Product to the Public. Announcement by M.

F. Bench of the Chillicothe Baking Company of (By Associated Press.) WASHINGTON, July that Gov. Smith, Democratic presi- new bread service is i gniflcan dential nominee had "stamped himself in that it gives the Chillicothe Baking Company -the distinction of being the first bakers in the world to sell sliced bread to the public. The idea of sliced bread may be Miss Juanita Jones, field secretary of T. is a West will not support the dripping wet ritic and joke platform named by the Tammany delegation at the recent con- jvention at Houston.

Mrs. Shaver, who is chairman of the startling to some people. Certainly it represents a definite departure from the usual manner of supplying the consumer with bakers loaves. As one considers this new service one cannot help division of but be won oyer to a reallza ic the fact that here indeed is a type of service which is sound, sensible and in every way a progressive refinement in Bakers bread service. Briefly this new Sliced Bread Service fi Quest at midnight.

One of the hydro- Planes. airplanes soon after was forced to de-, Bcend on the ice and smashed her pon-' i toon. The other machine continued to' I I I I II Nobile camp wiiere the Moth land- i 1 ed successfully and took off again car- 1 rying Lieut. Lundborg. It is understood the hydro-airplane will make an attempt soon to rescue the five men still marooned on the ice.

statement to take a sarcastic fling at various Democratic leaders who have announced they would support the ticket and platform adopted at Houston. "Regardless of what Democratic may be described as follows: The Chillicothe Baking Company has installed a power driven multi-bladed bread slicer which performs a feat which heretofore had been considered by bakers as being i TWiTfnrH xtegarcuess 01 wua.u jjemuuiauu uy uaR.cio aa ycius uujjuooj ll All IS I I HI 111 ileaders from tQ to bottom mav do the the sicing of fresh loaves. M. M. T-) Pm wnmpn will not SUDDOl't aftnr t.hp Inavt CIRCUIT COURT TUESDAY.

Euby Anniversary Will be Celebrated at the Union Baptist Church Next Wednesday, July 11 dry Democratic women will not support the dripping wet critic and joke platform announced the Tammany delegation, at the recent convention at Houston," she said. "And furthermore, we do not believe Judge Seals Will Hold Adjourned Court That Day. Judge Ira D. Beals will come from Wednesday July 11 The Ruby anniversary rally of cbe W. M.

Livingston will be held at the Union Baptist church next Mrs. J. M. Galla- ira u. jseais wiu uumc J.KJJUJ Kingston next Tuesday, July 12, at resuleilt and GraC6 which time he will hold an adjourned term of circuit court.

At this session Judge Beals hopes to clean up all unfinished business and adjourn court until the regular Sep- Shortly after the loaves leave the oven and prior to; the time, when they are sent through the wrapping machine they are sliced by the Rohwedder Bread Slicer. This machine gently but rapidly pushes the loaf through a series of al- more than a few of the million Demo- I ternating blades which slice the entire cratic women of this country can be fooled as all the Democratic leaders appear to have been fooled by it." secretary. Following is the program: 10:00 A. M. Gems About Rubies Mrs.

Homer Reynolds, Chilli teinbcr term. ENJOYING WESTERN TRIP. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Chamberlain Now at American Ford, UJaU.

of Frank Death of Boy, 17 cotJie. Words Kriner. Mrs. S. P.

Carlyle, Chula. Business Song- 11:00 A. M. W. M.

S. Utica Music Instrumental Jack and Bet ty Reynolds. George Beahan, St. Louis County, by Stray Bullet in Yard of Uncles Home. MEXICO, July coroner's inquest today failed to fix the responsibility for the death of George Beahan, 17 years old, of 6730 Schofield place, St.

Louis County, who was killed by a stray bullet here last night. The bullet is I believed to have been fired from a According to cards received here, Chief Eugene Chamberlain and Mrs. Chamberlain are enjoying their motor tour through the West. Their first- res ident I an Independence day celebrator. i young Beahan was shot as he sat in I Rally "Sharp Shooting" led by th 3 small-caliber revolver in the hands of City, Utah.

