The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 27, 1949 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 27, 1949
Page 6
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PAGE SIX CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Lfctty r*u PM cm* m conwcuti** uutrtloot: Minimum tear?* Ma t ttni p*r Mne I to 3 MOIM pei tint p*r day 12c I time* per lint per day tc 9 lime* p*r Jlxi* per fl»y ....... 7o 12 times per line p*r day 5c Uonth p«r line flOc COUBI [lr# average word* to the Line Ad ordered lor cnre« or tli times »nd stopped before eiplrailon will be charg *d for tti* numoei of time* the *i •ppeftreci and adornment ol bin mid* AM classified Advertising copy nub- mined oy persons residing outside o tht city must be accompanied b? casb Rates Jtiay e&slty b« computed from tb abo^e table Advertising ordei ror irreRitlai inter lions (atte* trie one ttm« table N'o responsibility will M taken Cor mar* than one incorrect Insertion «ny classified ad Ad ad* are restricted to then prone) classification styJe- and tyne T h Courier News r*#*rrc* the rt«bt ID *d1 or reject any ad ATTENTION It you n*ed to oily, outld or n nnc« your com* Wh«r« your payoMo* will ue no mot* than rent, on IS to W year* ai \% aud 4',,% miereu Write \Vrme Klv« insurance and In- veMrtiem Company BAtt&vM]^ Ark. and v* rill M* you. 8.11 pk »;ij Services Apartment for Rent 2-lurnlshpd rooms fith. Ph. 43^6. b«lh 322 825 clc « Two loom furnisher) apaumr-nt. pi I vatp oath. Couplr only 516 Lake pnon« 2406. 8,25 p k 9 -1-room furnished apt. 407 I Hly itiQune 417 -So La>:e. 8,« pk >±od«rn ctbln A ; no nth, Cs I e ,se rvlc s apt. Ph 2B20 H>t by veek or I'll 951 8 : !9 pk" 112: 2'rooin apt. close In, JohiUis bath L'o nil fin t hot water. Ph. ^52. 3 ZG pk t> 30 Business Service Directory Auto Supplies and Services Jeep parts noxv available at POOI.E MOTOR CO. «• »n nil in join ntedt Get genuine part* from OLII complete line ELIS POOl.e. OWNER & OPERATOR Soum HlRhwit; 61 »t Steele Mr> Phona steel* 49 11112-ck-tl CHAPMAN 5ERVIOZ STATION U»ln & l)irl,lon p honf - 2543 non t endangei yoni lainUy with r«u»r tires—BU-r LIE riBKS Insurance Call 3545 For Complete Insurance Protection W. J. Pollard Agency Planned Protection JM W Ash SI GLENCOE HOTKI BU1LU1NCJ 4;8-cl-tI Typewriter TYPEWRITERS K?rt°«l« am ' th COrOD " ""' «""""«<"> DON EDWARDS The TyP*rit« uij c 110 H. S«x>nd st Phone 33S2 . "lie-ck-ti Let Smith Mattress Company install tailored seat covers on your car at a price you can afford to pay. For a two- sealed car Smith's will install J'iljre seal covers with leather I rim a.s low as ?17.00. All plastic covers for 2 seals ?40.00. Complete interior work dona on your car. Smith's will also upholster that old living room suite or odd cliaii- and make il look like new. Also nil types ol mattress work done. All work guaranteed. Experienced workmanship. Free pick up and delivery. Cnl! 4819 for free estimate on all work. SMITH MATTRESS CO. PHON13 '1819 WRITE TO P. 0. BOX 7IM. 8-25 pk 9-1 'Mrtlcnl iiiirslnj; In honsf or Hos- M. Call 3160 nr 12ai 856 pi 92 nrmr roil 111™ Studio :]2 So Flr*t Ph 60II 8 J pk 9)2 '• r.