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Burlington, Vermont
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THIS BUELLtfurun xxusa rmsass amu xuisauAX, vjjjmbisb 9, 1309. BUOTOL. DAME VdSIIES YOUR KIDIIEYS ACT FIHE. Are responsible for its Enormous Sale of. Mary Qalna aad John Gathrle of Lin.

ITS PUH1TY ITS FLAVOR ITS TOACHAKCE ITS K2UAC1UTY Ont-of -Order Kidneys Will Act Fine cIob Married at Ambrose's. Ending the Most Chronic Lame Bade and Bladder BXIsery. John Guthrie and Miss Mary Quinn, MMMMM packets annually both of Lincoln, were married at St. BOOIIETEZl. Peter Strack ot Quechee was In town this week.

Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Osborne of Brandon were guests of Mr. and Mrs. B.

F. Hubbard Thursday and Friday. Ralph Bush Is lnBoston. Mrs. O.

O. Bailey spent last "week in Roxbury with her sister, Mrs. Charles Bowerman. Arthur Colby has' gone to Huntington for the winter. S.

Whitney has gone to St. George, for the winter. 7 Ambrose Church yesterday morning Out-of-order kidneys- act by the Rev. Father D. E.

Coffey. The backache or bladder, misery is relieved best man was Patrick Welch. The after a few doses of Pape's Diuretic. bride's maid was Margaret Guthrie Rev. D.

E. Coffey went to Pains in the back, sides or rheu matic twinges, debilitating headache, Montreal "yesterday to attend the fu could only have' been put Into words by the pen of genius. Miss Rita Carlysle, as Marie- Louis was-, little short wonderful. She not only did justice to the lines of the piece; she rose above' it and made it her own by force of her; personality. Felix Krembs as 'Richard Voisin played a lead which left nothing to be desired.

He was second only to Miss Carlysle. support was not faulty In any particular with the perhaps of M. Gon-doin. who seemed at times to be a littls wooden. FAIR 'AT ST.

MAR i'S HALL. t. Last evening was the most successful in the career of the fair which is being held in St. Mary's -hall under the auspices of the Sisters of Mercy in order to raise a fund to complet the decoration of the chapel of Mt St. Mary's academy.

A larger number were present and the program war gone through' with in a manner whicl would do credit to -any;" profession stage. Because of the growlne- popu nervousness, dizziness, sleeplessness, in neral of the. Rt. Rev. M.Proulx.

V. which willeffect'SO thorough and prompt a cure, as a 4ifty-cent treatment of Pape's Diuretic, which any druggist can supply. This unusual preparation goes djrect to the out-of-order kidneys, bladder and urinary system, cleaning, healing and strengthening "these' organs and glands. and 1 completes the cure before you realize it. A few days', treatment with Pape's Diuretic means clean, actiyc, healthy kidneys, bladder and urinary organs and you feel fiR.e.

Your physician, pharmacist, banker or any mercantileagency. will -tell you. that Pape, Thompson Pape, of Cincinnati, is a large and responsible medicine concern, thoroughly worthy of your confidence. Accept only; Pape's Diuretic fifty cent treatment from any- drug store anywhere In the. world.

superior of Nicolet Col 1 rFath er flamed or swoolen eyelids, wornout feeling and many other symptoms of clogged, inactive kidneys elmply Coffey was student there in 1882. Joseph Clapper has returned from Frequent, And -uncontrollable Leominster, Mass. Miss Clara Bun- urination due to a Irritable blad shee has returned from" Boston. Ray der is promptly, overcome. Hasklns was in Burlington Saturday.

NORTH FERRISBURGH. The Ladles Aid society will meet on. Wednesday afternoon at the home of Miss Carrie Wheeler. Mr. and Mrs.

Carlos Martin have gone to Amherst, to visit his brother, Capt. George Martin, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Pierce of Hlnesburgh are visiting their son, Clark Pierce family.

Mrs. Henry Rowley-has returned to her-ihome In Shelburne after visiting her mother, Mrs. Esma Palmer. The moment you suspect any kidney, Sealed lead packets only. Aslx your grocer for a lUc trial packet.

