The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 21, 1947 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 21, 1947
Page 7
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MAY 21, BLYT1IEVJLLE (AUK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE Walkout of Ford Ioremen Called j. Supervisory Workers In 3 Plants Ask New Contract Concessions I 3ETHOIT,. Mny Jl. (UP) —Forel:n hi Detroit area plants or (lie I ril ^flKpv Company struck for 'OiTO^Jf. concessions today in I -• first union-aulho'rizcd walkout I Ford since the end of the war. [President Robert H. Keys of tlie ,1'cnien's Association of America. hich called -.lie sulkc. said the I'pagc of 3,?00 supervisory work- would shut down the plants. UK some 80.000 production work. in "three or four days nt the t\ company spokesman said that I ™r s probably as good a guess I anyone can make." He added [wevcr, that the .union .would Ive lo achieve ICO per cent suc- :s iTi its strike lo close', the I'lltS. • The walkout began at' 10 a.m. Iremcn cleared tlie small Lincoln ut first, aivi filtered slowly from ' larger Highland Park tl'UcK lull anil tlie giant River Rouge 1m. I'icket line s were set up in ': IviiiR ruin. ' • 'reduction workers, members o 1' CIA United Auto Workers, re lined on. the job. President'Tom I Thompson at UAW F^rd Loca l> sold the, men probably wouli |>s through, FAA picket lines Ini lit they "definitely will do in Ix-rvisory work." \earch Begins r^ Fliers Mte*rB-29Falls IrfERKEI,, Tex.. May 21. (UP) — |liee and volunteers search tin ky rangeland near here toda; lliree of 20 Army fliers win I'achulcd from their B-2!) bombe ler an engine and wing caugh in flight. |?lic plane crashed four mile it of here and the 17- known 'Ivors of the Jump were picked las far away as 20 miles West of city. . ' " . J'hlrteen of the 17 who were found re held overnight at Abilene, pelwatcr and Merkel hospitals for Qtment or minor injuries. Most 'ously hurt was Master Sgt. Don Ellis, 26. of Paris, Tex., who Ifered a broken arm. Wane Builders To Eliminate Much of Noise fi ^\\/1C tVf V C llc| Dless and in terrible p;iin, Kr'ncsl Stcclo luy trapped lor rive tln - vs '" " 10 wreckage of his c:ir near Martinez, Calif. As death from thirst and shock nearetl, the 2(i-ycar-okl fl Navy veteran thought not of himself but at his wife Mae. Stcclc's right aim w:is mangled, but with | his left he doggedly scratched on the fender of his car the messnse lo his wife: "Don't forget 1 love £ you." Finally, two power company linemen found Slecle al the bottom of the 3r>-fuot gully into ;j which his car had plunged. Doctors said he would have been dead in a few more hours. These . fi pictures tell -the love story of Ernest and Mae Sleele. The wife is shown comforting her husband Jj ; jfci__ ',, after his rescue. The large picture shows the message- Mae Slcelc will never forget. Rampaging Negro Kills Two MUHKMI, CO«R1 civa Division ivesfrock |T. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCK- |RDS. May 21. (UPj-(USDAI — cslock:- [fogs: 6,800: salable G,500; weights ]-lbs. down and sows, 50 to ' er; hcaj^b-r weights slow; few ; 25 to SOffhigher. liiO to 240 Ihs. to 23.75; top, 23./5: mostly for jilts under 225 Ibs. Fow 250 lo us. 22.50 to 23.00; 130 to ISO Ibs. to 23.50; 120 Ib. pigs, to 21.00; 210 to MO-lb.. sows. to 19.25; few choice, 19.50: Ivier weights 17.00 to 17.75; slags, >itly 14.00 to 1G.OO. attic 3,900: salable 2.500; calves II salable; modest supply of Lie comprised of around n dozen ids of mostly medium to average td steers with cows making v.p Jnoximately 25 per cent of le- lits. General market showing liewhat firm understand and some ^ts slightly higher ou*stciirs and 1 butcher yearlings. Good steers, I to 24.50; a few medium kinds JOO to $22.50. Good nncl choice Iters aifd mixed yC:>rlin,;s 22.00 |24.50; odd lots. 25.50; medium to good. 18.00 to 2F.OO; gO'JO cow.