The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on November 18, 1967 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 18, 1967
Page 2
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Page Two - Blytheville (Ark.) Courier News - Saturday, November 18,1M7 Mueller Suspect Enjoys Publicity By LUIS NOLI PANAMA (AP) - The tired Informed sources said records were uncovered showing Keith old peddler suspected of bein? >, emp i oycf j as an American Adolf Hitler's last Gestapo chief K ug has shambled out of the lime- *> ' light a free man and says he ex- 1 m San Jose, Costa Rica, from pccts his business of selling ties j 1944 to 1945. A search of he and combs to benefit from his; man's safe deposit box turned international publicity. j „ an Amer j can passport in his Francis Willard Keith, who informants claimed was Heinrich Mueller, boss of Adolf Eich, mann. went to the home of a name. Besides the extra business he expected to pick up as a result LBJ well-known Panamanian family j O f (ne [ uror] j<; e j(h a i so jndicat- after the government released | e(i a i awycr wou id I 00 k into the him Friday following 76 hours< p OSS jbjljty of filing a suit for confinement. , "moral damage" against the West German government, The family said it had known Keith since the time he says he arrived here in 1940, five years before Mueller was last seen in Hitler's Berlin bunker just before the collapse of the Nazi regime. "I have never been in Germany. I'm not German," Keith told newsmen in clipped English. "I would not be ashamed to be German. I'm Scotch by race." Asked about Hitler, Keith replied that he "was what you call president here. More than that I don't know," German authorities said, however, that they want to investigate Keith further and were informed by Panama that his release would not prevent them from submitting evidence in an extradition hearing. Government Minister Fabian Velarde ordered Keith freed on the basis of U.S. and Panamanian documents establishing that the peddler,, who says he was born in Webb City, Mo., 61 years ago, had been in Panama Since 1942. Authorities said Keith's diary shows he arrived in Panama in 1940, went to South America in 1941 and returned in 1942. which requested his arrest. C. E. Bogan Dies at 86 Charles E. Bogan, 86, a retired grocer of Paragould, died yesterday in Chickasawba Hospital. He was the husband of Ihe lale Lula Mae Bogan of Paragould. He leaves three sons, Harry Bogan of Blytheville, and Herman and Raymond Bogan, both of Memphis; Six daughters, Mrs. Helen Lynch, Mrs. Mae Potter and Mrs. Doris Jean Epstein, all of St. Louis, Mrs. Reba White of Springfield, Mo., Mrs. Hazel States of Jonesboro, and Mrs. Faye Hutchinson of Alhambra, Calif.; And 16 grandchildren and 13 great - grandchildren. Funeral arrangements are in. complete bul will be Sunday at Paragould with Mitchell Funeral Home in charge. (Continued from Pfge One)> 'storm trooper bullying, throwing yourself down in the road, smashing windows, rowdyism, and every time a person at tempts to speak lo try to drown him out." Sen. Edmund S. Muskie o Maine, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said Johnson wab "quite fair" in saying that lie expects responsible criticism but objects to violent dissent. However, Sen. Albert Gore D-Tenn,, a Senate Foreign Rcla lions Committee member, dial lenged Johnson's contention tha national security is involved ii the war. He said Johnson en gaged in oversimplifications which "create dissent rathei than allay it." Sen. John J. Sparman, D Ala., a supporter of Johnson's policies, and Sen. George Me Govern, D-S.D., who has been critical of them, agreed with the President's appraisal tha steady progress is being made in the war. But McGovern said there has been no comparable progress in "the political problems of trying lo build a (Soulh Vietnamese) government lhal can win public confidence." DAVIS by Abigail Van Buren Steady Boyfriend Has No Manners think a girl's steady boy friend (almost her fiance) should be allowed to come to dinner at her house as often as he wants to? Mother has set a limit of three limes a week. I say Leo should be wel- qome here every nighl as we plan to marry as soon as one of us gets out of school and