The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 3, 1949 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1949
Page 2
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FACT-mo K/YTHEVTLLE (ARK.) COURIER KEW8 THE NATION TODAY 500,000 Federal Jobholders Leave Government Positions Annually for New Opportunities B.T Jamei Mar low WASHINGTON, June 3. Off- Uncle Sam has a time getting his jileeee «nd nephews to work for him, or keeping them when he gets them. HJ* problem is pointed up al! ever again In the argument between Senator Hlckenlooper, Iowa senator, and David E. Lilientlial, chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission. The, aenator, criticizing Ullen-+ lhal'« management o( the AEG. said It had a turnover in Corkers of about 87 per cent in 1947-48. That means only about 13 per cent of AEC's people stayed In their jobs. But Ullenthal said Hlckenlooper's figures wfte away off, (hat the turnover In 1947-44 was only around 50 per cent. Which means about 50 per cent, stayed on their jobs. But the »'hole federal government has quite a time getting and holding people, as former President Hoover once more noted in an interview this week with the magazine US. News and World Report: Every year the turnover in federal employes Is about 500,000. Since the government has around 2,100.000 employes, this mean* every year 25 per. cent of the federal workers quit and another 500,000 have to be hired to take their places. Mr. Hoover, was chairman of a commission crented by Congress to study the federal government setup and suggest ways of Improving It. Job Turnover Really Heavy It found getting good people to take government jobs isn't easy. Particularly since the number of workers has increased so much. In 1839 the government employed 900,000 people. By 1945, because of the war, It was employing 3.700.000. This had to be oil down when peace came. But— Between 1945 and now the government has released or lost 3.900,000 employes and hired 2,800,000. the same questions. But 647 former government career employes who had left federal service in the past 10 years were asked oilier questions and 300 who answered said: Their average Ka!ary when they quit the government was »7,767 after an average of 13 years working for Uncle Sam. But they (jult for these reasons: Half said this pay wasn't enough more than half didn't see enough chance for advancement; and only 13 per cent said they would voluntarily return to work for the government. for a total turnover of 8,100,000 em- ployes In three years. Members of the Hoover commission, anxious to find out what young people think of going to work for the government, sent a questionnaire to 3,448 senior students In M colleges. This U what was learned: On]j one out of four of the 3.448 who answered were interested in a government, caieer. what were the reason for their lack of interest In working for the government? They went like this: Tlfty-sht per cent felt that government salaries were lower than they could get in private business; 49 per cent thought the government offers lesi opportunity for promotion; and a large number rated the SOTerninent worse than private employment on opportunity for per- tontl development, employe prestige, reeogoittoft;'•rid, Incentive to improve thetr' efficiency. • Ywnj people Gire View> *-Oe*«ram«nt work was considered tuperior to private employment on these grounds: security, opportunity for public service, and employe benefiti like retirement, leaves, health. '- What were the things the 3,448 W«r» looking for? These things, in this order: : Salary; opportunity for promotion; Job tecurtty; interesting associate* and work; opportunity for persona! developemnt; opportunity for public service; prestige and recognition; leaves, retirement, and health benefit!. ' These were all young people, jo for that reason they probably put retirement and health benefits last on their list. It would be interest- Ing to see what answers would have been given by older people asked DDT Spray Crews Complete Work in Parts of County D.D.T. spray crews working'on larvacide projects for the Arkansas Public Health Service are expected to complete work In some areas of the county this week. W. O. Stln- j nett, director of malaria control work in this county announced today. Mr. Stinnett explained that already more than 6,000 homes had been sprayed, and that a second sprny period would probably not be started before late in July. He advised people wonting to check insects and insect-born diseases to have buildings sprayed now because hi waiting for the second spray It ' would be too late to be of great value. Mr. Stinnett said that crews work- Ing in Manila, Wilson and Bassett would be among the first to complete their work. At present there are nine crews, or 17 men. at work on the project In this county. It was determined that at the lime of the second spraying one- man crews would be used at first and until it was determined if the public wanted the second sprays. NOTICE Public notice is hereby given that a petition has been filed with the City Council of Blytheville, Arkansas, under the provisions of Sec. 204 fj) (3) of Public Law 31, 81st Congress, asking for a public hearing to consider the question of de- "contrbl of. rents in the City of Blytheville. "' A hearing on said petition will be had before the City Council on June IS. 1949, in the Municipal Court Room, city Hall, commencing at 1:30 p.nv, and may be continued to such other time and place as may be found desirable. Dated this 2nd day of June, 1949. DOYLE HENDERSON, Mayor FAMILY SIZE ON uv 25* Crea o,..l .,_, ^,, f 17i,^ ^i. , "'* ' '" *" ™* • DEODORANT FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 194» Three Blytheville Youths Designated To Attend Junior Red Cross Schools Two Blytheville youths have been selected u delegate* to the Junior Red Crou training center at Petit Jean Camp, and a third was named to attend the national aquatic school. Miss Nancy Damon, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Emil Damon, S2S North Second, and Charles A. Kln- ningham, *on of Mr. and Mis. Abe Kiimlngham of Camp Moultrie Road, will represent the Junior Red Cross unit of the Chlckasawba DIs- Irict chapter at the training school, George M. Lee. chapter chairman, announced today. Mrs. Hugh Whltsitt, chairman