-,, lund 17.50 to 18.50; 'common and Ilium beef cows. 14.M to 17.00; liners and cutters, 10.00 to M.dO. iu^ I/HH.L ui ^njui^t; uni£CU, a'.itl 1 VI. , r ashingtcn policeman. (NEA Tcbphutos.) Booksellers Plan Court Against Competition by 'Clubs 1 LANOLKY FIELD. Vn., Mny 21 (UP)— The Nnltonnl Advisory Cuin- iillttce for Aevonnullcs lias the r IP the aircraft noise problem that has been pestor'hiR ninny 11 connnuntty. A .stlnson I,-G llnson plnne., with a flvc-bliidi>d propeller Instead of the conventional two blades, demonstrated hero how low-flylm; airplanes can lip made barely audible above mound level noises. j Ivlnt! nl 300 feel, Ihe Unlit plinie I swtshc<l over the nlrpoi'l sounding much like a Jet plane Infinitely toned down. A standard model tnado (10 permit more noise, NACA officials said Unit at MO feet over a city the plane could not be heard at nil. Moreover it wns five miles an hour faster tnn the slnndnrd plane. I NACA aim the Civil Acronnu- ' tics Ailiniiilstrntlnn ultiickcd the noise problem after public criticism In some Instances threatened lo prevent construction of new nil-ports. The postwar revival of private flying brought many protests agnlnst the noise milsnncc. As always had been suspected, the researchers discovered for a cer- lalnly Hint nlrplunc propellers, not engines, were the iimln cnnsc ot the trouble, liy mincing Ihe propeller speeds, Iliey could reduce the noise And by Increasing Ihe number of blades, they could assure Hint Hie prop still would absorb the I'liglnc'.s full power. They nlso found that engine exhaust could be muffled more effectively. Rubber Springs forecast | For Car ot the Future ... . I AKHON, o. IUPI— Driving with n Rluss of water bnlnncetl on the dnshboard may not Induce « driver lo do more traveling, bill Hint Illustrates (he kind of ''cushioned" ride automotive eiifljiccrs promise tomorrow.s motorist. Use or iuber sprlnajs Iji pxperl- iiienlnl cars 1m shown ihiil rubber absorbs much more energy than steel, given u softer rldr. and tnkes most, oi the jolts out of a bumpy roiiit. accordlni! to A. H Krotn, 11. TV O(X)drleh cnulneer. The ability of rubber to perform undei' loads and lo bounce back lo ils oilgliinl form when the load •eraovert makes powiWe,W*-cai-.i oiiwl ride, lie.MijI. "l\'^" f ';' Read Courier News Want forestries fine that taste deewfe! • • HunKo (Dainty COOKING FAT JtsWonderFul! •' ' •*, It's'all v<;^£t?blfl . 11V )>AVll> C. WHITNEY' United I'rcss Slaff (.'in respoiuli-nt NEW YORK. May 21. (UP)—FoU- Cl'jll court action lo halt the I lankcnstein monster of the book cd." clubs" was Ibrcnter.ed lodny by Joseph Margalie.s, chairman of Iho Lo u'd of the American 'Booksellers M'i!x*oli"5 said a meeting betweeii baottsellers and imblishers <vas "Cheduled nt an early date to dis- book al S3 cuss means of bringing retail book stores will prices down to ihe level of the bock chilis. Cut if the publishers do not agree by peaceful means, "we may bo forced to take it to court." \f U'golies snld. Officials ot Ihe Iwo largest book clubs, the Literary Guild with I.T il j r> .CCO members nnd the Book- oi-llie-Month iciub with SaO.OOJ. expressed surprise nt Margolies 1 action. They denied that Ihe clubs were "cutting prices in competition with retail sellers." Marpolies said l:ie practice of the book clubs of offering "free"' bonk dividends in effect cut prices. He said the court action would be brought against publishers who dcui wit.h the book clubs. These publishers nre violating tlie Robinson-Pa tm 1:11 Act," he said. The act prohibits from discriminating benefits. "It is not our aim," Mnrgollc. - snid, ''to establish and maintain ! liigh prices for books. On the contrary, we seek an arrangement by which we can cut our prices on bcr.r.sellers rlown to the prices al which the book clubs arc able to sell. "Even Hie publishers are worried about Hit l r r.mki-ii.ilciii monster of the bnok clubs they have crcnt- As nil example of how Hie book clubs undersell retailers. Marsolles offered thr soon- to- be- relcasetl novel by Sinclair Lewis, "Kings- blood Royal." "The Literary Guild can sell this book al S3 11 copy." he snld. "bill ve I'J sell Ihe same bnok at $;i." An officin] ol tlie Literary GulW pointed out. in ivply to Maruohes statement, that: "Any retailer w'ho wiints lo can sell Liternry Ouild menibersliip..; at a 30 per cent commission." Book club ofticinls snld that recent years hurt proven Hint sales in retail stores of a book went up as soon as