From there they went to, American Ford, where they are now. I Chief Chamberlain, during his tirps into large cities, is making an inspection of the fire departments in an effort to gain late information for fighting fires. Ruby Anniversary Enlistment Prayer. 12:00 Adjournment Social Hour Luncheon. 1:00 P.

M. the yard at the home of his uncle, Elmer Beahan, with whom he was spending the holiday. The bullet entered the brain behind the right ear. His father, Oliver Beahan, owner of MINISTER GOES TO JAIL OVER NOISE AT CHURCH DALLAS, July Rev. i nderson.

nastor of the Wundamentai- ifi Baptist church, was sent to jail today for contempt of court after residents in the vicinity of a tabernacle hs is erecting complained that workmen were making so much noise it was impossible to sleep at night. Judge Towne Young fined the minister $100 and sentenced him to jail un- til he posts $1000 bond to assure obser-' vanoe of a restraining order issued last Tuesday against further work on the tabernacle. Dr. Anderson told the court he would not post the bond or pay the fine at this 'time. Devotional Prov.

31: 10-31 Carl Rice Wheeling. fruit and produce store at 6108 Page Trio-Mrs. W. H. Brengle and Misses boulevard, and his 14-year-old brother, I Robert, were digging worms in the gar- I Brengle, Chillicothe.

1:30 P. M. M. Y.W.A.—Union church. 2:15 P.

M. -Playlet--! I den for a fishing trip at the time. Police canvassed the neighborhood, but failed to discover who had fired the bullet. Digest of Baptist'world Alliance--! George was graduated from Nor- Toronto Canada-Rev. W.

H. Brengle, jmandy high school this year. His mother remained in St. Louis to coii- jduct the fruit store this week in order a that her husband and sons might en- Chillicothe. 2:45 M.

loaf simultaneously. There is no crumbing and no crushing of the loaf and! the result is such that the housewife' can well experience a thrill of pleasure when she first sees a loaf of this bread with each slice the exact counterpart of its fellows. So neat and precise are the slices, and so definitely better than anyone could possibly slice by hand with a bread 'knife that one realizes instantly that here is a refinement that will receive a hearty and permanent welcome. As soon as the loaf has been sliced, two pins are inserted, one at each end and the loaf is held snugly together and of the loaf is still firmly held as a unit is ready for wrapping. When the housewife is ready to serve the bread, she opens the at one end, draws out the pin and then removes as many slices as she desires.

This done, she folds the wrapper back overj the open end of the loaf. The balance of the oaf is still firmly held as a unit' by the remaining pin. These pins by the way are a scientific product so treated that they are impervious to corrosion and remain bright and clean during their period of service. When Senator Charles Curtis, Republican candidate for vice president, goes back to' the Kaw Indian -Reservation in Kansas about July 25, he will the greetings of many relatives among the Indians. In the top picture are old Chief Bacon Rind of the Osages, a tribe closely related to the Kaws by blood- and marriage, and (with pipe) George Bacon Rind, the chiefs On the blanket are little Bacon Rind III and Willie Pappan, distant cousins of the senator.

The lower group shows one of the Kaw girls in modern dress, Mrs. Liliie Simpkins, Mrs. George Bacon Rind and Jerry Simpkins, the latter being their father and a first cousin of Senator Curtis. The child is little Bacon Rind III. Upper inset shows Mrs.

J. C. Ault (formerly Liliie Pappan), a first cousin of Curtis. Lower inset is a closeup of old Chief Bacon Rind. THE ITALIAN FLYERS LOST IN HEAVY FOG Capt.

Artuo and Farrarin and Major Carl Del Prete Compelled to land at Tonros Brazil A MADE FLIGHT OF 4417 MILES After a Rest of One Hour and 20 Minutes the Fyers Then Started for Aff onson Airdrome A (By Associated Press) RIO JANEIRO, Brazil, July reaching the coast of Brazil last nignt after a brilliant record breaking dash across the petilous Atlantic Captain Auturo Farrarin and Major Carl P. Del Prete, Italian airmen, 'were lost in heavy fog for many hours in an effort to continue from their landing place at Point Cenipavu to Rio Janeiro. The Italian flyers took off from Point Gemipavu 10 miles north of Port Natal arid started southward but soon were caught by unfavorable weather conditions and for many hours sought a safe landing place only to find themselves eventually north of Point Geni- pavu to which they had tried to return. Finally they made a safe landtag at the town of Touros which is about 50 miles south of Port Natal. They returned to last night from Monteclio airdrome, Rome.