TEA Anna Nickelson has gone to Barre for a stay of three weeks. Mrs. Mat- bladder or urinary disorder, or feel tie Young is ill. Mr. and Mrs.

E. Ladue of Bangor, are guests.of rheumatism coming, begin taking this harmless i remedy, with the knowledge that there Is no other medicine, at any price, made anywhere ilse In the world. Mrs. Gregory and Mr. and Mrs.

Ed mund Ladue. Town Clerk W. W. -Wilson Issued 277 hunters' licenses three larity of the fair, it will be held agaii of them to women. Bristol had to-night, although last night was ti have been" the end.

AMUSEMENTS. 808.77 to expend on highways this SKATER'S PYsPEPSlA TABLETS. Have you dyspepsia? If you have perhaps you want to get rid of It. You Last, evening, besides the several rehearsing for a play to be given In Lockwood's hall In the near future. The social for the benefit of the Congregational Church held with Mr.

and Mrs. Seneca Hazen last Friday evening netted $38. Mr. and Mrs. W.

E. Vantine of Burlington are In town for a short visit Mrs. Martha Brown vsnr 41 00ft was for nerman en roads agrees to care for the girl unUl she Is well enough to'return to the He soons, learns that the little rider, is an Ignorant" creature, and he instructing her. He weeds out her-wonder booths and other attractions, an ex can by taking SEAYKR'S DYSPEPSIA condensed milk plant in Newport I Company This Evening, cellent program was rendered. Chief among the numbers was a college soon.

George W. Smith died at the I The attraction at The Strong the We do not print any pictures of before and after taking. You home vt his brother, Thomas, in Lin atre this evening will be J. Rock ful growth of circus slang. an 1 teaches of Rouses point visited In town Satur can set them by- standing before the CQln He served in Civil well's New Sunny company, her to read arid write.

She becomes con- looking glass. If you don't believe this, War in a Pennsylvania regiment and said to be one of the most capable song- and drill given by a double sextette and entitled "Capt. Wllllf Brown." The piece was repeatedly encored earned its applause. Another, hit the singing of Mist Nellie McNally, who rendered several ALBUBGH. Word has been Tecetved of the death Zeb Young, a resident of this town, fit Groveton.

where lie had gone to Tisit his children. Mrs. Mary II. Morse, -who has been spending the summer at Lakeside hotel, has gone to New York. W.

Sawyer of Burlington spent Sunday here. Mrs. William litter went Saturday to the Fanny Allen hospital to undergo an operation for appendicitis. Oeorge W. Baber Is In Providence, R.

I. Oeorge Mitchell, who Injured his leg at the roal shute a few weeks ago. Is able to be about. Mr. and Mrs.

E. O. Heath have moved Into Jtrs. Henry Mott's tenement house. Mr.

and Mrs. Ira Booth have gone to Springfield, to reside. The Alburgh teachers are try the tablets and you will. We have In the navy. He was, a member rnlnred oreanlzatlons '3 in America.

It proved that SEAVEH'S DYSPEPSIA Libanus lodge. F. A. and Gar is recognized from coast, to coast as day. Mrs.

H. W. Marlon visited her son. Dr. It Royce Marion of Lyon Mountain.

N. last week. Mr. Grant of the Boston Jersey Creamery company has secured a location 1 at Alburgh station for separating milk the coming winter, TABLETS wilt cure dyspepsia over and field Post G. A.

R. He leaves a niece. over again. Wo are deay. to demonstrate solos.

one or tne strongest, origniest unu most complete of its Mr. Rockwell claims to have the newest, fresh Miss Ella Taylor of this where ho made his home, and two sons -In This evening Sherman's band will It in your case, and we will tell you how. Go to the store of G. Churchill be In attendance and a longer pro Ohio. Miss Myrle Hill of Middlebury consisting of popular chor- College was here over Sunday.

uses and drills, the entertain and get a packapre. Take It according to directions. If It cures you, step in and tell the druggist so. If It doesn't, step in just the same, and tell him that. netto Jewell Kellogg will give a read est and most a.nd thoroughly equipped colored show on theroad.