-IIJ care lor your children In ROrne oy the week, day nt night Call 6321 ,,, pk Si8 PLASTERING BOB MALONE Call 4159 Blytheville or 407 Osceola 8-3 pk 9-3 Lawn Mower Service K'eldlnR Ol All Kinds U'estbrook Machine Shop 8.3-ck-u Make j-our nome pretty fot iprlnfi xpcrl Rug CTeanlnK SerTIc* t» ynurf PEERLESS CLEANERS Phnn. 2«:i BlythBTllt l'22-ct-CI For Sale, Misc. l.lvlnn room sun, bfdroom sull El- ;trlc Icc box. 9x12, v.ool ni K . ntHcr null HUiiRs. UH s. IStli. St. City ' --.-, " > ...i.ihi.u.l.Tt- IIIIIMfl 98. rJcior (Iptnoosiriiiar. Inilallfil for illy S2U!),S5. B,oov :t s ,, ls ,,. s , orl , I(J7 '""• ' V '"'"_^^- 8 " 8,2V t-k tf I'lfino. hrnni] new siudLu l[,\ric.i,, ie<J for floor lU-monstrnto ii°°»i S , i '" Sk ' Sl " rf ' "" f»ist".Maln""sJl ""• 82T ck tf RLYTHEVTLT.E <ARK.> COUKIKR NEWS Sec Them At Phillips Motor Co. 19 IS I'nrd Sedan Coupe, grey color, has radio, healer, and 1919 Arkansas license. ... $1295. J'JIG Chevrolet Coupe, maroon, equipped with radio and healer.. . .$! 195. I'JIG Ford Coupe, has radio, heater, and 19-19 Arkansas license.. . .-$995. 1916 Chevrolet Coach. ... $1095. 3911 Ford Tudor. .. §595. 193S Chevrolet Kordor Sedan ?;J95, 19 IS Ford I'ickup $1.195. 1916 Ford I'ickup §795. 1916 Ford 1-Ton Express. .. .58-13. 5th at Walnut nmpnny Phone 4453 For Sale, Misc. . fMtory R uustomers Buy Fi n ana ayalu u cleans rui« OEAL'S PAINT STORK _ • ' T|2S ck p O5m Loans *DTO AND FrjRNrTBKE LOANS rrompt Personal Service .IT" Cnl "ra«' Purcnue Corn 1« south 5th Phnn. 803 Money to Loan 00 you neea > loan tn rtpoi, „, „. Bioael? No an,,, OT ym« 0 , „„ " 0 ™ «flge. no rea tap« FH1 APPROVED RA'I-ES itt »SK FOR DETAILS Max Logan, Realtor «on. 20M B . ^^ a BIjtbiTtlle »rk - ",23-ck-U FAkM LOANS See us for one of the best long time, easy payment (arm loans to be had. Low rate of interest. Money to refinance your farm or help in laying one. RIALES LAND CO. Office across from City Hall Phones 3322 or 4139 7-8 ck tl Have following office fix- tin-es will sell at bargain: 1 large steel desk with linoleum top; 1 .small steel desk, lin- oletim top; -i steel filino; c;lu _ iiiels, each with 4 drawers; 1 large safe. This is one of the best sates ever sold. Will stand any fire on might have, and last a lifetime. These fixlurns ire all new, but the office sale, Hiul yon can't tell it from a new safe. A bargain for someone. TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. Phone 861 Blytlieville, Ark. 8-22 ck 2fl A SoIot-OT. It Inttre.sttcl rontart Ni^T IV poster. Armorel.^ 8.25 pk 823 WOOD FOR SAI.K bjipclal price lor HK1 rick lols O h. Rolllson Luniln-r Mill. North loth •V Cninp Monltrto Drive, or ]>h 554 825 ck »S Onc-a It mrat <IlspIaT~rnsc ,t cnni. presjcr. K<fi-l!cnt rondltlon C.iu «,. in scmr-p. I'll S9J. 826 pk 829 Take A Look At These rd 2 ~ d ""' SC ' liln ' '"" miki "^ rarii "' !"» covers. 