The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 24, 1936 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 24, 1936
Page 3
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MONDAY, AUGUST 24, 193(5 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS |Now Shots Ring From Belfry i County Movie Directors Go to'two Negroes Win Honors PAGE THREE PIN!.' M.UFP, Ark.. Aug. 24- : Mississippi county won tlie lev- iiij cup ns Die baimc-r covn'y at l!ic closing session of the if'th nmiual fanners' conference at tin? A, N'| &. N. college 1'or nejrocs Iierc, The event was f.Uu!i!«! by more thiin -800 nejro faun boys ami girls from 11 counties. Mississippi county teams \von fifth place In soil and crop iler.- fnEtrnllon. tlilrd plice In JIIOK- ini! dairy cattle, second place ittf^luv; poultry and fourth ulace Jiid^iii^ mtile.s, in the vomeu's coii'.csl. the r '"('-"'im pi ?"s v.ere won by Mississippi county contestants: r.oiise ilrc'Kscs. Ssdie Ciolilsberry. seccrnl; parkcr house rolls, Alice CiHhoi:n, Ihivcl; corn meal muffins. Alice Culhoim, second. Families For Child Actor. The belfry of a church CD tiie hard-fought road to Zaragossa, where Spanish loyalists have been attempting to oust rebels, serves as a snipers' nest for three loyalist militiamen's harassing fire on insurgent troops. : U. S. Glimpses Japan's Might \w,w ^f^r^^/f^^'^ ,i I 1 * % ' "H-!> 'V '»t3-^ J ^"'S \ " -f'l^M C'A el ivy!" or ,Ii!"ns na\.il rnnjit is being affoided Amenca by Hi, friendly visit to United States pniis or the oriental empire's train inc s(|iiarircn. Pictured doling at Ballimcre are the Yakurna ant Iwa'.c, spick and siiau in the best naval tradition and bristlin; witli nrmnmenb Tree Shelters Extended Over North Dakota! FARGO, N. D. (UP)—Fannlree- plfinting. a project which has resulted in the establishment of thousands of windbreaks in North! Dakota in the past few years, willJ be expanded wherever possible. I according to plans of Victor V. i Freeman, ill charge of the wind- j breaking program of the North I Dakota Agricultural College ex- i tension service and the State For-i cstry School. . I Fi-eeinan. who succeeded D. D. • Baldwin as head of the cxtcn- j sion .service forestry in July, de-1 cltired iliat farmers have shown j kern interest, in improvement of I tht-ir farms with trees in con-; ncctlon with the shcltcrbelt pro- i gram, which Ls under local sii- i county agricultural i agents to demonstrate, to othc interested farmers he best metli cds of tree culture. In 1530 more than 400,000 tree were planted in such farm wind breaks, slightly more than 40 farmsteads beinj thus improved Builds New, Efficient Defense Force; strut-dim lo which several rooms linvc been added as tlie family grew, stands on u corner of the old Mack Sennt'U lot. All Iho children were born tin-re, and played about Ihe sel.s from the limi! they were uulu to walk. The house Itself hns uppeared In numerous Si-imett pictures, and Us bedjooms have been used by slurs as dressing rooms. Louise ami Gloria Wiuson were named for the Misses Fazemln mid Swanson. Actor to I'hutOKriiplH 1 !Coy was a prominent child Blnrj hi his lime. Now .he's n ncwsi ns played under arc lights gives fields iu«l fans n better break than the sunshine variety. . , The general manager of the Reels points out that fielders do no', the sun intd n high sky to wcrjy ntout. . And that, the customei-s can walch the night f.f the white pellet against Hie- night background from Ilia lime It leaves tlic bat until it readies Hie fielder's glove, . . . Thosj who have conn- closi-st In Hie past predict ihnl Hie Hiaddock- been repelled only once in 34-starts as a professional; . . . Sidney- B. Wood, the tennis player, Is president of n firm called the "Ooltl Digging Syndicate," . . H Is n. t mining corporation. llcil Sox Buy Duster Mills Duster Mills, lui'xf right-handed hitting outfielder of Rochester','Is.. Ihe latest sizeable piirchajo of tho IJojlon Heel Sox. . . . Amjle Qa- 1'jn .scarcely figures to c;il in on extra money «<i lev • VhlHp. Scl--:iiellng scrap ulll draw $000,- Wrlgley's bonus pl.m this season] ' inn " """"•" "-•'"•• -" coo In the Sunken Garden The spcc<ly ilychasw Is hat- .,, , , - , '" l!lls I'l'Pcr. j Yankee Stadium, Aug. 18. Vivian Is nmiTlcd, mid brought ... .'