gets a job. Daddy has gotten very hateful about it and calls Leo a freeloader behind his back. ' He says any boy who will accept a dinner invitalion more than once a week withoul inviting the girl out, even for a hotdog, is a bum. Leo isn't a bum. He just doesn't have the money to take me out so the only time I get to see him is when I invite him here for dinner. He used to drop by lo study every evening and he'd stay on for dinner. But never more than five ni. c :hts a week. How can I get my parents to make Leo welcome any time? LEO'S STEADY DEAR STEADY: Leo may be your "steady" ... but he hardly qualifies as a "fiance." I think three times a week is plenty. And if you see Leo only when he's feeding his face at your table, maybe three times a week is too much. DEAR ABBY: I am in the sixth grade and I hate my teacher. If Miss K catches a girl with her skirt rolled up at the top to make it shorter, she makes her unroll it, and tells her if she catches her with her skirt rolled up again she will call her mother. Abby, a girl can come to school with a real, real, short mini-skirt, like eight inches above the knees, and Miss K doesn't say a thing, bul the girls with their skirts rolled up get the dickens. I don't think this Is fair, do you? HATES MISS K DEAR HATES: Girls who ,wetr mlflMkirti to idwoJ obviously do so with their mothers' knowledge and ap proval. But if a girl's skirt is rolled up, she's probably showing more leg than her mother sent her to school showing. DEAR ABBY: My wife and I live in a very nice new apartment building where most of the tenants socialize with each other. We're not newly-weds. The average is 50. Well, last summer a new craze hit this building. All the women went on diets. Now, I'm all for it,.when it's done sensibly, but about six of these women, my wife included, have gone off the deep end. No cocktails, no sweets. Nothing but eggs, meat and cottage cheese! I will admit, they do look better, but it hasn't improved their dispositions any. My wife has lost 25 pounds since July; (I call her "The Twiggy of Menopause Manor.") My problem? How can I get a decent meal around here? HUNGRY DEAR HUNGRY: What do you weigh? If you're just right, be a good guy and satisfy your craving when your wife isn't around. Otherwise, do yourself a favor, and join her in meat, eggs and cottage cheese. CONFIDENTIAL T 0 "SECRET PEN PAL": With the holidays approaching soon, if you anticipate being hostess to another gang of rude relatives, either do it gracefully ard silently, or see your travel agent now. Troubled? Write to Abby, Box 69700, os Angeles, Cal., 90069. For a personal reply, enclose a stamped, self • addressed envelope. Hate to write letters? Send $1 to Abby, Box 69700, Los Angeles, Cal., 30069, fee Abby's booklet, "How to Writs Letters for All Occwioat." (Continued from Page One) resident of two states and he questions the legality of this. The brief for Davis asked. "Can il really be concludec that the Arkansas Legislature passed this act in 1945 and in. eluded a residence requiremenl in it which would make ineligible for appointment to this office all of the good citizens o: Arkansas who had served the country in the military service?" Attorneys for both sides have asked Ihe high courl to advance the case on its docket. They also have requested oral arguments before the court. (Continued trom Page One) F4 Phantom jet were missing. The planes losses plus another previously undisclosed brought to 742 the number of American aircraft acknowledged lost over North Vietnam. Hanoi Radio reported U.S. jets raided populated areas in the port city of Haiphong again today and claimed knocking down eight planes and capturing a number of U.S. airmen. The latest new targel was a barge yard Ihree miles southeast of Hanoi as northeast monsoons lifted enough lo allow U.S. pilots lo fly 109 missions in all Friday. At the barge yard, bombs were reported on largel, but dust and smoke prevented damage -assessment, headquarters said. A spokesman said the yard contained 29 support buildings and three or four covered ways He said it is rated as capable of producing 7 per cent of North Vietnam's steel barges, that car ry military supplies along the coast to Communist troops fighting in South Vietnam. Holy Land To Be Topic Rev. Jimmie Johnson speaks at Mississippi County Union Mission tomorrow afternoon at 2:15. Rev. Johnson was among !he firsl tourist party to visit Israel after the Arabic war. In his message Sunday, he will speak on the relationship of events in Israel to prophecies in the Bible. He. will soon leave. for his ninth trip to the Holy Land. HERMON C. JONES Business Men'l Aisunnci Co. S3A So. Perkini Extended Suit* 104 Ph. O2-9641 Memphis, TftQBcuee InniFinc for Estate flanntni Key Aba * Ptrtnenhtp • Corporation.