Ho backs his claim and arrests public attention by presetting an original musical performance y-that has more tented with her new home so much; so that when she. recovers shs does return to world. Eleven months pass In this happy and innocent association, but by that time the tongue ofscandal Is waggingiln the village, and-the; church deacops call upon the minister and demand he, send the girl away. fHev will not hear them, but they return and tell thatthe minister's career will be ruined if 'she- stays him. She resolves to go.

away. The circus, Is again approaching the vil-lager and the boss canvasinan, who helped rear the little rider, comes and asks" her to go back him. She goes i and the minister does not see her until a month ment. The two above mentioned num ing and musical entertainment In the JERICHO Consrreerational Church, to-morrow and he will hand you right back the evening, under- the 'auspices of th3 high-class ideas than any similar or ditcats you paid him. Do you, suppose Edith Mix visited in Master Deibert Buxton of Cambridge is with his grandparents, Mr.

and Mrs. Q. W. Foster. The Free Will Offering so There isno time lost in this offer would be made if we had any Huntington- last Friday and Saturday.

meanlngless dialogue, instead there bers, will be repeated and the "Woolly Wild-West." a march and chorua will '-beadded. Music was furnished evening by an orchestra, consisting of MIsa Lillian Magner. Martin Silllman and Miss.Hel'n and they will porb-ably be In attendance to-night. doubts about what the tablets will do ITCHING ECZEMA By failing to. swing onto a moving Ig a rapid succession funny scenes.

ciety of the Methodist Church will serve for you? Do you see any way that you WASHED AWAY an oyster supper Thursday evening. Mrs. car at Kutiana eunaay aiier-i w.icll iteen the audience In' a con- can lose any money out of it? But, noon, of Rutland, was Jstaht uproar from beginning to nd. carried under the Tear trucks of tho lB mixture of fun, melody and later, when the tents are, again pitched you really enjoy dyspepsia, and want io retain It permanently, let SEAVER'S DYSPEPSIA TABLETS alone, for the near the church. Then he hunts her out, It Wertfc 25 Ceata You to Be Cared of That Terrible 5kla Disease car and his left leg so badly dancing that Is bdund.

to please. The mangled that It had to be amputated company has a lot up-to-dato Just belosv' the knee. ideas which will be here eroing even into tho circus ring at the tablets won't let dyspepsia alone. height of the performance. Late that John Lanan, whe spent practically fop the flrst time.

The performance night, the circus winds its way out of the VERGENNES. Is It worth 3 cents to you to stop that his ntlro life -In the employ ot tho village, leaving, the rider and the minister standing on Hhe commons gaslng. at the Mr. and Mrs. Roy Ingalls returned yes awful, agonizing Itch? Surely you will will be found to be tuu or brigut comedy, sweet and catchy music, funny situations, laughable complications MEATS FISH SaIt and Frcs5L J.

J. COILDS, Srocle, VrovisiOM. 4 NORTH CBASXFliAIX IT, spend 25 cents on your druggist's recommendation to cool and heal and soothe terday to Swanton after a visit to-Mr and Mrs. Robert P. Brlggs.

Mrs. Tl departing caravan. "THE WHITE SQUAW." Rutland railroad, died early Saturday morning at his home In Rutland of heart trouble and dropsy. Mr. Lanan.

who was 76 years old, had been in poor health for about a year but un and rapid action. -v Lullls and daughter, Ethel, of East Wal that terrible Itching eruption? By arrangement with the D. D. D. Sarah Booth returned to her home In Hardwick Saturday after visiting Mrs.

B. S. Martin for a few days. Among the visitors inr Burlington Saturday were Mrs. W.

R. Curtis, Mrs. M. A. Buzzell, Mrs.

W. W. Brlgham and the Misses Brlgham, Mrs. Warren Brlgham and daughter. W.

W. Ring and sons and J. T. Varney and son, Alfred. Mrs.

Sarah Martin and Miss Jennie Martin are visiting relatives In St. Albans. The Rev. James King of Wilmington supplied the pulpit of the Congregational Church Sunday afternoon and evening. The Rev.

