The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 28, 1953 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 28, 1953
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JAN. 28, 1958 Democrats Laughing While GOP Squabbles Over Income Tax Cut By CHARLES F. BARRETT WASHINGTON Of).— Somz Democrats were laughing up their BleeVes today at tin open srjuabbie among Republicans over a bill lo cut Individual income tax rates 11 per cent starling June 30. .. One GOP camp wns led by Rep. Reed CR-NY). oldest Republican In continuous service .In the House « id'chairman ot Ihe ways and cans committee, the committee at must start all tax bills through Congress. Reed emerged from a closed committee session yesterday with a flat statement that the group would approve the tflx-cuttins bill at a meeting planned for Feb. 16. Further, he told reporters, the House would pass K right away— any delay \ "over my dead body." • < .House .Speaker Joseph Marlln (R-Mass) then look R different view. The speaker told a reporter "we've got to do some budget culling" before the House should consider tax reductions. He said tt would take several months to see how the budget shapes up. Rep. Halleck of Indiana, GOP floor leader, has expressed a I similar stand. Tire difference between the com- mlllee chairman and the House speaker left Republican committee members scrambling (or cover. Several members, declining .to be quoted by name, backed Mur- tln. As one veteran Republican put it, he not only favors wailing lo see whal happens to the 'budget, but the'committee should "at least show the Eisenhower adininlstra- iion tha courtesy of hearing its ffaome olher Republicans lined up \vilh Roe*. For example. Rep Mnrlin (R-Ia) noted lhat Ihe bill sponsored by Reed would merely advance by six months the date already set by present laws for sn 11 per cent rate reduction. The effect thus would be to cut income tax liability this year by' by, per cent. One veteran Republican, asking not to be named, said he personally might have preferred to wait, but he would go along with Heed. "Popular support for (his bill may be so strong Ihe House leaders will have lo get out of its way and let it pass or take the consequences," he added. Several committee. Democrats said the Republican split may be even- more embarrassing to the GOP if President Eisenhower, in his State of the Union message to Congress next Monday, stresses budget balancing ahead of tax cuis. They '.'predicted Reed probably would pick up support from Democrats who favor a tux cut for individuals. on June 3, the same dale the excess profits tax on business Is scheduled to die under present laws. . They added that the 'Republican split over Ihe bill wouldn't lessen IheJr desire to send Jt to (he House floor. Some Democrats figure the Republicans may be caught In a crossfire between their pledges to cut taxes and balance the budget at (he same time. Former President Truman forecast a 10 billion dollar deficit for the fiscal year starting July 1, under present laws. Republicans who want lo delay action on the Reed bill could try to hold it up in the ways and means committee. Falling that, (hey could try to keep It off the House floor after the committee approves it. Most, committee members, in separate Interviews, have said Ihey believe the bill will pass the House if it reaches the floor. 2,100 Postmaster Jobs Available WASHINGTON WV— Republicans have found they can take over more than 2,100 postmastershlps immediately and are going to start making the appointments soon, it was learned today. GOP. senators have asked the Post Office Department to check on the number of posts now acting postmasters. The figure already has topped the 2,100 mark with two slates to go. Former President Truman named acting postmasters for some of the vacancies, but the new administration will send up its own names for the jobs. ' . . OSCEOLA NEWS Continued from Page 3 second. Personals Vacationing in points throughou' Florida are Mrs. Harold Ohiendorf ana. daughters, ljune and Nancy Mrs. Edward Segrnves and son, Taylor. They are iruFt. Lauderdale Mr. and Mrs. Tal Tongat* are spending their vacation in Miami Mr.'and Mrs. Joe Cullom, Sr., will spend a month In Key West. Dr. Join Spagens,'director of home missions for East Arkansas Presbytery, will be guest : speaker when the men of the Presbyterian Church hold their regular monthly meeting at 7:30 p.m. tonight; " Mr. and Mrs. R. c. Bryan intj Mr. and Mrs, Lloyrt Qodiey have returned after & • visit in the West.' •BLVTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS First telephone exchange in (he United Slales-was opened at Hartford, Conn.j Jan. 28, 1878. 