Capt. Far- rarin and Major Prete were credited with a flight of 4417 miles. This was more than 500 miles further than the record of 3909 miles set a little more than a year ago by Clarence Chamberlin and Charles A. Levine. After a rest of an hour and 20 minutes airmen hopped off again for Affonso airdrome near Rio Janeiro' where crowds had bee.h gathering all day waiting their coming.

Lights on the landing fields along the coast used by the Argentine air mail service were turned on to guide them. Hours passed and they were unreported. Then word was received they had come down at Touros on the coast. When the news finally'was received that the Italian flyers had landed for a second time in Northern Brazil, thousands waiting; at.the Affonso landing field outside the Brazilian capital. went home in disappointment.

All was well aboard the plane according to the latest word reaching Rio Janerio. MERCURY CLIMBS TO 97 DEGREES Two Degrees Higher Thursday Than at Any Time During the Degrees Lowest Last Night. The mercury climbed to 97 degrees After all the idea of sliced bread is Thursday for a new high heat record not unlike the idea of ground coffee, for the season A ord f' sliced bacon and many other modern and generally accepted products which combine superior results with a saving of time and effort. Of course there will be certain ques- Two Union Specials-Margaret Funa "LZ. After the fatal tions asked by conservative people when and Training School, Mrs.

Reuben Me- a vacation trip After the fatal departure from POWDER EXPLOSION FATAL TO WOMAN Guire, Chillicothe. Silver Chimes. 3:00 P. M. Union is Marching On.

Closing Prayer. GIRL TO COSTA RICAN POST. Mary G. Kirtlcy Will Leave Columbia Sunday for U. S.

Legation. COLUMBIA, July Miss Mary FRANKLIN PA. July 6-Mrs. Gladys Gertrude Kirtley, 1927 graduate of the Beers Sullinger 18, was killed by the University of Missouri, will leave Co- explosion of a can of powder set off jlumbia Sunday on her way to assume bv fireworks. Coroner Osenider of one two clerkships in toe American ango county, reported today.

At first jlegation of Costa Rica. She will serve shooting, the father and brother started to drive back to St. Louis, he body of the slain youth is coming by train. PROGRAM FOR BAND CONCERT The Concert Saturday Night Will be Given on South Side The following is the program for the band concert which will be given on they first consider this departure from the age old practice of buying loaves the night was also established night when the thermometer did not go below 74 degrees. Tuesday and Wednesday the government thermometer here registered 95 degrees which was a new heat record up to that time.

A light breeze was blowing the greater part of the day Thursday which led many to believe the day was not as warm as the two that must be sliced at home. "Will the loaf remain rresh?" is the previous days. first thought that comes to one's xhe warm weather is appreciated Mr. Bench informs us that exhaustive by the farmers as the hot days and tests have established that the fact of i nights are ideal corn weather as well the bread being sliced makes no differ- 1 as ripening the grain. ence in its ability to retain its fresh quality.

So perfect is the slicing and so well is the loaf held together that there mytery surrounded the blast, which under Roy Davis, minister to Costa occurred in the Sullinger garage. The Coroner said he learned that the wo- who formerly was Stephens college here connected Miss Kirt- the south steps of the courthouse at I is appreciably no more moisture escap- 7-30 Saturday night by the Chillicothe ing from between the slices than es- Concert Band. capes tnrou tne res of the uncut Madison March Myers Crescent Waltzes Hough Alles Chancellor March Lawrence The Bohemian Girl, Seection At Evening Time, Serenade Jewell The Iron Count, Overture King Semper Fidelis Harch Sousa crust. "How thick are these slices?" is another question that will be frequently asked. Considerable research was made in order to arrive at a thickness of slice which would enjoy the widest possible public acceptance and it was decided Reports from various parts of the county state the heat has caused many horses to go down, but so far there has been no person prostrated.

