Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 12, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 12, 1896
Page 6
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Koesllng, general agent; Bet 3>l8ber, Joiinson Bros., W. H. Brlugburat, G. W. Hoffman, D. E. Pryor, Q. A , H. D. Ha-ttery ,aua A. R. Kisti er. Washington. June. 11.—The sennle nnd house committees appointc-J to wait upon the president and see if had. anything 1 further to communicate to-cong-ress having- reported,cong-russ at• four o'clock was declared udjouvned : sine die. Semite lloos Llttlu. Wnshinpton. Juns 13.—The senate; met Thursday nt 11 o'clock for the Jiisf. time this sossiou antl a fe\v minutes later went into executive session* Before the doors \vero 'closed, lic^-e\'er, 11 .bill grunting a pension to the widow Ci! Oeii. AVillinm H-. Gibson, 1 of Ohio, vv-i< passed, und the vice presi'dent. mi- Jionnced Iiis .sig-iiat' t ]r eto tin; Disti"ic:t of Columbia appropriation bill—th.'' last of. the gene-nil appropriaiion billsv. The dooi'.s were reopened at'll :20, but no business wns transacted fur sonn 1 lime, the body evidcnlly beinjr in the condition -oi "waiting 1 for soinethii!!.' to turn up." Senators were pa!hered f n knots about the cbfimbci-, ehattinff mid Innffliing-, while thi5 vice preside;)t lenuetl over his desk ehntt'i''-; 1 with the senior senator from his slai", Seriator Cnllom. The gfnlleries were nli--nst empty, only a handful of .spec:-!!ovs bi'ing in the piiblie galleries, w!ii,l£ the ladies, sciiatbrs nnd tliploiuat''.! (falleries wen- ab.solut.ely deserted. Only 19 senators ^vere on the floor—cloven deniocrnifi. seven-republicans nnil one populist—nl! equally busy cloim- nothing;. At 1.1:-!0 ii batch of house hills were laid before the senntc, untl referred r.o the 1 proper committees, after which tin 1 senate relapsed inro its former drifting condition, At ten minutes before rmi', n ecmmi!.- 1ee consisting 1 of Rciiiitor Sherman (rej-i.. 0.) and SennW Smith (ilem., N.,T.) w,\~ nppo'niled. to cooperate wifli .-i similn:- <.i07iH"ni1 te^ fi'ijm llu 1 lionsL 1 1ri,inrnriii the jirosidenf. that congress w;is- ronrly >o nr'ljonrn unless lie had sojni 1 otli :r | rommunicatioi) to inaUn. - | At, ]:tiO the senate took a recess until | tin-no o'clock. The president Thiirsil-.y si-nfto tht' senate the follow'nfr nnmin:iiions anil •they wore imniecliaicly i-Anrii'mrrl by •that'body; C;ipt. r>m-pv Dcwoy. to bi- oomir.oflorc in the n-iyy: Coiiiniiiiidi'i- Fr.inci.s A. Cook, lo l-'o r!iplain; Lieni. ..Coiurnander Charles T. Hutchir.s. to hr coir.u.'aiuler. itontly tf» Adjourn. • At 3:l.j ]). in. .MV-S'-ir.s. 01 ieri)inn find Smith the eoniniitte' 1 on ti-i.. p:irt of tin 1 senate to visit the jvi;s>id".nt. returned and unnounced that 1'lie exeentive had no fi.'rthur co!n:im;i!c'iitio" to make t'c CODg-J'CSS. . ' Voti»vOf ThiinkH to Jfr.vo. At-3:35 Senator IFni-ris (ilem.. Term.) offered the :'oliowin{r resolulioii. wliic'h Avas unanimously adopted: "RcMolycd, That tl-.e thanks of-Hie pen - ntc are h'crc-by tendered to Hon. Wfillam P. ]"rj'c, pi-L'Sldom ^iro-rcmpoi-e ol 1 Lhffisonato., for tho courteous, cllsnitled uiid'al'j1ci"man- ncr tn u'hieh lio lias presided over,Its dc- •JiberaUons during the present session." . LUSt Sc.HHiOM Of-lioUM!. Washing-ton,.June. II.