7^" mSwtew TIME-PROVED IpVANtAGE^; f Sure, you get 3-pofnt triple quick-hitch V Naturally you get Hydraulic Touch Control "V Constant Draft Control of mounted tools V Implement Position Control, too! V 4-wheel stability; row crop ability . V Exclusive Proof-Meter gives you toe facts you need NEW ORD TRACTOR dole/en Jubilee MODEL . m • • • f $ MUCH MORE THAT'S NEW! V Live-Action Hydraulic System, fast response f Hy-Trol gives choice of hydraulic speeds V New Ford "Red Tiger" overhead valve engine V A bigger, heavier, stronger tractor V New Live Power Take-off* V And many more new features V Plus a low Ford price! Kow on Di$play..,Come In and See it! Snow Tractor Co 112 No. Franklin I'hone 8951 Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Applications for building permits lo construct a doctor's clinic, » storage warenouse and one 'residence were filed In the City Engineer's office during: the past week. The Holly Development Corporation ,f [led application to build a clinic for Qr. R. T. Rainwater at 521 North Sixth. The structure will be^ brick veneer containing 16 rooms. A value of »15,000 was listed. A permit ateo was Issued to, the Holly Development Corporation, for the' construction of ft Jour-roorri frame residence at Kenwood Drive for Max E. Brlley, valued at (7,500. Ben White and Sons received a Homer, the Homing . Pigeon, Gett through WITH <OTH DIVISION, Korea (ff'i —Homer the homing pigeon, carrying a message from a 40lh Division command post to the rear, developed wlng - trouble and made a forced landing the other day. He hopped the last two miles and delivered the message. ' ^ , "For initiative and loyalty,' said Pvt William n. Raymond of Detroit. "Homer has been promoted to Ptc.- plgeon lirst class." STARR GAZING Continued rrom Page 3 lug bursled ear drums. Many a baby was doused with ear drops when all that was causing the trouble were those rosette monstrosities. To make it even worse, each loop was knotted. When the TV camera turned toward Truman during Ike's inaugural speech, I believe he was asleep. I wonder if I'm the^only one who detected it. If I am, I guess I'm wrong. He's been asleep so long I guess I don't recognize him with his eyes only hair open. Whether we like It or not, we all live in glass houses. There are always some who can see through our mind, memories and soul. Many men would be religious if they knew where to begin; many would be more religious If they knew wherejlt would end. It's n6t indifference but ignorance that keeps a lot of people from being 'religious. '? permit;to'build a storage building for Frank Douglas at 215 West Walnut, valued at $10.000. Located on the alley between Walnut aiid Main Streets, the structure will bo of brick and Iwydlte. The following real estate transfers were filed last week: J E., Jr., and Mary K, Stevenson and Kendall niid Tlicljna Berry, t-0 J. E., Jr,, arid Mary K. Stevenson for $1,350; Lot 15, and Ihe cast li»U of Lot 15. Block 4, Country Club Hcighte Addition. OsboVne-McKinnon Company to Thomas L. and nealrlcc J. Edwards, for $459, the west 60 feet of the cast 150 feet of Lot 2, Block A. Osbome- McKliinon Addition to Manila. R. E, and Vcru Davis lo J. I. and Niva Thomas, .for $18,000. the SE Quarter of the SE Quarter of Sec. 17, and the NW quarter of the NW Quarter of Sec. 21-T15N-R10E. Carrie B. Wilson to. George W and Deloma B. WlgRs. in oxchan°e of lots, Lot 10, Block 10, Elliot Addition. : -W. C. and Roxie W. Gates to Carrie B. Wilson, for $50 and exchange of lots. Lot 4. Block 6, Elliott Addition. Roy and Effio Gaincs to R. J3 and Vefa Davis, for $10 and oilier con- sldcrnlions, north half of the NE Quarter of Sec, 24-T15N-R10E- and 10 acres ot (he NW Quarter of Sec 19-T15N-R11E. L T. Ellis to Robert and Isabel Gray, for $8,000. the