The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on September 24, 1951 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, September 24, 1951
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILI.E (ARK.) CO RIER NEWS MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24, 1951 Wallace Denies Hope For Chinese Coalition Government in 1944 WASHINGTON, Sept. 24. (AP) Henry A. Wallace says he did "noti recommend any political coalition" between the warring Nationalist and Communist factions In China In 1944. President Truman last night made public ft letter from Wallace, together with the reports he prepared for the late President Roosevelt on his mission to China to recommend measures to strengthen her against the Japanese. Wallace said it Is not true that John Carter Vincent and Owen Lattimore, \vhn accompanied him, "guided" the report along Communist party lines. Testimony that they did has been (aken recently by the Senate's Internal security subcommittee. Keport Made I'ulilic Wallace's report, made public for the first time, paid that "there seems i to be no alternative" to supporting! GeneralLs.fimo Chiang Kai slick, the Nationalist leader since driven out! of Ojina with his forces and now! on Formosa. But he added: "Chiang, at best, Is a short-term investment. It is not believed that he has the Intelligence or political strength to run postwar China. The leaders of ywstwar China will be brought forward by evolution or revolution, and It now sectns more likely the latter." "To Clear Confusion" Wallace, the former vice president who ran unsuccessfully for the Presidency in 1948 on the Progressive Party ticket, told Mr. Truman he was writing to "clear up any j confusion" as to uhat he tried to' do in China and to dispute testimony that Vincent and I^attlmore "were relied on by the (Communist) Party leadership to 'guide' me alony the party Hne." He told Mr. Truman to use the dorumcHts in nny way "which you deem .wilt best minister to the welfare oE the United Stales." The President sent them on to Vice President Harklcy with a note that they "may be of Interest to the Senate" and its committees." Berkley probably will turn them over to the Internal security sub committee headed by Senator Mc- Carrnn (D-Nev), currently hunting for subversive -influences on U.S. Far Eastern policy. Parents Enjoy Rollicking Reunion With Triplets, Barry, Harry, Larry BOSTON. Sept. 24. (IP}— Mr. and; Mrs. Arthur Terry of Pine Knot, Ky., are enjoying a revmlon with their rollicking, triplet Wind sons —Barry, Barry and Larry. "I am'so happy to Jind that they have grown so big and- are so sweet," tile proud, 32-year-old | mother said of the three-year-old boys who are at the Boston nurs- ery'for blind babies. The blue-eyed, lilond youngsters came here In April (or special train- Ing, thanks to thousands of donors to a special trust fund to see that they get n good start In Hie. Three cribs were set up in a Boston hotel where the parents and NATO'S NEW SUPPLY CHANNELS-Newsmap above shows main routes and Insinuations of a new alternate supply route to Germany, lor General Eisenhower's North Atlantic Treaty army, on which the U. S. Army has spent approximately $1,000,000,000' during the past year. System calls for maximum use of France's west coast ports, tunneling supplies and equipment through Metz to Kaiserslautcrn, Germany. The new system .will receive Its first test during Allied maneuvers in West Germany in October. triplets are guests for the four- way reunion. After they renewed acquaintances, Mrs. Terry tucked the boisterous hoys into bed Inst night following their favorite supper of cereal, apple sauce, cookies and milk. "My how thej''ve grown," said the mother. "They tell me that Larry now weiglis 35 pounds. Harry 32Vii ami Harry 29 pounds," Like any mother. Mrs. Terry wondered how her energetic boys j had been behaving. j Janet H. Smith, acting suptrln- j tendcnt of the nursery, told her: "Just like boys." Nobel V/inner Doubts H-Bomb Can Be Built Antique Autos Chug Out on U. S. Tour CUMBERLAND, Mil., Sept. 24. (rt>j—About 125 antique automobiles chugged bravely out ol here this morning, their tall lamps blushing with pride nt having climbed the 3,000-foot, mountains between here ami Pittsburgh. The lirst leg ot their tour, » revival ot H custom ot the 1900's, began yesterday in Pittsburgh. Opera and radio singer James Melton, who Is president of the Antique Automobile Club of Flames Whip Three Forests California Area Lashed by Fires By THC ASSOCIATED PRESS Fiamcs whipped unchecked across three national forests in California today while to the north damp weather brought hopes of relief to the fire-beset Pacific Northwest. Rising humidity plus prospects of rain cheered weary crews fighting lires that already have blackened more than 51,000 acres of timberland in Washington and Oregon, Lodging operations, halted or