The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1947 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1947
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS WEDNESDAY, MAY 21, 1947 Newton Citizens Resent Intrusions Photographic Party's Guides Attacked in Camp on Rivjcr Bank Comforts Injured Girl . Ail;,. May 21. (IT 3 ) —Eight .Newton county men were lender- arrest today in connection With" the dynamite atUtcl: -Monday night on a Standard On company photographic party filming iho scenic beauties of the picturesque Buffalo River. Six .of. the group, who admitted they were in the jTirty, arc hold Under, $5CO - anrearance bond for arraignment Fnday in. a Newton Countv court. Two ethers are held for further investigation. T^CSJdcnts of r.vca say iccal men rfcsciU - outsiders fishing in com- ijmnily. -Boys in pflrty said that their spirits sot best of them following a charivari celebration nearb; The attack too!; place at 11 o'clock Monday rdphl at a 'low water brio'go crossing of the Buffalo at Pcnca. Five c:irs roared thvoinn the avenue of tents. The occupants firea pistols and threw "dynami'.e. Tho cars crcsrcd the bridge and returned, exploding dynatnite which blew' holes in the gi'utuul ar.d ripped one tent to shreds. •None of the eight -Kranson, Mo., boatmen were injured, although three. were within three feet of onp of -the dynartiitc charges when it ri|ijied' a tent and camp chair to Blind Man, Who Would Lead, \ Mayor Suspends Seeing Eye Dogf, Awaits Verdict UK- chan- An unidentified passerby bends over Jiuiic Klein, 10, who suffered possible let; fracture when -she and five other ^cliool students were run down by a tr.r in New York Oily. All six student:; were taken to a liosj;il:il where Uvo of Hum were in .serious condition. (NEA Tele- ,NRW YOEK, May 21. (UP)-, Frank Scwell, 42, who came to New York to Ret another man's eye foi himself and his dog, was ready to f;o home today without it. Sewell, the good natu red blind operator of the refreshment sland In thc Annistcn, 1 Ala., court house, at in a hotel room with liis tlauijhlcr. walling for Iho doctor's filial decision Saturday. "is the sun shininft?" he asked. "Yes," said 23-year-old Maxlne. "Good," said Sewell, "I like the .sunshine." Sc'.ve)! will have another radiu- checrfully. "But I know ccs are not certain. "I've decided to get another scc- iiig eye clog. You knoiv, just in case." Doctors at Bcllevue Hospital havs made a series of tests and ]:re!imlnary treatments on Sawell's eye. If the hardened blood vessels icspond satisfactorily to Saturday's treatment, they'll operate. But Sc- \vcll will go to AniiUtiin for a week. "I'll be back," ha said confidently. "On May 31 I'm coming back to Morristown, N. J., to get a new aiuomcbile accident 12 years ai;o. Cataracts arc Molting out the sisht, of the. German Shepherd, Jackie, which guided him through tho streets for ciyht ycavs. Kewell hoped to become the eyes for the blind (log. "I Klill have faith everything will turn out all rlglil," Sewell said iNEW YO3K, May 21. (UP) — Another city hall official was forced out of office today in the grow- California Train Wreck iiia investigation of Domical cor- Concrete Block Causes ruption in the city's Department of 'Marine and Aviation. Mayor William O Dv/ycr an- noiliK'ed the .suspension of Elmer mslctt, director of airports, "in connection with activities he carried on with the Korlh 'American Airport Corporation." eight yours." "Dad's always been kind like that," said Maxinc. •tArc you'smiling." asked Sewell. "Yes."' said Maxino. I "Good," lie said, "I like people- who smile." 