west half of the SW Quarter of the SE Quarter of Sec. 5-THN-R12E. WlUic and Kola Butler lo Frank and Hattie Sims, for $1,800. Lot 3 Block 1, Pair view Addition, D. s. nvd Lorena Hay to Mell T. Hay and Marvin E. .Hall Jr., for $10 and other considerations. Lots 2 aud Block 8. Wilson'SjPirst Addition. Burf and Coidie Wright to Odell and Jamie Dee Wright, for $400. n tract of land 350 feet by 40 Jcct In the east half of the SW Quarter of Sec. 36-T1GN-R10E. Bruce tmd Ruth Barnett to David T. and Eiila' N. Coolcy, for Si and other considerations, the south 37 feet of Lot 2, Block 2, Oougnn Addition. Lester Bedford to Willie and Elnora Sanders, for $300. Lot 2, Block 3, Wilsons'.Second Addition. Susan Moore to William and Inell Clark, for f250. Lot 7, Block 8. W. W. Holllpeter Second Addition. Board of Directors of St. Francis Levee District to Blylhevlllc De- velopmentCompany, lor $31.18 Lots 1 and 2, Block 2, Wilson's First Addition. Board of Directors of St. Francis Levee District to Mrs. Lula B Gutter, for $120, the north 20 acres of the south 27 acres of the NB Quarter of the SW'Quarlcr of Sec 21-T 16-R-Oi:. • ' • ' • Lillie,. S. Johnson, to Max and Annie Laurie Logan, lor $10 and olher consideration, the west three- fourths of Lot 6, and cast eight feet of Lot 7, Block 4, Davis Second nd- dlllon. Max and Annie Laurlo ixignii and Harold B. and Marie D. Wright, to Lillie S.-Johnson, lor $1.000, Lot 11, Block C, John B. Wnlker Second Subdivision. ' G. G. and Leah G. Hubbard to Fred, G. A., Jr.. and William GCOI-JJC for $26.001), nil of the NE Quarter and the cast half of the NW Quarter of Sec. 10-T14N-R12E. Fred, G. A., Jr., and William George to Katie M. Huboner for $10 nnd othor considerations, nil of NE Quarter and the cast half of NW Quarter of Sec, I0-TMN-KI2E. Three States Lumber Company to Logan E. and Mary Etnnin Perkins, for $1 and other considerations, the north half of (ho south half of the NE Quarter of Sec. 15-T14N-R10E. Board of Directors of St. Francis Lcfcc District to Maxlne PiorK and Tom L. Steclc, for $1. lots 251 and' 252. Block 18, of the original survey of Manila, Allie and Ruby O'Neal lo A. H. and Irlli Blneham, lor $1 and other considerations, the cast six acres ot NE Quarter of the NE Quarter ot Sec. 4-T14N-R11E. v EHz.ibeth Sunirall aud Fornay and Lucille Bradford (o Lewis a. nnd Mary Alice : Slilwe)l. for $2,000, LO|JJ 1 and 2, Block 1, Mate Daniels Addition: O.sbornc-McKinnon Company to McCulley-McKinnon Company, for £3,600, Lois 43 and cast hnlf of Lot •12, Black 5, of the orlginnl survey of Mnniln; nild Lots'93, 100, ]01, 102, 103. 104, 105. 108, and 107. Block 8 A, of the original survey of Manila. Ike and Gussle Miller lo Robbie Bell, for $10 and olhes considerations, house and lot on Lots 1 ami 2, Block 2. Doiigan Addition. J. Lee and Mary Bcarden to Ruby Thurmond, for $10, 110.55 acres, nil in the cast half of the SW Quarter of Sec. 9-T15N-R8E. v Susan Moore to Eugene and Letha Pointer for |250, Lot I, Block 8, W. W. HoUlpeter Second Addition. Martha Jean Winbunl England to Borleene Brlnn. for $10 and other considerations, Lot 6, Block 2,'Harris Addition. Blylheville Development Comna ney to Paul Edwnrd Cook, for $200. Lot, Block 4,-Wilson's First Addition. E. O. and Mary Adams to Holly Development Corporation, for $10 nnd olher considerations. Lot 1, Block 4, E. O. Adams Subdivision. Bruce Hamilton Edwards to Lola Forsyth. for $2000 imd assumption ot mortgage. Lot 3, Block F. Btir- ron nnd Lilly Addition. Mrs. Fannie Bearden. Mrs, Edward Gordon, Sr., Mrs. Guy Edwards and Robert Benrdcn Jr., (o John P. and 2clma Bcardcn, for $1 and exchange of lands, west half of NE Quarter, and East part of NW Quarter nnd SW Quarter of Sec. 28-T 16 N-fl 8 E. John P. and Zelma Bcardcn to Mrs. Fannie Bearden. (or $1 and exchange of lands, the SE Quarter of Sec 28-T IG N'-R 8 E. B. C. and Pearlena Carter to Nem ami Charles A. Graham, for IU5 Lots 13 and 14, Block 4. W. W Hol- llpeter Second Addition. W. T. and Sally nippce (o Waller and LelUe Mae Sims, for $1,000, Lot 3P In Overtoil's Survey of (ho west half of NW Quarter of Sec 31-T15N-nBE. Mngnolln Courts to Williain P, aud Lucy McCormlck, for $1, Lot 8 of Jackson Addition. J. R.. Jr.. and Mary Kathryn Alarr. (o R. H. and Mary EIl7.ibc'th Watson, for $20,000. Lot 2, Block 5 Country Club Addition, Drainage District No, 16 to Ernest Horslcy. for $2.11, Lot 10 SE Quarter of NW Quarter, Sec. 31-T15N-R9E. Drainage District No. 17 lo Ar- PAGK SEVEN'• crosomc A Baldwin-built Acrosonic Piano in your home will add a wealth of musical enjoyment. It has beauty, stamina, and a tonal capacity amazing in so compact an instrument. See one . . . hear one . . . play one and you have no other piano. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO., Inc. 208 West Main phone 2071 J W \DAMS Mgr "" * —Good Reconditioned Piano mms kansas State Game and Pish Commission,, for $45,656.70, 4,565 seres In S«. 2-T14N-R9E;. Sections 1, 12, 13, 24. 35. 36-T15N-n9E; Sections 24, 25, 36-T10N-RDE; Sections 6, 7, 18. 19-T15N-R lo E; and Sections 18, 30, and 13-TI6N-KIOE. 0 J and Willie A. Rushing to Earl D. and Dorfha Lois Billiard, for $4,500, amount due, all of Lot 1, except north 90 feet thereof, In Block 4, Hearn Addition. Kelso C. and Gertrude o, Brooks to Johnnie T. and Ann Lollwnore, for $3,000 and assumption of Indebtedness, Lot 3 of Holly Addition. E. R. and Eileen Shannon to Clyde B. and Jean Wcthcrlngton, for $400, north half of Lol 3, «nd north half of east 10 feet of Lot 1. Block: 1, Hays Addition to L**eh- ville. ' State of Arkansas to Inl j««n """' for * l *-«. Lot 3, We«t End Addition to Manila. . . Drainage District No. IT to Charles Rose, for $150, 1.62 »cre« In Sec. 11-T14N-R9E; also SJ8 acres In the NW Quarter of BE Quarter of Sec. 11-THN-RgE. N. C. and fncz Connelly to C»rl L. and Bclsy B. ivey, for $3000 North 50 feet of Lot 4, and west 25 feet of North 50 feet of Lot 3, Block 11, Bugg Addition. Cecil McAdanu to Delmar O. »nd Frances Wilson, for $1 and other considerations, Lot 1, Block 3. Haye» Addition to Leachvflle. ' Pardon nie,J. BJ If you iiianl a real bourbon and sod n t do n't just ask for bourbon ...ask for Bourbon Ae Luxe! FULLY AGED KENTUCKY STRAIGHT' BOURBON WHISKEY S3 85 PROOF THIS WHISKl'/ IS 4 YEARS DID ' THE BOURBON QE LUXE COW.PW, LOUISVILLl, UMTUCKT m niekrttu i, ' W E raised our eyebrows the first time the engineers told us about it. A new tiynaflow Drive? Better than Hie one that over, a million and a third people are so happy with? . ' That's right, the engineers assured us. A. new Dynaflow that's just as smooth, just as simple to operate —but far faster and quieter on getaway, and a great deal more efficient. Ihis, we told ourselves, we have to see. And we did. We tried the new Golden Anniversary THE GREATEST Buick with Twin-Turbine Dynaflow Drive^-and mister; it's spectacular! As before, no gears ever shift in thia wonder drive. • As before, you have infinite smoothness through every speed range-feel wonderfully-fresh and relaxed even after a'ldng day's drive. '.'".'• lint on getaways yoti can soar to cruising speed in lass than a half dozen seconds- ' aiid with lullaby quiet: At every xfioctl range you have wore effi-- dent power Ira us for. Acceleration is increased 20%, but with fewer engine •revolutions—jwhich means you get going quicker, with less engine speed, less getaway sound. What works these wonders is a new kind of engineering which places two turbines instead v of one in the Dynaflow transmission. At the same time, fewer parts-four elements instead of five-simplify A the unit even more. . ' But there's more than just this sensational Twiu-Turbine Dynaflow to be had in the ;.1953Buicks. ,' . There's new power-including the world's i,most advanced V8 Engine in SUPERS nnd ROADMASTERS. There's a stilt finer Million Dollar Ride. There's superb new comfort and handling ease, and a host of other advances—87 in 'nil. Why not come in this week and try one of the greatest Buicks in fifty great years? *S land aril on Road mailer, optional at extra cost on olher Serici, Til«vliion l/eof-U, SUICK ClfiCUS HQM-rnif fouilh Tuoida/. IN 50 GREAT YEARS Inf.; GfNE«AtMOrO*.S S194.0M 6£7(£8 WGmVAVS COHItSI 5>t Vow *„;<( Otoht tc, c6»(ei) Honi. ,W Ml M<,, mt f an -WHEN BETTER AUrortOBItES ARE »UIIT «UICK Will 1UUO THIM. LANGSTON-McWATERS BUiCK CO., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555

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