The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 15, 1944 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 15, 1944
Page 6
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tax. -*•» BLYTHBVILLE (AKK.). COURIER NEWS Night Baseball Argued Against Conservatives SHU Fight For Daylight Play In Majors 1 NEW YORK, July,. 15. (UP) — Major league officials' wlio led the fight against the extension' of night baseball are still warning against the dangers ol the move. Tlie battle Is over for this season, and the ntght ball advocates have won permission to play all their week-day games ftt night. But the conservative executives still are In there swinging. Many writers and baseball men say that dally night games are here to stay, even after the war has ended, And that's what the conservatives are fighting. :",'. President Ed Barrow of the New York Yankees, one of the oldest foes ,of night ball, repeats his claim that night games will keep young boys from seeing major league games, and that the younger generation will lose interest In the sport. One of Barrow's aides, George Weiss, says night ball is popular because it Is a novelty, and Weiss says It should remain a novelty. Old-liners have olhcr arguments ^against the extension of night ball. 'One says baseball won't continue to get the amount of publicity it has been getting if all the games ore played at night. He points out that it's harder for writers to get the stories of night games written in :tiinc for morning papers. Another executive says that when the novelty wears off night baseball, the attendance at arc-light games will drop to the level of daylight games. Then, he says, clubs will have no more income than they have now, but they'll have the ndd- ^ ed expense of lighting equipment. -,, President Will Hrirrldge of the American League is t'.ot worrying. Harridge says that when the war ends most clubs will want to return to a program of only seven or H night games each season. Rookie's Single Defeats Browns -Cleveland Indians AnnexJ4-lnning : Contest, 3 to 2 Ike . . DOPE BUCKET J. r. " . By United Press .;-A single :by a rookie pitcher cost the St. Louis Browns a chance lo fun their American League lead from two nnrl one-half to three and-one-half games yesterday. The Drowns dropped a tough game lo the Cleveland Indians at Cleveland. At the same time, the New. York Yankees beat the Boston Red Sox to go into second place and keep St. Louis from gaining. The Brown.; went 14 innings with the Indians before the tribe won 3 to 2. Rookie Steve Gromcfc worked for, the Indians and turned, in an eight-hitter. Then, he added insult to Injury by singling home the winning run in the last half ol the .fourteenth. The Yankees moved from third place to second by edging out the Red Sox at New York, 4 to 3. The Victory put the Yanks one percentage point ahead of Boston. . At Detroit Ihe Tigers shut out the Chicago White Sox2to 0. Frank! Overmrle let the White Sox clown" •with two scratch singles. He might have had a no-hitler with better fielding. : The Philadelphia Athletics took both ends of a twin bill from the Washington Senators. The A's won both games by the same score—4 to 3. .In the National League Bucky Walters cracked the whip over the league-leading SI. Louis Cardinals. This time Eucky shut out the' champs 3 to 0, giving them six nits. It was Bucky's 15th victory of the season. At Philadelphia, manager Mel ptt of. the New York Giants .trotted out his favorite night-game pitcher—Harry PeWman. And Har- S.n1 mc thro "Eh again to beat the Phillies 2 to 1. In th e National League's only ? f, a ™; the Chicago Cubs banged out 13 hits to beat the Pittsburgh Pirates II to 5. The Brooklyn ?°? Ber , s ?" d B <Kton Braves were not scheduled. LAND OF MYSTKKY Several years ago o group of local lawyers, Including Za! B. Harrison, Percy Wright, Claude P. Cooper, Ed Cook, Oscar Fendlcr, and the late Cecil Shane, took special Interest In career of C. T. Bennett, who showed unusual talent in the profession. Their friendliness nnd help proved a good Investment for the young man has dcveloiwd Into a fine young lawyer, a credit to the bar. After n short time here he moved to Osceoln and Joined the veteran CosUm. They lost track of him In the war shulfle until the following letter Lieut, C. T. Bennett June 8, 1944. Somewhere In India Dear Mr. Shane fl»d Mr. Fendler: You will undoubtedly be very surprised to learn that the case of "Grain vs. St. Louis San Francisco KR", 17G S.W. 2nd 145, was read with a great deal of Interest here In the heart of India. 