Mr. Blodgett of Essex Center preached at the Methodist Church Sunday in exchange with the Rev. A. II. Sturgess.

Jay Haynes has purchased the Dennis farm on Cllley hill, lately occupied by Frank Germain. George Stevens has moved into the Henry Brown tenement and will carry on the Brown farm. The organization is accompanied by lingford, passed Sunday with Mr. and Wholesome moral sentiment, as well as plenty of. comedy and 'strong dramatic situations will found in the.

new-and Mrs. W. D. Smith. A daughter was born Laboratories of Chicago, we are able to a nlgn-Ciass soio concert-, uaim auu nunrrb The band will til within a few days before his death Friday to Mr.

and Mrs. Norbert Heber, make a special offer of a S3 cent bottle he retained his position as flagman at nead tho parade, which, takes -place at novel play, White Squaw," which the West street rauroaa crossing their oil of winter green compound, as D. TX D. Prescription. Call, noon.

comes to Strong: for two perform Mrs. Heber will be remembered as Miss Agnes Hartley. There will be an all day quilting bee held in the vestry of the where he has been employed for the write, or telephone to J. W. O'SullI- "THE TRAVELING SALESMAN.

"The Traveling Salesman" by James ances Saturday. If you are a rdyspeptlo go and see; this play, a good 'laugh-will last four years. Methodist Episcopal Church Thursday. dispel your aliment quicker than medi C. I Allen Is moving to South London cine.

If you think the world is against On the eve of his 39th birthday Frank E. Perrln, chief clerk in the office of Gemrsre 1. Jarvis, general manager of" the Rutland railroad. derry. van.

24 church Street. Wei absolutely know that lb Itch Is tepfred AT OXCE by IX D. D. Prescription, and the cures all seem to be permanent. you, see the play, it.

will make you, loosen Forbes, tho author of "Tne cnorus Lady" which ran an entire season at the Gaiety theatre In New York, four months at the Park theatre In' Boston and six months at the" Illinois theatre up and feel that it's a pretty good old Native Roaotlng CHICKENS and FOWLS world after all. passed away at the Rutland city hospital Sundayafternoon after an Illness of -about six weeks. Mr. Perrln 3 was taken to the hospital September 29 suffering with acute indigestion and bronchitis and later he developed a -ease of tybh'oid fever. For the last three days his temperature was nor When you want heat in your house most you don't get it as a rule.

Almost anybody can arrange to heat a house in warm weather. mal and he was considered to be en tirely out of danger. He was feeling well Sunday and had ordered his dinner. His death was due to cerebral Quodn Citv Marlrat 213 College 3t. Tel.

502 mbtollsm and he was dead within warm homes in zero We guarantee weather. six minutes after he was stricken- Mr. and Mrs W. C. Fuller were1 the 2 How to Nip a Cold or Cough in the Bud: To let a cold Or cough "wear Itself out" is both needless and dangerous.

If you will take live minutes and make up the simple remedy described below, you can wipe out a cold or cough as soon as It appears. Even deep-seated coughs yield to it very quickly. A whole pint of it costs only SI cents, but there is no better remedy at any price. Take a pint of Granulated Sugar, add pint of warm water and stir-for 2 nrn--utes. Put ounces of Pinex in a pint bottle and fill up with the Sugar Syrup.

This keeps perfectly and lasts a family a long time. Take a teaspoonful every two or three hours. The taste is pleasing. Use the Ingredients as given here. Granulated iragar makes the best' syrup." None of the1 weaker 'pine' preparations will take the phce of "the real Plne.

Itself, which Is the most valuable concentrated compound of Norway White Pine Extract. Your, druggist has it; or can easily order it for i This mixture is also excellent for whooping cough, bronchitis, chest pains, etc. 1 strained honey can be used instead of the syrup, and makes a very fine honey and pine tar cough r. guest ofi Burlington Sunday. A son was' born November 5.

to Mr. "VV'jlllam The Woodman will' conduct a fair in "We put in the best of everything in apparatus Hot Air, Steam, Hot Water and a great many years' experience. We are determined that the houses heated by us shall be the best warme houses in this vicinity. Get our estimates. their 'new Jr'obmsJ in the McGarg- Homes han block rbm- November 16 to 25.