—When Speaker Reed's g-avt'l fell at 11 o'eloek Tliurs- tlay morning-, ctilling- to order thrt house of representatives for the final meeting of the first session of the Fifty- fourth cc'ngrcss, loss than two score members were in their seats mid not 100 spectators, nil told, in the g-alleries. Speaker' Jleed unnounced the signing by him of. the District of Columbia appropriation bill. A resolution introduced by Mr. I.eon- is SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR—don't foi s;et to take it. The Liver gets sluggish iunm; the Winter, just like all nature, snJ if!i system -becomes choked up by the accumulated \vaste, which brings on Malaria, Fever and Ague and Rheumatism. You want to \vakc up your Livei now, t;ji. b2 sure you take SIMMONS LIVER REGULATOR to do it. -,lt alsc regulates the Liver—keeps it properly al work, when your system will be free from ,poison.anJ the whole Body invigorated. 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A rncKsng-e was received from the sen- site informing the house that the resolution providing 1 for the appointment of a committee to visit the president Had Ijepi:' passed. Mr.- Sherman appeared on the floor to nnl.ify tin; bouse members that he and Mr. Smith were ready to start. While the committee, were absent 'ievev.il private I'.ills were passed. JJJHs Approved by tin 4 President. 1 Washington. June 11.—The president approved tlio following 1 bills: To authorize .ind cncoui-apfe the holding of a Lruns-ICIsslsslppi .and Intel-national exposition nt Omaha, Neb., In 1S9S; making Santa Burbai-ii, Ca.1., a sub-port of entry; to Kraut a rlslil of way through the New Fort Bliss military reservation to the El Pa^HO & Isortlioustern Railroad company, and 1'or the''relief of James A. Moore. Also t'he joint resolutions authorizing the Dccrctary of! the treasury to place a bronze '.able: or Inscription on the government building KnUer construction at Detroit, and tor ihe relict' of James P. Veach. Weary-Eyed Bloodi Droppnd Into a no*« While Paying » Call. "It is not well for boys to venture-out' too early in life," .observed a young 1 lady to a Louisville' Post scribe the other clay. "Several evening's ag-o two young- men, \vho ivill notbeiout of t.lieir teens for a couple of years, called on a friend of mine. The young- lady, who is herself quite young 1 , exhausted every subject at her command in her effort to entertain the youngsters, for the duty of talking- devolved upon her aJ- inost entirely. Finally the boys, whether from the fact that they had bciL-n out ihe evening before, or the lateness of the hour, for it was then nearly, ten o'clock, fell asleep. Xo one enjoyed the fun more than the young- lady, and to make the joke complete she quietly went, upstairs and left her youthful callers in the arms of Mor- pheus. They slumbered soundly until morniiif, arid ivej-i: not aroused until the head of the house apj>caj-cd downstairs for breal<. r ;ist. With profuse apologies they left, and up to the prwcrt time they have not asked permisiUon to call amiin." MAGNIFICENT PARADE, WINTER WHEAT. Condition of the Crop In Above ^the Average of I.n»t Your. The April crop report of the American Agriculturist, baaed on estimates of county correspondents, makes the average, condition of winter wheat 87.0 against 85.3 last year and 87.4 in 1894. Averages In the principal states are: Pennsylvania, 80; Ohio, 73; Michigan, HS; Indiana, 83; Illinois, 80; Missouri. 