!!» r™u","" 1 '° nit ' l ° "- ve wl >"! Cards llannril, Jlrotttis Knit In hasn't (lone much on • -"".& vunij/n-Ldj ii-viguiii/-.*.^ iy ..... c. . " ----- <Ivc the country n compact co- flhA Sf "'"e Stair Correspondent Jidinatcd service in place of the HOLLYWOOD.—One of the n-cscnl' straggling, loose orijanl- reaso »s lumdrcds of child chiu- aillon. aetei ' actors are finding little to Hitherto the active strength'of (1 °,'" 1Ioll >' wo °d Is Hint all the he mllltla has been divided among cusling < llr «tors know the Wal- .rinumevablc regiments. All were' 80 " aild Jol " ttatl tamlllcs. unilc'r prescribed strength and When picking players, directors some were moribund. Under the arc 1'kely to conclude their in- Icpartinent'G new plan, many of ''ructions thus: "And 'for those the units are being disbanded k!cl l wr(s > E ct me «• few of the completely, others are being Johnsons or Watsons." strengthened through amalgama-' Tlll; re are nine of the latter, ions, and entirely new mills are sevcn of 'he former, and they've -ing formed. . .all been In pictures. Some have The changes, which have been outgrown the kid class and a few i progress for several month.?, E ' lmv " t -" e aptitude for acting, arc part of the Canadian Govern- 1>ut mt>st °' " lenl " ro '" almost ment's plans to co-ordinate the collst(l nt demand at the studios'. Dominion's entire defence system, i Eac " ° r tllcse one-family cost- Too Many Farmers TORONTO, Out. (UP)—Farmers have bcccme a "drug on Canada's economic life, W. H. Moore, member of the Cnnadian parliament believcr. : "Canad') needs more plumbers, clothing manufacturers, more Industrialists," he told the Ki'ttinis club here. Uog Prefers round SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) —"Spot." a 16-year-old dog of doubtful lineage, grew tired of his home and established at the city pound. residence Ula), Pays Up SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (UP) —Utah recently wiped out a $1 500.000 debt lo the federal gov- cinmenU-in- 3 years ; that jvu* scheduled for payment over a 20- ycar-perioct. ing bureaus can supply almost nny general type, with wardrobe. Sidney Johnson, an auditor, and Wynonnh Johnson moved here from Natchitoches, La., In 1920. They had two children then, Dick and Kenneth, who were given small parts in pictures made from scenarios written by Mrs. Johnson. Kenneth is 23 now, but lakes time cut from college to play on occasional role and to serve as stand- in for Fred MacMurray. Wide Representation Dick, 21, played Tinker, youngest of the midshipmen, In "Mutiny on the Bounty." Camilla, 18 and next eldest, lias appeared In several Mary Pickford pictures, scores, of others, and will be seen soon in -"Lost Horizon." Scessel, Anne, 15, i> proudest of Mt-L roles,. -In,. "So -Blg/i-'JWttW Women," and some of the Tom Mix films. O1TAWA, Out. (UP)—Canada's, .rmy Is imdci^olng a thorough. The (iliu family ol Sidney Johnson, above--all seven more or lcs~, "MaTl'ng^'in'iWtc a lonK list of''" <ic """ Kl fo1 ' l:laui ' c lolos ' Wilh Mrs. Johnson at (he pinno, they ' ihanges. (he Department of Na- IU ' C> lc ' tc to risht: Camilla, Dick, Kenneth, Payne, C-.u-mcneita, Seessi-1 lonal Defence has disclosed that i """e and Cullen. he iioii-peiinanenl active militia i 5 being comj>lctcly reorganized to WI , A " y . \\ IIAKR 'SON Duslesl of Ihe Johnsons Is Car- mi'iiclln. At ia, she has earned rcrecn credits. "The Garden of Allah™ is most recent, ami before dial she rated cheers for her woik In "These Three," A few years ago, in "Susan Lennox." she impersonated Clrcln Gnrbo nt the age of 1. Her salary