drastically cut by the fires, were resumed "in most western Washington, counties. Some 1,500 men battled 2C.GOO acres of California fires. These included eight to ten touched off by some of the state's 150,000 deer hunters. All of the latter were controlled, U.S. Ftorost Service Fire Dispatcher Ernest L. Baxter reported today. America, leads the group in a 1007 Rolls Royce that originally sold for S20.COO. The caravan Is a throwback to the days of the Gibson girl when auto manufacturers staged such tours as a test of road performance. TT.ey became known as "Gltndcn „ Tours" after a New E n B 1 a n d telephone executive, Charles J. Gllddcn, adopted the custom of donating prizes to the driver of the best performing car. There was only one casualty reported as the touring eld-timers wheezed Into town here yesterday. An ancient Maxwell was being mercifully towed through the city's streets, its owner imnvtill- able for comment, explanation or excuse. Thousands of persons flacked to the armory lust night to view the relic automobiles, polished to glisten EIS brightly EIS they did the dny they brought a pretty price. DAYTON, O.. Sept. 22. CAP) — Dr. Robert A. Miliikan, Nobel prize- winning physicist, says he thinks It I unlikely man can find R way to' "trigger off" the H-bomb. "I should be foolish if I denied the pos5ib!lity. but T don't think Itj likely," Dr. Miliikan said during a vist to Wright-Patterson Air Force E)r\se here. To explode the hydrogen bomb, man will have to find a way to duplicate temperatures and pressures armmcl the sun. Dr. Miliikan said.! "It is a good deal of assumption" that conditions approaching those necessary can be created." he de- j clnred. \ Dr. Miliikan, prolcssor emeritus of physios of California Institute of Technology, also said: "I don't think we are as far along as prime seen; to think we sre In recent reports" o£ atomic and hydro- ten research. He added he was "pessimistic" about possible peacetime uses pf atomic energy, citing "excessive cc^st ond rarity of material," Crying for «II TIT RELIEF from 1 lilll Fight these nKonlcs! TAo clinicnlly tested C-2203 [or quick relief. Wonderful C-2223 contains famous, beneficial herb "Black Snake-Roof: it's I oritzcd to activate Salicylate octioii for better, more cf- or RHEUMATISM ARTHRITIS SIMPLE NEURALGIA The area of Africa Is three times thai of Europe. Air Conditioned By Refrigeration "Your Cornniunily Center" MANILA, ARK. Matinees Sat. & Sun. Phone 58 -„ _-.. relief. Price of first bot- lio hack If not satisfied. Don't wait— to your drug store- — get C<22U. Better Feelings Seen in Egypt Britain May Sign 'Pact' on Suez Canaf ALEXANDRIA, Egypt. Sept. 24 f/?j — Hopes for a settlement oj Egypt's dispute with Britain over British troops in the Suez Canal zone rose here today. j Prime Minister Mustnpha Nahas Pasha told a cabinet meeting yes? terday that relations between the two countries have "token a turri toward Improvement," a source close to the government said. The prime minister retwrtertly added that "some sort of agreement between the two countries" may develop soon. Egypt has been trying to get British troops out of Suez and also wants Britain to renounce her rights in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan. Nahas Pasha has threatened to denounce the 1936 Anglo-Egyptian treaty if Egypt's demands 'are not met. rench Watch Soviet Official Gromyko May Bid For Two-Power Talk; Events Are Puzzling PARIS, Sept. 24. ttPi — High ench officials, scenting an at- mpt b y Russia to get France ross a conference table /or two, e watching Andrei Gromyko, the viet deputy foreign minister. Gromyko came back here last eek from the Japanese Peace reaty conference at San Francisco, IB Russian embassy has not in- catert when he would fly on to O5COW. French Foreign Minister Ftobert chuman arrived back Saturday om Ottawa. Informed sources say there has ot been an open bid for a bi- teral conference, apart from a Big our meeting, but that Schuman's etum may provide the key to a eries of puzzling events. The speculation here centers on IB absence of • harsh talk by the usslans about the French In Indo- hina, the fact that Russia hns ecently returned two batches of Isatians captured as German war rLwners, and the fact the Hus- ans saw fit to give the French ews about the kind of treatment 1 a French consul Interned In 'orlh Korea. Schuman still has to frame an nswer to the Soviet about Its harges that the agreement to use 3ermans In a West Europe army nd French membership in the Atlantic Alliance violated a French- Russian friendship treaty. Nearly TOO Pounds of Refined Uranium Found In Texas by Playing Boys, But Mystery Prevails ALBUQUERQUE. Sept. 24. W'J— The only thing known for sure about nearly 100 pounds of refined uranium found m Xwo chunks at Dalhart, Tex., Is that very little is tnown for sure. The FBI and the Atomic Energy