The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1936 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1936
Page 5
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MONDAY, AUGUST 2-1, PAGE FIVE Vou can CET WHAT YOU WANTADJ rurn. Apartment In Sliane duplex have buyers for any sl/c tr?.c!s. at 11M \v. Asl). Call 11)7 or 571. CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Daily rnlc per line for consecutive Insertions: One lime per Hue 10e Two limes per line per day .. 08c Monlli'rate per line GOc Minimum charge 50o Tliruc limes per line per dny .. OOc Six times per line per day — 05c Cards of Tliunks 50c & 75c Ads ordered for tlirec or six times and stopped before expiration will be charged (or 'he number of limes tlie ad appeared and adjustment of bill made. All classified siimnitlei side ol Hie city must be accompanied by cash. Rules may be easily computed from above table. Advertising ordered for irregular insertions take Hie one lime -rale. No responsibility will be taken for more than one incorrect Insertion of any classified ad. Lands for Sale By Thomas Land Co. *' i If you wnut to sell sec us at once. Thomas Land Co. A on new gravel road, nice cottage mid small barn $1600. '10 A north of Blyliieville, all cul, $2000. In 40 A north of cul. $2250. Blylhcvlllc, all lii -10 A north of niyllicvillc, all lii cul. $2350. 40 Acres N of Blytlicvillc, ail in cul house and barn $50 A cash, Jlassincd Advertising copy i , '. , . , Ml by persons residing out- 39 A ncar Do11 ' Flnc . lflnd ' , 4 room good house ?1500 easy terms. BARGAINS! 1932 CHEVItOl.KT S li I) A N. Cotnph'lc New 1'aint, iSIolor Ovcrliaulnl ..... 5225 1933 )•' OKI) C O A C II. New 'l l in\s. Clean As A Pin S')oO 1931 Cl/JiVJiOLfcT I>E L-UXI5 COACH. This Car Must I!o Seen To Kc Airprccialed ........ §37 1930 I'ONTIAC COACH. Used As DcTiiunslrulor. H :i s Less Than 5,000 Miles. N e ir Car Guarantee. Liberal Discount. Lee Motor Sales Inc. •10 A 1 mi of Bly. tract $100 per A. Wonderful •10 A -1 miles of Bly 2 H 1 B Loan $1900. $3000 Easy terms. 40 A 1 Mi W of Bly nice property $4000. 40 A adjoining Bly no Imp. $85 A. 40 Ncar Whilton, 311 IB $21)50. 40 ncar Arinoiel 21! IB $75 A. 40 A 3 Ml of Manila 1H IB $2800. 40 A 0 Ml $3500. NW of Bly. Improved 50 A adjoining 5125 A. Bly. Nice home 55 A near Kciser 2 II 1 B $2900 58 A near Arniorcl, well improved $3500. G3 A SW of lily, improved $75 A. FOR SALE Severn! thousand acres southeast Missouri rWh alluvial cotton & corn lands. Any ske tract. TERMS LIKE RENT. Blytheville. Everett B. FOR SAl.K APARTMENT BUILDING, 1115 \V. \ Main. 4 ap'artments. 4 ijarage;:. Bulldliig new cost' $0500. Mort- Ssige company wants to close out; raying 15 per ceiit at reduced rentals. Price $3750, Small pay- nent, balance less lhan rent. I.AN1) CO. FOR SALE—Handsome McCulchcii iioiiic on Wost 'Walnut St. Steam heated, all modern conveniences. Beautiful grounds. Price right & terms easy. For appointment, call 527. THOMAS LAND CO., exclusive agents. 3-c-k-lf For Sale O'BHILJN'S CAr-'K. completely equipped. IJoiu;; ROO;| business for past 1U years. BARGAIN. UruiiMvirk I'OOli TABliK, com- lrU'. (JHEAP. JOlJDAN SI'IMN, hi i;oi><l coiKlI- litui. At i^ivt- away jirJce. !