1 hnvc just received a back copy of the Southwestern Rcjwrtcr Advance Sheet. Finding a case from the Circuit Court of Mississippi County, Osceola district, is In much the same nature as running across an old friend over here. Just as soon as I receive one of the advance sheets I always glance thru to see If Miss. Co. courts have any cases. Give my regards lo Judge Harrison, Ed. Cook, Clnude Cooper and Percy Wright. LOOKS FOR ROMANCE We huve been In this land of romance, mystery, and enchantment for several months now. I nin still looking for the former and latter. There arc many things here that would seem n mystery. The natives range from a dusty white to ebony black In color. The women do most of the hard work. It Is nothing unusual to sec n group of women digging a ditch, or swinging a pick, repairing roads, building brick structures, etc. The men do more of the servant work, lake care of our quarters, wash dishes In the mess linll, etc. In tills locality the people wear few clothes. The men wear a loin cloth, .and the women wrap n piece of cloth about themselves. Labor over here is very cheap. The average laborer receives for his work the equivalent 'of- 38 cents in the United Slates. After a laborer becomes lender of his group- he, of course, Is raised in pay—lo iwr day. You arc of course aware of the burning ghats of India, where (he deceased nre burned, This Is one way they have of disposing of tlic dead. But many of the people arc taken to the community grave yard. They nre carried out on small stretchers that Jrave legs about one foot high. The body nnd stretcher are placed In the grave yard (grave yard Is not appropriate, for they are not burled). In a short time the jackals and vultures come alone and nature lakes Us course. In tlic case of animals dying In this country. If In the rural section they nre left It seems where Ihey fall. In the cities they nre taken to u public animal disposal ground nnd likewise merely exposed to the Jackals, elc AFRAID OF CARS The rural population will not approach the road when n vehicle Is approaching. In fnct, many run off in the surrounding rice patties. The city population have found out that W2 will not run over even a dog. If we can help it, and slowly are [jetting to bo n problem. As Americans, we grant the other fellow half of the road as a matter of right and courtesy. Many .native drivers now expect three-fourths. Everyday you see things over here that make you fed very humble and thankful that you were born In a nation like the United States. A person who Ims not seen how the other part of the world Jives, by tlic wildest stretch of the Imagination, cannot fully appreciate the benefits and wonderful liberties that he enjoys In the United Stales. Tills may sound like We hav<> plenty of WHISKEY At all times! CEILING PRICES ALWAYS HASSELL'S W H IS K K 315 W. Main STORE Phono 2531 Lear Succeeds McNair WASHINGTON, July 15 Ojp>_ Lieut Gen. Ben Lear, former commanding general of the Second Ar- jny, has been assigned to command the Army ground forces, succeeding Lieut Gen Lesley J. McNair, who has been given an important over seas assignment. New Theatre Manila's Finest Shows Nightly 8:00 P. M. Matinees Saturday & Sunday Best Washed Air Cooling System Saturday 'BLACK HILLS EXPRESS' with Don "Red" Barry SERIAL * SHORT Saturday OWL SHOW 'HEY, ROOKIE' with Ann Miller Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday "COVER GIRL" with Kit* Hayworlh Fox News & Short WRESTLING Legion Hut, Monday, July 17, g.-JS p. ' AdmtM(on or "T WrMUln, Ann. fa m. Reserved S^ata On Sale at the fercry Monday from 6 p. m. on. TAG MATCH The WELCH BROS. ROBERTS & S KNIELSEN 2 30-min. Preliminaries ROY WELCH RED ROBERTS JOE WELCH STOCKY '^NIELSEN Open 7:30 Show Start* 7:45 Last Time Today 'Code of the Outlaw' with The Three Mesqullccrs KIUAL: "King of the Monnties" Short Saturday Midnight Show Selected Shorts Sunday and Monday SHE'S A' MARCH OF TIME Short a Ijoml rally speed), but for example over here such n thing ns an Ice cube, just n small one us Americans take dally from Hie refrigerators by tlic dozen, cunnot be found. Borne of tile boys buy a bit of bulk Ice when It Is available. Wlicrcvcr American soldiers go Ihcre are smnll children begging. They say "Hiikshese, Salilb" wlilcli means "gracious gift, master." Many of them say "No Mommy, no ix>j>)>y, Bakshesc, Sahib." They all have the Impression that Americans are ajahs and, of course, very wealthy. In the native stores they never )lacc n ))iicc tut! on the article. They ust charge you what Ihey think 'ou will imy. We have found out hat often we can bargain with them ind buy an article for 50 per cent of the original asking price. Some if Ihe boys have really been "lakcn" >y the natives. They pay ciulle a irlce for n stone or ring and find out later they are worthless. These lallve shop keepers nre very shrewd, CONDITIONS Sanitary commons over Iierc have been completely Ignored. You may veil Imagine what that leads up to. You will recall rending of the early iloneer, cooking and warming by •ow chips or "buffalo chips." Often is we drive down a road we see na- Ivcs out gathering cow dung that Is still (|iiltc fresh, and making pat- lies out of it. They lake these pat- llcs, paste Ihem on Hie oulsldc walls of their homes and allow them to dry. I have seen, not what lias Ijeon told to me, a group of natives come over to a herd of water bulfalo resting In the shade of a large tree, arouse the buffalo, and when the animals relieve themselves, the natives caught the dung before it touched the ground. They caught it In wicker baskets, Mlcvc It or not. We have some of the people do manual labor around ficre. Three U. S. soldiers can do more work than 25 of them. This is