86; Kansas, 91, and California, 00. . The improvement since December .1 aniorants to two points. Drought last fall, followed by g-ood rains'in Decem- txsr, gave astrong.vigorous root growth, and except in Ohio and limited areas along 1 the Ohio, river in Kentucky, In- diatui and Illinois the. winter was fu- TOrable and damage from freezing and thawing small. Growth is generally Kinu.ll, and superficial observers, ignoring root strength and judging only from top growth, ore npt to be misled in their conclusions. Everywhere except in. Wisconsin the'ground is thorougWy aa-turated witji moisture, a condition iri cliree-fr contrast with last year. This jibundnncc of moisture compensates for the-shor* growth mid frees the crop from dependence, upon spring rainfall. I*rospect rn Ktuasas especially promising, witli good stand, color and plenty of moisture. It is too early to forecast probable results of the winter wlicnt crop, but the situation is now decidedly more favorable than last year, n.nd unless further development reveal's damage not now apparent it seems reasonable to expect a winter wheat crop of- satisfactory^ proportions, . WON'T BE HELD TrtIS YEAR. Warning from Mayor of Montreal Agixlnat Urltluh 'Empire Exposition. . K. Wilson Smith, mnyor of Montrca.l. has issued a card to the public, in which, ho says that ho. is in aJmost daily receipt of .letters or telegrams which indicate that exhibitors In Engla-nd nnd abroad a.re under the impression that on international exhibition will be held in Montreal vhi«ye<ir. The projected Bri t- ish empire exposition, a private enterprise which .was never sanctioned by the city or government, has been definitely abandoned. The'project of holding an international exhibition here in 1S97 is now under consideration, and the undertaking is JikeJy to materialize under the most favorable auspices. Meanwhile the public are warned against^ making .any arrangements for tlio Montreal international, exhibition this year, -which \yill certainly riot be held.. Kntflliml'M Diilry Tniportn. :,' Eiiglaud' 'pays STO.fi.M.cno yearly lor foreign dairy !>rnrhir><y . - - .' ord (rep., Pa.) was iigretd to, extending until November 1 the period within which additional testimony may be taken in the contested election case oi Hopkins vs. Kendall from the Tenth Kentucky district. Mr. Ding-ley (rcp.,--Me.) • introduced the usual resolution authorizing the appointment of. a committee of three tc join, rx similar committee on the part of- the senate to notify t-he president that congress- was ready to ndjourjj. It was nyreed to, nnd Messrs. Dingley, Canuon (rep., 111.) and Buyers ('lem., Tex.) were named by the speaker. Spoiiker Kood Tlmiiknd Tlilit Ycnr. Mr. Turner (dcm., Ga.j offered the following resolution: "Thatthe'tunnks of this house areilue to the Hon. Thomas B. Heed, speaker, for the ability,.faithfulness .and strict impartiality with which he.has per- fcrmed thu duties of his ofiiee:". The reading of the resolution, which was not presented in the Fifty-first congress, wns received with applause. The resolution .was adopted by n mipmmoiis vo.t?'.. ITTLli 1VER PILLS Twont.y-l'-ivt! Tlu>i:rtik'ml i'n Lln» of Xa- tioiuil S:tuii^4.-rf«st DoinansLraLion. 1'it.tsbttrg-h. 1'u., June 11.—This is the lust great day of the .National Saeng-er- fest. From arii&tic nucl liuanuiul points of view,.it bas been more of a success than was anticipated by tho most sanguine. ThnrsiJiij-'s events which were favored \vitli perfect weather and a smiling- sky, crowned the 2Sth sacjiger- fest with S'lory. The monster pageant formed at S:,'10 o'clock and moved prompili' at nine, passing through the business portions of Allegheny find- Pittsburgh, Uie route of the procession being five in!!c',? in length. -If; Chief Marshal Schneider's 1 estimates are correct, 25,000 men were in thegreaUineof march. - There- were more than 20 allegorical floats in the' i demonstration, most beautiful in equipment and feature. No equipages were permitted in the lijie except carriages occupied by honorary gusts. The public schools iu both cities were- given a 'holiday, and many business establishments were closed during the ^parade hours. Excursion trains on all railroads brought thousands of visitors to the city and the. anticipated throng was fully realized. LYNCHING BEE. Tliroo Negroes Summarily Dealt With ID TCXHN. Houston,' Tex., June 11 .