- Group Pension * *•• tlrcraent - ffoipiuilzation. WIGHT but it's more expen- and yet it lasts longer (Continued from rage One) be automated or not." — Anonyr mous, City. J. L. Westbrook Jr., in charge years, 'says your suggestion of the Christmas parade for 14 bears "a lot of thought. I hate lo see so much work go into something for just an hour. "Perhaps if we built something more permanent it would mean more to us (the city)," he said. His main objection lo the plan is (he weather tearing up a permanent display. Arkansas weather being what it is, it's as apt to rain as it is snow this lime of Ihc year, he said, and rain would ruin most material. All-purpose material could be used sive . ... and yet.. Who knows? Perhaps .the churches — who conlribute most of the floats — will give your suggestion some thought. • This same reader says to give Courier Sport Editor Frank Ellis a pat on the back for "those great sports write- ups." (Just look at ole Frank grin.) Then, said reader asks: "Why doesn't Frank do a column, "Frankly Speaking," (jazzy title) of Ihe lype that the former sportswriter (remove your hats, please) had to explain "the games, to us dumb females and just iittle items of interest?" This answer is from Courier News Editor Harry A. Haines. "We. have discussed a column with Mr. Ellis and we are in no particular hurry to get into it. Until one has experienced Ihe exquisite tension of handling Daily Record Weather YesterdiyU tilth—71 Overnight low—43 Precipitation prcvlbus 24 - hours (to 7a.m. today)—none . Precipitation Jan. 1 to date—39.24 Sunset today—4:54 Sunrise tomorrow—6:37 This Bate A Year Aid Yesterday's high—73 Overnlcht low—34 Precipitation Jan. 1 to date—42.35 Traffic Accidents Lilly and Patterson Streets was the scene of a collision occurring at 7:15 a.m. Thursday and involving vehicles driven by Fred Williams, 54, of 1205 South Lilly and Eddie B. Johnson, 33, of 1010 Myrtle. No one was reported injured. Johnson was charged with failure to yield right-of-way. Vehicles d.riven by J. L. Burns, 72, of 523 South 21st. and F. R. Marr, 50, of 1701 West Ash collided in the 1300 block of West Main at 7:57 a.m. yesterday. No injuries were reported. Marr was ticketed for failing to yield right-of-way. World Deaths WHEELING, W.Va. (AP) Valentine Reuther, 86, father of President Walter Reuther of the United Auto Workers, died Friday. Reuther, a native of Edig- Rein Germany, was active in local labor organizations before his retirement from the real estate and insurance business. He once headed the Ohio Valley Trades and Labor Assembly. BOSTON (AP — Dr. Howard such a duty, one can not fully ]F. Root, 77, president of the appreciate all that is involved, j Diabetes Foundation, Inc., died "I think tot the absence of I Friday. Root was medical direc- __...,i,__ _,— -—'tor of Joslin Clinic. He administered the first injection'of insulin in New England on Aug. 7, 1922. a column - writing chore has mane Mr. Ellis a much more flexible, sports writer. That is, made 'Mr. Ellis a much more places, talk with more people and see more teams play. "While Ed Hayes' column was a jewel, still it . was not produced (so skillfully) without its price. The column (except on rare occasions) probably is out for a while, although Mr. Ellis may turn out a once or twice - a - week offering a bit later. "Right now, he is a very busy man . . . even without trying to produce a column." Does our Blytbeville Band present a Christmas concert?" — Anonymous, City. Band Director Bob Lipscomb I Button, No Satellite TV For Awhile TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) It's unlikely in the near future that those communications satellites whirring across the heavens will beam television directly into your living room, a communicatons expert says. Direct broadcast by satellite is not impoible but other methods are more practical, said Robert E. Button of- the Communications Satellite Cor. (COMSAT). '."'