not pride, but a fact, We have been monkey hunting several times since we have been Iierc. We only have to go about 10 miles and the monkeys are plentiful. We do not shoot them, but Iry to capture HiQin alive. Soon we hope to go on ti tiger hunt. A bit of our camp, we have a nice set up. Our company lias Us own area, of course, and we have our own kitchen and mess hall. The food is very good. We have three cooks ami our own baker. Wehaveconsliuclcd n shower from an old lank and have eight shower heads. We sleep in tents. They have been much better (ban barracks for ivllli the sides up you hive a little circulation of SA'WKDAY, JU1.V 15, the air. The tcnls have two lops with about l« Indies of air between them, keeping the hot sun r,o m coming thru. We have a very good motion picture set up. The pictures arc shown In one part of the camp tonight and In the other section tomorrow night If it rains, etc., the first night you' go to the second. Wo have u sort of round table discussion on Wednesday nights. .These discussions cover just anything that anyone brings up. The men in this field, are work- Ing to a man, with the only thought of getting this affair over and returning to the States. Sincerely, ^_ C. T.'ncrmclt. Yesterday's Results SOUTHERN IEAGUK Atlanta 8, Memphis 2. Mobile 4, Birmingham 1, Litlle Rock 4, Chattanooga 1 Nashville 5-7, New Orleans ill AMi:itlC,\.S' LEA (i UK ' New York 4. Boston 3. Detroit 2, Chicago 0. Cleveland 3, St. Louis 2, 14 innings. Philadelphia 4-4, Washington 3-3 NAT10NAI, UJAGI1K Chicago n, Pittsburgh 5. New York 2, Philadelphia 1 Cincinnati 3, St. Louis 0. (Only games scheduled). Welches Will Face Roberts And Knielsen Local wrestling faa-s again will .see tlic formidable brother team in action here Monday night when Roy and Joe Welch will take on n team composed of Rough Hcd Roberts and Stocky KncILsen, The grappling feature will be In the form of a tag match at the American Legion arena on North Second street and will climax a program which will Include two individual matches. In the first struggle Roy Welch will meet his old opponent, Roberts, in what should prove to be the fastest Ijoul-s offered here in many months. The other individual scrap will sec Brother Joe in action against Knellscit and this une also will hold considerable interest for those fans who like their action fast and furious. Both individual matches will be one-fall affairs, 30-rnimtte time limit. Baseball Standings SOUTHERN I.KAGUE W. L. Nashville 7 2 Atlanta 5 3 Little Hock 5 4 Memphis •) 4 Birmingham 4 4 Chattanooga 4 o Mobile 3 5 New Orleans 3 o AMERICAN LEAGUE W. L. St. Louis 46 36 New York 41 30 Boston 43 38 Cleveland 39 42 Washington 38 42 Chicago 34 30 Philadelphia 38 42 Uctroil 38 42 NATIONAL LEAGUE' W. L. St. Louis 52 22 Pel. .177 .C25 ' .555 .500 ,500 .444 .375 Pittsburgh . Cincinnati . New York . Philadelphia Brooklyn . Chicago . Boston . .. 40 31 ..43 3-t ,.38 30 ...32 42 ..33 43 ..30 41 ..30 46 Pet. ,561 .532 .53! .481 .475 .460 .475 .475 Pet. .703 .563 .555 .490 432 .434 .423 .395 One way u, test rubber connections: press them with your fingers: ii they do not readily return to nor- may shape, they're going bad T HE Fifth War Bond Drive is over—but the Invasion h not! Actually, the war right now is at its most critical stage—which is just why our men need your support as never before, why they need you to help pay for the mass of materials of all kinds that wil! bring crushing defeat to our enemies that much sooner! Of course, you have just done your part in the Fifth War Loan Drive—but they have done theirs in many a grim, bloody battle and /fo}'aren't resting on what they've done before! They are carrying the fight to the enemy wherever they can reach him, every day— and your dollars are needed every day, too! Surely you won't stop buying — won't let up now—when the chips are down! 5 MORE REASONS for Keeping Up Your Bond Buying 1. War Bonds arc the best, the safest investment in the world! 2. War Bonds return you $•{ foe every S3 in 10 years. 3. War Bonds help keep prices down. 4. War Bonds will help win the Peace by increasing purchasing power after the war. 5. War Bonds mean education for your children, security for you, funds for retirement. KEEP ON BACKING THE ATTACK! This space is a contribution to America's all-out war effort by Arkansas Grocer Co, L. K. Ashcrah Co. Joe Atkins Machine Shop L. H. Autry, Burdetle A. S. Barboro & Co. Barksdale Mfg. Co. Blytheville Water Co. Th c Crafton Co. Delta Implements, Inc. Loy Eich Chevrolet C«, Gay & Billings, Inc. Guard's Jewelry & Optical Store Halter's Quality Shoe Shop Happy Hour Grocery & Mkt. Hardaway Appliance Ct. Herrick's Jewelry Huhbard Furniture Co. Jiubbard Hardwire d. Huddlcston & Ct. Tom W. Jacksim Jiedel'j Langston-Wroten Co. Charles S. Lemon* Planters Hardware Co., Inc. The New York Store Pat 0'Bryant Palace Cafe J. C. Penney C«. Phillips Motor Co. Robinson Drug Co. I. Rosenthal, Inc. RockSaliba •'; Rustic Inn A. G. Shibley Wholesale Grocen C. G. Smith Floyd A. Whit e Zcliner's Slipper Shop J* »|JMiTTIt - WAI UVIItl tTAFF - ViCTtUT FIMI

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