— Louis Whitehead, George .lohnson and Jim Itedclick, three 'negroes, were taken from jail at Bryan, 100 miles north of here, Wednesday night niid hanged. Whitehead and Johnson were charged w^ith attempting to criminally assault the 12-year-old daughter of Dr. li. IT. Wilson .Sunday night. Kedcliek had been convicted of the crime of rape oil an Italian girl, and sentenced to hang, but the decision was reversed by tho higher court nnd he was held awaiting a new trial. The mob was 300 strong, and came from Kurten, nine miles west of Bryan, where Dr. Wilson lives and the attempted assault occurred. The sheriff of the county was absent Wednesday night and^Jailer Gee, who was in chargo of the jail, was unprepared to resist the attack.' He refused to deliver the keys, but; the doors were battered down. The mob built a big fire "to furnish light to work by, which gave the people the idea that the ne- groes were beiipg burned. The mob was composed of *he most prominent citizens of Kurten, none of whom were masked. ^ Kcmulns Rtt:i<:h Philadelphia. Philadelphia, .Tune Jl.—Tin: rcni;ti:;s of Actor Frank Mayo, who (lied suddenly on a Union Pacific railroad train near Omaha, reached Philadelphia Thursday afternoon. The body was brought from Omaha in charge of James Douglass, a• meir.biu 1 of llolund Heed's company. The remains we:v met at the Broad Street station of ihe Pennsylvania railroad by Edward F. Maj'o nnd Miss Beronda. Mayo, a son and daughter of the deceased, both ol whom reside At Canton, IV, and John Jack, the veteran actor, nnd James E, Elverson, Or., of Philadelphia, son-i»- Ir.w of: the deceased. The interment will be made in West Laurel Hill cemetery here Friday. Gntln Klnvutor Iturncd. Green Bay, Wis., June 11.—W, W, Cargi'i company's rlevaior was destroyed by fire Wednesday night. Thirty thousand bushels of rye, 00,000 biish'.is of barley nml .60,000 bushels of pins wore burned. Twenty-five hundred barrels of dairy salt- and 200 barrels n; cement were burned. Tota.l loss. on building- nnd contents $55,000, cov- ered-uy insurance. To Hnvo n VH!C Coucll.. Lafayette, Ind., June 13.—Purdue will have a nv\\ physical director next- yea]-, Frank II. Curtiss, Y'ale, siiccee-ling Unvid M'. Baliiet,, Princeton. ; This indicates a change hi Purdue's football tactics. Nunied for ConqrrcuK. Viuoennes, ]nd., .lune 11.—The democrats nf the Second congressional district met in dek'g-atc convent.Jon nnd nominated for congress Itobert W. Miurs. of Blooming-ton. Diort A.WH.V. Jroiu Home. Grcensburg, Ind., Juuc 11.—Henry Ita.nkin, cashier of the Doug-las County ba.nk nf ]'^nvrence, Kan., died at the home oi his sister in this place. Shot hi a yuurrt;!. Grcenfork, Ind., June 11.—In a quarrel Dr. Fear, a. veterinary surgeon, shot and seriously wounded Edward W. Wright, his hired man. Itur^larH ut X,Imu. Lima, Ind., June 11.—Burglars entered Yeag-Je's store here ;uid took a In rge amount of silverware and wutchcs. Uomlj Tliro-wcr Knoivn. Barcelona, Juue 11.