Miss Eva BeTryletr Monday: for Bur- sh5e', wijli, take: a course at" Vermon Business College. Edward pon fail to see line of. Broadcloths, Kerseys, 1 1 and Worsted Siutings in aB the latest shades; Samples sent on request. Burlington Remnant Harrington and; ister, Anna, of Bur lington and wmiani Harrington The G. S.

BLODGETT CO. York city were of, Patrick Gleason" indt family over Sunday. Mrs. Alonzo. Chase, whb has been the guest of her daughter in En BANK ST.

158 field. N. fors several wees, has re PLUMBING AND HEATING ENGINEEKS. 190-194 BANK STREET. BURLINGTON.

VT. turned home.The Louise M. Smiley circle of King'sTDaughters will hold SS3 thiir annual rummage sale In the j-sl, I ft ji ft 4 librarv rooms November 9. Rev. J.

J.1 Lewis gave "a lecture at the Con gregational CTiiirch last The All-Round club wifl meet with Rev. nnd Mrs. E. P. Treat at their noma.

this evening. "'This Is the first meet-in d- nf the season. W. a. -Walker Is PUBLIC EXAMINATION OF APPLICANTS FOR TEACHERS CERTIFICATES will be held November 11 and 1 in the High building ir Richmond, t.f beginning at nint o'clock.

should be In Boston. A' CARD. Take Mvahtage of the Great This is to certify' that all druggists are authorized to refund your money If TTniv' TTonev and Tar fails to cure i vour cough or cSld. It stops the cough. heals the lungs and prevents serious results from a cold, prevents pneumonia present on thoVnrst day.

S1 264.5t and Contains no opiates. The genuine Is; In a yellow package. Re- Going-Out-Qf-Business fiiR substitutes. J. W.

O'Sulllvan, Church street ENOSBTOGK PALLS. HODERK BATH R00M3 EIAKS MODERN ITOME3 nomelea Ftxtur amM your bath-rooo modern and a mn tl admirvd. hU aad Install tal famous ware, and can nt row prtou that will pm you. J. O'DOKOHOE 1 sS- s.

Read of Essex Junction was a 1 1 guest over' Sunday of his sister, Mrs. E. V. Perkins, The senior class $10 as result of the play of Friday evening. The Enosburgh Falls Cream company I' is receiving 26,000 dallv.

St. Agne3 Guild will The Model, Now Going On at at tlM' Mt. Paml 'ri II WK'rP III meet with Miss Alice, Cassidy" at J. Kimball's to-night. Miss McKay of Detroit, has entered the em ploy of the Enosburgh Milk company as William snaw Cor.

Churdi and lain Streets is attending tne state ieasuo convention a.ndi. St. Albans rdlstrlct SATISFACTION That's what you'll find in every suit in my stock of Ladles' Tai-1 lored Heady-to-Wear and maklnar up to order suit, separate coats and princess dresses, the very latest and newest models. A. CI AT I3IPORTXG LADIES' TAILOR 185-BASK STREET.

nreachers meeting in Waterbury. BOB BLUCB AND BETn E1XIOTT IN "THE TflAVEIiING Miss Abbie McAllister; is moving frdm West Enosburxh 'into the house she recently purchased en Maple Parle. Miss Emily- Stickney of Lyme, N. has been In a few days In the interest of Kurn Hattin home. 11 -TUB THIEF." The -Thief," which was presented last night at The- Strong.

Theatre, proved to be one of the best staged and acted plays that has so far been seen here this season." There 'is infinite; possibility in the lines of Berstein's great play," but in' Chicago, comes to The Strong tomorrow "Salesman" has scored an emphatic 'success and has earned a wide refutation, and Bob Blake, tho coiumercial. traveler has much experience 'the course of twenty-four hours; i and this energentic type of Hfe Is new to 'the Irish Crochet Collar 0 Vody--; 8tase. and all the parts are I played In a lively, yclonic fashion so much' upon the Interpretation that the success or failure of the piece ls largeiy in the hands of the. players. Richard Voisin and his bride of a year, Marie-Louise, 5arfe the guests; of the La- Pins in the which streak up between ttte shoulders the loins and down the! limbs.