.'. director of policy said yesterday the band does "Planning, spoke Friday at the cert, although the vocal sec- lion of the music department does. The band's schedule being what it is, Lipscomb said, it is not now possible to prepare properly for a concert. DOT To close this column with a chuckle and a grin, I share the next few lines with two fellow journalists (?). First, Staff Writer G. J. Drott: "One day not long ago. George Ford, chief of police, ( and myself and about 10 other | and who did it turn out to be? men were having coffee in Dewey Neeley ... chairman of annual conference of the Ala bama Broadcasters Association. Right now, he said, the satellite picks up signals, then amplifies and relays them to ground stations. A newer method uses existing television stations which pick up signals from the satellite and relay them into homes, he said. Gainings in Congress. "I went into an auto agency and the salesmen hurried up to me thinking I was going to buy a car. "I. hit him.with the question, Moore's Cafeteria. All of us agreed to match coins to see who would pick up the tab. "I asked Ford, tongue - in- cheek (no simple task, if you've ever tried it) whether this was not, technically, gambling. "He answered, 'If I lose, it is.'" Second, Wire Editor Jerry K. Rogers, who handles the "Your Two Cents' Worth" column. ! A few days ago I was in Osceola getting comments o n what residents down there thought about Republican Guy Neweomb's chances of beating out a Democrat to replace Took the Young Democrats Club." And as I understand it, Guy (if your reading), Dewey had "no comment." NEW ENTRY in the jet sweepstakes is the L-1011 luxury transport which will be off the drawing board and into the air in the 1970s. Designed for quick passenger boarding and cargo loading—20 minutes on en route stops—it will carry 227 to 300 passengers on routes up to 2,000 miles, Boarding will be through double-width doors on both sides of t h " cabin. ROMNEY (Continued trom Page One) a beige dress with matching coat slung over her shoulders to conceal a cast on the arm she broke in a bathtub fall Jast week. Romney, in response to in disarray and that subversion threatens Latin America. "But I am confident," he said, "that the American people can reverse this Irend." Romney said lhat former Vice No Lock, Ho Gold * ji GRANTS PASS, Ore. (AP)-* A 75-year-old miner from:; Grants Pass told police in Sac-j ramento, Calif., lhal he losti question, said he had authorized ;he entry of his name into the presidential primaries in New Hampshire and Wisconsin, was considering the same action in primaries in Oregon and Ne- >raska, but had made no decision in regard to any others. "Men and women in the slums are bitter over unfilled promises, Romney said." 'We are becoming a house divided." "We are mirea in an Asian land war which drains our resources and sacrifices our young men with no end in sight. "We have a magnificent economy, which offers an impover- shed and hungry world Ihe only model they can use to head off greater deprivation. Yet this economic system is being systematically jammed by infla- ion. The richest nation in the vorld is in a fiscal mess," he added. "Once a beacon of hope to jeople everywhere, the United Stales now is regarded as belligerent and domineering," Rom- icy said. He went on to say thai the United Nations and NATO were port among members of Ihe ajparly structure." The announcement, 6th graf POSSIBILITIES become PROBABILITIES When you know that MPA Security Service is ready to help finance your new car, boat or mobile home. SEE YOUR MFA INSURANCE AGENT Buell; Carter, Agent BIytheviUe, Ph. PO 3-3361 WAYNE DAGGETT, Afen« Osceola. Ph. LO 1-531* PIPES! ,- PREVENT FREEZING OIN BRIEF COLD SNAPS fD ' use i FIBER GLASS Fortran t.Sons HARDWARE . GIFTS PLUMBING 311 W. Main — PO 3-4520 REE PARKING IN REAR CORRECTION 235-lb. Seal Down ROOF SHINGLES HUFFMAN BROS. LUMBER CO. 812 N. 6th Ph. PO 3-8123 lead 165-166. President Richard M. Nixon, | $6,000 in gold nuggets. 