5 ''' asscn K er C " ll l> e ' excellent con- 1!M6 DeSolo .1-^n.r Sedan, radio & liealer. 1910 Buick J-dour Sedan, a tn ,| v ,, c:ln car lai! Chevrolet '/ 2 -Ton I'k-kup 1910 G.MC '/2-Ton I'ickup 1912 Dwlge l'/ 2 -Ton l.onjf Whcclhasc Truck. And .Many Other Dependahle Used Cars Before You Buy Langston-McWaters BUICK CO. Walnut at Broadway Dial 555 for Servict We have a slock of goods located at 419 W. Main. We need a jjoorl man to manage this business. Will sell all or a parl to man who can operate this store. Would trade tins tore for real estate. TOi\I LJTTI.K KEALTY CO. Phone 8(il Blythedlle, Ark. ' 8-22 ck 29 FENCE POSTS Black Locust 40c Black Walnut Hoc Mulberry age Hod Cedar KOc Chestnut 2Sc Write Jim Swift I'ellverea at atx)Te prlcM ^^•-- General Dellpcry --'"- Clifton r«nne*se* One four poster twin bed, springs, attress. Ciood coiiduion. Pli 2062 8 26 j)fc K W One Globe electric machine 'his machine used very tittle, mil you can buy it at a bar- rain. Yes. will-sell it on pay- rlCllt. 'OM LITTLE REALTY CO. 8-22 ck 29 Wesllnshouse Rrfrtcrn one season, Rra] ban Mcvtrlr mnjic S25. If t>.<66 or 2-IIM. , o Used Also Read Courier News Wani. Hill SAI.K: Nc»- Attic Kan es. C«ll «J8. . 42 Inch- 28 pk 30 for Sate, Real Estate «0 acre.s. 2'j miles South of Carnth- •rfii-tllf. Mo. H;ts 2 houses, one utmost barn, oilier ombulUHnR. 1 ;, On ... , sclioot bus . , good travel road. , CHAFFIN BROTHERS Willie Chalfln Johnnie Chairin 1404 Ward Are Caruthersvllle. Mo pk 93 res ol tractor land l>i west ol Braggadocio, t«'o extra Real Estate Farms — City Property LOANS U Lat«r«*te«d U) or MJl Noble Gill Agency REALTORS Cecil Earls F. B. Joyner Glencoe Bldg. Ph. 819 J2<J «cre. creek bottom farm. 9 miles west o! Parasould. Ark,, on U.S. Hwy. Ji. 71) acres In cultivation. Ideal for Etoclc farm, plenty ol water, supported by creek, ponds and spi-lnss. Almost new Home. sl» rooms A; balh. I. T Russell. Rt, ^. Paragould. 826 pk » 2 REAL ESTATE Beautiful 5-room house and oatli. Choice location on Holly Street. Fireplace, fas heat, spacious closets, large, well arranged Youngstown kitchen, screened in back porch. On corner lot. 6-room house anrl bath. On Lilly Street. Price $5,000. 100% Gi loan. Perfect location for that lew ranch type house you are <oing to build. See or call JOHNNY MARR 112 South Second St. Phone 4111 or 2590- Russell JIarr Ph. 807 8-18 ck tf LAND FOR SALE Five «j Acre tracts, extr provements. School bus, and electricity In nouses good Im- i^ii Manila near Buffalo Creek. Each has -nproveinents. r don't have lo letl you about that [and. It Is good. well Improved and loc- tit Blj-thevllle. In Mississippi All above lands are ouiu>', ArU, _ SATURDAY, AUGUST 27, 1949 " or apts ^09 W. Kr. Pt) 2SM ' fa'msll ^-room /urnfEhed haus* with l>»lh. Clou in. Ph. 290*. »;M ck U S-room home tor rtat lourlst Comts on H»y. t Abraham'! «1 South •;24 ck Ji Large office room upstairs in our new building on Fifth Street just across from Midwest Ice Cream Co. This is a front office, plenty of windows. Will certainly make you a real office. Call 861. I'OM LITTLE REALTY CO 8-22 ck 29 *'Iasn cameras ror O'STELN'S STUO1O 11 1 OCUlOB* 2SU acres or land, approximately 200 acres in cultivation very (e» improvements, located near Atrln. uuu. l&slppl, betv.