HER AUNT DEAD. Mrs. J. A. Wisdom Called to Princeton by Death of Relative.

Prof, and Mrs. J. A. Wisdom went to Princeton this afternoon to attend the aunt, Mrs. Coroner said he learned that tne wo- semper jnaeiis of Mrs.

Wisdoms aunt, ivirs. man, mother of three children, and will sail with Mr. and Mrs Davis, of the Imps characteristic that a slice, slightly less than one half occurred .3 firnwnrk-s'from New York July 14. A student of 1 r.v, King of an inch would be most suitable. V.

husband had been setting off fireworks from New York July 14 hear the garage in which the can powder was stored. He believed the, victim lighted a pinwheel in the garage, and that a spark ignited the which was not covered. at King in the university, she' will re- of India, Overture King post two years. Spirit of March Jewell NEW RADIO SYSTEM PLANNED C. DEATH ITEM TRAPS CONVICT M.

Deacon is Recaptured After Daughter is Killed in Crash Wall Street Hears of Scheme for Telephone and Telegraph Hookup DONATES 10 MILES OF PAVING (By the Star's Own Service) FORT MADISON, Iowa, July NEW YORK, July was reported olcj man me meoral to his boyhood in Wall street yesterday that the Anier- home was officially turned over to the ican Telephone Telegraph Co. and pu bii yesterday when 10 miles of paved the Radio Corporation of America plan road built at a cost more than pride in the technique of their table service. The slices stack perfectly, they Iowa Pioneer Spends $250,000 to Im- are ideal for the making of neat, dainty Prove Road sandwiches. For toasting purposes they are unexcelled. The Chillicothe Baking Company takes considerable pride in announcing The fact that the slices of this 1m- who had visited at the proved product are so perfect will be was a especially pleasing to women who take waouum pioneer resident of Mercer County.

AIRPLANE RIDE AT 78. Mrs. Martha Stevenson- Rode From Portland to Seattle in Plane. FLORIDA BOOM ECHO IN SUIT Coral Gables Bankrupt and Liabilities of Largest Development Corporation in State Are Heavy (By Associated Press) MIAMI, July bankruptcy proceedings were filed in federal court here today against the Coral Gables Corporation by three creditor companies with claims aggregating more than 4 million dollars. Appointment of a receiver was asked and a hearing was set for next Tuesday before Judge Lake Jones in Jacksonville.

Coral Gables is the largest of the Florida "boom period developments." The bankruptcy action climaxes a long fight by corporation officials and numerous large creditors to refinance the organization and proceed without liquidation of its assets by a receiver. The Coral Gables Corporation, head-! ed by George E. Merrick, developed from a wilderness in less than eight years the townsite that is now the; incorporated city of Coral Gables, withj a population of nearly 12,000. It is on the outskirts of Miami. While no schedule of the assets or liabilities was filed in the action yes-i terday, a statement given out somej months ago listed the liabilities of the, corporation at nearly 29 million dol-l lars.

The corporation has lot owners every state in the union. Money Order Raiser Caught in Wisconsin Albert Newman, Alias Charley Taken Into Custody at Racine on June Thirtieth Report Shows Albert Newman, alias Charley Bowell, money raiser for whom the police and federal detectives have been searching for, was arrested at Racine, June 30, according" to a notice received by Postmaster J. M. Gallatin from L. A.

Johnson, inspector in charge at Kansas City. Newman would purchase a $1.00 money order and then by using an eradicator, pen and ink and rubber scamp, raise the amount to $21, $31 and so on. He had operated in many cities including Kansas City. Right-of-Way Given to the Pedestrian Committee of Traffic Experts, After a Survey, to Draft Ordinance for Use in the United States EDGAR HOLLAND IS FOUND GUILTY OF BANK ROBBERY SEDALIA, July After deliberating for nearly an hour, the jury in the case of Edgar Holland of Kansas City, charged with robbery of the LaMonte bank here May 2, re- this new service and will at first offer! Mrs. Martha Stevenson, sister of turned a verdict of guilty and recom- KLEEN-MAID SLICED BREAD to the'Charles Robinson, and aunt of Mrs.