Very commonly these pains tre associated with "a "drawing" sensation at the back of the neck. that, sustains Interest irora iae start to the final curtain and the dozen Orders token far all kinds el HAMMERED BRASS Burlington Woman's Exchange Cer SL Pcul and Bank Sts or more of real human types are so gardes: Certam sums of money "are found to have been stoleA from Madame La- pxDertlv and humorously drawn that. gardes and" a detective Is sumftioned, they make laughter come In big i hearty waves, and- keep audience fastens' the. Jcrime Frnand in "a hilarious mood. t- her His father, Raymond La- "POLLY OF THE1 CIRCUS." In "Polly oi tne vuuua, jiiwia Thompson's which comes to The Strong Thursday trijht.

Miss Edith Taliaferro plays a yourif? circus rider, TAlt BLANK BOOSS, Tablets, Penholders, Ink and Pencil Erasers, Ink Mucilage, Paste, Microscopes, Compasses, Pencil Pockets, Etc. FREE PRESS STOREi 189 COLLEGE STREET. theJife of the girl hasheen spent unaer row closing; Tbc Fall EdiUon the TELEPHONE DIRECTORY ol the NORTHERN DIVISION closes on SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 1909 II you arc a resident or a prospccllve resident ol any ot Or gpMigHMMM MMMiblF i (Caff Its elttes or towns In this territory, a ad desire to have your name appear in this booh, you must (jive your order tor Tcle-phene Service-AT ONCE. NO FUIXTDEn PUDUCATION OF LISTINGS TILL EARLY SPRING Call up. free of charge, or drop a postal to our Local Manager in your toivn and an Agent krill be sent to bisit you.

NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE TELEGRAPH CO. the round top and In the, circus car. The gardes', is heartrbrbken- and decides to sendvhim to In her apartments that evening Marie-Louise confesses to her, husband that she has taken "tho money to buy' clothes that she 1 might "make herself more attractive to Fernand has -taken he crime upon -'himself because' of an ill-advised, boyish -Tpassloiv' for' her." Richard is horrified; an-1 accuses her of, an -intrigue with tiiejjoy, which she denies. In trie morning Marie-Louise confesses to the "LagarBe's" and thus saves Fernand. They forglvW as.

does her -husband, when 'his 'reason 1 reasserts itself." It is Impo'sfible In a brief analysis to Indicate the 'wonderful 'dramatic and emotional posslbllllles of the In the econd "during 'whlch 'Blchard and WILL STOP YOUR JXUFFERIttQS i i TbeM "piiM trmw flway the result disorderad nenrou iyttom. and aro rarely tlM.mult ot kidney trouble. i COCEX builds -up tba nervous MlraalatM normal, bealtby fiow of blood and furnishes the ortana with the enerrr necemnr to insure their proper actios. -i All aenroM dlaordoit yield readily to this treatment and the whole ayttem la Quickly built to a condition ol Vigor. Vitality and trancth.

Perfect health ia thereby attained. show with wmcn sne little middle western there all the scenes of the play's are placed.4 The circus tents are pitched, on the commons adjoining the village church arid parsonage. That causes a scandal Vid'-the' pillars of the church gather at the 'parsonage to protest to the minister against the sacrilege. While they are there the little circus rider is injured in a "fairfrom.ner horse and Is carried into the minister A motley i crew ef clbwna, ridere acrobata and par-; eonage. -where they are well receiro tne much to the' disgust of members of the church.

Thev minister OLD AND HEW Having -purchased the Atherton Business. we are. prepared tc serve customers promptly with atrlct ly dry wood by the cord, load or bag. Orders taken for all kinds of coal. Your orders solicited.

Your Money Refunded If it Tails. PRICE $1.00 PER BOX FOR BALE BY Ma rie-Loulse hold the stage alone, tne very height of emotional acting la reach- F. W. NASH, PfCp. ed.

The 'lnterisjty of "the love 'of Marie I rpane T08. 99 N. Cbaiavlala "It..

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