—The police have nscerrained that the. name oi the man who threw the bomb into the procession Sunday last, causing the death of about a dozen people, is Changer. He is an agent of an anarchist club. CoUimblu UnlvomltJ-. Xew York-, June 11-.—The 142d commencement exercises of Columbia university occurred at Carnegie music hnll. Th>3 address was by President Seth Low. THE MARKETS. Grnln. Provision*. KIT. Chicago, June 31. TVHEAT—Acilve T.nd nnpetlled, lower. June, ."i^iDri-jc': July. j,''^r»C',ic,: September, NO SECRET ' IS THIS WOMAN'S CASE. Mrs. Campbell Wishes Her Letter Pub* lished so that tho Troth May Be Known. . [BPHCIAL TO OCCl IvADV ItRADKnR.] Of the thousands of letters received • from women all over the world by Mrs. Pinkham. not, one is given to the public unless, by ihc wish of the writer. Thus absolute confidence is established bc- . uvc-en Mrs. Pinkham and bcr army of patients; nnd she freely solicits a letter from any woman, rich or poor, •who is in ill health or ailing. In the case of Mary E. Campbell, of Albion, Noble Co., .Ind., her suffering was so severe, lier relief so suddenly realized, and her gratitude so great, that she wishes the circumstances published, in tlie hope I hat others may be benefited thereby. She says: — " My physician told me I liad dropsy and falling of the womb. Jly stcmacb and bowels were so bloated 1 could not get a full 'breath. My face and hands were bloated badly. 1 had that dreadful bearing-do-H-n pain, backache, palpitation of the h.cart, and nervousness. "One of my physicians told me I had something growing in my stomach; and the medicine that I took gave me relief only for a short time. I thought I must: die. I began to take Lydia E. Piiikkam's, Vegetable Compound, and it worked.like, a charin. After taking the first bottle) I could walk across (be street, now I am •well. I advise all my friends to take it.", r "R P A \rpTCPT T. A HiiAn "NTnVtlA f.r\. , —MAJIY E. CAMPBELL, Albion, Uoble Co.' The COAST LINE to MACKINAC -—>-»• TAKE THE-4—{-— TO MACKINAC DETROIT PETOSKEY CHICAGO 2 New Steel Passenger Steamers The Orentett Perfection yet attained In Boat Construction—Luxurious Equipment, Artlitlc Furnjshinfr, Decoration Mid Efficient Service, Insuring the highest degree of COHFORT, SPEED AND SAFETY. FOUR TRIPS PER WEEK BETWEEN Toledo, Detroit ^Mackinac PETOSKEY, ''THE soo," KARQUETTE, ' AND DULUTH. LOW RATES to Picturesque Mackinnc'cnd Return, including Heals and Berths. From Cleveland, $18-. from Toled*, $15; from Detroit, $13-50. EVERY EVENING Between Detroit end Cleveland Connecting" at Cleveland with Earliest Trains for. oil point!) East, Soulli and Southwest and at Detroit for all points North and Northwest. Sunday Trips Juno, July, August and September Only. EVERY DAY BETWEEN Cleveland, PuHn=Bay $ Toledo Send for Illustrated Pamphlet. Address A. A. SCHANTZ, o. p. ... OETIIOIT, MICH. fte Ustroit and Cfevelaitf steam Nav. Co. COKN— S!enr?.y. Yellow, STWKT^ic Xo. 2. 2"V;lif27V4c: f J"l>", 27Wi27-Tic Doccinljcr. 2;)%c. OATS — rCiisler, wilh moderate n-.itlln?. June, H'.ic: July. 3"ViC«"!ic: Seuicmbt.-r, ]75,'SU7*ae. Samples easy. No. S, ITlilCJSfee; No. 3..\Vhitf>, l$!i®' 3 "-ic; No, 2. IT-;i&3»i:; - ; o. •i White, 3S ! iJSi2Cc. RyE—Dullar.iJ weal;. Demand very small. No. 1 eaalj, S3o. July delivery, 33c. Sepicin- bur, MVic, sellers, B'VKLEY— Offerings moderate. Barley s;ilable, but only at low prices. Actuul wants are small. Thin, ZBisTlMc; fair weignt, but uit culor, 2i@-7c. Good color, fair to sood wels'.H, ITJj'Sc; choice, S0©32c; fancy u shade over. MESd 1'ORK— Offerings rather liberal and demand active. Prices Irregular. Quotations ranged at JTJWi'.lS for -cash; S7.05@7.10 for June ; 57.00@7.20 for July ; J7,12# ®7.S7'/i for September. . • LtARU— Demand moderate and offerings free Prices steady.