O. public with the feeling that old friends V. Lair of this city, celebrated her 87th M'ALESTER, July M. Deason seven years ago while its agent, and wireless telephone and telegraph service tends from Hillsboro, southeast past Chillicothe may well be proud of and failed to return when given a short! now being perfected by Marconi. The; the farm where Coleman spent his fact that the launching of this service and a hall lor July M.

Dea- the Radio Corporation of America piaa oad built at a cost ot more than puoiic wnn um v. convicted of embezzlin? around to link up the important cities of the 000 by Alexander Coleman, 89 years old of Kleen-Maid Bread will be pleased birthday recently dy riding an from the Reck Island United States with a new system ofj was officially opened. The road ex- and many new friends will be from I'oruana to 4. a' A i TT nn r-f oi-, i a hp nmnri thp and return, it required an no.u leave of absence, is again behind the' new service is expected to be in use, boyhood, and lacks two miles of con- of the slate penitentiary. He is within a year.

shoveling dirt to the big machine at the prison brick plant. necting with Highway 181. The new wireless service is' said to The celebration was held at Hillsboro be based on the beam system, which, and the Coleman farm. A parade over Deason, who was brought back by has occupied the attention of Senator the road was held in the morning and J. H.

Burnett, chief agent of the! Marconi for some time and which has free barbecue lunch at noon and an Rock Island, is said to have been tracv already revolutionized wireless com- address by State Senator J. R. Fraileyi the ed by a news item telling of the death; nuiuicatic.n. Tre Radio Corporation of his.daughter in an airplane has already placed orders for the new He is said to have made a small fortune equipment, it was said in Honolulu real estate. circles.

in banking entrusted to a local This was Mrs. Stevenson's first the first bakers who have ever sold com-1 in an airplane and she enjoyed mercially sliced bread to the public, 'thrill. Does this sound the death knell of Mrs. Stevenson has visited at the Lair the bread knife? Perhaps not for some and Robinson homes here many times time. It will however remove from many and is well remembered by a number homes the chore of keeping the bread'of Chillicotheans.

of this city closed the program. Cole- knife s'harp in order to cut slices that mans father setted on the farm shortly can never be compared to the slices of after this territory was opened in 1336.1 the Kleen-Maid loaves that will be on Icole: man is a bachelor. sale at all grocers starting tomorrow. Cultivated Blackberries 25c a gallon. Pick them yourself.

Also Honey, cheap. G. A. Smith. 5-4t WASHINGTON, July pedestrian would be given the right of way in street traffic and the three color signal amber and to control vehicles under a decision reached today by the committee of traffic experts appointed to draft a model municipal traffic ordinance for the United States.

The committee, appointed by the National Conference on Street and Highway Safety of which Herbert Hoover is chairman, met to draw up the final' draft of the ordinance which will be harmonized with provisions of the already prepared uniform state motor vehicle code at a meeting today of the committee on uniformity of laws and regulations. The ordinance will be submitted to all cities and towns as a pattern for traffic regulation. mended a sentence of thirty-five years in the Missouri penitentiary. Holland's attorneys did not state whether they would take an appeal or ask for a new trial. Their plea in the case today was insanity.

HOT WEATHER ASSISTS ILLINOIS FRUIT CROPS CARBONDALE, July hot weather following the heavy June rains is greatly assisting fruit crops in this section. Apples are being picked this week, when the first of the yield is expected. PRESS MEETING POSTPONED Death of Mrs. H. t.

Childress of Troy Causes The Postponment (By Associated Press) MACON, July from Friday, July 13 at Troy because of the recent death of Mrs. H. F. Chidreas, wife of the editor of Troy Free Press, a meeting of the Northeast Missouri Press Association will be held at Hannibal in Mid-August it was announced by, today. Arrangements for the meeting made with J.

Jeffries, editor of the Hannibal Courier-Post..

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