-een the TaHahLCcrjlr «nd ivers For (urthn Inform*. "on contact S M Thompson 85 Enld k 0,5 Store building 19'/2 ft. wide and 75 ft. deep. Has nice show windows, florescont lights and gas heal. Would lease this store space for 3, 5 or 10 years. Rent very reasonable. Call 861 TOM LITTLE REALTY CO. 8-22 ck 29 FOR RENT: Frozen Food lock.n. Btaytoc* s. Highway 61. Phone 3172 823 ck 11 Personal rnlrty minute pbouwtatle -.rrlr> srriEK a STUUIO n73ilu Notice LIVE STOCK MEN ATTENTION FARMERS Dead, fallen and crippled animals picked up free of charge in sterilized trucks Call collect, 6142, Blylhe- ville, Ark. ARKANSAS DEAD ANIMAL DISPOSAL CO. 6-28 ck 8-28 4U acres, five and m-o room house.": nun of Carmhersvllle on Klnfolks Kltiye. Kxtra good. HO acres In town of Braggadocio. 320 acres north of Stccle Lanrt Is nod. Each 40 lies on Brave! road. Three KO acre tracts, nil separate and witn good Improvements. Easily hanrtl- For Sale, Cars and Trucks Before you buy, see these USED CARS •1'wo separate HoJiand. 4l> acre tracts near The shove tetrms art County, MO. -. t-i* ui ujii^Kiuuciu, i«o exira goou • — «••-•. notifies, soott burn, on Slate road flee- ' ppat lan tricity. mall atnl school bus route I WIIJ hav ' See crop no«-. will make belter Lh«n ** rO( t«ces . b bale ot cotton to Uie acre Bargain Sl»5,(jy per flcre .Seft owner Ed Bruton Brassadoclo. Mo. 818 pic 11,22 land. Good Improvements. You to see this to appreciate it 1UO bu. torn per FARMS 400 acres 4 miles wiiith ol Dexter Mo On SIBIC road. Good Und RS profit will snow S125 per acre. i;3 cash, terms ft balance 315 anrcs cast OJ Bernle. Mo 1100 per -re, I'J rash, t«rms on balance acres. 3 sets ot buildings *6O pel take in house or small in «5750 Icwin irRct oi land on this farm 7ow on farm luu acres t5 miles or Campbell. Mo jooa bnllttlnRs, el«!cirlc)ty" $30 per i ere In ti tad clara County 4:i2 meres near Wilson m Golden -sifce neighborhood This farm ha^ S27.500 ZO.yrnr loan This land Is worth me money Come In and have a lonk SereraJ Wx and BO's tn Pemlficot Mid IJiinKlin Covnny. Mo and Mis*- issippi County. Ark- See me ir Interested in bnylriR an^ sue tArm In MLsslwipp) County. Ark. ur aoutneRst Ml.wourl R. M. BECK Lyncli Bldg. Office Ph 2034 Res. Ph. 2896 1)5 to 50 hu there la see. . Means pr . Easily handled. If it is a farm you waul, to buy, or if you have one to sell, yon can always get the best service if you — See. Wrilc or Call RIALESLANDCo. BlythevlHr. Arlf. Oilier across street Irom Citv Hall '.'.'j'2'2 — two phonps — 4133 w T. Riiniptt Ercy Williains Rii^sell K Itlulex. 25 ck 9.1 S E AY- Before You Buy USED CARS-TRUCKS 1!M7 Chrysler Winds.), 4-door Sedan, green, radio and I.ealer, while sidewall (ires . . . specia | | ow pnce . 