•'. SIMON, Cull Vti't YmniR white leghorn -HENS. Tbm liarron .slrain. Allen Plekanl, 10-M Cbkkii.'uwba. I'honi! 073. FOR SAI.iV-si:u'kUin .slicks and heavy wood—1.00 war.on load I. o, b. plant, Chicago Mill, Jl-i'k-0-11 BAllY CllICKS-Hlood Tested HaiTi'il Hocks, W.hito nooks, H 1. H«ls, While Leghorns, $7 per hundred, Postpaid. FRANKLIN COUNTY 11ATC1IKHY, Union, Mo. Cash Feed Store Pays lop Prices For Eggs & Sultr Hatlenes _i_ nim'KIl HATTER* SERVICE Call j. B. tiuM ftt Tom Jaekson's Service Slnllon Salesmen Wanted For Kent Four room furnished apartment 1015 W. Ash. Call 415-W. 19-ck-tf APABTAIEN'l—5 rooms; bath. 1111- flirhlshcd. 1st clnss condition. $22.50. Mrs. Mall Monaglian. Phone 468-J. 3 3-ck-tt Good Used Trucks 103-I-V8. I'.i (on truck IffiM Ohcvi/i!"'. l',t ton truck I A3 International I'/j lou truck & trailer - ic:)5 inli'rnalloniil HO ton truck fc trullcr vi Ion International Pick Up TERMS Delta Implements, Inc. ANTIQUE soda fountain. Mrs. W. B. McM.iillin, C22 W. Main 1-lf rnom fur. apartment. Private balh, front, back entrances. Call 12W. 22-c-k-lf 2 or 3 room Furnished Apartment.; reasonable. 914 Ileain. 2lp k 9-21 Business Directory GET OUR PRICES ON COTTON SACKS We Have The Best FIGURE WITH US ON RNK Large Supply Coming In Hubbard Hdw, Co. Sliip by .1. W. PARKKll TRUCK IJNE Dependable Dally Service to and From Memphis Keep Frctght Money al Hume Call 127 800 W. Ajh St. Final Close Out Wall Paper 1936 PATTERNS LOWEST PRICES 64 A near Frenchman's Bayou 2 H 1 B $4000. BO A nenr Manila 1 H 1 IS $4350. 80 A near Burdctfe 3 H 2 barns SIHOO easy Icnns. large 00 A Highway 61 right at Bly. North $135 A 100 A near Carson Lake all cul. $5000. easy payments. 127 A at 48 School fine land $90A. 15!) A Poplar Corner, \vell improved S15 A. ICO A Flat Lake, Nice home, plenty binldings, 587.50 A. 160 A ncar Bnrdette 2 nice home, plenty barns $90 A. ICO A S Of Bly. 4 II 4 B $75 A. 160 A Poplar Corner, well improved $75 A. 187 A Clear Lake, well improved $50 A easy payments. 240 A in woods near Tomato, A cleared will sell in 40's. 249 A S of^ Bly. lies. 10 houses, 1 born 36 x 56, others. $22,500. 2 or 3 rooiri apt. Re.'i-soifable. Mrs. J. T. Collins, 1020 llearn. 20pk7 Modern country home, 4 rooms & liatlv, 1 mile south hospital. Mrs. Elma Arcr.iilion. 18-p-k-25 l-'OU SALE 5 room hiius;, halli. Ijirge lot,. Across from high and grade Echoul.s. Cheapest taxes In unvn. Could lie made Into apartment.. 609 Chlcknsawb dh tf Wauled Experienced Cook a n < tajier, 128 E. Main. House- He kit Wan led To Buy 3 room furnished apt., garage free. Cheap. 1315 W. Main. Call 335W. : ..__^__-__^ II 1-2 ton TRUCK, '34 or '35 mod- PURNISHED ROOMS. Phone 8MJ | el. Must he bargain. Everett n. Mrs. Ted Green. 7-pk-13 Gee. Call 07. • ai-ck-lf lccairii to call on sehool.i. ';u - lirr.i and puiTnt.s. Ciijiv(Mil- rnt territory. I'lrasant. dignined. flcady itiul pi'inmncnl. Call at 117 .'-(iulh llioadway. Personal AUTO LOANS Cash Advanced—Confldc-ntiul PAYMENTS HKUUCF.D No rn-sljjni'rs. Jiwl. bring car and ivjU.'.lraticn card aloiiu. U. W. MULLINS Suillmry Ulilg, rininr. 4M ]\Ili V i\M CiET VIGOR ATONCKl in i.ji\. h , cw 0 , itrex Ton | c Tal) . lets contain nw oyster InviK- otators and other stiinulinUs, One dose peps np organs, pjaucls. If not dctl[;hlcd, maker refunds fn« r cents paid. Call, write Klrbj Mtw. Ui'iig Store. ri.IiCTUH; AOHTYLENK WELDING AT BEST PRICES PROMPT SERVICli Barksdale Mfg. Co, PHONE 10 BUY NOW! Atitii.v 'I'ci St'k'cl Kroni— All [{(.'