The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on September 14, 1944 · Page 35
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 35

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1944
Page 35
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Short courtship leaves questions Dear Ann T-anHorc- T K^m.. 4_ j_i. _ \ .n Santa Fe, N.M. . Ann Landers: I began to date a delightful young man three months ago He is a professional photographer, very good in his field and does a lot of work that; iSSves males ui jockey shorts and bikinis I know he is straight, but it gives me the shakes when I realize that he spends most of his working hours with gorgeous guys who are all homosexuals. JSf'£ an * * marrv me. Last week he bought a beautiful ring but I am reluctant to fml 'rJJ X5C ?^ e l am , scare <* to death of AIDS. Two of his models have died of the disease this year and another has been diagnosed. Phil says he has never socialized with his models, that they never have been to his apartment, nor has he been to theirs. I'm Ann Landers Syndicated columnist medical evidence "*' he Of Your situation, however, raises other questions First, why are you considering marriage to a man you have known for only three months? Where's the fire? Second / read between the lines that you have a sneaking hunch your honey is a homosexu- ,,»*» »»vv HV^CLVl, a ILUbl Ulim DC goes to a doctor, gets tested and brings me a certificate stating that he has not been exposed to the AIDS virus. Phil claims this is an insult and a vote of no confidence. He is threatening to break off completely unless I accept his word. Am I justified in demanding a medical certificate? Please tell me yes or no. — Bay Area Quandary J Dear B.A.Q.: With so much sexual promiscuity these days, one can't blame a woman or a man for asking a prospective o^j * J.L •* ^J with this man and put the orange blossoms on hold until you are much more certain about his sexual preference. Dear Ann Landers: I greatly enjoyed the column about the housewife who did her housework in the nude. Perhaps you will get a laugh out of this story, which may or mav not be true. A woman picked a very warm day to begin her spring housecleaning. After an hour or two she thought, "This heat is unbearable. I can't stand these clothes another minute." She promptly took every stitch off and happily continued with her housework. Then the doorbell rang. "Wouldn't you know it," she said to herself, and tiptoed to the window. She peered through the curtains and saw a man standing at the front door. The woman called out, "Who is it?" "Blind man," was the reply. "Are you sure?" she shouted back. "Of course I'm sure," was the answer. "Since he's blind," she thought, "it won't make any difference." She ran down the stairs with a dollar bill in her hand, flung open the door and handed it to him. The man looked surprised, took the dollar bill and asked, "OK, Lady, where do you want me to hang these blinds?" — P.T., Paducah, KY. Dear P.T.: It's a funny story, whether it's true or not. If you sat where I'm sitting, you would never question the plausibility of any situation. Nothing is so outrageous or bizarre that somebody, somewhere, won't do it. Ann Landers is a nationally syndicated columnist who lives in Chicago. If you would like to write her, the address is P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, 111. 60611. j*} n vv % J ft Sunday, August 10, 1986 THE NEW MEXICAN D-9 Astrological forecast Hy Sidney Omair Sunday, Aug. 10,1985 Because You Asked Me: Joan Rivers, spicy Gemini comedienne possesses many spiritual qualities, desires perfection; her stars and numbers indicate success this year through new start and pioneering effort. According to her chart, Joan Rivers loves mystery, is prescient is never afraid to fight when she feels cause is right. Pisces, Virgo people could play important roles in her life. She is sensitive, psychic capable of gaining access to confidential material. She could be "knocking over" an establishment figure in September. ARIES (March 21-April 19) : Some people may be jealous of your talent, motives, potential. Key is to maintain balance, to perfect techniques, to look behind scenes for pertinent information. Pisces Virgo natives will play significant roles. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): You have "golden opportunity" lo rectify past mistakes. Cycle is high, you'll be at right place, you'll obtain needed material. Emphasis on design, music, flowers, beauty, romance. SCORPIO Loren to star in film about drug ring . , H 9 LL X] V0 9P — Sophia Loren is delieht- r^^MBKn m^mt r-^ .. , .. , • • K^^.,.0 Loren is delighted that President Reagan is putting his muscle behind an anti-drug program. "Drugs are a more terrible problem than terrorism, more terrible than the atomic bombs says the Italian star, who's been in North America filming CBS' Courage TV movie. -The drama, which airs Sept. 24, is based on the true story of a woman who risked her life as an undercover operative to break a billion-dollar cocaine ring. It's a story about which Sophia feels deeply. "As a mother of two children, I am obligated to be concerned about the narcotics epidemic. I hope the movie will serve as amessage to other mothers - that you can fight drugs." Sophia has two more projects set for our shores: Peter Bogdanovich's big-screen Saturday, Sunday, Monday, in which she and Marcello Mastroianni will team as the heads of an Italian-American family, and a miniseries adaptation of Mario Puzo's The Love Pilgrimage. What she said she'd love to .do is team with Jack Lemmon, on big screen or small. She's never met him, has no specific project in mind, but is an ardent Lemmon fan and says, "He'd be an ideal acting partner." .Barry Bostwick is worried how his George Washington: The Forging of a Nation miniseries will fare against its formidable competition Sept. 21 and 22. "We're on opposite the Emmy cast the first night; the second night we're competing against the Bears game!" Bostwick says shooting of the .CBS sequel to his 1984 George Washington miniseries went fine, although he wishes mere had been more tune for post-production. "We finished shooting only six weeks ago," he said. "The whole process on TV is becoming so compressed it's a miracle when anyone can get any quality out of it " Hollywood By Marilyn Beck Syndicated columnist Bostwick is filming the miniseries version of Judith Krantz's I'll Take Manhattan. As soon as he finishes that, he rushes off to start co-starring stints in ABC's midseason replacement series Dads. The sitcom which is being tagged a male Kate & Allie, will team him and Carl Weintraub as a pair of single fathers who are raising three children. • After illusionist David Copperfield walked through the Great Wall of China on his television special last year, he promised to perform magic in Egypt on his next show. The political situation changed those plans, reports Copperfield, and instead he will attempt to escape from Alcatraz, the former California penitentiary from which no prisoner has escaped. Copperfield will film the Alcatraz segment of the special (which will aur on CBS in March) in September — up against as many odds as possible, including former guards from Alcatraz, a team of Dobermans and a bomb squad that will plant timed explosives. Copperfield, who will begin the venture in a straitjacket in a locked cell, says, "Basically they are challenging me to get off the island within the time limit. If I don't the explosives will go off." He adds, unnecessarily, "I hope it works." • The first episodes of NBC's new Crime Story series may heighten the mania for '60s nostalgia, according to actor Anthony Denison, who TAURUS (April 20-May 20): What had been an obstacle is transformed into stepping-stone toward goal. Focus on added responsibility, deadlines, pressure, intensified relationship. TCeep recent resolution concerning rest, recreation, diet nutrition. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21)You'll be delighted as dynamic, attractive individual showers you with attention, flattery. Secret is shared, romance could blossom. Be persistent, dig deep for information, refuse to be bullied by ignorant people. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): You'll obtain funding, financial picture is bright, you could embark upon remodeling or rebuilding program. Focus on diplomacy, charm, major domestic adjustment. Taurus, Libra, Scorpio people play rotes. GEMINI (May 21-June 20): Good lunar aspect highlights attraction, charisma, speculation, ability to complete significant assignment. You'll reach wider audience, burden will be removed and you could be flirting with fame, fortune. t ^ ( v UMCIR j CANCER (June 21-July 22): Push aside "the odds." Set your own pace, focus on security, home, long- range prospects. You'll get to heart of matters, young person will become vigorous ally. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Look behind scenes, follow through on first impressions. Emphasis on prestige, power, authority, ambition, contacts with the "high-and- the-mighty." Clandestine arrangements lend spice to scenario. II .i U- AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Travel plans can be completed. Your desire to "get away" dominates scenario. Creative jukes are activated, you'll be capable of articulating feelings in dramatic, entertaining fashion. Older person is ally. Sophia Loren lauds anti-drug campaign. portrays "up-and-coming hood" Ray Luca on the show. Crime Story is produced by Michael Mann, who created the trend- setting Miami Vice. "The music, especially tugs at emotional strings," Denison says 'You don't doubt for a minute that this is Chicago in the '60s." For good luck, he keeps several coins dated 1963 in his pocket