- Quotations ranged at $4 10©4.1214 for cash; «.05®4.10 for June; wlfl7Vi®4-lT'/i for -/July, and »».20@4:32Vs for September. BUTTER — Quiet and steady, rather tame. Creameries, I0@l«4c; Dairies, Digilic. LIVE rOULTRY — Only moderate demand. Turkeys. 0@8c: Chickens, 7@7%c; Ducks, 9®S^C per pound; Geese, per doz«n, POZZONI'S COMPLEXION POWDER ever before. POZZOtfFS —bcantlfyJBR *t iiHicijnit ScoviirN GOD) \ HOX In mven Ire* of i'tinrt,T. P AT DRUGG/STS AND FANCY STOIJRS.' SICK HEADACHE Positively cured by these Little Pills. They also relieve B. stress from Dyspepsia, Indigestion and Too Hearty Eating, .A perfect remedy for Dizzlntss, Nausea, Drowsl. nes*, Bad Taste in the Mouth, Coated Tongue PalnJr the Side, TORPID LIVER. They Regulate the Bowels. Purely Vegetable. Dose. Mileage of Congrosimeo. The mileage of congressmen runs nil the way from $3 to $1,100. The law requires that the mileage shall be calculated by the nearest route of travel. A Maryland representative gets the lowest sum—$3—which includes his com- .iiig and going, while an Oregon member gets .the inrg-er sum. The , California 'congressmen get on-an average of $S30 each for mileage. The-mileage is, of course, a good^deal more t.ban is usually paid, and it helps out: in some cases in paying other expenses. ... WHISKY— Steady on tj|e basis of. $1.22 for lilghwlncs, . ' . • New York, June U. 'FLOUR— State aYid western quiet, about stendy, unchanged. WHEAT— No. 2 Red; fairly active, weak, ?i«fttc- lower. July^ G3»4@63%T:; September, C3M(@(!3%c ; Deceiver, MViStiSVlc. CORN— No: 2 mill.' steady. No. 2, 33^3 3414o; July, 34i4«;. September, 35@25 3-Wc " OATS— Dull. No. 2 easier. State, 24 fc® 28c; Western; 2302Sc; July, 22%c asked. PORK— Easy. Newness, JS.75ifO.00; OM ,,. EGGS— Weak, quiet. Western, ll@12o. Live Stock. 1 • ./•' Chicago, June 11. CATTLE— Market opened BtronK, closing •hade lower. Fair to best beeves, S3.40® 4 45- stockers and feeders, J2.25fl.3.S5; mixed cow*, and bulls, J1.50@3.75: Texas, $2.50i# 3.75-. • . HOGS-Warket weak to 5c lower.,,. Light, .J3.05@3.45; roUBh packing:, «.7E®2.90; mix«d butchers', J2.95@3.30; heavy packing and »hli)plng. }5,9Eff3.15; pigs, 52-5003.45. doing For A Lake Trip? You'll fully enjoy all of Its dellRhti . if y ou take ono or tno AKE MICHIGAN AND LAKE SUPERIOR TRANSPORTATION CD'S 1EGANT STEAMSHIPS, .?.iilinu5 between Chlcngo and AUcklnac !s!»nd four Umei every week. . ""•10 new stcol stw«nshIp"M«i»Iton" Is a '•inn palace. Travels .'twlxt Chicago. ^rlcvoix, Harbor Spring*, Petoskey, . L-k inac Island, etc. Wrto for our readable; reading matter, free, or ask yonr nearest agent Address Jos. Bcrolzbelm. G.P.A. LAKE MICH. AND I.AKB SCPERIOK TBA-NS. CO. Ruih and N. Water SI., Chicago. Families in the .Country Should alwayi keep Brazilian Balm on hand. It is the doctor in the house, always rendj »nd reliable. For colda, coughs, croup, catarrh, aslbma, pleurisy,- rheumatitm, constipation, female tronblea nnd all kinds ot fevers it nets like mngio •ndsavesroany a doctor's bill and mnop Along sickness Typhoid and Scarlet Fever. Taken in time Brazilian Balm prevent!. typhoid or scarlet fever. Also makei these diseases very light: and alvayi prevents deafness and throat .trouble!, which scarlet fever and measles so'ofteL leave behind. Always, keep on band.'

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