1!M6 i\ash "60U" J-door Sedan, black color, new (ires Don I miss seeing (his bargain. iy.Il Chrysler 4-door Sedan, completely recnndidonwl new (ires, new painl jnh. radio, healer, and seal cover* I!M7 n.vmocrlh Special Ocl.uxe 2-door Sedan. ha> all Hie Ihmjfs von want... .brand new (ires, seal covers, radio, and heater. inifi Mark Truck. 2-Ton .Model with 161 inch wheel base, excellent condition, rpry gttod Urns—see it your- T.I.SEAYMOTORCO, "Your Chrysler Dealer" 121 East Main phone 2122 3 BEDROOMS HOLLY STREET J'fiere arr plenty, of features that m.ihe inis modern home svich n nood ftuy—read this ]lst and see [or your- selt ai nny time: H"r,nlwoocl Block floors Attic Fan Oas Waif-r {{enter 1'ictnre Window Window (ruards Himiv oi Shade Whrubbery » n rt Flowers and tnere.-; « laundry room off the truni iu'drom that ha*, pluinlnng rou- :^J^fd In, ready for conversion ro half i)atn easily and simply IT yo;i need a Until jinri a half A (JlsRpin-^rsni; stn!ra-R\- on ihr enciloseri hac'-c porch opcn^ 10 tiif storRee room tn the ante E. M. TERRY Terry Abstract *t Realty Co (•nonr 2J3I 213 W Walnut 8.2-1 ck 827 Wanted to Buy We need good used pianos t'h 3,16 C _ Hlcnest price paid for CHIC1KENS- tuus Asn Stre«l Oroc«7 *• Market. ' Private Rooms lns room. Gentlemen only !lfl! Come alter 5:30. ft zj f t }j 2a 1947 Kaiser Sedan, has radio & heater. The price is low. 1948 Jeep with 4-wheeJ drive. Just like new. 1941 Pontiac 2-door Sedan, radio & heater. Very clean. 1040 Plymouth 2-door Sedan. Priced to sell. 1946 Chevrolet li/ 2 Ton Truck. Completely reconditioned. Iy4y l>odge •** ton pickup Excellent condition Price right Several otner excellent bu;s to crjnose from 61 MOTOR CO. NurLii Hiway 61 Phone 2142 8-5 ck U Female Help Wanted Colored girl to lake care of chllrt ol two. Must be respectable, and non- Apply In person at Sto N. Division. B25 pV 5,31 Help Wanted, Male Kedtoom adjoining bath I'honr •™ 823 pk a-a Rooms with rrins BlytlievllItT Hntti 6:15 CK 9,:i Bedroom. prlvnt« bath Ph 4643 8:15 pfc 9,lb Bedroom witb kltctiea privilege/ jins 01 Couple pn 2423 t\M pk g|3tj Comtortable room 2675. 8,1849 9,13,« We need a man who i s qualified to be the manager of otir store, 419 \V. Alain. This position pays a salary and a bonus at the end of year. U'e have something very good to give someone. If you are interest- 2(1, call 861, or talk to Tom • Little in regard to this offer I TO.M LI'JTI,E REALTY CO.' Phone 861 Blytheville, Ark. 8-22 ck 29 TI?AVEL OPPORTUNITY" i V.> liavc oprnlnss for 6 neat appear, mg yonnp men aga 17 to 26 Musi »e slniitp and Irco to trave] Average earning SSO.Oil plus liberal rtrawtni! acrount Car^ lurnlshcd. Apply Hotel Nobje ymurday between 3 & 4-30 PM Sc^ klr. Christopher. 8 26 pk B 2rf Wanted I 1 ; KHlcns I f^n pi ; <nipns Help Wanted nome tor several half crown Anyone \vantlns a usclul nel .onc 11240 arter 5-30 p m. These , rf ol bluck anrt «-nitc vanets annered and nf( ec tlonate 2< (it 2» Found Cotton pickers lo pick about d b'ur j E'ltuirM vo-i will nfc, . r r TT «»>-. Have 4-rOom ho.,5*. Mr, n.] Studio A/So rl«t Ph Wn*"^ 1 ' . C- Wliutie. Ynrbro. 