(.'iiiuliliiiiled a iul (iiiimm lot'd. Yoitc (,'ni- 'i'riidi'il lii As Dou'ii i'li.ViiKMil or To Kuil You. 31! nil:vitOI,|.T STrtNliAKi) TOIVN ft KHAN. Uni- Mllr:i|;<>. Sloloi- A- (, Tires l.lkij Ni-w ...... ........ KOUNI) AT CAMP MOUI/I'llIK'K CIRILIj—Key rlnB cnntnlnliig •! keys, liK'ludlnit Yule key and Ohihani key. Owner may have sainc 1 by paylni; for Uils ad at Courier News. STOCK —ANOTIIKIl- NOW COACH .. s:!ur, :ts roiii) Ttihoii - ....... SIM 31 i ; oiii> rouhoit SIJIMN snso '31 TOIill tllWJH .......... {315 '35 CIIHVJtOl.i;-]' Duiil Wlli'l-1, 115 TON TKiXJK ...... SIM MS r()Hll V-8, Duiil WlH'cl, 1 15 TON TIJIJCK ... ____ $M5 '3(5 (.'IIKVHOUiT I' i I! it. -ill' ................ $nr> . ciii:vitoi;i:T TUUCK S3'JS Kasy (i TOM Terms JJT CO: ritoNi: 033 Hoi}) Wan Led orroitTUNiTV Clood crops and prices assure Wntklns flenler.s in rural section: big money this fall. Openlni; no« in north Mtsslsi'-ippi county foi rcllaljle men with ear who civ furnish references. Wrliu Sail 1 ManiiKcr Kccnc, ';;, The .1. It Watklns Coinpany/Memphls. Tciin Speed of .thn Clnlf Slreisin as It flmv.s nloiiB (he Atlantic coast o Ihe United Slates Is about fivi miles an hour. In CJiispc, (Juci)cc, lobsters once were used as fertilizer and now arc so scarce lhat fishermen arc permitted to catch them only dm Ins; June and July. "/ I'lllilllC'mi iV iruinllu All Loaillni; liriillils ill | Illuh (inidn Coal SUMMIT,. (WHAT liljAUT, I Wll,1,! ANT, MONTICKU.0,1 -FOR ck'i, incliulili", our fn minis —Also Riinil jintl (! ravel—. Coal & Mini UK Co. 700 RADIO REPAIRING A i Cnuiplelri UIHS of Tuku mid fWHUARD TIKE & KATTCHY CO. PHONE 471 afm*M E STOP- SBUVICK STATION VOUR CONVENIENCE' SINCLAIR GAS AND LUimiCATlON. WHKCKKK SUIt VICE Day Phone 888 SSI1 FOR SALE Wo Inivo on hand now and n.'iuly for delivery new crop of Alfalfa Seed for retail or to dealers. If interested sec us. L.R. Matthews Gin Co. Oillnn, Collon Stcil ami Cual IV], 15II-II Ynrbro, Ark. —BATTHKY SERVICE' -RADIATOR RI'.I>AIR —ItOWY WORK —fl!NI)I!Il-WORK —CLASS' 1NSTA1XED —AUTO PARTS W. T. BARNEH AUTO SALES Uodge ft riymonlh Dealer Ail Now Ixicalcil nt lot NoHh Hecond ADDING MACHINE & " .TVpEWRTTER SERVICE BUREAU DON EIW'AU'DS, I'ruiirielor 61 rcliiillt •'I'yiicwrltcn, Ailillnj Macnlnc« «nd l!»J- culilora— lirjiahlrij;— Parts^-IUbboni AI.LKY 001> A-WOKKYJN'! ?OWeGLESS TO STOP THE PIRE THEY AC - C1DEMTLY LET LOOSE IN THE SWAMPLAND, FOOZY AklD DIM NY, DUMg WITH HORROR, WATCH THE cow FLAGRAT1OM SWEEP B/ERyTMlW6 BE-FORE IT- ^ - *J*«|fofea^:3k3igffi^ /"CANT V., BLAME'lM-S-,1 A SHAME FOR \ NICE KID TO H APIA GO LIKE MEANWHILE-,,, -.-..-_ -, T . . •ti- i x^-'M^ r , 1HE HE/]/?T OF THE CATASTROPHE.. ~.~ ^ " OH, GAROY DO VOLJ THIWK ALLBV OOP WILL MAKE .OUT ALL RIGHT THE ARKMO LUMBER CO. I'HONE 40 • Complete course in typing, Fhort- hnnd. bookceping. Also icvle\v shorthand class. Prices very reasonable. Mrs. L. M. Bumctte, Call S24 W. Highest Prices Paid For Used FurniSure Wade Furniture Co. 301-303 E. MAIN i Get the bcp.cfit of .TOiumcr prices. Fill Up Now My Coal Is Black But 1 Treat Yon White LOCAL. HAULING '\CIIN liUCHANAN —I'ilONH 107 Mrs J. .1. Davis—Spencer Corsellcrc Call 421-W for appointments FRKSH KKEM'Wf CRAPPIE 35c I'er Onlcr Lion Gas IG.Sc Per Gallon HARRY BAILEY'S At the Arch Slalc Line DKCOIIATIKG Expert. Floor Sanding and Finishing JOHN W. BURTON, Kust Ark Ullililrrs Supplj I'lione 2D — AM. K IiVD.S JUNK $5 lo £6 Per Ton Aluminum, 10c lb. Brass. 