1IAYWARD, Calif, May 21. (UP) —A concrete block between tlicj raits yesterday overturned the en-j gine and baggage car of thc West-jJ | cm pacific Feather nlver Express,' Haslctt was (lie third official flisluly injuring four menfbors of forced oul under lire of an hives- lhc " cw trillion and grand jury probe by Railroad officials said there were District Attorney Frank d. Hofian. »0 reports that ally passengers a- Karlier two deputy commissioners had resigned. Both were Tammany Hall men .although of oprxisiiv factions. Read Courier ;<ews want Ads. board the train had been hurt. i The engine was reported to have struck Iho block on the. tracks aljl i Dccoto and left "-- —" * I the baggage car Isengcr cars, which com|ftK>3 : the,) I train, diu not leave Uic^racks. , learned a lot i\bout 'A sceing-eye dog in the past eight years." The old dog Jackie will be cared for by Sewcll's family as long as he lives. ' l "I'll he glad to get back home and see him." .Se'A'dl said. "You miss a dog you've been with for otthe,^- - - •« Too $"£$&£. Anxious to •The 13 members graphic j:arty were atiacl; at their hotel Police Protection 1'iovidcd Glenn A. Green, state publicity ("lifccto'r, notified Kn\vto« Coun'.v Sheriff Russell 'Burdine and Gov. I Ben Liney ot the attack State Po-1 nc . MBAV M:lv 21 am-U. s. lice Director Jaek Porter .iinine-., Ma ,. ilu>s nn( , , Bl) , nbnv , :o i icc yesler- diatcly drspalched two special in- |d; , v r |i Sro , H , (1 , U i ' imrulv crowd vesligatcrs to the scene, and as- whi ,. h lric( , lo fo| . C£ . ;,.. w ,; abn , (l . (| signed two state patrolmen to ac- , he Amcl . jc . ln Cnlisi ., Tult( |,,. which company the .-Esso,- PhntciBraplnc visiting Bombay on the way Party on its float tore- Pntrqlmnn j lo Tc v v< ; •Wallace Hyden .will compltlo llK| All ".ni'ilation to the public lo trip in one of Ihe boats, and PA-; vlsjt (,|, e cruiser was iniblishcd trolman Joe Wocd will •.accompany, A ,„ c trow(1 vc ;nn(kMl . T1 , mls . the photogrophers on land. L nds K:Mlma al Ulc AleMuidrisi None of the s u or seven boa^s tl( , rt _ whol . D lho To](?t!n Illlchol . n< , W cre diimaned when a charge of , D . C;U:SI , of thc „,„.,„ s]!irit iuu , dynamite wns Ihrcwii. among lliciu , nmi ,, a;ions q , lhp on *,„.„, ,,.„,,,. at their mconnes at Ihe low water I p , ank _ C;M) , A _,_ £, c j zn . Qf l|]t n °, BC ' . , , - i, • I Toledo notified the. U. 8. consu Plans to cmburk on .the. vivar gcn cral. v.-ho nitiflcd nombay police, float frcm - the iPonca area were caiu'cllcd, and thc party will resume the filming several miles _ downstream, possibly at M5. Herscyi. The boatmen \vere Dchnar Gon- try. Jim Jennimjs, Tom Yocuro. Ccl;:er ordered the ship closed U, visitors. Jeers and catcalls broke out. Buine .persons already on thc pangplank tiled to keep nioviiv.; .Marines on the ship. u;;m;- theii . rifles as a blockade, pushed then | off. and police dispersed tlum fro:i: thc tlucfeii. Chlorine, one of thc elements of salt, can be made so radioactive jy e»P«.'mrc lo ncutronn in 'an af>m- cpitc that one form of it will con • linuo to give off radiations for more than n million years. USED CARS & TRUCKS Complete Body & Paint Work Tires - - - Tubes Batteries - - 18 Mo. Guarantee Complete Lubrication CITY GARAGE •I. . , f.cac'liville, Ark. *0ne wore thing/ are you adsofafefy sure you're us/tig Phillip PROVED BY 66 BILLION MILES OF SATISFACTORY SERVICE -. Thinness or vvin^s is an cssc-utiul i liiyh-s]jccrt airplane design. . L-ec .Mattock, Hi'h MtUlock, Ad;uu •Arnold, Frank Pursiimor and Arthur Smith, \\\\ employe ol Jim Oven of Branson, Mo. • In thc filming pnrly in addition to Green arc Dave Ilransby, pro- '" _'ll a _" dttction i Jtianncor lor the Esso era men; Mr. niul Mrs. Donald E. frlm, Dan sGivian, photograph?! 1 ; R|ir.h of Jiavrlson; and ' I3r. and Lou YcconcUi,'tUrcc'.or: JacV: Jonc'i, ^fr'h'. F- M. Ilnil of Hnrriscn, Bint first cauicraiiKin; El^ton Li'onnvtJ n^rtou and K:nnett. ?niiLu of the and Vincent'Rcgnier, assistant c*xnj- Game aiiti Fish Commission. Old . . . or New . , . Frqm Helps Your Car find out— / Fitter?" If you hate to throw money away — here's a SURE way to save itl Whether your car is old or new — you should check the oil Alter regularlyj It's easy — just drive in at your Kram dealer *nu ask for a free Dipstick Test. Then, if oil shows dirty, have him install a Genuine Fram Replacement Cartridge to get the most out of your present filler, remove grit, carbon and sludge, keep oil physically, visually clean and prevent unnecessary motor wear!* (Remember, there's A Fram cartridge made to fit almost every type of filter.) Or, if your car is not already filler-equipped, have your Fram dealer install a complete Fram oil filter. 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