826 pk 8 M lo work In small rare. Apply on to Farmer 5 Cafe. Coiner 82i pk 9:i Help Wanted, Mo/e r lot JOH Oil CARPER? Which Is vo in ntr? u you would uk« u "tk carter wuh unlimited po<^ll)llitlr;< von iiii\c ncri) t-ivrn c\rpllcni trr itl our runvlv in>-lirutr<l rr^tonal v .MJM.H at roiiip,.iiv rvprnsp. tlicn w.p have the •wer lor you. Hcrf Is your op|inn\ni- to rw-comt H Carer r Life Uncirr- lor with one of tho lend Ing lUe naur&nte con\panlps in the counity il you trel you have ability anri would oe imrrcMed m R tlfcLltnr of ruti- nctn y »h\ r mv " mislne - ss artcr von vc BCD. r o C'oxirlrr Nrws.' (tlvlng lull parucnui5 on vo\ir*cir. All rrnltoa will i» n*id confirtenital. 82 pit 82 Siu'll collpctlng as n hobby Is Winins many new ciuluisiasts. One "mitlrc.: thousand different species o' sliplls are known today A niniidrill j.-; a i ar g c baboon ;j fwth .T liKht blue nose, onuigc and ,, KUn\v heard and a fovchcact crest Kfccnish hah 1 . PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Stock Guaranteed Best 1»rice* Kirby Drug Stores Good Used Cars and Trucks Sullivan Nelson's Prices Are Lowest! 19.18 Chevrolet FL«tline 2-door Sedan, equipped with oulsid* visor, seat covers, heater, and defroster. 1917 Chevrolet Fleelline 2-door Sedan, 2-tone green, equipped with radio, heater, and defroster. 19-1S Chevrolet Business Coupe equipped with radio, healer, seat covers and many other extras. 19-17 Chevrolet Fleetmaster 2-door Sedan.... maroon, low mileage, has radio & heater. 1916 Chevrolet Town Sedan, has seal covers, healer, and defroster. 1911 Ford DeLuxe 2-door Sedan, has radio, heater, and seal covers. Many Others to From Priced from S!)5 1)0 (Jn EASY GMAC PAYMEN1 PLAN Remember, You Can Always Make a Good Deal at SULLIVAN-NELSON Chevrolet Company West Walnut fhunc 578 RECTAL DISEASES A SPECIALTY DRS. NIES & NIES ITP«» Except Uaacerl CHnlt 5H BlnbfTUIt fti* Reconditioned Cars on EASY TERMS 1916 Buick Super 4-door Sedan, jusf like new wilh new engine, radio, heater, and while sidewall (ires. 1942 Dodge 2-door sedan, truly > clean car, new lires, the important accessories. 19-18 Studebaker '/ 2 -Ton Pickup, rer.v low mileage and bargain-priced. 3 Ford Sedan Deliverys... .all in good condition and low priced. 1937 Buick 4-door Sedan, low mileage, not a scratch on (his car new tires, new seat covers. Blyfheville Motor Co. "South'* Finet: Service" Broadway A Chickuiwba Phone 4422 BIG BUYS IN USED CARS I93S Buick 4-door Sedan 1917 Lincoln Sedan Coupe equipped with ' radio, heater, and overdrive. 1SM7 Ford 4-door Sedan, has radio and heater 1939 Plymouth 2-door Sedan 1917 Nash 4-door Sedan, radio & healer. •1916 Chevrolet Coupe. 1917 Chevvolel 4-door Sedan, radio & heater. 1911 Ford Pick-up Truck 1942 Mercury 2-door Sedan, radio & healer. Visit Our Lot Tomorrow STILL & YOUNG MOTOR COMPANY First or Walnut Phon. 4333

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