of the Water Safety Committee of the chapter, said that David A. Moore, son of Mrs. N. M. Moore 301 East Davis, would attend the national aquatic school at Bear Creek Lake near Marlanna. The three were selected by Red CTIKS chapter officers oi> a basis of their participation In chapter activities for youths, and in order that they could be trained for leadership In various fields of Red Cross Work. School Opens Sunday The aquatic school at Marlanna, June 5 through the 15, Is one of 10 schools to be conducted during the summer In the Midwestern area, serving 17 states. David, a senior at Castle Heights School, has qualified as a Red Cross senior lifesaver and swimming instructor through courses conducted here, and for the past several years has ass'stPd In the actual conducting of water safety courses. He also Ituirrht riojscs In swimming at Castle heights. Both Nancy and Charles have nartlcioateri in Junior Red Cross aclivitios. Charles is a member of Ihe Junior Red Cross Council and Nancy has clone work with water safety courses for several summers. To Train as Leaders The trainins school is to acouaint them with the activities ol Junior Red Cross chapters so that they can direct the local unit next year. Nancy will be a senior at Blytheville Hl?h School, and Charles will be a sonhomore. Nancy Shh'ley and Robert Crafton wer? the chapter delegates to the camp lust year. This year's camp will be conducted by Delbert J. Pxigh of St. tmua, Mo., and about 100 boys and girls from the Mid-Western area will participate. Three camps are conducted each summer for the 17 states Included,in that area. There is one to be conducted at Battle Creek. Mich,, one at Custer, South Dakota, and the one at Petit Jean, near Morrilton. They will leave Tuesday for the camp, which will be In session until June 57. . Red-Heads Captured MOSCOW. June 3. Wi—Ever hear of red-headed penguini? A Soviet whaling expedition brought back a family of them from Antarctica. They now are on display at the Moscow Zoo. Truman Ready To Forego His Stumping Tour WASHINGTON, June President Truman said yesterday a cross country stumping tour In behalf of his pr>er«m may not be necessary. He told a news conference the Idea of such a train trip has been put on lilt shelf for the time being. Asked if it was possible the trip might not be necessary, the President replied it was very possible. He would not comment on the possibility jf such a trip next year, telling reporters that would be look- Ing too far Into the future. Better let next year take care of itself, he admonished. Mr. Truman said he plans to stay in Washington as long as congress stays in session, and perhaps longer. He hasn't any vacation plans beyond three-day trips such as his Memorial Day week-end cruise on Chesapeake Bay and the Potomac River. The Presided', emphasized again the he considers all the proposals he submitted to Congress in January as must legislation. He said the "must" list has not been increased since his state of the union, economic and budget messages to Congress, As for the present session of Congress, lie suggests that judgment be withheld until adjournment. You can't come to any conclusion until the session has completed its work, lie commented. Fireman Takes Blazing Auto to His Brother Firefighters for Results NEW YORK. June 3. ffl>i_Acllng battalion fire chief David riynn was hurrying to a fire in his car last nisht. Suddenly names began to shoot out of the auto. The Ignition system had caught flre. Flynn kept right on driving for several blocks—to where his firemen were battling a refrigerator motor blnze. The firemen put out both flres. Democrats Fail to Agree On Labor Bill WASHINGTON, June J </r> House Democrat, have failed again to agree on a new labor Mil, The Senate, which stsrts iU Taft- Hartley debate Monday, now clearly ha» the initiative on labor legislation and U likely to pass a bill before the House does. Those developments, though not necessarily decisive, offered no ch«; p to Truman Democrats and labor unions today. Truman Democrats on the House Labor Committee had hoped to asree on a compromise bill repeal- Ing major portions of tne Taft- Harttey act, vote it out of committee, and see it approved by the House before the Senate completed action. Then, if the Senate passed a bill containing certain Taft - Hartley provisions like anti-strike injunctions and the ban on Jhe closed shop — as pro-union ^Congressmen fear—the House-aproved bill would serve as a counter-weight. And the final version might then more clewely approximate the Taft-Hartley "repciir which President Truman wants. But II the Senate sends an In- Junctlon-and - closed - shop - ban measure to an aimless House that has no other bill before It, the theory is that the Home coalition of Republicans and Southern Democrats may be able to push it through and send It to the White House Whether President Truman would sign it is another question. With th« Courts .. Chancery; , LoreiK Dowdy v«. Wirrtn Dowdy, suit for divorce. Jamw Pernuson vi. William Berryman, sheriff of MUslsaippI County, petition for writ ot habeas corpus for release from jail, wher* plaintiff U being held on a rap* charge. NOTICE OF BALI Notice is hereby given that the undersigned. Commissioner in Chancery, will, pursuant to the order of the Chancery Court of the Chlckasawoa District of Mississippi County, Arkansas, rendered on the 25th day of April, 194». In a caiu* therein pending, wherein Universal C. I, T. Credit company Is plaintiff and Mn. H. E. "Maude" Tollver, et al are defendants, on the 27th day of June, IMS, offer for sale at public auction at the cut door of the County Court'House In Jlythevllle to the highest and best bidder the following personal property to wit: One 1947 Chryiler 8 Cylinder New Yorker Sedan, motor No. C3925493, license 243-«22. Said sale will be held between the hours of 9 o'clock In th« forenoon and 3 o'clock In the afternoon of the date aforesaid, upon a eredtl of three month*. The puichaser at said sale will be required to jive bond, with approved aeeurlty. to secure the payment of the purchase price, and a lien will be retained on said prope-ty to further secure such purchase money. Witness my hand this 25th day of tor. IMI. H»rv«y M«crl», , ConunJMicaer in Chancery. 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