Is $150 a week. So Is. nick's. 1'ouiiKCsl on Contract Ciiilcn Johnson, now a vcloran of 9. holds a record of having been the youngest contract play- j er In the history of the movies, i Tlie contrucl was signed by Snm- ! nel Gcildwyn before Hie child was born. The boy appeared before the cameras at the age of n days. ..'At 5. Payne Johnson Is gelling along promisingly. He hns ap- penreil with Rutli Challerton, Barbara Stanwyck, and Sylvia Sidney. All seven children of the family once played together—in "So lilj!," with Colleen Moore. Eleven Watsons ;And now'the Watsons—n group even more deeply rooted In movie traditions: James Canghcy vyatsou. Sr., started as a cowboy actor In 1912, and has been nn assistant director and special-effects expert. He .made the screen- magic for Douglas Fairbanks' '"Ihiei of Bagdad." Ui'lmar's the current prldo of the' Watsons, lie has appeared In 111 films, and has played lends. All nine children have run up a .score ol morn than 1500 dillercnt pictures. , carmcnclla, at 13, Is (he busiest of all .seven Julmsons in Hollywood. She 1ms appeared in 43 rolls and earns $!5U a week. By Barry Gray son . . Kveryllilnir probably would Irvo uren nil right Unit tlir" nlliK'li'K bi'cn penmlnti form <hnils ... A wronclii'd back Is forMii'! ixn Gchiii! lo take only Jmlf swings at tlio ball. Thn result Is that rmU'iHiiil home inns by thn Ymikcc Imnlnnry are cly. solidly scckcd singles. cr (film) McOlellnnd, Detroit referee, who 1ms been In boxing Tor 3D years, considers the 10- roimil IK'litlii'iivywelijlit buttle between ; mills T/nni'lopoulos and UIH Dcmiiier, singed In the Moloi City Hie oilier night, the fiercest Jack Ixn-elock and Glenn Cunningham, both of whom cracked the world record In Ihe phenomenal 1500-meter event of the Olympic Clames, plan to retire s'hortlv. . . . i,ovelcck. who lowered the standard lo 3:47.8, nays that runnlnij Is wrecking Ids work nnil health. . . . The New '/,eal- tind medical student Intends lo compete In the forthcoming Empire Games in London, however. . . . John 1). Bhlbc is recovering from a nervous breakdown at a roll-en!. In the outskirts of Philadelphia, but will not resume base- tall activities for at least a year . . . The president of the Athletics. \vlio Is 05, has abandoned .speed boat racing In which he spent a fortune. ... lie has a of c.viiensive boats In "the . , s ir> ,Mrs. Wiiteon was an actress, but shipyards of Bhlbe Park," located ' hasn't worked at the studios for ft jjood many years. There arc nine reasons: Bobby, 5; Clary, 7; Del- mpr, 0; Billy, 12; Harry, 13; Lon!se,.15; Gloria, 18; Vivian, 21; Coy -(bjitcad -of._cnughey, his- real mi'd-. name), 23. under the left Held stands. There were 1200 reporters from ell parts of the world In the pies.-, box during the track and Held events of the Olympic Games. .Larry -MacPhatl, Cincinnati's -fmmplon ol night baseball, nd-i escli. . . . Amateur athletes ol I Australia are not permitted lo rc- j"*!i'" insliiictlon from profc.ssb'.i- Nn- Ihc Knrl- last outfielder Is Hal ny In- wlngton, <y.. has been In the thoroughbred breeding and racing busl- IPS'.I since he \\as big enough to cad a horse. . . . Hcndlcy has ,'lsilcd every racing course In this country, and calls Ihe new. Keene- lantl track near Ijcxlugton the most beautiful In America. . . . Indian Quintana, who contiiicrctl Slxlo Escobar, bantamweight champion, In a non-title engagement, is u Chohi Indian. . . . Not ninny of this race remain. Qulnlann says thai his ancestors have beeii traced • back to he ever saw, MuClelliiiu: awarded Ti%inctopoulo.s rt dcbal- decision, DespHc n dls- coLiragliig start, due lo Illness h: his family retarding spring Irnln- Ing. Tommy Urldues of the Tigers tins a reasonable, chunce, o! flnlslitng the season with 20 victories. The lllllo Tcimes- scan grabbed 21! In 1034 and 21 Insl season. Chuck Woods Detroit lightweight, has experienced no lull in the beak bust business in nine