while he's on the set. • Rene Enriquez, who was dropped from last season's Hill Street Blues cast regulars but ended up appearing on several shows — in expanded parts — is at work on this season's Hill. Enriquez has no contract with the series but is completing his second episode, in which he finds himself turning to old friend Frank Furillo (Daniel Travanti) when confronted with an interracial conflict. LEO (July 23-Aug. 22): Member of opposite sex may express envy, resentment. Follow through on instincts, refuse to become inextricably involved. Older family member offers valid guidance. Cancer, Capricorn, Aquarius people play roles. VIRGO (Aug. 23^Sept. 22): Diversify, give full rein to intellectual curiosity. Cycle is such that you imprint style, make valuable contacts What you feared could be transformed into reason for celebration. Gemini, Sagittarius people figure prominently. PISCES (Feb. !9-March20): Obligation is fulfilled, burden is removed, member of opposite sex confides "true feelings." You'll have chance to appear before the media, to reach more people, to break from status quo. IF AUG. 10 IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are creative, dynamic, sensual, stubborn, romantic. Aries, Leo Aquarius people play important roles in your life. You are capable of imprinting style, you also are inventive, an original thinker. It is not wise for you to lift heavy objects you should also know that many of your "best friends" are envious and would secretly enjoy seeing you fail. You'll make major domestic adjustment this year - could include actual change of residence or marital status. November will be out-' standing for you in 1986. The Sunday crossword puzzle ACROSS 1 Opera heroine 5 Turkic language 10 Traditional knowledge 14 The sun 17 Buck heroine 18 Magistrate of old Rome 19 Holly . 20 Hindu soldier 22 Asian fruit? 24 Downcast river? 26 Swelling 27 — tide 28 Rubs out 29 Coquettish quality 32 River barriers 34 Scheme 35 Zoroastrian writings DOWN 1 A Stooge 2 Union letters 3 Family members 4 Very vehement 5 Brewer or Wright 6 Presidential name 7 A Louise 8 Sch. subj. 9 Female ruff 10 Progressive 11 Earthen pots 12 Enlist again 13 Eng. river 14 Capitol Kill group 15 Composer's creation 16 Ear part 20 Wahine wrap 21 Affirmative 23 "Golden Boy" playwright 36 Sicilian spo uter 37 Tina and Ted 40 Big winds 41 Dirty choke? 43 Guido note 45 Building wing 46 Fabric 47 One of Donald Duck's nephews 48 Star in Antares 49 Mil. awards 51 Boat propellers 52 Took action 54 Disorderly dude 55 Spinning wheel 57 Turn aside 58 Danish islands 59 Says in answer 25 Fla. beach city 27 Boy: Sp. 29 Cooped up 30 Race track; 31 Cowardly coat? 32 Woven pieces 33 Engrave 34 Washington's Sound 36 Nautical term 37 Indeed 38 Cal. tall timber 39 Pitcher's delivery 41 Norwegian kings 42 Scarlett — 44 Bottomless pit 46 Foot afflictions 48 Blood vessels 50 Coasts 52 Challenged 61 Yogi or Dale 62 Elements 53 Siren sounds 64 Fish-eating eagles 65 Peruse a second time 66 Sets the speed 67 Charlie Chan actor 68 Appointment 69 Cigar end 72 Signs a contract 73156 74 Nigerian port 75Agt. 76 ETO VIP 77 Rookie supermarket man? 80 Name in farm machinery 82 Sound systems 53 Bobbles the ball 54 Track event 56 Draws a bead 57 Quaker name 58 Transit tolls 59 Quite quick 60 Afr. antelopes 61 Mensa member? 62 Bad smell 64 Small sprites 65 Violent outbursts 67 Bread spreads 68 Fresh-water fishes 70 — Haute 71 Rapier's relatives 73 Malayan dagger 74 Boor 77 Ornate grating 78 Vineyard 79 Bouquet bloom 84 Libertines 85 Regard with regard 86 Fabrications 87 Play groups 88 Egyptian king: var. 89 Dismays: var. 92 Record 93 Boon 94 Zane Grey's riders' range 96 Diving ducks 101 Full of ennui 102 Maple ganus 103 NY city 104 Star-strewn: Her. 105 Caustic 106 Conservative 107 Chicago eleven 108 Terribly tight 60 Devilish one 81 Top of the world? 83 Run out 65 Black birds 87 Magic Johnson for one 88 Detection device 89 Police alert letters 90 Influence 91 Petition piously 92 Tampico treat 93 Terrier's torment 95 Relaxed 96 Sailor 97 Corrida cry 98 Verily 99 Big bird 100 Word with get or Jet 1 17 22 2 3 M 38 93 99 100 I E to o i- ** e -5 -2 0. 5 c 3 VI O o •o ^_ _. 05 <v tt> £• « 2 •£ -j: e. £ •e v > a 1. T D S O E A T I C O X N E I N D Y W A R R I D T E I M> S T O R R I D Y F: N I) S Z V Y I C F E X T I, S A I- L I) Y AXTEINVZID WARRID. -By Lois H. Jones 2. F U S S I DUEL C U S T U U M A B S D G U H L N B M L J K K X I X T B N Z X E Y A H I N G J G H B Z S X N U M N U H U N N Z G I) S C I. S T i; t; M J X M S B Y E i; B M L K B F E H U S. _By Conni* Kospnfeld 3. WEARY LEBO-TL YAECRA OFYR GAERH IW K L FW AKFYIEYR WFCRAP HKA F L E B O J> R T L GRHKAR LAKBRRYEPX K P NKPX Y T N N w A E L. —By Martha P. Germer 4. PRAU PRITAD PQVETW PRITSLVED PRELAH M L H H T S MOVED ML M O U L A K M Q A W D. ' —By Otfs A. Fortenberry,

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