2c lo 4',4o lb, Copper ".Vive, 4c to So lb. Radiators, 4 He ib. HIDES & FUKS WOM' AHIAS PHONE 176 128 E. MAIN TRANTHAM TRANSPEP. CO. Moving 50o room up. Pianos $1 up. PHONE OB4 320 A right at Dell, proved $14,500. Well iin- 320 A at Burdclic Iniprovctl $75 A. 320 A near Osccoia, lols of buildings S75 A. 775 A S of Blytheville, fine place $•12,500. 250 A near Joiner $65 A. of Bly. finely improved j 295 A S 00 A. 375 A near Big Lake $20 A. 80 A 1 mile of Holland. 1-2 mile frontage on gravel. Pretty new home—cost $10,000. $6500 gets it. We have sonic wonderful tract? In Missouri, Pcmiscot Co.. also •23 farms, 40 acres and lareor in Dunklin Co. at Clarklon, Campbell, and Maiden. Most of Ihis property If, owned by Mortgage Companies who are selling for enough lo clear their mortgages, and on low rale of interest anrt on loiig time payments. Let us show you these and other lands \vc have. Thomas Land Co. "We sell the Earth" Look this List Over! 10 ACRES—Black sandy loam. 0 miles Blyfhcvillc. 1 mile from gravel road. Good improvements. Price $3,150, terms like rent. 53 ACRES —3 miles Blytheville. Good improvements, half riiile good school. $2.500. Easy terms. 30 ACRES—Fine bayou land. On graded dirt road. G miles Blylhe- vlllc, H mile good school. Bargain at $1,8^. .10 ACRES—Black land. Crop proof of fertility. Good house, barn and outhouses, y, mile Highway 61. Price $2,400. HO ACRES—130 in cultivation. 2 houses. Wonderful crop cotton and corn. IH mile gravel road, 5 miles Blytheville. Price $35 per acre. S600 down will buy It. All above on Easy Terms, like paying rent, except Ihird and fourth Iracts, which are cash. Phone 617 or 310 E. M. Twry 213 W, Walnut Blythevllle, Ark. \V -»WV« ,"b-L3-f- ' 1 TUOU6WT OF \'v3t voyr -30 MUCH 50 MKMV VVtIXVb VISW.VY, TROVXW , QY NEA SERVICE, INC V T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF UM,U UKIJ.K TO TIIR RESCUIJ! VERV THOUGHT OP SOUP MAKES GIT OUT, VE WHEEZY OLD GRAW- SLOPPER. WHO EVER SAID YOU COULD COOK AW DEAR LITTLE GIR WHY, IT'S SIMPI-V DELICIOUS. I HAD WO IDEA VOU WERE SUCH A MASTER OF TI-tE CUt-INARY ART. Sttf, VOU ORTER TASTE MV BUTTERSCOTCH RESi o, THW PAIELV MELT IM / rtt * W STARS! VEE MOUTH, f WHV,THAt'5 MY \ CAVORITE DISH. I MADE IT MESEI.F. r BLN.EJ stRvice. INC, T. m BEC. u s PAT 6v TRECKF^ES A^ T I) IMS FRIENDS MAYHK OSSIR MEANT IT THAT WAY! I LL TIE A ROPE AROUWD Mr 1 WAIST A!-l' YOU CAM LOV/ER ME.,.. I'LL TAKE THE AWCHOP WfTH ME SO I CAH GET TO THE BOTIDf'l J IF THE WATER IS TOO DEEP GEE,THE BO3ERTH HOOK \t)U USE.TH' BIGGER THE FISH YOU CAM KETCH'. BO/, I \WOWDER WHAT kIMDA FISH WE -^ COULD kETCH OW . WELL,THERES ONLY OWE THIWQ TO DO. 1 THE CLUTCH IS OM THE BOTTOM OF THE" RIVER, SO I GUESS I'LL HAVE TO DIVE I DOKI'T IT'S MORE THAM TWEMTY- 'THAT'S JUST A POLITE- SWAY OF CALLING A WORM •'.' -^ E c-™- • v. PRESSURE .V, ___ -' t ___ f

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