years, during, which he has been In 250 fighls . . . He Is fresh from purtlcl- palinff In llirce In 10 days, am gained nil easy lU-rcnml ilcclsloi over Mill Aram In Chicago h one ol them. Arons liat Montev.uina. Frank Denmree, Cub outfielder, Is the son of nuites. He knew only the sign: language until he started • school. Frank Gabtcr, Giant pitcher, needs only two more victories lo win n $150 suit of clothes from Eddie Hrnimick, club . sccre- tmy, . Gnbler games. The Wftger was that would not , bug .eight Colorado Cows Contented DENVER (UP)—Colorado ' cows lire doing their bit. The U. S. Department 1 of Agriculture re- IwrLs thai 73 per cent of the stale's.250,000 cows are being milked, compared with 72 per cent a ycnr ago nnrt 11 ner c'enl at the Mime time" in 1034. The Watson home, a rambling i litres to the belief that the gjiinc j 'We Pay Cash For 2nd Hand Furniture Phone 1031 Hubbard 2nd Hand Furniture Store Ne.vr (J»IT Hold fjiiick Getaway RANGER, Tex. (UP)—A couple v.-ho satd they were en route to California "borrowed" a car In Mineral Wells. Tex., recently. Fifty-five minutes later they were arrested in Ranger, Tex., 50 miles away. Police considered the coup one of the fastest in history, considering the rtislnnce traveled. of pcrvision agc.uts. Under the tree-planting project ' a limited number of farms nn- nually are pi'fjvided with shelter- belt. trees fnrnkhcil nt n nominal (nice by Ihe state mirsery. ,' C/itain management and cnlti- ; Him retnn'renicnte are specified, I 'tli;i-; insuring successful establish- j mcnt of tree. Plantings then arc j used by the county agricultural! Dies ,Vwl 101 HONOLULU i up)— Hawaii ]>as just iU oldest Amcricai) >:!:.- izen. He was Fvuucisco Ccsa tie Jesus, aged 10*1. Ho was born in in 1832. niul dill -101 have Huwaii during Die 53 years of his rcsiitiaicj 1 ere. Drs. Wert & Wert OPTOMETRISTS Over Joe Isaacs' Store "WE SIAKF 'EM SEK r Phone BM NOTICE The Cotinl.v I0r|i)a!i?.n(ion Ho;in! \\\\\ [) C in session ;il lil.vlhcvillc August 21, 25, 2(i anil .'11, also Sept. T and 2; at Osrcola August 20, 21, 27 and 2S and Scpl. :) and •! for the purpose of adjusliiiij fnnii land and personal property The Hoard is placing a value of S20 on all land in cultivation, $S lo 510 on all cut-over and wood Innils. Meet the Hoard on (itc nbovc dales and get your assessment adjusted. K. Jl. WOODAIU), Cliainnan, County Hoard »f Kcttialixation NEW YORK SUBWAY MOTORMAN telh of his experience. "I ent what I !vai]t...\vlicn I want it... aad ilicn sjnbkc. Camels," says Clyde Smith."Cnmcls set me LOU MEYER-WINNER OF INDIANAPOLIS AUTO CLASSIC. Sandwich in one hand and his Camel in the other, Lou stiows little of die strain of tlic 500-mile grind. Here is an epic example of how smoking Camels at meals and after aids digestion and encourages a sense of well-being. In. Lou Meyer's own words: "I'll hand it toCamcIs for setting my digestion to rights! Tlicy make ray food taste better and help it to digest easier. As long as I have o Camel, I know I'm headed for a swell feeling of wcU-bting." Others have found that good digestion and a sense of well-being are encouraged by tj, tf j* H-rr-^iTrt»imir>Boi«u. TfTmi-n a rfi«. p, TJ. Good digestion and a sense of well-being ate helpful allies for every one I T)EOPLE in every walk of life.. .men and women. ..agree •*• that Camels case strain and encourage digestive well- being. Millions of smokers find that "Camels set you right!" Camels increase the flow of digestive fluids... alkaline digestive fluids... so necessary to good nutrition. Camels never tire your taste or get on your nerves. K'^Efl l?,^ FULI - HOUR SKOWl CjinclCisirctiesbtinitjonaFllLI. I OUR'S ENTERTMNMKNTl IU n nyGooJma n ...isht Shilkrci...K,ij>,-tt IIu«nes,Mi!trrofCer«n]onin...lIoll)^ooJ<;iic!l San. Tutnhy-S:JO pra J-.S.1. (9:30 p m n.D.S.T.l, 7:30 pm C.S.T., 6:30 pm M.S.T., 5:30 om P.i?T, WAaC-ColumMiNtlwoil.

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