the book wns announced as a bonk club selection. Tennessee City Honors Horseman With Sale LEWlSBUnO, Tenn., May 20, (UP) — Walking horse buyers from about two dozen states arc expected to attend the 15th scnii-anmm Murray Farms walking horse salt manufacturers llerc ' l< " Ia V thr "»t'li Friday. in rates and' A total of 377 walking horses hnve I been consigned to (he sale by brecd- , ers in 1C stntes. The snle will be classed ns n memorial to Ihe Intc .lames J Murray, pioneer Tennessee walking 3ea»h Coll at Tucker Vacant for Brief Period TUCKER PRISON FARM, Alk.. May 21. lUl'l—A brief airing ol he dentil house at Tucker I'rl.snn Farm came to an end today vhcn! County officers trans- erred Cubic Lee . Johnson 1 , Nw<>, here lo await exocu'.lmi for klll- ng it ni>;ht walciunan. jjohnson wns found guilty of first degree murder In a I'uUiskl Jhcnit Court trial on May 1. was sentenced yesterday. The death .house here has been 'Uipty since I'YIduy morning it C:1G—for Ihe first time since Feb. 2-1, 1041. The execution of jonlhful Vollle mil Hates lust Friday emptied the cell. Southern Bus Line Strike Ordered in Nino States Al.FXA'XimrA. La., May 21. (UP) — Union ofllclals today ordered em- ployes of the Southern Hus Line lo strike after a last minute conference failed lo produce nn agreement covering workers in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mi:;- .souri and Illinois. horse enthusiast who hntT .sponsored the auctions until his death several weeks ago. Gov Jim McCord. life-long friend of 'Murray's will open the sale. opened here today with 10 or more departments represented. ^ Top feature was a competitive hose-lnying and vvaier-tlirowin;; drill this afternoon. The onzj was a cup presented for the first time by the Fayctlcville Fire Department. The convention closes with a banquet at G p.m. tor.ighl. Meet "AYKTTEVTLIjE, Ark.. Mny 21. P) — The Northwest Arkansas nen's Association convention Former Banker Accused Of Embezzling ?72,325 K'NOXVfLLE, Tenn., May 2i. CUP)—Joseph W. Brown, former assistant auditor of the Park National Bank, is free on 51.003 bond today on -Federal charges he em- bczzfed $12.325 from the bank over a' four-year period. WATCH THIS SPOT! BIGGEST THE YE A Complete Paint Job on Any Make or Mode5 Passenger Car ing Your Car in Today LEE SALES, Inc. 305 E. Main GMC TRUCKS Phone 519 OLDSMOH'ILE Are You a Good Cook? e a Better One .... With Wine! DRESS UP YOUR MEALS WITH THESE TIMELY RECIPES Strawberry Cocktail Stein and wash bemos. SiiK'iv litflitly. I'nt in i.-uckl.iiil K!;ISS anil fill ghisK wilh I'oil Wine. Chill and serve! Apples Baked In Port Wine !'nj|>;irc, ;»])|>lo» for haking in your usual way. InsLond if wafer in ba!;iiitf pan, \mu\- I'orl Wine over .Kii occiisiiinally. Remember — Wine In Cooking . . . brings out the flavor, alcohol present in wine disappears in cooking! Italian Swiss Colony Port - $1 Grower's Reserve Port - - $1 Cook's Imperial Port - $1.50 Cresta Blanco Port - - $1.50 Padre Port - - - - $1.25 Roma Port - - - - $1.25 Taylor's N.Y. State Port $1 .50 Ask us for free Recipe Booklet That Makes Cooking an Adventure FOSTER'iS LIQUOR STORES 107 West Main Street 106 North Broadway - JIM'S GRO. & MARKET (l-'iirineiJy II. II. Aklii) 1100 South Clark St. * . —Open On Sundays- • For Your Convenience! (We nre olilsiilc Hie City Hinds) Complete Stock Fine Staple 'Merchandise Featuring Name Brands -Quality Grade Meats- and Midwest Dairy Ice Crearrr You Need , ,u Shop at Jim's Grocery and Market 1100 South Clark Street Phone 3939 , W H 0 A Your Gift Problems or Home Needs, All Under One Roof! Vi.sil Our Gill Depavlmenl Lasso These Big Values Regular $9.95 G.I. .GASOLINE STOVES Regular $2.59 Cornelius Hydraulic AEROSOL SPRAYER 7.50 M75 Adjustable SCREEN DOOR GUARDS ($2 Value) $90.00 Heavy CONCRETE MIXER 1.49 $75.00 2 ton CHAIN HOIST 16ft. Made UnYa inch LOG CHAIN, $75.00 Value 3'/2 Gal. Baby Bear Electric WATER HEATER, SO'/- off $59.50 7'/2 Gal. Baby Bear Electric WATER HEATER, 50'- off $69.50 $ 5 53.5j> ? 12.00 19.75 '34.75 HARDWARE CO. Inc. HOME OF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W. MAIN ST PHONfc 515.

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