ommissio.n presumably know something about it. But they're not talking. One piece was found buried early this summer by three boys playing in a tree. The FBI lountl the second later on a scrap heap. The finds were announced Saturday night by University of New Mexico scientists who established that the metal was uranium. This much is known: one piece weighs 33 pounds, the other 65 pounds. The metal has 18.6 times the density of water. It's black and tough. It's commercially pure uran- ium. And the AEC has it. But the big questions remain unanswered: Where did il come from? The AEC says probably from a government installation. The nearest one to Dalhart is top-secret, heavily- guarded Los Alamos, N.M., some 300 miles away. How mucn Is it worth? Anywhere from $6 a pound (AEC estimate) to nearly $3500 R pound (commercial chemist estimate). How did it get to Dalhart? Theories range from theft by an ntom spy to the falling of a flaming green "fireball" of uranium. Some thing a souvenir hunter may have ditched it In Dalhart. Was the uranium stolen? The AEC prefers the wcrd "taken." If stolen, who took It? The FBI is investigating. The AEC places the age of tht pieces at seven or eight years. That would make them current about th« time when the Arftvy's manhaUan project was developing tht flrsl atomic bomb at Los Alamo*. Unofficial smiles; from th» PBI anil the AEC are given to the souvenir hunter theory. Observers point out that David Greenglass, now serving a 15-yJjp, term for giving atom secrets To Russia, worked at Los Alamos In 1945-M. Dr. Klaus Fuchs, convicted by an English court on a similar charge, worked there in 1&43. The 33-pound chunk was found at Dalhart in June by Jcdell Golden, 13. Don Monroe, 12, and Walton Fowler, 13. They dug it up from under a tree so .they wouldn't hurt their bare feet on a piece sticking out. i Truman Set to Order More News Censorship WASHINGTON, Sept. 24. (fl>|—A form of censorship on news coming from the civilian branches of gov- einment reportedly will be ordered shortly by President Truman. It is tiesigneti primarily to protect information on mobilization activity in which the military and civilian agencies must cooperate. The last quagga. an animal something like a zebra, died in the London Zoo In 1812. MORE TOBACCO IN EVERY TIN! Yes, sir! You get more for your money in Prince Albert! In the early days of the New York City elevated trains, which were powered by stcnm engines, housewives, angered because soot blackened their laundry, sometimes hurled bricks at the engineers, REMOVE DANDRUFF COTTON BOLL on North lihvay 61 Phone 3o70 Last Times Today "Rawhide" Tyrone Power Susan Hayward ENDS TON1TK Randolph Scott 'FORT WORTH" in Technicolor i'lus 2 Cartoons Playgrounds for the Kiddies Free Kiddie Car Rifes Kids Under 12 FREE with Parents Show Starts 7:00 p.m. No Mosquitoes—No Bugs Kirby Drug Store RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. Our Anniversary Will He Soon You'll Be Invited! Last Times Tonile 2 Rig Hits "rr 1 JOHN LUND CORINNE CALVET DtANALYNN WILSQN KIRMA HALWAlLISpsooucno. —Plus— A REPUBLIC 2 Carloons Fhnne 4621 Show Starts Tuesday "The Guy Who Came Back" Paul Douglas Joan Hennett Wednesday & Thursday 'Jesse James' Tyrone I'owor PRESCRIPTIONS Fr«sh StocV Guaranteed Best Prices i Kirby Drug Stores Tuesday & Wednesda WARNEft BROS, p*i» 7HRSA. mus J3S1H& •'ANN DVORAK GENE EVANS VllilHWS'•">•' Also uairier News Shorts Plus Cartoon £ Sport Reel Guest Ticket Nights Come drive the brilliant new 180 horsepower Chrysler V-8 Saratoga Performance unequaled at any price! Wednesday & Thursday 'THEY GOT ME COVERED" Boh Hope ' Dorothy Lamnur Also News & Shorts DR. W. A. TAYLOR Veterinarian Ortjces Now In ST FRANCIS nrtuo Phone 3507—N'lle, 2S14 Fii?.Pow« Engine ... 125V2-Inch Wheelbase ... Flnid-MatlC Dlive . . . Come drive it today! . . . A new standard of modern motor car value is set by this brand new, lower-priced member of the Chrysler FirePower family I 180 Horsepower.... Come feel it perform! . . . Most power per pound of weight . . . greatest ratio of power-in-reserve . . . ever offered in an American passenger car. And Firepower's built-in "mechaiucal octanes" let you use non-premium grade gas. Power Braking ... Onflow Shock Absorbers... Smoother, quicker, safer stops with as little as 1/3 the usual foot pressure! Steadiness even on roughest roads that means new riding comfort and driving safety I Hydragfiide Power Steering ... Wonderful new steering ease, safety and front-wheel control . . . with hydraulia power doing four-fifths of the work at your touch orl the wheell Chrysler Fluid-Torque Drive ... Teamed with the Chrysler FirePower 180 horsepower V-8 engine, the new Fluid-Torque drive gives Saratoga faster acceleration to cruising speeds, and more flexible "change of pace," than any other car on the road! 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