2 probably would be his toughest j W. D. Fenner said the gold !t opponent because "of his sup- was taken from his unlocked ' car while he was inside a cock-JJ, lail lounge Thursday night. « Fenner said he had mined VaeS, gold in Trinity County in North-^g ern California. He said he wasJs taking the gold to tde U.S. Mintjg in San Francisco. •;••* Police asked Fenner why hs didn't lock the car. They said he answered, "Wa don't have to lock our cars Pay TV Hangs In the Balance LOS ANGELES (AP) - The future of pay television is still up in the air, a federal communications commissioner says. "So far I only know of another commissioner and myself who favor it and I can't even speculate on what my colleagues are going lo do," Kenneth A. Cox said Friday al a conference of the I^fational Association of Broadcasters. Cox, one of even commissioners, voiced his approval of editorializing on television and radio programs, noting that broadcasting can be "an instrument for social reform and public enlightenment." where I come from." Services By INTEGRITY CHRISTIAN INDIVIDUALISM In the sight of God each man exists as an individual and he is dealt with as such. He cannot change this by joining an organization in the hope that he will be dealt with on a group basis. He does not become, a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ by affiliating himself with a company of believers. There is no institution that can mediate between God and man. No man should try to hide from God in an organization. You cannot identify yourself with God by becoming identitied with a church. Christian individualism as a way of life for the active believer in the Lord Jesus Christ is being practiced by many who have discovered that their loyalty to God's truth has brought them into conflict with the practices of the organizations that call themselves churches. These organizations settle matters of great spiritual importance by majority vote, feeling that the voice of the people is the voice of God. Decisions and programs are often handed down from someone above, and the individual is supposed to submit to these no matter what his personal convictions may be. Most men revere organizations, and they worship crowds and numbers fo such an extent that they cease to have any personal feelings. They are persuaded that if a thing is believed or practiced by many people it must be true and right and all others should conform to it. Thus they cease to have any real personality or character because all their springs of individuality have dried up. Personality and character are built by the exercise of discrimination, evaluation, and choice. If these personal faculties are not used, they grow blunt and dull and finally wither away. When this happens a man becomes depersonalized, a human automation. This is supposed to be an ideal situation in relationship to man's spiritual activities. In the realm of religion men are supposed to be depersonalized, to act, to think and move as a group, not as individuals. If they ask questions, they must be stock questions, and they are expected to receive stock answers without further discussion. They are not supposed to exercise discrimination or to evaluate anything. This is an intolerable situation for the active believer in the Lord Jesus Christ. Why should he fight with some great organization in order to take one step in advance in the truth? He is constantly urged to read and study the Bible, but he is subjected to abuse if he finds anything in it that contradicts the traditional creed. Thus the only path open to him is one of Christian individualism. In this way of life he can fulfill his place as a believer in this unbelieving world. Otis Q. Sellers. This is a message in our Newspaper Evangelism Project. We seek io serve those who desire a better understanding ol God's Word. A packaje of literature will be sent free io all who request it. You will not be visited. THE WORD OF TRUTH MINISTRY P. 0. Box 36093 Los Angeles, Calif. 90036 Try before you buy! SKIDMORE PIANO CO. Rtnti Baldwin-built Flint for as little M MOinmtk 101 E. Main St. Phone PO 3-7971 Buell W. Carter, MFA Agent Phon« PO 3.3361 607 N. 6th

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